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WEEK: 36 DAY: Thursday DATE: 5th October 2017

Time/Class/ / 1 CERDAS/ ENGLISH
Theme World of Knowledge
Topic U20 . Good Habits
Focus Language Arts
Content Standard 4.1
Learning 4.1.2
Learning By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to:
Outcomes Mainstream LINUS
1. listen to and enjoy the jazz chants in group.
2. recite and making craft booklet
3. identify the words
Success criteria Pupils are successful if they are able to:
Mainstream LINUS
1. sing along and perform jazz chants. 1. Read 1 sentence.
2. create mini booklet. 2. Create Mini Booklet
Activity Mainstream LINUS

1. Teacher displays the words relate to the 1. Pupils enjoy the song.
song. 2. Pupils are directed to 1
2. Pupils and teacher listen and sing the song sentence.
together and also enjoy it. 3. Pupils create mini
3. Pupils learn and paying attention to the booklet.
4. Teacher guides pupils to read and
understand the words (TB page 122).
5. Teacher guides the pupils to make the
craft.- Mini Booklet.
6. Teacher prepares worksheet with Good
Habits pictures on it.
7. Teacher guides pupils to chant using
correct pronunciation, rhythm and intonation
8. Teacher divides pupils into 2 groups
each group is assigned to sing different lyric.
9. Teacher guides pupils throughout the
Assessment Observation pupils are able to perform the rhymes and complete the craft.
CCE/EE/ i-THINK/ Kinaesthetic, Knowledge acquisition. Hots: Creativity and innovation
HOTS Added value: cooperation
Materials/ lyrics, mini booklet


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