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• Present M.Tech project on “Equivalence Formal verification” CAD tool, from 2010-2011.
• B.Tech project on “Micro-controller operated wireless Land rover” by using ATMEGA
• Over 4 months, internship project on “Automatic Level Control Switch” at Hindustan Zinc
Smelter, VEDANTA.
• Over 2 months, internship company visiting at Hindustan Zinc Smelter, VEDANTA, and
presented papers on process of ZINC.
• Possessed good communication and interpersonal skills

• Operating Tanner software, ELDO for VLSI designing.
• Command on Embedded designing.
• Operating LaTex(Miktex) software for PDF designing.
• Programming languages: VHDL, MATLab, C,C++, GCC cross compilation
• Operating Systems: Linux (Fedora, Red Hat), Windows XP/2000/98, MS-DOS.
• Designing Software : Photoshop designing.
• Model SIM, Xilinx simulation tools.
(Course on C from NIIT)

Present project :
MAIN PROJECT (M.Tech) 2010-2011 :
To obtain this project my skills and experience with my previous internship projects will help to work
on BDDs, OBDDs, ROBDDs, BDD packages like CUDD, BIDDY, PUMA.
Used Combinational of multiple tools to maintain equivalence on BDD, SAT & ATPG.
Maintained Sequential equivalence checking by product machine. And some of the main formats like
EDIF, BLIF, FSM description, PLA format, Equation format, KISS format.

Abstract :
In a Register Transfer Level (RTL) synthesis methodology, checking for the functional equivalence
between two models of a design is a crucial step, in which a designer obtains low level implementation
models by manual or automatic translation from higher level specification models for optimization or
retiming or rescheduling etc.
So, higher level models have to be checked against lower level models for functional equivalence
efficiently. In the recent past, many methods have been proposed, in which formal methods played a
major role. Some of the most difficulty tasks Computer Aided Design (CAD) users face are the
evaluation, comparison and compatibility-issue for different formats of different Electronic Design
Automation (EDA) tools and algorithms.

Worked on summer training program in the INSTRUMENTATION Department, at Hindustan Zinc
Smelter Plant, Visakhapatnam under the guidance of technical experts.
Prepared papers on the topic of MANUFACTURING ZINC at Hindustan ZINC Smelter Limited,

MINI PROJECTS(B.Tech) 2007 - 2008

Worked mini projects on AUTOMATIC LEVEL CONTROL SWITCH using NALCO
TECHNOLOGIES, under the guidance of Sandeep Paliwal at Hindustan Zinc Smelter Limited,

MAIN PROJECT(B.Tech) 2008-2009 :

Maintained objective of the project is to capture images from remote areas, where human access is not
feasible. For this purpose we designed a camera subsystem which captures the images and sends them
to computer for further processing. The entire project is composed of 5 main sub-systems which are as
• Design of Land rover
• Mechanical design of robotic arm placed on rover
• The transceiver circuit for transmitting the image (spy cam accessories).
• Interfacing RF (transceiver) circuit for transmitting the controls to arm.
• Processing the captured images in PC using MATLAB software
Project Description:
The control of land rover is using the mobile phone. The robotic arm holds the camera and helps in
the movement of focus. The movements of rover and robotic arm are controlled using two micro-
controllers namely ATMEGA16 and 89C51. Depending on the command transmitted through Xbee to
camera mounted on robotic arm, the camera moves and captured image is transmitted to serial port of
PC. This captured image is processed in MATLAB using image-processing techniques for
compression to make it easy for further transmission, as an ordinary image occupies a large memory
on disk, now is the image is compressed and made available for transmission. The software for the
controllers is written in ‘C’ language and compiled using code vision AVR ‘C’ compiler & Rkit
(Current) M.Tech (Micro electronics & Embedded Technology) from JAYPEE University,
Noida (2009-2011) with 73%(upto)

B.E (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) from GITAM, Andhra University,

Visakhapatnam (2005-2009) with 68.9%

Intermediate(Maths, Physics, Chemistry), from Vignan Vidyalayam Jr. college, Board of intermediate
education (2003-2005) with 90.7%.

Xth Class, from Vignan Vidyalayam High School, SSC (2003) with 71.5%

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