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George, Fitzhugh, Slavery Justified.

This article is about George Fitzhughs opinion about slavery going on all around the world. George
Fitzhugh was a slavery advocate in the 1800s. He was mostly known for this theory that the negro is
but a grown up child. In this document he is expressing how he feels towards slavery by using
What does Fitzhugh consider to be the basic failures of the northern states and France?

Fitzhugh considers the experiment of liberty and equality in the northern states and France a failure. He
explains that in small communities in Europe especially are not fit exponents of the working system.
He is also arguing that equality and liberty is not the answer for the happiness of the people.
According to Fitzhugh, what is the proper status and role of women?

Fitzhugh explains that women should not be set free because like children, they are unable to care for
themselves. He explains that all women should be subservience to and depend on a man at all times. For
the same or equally valuable services she gets not half the pay that man does, simply because the modesty
of her sex prevents her from resorting to all the arts and means of competition which men employ. By
saying this Fitzhugh believes that women are not able to do the same things men are and he does mention
that if anyone ever set a women free without making her as strong in mind and body as a man, would be
her worst enemy.
Give some examples that illustrate why Fitzhugh considers slavery to be superior to free labor.

Fitzhugh uses the examples of vegetable, animal and human kingdoms as examples to his argument about
slavery being superior to free labor. When we look at the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, we
discover in them all a constant conflict, war, or race of competition, the result of which is, that the weaker
or less healthy genera, species and individuals are continually displaced and exterminated by the stronger
and more hardy. But argues that we as humans witness wars but we do not see any improvement.
Another example he gives is domestic slavery in the Southern States. He is explaining that the way we
can get any human advancement would be through slavery.