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Indian Media Anti Hindu

What is the major characteristic of Indian media..?

Indian Media celebrates anything and everything that is against Indian Culture or
Hinduism. It will claim Hindus are vegetarians because of influence of Buddhism and
Jainism. Buddhism and Jainism influenced Hinduism but not vice versa.
The Great Indian Bank Robbery

1. Exploding Crackers during Diwali causes pollution.

2. Exploding Crackers during Diwali leads to global warming and melts glaciers.
3. Playing Holi once in a year, causes water scarcity around the year.
4. Tamil sport of Bull wrestling - Jalikattu is animal cruelty.
5. Rekhla Races in Maharashtra Animal Cruelty.
6. Elephants in Hindu Temples Animal Cruelty.
7. Hindus who cremate the dead near river Ganga, in Varanasi are the biggest
polluters of river Ganga.
8. Rishis and Munis in Ancient India relished Beef and used to occasionally drink
9. Gods and Goddesses associated with Hinduism relished Beef and used to be
fond of alcohol.
10. Islam and Christianity are more ancient than Hinduism.
11. Egyptian civilization is way more ancient than Hindu civilization.
12. Hindu mythology is a photocopy of very Ancient Greek Mythology.
13. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha is Indias most corrupt
14. Greek , Sumerian, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian civilization is more ancient
than Indian civilization.
15. Hindus are communal , but not Muslims or Christians
16. Hindus love to eat beef
17. Hinduism is full of superstitions
18. In ancient India Hindus ate beef.
19. Beef was consumed after major Yagnas and havans.
20. Buddhism and Jainism introduced Vegetarianism within Hindu rituals.

This list will keep going on..

How many Indians have noticed that when UPA Government was in power, when
terror attacks took place, Indian media led by The Times of India condoned it
claiming it was revenge for Godhra Riots? This is why I have called Indian media -
..Desh Drohi.. ?
Here is a list of Pearls and Gems doled out by The Times of India
Smoke from Religious Sites melting Himalayas
There are thousands of factories across India that spew out much more deadly
Eruption from a single volcano can raise global temperature than 1000 years of
human activity.
Also eruption from a single volcano can spew out much more deadly smoke than
thousands of factories across India or world. There are volcanic eruption taking place
under the sea all the time.
I slept with my boss, how do I deal with it.
Beef Exporter confidence Return
Indians feel infidilety not a sin
Can Adultery be a sign of love

Five Innovative places to have sex

Gay culture gains acceptance in China
The Times of India - Porn ban Illegal

The Times of India Indian Youth Sex obsessed

The Times of India Chulhas cause lung disease
Burning Paddy destroy air quality

Make sure to read these Pearls and Gems doled out by The Times of India, and at
the mean time I am searching for an article that from The Times of India that
claimed tha smoke from ..chulhas.. used by Home makers in rural India, causes
blindness, lung disease, TB and lot more.

Close Down all British Era Indian Newspapers

Indian Newspapers covertly help our corrupt Politicians
Indian Media supports
1. Homosexuality 2. Premarital Sex
3. Live in Relationships 4. Single unwedded Motherhood
5. Secularism 6. Porn & Bestiality
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Rs 55,000 Crore Air India Scam
Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium Scam
Police Brutality and Abuse of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur
Was Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha Murdered..?
Hindu Nationalist exposes RSS, VHP & SANGH PARIVAR
Swami Aseemanand's Confessions
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