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Wilfred O.

Curiba September 29, 2017

BSBA MM 4-1S POSC 1013 Politics and Governance

Thought Paper: Miseducation of the Filipino People by Renato Constantino

Stated by Prof. Renato Constantino, Education is a vital weapon. Because education is

something we earned and is cannot be taken away from us by anyone, unless weve given them the
chance. This was the problem that arise from the writing, the factors that affect Philippine education
which makes us Filipinos miseducated.
Prof. Renato Constatino list down the most things affected by the miseducation of the Filipino.
First Nationalism in education. Based on what we can observe nowadays, new generations are less
nationalistic. Because education nowadays are less Filipino type, most likely because we dont often
teach Filipino related subjects. The department of education is planning to remove Filipino major
courses nationwide, thus inch by inch the Americanization of our education is very eminent. This can be
also related on how new perspectives are created and the beginning of this was the colonial education,
where the Americans used the most powerful weapon, education. Our heroes may have battled all their
hearts just to purely free us from anyone, unfortunately after winning the said freedom, the Americans
approached us in a good mannered way yet tactical one. By the time they approached us was the most
fragile, open opportunity and weakest. So they easily penetrated our society, which started from the
first teaching of the Americans that can be traced in the summer city, Baguio.
Past is past, yet knowing the past, and their intentions. Why didnt we made any move about it?
In here arise how strong their influence was, internally and externally. Stated in the writings of Prof.
Constantino, Americans transplanted their political institutions and ideas in our country. As what can be
seen today, our political practices are somewhat related to them. It was so related that some laws are
biased towards them. Like how high positions and decision makers are often or mostly participated by
them yet this is our country, Filipinos. Seeing how influential they are in a political perspective, it is
closely related on our economic perspective making us a cheap provider of ingredients or commonly
known as our spices, an imperialistic dog.
From our roots to our fruits, there is an eminent influence of American culture. From language
to how we currently behave. As what our national hero Jose Rizal says; Youth is the hope of our town.
How can they be if any inch of nationalism cant be seen from them? Selfies, gadgets, social climbing and
more, a direct influence and exhibition of how our society nowadays is miseducated. Writing this
thought paper in English, showing that writing it this way will make it more intelligent looking? Sasabihin
natin na edukado tayo? Ang lenggwahe ng Pilipino ay Filipino at ito dapat ang sukatan ng taas ng
katalinuhan hindi ingles. Ang Kailangan ng mga Pilipino ay pilipinong edukasyon at ito ang tunay na

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