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(a) According to the subject, the average transmission time = the average packet
size / Bit rate. Then the average packet size is 1200bits and bit rate is 2Mbps, so the
average transmission time is 0.6ms.

(b) The delay is mainly caused by propagation delay and queuing delay,
transmission delay and processing delay, and we mainly calculate queuing delay in
is the formula of queuing delay. Based on = , I can find
this subject, W=

= , at last the queuing delay W =

. The average packet delays are
1 1

0.9ms, 2.13ms, 14.4ms respectively.

(2) The method of phone number is dividing it into four parts like +xx-1xx-xxxx-
xxxx, and the first part is the code of country, for example +86 is the code of
mainland, so we can know this number is from mainland of china, the second part is
the code of provider, and the third part is the code of area, such as the code of Shen
Zheng is 1012, the rest of number is the identity of user. In a word, if we get a phone
number +86 13510123456, we will find this user is from Shen Zheng.

(3) I search ip in internet, the location of this ip is in

Quincy(Washington), the distance between Quincy and Hong Kong is 12805 km, so
the time of propagation is 12805 km / 300000 km/s = 42ms, and the time of
processing delay and transmission delay can ignore, at the end, the queuing delay is
182ms 42ms = 140ms.


(a) Firstly, we need to convert ip into binary code.>192.168.00001010.0/21>192.168.00001110.0/23>192.168.00001111.0/24>192.168.00001100.0/22>192.168.00001101.00000001
then I can find match, so port is 3.

(b) Base on (a), we find that first four records do not match
192.168.00000001.101, but 0/0 can match all ip, so the port is 4.


(a) yes, route A still can aggregation these three entries.

(b) router A does not need to report this error to B, because router B just
route all the packets which match 200.23.00010000.0/22 and it dose not care about
other trouble, router B only care about the link to A, so router A know this trouble is
enough, reporting this error may make network unstable.

(c) double homing still works, because we can find that there are three
routers linking to router A, so the aggregation router A is 200.23.00010000.0/22, and
router B will add this entry to route table , then there are two routers linking to router
D, the aggregation router D is 200.23.00010010.0/23. So if router B receive a packet
to 200.23.00010011.0/24, it will select the entry that has the longest prefix and send it
to router D.