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PT TT OU a ae CA a Lr RYU m ered teva e MTEC e tL erat Reet eee ta The Federal Public Service Commission wil hold the CSS Competitive Examination-2018 with effect fram Thursday, 15" February, 2018 or recruitment to posts in BS-17 in following Occupational Groups/Servicos under Une Feder Government Commerce & Trade Group, Forsign Servies af Pakictan, Informatian Group, Inland Revenue Service, Military Lands & Cantonments Group, Office Management Group, Pakistan Administrative Service, Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service, Pakistan Customs Service, Pallce Service of Pakistan, Postal Group, Railways (Commercial & Transportation) Group 2. The number of vacancies to be filled on the basis of CSS Competitive Examination-2018 will be announced later. 3. Theoxaminationiikoly to be held at following centres depending upon the number of candidates: (1) Abbottabad (2), ~=—« Bahawalpur (3)—=—«.G.Khan—(4)_—‘.LKhan ) Faisalabad — (6) Gigit (7) Gujranwala (8) Hydrant (8) Islamabad (10) Karachi (11) Lahore (12) Larkana (13) Multan (14) Muzaffarabad (19) Peshawar (16) Quetta (1) Rawalpinay (18) Sargoana (09) Sursur 4. ELIGIBILITY: Both male and female including special persons having atleast 2" Division Bachelor's degree between the ages of 2 to 30 years as on 31.12.2017 are eliaible. The upper aae limit may be relaxed by two years incategories mentioned in Rule 30fCSS Competitive Fxamination Rules-7018, subjectto fulfilment of documentary requirements. 5. QUOTA FOR WOMEN AND MINORITIES: Fodoral Government has reserved 10% of tho vacancies for Women snd 5% forthe Mincrities within he share of Provinces/Regions. Boll are encouraged to apply 6. PROCEDURE FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION: All aspiraniss may apply online for GSS Compeliive Examination trom 15" October to 14” November 2017, followed by eubmission ot hard copy of online form along with all altested documents and original Treasury Receipt of Rs.2200!-, so as to reach the FPSC Headquarters, Isiamaoad within 10 days of tne closing date Le. on or before 24” November, 2017, a6 por procedure stipulatedin Rule-7 of CSS Competitive Examination Rules-2010. 7. Online Application Form. Challan Form, Rules & Syllabus for CSS Competitive Examination-2010 are available on FPSC Website www. 8. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF ONLINE APPLICATION IS 44" NOVEMBER 2017 9. CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED TO: () Carefully fi the online form and check before online submission. Take a print and dispatch hardcopy to FPSC on or before closing date. Any correction inthe printed hard copy of online form, may be made by hand and initialed, before dispatch/submission to FPSC. Thereafter, no request for change in any entry cofonline application orits hard copy, would be accepted (epost efore the closing date, RS.2200/-as examination fee inthe nearest Govt TreasuryiState Rank of Pakistan/National Bank of Pakistan under the account head “CO2101- Organs of State Exam fec (FPSCReceipl) (li) Attach all attested copies of required documents, photographs & orginal treseury receipt of Rs. 2200/- with the hardcopy of online application form and must be despatched to secretary FPSC so as to reach to FPSC Headquarters, Islamabad within 1U days ofthe closing date, (iv) Choose the optional subjects correctly in accordance with Appendix of the Rules for CSS ‘Competitive Examination-2018. (¥) Candidates are advised to download Computer generated Admission Certificates from FPSC website fe. www inthis regard ne intimation shail be sent through post. (vi) Bo caroful that optional subjects & examination centre onco sclectod shall not be changed. No reqs in this eegard shall be entertained (vil) Correctly enter CNIC No. & date of birth in online form and in its hardcopy. Wrong entry shall load to rejection of candidature. (vi) Stacuy comply wth the rules of CSS Competitive Examination-2U1W else their candidature shall lead to rejection, (%) Contact atthe foiowing numbers fr further information or queries; 051-9223282, 051-9212317, 051-9219845, OR UAN 051-111-000-248 27X4