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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in English Literature Grade 10

I. Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson the Grade 10 students with 75 % of accuracy are expected to:

a. provide the synonyms and antonyms to the difficult words found in the story;
b. expand the important events in the story through given sentences;
c. determine the elements of the short story in the story;
d. reflect the values found in the story in life connections.
II. Subject Matter

Determining the Elements of Short Story The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov (1904)
Skill: Vocabulary Building
References: The New Grade 10 English Communication Arts and Skills through World Literature
K to 12 Curriculum Complaint Lapid, Milagros and Josephine Serrano, 2015 Pages 219-227
Material: PowerPoint presentation, papers containing elements of the short story The Lottery
Ticket by Anton Chekhov, handouts, flash cards
III. Learning Experiences

Preliminary Activities: Prayer and sitting arrangement

Motivation: The teacher presents the flash cards consisting difficult words from the story and
ask synonymous and antonymous words to these words. This activity is called Level Me Else,
Hate Me


The teacher asks the students: Does anyone has an idea of the relevance of our activity earlier?
Then the teacher reminds the students about the story that she asked them to read on their
previous meeting. The teacher groups the class into five (5) groups and gives each group a paper
which consists the elements of a short story basing on the story The Lottery Ticket by Anton
Chekhov and lets them identify what type of element they have received.


The teacher starts telling the introduction of the story and chooses five volunteers to pick a
paper, each of the, which contains the plot of the story and lets them expand it. Then the
following questions will be asked: Was the ending of the story justified? Would you rather have
a happy ending of the story? Why? Should people remain hopeful in winning the lotto? Why?
What does the story lead you to realize about money? Compare the significance of the first
paragraph and the last paragraph.


The teacher asks the following questions:

Answer the following questions with the use of the words written on the flash cards.

1. In what situations is the theme of the short story seen today?

2. Have you ever experienced of what the characters in the story experienced?
3. Have you noticed a sudden change of mood on the characters in the story? Explain your


The teacher asks the students to give a one liner realization from the story.


The teacher presents the activity in his/her PowerPoint presentation.

Directions: Choose one element that is found in the short story The Lottery Ticket by Anton
Chekhov and make a schema out of it.

IV. Agreement

Make an essay that answers the following questions:

1. What have you realized from the story?

2. How significant is the story to ones life?
3. What changes money can do to someones life?

Put it on a short bond paper and submit it on August 11, 2017