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Held at the Sanibel Community House

2173 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL
Start Time 7:30PM - Doors open at 6:30PM

January 3---Eric Milbrandt, Ph.D.---New Approaches to Water Quality Monitoring in the

Caloosahatchee Estuary--SCCF Marine Lab Director will introduce the preliminary results from
the LOBO, (Land Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory). The first of 9 instruments purchased
with proceeds from the SCCF 2007 Fund Raising Campaign to determine water quality in the
Caloosahatchee and San Carlos Rivers

January 10---Frank and Sue Moore---The Wilderness of Denali ---Photographers Frank and
Susan Moore will provide history and a photographic tour of this majestic Alaskan 6,000,000
acre Park and Preserve originally created to protect the Dall Sheep.

January 17---Pamela Hallock Muller, Ph.D.---Decline of Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys--Coral
Reefs are among the most productive communities on earth and are indicators of the state of
land and sea. Oceanographer Pam Hallock Muller will explain the creation of coral reefs and
what services they provide.

January 24---Jerry Jackson, Ph.D.---Bird Banding: It's History, Promises, Practices, Problems
and Payoffs---Preeminent author, ornithologist, educator and North American Bird Bander, Dr.
Jackson explains the procedures of bird banding and the valuable information the process can

January 31---David S. Addison---Life History and Nesting Biology of the Sea Turtles of
Southwest Florida --Learn the physical characteristics, nesting habitat, behavior, diet, nurturing
and the future of our beloved sea turtles.

February 7---John Hicks---Exploring Sanibel Skies... and the Rest of the Universe---Explore the
atmosphere of the sun, visit sun spots and solar eclipses and the aurora borealis. Then learn
about the Green Flash and it's history and pointers on how to photograph these splendid

February 14---Kevin Karlson---Birding Simplified: Learn to Bird by Impression Utilizing The

Shorebird Guide. One of the three authors of the best selling book by the same name, The
Shorebird Guide, will demonstrate just how simplified birding can be. Using his superb photos
and behavioral observations will intrigued both the seasoned birder and the newcomer.

February 21---Dr. Tom and Mrs. Rosalie Kreulen---Africa: The Beauty and the Beast.---The
Kreulens will provide a photographic tour and historical overview of South Africa, Botswana,
Zimbabwe, Kenya and the amazing Maasai with partial focus on the magnificent beauty of
African wildlife.

February 28---Gregory Sweeney and Karen Keberle---Manatees: The Gentle Giants.---The

award winning underwater photographers and naturalist authors of the book of the same title
will deliver a brilliant underwater photographic essay about our treasured manatees, their
family history, their daily lives and their future.