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Bright, Lighted or Reflective Things

Under this category are lights, mirrors, crystal objects and crystal balls.

Light brings energy into a space and help increase chi there. Artificial light is harsher
than natural light or candlelight. Ideally, windows should be large enough to let in
plenty of natural light during the day so that the use of artificial light will be limited to
evenings. The addition of using pale colors for walls and ceilings and the placement
of mirrors can help increase the effect of sunlight in a room.

Incandescent bulbs give a broad angle of uniform light. They increase the chi in a
wide area in an even manner.

Spotlights allow one to focus light in a particular place. This enables one to activate
the chi in a specific place which is at risk of having stagnant energy. One possible
application for such is to focus it on the part where one works leaving the rest of the
space under normal lighting conditions.

Up-lighters encourage an upward flow of chi which is particularly helpful for areas
which have a low or sloping ceiling.

Low-wattage lighting is ideal for increasing the flow through stagnant areas.

Fluorescent lighting even those from energy-saving fluorescent bulbs emits a

different color of light and also gives off more electrical radiation. These can
produce headaches, loss of concentration and mental tiredness.

Colored lighting introduces a particular frequency of light. Make sure the direction it
is focused on is in harmony with the color it produces.

Mirrors are a remarkable solution for lots of feng shui predicaments. They can be
used to deflect almost anything that causes problems to the occupants such as a
threatening corner of a building, a straight road or a garbage heap away from your
place. It is even better if the mirror is attached in the middle of a Pa Kua and is

Mirrors used for protection can be of any size. Generally, the larger the mirror the
better it is but caution and wisdom must be exercised before getting a bigger one
as in some instances a small mirror works best. Make sure to check what the mirror
reflects as anything negative it reflects is magnified. They must also be of one large
piece instead of in the form of tiles for such will introduce bad Chi.
They must also be installed in such a way that they dont cut off the legs and heads
of the occupants.

Wall to wall mirrors are encouraged by feng shui to be used in important areas like
the dining room as this would double the fortune of the family or company.

Another popular use of mirrors is to place them near cash registers to symbolize an
increase in profits. Make sure though that it does not reflect the entrance.

Offending square-shaped columns and pillars can be made in harmony with the
place by wrapping it with a reflective surface such as a mirror.

Besides reflecting away bad chi generators, mirrors can also be used to reflect
towards the place beneficial chi generators such as a view of water, river, stream, a
pool, fountain and gently undulating hills that symbolize the Dragon. By reflecting
such beautiful landscape the mirror draws in the good chi to the place.

Flat mirrors are used to redirect chi out in one direction. Convex mirrors are used to
spread the chi out in many directions.

There are some who use three (3) different types of mirrors. Flat mirrors are used to
reflect the true image. Concave mirrors are used to invert the image and give a
neutralizing effect. Convex mirrors are used to lessen and change the image to
neutralize its effects.

Octagonal-shaped mirrors hold a special meaning in Feng Shui. Circular and oval
mirrors are associated with the Metal energy wherein the circular type represents
Yang and helps to contain the chi while the oval type represents Yin and helps
disperse the chi.

Tall and thin rectangular-shaped mirrors are of the Wood energy which encourages
upward movement of chi. Low and wide rectangular-shaped mirrors represent the
Earth energy and helps create a more stable, settled atmosphere in a place.
Square-shaped mirrors are ike the circular type as they also contain chi.

Mirrors in the bedroom stimulate chi. Honeymoon suites are usually equipped with
such to stimulate sexual activity. This is not a restful room nor were they meant to be.
If you see your image first thing in the morning when you wake up, your spirit will
always be edgy. Avoid having mirrors in your bedroom (or any reflective surfaces)
that reflect your bed. This applies even more as one gets older.

Mirrors in businesses can be used to stimulate chi in dead areas. They are effective
in maintaining security as they allow you to see other areas in the premises. It also
helps sell products and services clothing shops are known to equip themselves with
mirrors that make one slimmer. Ballrooms use a reflective ball not only for aesthetic
purposes but to also stimulate the dancers. Mirrors placed behind food and drinks
entice one to buy another one.

Do not have a mirror placed opposite an entrance of any room or place will deflect
Chi and encourage negative chi to remain. This can cause bad tempers, crankiness
or emotional problems.

Do not hang a mirror in which it cut offs ones head or any part of the body.

Do not hang a mirror that splits ones image into two or more or reflects an angle. It
will magnify ones problems.

Do not place a mirror beside and opposite ones bed as it will draw away ones

Do not place a mirror in which one sees oneself as soon as one wakes up.

Avoid cheap mirrors that have distorted surfaces, black spots or patches of gray on
them. Do not use broken, chipped, cracked or scratched mirrors.

Keep all your mirrors clean. Remember to dust them as dirty mirrors introduce cloudy

Living Objects

Under this category are live plants, fresh flowers, aquariums, small tortoises, other
animal pets and simulations of such.

Potted plants are usually recommended especially if they appear to be healthy,

strong and verdant. They can be placed in the garden or inside the home or office
as they are indicators of good Chi. The presence of sickly and rotting plants are
symbolic of death and must be avoided.

Plants have the ability to conduct nourishing Chi into homes and offices which is why
they are advised to be placed at windows and entrances. This is to encourage the
inflow of good Chi that helps create prosperity.

Plants are effective too in correcting imbalances caused by protruding corners, free-
standing structural columns and sharp extended angles. The plant is placed where
the offending structure is.
Internal Corners
Use Yang plants. These are plants with a strong upward growth and sharp pointed
leaves that point upwards. Good for stimulating chi for corners or areas under a
sloping ceiling. Do not place it near where one sits or sleeps. Ideal for East,
Southeast, South and Southwest sectors.

Protruding Corners
Plants with round leaves and dense foliage are best for such. Place them in front of
such corners to calm cutting chi.

Long Corridors
Stagger bushy plants on either side of such corridors to slow rushing chi.

Tall plants are advised to be used here as they drain excess Water energy especially
if the bathroom is located in the North sector.

Tall plants are again advised to be used here as it creates harmony between the Fire
and Water energies present in the kitchen. It also gives off natural living energy to
food cooked and stored here.

Use Yin plants. You could use either plants with long, narrow leaves that cascade
downwards as it creates a calming atmosphere or plants with large floppy leaves to
create soothing energy.

For Security
Use prickly plants such as cacti to deter burglars. Place them along window sills.

Avoid placing plants at the North as they exhaust the Water element governing that

Flowers are quite useful in activating the Family and Mentor sectors. Place a large
flower arrangement in the corner of your home or office Family sector to improve
relationships and promote harmony within the family or workforce. Place such too in
the corner of your Friends and Mentor sector to get assistance from important and
influential people.

Avoid using dried or preserved plants in ones place as they contain negative chi.

Fish and Tortoises are symbolic of living things just like live plants. They represent the
Water element which symbolizes wealth. Where it is ill-advised to construct a pool or
view of water, the use of aquariums and fish bowls are an approved alternative.
Fish symbolize achievement too. It is advised to keep eight (8) gold or red colored
fishes and one (1) black colored fish for a total of nine (9) fishes. The eight gold or
red colored fishes symbolize growth, expansion and prosperity. The lone black
colored fish symbolizes protection. This promotes the introduction of good luck and
at the same time protection from harm.

Tortoises are considered symbols of good luck. They represent wisdom and stability.
Keeping such means a steady and stable growth for the home or office.

Aquariums, fish ponds and tortoise pools are advised to be located in the corner
that represents Wealth Southeast. This is to enhance the Chi for prosperity that
would bring much money luck for the occupants.

Fish represent wealth, love, abundance and regeneration. In Cantonese, the word
goldfish sounds like abundant gold. Fish is served on the New Year to symbolize
affluence for the year.

Always make sure that the number of fish one has is of the odd number and of two
colors. Such as four red fish and one black fish or six black fish and one white fish.
They represent the Yin and Yang. Even numbers represent endings or death.

If a fish dies, it may be an indication that a negative Chi has been in the place.
Check out all possibilities that may have caused its death and if it isnt from a natural
one thank the fish for its sacrifice and replace it as soon as possible.

Dogs symbolize loyalty and protection. They are revered for their faithfulness.

Cats are considered by some as evil because of their detached attitude. They can
teach us the Yin and Yang of life through their behavior. Such as being shy and
aggressive, delicate and vicious, annoying and ignoring.

Birds are said to be messengers that bring good or bad news.

Bats are considered in the East as lucky. Five bats together is an auspicious symbol
that is frequently used in knot designs.

Avoid displaying preserved or dead animals (even if its just a part of them) as they
contain negative Chi.
Objects that Make Pleasant Sounds

Under this category are windchimes, bells of all shapes and sizes, gongs and

Windchimes are hung on doorways, along corridors and at entrances as every time
the wind blows to make them create sound they disperse bad Chi.

They make great cures for offending overhead beams and for Feng Shui taboos
such as having three (3) doors in a row. Also for doors of having different sizes or
having too many doors in a corridor.

Gongs and bells are used to announce important and happy events. They are hung
on doorways and on top of lookout posts in the old days to warn people of danger.
Hanging a bell over an entrance ensures the occupants will be forewarned of
danger to come.

Gongs are usually located in the dining room to symbolize the continuity of good,
hearty meals for generations to come. It also symbolizes the perpetuation of the
family or companys wealth from one generation to the next.

Moving Objects

Under this category are mobiles, windmills, revolving doors, miniature water
fountains, tables and overhead fans.

Revolving doors and fans are very effective cures to counter any poison arrows that
may be caused by long, straight corridors or outside structures which threaten the
entrance. Fans are effective in preventing Chi from getting stagnant particularly in
corners that are smelly or damp.

Fountains symbolize the circulation of the Water energy which is representative of

wealth. They are especially good for banks and other financial institutions. It must
be installed in the Wealth sector of the place.


Under this category are boulders, sculptures, stones and statues that represent Yang

Sometimes, the presence of such objects is required to create a balance in the

home or office. Areas wherein there is too much Yin influence which effects
continued instability and uncertainty. Like when occupants cannot hold on to jobs,
when ones employees keep leaving and constant bickering between two parties
caused by an imagined third party. Place such objects in the Relationship and
Marriage sector of the place.

Religious images such as those of Buddha and Jesus Christ must be placed in such a
way that they are not looked down upon. Elevate them as much as possible at least
to the level of the occupants.

One should also keep in mind that images representing God are invited and not

Decorative objects influence the Chi in the place. Square objects add metal
energy and are to be used in the Southwest to boost stability. Clear glass objects
are placed in the North to create a flowing atmosphere. The West and Northwest
sectors will benefit from shiny ceramic objects as it helps concentrate the energies
there. Small bird figures made from clay are to be placed in the Northeast to create
a steady atmosphere. Animal figures carved from wood add liveliness and are to
be located in the East and Southeast sectors. Metal objects are to be placed in the
Northwest and West to add solid Metal energy. Stone figures depicting romantic
poses boost the energy in the West sector.

Mechanical and Electrical Devices that Simulate Activity and Sound

Under this category are stereo music systems, radios and television.

These items simulate sound, life and color and are therefore excellent stimulants for
the abundance-giving and prosperity-enhancing Chi. These are to be placed in the
Relationship and Marriage sector, the Helpful Friends and Mentor sector, Childrens
sector and in the Fame and Recognition sector.

Avoid having clocks (and even calendars) too close to you or placed behind and
above you. This will contribute unneeded pressure on you and no work will be done.

Items that fall into this category must always be kept in good working condition.

Straight Lines

Under this category are flutes (preferably made of bamboo), scrolls, fans and
modern windchimes made of hollow pipes.

Although feng shui generally disapproves straight lines, there are some situations
where in the area needs to be livened up. The use of straight-lined objects such as
flutes breaks up the Chi and deflects it to the room. Flutes symbolize stability, peace
and happiness. They bring peace, confidence, safety and security to the
occupants. Those made of bamboo are said to possess powers that enable it to
enhance the Chi of the occupants. This is done by tying a red ribbon around two (2)
bamboo flutes and then hanging them at an angle (45) facing each other (to
represent a part of the Pa Kua). When they are hung this way on protruding beams,
they minimize the oppressive effect of the beam. When hung next to the cash
register, they enhance the income of the business. When hung over entrances, they
are believed to have the power to drive away bad people and attract customers
and friends.


Under this category are all colors used in harmony with the Feng Shuis concept of
the elements.

Green represents the East sector and the Wood element. It is associated with
healing, growth, psychic energy, wisdom, anger, creativity and fertility. Green is
stronger than yellow.

Red represents the South sector and the Fire element. It is associated with dynamic,
life-giving, light, hear, laughter, good luck and passion. It is a lucky color used for
joyous and happy events. Red is stronger than white.

Yellow represents the Center and the Earth element. It is the color immortality and
long life. It is associated with fame, progress, advancement, sympathy,
trustworthiness, stability, faithfulness, loyalty and cheerfulness. Yellow dominates

White represents the West sector and the Metal element. It is used in the East for
funerals and mourning. It represents purity, death, precision, order and the ability to
let go. White is stronger than green.

Black represents the North sector and the Water element. It is the color of the devil,
death and evil as well as honor. It represents continuity, solitude, meditation,
peacefulness and the oneness of the universe. Black is stronger than red.

Brown represents the Northeast sector and the Earth element.

Blue represents the Northwest sector and the Metal element. It represents the
celestial goodness and the heaven.

Purple and Mauve represents the Fire element. It represents high office and spiritual