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1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Why are you interested in this job?

3. What do you know about us?

4. Why should we hire you over everyone else we spoke to today?

5. Can you summarize the contribution you would make to our organisation?

6.What are some of the things that bother you?

7. What did you like/dislike about your last job?

8. What criteria are you using to evaluate the organization for which you hope to work?

9. Please tell me about the greatest professional assignment you've ever handled?

10. What accomplishment has given you the most satisfaction?

11. How do you take direction?

12. What major problem have you encountered and how have you dealt with it?

13.What are your long-term career goals? When and why did you establish these goals and
how are you preparing yourself to achieve them?

14. What kind of salary are you looking for?

15. Are you willing to relocate?

Leveraged Finance Portfolio Manager - Sydney - up to $130k pack.

The department's primary role is credit risk and relationship management in respect of the
leveraged loan portfolios of both the Radox Bank and Bank's Leveraged Finance Department
The appointment of Portfolio Manager will be a replacement position and the successful
candidate will have responsibility for managing their own caseload of leveraged loans.

Key Accountabilities:
* The Portfolio Manager will undertake the ongoing credit and relationship management of a
distinct portfolio of leveraged assets, including a number of stressed transactions.
* Monthly presentations to assess the performance of each asset in the portfolio including
making recommendations for top-ups/sell-downs of exposures, identification of recap
opportunities and responding to questions/queries from Committee members;
* Dealing with amendment and waiver requests;
* Performing annual credit reviews;
* Maintaining accurate and up to date counterparty credit ratings;
* Attendance and reporting on site visits and bank/clients' presentations;
* New money requests for existing transactions including refinances, recaps and top-ups; and
* Dealing with stressed assets/restructurings when necessary.
* Review the performance of the relevant operations feeding back observations to operational
management/project managers and represent the Finance Department at Asset Management
Reviews and Development Meetings to assist in decision making.

Knowledge and Skills:

* Credit analysis/formal credit training/ratings methodology
* Financial modelling
* Portfolio/loan management
* Making presentations to a broad audience of senior staff
Job Type: Permanent
Salary: AU$130000 per annum
Start Date: 1st Aug 2010
Reference: 1138115
Contact : Julia Susana (0293415673)

Radox Bank


‡ You and your role

‡ Other participants or immediate personnel
‡ Itinerary for induction
‡ Housekeeping - amenities, parking, eating facilities
‡ Layout of the organisation ± tour


‡ Meeting with Human Resources staff
‡ Rates and terms of pay and conditions
‡ Superannuation, taxation, insurance
‡ Holiday, sick leave and other leave provi sions
‡ Breaks and lunches


‡ Who¶s who of the organisation - chart of the structure
‡ Where and how the new employee fits
‡ Organisational policies-anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, performance
standards, disciplinary
‡ Procedures, dispute procedure -
‡ Rules and regulations
‡ Security and safety procedures
‡ Dress codes, smoking policy, personal space

‡ Introductions to colleagues
‡ Establishment of µbuddy¶
‡ Social codes and practices
‡ Layout and resources


‡ Position description / responsibilities / outcomes
‡ Resources and equipment
‡ Workplace and personal space
‡ Safety procedures
‡ Tasks and duties - specific procedures
‡ Performance assessment
‡ Training and development
‡ Check in on the new member regularly to answer any questions and discuss their
progress (daily at first)