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WEEK: 36 DAY: Tuesday DATE: 3rd October 2017

Time/Class/ / 1 CERDAS/ ENGLISH
Theme World of Knowledge
Topic U20. Good Habits
Focus Reading
Content Standard 2.2, 1.2
Learning 2.1.2, 2.2.6, 1.2.1
Learning By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to:
Outcomes Mainstream LINUS
1. Read and understand the sentences.
2. Read and recognize words
Success criteria Pupils are successful if they are able to:
Mainstream LINUS
1. Read and complete at least 4 sentences in 1. Pronounce and spell at
a bubble map. least 3 words related to
2. Read and spell at least 5 words related to good habit.
good habits.

Activity Mainstream LINUS

1. Teacher displays word cards and elicits 1. Teacher displays
pupils knowledge. word cards and elicits
2. Refer to the textbook page 119and teacher pupils knowledge.
gets pupils to read the I-think map. (refer BUBBLE 2. Refer to the
MAPs. textbook page 119and
3. Teacher guides pupils to understand the teacher gets pupils to
Bubble Map about Good Habits. read the I-think map.
4. Pupils refer to activity book page 49 & 50 (refer BUBBLE MAPs.
and complete the list. 3. Pupils match the
5. Teacher guides pupils to write. Refer to word cards with picture
textbook. cards.
6. Teacher asks pupils to read and identify 4. Pupils pronounce
the words. and spell the words.
7. Class discussion.
Assessment Observation pupils are able to read and recognize words .
CCE/EE/ i-THINK/ Kinaesthetic, Knowledge acquisition. Hots: Creativity and innovation
HOTS Added value: cooperation
Materials/ picture clocks, textbook


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