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Faculty of Business

Course :
Human Resource Management

Date : 14 July 2017

Time : 9.00 am 10.30 am

Duration : 1 1/2 hours

Module Lecturer : Faiza binti Omar

Total marks : 40 marks (worth 15%)

Instructions to candidates:

1. Print your name and student number on the Mid Term Paper AND Answer Book

2. You must answer all.

3. Do not detach any portion of the examination paper

4. Begin writing, as indicated, after the reading time has ended

Materials allowed for this examination:

1. Hardcopy of dictionary.



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Date : 14 July 2017 Course : DBCM3023 Human Resource Management

Answer ALL questions

SECTION A True / False Questions [Total = 20 marks]

No Statements Answer
1. Richard works as an HR generalist at a furniture manufacturing firm, True False
so he focuses on a single functional area of human resources
2. As a result of outsourcing and technology, the five HR functions have True False
been reduced to four in most firms
3. Forecasting in staffing is determining organization needs of human True False
4. Colleges, universities, advertisements in newspapers and magazines True False
are external recruiting sources
5. Personality tests asses an applicants to help firms determine an True False
individuals leadership and teamwork skills
6. Job specifications provide information regarding the essential tasks, True False
duties, and responsibilities of the job
7. An availability forecast involves determining the number, skill, and True False
location of employees the organization will need at future dates in
order to meet its goals
8. Job posting is a procedure that allowed employees believe they True False
permitted to apply the posted job
9. An IQ test is a type of cognitive aptitude test True False
10. Downsizing can be used as an option for reducing surplus labor as it True False
yields fast results.
11. Staffing is more of a process than an event. True False
12. Quantity or quality labor shortages can mean lost business True False
opportunities, scaled-back expansion plans, an inability to provide
critical consumer goods and services, and even threats to
organizational survival.
13. The quantity portion of the staffing definition means that True False
organizations must be concerned about staffing levels and their
14. When head count requirements exceed availabilities, the True False
organization will be overstaffed.
15. In human resources planning, a comparison is made between labor True False
force requirements and labor availability.
16. Job analysis is the process of studying jobs in order to gather, True False
analyze, synthesize, and report information about job requirements.
17. Job is a set of related duties True False
18. Dejobbing is designing work by project rather than job True False
19. Job rotation is employee doing several task at the same time True False
20. Flexible work is employee had autonomy over their work True False

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Date : 14 July 2017 Course : DBCM3023 Human Resource Management

SECTION B Multiple Choice Questions [Total = 20 marks]

21. Which term refers to the process through which an organization ensures that it always
has the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills in the right jobs, at the
right time, to achieve organizational objectives
a. Staffing
b. Recruitment
c. Selection
d. HR Planning

22. Abigail, as HR personnel at a publishing company, shes in the process of choosing

from a group of applicants the individual best suited for an assistant editor position.
Abigail is most likely involved in the HR function of __________
a. Training
b. HR planning
c. Job Analysis
d. Selection

23. Which of the following provides the information of duties, responsibilities and whos to
be report with the ________________
a. Position
b. Job description
c. Job specification
d. Job evaluation

24. Maria the HR Manager of software firm, she wanted to implement a low costs method
in attracting applicant for the position in her company. Which of the following would be
the best method?
a. TV advertisement
b. Billboard
c. Career fair
d. Newspaper advertisement

25. The recruitment process involves _____________________

a. Encouraging qualified people to apply employment with a firm
b. Selecting qualified people for employment at a firm
c. Attracting and selecting employees for the firm
d. Determining sources of employees

26. John role is in charge of staffing for a restaurant chain, John is most likely NOT
responsible for ____________
a. Training
b. Job analysis
c. Recruitment
d. Selection

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Date : 14 July 2017 Course : DBCM3023 Human Resource Management

27. Michael is presently employed as a loan officer at a local bank, but dislikes his job.
Michael posted his resume on and in hopes of
landing a job at another organization. Which of the following best describes Michael?
a. Contingent worker
b. Active job seeker
c. Contract employee
d. Fluctuating

28. Carlos, has reviewed the applications and resumes of nine candidates for a marketing
position. Which of the following is the best step to select the best employees?
a. Interviewing applicants
b. Having applicants take physical exams
c. Checking applicants references
d. Giving applicants selections test

29. Which of the statement below, is the economical method in collecting information of
job analysis?
a. Questionnaire
b. Observation
c. Interview
d. Employee records

30. Which term refers to basic changes in the content and level of responsibility of a job
so as to provide greater challenges to the worker?
a. Job rotation
b. Job analysis
c. Job enrichment
d. Job enlargement

31. Terms below is most accurate for the number of tasks a worker performs, with all of
the tasks at the same level of responsibility?
a. Job design
b. Job rotation
c. Job enrichment
d. Job enlargement

32. Which of the following is NOT an internal recruitment method?)

a. Employment agency
b. Employee referral
c. Job bidding
d. Job posting

33. Which of the following is the latest recruiting trend?

a. Social network recruiting
b. Niche site recruiting
c. Internet recruiting
d. Education fair recruiting

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Date : 14 July 2017 Course : DBCM3023 Human Resource Management

34. The selection process typically begins with the _________

a. Application review
b. Employment interview
c. Background check
d. Preliminary interview

35. In selection, organization must identify applicant with necessary ____________

a. Knowledges
b. Skills
c. Attitudes
d. All of the above

36. Selection process involves evaluating the documentation and test result, the chosen
method in the process should be _____________
a. Reliable
b. Valiable
c. Informational
d. Generalized

37. In selection procedure, recruiter have to identifying the __________ to get the best
a. Job description
b. Organization expectation
c. Performance appraisal
d. Experience

38. Below is employment test, EXCEPT

a. Cognitive test
b. Drug test
c. Emotional test
d. Personality test

39. Interviewer etiquettes in interview session as below, EXCEPT

a. Put applicant at ease
b. Judging the candidate
c. Let the applicant do the talking
d. Make sure candidate knows what expect next

40. Organization must communicate to the selected candidate for the employment
purpose, the communication involves ________
a. Job responsibilities
b. Culture of organization
c. Immediate superior attitudes
d. Number of staff in organization

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Date : 14 July 2017 Course : DBCM3023 Human Resource Management

Thank you and good luck!

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