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Introduction and its Background
Over the years, the role and measurement of the effectiveness of human

resource management function in an organization have evolved. Because of

the changes in the environment brought by competitiveness, globalization and

the entry of technology and more advance systems that is essential for its

operation, each of the organization need to make adaptive changes.

Indeed the initial view of the human resource management function to

support line and operational divisions failed. Due to the increasing competition

and the need for a global approach, the function of the human resource has

shifted into more dynamic and complex role as a strategic partner. They are

viewed as a competency developer and as a source of value for an organization.

Moreover, they create competitive distinction which lies on how he or she

contributes in shaping the organizations business strategy and ensures that it is

successfully implemented.

This study aims to know the human resource management functions in

an organization and what are the human resource organization practices that

help them gain a competitive advantage. Specifically how do they deliver their

function and role in a strategic and globalized setting.

Objectives of the Study
The objective of the research study intends to determine the how Bostik

Philippines Inc. manage human resource function, strategically and globally.

Towards the end, the study aims:

To determine the local and global strategies and practices and the

roles that Human resource plays in the firm today

To determine the human resource trends and global opportunities

To determine the nature and type of labor relation that exist within

the organization

To determine how effective managing the HR Function strategy is

Statement of the Problem

This study was undertaken to find out how Bostik Philippines manage

human resource function and to determine several strategies that are used

locally and globally.

Specifically this study might answer to the following research questions:

1. What is the role of Human Resources play in the firms today, specifically
here in your organization?

2. Given the condition of being part of an International Organization, ARKEMA,

how is the diversity here and how do you able keep the diversity align with your
HR strategy.

3. What are some of your local initiatives that are adopted globally and vice

4. How do you ensure that your people are equipped enough to be engage in
a more strategic and globalized setting?

5. What are your roadmaps on towards having HR Functions to be more

strategic and to be globally accepted?

6. What is the nature of labor relations here in your company? What are the
measures that you do in order to keep the unionized and non-unionized
employee intact with your companys objectives?

7. What significant impact on employees behaviour and attitude you see

integrating your labor relations and how do you measure this changes?
8. As HR Manager, how do you handle your employees who are members of
union and non-members of union? What practice do you do to solve them?
9. How do you assess the legal environments impact on labor relations?
10. What is your personal stand on the current issue of Contractualization?
11. How acceptable and effective is your company practice in terms of
individually-based appraisal system?
12. There are several dimensions that are use and practices around the world.
What strategy style and practice do you use in order to achieve your objectives?
13. What are the difficulties you experienced in managing your employees and
how are you able to handle it?
14. How do you determine your companys effective in terms of HR practices
15. Why do you think a firm outsource an HR activity or service?
16. In some cases, technology is replacing human capital, does it have a good
or bad impact?
17. Do you have any integration of technology in your HR practices? Any HR
Digital platforms?

Scope and Limitations

This Study focuses on the engagement of Human Resource Function in a

Strategic and Globalized setting of Bostik Philippines Inc. at 35 th Flr.,Raffles

Corporate Center F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600


The researchers interviewed Ms. Marilou V. Mateo, Director Human

Resource, Communications and Customer Service, Philippines and Southeast

Asia and prepared 16 questions about Engagement of Human Resource

Function in a Strateguc and Globalized Setting.

Significance of the Study

The findings of the researchers regarding the topic of engagement of

human resource function in a strategic and globalized setting can be used as an

application for the nurturing and growth of understanding and mastery that will

be used to give knowledge to the issues of employees morale development.

This research is expected to benefit the following:

To the University, This research and documentation will be able to help

them, specifically the Human Resource Department, to not judge the

capabilities of a person based on their gender, age and nationality. Also to

make sure that their employees are engaged enough to stay and engaged

enough to give their 100% in their work.

To the Employees or Graduates, look for the employer that will give

importance to them. That will give them opportunity to grow, be heard, express

their thoughts without hesitation, will keep them engaged and will make them

feel that what theyre doing has a purpose.

To the Students, this will help the current students wholl be employees

in the near future, to enhance their skills and abilities and keep up with the

worlds innovation specifically in terms of technology. That the more innovative

they are, the more chances that they will be able to find and be part of a great

and appreciative organization someday.

To the Future Researchers, they may be able to use this as a reference

material and guide to conduct a study similar to this.

Bostik, the company will benefit from this because it will help the

company to attract or influence students to apply in their company in the future

because of its good identity and the opportunities that they give in their


Definition of Terms

1. Human Resource is the organizational function that deals with the people
and issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance
management, and training.
2. Strategic Human Resource Management supports long-term business
goals and outcomes with a strategic overall framework. It focuses on longer-
term resourcing issues within the context of an organizations goals and the
evolving nature of work, and informs other HR strategies, such as reward or
performance, determining how they are integrated into the overall business
3. Competitiveness ability of a firm or a nation to offer products and services
that meet the quality standards of the local and world markets at prices that
are competitive and provide adequate returns on the resources employed or
consumed in producing them.
4. Globalization a process of interaction and integration among the people,
companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven
by international trade and investment and aided by information technology
5. Strategy a method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as
achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.
6. Innovation the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or
service that creates value or for which customers will pay.
7. Operational Excellence an element of organizational
leadership and organizational intelligence that focuses on meeting customer
expectation, all while stressing the application of a variety of principles,
systems, and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance
8. Brand Awareness refers to the extent to which customers are able
to recall or recognize a brand. Brand awareness is a key consideration

in consumer behavior, advertising management, brand management and
strategy development
9. Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing
actions and extracting of materials.
10. Millennials the generation that follows Generation X, with birth years ranging
from the early 1980s to the early 1990s
11. Baby Boomers is a descriptive term for a person who was born between
1946 and 1964
12. Gen X is the name given to the generation of Americans born between 1965
and 1984.
13. Attrition refer to the gradual reduction of the size of a workforce by not
replacing personnel lost through retirement or resignation
14. Attrition Rate a term often used by human resources professionals to
determine a companys ability to retain employees
15. Diversity Initiative is an organizations strategic response to diversity. The
initiative looks at the internal and external needs of the organization in the
area of diversity and responds with a strategically aligned approach.
16. Leadership Bench refers to the group of individuals (within an organization)
who are deemed high potential and would be seriously considered for filling
a leadership position.
17. Career Track is a job classification system for staff not represented by a
18. Union a number of persons, states, etc., joined or associated together for
some common purpose.
19. Non-Unionized Employee non-unionized workers are those who are not
members of a union and do not have union representation at the workplace.
20. Labors Laws Body of rulings pertaining to working people and their
organizations, including trade unions and employee unions, enforced by
government agencies.

21. DOLE is the executive department of the Philippine Government mandated
to formulate policies, implement programs and services, and serve as the
policy-coordinating arm of the Executive Branch in the field of labor and
employment. It is tasked with the enforcement of the provisions of the Labor
22. Contractualization is the replacing of regular workers with temporary
workers who receive lower wages with no or less benefits.
23. Individually-based Appraisal System is a systematic evaluation of an
individual with respect to performance on the job and individuals potential for
24. Collaborative Ability is when two or more people (often groups) work
together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal.
25. Human Capital is a measure of the economic value of an employee's skill


Questions and Answers

1. What is the role of Human Resources play in the firms today,

specifically here in your organization?
Hrs role is to make sure that we provide each of the teams with high
performing people. How do we do that? We start with making sure that we hire
the right fit. We manage and we have to develop a deep leadership bench. We
have to make sure that our teams our engaged. Di na uso ngayon ung High
Morale. So the HR roles is to make sure are they engage enough to stay or are
they engaged enough that while they are here they give their 100% on work.
And we have a robust succession planning. Hindi naman ung may succession
plan, kelangan robust, can be dynamic, can be changing and is reviewed

**You mentioned earlier po that you make sure you hire the right fit? How
do you make sure that you do hire the right fit po?
Each vacancy is not immediately filled up. HR as Ive told you has an equal
say. So we challenged. For example, may nag abroad or may na transfer sa
China. Now, we will ask that person now. Do you need a replacement? Di
porket nasa budget ko naman ano to gobyerno. And its not a cost saving
measure ah. We do it because we provide each of the department heads to
revisit his organization. Whenever there will be vacancy kahit new approved
budget pa yan, we help in molding, anong role nyan sayo, anong expectation
gagawin nyan sayo.

And then in HR, when we hire, we have a very structured on-boarding platform.
Di lang ung isang oras lang naattend ka ng company orientation, na uy eto pala
ung Bostik.. So depening on the position level that person, may write-off, may
structured ano yan.. like for example, Salesman, anong kelangan niyang

malaman para di sya hirap sa simula ng trabaho. Kailangan lang ban yang
malaman ang Bostik at ung mga produkto? Di ah. Ano pa? Pano sya mag
liquidate ng cash advance nya, ng revolving fund nya, san nya kukunin ung
selling tools nya, ung mga marketing tools nya, pano mag book ng orders. Db?
So iniintindi namen mabuti yan. So per position, we have identified ano ung
gagalawan mo bago ka mag salesman. May 2 hrs ka ba dapat sa accouting?
May ilang oras ka ba dapat sa logistics, dapat ka bang pumunta sa production
para mainitindihan mo pano pinoproduce ung binebenta mo. So thats our On-
Boarding platform.

2. Given the condition of being part of an International Organization,

ARKEMA, how is the diversity here and how do you able keep the diversity
align with your HR strategy.

In terms of female and male gender, you would see that we have a very good
percentage of females. Unlike in other manufacturing companies, they havent
reach the 20% mark of female. We follow, we espouse diversity. If everything
else is equal, and if theres a need to increase our female, if everything is equal,
then we get a females. But, our recruitment philosophy is always hire based on
merit,regardless of age, regardless of nationality, regardless of gender. Di
porket babae is papaboran kita dahil gusto ko mag increase ang female count,
it has to be based on merit. So as Ive said, if everything else is equal, then
perhaps. That how our diversity pushes through.

So as Ive said the strategy is always hire based on merit, we practice equal
employment opportunity. You would see, on our job ads we never put gender,
we never put age. We only write that you have to have this degree or this certain
number of years of experience

In terms of age naman, we have a good healthy organization because a good

percent of millennials already. Why do we say its good? Because at the end of

| 10
the day, if its all towards the Baby Boomers or Gen X, you would have
problems with your succession planning. Now, you might say, ay edi mataas
pala ang attrition rate sa bostik kaya puro Millenial. Around the world, our
Attrition rate is very low, they dont like to leave. Which is also good, but every
time there would be new positions, obviously we try as much as possible from
younger age. But then again, its based on merit

Having espouses diversity and would really push that towards our recruitment
strategy, we have to make sure in HR that you train the managers how to
address different generations on your work teams. So for example kanina, may
Millenial sa management role, if you are a millennial and you are a manager of
somebody twice youre age, how do you handle that? Or, you are a baby
boomer and yet, you have all Millenial in your team, how do you handle that. In
HR, we make sure that we do a lot of diversity initiatives you know like training,
we invite resource people to give our managers training on how to handle multi-
generational teams. And aside from training, we have diversity initiatives like,
you know diversity is not only age, genders, right? Its also for different
functions and backgrounds. So, we had a Diversity Initiative - A Day in a Life-
off. So, a sales person would become the HR people, the supply chain people
would become the sales people. Our CFO, was in DIY store in ACE Hardware
selling our products. Why did we espouse that program? Because we wanted
the people in different functions to understand the difficulty also of the other
people in another department. And that was well received. We reported to them
the results, testimonials from employees who went through that, and it was well
received and we learned from a lot from it. Employees gave a very good
feedback from that. So yung mga nasa Customers Services naintindihan na
nila ung mga nasa Logistics. And thats what I meant by collaborative. You
dont just give motherhood statements Oh we want all other people to have
good teamwork. But what does HR do to make sure that they will work well.

| 11
So that the work of HR, sisiguraduhin mo na gumagawa ka ng opportunities for
people to understand each other.

As a business, HR is always perceived to be and should be as a business

partner. We have to effectively roll that out, we have to make sure that our
organization is high performing and we have HR Digital Platform which are all
officially managed and administered by Bostik. Thats part of what we do is for
all the employees in the organization to understand global initiatives.

3. What are some of your local initiatives that are adopted globally and
vice versa?

Yung Stay-Interview, thats an initiative of the Philippines, which theyll be

adopting it globally also. So ganyan naman dito sa Bostik, if theres a best
practice done in another side that can be adopted globally, then we adopt it
globally. So it started in the Philippines, we interview employees especially
those in key positions within their first 2 years of employment. Why? In Human
Resource, you would see that people who have worked in less than in 5 years
would have bigger tendency to jump than those who have stayed for 5 years.
Bakit ba nag effort ka na mag recruit ng magagaling na tao kung di mo
nababantayan. Is the performance appraisal yearly enough? In HR we say no.
So we have stay interviews. Its developed by Harvard. We worked with
Harvard on this. Its what we called, Poolis Harvard Management Per Role, so
we have adopted that in the Philippines. So we use that tool, its an interview
tool to talk to new-hires. So meron yan before ka maregular on the 1st year, and
then before the 2nd year.

| 12
**So ano po ung nakikita sa Interview of Harvard Management per Role
So we see there, kasi diba kapag interview, people would always that yes
maam, I will do that maam db? Iba na pag nasa loob na. But, we dont wait for
the appraisal. Merong nako ayaw naman, tamad ganyan ganyan. Because
maybe the person wasnt able to assimilate well the culture of the company or
there are things that HR would need to do which we call OD interventions. So
ang metrics ng recruitment namen di lang is how fast ung turnaround, how fast
are we able to place a one body in a vacancy. Sa amen minemeasure din
naman the quality of our hires thru the stay interview. Ilan sa mga tao mo ang
umalis sayo within first 2 years. So di mo namanage ng tama. Okay. Thats the
stay interview.

4. How do you ensure that your people are equipped enough to be engage
in a more strategic and globalized setting?

So when we say, any organizations, of course would not be successful if you

dont have good leaders, not managers but leaders. And you have to make
sure that you have deep bench. You have a good pool. Malawak ang pool mo
ng leader mo. You have deep bench. We make sure that our leaders get
exposed to Global trainings, we send them in france, we send them in
Shanghai. They attend Bostik University. We also attend in SEAD. We have
ARKEMA in SEAD trainings, we have Bostik MBA Trainings which is
compressed in one week. So they attend so many, like marketing leaders,
Kepner Trego, Kepner Trego is problem solving, decision effectiveness. Its a
well-known tool and it is present worldwide. So we got Kepner Trego to give
our managers, project managers training on Kepner Trego. Anyway, what Im
trying to say is we dont scream on investment on people. Because we believe
that, again, the source of our strength and innovation would be our people.

| 13
Pero hindi kung sinu-sino lang ung pinapadala ah. We make sure that we are
able to track the development of people. We see kung sino dyan ang high
potentials and if youre not in that lead, hindi ka na itratrain? Syempre, itratrain
ka pa rin. And there are many local trainings that we give that are translated
also from Bostik University courses. But aside from Formal Training, HR also
does the Smart Learning Circle. Bakit? Kasi naniwala kami na pag umupo ka
sa lectures, its not enough for you to fully experience kung nakuha nya ung
skills na natutunan nya dapat sa classrooms, kailangan meron kayong sharing
of experiences. So, quarterly our managers, kasi un ang dinedevelop naming
sa leadership bench. All neat and attend the smart learning circle which they
have really appreciated. Its once every quarter, there is a management
competency theme that they discuss. For example, how can your manager
have bigger picture perspective or high emotional intelligence? Hindi naman
natuturo sa classroom lang yan. So you have to understand what the concept
of emotional intelligence is. Next, anong ginagawa niyo, pano niyo
naprapractice yan sa trabaho niyo, ikaw nahihirapan ka ba? Ano experience
mo? Then the others will share. They learn from each other. They benchmark
on best practices.

And we also have Mentoring Growth for High Potentials, the Management
Teams, including our CEO, so this is very structured program, mentor a Hi-Po.
So sayang eh, yung nandun sa top management sayang ung breathe of
expertise nila. So nakita ng HR yan, sabi namen, kelangan mashare niyo yan,
formally, hindi lang ung nakaupo sila 2 hrs they learn from you. They have
mentoring session, we have mentoring plan, parang lesson plan lang. They
agree on learning objectives, they talk about how to achieve that objectives and
its measured. So this is a 1 year program for Hi-Pos. So again, ang HR hindi
lang nakaupo at nagrerecruit at finafile pagkatapos. Pano mo sisiguraduhin na
high performing ang organization mo. So you have to have all of this program

| 14
and thats what we do. It increases employee engagement as well. We have
one-one or group sessions, we have catch up session done by HR so that there
is a period evaluation. Titignan mo kung anong status nila. And this is how we
measure it, our KPIs.

**Eh how about naman po sa mga below leadership levels? What mode
of practice po ang ginagawa niyo?

Kelangan you develop them also to be competent, tama? So in HR, we

develop the Career Track, and it is a global initiative and it is rolled out per
countries and is part of Global Team Businesses that we customize it locally.
Para saan ung career track? Diba kayong mga bata, hindi na kayo masyado
sa inyo ung ano, unlike sa mga baby boomers diba na Ay kahit si boss ang
magtagal, nandyan pa yan . Ang mga bata, what we notice sa mga millenials,
you have to see, if I spend years here, where will I go? What movement can I
move into and what do I have to do to reach it. Which is good noh, because
you, has so much drive and we welcome that. So thats why, the company, the
HR should make sure na may career track talaga sya. And naeexplain yan sa
tao. It can be either be a vertical track moving to management or it can be a
lateral track shifting from different course. We have people in R&D moving to
marketing. We have some people in finance who moved into Sales. How can
that be done? You have to make sure that you prepare the people for that, so
ang HR we use trainings and we always use blended learning methodologies
not only trainings. Bigyan kita ng project and tignan natin kung ikaw rin,
opportunity rin para sayo na eto ba ang gusto kong role? And yung accepting
party, titignan ko rin if you perform well and if you have the potential. And you
can see that the big part is spent on Professional and Management
competencies. May hands on, team work and may formal classroom training.

| 15

**How do you make sure that they are engaged on this strategy?

Now it goes beyond training, you have to make sure, as HR that you come up
with activities to pick them engaged, millenials are like that db? You want self-
actualization, you want to feel that you are part of a social group, hindi lang
friendship, its that theres a purpose to your being. So we involve our
employees in a lot of corporate social responsibilities and also with our
integration projects like the recently launched new BOSTIK WAY. BOSTIK
WAY is culture by the way BOSTIK stands for Boldness, Openness,
Sustainability, Team Spirit, Integrity and Keeping commitments. So thats the
global culture. And it is the HRs work to make sure that it is launched,
understood by employees and are accepted by our employees. So again, its a
quality culture, our employees are very much into the quality journey as well.

And you would see na, its not just flashing upon na nag attend ka lang ng
training, so each of the site you would see a quality corners, HR ano to,
worldwide eto ah.. youd see quality cards, so any employee can pick up some
quality cards and write their what would be some thought of improvements. If
you have a thought, write it there then it can be adopted as a project and you
would be recognized for it. Dito anybody, in fact, monitored monthly. Even in
the Bostik Way, we have monthly nominations and recognition. Small things
you know that something we notice from employees, hindi naman kelangan
may trophy or hundred thousand every year or month, pero ano, what will
motivate them, un ung napapnsin namen, diba pag na-adopt ung idea mo, at
alam ng lahat na idea mo un, diba nakakatuwa, kasi self-actualizing un eh diba.
So we make sure, in HR you have activities for that. So you have to engage
them in other activities. But the activities must be productive, for him, for her
and for the organization. And of course, you must also have corporate activities
like bowling and company outing and even little thing para mabigyan mo sila

| 16
ng little opportunities in between work. And one thing kung ang HR ay walang
influencing competency, Im sure the head would say na its a waste of time. So
kelangan maganda rin ang pag present mo, ano ung objective ng activity at
talagang mamemeasure mo anong effect sa tao.

5. What are your roadmaps on towards having HR Functions to be more

strategic and to be globally accepted?

As Ive said, we hire the right fit, we make sure that we on board and integrate
them well through a lot of activities and structured learning, and then we make
sure that we coach them for high performance. So we trained all our managers
to be good coaches. We have coaching cards. Well, hindi kami nag iintay ng
year end performance bago kayo magusap, so we feel that is very important
because youre able now I would say align the employee, para pag dating ng
year-end, hindi ka dun binabagsak, tinutulungan ka na bago mag year-end.
And then we engage. Engagement is, we always make sure that the employee-
employer proposition values is made known to both parties.

6. What is the nature of labor relations here in your company? What are
the measures that you do in order to keep the unionized and non-
unionized employee intact with your companys objectives?

Bostik kasi is unionized. But it is only our Plant people who are part of the
union. Now what do we do, for Unionized employee, we have labor
management council meetings. So ano ung labor management council
meetings. So basically as Ive told you, youve seen it here, we do a lot of
engagement activities, meaning, we make sure that we communicate with
non-unionized employee on regular basis. We dont call it Labor Management

| 17
council but thats how it is. Meaning, kahit wala pang union, they want to be
able to get feedback from you. So for example, Uniform. We have a committee
composing of representatives from different departments, so you have a say
when it comes to what kind of uniform is best for you, not only design. For
example, sales people, bakit ung mga magagandang grils namen when they
go to project sites, theyre in their corols, theyre in their safety shoes, and they
have their caps. Because when they talk to engineers and project managers
talking about sealants and stuff like that they dont just go to offices, so they
have PPEs, and how did we, HR get to know about that? Through the uniform
To be more strategic, first you have to really understand the business, where
the business is going so that you can adjust, design an organization that will
fit the strategic objectives of the company. And then, we make sure that we
engage the different employees, representatives in so many aspects. For
example, corporate activities. Hindi lang naman HR and nagdedecide nyan,
employees are part of it. So in many activities that we do, would always have
to have an employee involvement in decision makings. Thats how we do our
labor relations. We have our meetings, our president would always meet-up,
so its not only general assemblies. We would also have employee
representative on a regular basis, and on specific certain decision, they would
have to be part of it.
Sa CBA naman, we conducted it 2 or 3 days and we are done. Because
talagang I emphasize humility, I think because we already created the trust.
Basta kasi nabuild mo ang trust, but we dont always agree ah, like bakit
kelangan mong isuspend, hindi po namen isuspend sa planta, but kasi open
ang communication and they know that what management is to them is not
just a name but also a place. They can come here, we can go to them, pwdeng
lapitan. so I think ganun ang naging success ng Labor relations namen.

| 18
7. What significant impact on employees behaviour and attitude you see
integrating your labor relations and how do you measure this changes?

Alam mo pano mo mgagage yan, two things. We have a global employee

survey that is done 2-3 years. The Philippines is always reported to be high
morale, high response. Gusto nila un, nagrerespond agad ung management.
Thats one thing.
Another is of course Attrition, as Ive told you, we have a very low attrition of
only 4%, so you can see in terms of turnover, and people stay. And also,
another way to measure that is participation of employees. You would see,
people here in head office they dont care about OT, ahm, hindi sila ung type
na mag stay beyond, they would if they need. But they wont even file OT. And
another measure, is every time there is a change, you would see employees
adopting to the change.

8. As HR Manager, how do you handle your employees who are members

of union and non-members of union? What practice do you do to solve
Oh I would very like to do the same. I mean, same as others. You know, we
always espouse that hindi porket member ka ng union at ikaw hindi member ng
union ay hindi muna kita kakausapin. Thats how you see that. Theres equal
treatment, Equal treatment, kung gano mo sila pinepreserba kasi meron silang
union, sabi ko nga sainyo, kahit walang union sa ibang department, hindi pwdeng
balewalain mo sila. So its the same treatment. So as Ive told you, we had annual
assembly, we have town hall meetings, we have a regular meetings with them
not only HR but also they are trained by HR to be people managers. We have
toolbox meetings which is every day in the plant and department meetings every
month. So paano mo masasabi na you handle employee relations, you have to
make sure as HR you provide cross functional opportunities, where they were

| 19
able to merge, talk to each other, resolve issues together, know issues together
hindi pwde ung siya lang kasi siya lang ung may alam bahala ka na.
Okay, example. Bakit tayo nagkaron ng Unserved Ultrafino, anong issue?
Machine issue ba yan, failure of sales forecast? Umupo kayo, magusap usap
kayo, and collectively you decide whats the best way to solve the unresolved. So
thats why we have labor relations here, you have voice and we make sure that
you know what other departments also know para hindi ka lost.

9. How do you assess the legal environments impact on labor relations?

Ahm. Well, actually we were quite weary about the DO 174 before. But then,
trying to understand it better, we saw that you know it was a good mix already
actually of the old, the DO 18-A, its actually the same precepts except for a few
changes. But I think its actually good for contractors, So nothing has changed
there, I mean humanity you know would have to be uplifted I would say. But when
it comes to Labors, Laws, I think we have adequate, but it is also a common
knowledge with any HR that our Department of Labor who have a tendency to
side with labor more than the employer, Thats why, having known that, bakit
papaubitin mo pa sa DOLE. Kung matino ka at responsible kang HR, dapat may
grievance mechanism ka sa loob, hindi ka na dapat aabot sa arbitration. Nasa
inyo rin un, meaning, lets not try to change that if thats the reality of course thats
why you call it Department of Labor, hindi naman sya department of employer.
So having said that, then nasa atin na un, Human Resources and with the help
of each of the managers in your organization to make sure that your people
managers. Youre able to provide a communication vehicle, where people can
bare their grievances, discuss it in a respective way, and make their voices
heard, both ways. Pag management ang may issue naman or may concern or
may bagong objective, Human resource is always at the middle, how you make
sure both talk and listen.

| 20

10. What is your personal stand on the current issue of Contractualization?

As Ive told you, on personal, Ill be removing my HR Hat, humanity has to be
uplifted, Anybody in any position should always feel that they are human beings.
They have to be given of course the right, compensation due to them, they have
to be protected by the law, and you have to make sure that they are in a safe
working environment. With or without law, I think it should be the human

**But do always give in naman po ba?

No, but it is up to the Human resource and the people, the heads to make sure
na napapaintindi mo sa empleyado na bakit hindi. Kelangan you reach out the
understanding, Its not always a yes.

11. How acceptable and effective is your company practice in terms of

individually-based appraisal system?
It is very much appreciated, Why? With what Ive told you about the coaching
program. We make sure that our managers coach, structured coaching, para pag
dating ng appraisal period, wala nang conflict points. Meaning, nagusap na tayo
diba, nagpirmahan tayo sa coaching card natin, diba sabi ko sayo, dapat pag
dating dito dapat may improvement ka on this And then the manager will also
listen. Palaging may course of action. So because of that, pag dating ng year-
end, dapat alam ko yan pag may problema. Eto, with all the honestly, I have
never have since we started the coaching program, any problems with employee
saying na I will not sign the appraisal because I dont believe what the manager
did. Tsaka ang Bostik, globally practices feedback session. The appraisal form
is universal by the way globally. Klaro yang competencies na yan anywhere else

| 21
around the world. So kung di mo kinommunicate well yan sa empleyado mo,
dun ka siguro may conflict.
12. There are several dimensions that are use and practices around the
world. What strategy style and practice do you use in order to achieve your

Collaborative. Ability to collaborate its how you work with other people, its how
you communicate your thoughts, your ideas, so yan ung pinagtutuunan ng
pansin ng Human resource. Meaning, in our present breed of employees, we
make sure that they work collaboratively. Collaborative team works always. We
will always have Regional projects, we will always have cross-functional projects.
We will always have the opportunities where our employees get involved in
projects outside their square. And that is the reason why we feel our employees
were able to grow.

**How about naman po sa pagiging dynamic ng Bostik?

When we talked about what is our dynamism. Look at our values. It speaks of
our dynamism.

**Ano po ung mga philosophy ng Bostik na nag eensure na your strategies

are of the same flow of your companys objectives?

We believed in Boldness, we dont want complacency. Thats why we have

quality cards, thats why we have safety cards. We hear it from the people. Hindi
kami takot. Second, Openness, by the way, its not the way it describes, its
listening, listening to you customers, listening to your employees. 3 rd,
Sustainability, sustainability is how to make sure your collective and individual
efforts correspond and is aligned to the sustainable objectives of the company.

| 22
Kelangan namemerge and naalign yan. You know thats our dynamism. Team
spirit. Integrity, when you say you will do it, you will do it. And If you cant, why?
Then well be open to listen. Then keeping commitments. So thats our
dynamism. Our values actually talks about our philosophies.

13. What are the difficulties you experienced in managing your employees
and how are you able to handle it?
Okay, the difficulties I would say would really be in ensuring, its not a difficulty
but a challenge noh, you have multi-generational, you have multi-functional, you
have a diverse organization, Because we dont all hire R&D people, we have
different mentalities, we have different backgrounds. The challenge is making
sure na there should be inclusivity. So we practice diversity inclusion. Pano mo
paniniwalaan ang isang may Finance focus, doon sa direction let say ng sales.
Thats a challenge but you have to respect his mind set and background. So how
do you merge the two, thats the challenge. So its really the acknowledgement
of the diversity in your team and in your whole organization and how do you
marry the difference because at the end of the day, you have to reach a certain
objective right?

14. How do you determine your companys effective in terms of HR


Yes, we have KPIs and its measured and its monitored. And locally, actually we
report. Its a tool and Arkema and corporate HR in Bostik looks into that. Like for
example, in recruitment, we measure KPI turnover, you measure the quality of
your hires and we have different metrics for that.
How would you measure training effectiveness? Diba minsan pag umattend ka
ng training papipirmahan ka ng evaluation sa training thats for us we use the
term MPS, we do that, but its not enough. We do post training evaluation,

| 23
manifestation reports. Say excel trainings, so tignan natin 3 months from now,
measure natin ung skills. Seryoso kami dyan kasi we spend so much on people,
you wanna make sure na nag improve ung assessment, theres an individual
assessment and there is also N+2,. Do you manifest a change in your skill level,
may beginners, advance, masters level. Minemeasure yan seryoso. Pati
absenteeism tsaka attrition minemeasure yan. Bakit? Kasi you have to make
sure that you if really invest in people, there is a return or are you doing the right
thing, or baka nag-iispend ka ng money pero its not naman the right thing.

15. Why do you think a firm outsource an HR activity or service?

For example, messengerial can be outsource, right? Now, is there a specific

differentiating value for Bostik who is involve in Chemistry in chemical adhesives
in having differentiating messengerial service? So company should know which
activities are not necessarily desirable, meaning will not have impact on the value
of your brand. If it has no value, then as you say, outsourcing an activity may not
have a differentiating value. Thats precisely why you outsource messengerial.
But do you outsource important function? For example, events management, it
can be outsource right. Say you have a sales and marketing event, you will
outsource the events management, but the concept of course must be designed,
conceptualize, and managed by the company. Thats when you will make sure
that it is differentiated.

16. In some cases, technology is replacing human capital, does it have a

good or bad impact?

For the employee, I dont think there is a bad impact I would say. Why? Because
once they see that you are moving towards automaton, then it should encourage
you to upgrade your skills so that you will not be outmoded. There is still

| 24
somebody who is supposed to monitor the programming of your automated
machine. But If you would stick on your own level, nasa empleyado na un.
For example, we shifted our financial and customer value chain system to SAP,
did we remove somebody? No. But did we upgrade the skills of our people? Yes.
Dapat hindi matakot ang empleyado,sa digital world kasi nasayo un,
Now, sa employer, definitely its not a disadvantage. Why? Because you have to
have a differentiating factor compared to your competitor. Kung siya, naghahalo
pa rin, ikaw hindi na. Does it matter in the quality of your product? Theres
consistency. You have a raw material of .3 percent, pano ka makakasigurado na
sa isang one big Cylo, nahalo un sa lahat ng patches mo. Again for me, any
change, any transformation to change should be managed well both from
employee perspective and employer perspective and ang Human resource
tinitignan mo na yan in 5 years time you will be automated on that and you will
prepare for that.

17. Do you have any integration of technology in your HR practices? Any

HR Digital platforms?

So we recently launched the corporate website, thats a global website, but then
its rolled out locally and each local HR should fill in the content management.
And then we have digitalized HR processes and digital internet communication.
So sabi ko nga, email or pwde ring social media? So, being management, we
have our internal communication tool as Ive told you, we have our employee
page where most of our events and important announcement our done by that.
Kasi Philippines naman kasi is a Facebook country, in Europe is Yammer. So we
found a need to do one for the Philippines. So ung mga worldwide
communication, we also post it thru there para agad nalalaman nila. Messages
from our CEO. Its all done through there. Para hindi nawawala empleyado
namen. We all walk the same direction.

| 25

Findings and Recommendation

This chapter covers the researchers findings and recommendation

based on the questions answered by the resource person.


F1: Bostik is challenged of inclusivity of diversity in their company given

their condition of being part of an International of organization

F2: Middle management level is pressured from top management for

proper implementation, coordination and communication of the
companys strategy across the departments

F3: Bostik uses only one measure of its evaluation of corporate

performance, KPI and it may not be enough to give accurate

F4: Bostik is quite weary about the issue on Contractualization and

doesnt not always give in to the proposition governed by DO 174


R1: Bostik should integrate and strengthen their practice in diversity

inclusion. Proper recognition, respect and acknowledgement of
diversity in the company must be maintained.

R2: There must be a leverage or support from top Management to

decrease the pressure in middle Management by establishing a
clear and vivid policy on employees compliance to its strategy.

| 26
R3: Bostik should also consider on using two or three measures of
corporate performance to give valid and accurate results of
companys performance

R4: Bostik should reconsider their stand and prepare themselves on

complying on DO 174 to avoid violations of any provisions of the
Labor Code as grounds for cancellation of registration.

| 27


| 28
This part discusses the financial aspects of the group in order to cover

all the necessary expenses and costs for the entire research study.

Table 1

Printing Expense

Aquino, Fatima P 12 P 20
Bautista, Mark Paul 12 20
Bon, Camille 12 20
De Jesus, Gelli 12 20
Espeso, Sarah 12 20
Llorente, Ma. Elyse 12 20
Naval, John Cedric 12 20
P 84 P 140
TOTAL P 224.00

Table 2
Food Expense

Aquino, Fatima P20
Bautista, Mark Paul 20
Bon, Camille 20
De Jesus, Gelli 20
Espeso, Sarah 20
Llorente, Ma. Elyse 20
Naval, John Cedric 20
TOTAL P 140.00

| 29


| 30

| 31

| 32

| 33

| 34

| 35

| 36

| 37


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| 39

| 40

| 41

| 42

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