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Issue the Production Plan before

the start of each month

Issue the resources Plan and prove its availability
Handle the daily plan execution and deviation from the
production plan
Planning Material
Agree with the Planning about the due date
Notice the Planning and the production in case of any Save the alternatives for the production Accessories
Sales changes required Procedure
Agree any suggested changes in due dates before 5 days
Agree the changes with all the different parties
of final delivery for the customers

Finalize the product with the specific requiremen

Deliver the product to be galvanized or to be pain
Receive the product after surface finish and deliv
Production again as a final finished product ready to be shipp
Execute any modification entire the final product
customer requirements and upon the sales orders

Final Product

Ease the customer handling insdie the company

Customer Service Confirm the process of dispatching different

Receive the finished Black Product and

deliver it after 48 hours to the poles
production as galvanized finished product
Packing of final product Execute any modification entire the final
product due to customer requirements and
Handle the final product with care to our customers
upon the sales orders
Be sure that the QC Dept is available before dispatching
the final product to customer Dispatch and Stores
Manage and take care of the products inside the storing
Feedback of the customer attendance to our

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