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MIS310 EXCEL Individual Project

Spring Garden Inventory

NAME ________________________________________________ Due Date: November 2nd , 2017

Open the file Spring Garden Inventory.xlsx from Canvas.
Save it as Your name Inventory.xlsx
Use absolute and relative cell references as appropriate. Do not use constant cell values.
Use functions as appropriate.
You may need to add tables or cells for assumptions and scales as appropriate.
Format all numbers to currency or percentage where appropriate. Do not use more than 2 decimal

March Inventory Worksheet

____1. (1 Pt.) Add your name to cell C2 and the automatic current date to C3.

____2. (7 Pts.) Create a drop-down list to validate the data entered for each Division. The Divisions
should display in the list exactly as they are shown in column G of the March Inventory sheet.
It should display an error message should state Enter a valid Division if an invalid Division is

____3. (3 Pts.) After you have created the drop-down list, verify the entries for Copiers (there are 3
errors)! You may verify your accuracy by utilizing a filter when complete. Any filters should
then be removed.

____4. (5 Pts.) Calculate the Value of Inventory. It is the number of inventory items you have times
the cost for each item.

____5. (5 Pts.) Calculate the Sales Prices, which are marked up 35% more than the costs.

____6. (15 Pts.) Calculate the Bonus Amounts. If the Sales Price is less than $749.99, the company
will give the salesperson a bonus amount that is equal to 2% of the Sales Price. If the Sales
Price is between $750.00 and $999.99, the bonus is 5%; for Sales Prices between $1000.00
and $1999.99, the bonus is 10%; and for Sales Prices over $2000.00, the bonus is 15%.

____7. (5 Pts.) Calculate what percent each inventory item's value is of the total inventory value. (Be
aware that you will be generating subtotals later!)

____8. (9 Pts.) Spring Garden Sales is embarking on a huge sales campaign. They are going make
loans to help customers pay for their products. They are making the loans according to the
table on the Loans sheet. Calculate the monthly payments for the loan amounts.

____9. (10 Pts.) Place the corresponding loan payments in the March Inventory worksheet. (Hint:
Please use LOOKUP function or IF function.)
____10. (10 Pts.) Generate subtotals for the March Inventory values and the costs by divisions. Include
all numerical columns except for Sales Prices, % of Inventory, and Monthly Payments. (Hint:
Please use subtotal function under your Data Tab.)

____11. (5 Pts.) Format the worksheet appropriately:
Column Headings
Bold totals

Totals Worksheet

____12. (3 Pts.) Make a copy of your worksheet into a worksheet named Totals.

____13. (2 Pts.) Collapse the data to show only the totals for each Division.

____14. (10 Pts.) Create an "impressive" and professional chart (not embedded) that displays the
March Inventory Values by Divisions. Choose an appropriate chart type. Name the sheet
Divisions Chart. Impressive means adding texture, patterns, and/or gradient shading. It
means changing the font styles and sizes, bolding, italicizing, and repositioning titles and data
markers, as necessary. Add text boxes to emphasize data if appropriate.

____15. (10 pts.) Format the worksheets professionally including setting the print commands.
o Add headers with your name, automatic date, automatic sheet tab name, and automatic
filename to all of the worksheets.


Submit Your name Inventory.xlsx and following PDF files to Canvas

Please print following sheets in PDF format

PDF Printouts: Data for March Inventory Worksheet

Formulas for March Inventory Worksheet
Formulas for Loans Worksheet
Chart sheet