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(Adapted from Madeline Hunters Research)

Student Name: Tonika Dunn Date:

Grade: 1 / 2 Split

Unit/Subject: Sight Words Practice


(List the materials needed for - Smartboard

this lesson) - Sight Words Worksheet
- Laptop

Objectives: The children will be able to:

(What the students should automatically read and understand

learn/accomplish/master/unders some high-frequency words and words
of personal interest or significance, in
tand as a result of the lesson) a variety of reading contexts.

Anticipatory Set:

(In what way will you activate One video will be played showing the
their prior knowledge and students some of the sight words they need
experience to help them relate to know
to todays lesson?)
- A game will be played that will test
the students knowledge by having
them pick out the correct sight word
for the character to move forward.


(Step by step discussion for how Instructional Input:

the lesson will be taught)
The game will prompt the students that we
will be identifying sight words.

Instructional Input: Sight words will be explained again as: a

word that we see often, yet can be tricky to
What knowledge will you
sound out
communicate to the students so
that they understand the
objective of the lesson (film,
Guided Practice:
tape, video, pictures, etc)
As a class we will go through a custom letter
Guided Practice:
that I have written to the class. I have
What activities will the students skillfully added specific sight words into the
perform under your supervision letter but have covered them so the
to ensure that they are able to students do not know. The words covered
practice the material/concepts will be at the bottom and the class will be
taught in the lesson? working together to see what words fit best.

How will you support students

when errors are made?


How will you demonstrate the

skill or competence so the
student will also be able to do it?
(Use of materials to show
students examples of what is
expected as a final product of
Check for Understanding:
their work)
After all the words to my letter has been
Checking for Understanding:
filled in. I will a student read the whole letter
How will you check that the to the class to see if it makes sense. If not,
students have the students will try again.
understood/learned the

Questioning Strategies:

What types of questions might

you ask to probe for higher level


Develop a statement that brings

the lesson to an appropriate
The children will be cued that the lesson is
conclusion. A statement of
over and will return to their seats. I will then
closure is the act of reviewing
inform them that they are to complete a
and clarifying the key points of a
work sheet where they will need to identify
lesson. It is used to:
sight words and complete the sentences
1. Cue students to the fact given on their own.
that they are at the end of
the lesson
2. Help organize student
3. Help students form a
clearer picture of what the
lesson is all about
Independent Practice:

List homework or seatwork A sight words word search will be handed to

assignments the students will be the children, where they will need to
expected to complete in order to identify the sight words and put them into
practice the material/skill the correct sentences.
without teacher supervision


- What went well? Provide

examples for how you know it
went well.
- What didnt go well? Provide
examples for how you know it
didnt go well.
- What did you learn?
- What might you do differently
next time you implement this
same experience and why?
- Did you have to make any
adaptations or modifications?
If so, what were they?
- What type of experience might
you plan to extend on this
Field Supervisor Feedback: