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01)s of MgstaraTM
es of the Princess Ark
= Challenger

mpions of Mystara'

Table of Contents
Design: Ann Dupu Foreword and Inroduction

Launching to the Completion of the Tho

#i6%188. Enchantment and the Skyship's Tramformatio
' Edltlng: Elizabeth Anne T The Chronicles of the Princess Ark ...................
Product Manage Bruce
Box Ark Robh Ruppel Presmting Excerptsfro?d theJournals
Cover Ark Robh Ruppel demar of Haaken, Captain of the E
Interior Teny Dykstra
Art Coordinator: Peggy Cooper
Cartography: Diesel, John Knecht
Color Deck Plans:Robin Raab The Princess Ark ..
Production: Angelika Iokotz Containing Information Concerning the Valia
Technical Advisoi: LTjg So0 Klein, US.Coast Guard
continuity Advkm Doug Bickford
Playtesting: D o u g Bickford, Paul Dupuis, T. Scott ....................................
Kinder, Elizabeth Tomabene, and Kevin Weishaar.
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ment Prince Hal
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ISBN 1-56076-615-8
Foreword and Introduction
Heroes of the Princess Ark presents Ark through the years of the great war are scaled for use with 25mm miniature
the popular Princess Ark series from between Alphatia and Glantri (presented figures or cardboard stand-ups. They
DRAGONmMagazine as an addition to in the Wrath of rbe Immortals boxed set) show the commander's deck (which is;
your campaign. and up to Year 1010 AC, which the Poor mostly enclosed beneath a crystal dome)
The fmt two-thir& of this book tell the WizardsA 6 m a w covers. and all of the open-air decks on the sky-
story of the Princess Ark, an Alphatian "Friends and Foes" provides game sta- ship's main hull. For interior deck plans,
skyship, in narrative form. 'The Princess tistics and details for a variety of races seep. 71.
Ark Exploring Space and Time" summa- and creatures encountered in the Prin-
rizes the series' episodes from DRAGON
Magazine issue a153 through issue #la.
cess Ark chronicles. And, finally, "The
Thothian Enchantment" presents the The Princess Ark as a,
(There simply wasn't enough room to unique spell Haldemar used to enchant Unique Skyship
reprint them all in their entirety.) "The the Princess Ark. The Princess Ark is. a un
Chronicles of the Princess Ark" picks up and does not always follow the rules pr
sented in the Designers' Manual. (T
with the episode from DRAGON Maga-
zine issue a169, and includes excerpts How to Use This Book begin with, it would be prohibitively
from the Princess Ark's logbook from the As is the case with the other two books expensive to enchant such a large sky-
time she arrives in the Kingdom of Sind in this set, Heroes of the Princess Ark is ship with the multitude of enchantments
to when she finally heads for home- meant primarily for the DMIM.You may Berylith brought to the Princess Ark.)
after traveling around the Serpent Penin- read the books in any order, as each can This is due to two primary factors. The
sula, along the Savage Coast, and around stand alone. Each book complements the Princess Ark was originally conceived as
the Orc's Head Peninsula at the mouth of others, however, and all of them together a story, and hence isn't based on game
Yalu Bay. can open up new vistas in your cam- mechanics, Also, she was designed Wore
The rest of this book provides the infor- paign. the skyship design rules were full$
mation you may need to integrate the The Designers' Manual contains the worked out.
Princess Ark into your campaign. The information you need to use the game Tbis isn't to say there's anythmg wrong
section on "The Princess Ark" includes statistics provided for the Princess Ark, with the Princess Ark, or that she can't be
design specifications for the Princess A d and the Explorers' Manual expands the used in your campaign. This is just a no@
to be used with the skyship rules pre- information Haldemar discovers in "The of explanation for those s h a q q e d read-
sented in the Designer's Manual, deck Land of the Maharajahs" and "The Ser- ers who are bound to find discrepancies
plans, and a complete key to the sky- pent Peninsula Revisited" episodes. On between the information here and the
ship's layout. "Heroes of the Skies" cov- the other hand, the Princess Ark's log- rules presented in the Designm'Manual.
ers the major characters found aboard the book entries describing Haldemar's im- In fact, nothing should stop you from
Princess A k o m p l e t e with game statis- pressions of Sind and Yavdlom can be designing unique skyships for your own
tics so they can be used as player charac- used to add a great deal of flavor to the campaign should you so choose. The
ters or as detailed N P C s a n d intmduces descriptions you give to your players Thothian enchantment detailed on p. 95
some minor characters who take care of when campaigning in the Great Waste or can be used as a basis or model for other
things while Prince Haldemar and the on the Serpent Peninsula. The rules and flying enchantments researched by PC
ship's officers are off having grand adven- regulations followed aboard the Princess mages, or by NPC mages you as DM wish
tures. Ark can be adapted to any military sky- to introduce. On a world as magic-rich as
"Life Aboard the Princess ArP reveals ship; and the creatures found in "Friends Mystata is, powerful spellcasters are b u n d
what life is like aboard the skyship. It and Foes" may be met by player charac- to find new ways to do things, and th
indudes daily routines followed on board, ters regardless of whether or not they rules won't always cover these situations.
and the rules and regulations enforced by own a skyship. Any time the D&D" rules get in th
the Alphatian Imperial Navy. "Campaign- If you intend to have your players role- way of something you want to
ing with the Princess Ark,"on p. 88, dis- play characters aboard the Princess Ark, your campaign, feel free to change them,
cusses the roles the skyship can take in letting them read the "Chronicles" will introduce exceptions, or find ways tb
your campaign-as friend or foe, and serve as a good introduction to the sky- work around them. Think consequences
campaign focus or interesting sideline- ship's history and the major characters through, however, to keep the game i n
and how to head off potential role-play- they can expect to meet (or play!). balance. If you let the player characters
ing problem before they occur. "Future You may want to pull out the two large build or find neat new skyships loaded
History of the Princess Ark, "on p. 90, map sheets showing the main decks of with extra enchantments, make sure
gives a possible timeline of events to the Princess Ark when you introduce
bring Prince Haldemar and the Princes your players to the skyship. These maps with rule-bending ships.
he Princess Ark Exploring Space and Time
and negotiation-involving the mortal the Princess Ark down through the
remains of the Heldannic Knights' Immor- Skyshield at the southern pole, where an
tal Patron-nded in Haldemar escaping anti-magic field caused her to crash inside
with his life and his ship, but gaining the the opening to the Hollow World. Halde-
enmity of the Heldannic Knights. mar enlisted the help of a giant snow
The Princess Ark's next stop was the sloth to tow the damaged ship toward
Vulture Peninsula, where Haldemar dis- warmth, while the crew fought starvation
covered some interesting secrets of the and deadly cold
nagpw (vulture-headed creatures). Just Once the Princess Ark escaped the
inland from Green Bay, the ship discov- effects of the anti-magic field, her crew
ered the Ndjatwa, a slaver society of ell- set out to explore this strange new world
ogre crossbreeds. A bit of diplomacy on -still, in pursuit of Herr Rolf, who had
Haldemar's part resulted in favorable cul- avoided every attempt to recapture him.
tural exchanges and the promise that While flying over Nithia, Haldemar dis-
Alphatiam would be protected from the covered a Nithian priestess named Khu-
Ndjatwa fondness for human flesh. As a firi in his quarters. She answered many of
Exploring Space gesture of friendship, the Ndjatwa clan-
master presented Haldemar with a human
Haldemar's questions about the lands
below while the ship pursued the Hel-
and Time slave- Heldannic Knight who gave his dannic knight. The Princess Ark finally
In the Alphatian year 1964 AY (964 name as Herr Rolf. caught up to Herr Rolf, flying on the
AC), Empress Eriadna granted Prince Hal- As the princess Ark ventured along the back of a white dragon, in a bank of
demar of Haaken permission to re-com- southern shore of Green Bay, she en- clouds. Before Haldemar could capture
mission his family's aging flymg ship. The countered several cloud funnels. Halde- the knight, the Princess collided with a
newly restored Princess Ark embarked mar was intrigued by Herr Rolfs reaction floating island hidden in the clouds.
from Sundsvall the next year. to the sight, and determined to discover The island, Oostdok, was inhabited by
The majestic ship's travels took her what the Heldanner knew about these gnomes and dominated by a fortress dis-
southwest to the continent of Davania. funnels that the Alphatian schools failed playing the black lion emblem of the
Flying east along the Jungle Coast, she to teach. A dangerous experiment-flying Heldannic Order. A gnome named Leo-
approached Cape Eriadna and the Pass of straight into one large funnel-revealed pold (see p. 79) bumped into the invisi-
Cestia, where an away team stumbled that these tubular breaches are anti-grav- ble Princess Ark and enthusiastically
upon some Cestian gobblers (see p. 91). ity highways straight through Mystara's offered the help of the Le NeNiens Fam-
Turning east and then north, the Prin- Skyshield (see the Designers' Manual, ily Trust, Inc., in repairing the skyship.
cess Ark flew over the Isle of Cestia to p. 30). After a nerve-wracking rescue by a
Oceania. While investigating the islands Once in space, the princess Ark discov- gnomish air blimp, the Princess Ark was
interior, Prince Haldemar ran afoul of ered a hitherto unknown second moon, taken to a secret underground dry dock
some night dragons (see p. 92). The Myoshima (see p. 93). The moon has a where her crew and hundreds of gnomes
Princess Ark and her crew escaped, re- light-bending shield at the edges of its set about repairing her. Khufui betrayed
grettably leaving Boltman Ramissur in the atmosphere that renders it nearly invisi- the skyship's presence to the Heldannic
clutches of the furious night dragon. ble from the outside. The rakasta in- Order before repairs could be completed.
Back at the Isle of Cestia, the Princess habitants took exception to Herr Rolf's The Princess Ark and her crew barely
Ark took some native Cestians on board presence-Heldannic Knights are decid- escaped in time.
to supplement losses in her crew. Lady edly unwelcome on their'world-and With five Heldannic skyships pursuing
Abovombe came on b a r d as well (see p. demanded his release into their custody her, the Princess Ark managed to escape
76). As the ship approached the Gulf of in return for establishing ties with the through the polar opening and back into
Mar, Haldemar took another creature on Alphatian Empire. They also provided a space. There, she was met by a large war
board-a small, terrified bat that beat monolith carved from Myoshima's light- galley commanded by Herr Rolf. After a
against his porthole, and that would later bending c o r e a gift which rendered the raging battle which the Princess Ark won
surprise Haldemar and the crew. Princess Ark invisible. by virtue of some "minor improvements'
Prince Haldemar and his skyship next When Herr Rolf escaped on a flying introduced by the gnomes, Khufiri re-
encountered trouble in the form of a sabre-tooth tiger, the Myoshimans kid- vealed herself as none other than Synn-
group of Heldannic Knights (see p. 911, a napped Iady Abovombe to hold her ran- the ruler of the night dragons encoun-
seemingly insigmficant clerical order from som for Haldemar's assistance in re- tered during the Princess Ark's first ex-
the Heldann Freeholds. A bit of trickery capturing the knight. Herr Rolfs flight led plorations of Oce ..
ISynn, bent on revenge, snatched Herr
Rolf away from Haldemar and lured the
(see p. 94). The largest sky wyrm, Mery-
ath, sensed the life force of her mother
The New
PHncess Ark into a nebular storm that within the Princes Ark. Princess Ark-
ripped the very fabric of time. When Hal- Haldemar discovered that his original
demar and the crew awoke, they were 34 use of the Thothian enchantment had
years in the future-Amphimir 26, 2000 bound the life force of the sky wyrm
AI'. To torment her enemy further, Synn Berylith into the Princess Ark. Berylith
returned the now aged and hitter Lady herself appeared before Prince Haldemar,
Abovombe to the ship. asking that he complete the enchaptment
Haldemar headed the Princess Ark and bind her soul as well, making her
toward home, where he discovered he whole once more.
and his crew w e e no longer welcome in Completing the enchantment opened a
the Alphatian Empire. In the intervening gateway to the Plane of Nightmares.
y@ars,Herr Rolf had become High Priest Spectral hounds streamed into the Plane's
of the Heldannic Order. For reasons of sky, attacking both the Princess Ark and
diplomacy and secrecy, Empress Eriadna the army of sky wyrms led by Meryath.
offered Prince Haldemar a choice be- As Haldemar completed the enchantment
tween death for himself and his crew or and escaped hack through the gateway
continuation of his initial mission of from the Plane of Nightmares, the closing
ea;ploration, with no return to the Empire gateway trapped the greatest of the spec-
pbssible until the matter with the Heldan- tral hounds. Immediately, the remaining With the completion of the Thothiah
nic Order was somehow resolved. hounds turned tail and fled. enchantment, Berylith found herself with
As the Princess Ark left Alphatia, Hal- But before Haldemar could celebrate complete control over the Princess
demar accidentally discovered that his the completion of the Thothian enchant- and the ability to alter the skyship
pet bat was none other than Ramissur, ment, the Princess Ark mysteriously be- vessel that suited her better. She decided
the boltman left behind in the first gan to break up before his very eyes, to do some redecorating. Unfortunately,
encounter with the night dragons! He had plunging down to a mound of wreckage she gave no warnings to Haldemar or the
been transformed and mind-controlled as on the world beneath them. crew, who rushed to the life rafts or were
a spy for Synn. Together with Talasar's rescued by flying sky wym as the ship
clerical magic, Haldemar managed to appazently disintegrated around them. z
restore the boltman. Beryliths efforts took her out of co
Following some clues that the Princes munication for a while, asshe and
Ark was more than she seemed-she wreckage of the old ship fell to Hakh (a
seemed able to maneuver herself out of small world in the Plane of Air). Hal*.
danger as though alive-Haldemar set demar couldn't bear to view the wreck4
out to discover the source of the Thoth- and sent Talasar and Meryath, Berylithe
ian enchantment he had originally used daughter, instead.
to re-enchant the aging skyship. A ternfy- When neither had returned three da
iflg encounter with an ancient Thothian later, Haldemar and a sky-wyrm nam
lich resulted in the discovery of a second Fenroth flew down to Hakh to find rke
part to the enchantment. They found the Forest People of Ha
For the next month, as he studied the instead-tall goblinoid people with
ancient Thothian hieroglyphs, Haldemar black skin decorated with glowing t.a
found himself slipping in and out of toos. The Forest People promptly took
sprange hallucinations and stranger reali- Haldemar and Femoth prisoner, reuniting
ti&. When at last he invoked the power them with Talasar and Meryath Ion'
of the Thothian hieroglyphs, the spell
enough to sacrifice them to a "sky spirit
opened a portal to the Plane of Air. The "sky spirit" was none other tha
The Princes At4 dove through the por- Berylith, who recovered from her effom
tal. On that Plane-much like the space
surrounding Mystara, hut with breathable
air between the world+the ship and her mar saw what s
crew encountered a horde of sky wyrm

The Chronicles of the Princess Ark
From the Journals of It took some convincing on my part to treasures of emeralds and rubies for the

1 LordAdmiral ofthe Mighttest
have Berylith go invisible. She obviously
enjoyed the awe she caused and wanted
to remain the heroine of the day. Finally,
services of the divine genius who con-
ceived such a masterpiece as the Princess
Ark. " I cringed. Berylith heard that-I
Captain of tbe Ever-Viamboos with the wooden ship alone being visi- knew it. Suddenly, the ship flew faster.
PRINCES ARK ble, I invited the leader of the defending Tslamir 25: We reached Jahore this
mmperid h'xplorer, etc, etc. forces to come aboard. morning. The city is a sprawling mega-
The man was Prince Dhajee, a polite lopolis on the westemmost branch of the
Land o f the Maharajahs and soft-spoken person. His father, the
maharajah of Putnahad, ruler of the south-
Asdnda delta. High, fortified walls enclose
the inner city, protecting middle and
I& Which the Princess Ark Interrupts a ern pravince of Sind, had sent him on a upper class quarters, merchant areas, and
Battle and Prince Haldemar Foils a missiod to King Chandra's palace in Sayr the maharajahs palace. Beyond the walls
Fiendish Plot Ulan.IEe was to return with special orders spread thousands of poor, overcrowded
for the king's future visit in the capital of dwellings, a squalid collection of shacks
l l s l a m i r 23,2000 AY: It took a day to Putnab$d. A small army, sent by the rajah and muddy alleys, occasionally divided
reach the magical gate that had brought of Jaibul, had come close to capturing the by the main roads leading to the inner
us to the sky wyrms' universe. It was a prince. 'Taibul, I learned, is a small, inde- city gates and the numerous temple com-
huqnpy flight that took all the skill and pendent realm on the coast west of Sind, pounds. A shahhy port occupies the south-
prqwess of a sky wyrm like Berylith to and it bas been a rival of Putnabad for em edge of the city, allowing light ships
holu the course through the gate's storm. centuries. to sail the grimy delta up to Jahore. Larger
At last, we could see daylight piercing Prinqe Dharjee was obviously very ships remain anchored in a small bay at
the billowing clouds at the peak of the impressed with the Princess Ark, her the mouth of the delta. A few stone
storm. Everyone was longing for a mo- magic, ;her workmanship, and, most of bridges span the wide Asanda river within
meht of calm and rest under our golden all, hen decoration and style. Since the the city, but most of the population uses
sum. With a bang, the ship emerged Jaibul force had left his caravan in had small barges to cross over.
through the gate into our own universe- shape,ihe asked if we could transport Oddly enough, it seemed none of the
and we nearly crashed into a desert sand him anti his servants hack to Jahore, the main buildings were erected in a regular
dume! capitali of Putnabad. After our undue fashion. As we came closer, it became
The gate's exit had moved since we intrusidn into the Kingdom of Sind, the clear many of the onion-shaped domes
had entered the other universe, appar- only ciiiilized thing to do was to accept. were imperfectly built, the towers being
enoly by hundreds of miles north-north- We pi4ked up his camels, troops, ser- crooked nearly to the point of collapse.
west of our previous position. Worse yet, vants, and even the caravan's royal ele- Certainly none of the windows or doors
we showed up unexpectedly in the mid- phant, ;and we headed south to Jahore, showed any symmetry at all. This was
dle of a haale in the desert. Apparently, a the pearl of Putnabad. totally unlike the usual Sind architecture.
smaller force had been surrounded and Ts& 24: Beryliths mood was truly As usual, the arrival of the Princess Ark
wduld have been butchered had it not dreadfbl all morning. She complained caused quite a bit of agitation among the
been for our impromptu arrival. without end about the elephant pacing people and the guard. Seeing Prince
I'ordered Berylith to make her ghostly from dort to starboard all night, and Dhajee on one of the levitatinglife boats
sky-wyrm aura turn invisible, wishing to about b e camel dung all over the stern relieved them. We were immediately
stay out of what was clearly not our husi- deck. She nearly ejected one of the crew bmught to the maharajahs apartments.
ness-but no! Instead, Berylith felt this for refirring to that area as the "poop Ashuptd Khan, the maharajah, was very
wa6 not becoming of a true princess. She deck."lAnd we were flying at a snail's thankful to us for saving his son from the
even roared to make her arrival more pace. I!couldn't tell if it was because of rajah of Jaibul. A great banquet was of-
grandiose. Myojo hung his head in em- the exqa weight or Berylith's had mood. fered at the palace. Later, during the cele-
hafrassment. Xerdon shrugged. And I Talasp was still in sick bay, recovering bration, the maharajah leaned over to me
wab too numb to react. from dis misadventure on Hakh. I left and asked about the PrincessArk. Indeed,
?he larger army panicked immediately. Xerdod in control of the bridge and spent h s son had described the vessel at length,
Dropping scimitars, shields, and turbans, the remainder of the day with Prince and I could see a gleam of envy in the
the soldiers rode off on their camels Dharjek. He WdS amazed at the ship's maharajah's eyes. I am afraid I disap-
tovard the southwest. As for the smaller consmktion, and he had no doubt that a pointed His Highness when I mentioned
force, its men dropped to their knees, great architect must have designed the the ship had been created by the magic
bowing as low as they could. There was plans o f this marvel. He assured me his of a creature from beyond this world,
nothing else to do but make contact. father "would certainly pay a thousand and that I was only its keeper.

The maharajah then began to tell me
what was happening in Jahore. It was
believed that a great curse afflicted the
city. Many people were unable to attain
the greatness of skill of their fathers. Most
of the upper castes were going through
an inexplicable decadence and laziness,
explaining the imperfect looks of the
The officers discussed the pal;
ject with me. Raman and Leo both
showed great interest. Berylith was able
to attend the meeting after a fashion,
reading my mind as the discussion took

place. She, of course, said she was skill-

ful in the matters of architecture and
would gladly provide her knowledge.
to care at all This was too much of a cor
incidence. ~

This lazy attitude struck me with its sim

ilarity to zzonga addiction, which ravaged
our empire some time ago. However, I
could observe none of the other symp-
toms normally accompanying zzonga
addiction. It would take quite a bit of
huildinp in Jahore. She also quietly requested that half of magic to affect an entire city-and so far I.
Last month, the Black Rajah of Jaibul that trade impost be used to embellish have not detected any sign of large-scale
visited King Cbandra in Sayr Ulan, and he the Princes Ark through the purchase of magic anywhere.
joked about the poor state of affairs of objects of art and other ornamental items. Andrumir 12: I found the source of
the "Pearl of Putnabad." This greatly i d - Once the details were worked out, the *curse." The waters of the Asanda
tated the king. He ordered a great palace Raman, Leo,and I would disembark and River have been poisoned with a race
he built there before the end of the year, conduct the construction, as per Bery- alchemical substance. It is unlikely '
or the Ashupta family would be stripped Iith's blueprints. could happen naturally, so I must admit
of its nobility and possessions. The Tslamir 28 It took some time to find someone has been seeking the doom of
maharajahs son was on his way to Sayr the proper site for the construction. It Jahore. But who? There was only one
Ulan to obtain financial aid from the king was finally decided to destroy the aban- way to figure this out. Ashari and I would
when the Black Rajahs troops managed doned city libraly, which was threatening leave the ship in disguise and blend in
to intercept Prince Dharjee's caravan. to collapse into the river. Unfortunately, with the population. With some luck,.we
Ashupta Khan was quite broke; he was the Sindian workers proved to be incred- could unveil who was behind all thk
totally unable to fmd a competent archi- ibly slow, so slow that I had to use the Andrumir 14: Of course, s
tect anywhere in Jahore as well. He was ship's crew to accelerate the process. had to be working upstream to
in a sticky position. There is no telling how long it will take nate the city waters. We expl
Of course, being a foreigner and the to level the older construction. river hanks just north of the Jahore and
"keeper" of an incredible piece of arcbi- Late this night, after the moon had set found several areas well concealed from :
tecture, I could not evade his interest. For behind the horizon, I felt the ship move. sight, There I dropped several hardened
my assistance he offered much, including Berylith had decided to intervene in the compounds of my creation that would
his prized stable, half of his harem, and construction. She moved close to the take several days to dissolve. The solu-
even the diadem on his turban, none of library and blasted it with her breath tion, when mixed with the water, woul
which I could honestly accept. In time, weapon. It created great confusion in the immediately reveal any evidence of PO
though, Asbupta Khan was more than sleeping city, as people thought the son by coloring the water. We could the
willing to offer "preferred client" status to monsoons had arrived. Berylith quickly trace the colored solution back to fbs
Alphatian merchants in Jabore, with a 1% gained altitude and remained bidden spot where the poison had been thrown
impost o n port trade payable to the inside a solitary cloud until calm returned into the water.
Haaken family. At that point, 1 thought in Jahore. Indeed, we were soon able to trace the
that lending a hand would be a challeng- Andrumir 4: Despite the magic I used solution back to one of the hidden
ing enterprise. Based on this lucrative to help in the palace's construction, I sources. Someone had dropped a sheep
arrangement, I set forth to build a palace. must admit that the people of Jahore are skin full of slow-dissolving poison into
Tslamir 26: The crew was granted terribly slow workers. It has been very the river. It came in sufficient quantity to
some leave in Jahore after the elephant, difficult making them follow a consvuc- affect most of the population in the city
the camels, and their owners disem- tion plan without erring. Raman and Leo for several days. We even spotted o q
barked. The scene drew a huge crowd of were near nervous exhaustion in their culprit, a man on a horse. It was time t
onlookers in the street below, as the endeavors to explain the work to the Sin- uncover the conspiracy.
large animals dangled from ropes under- dians and to avoid catastrophic mistakes. We quietly followed the man back t
neath the Princess. Widespread betting Andrumir 8: I have noticed an in- Jahore. A hit of inoisibility allowed us to
took place in the streets on whether each crease in construction oversights. Raman enter his house just moments after him.
animal would make it to the ground and Leo seemed much more indolent and There we saw him use a magical ite
safely. The elephant drew record bets careless today. Worse, the crew has been that opened a small gate. He entered, a
when one of the ropes began to give. A acting quite sloppily on board, forgetting we followed closely.
little levitation spell came handy, and I to clean the decks or to show up for On the other side was a palace-but
won that bet (with 791 odds). duty. Some crew members did not seem not quite like the one in Jabore. It wa8

h k e r and more sinister. The man walked trimmed beard and wore a long red robe night that I located the,Rajah and the
past a comer and entered a room. Ashari made of soft leather scales. The guards ashes as well. He was in the palace
tiptoed up to the door and listened. She knocked at a door and while they waited, dungeon, in a chamber that took all my
heard a discussion between what must the prisoner glanced in my direction. I skill to reach. I observed the rajah work-
have been our spy and his employer, and could have sworn he saw me, but the ing at a small brazier. After a litany of
the sound of money changing hands.The guards pulled him quickly into the other incantations, he sprinkled the ashes that
man came back out carrying a goatskin chamber. had been mixed with another substance.
full of poison and returned to the gate. I Intrigued, I followed them. The rajah This produced swirls of acrid-smelling
signaled Ashari to leave; she barely had was there, sitting in a comfortable chair smoke with sparks of light. Inside, I was
time to get through before the gate disap and toying with a small piece of jewelry. surprised to see the same visions that af-
peared. It looked like a small flame carved from a fected me in the rajahs apartments. The
Andrumir 15, Xerdon: I fear that topaz. He had the prisoner stripped and rajah was quickly taking notes with a
something has happened to the Admiral waved the guards out. Soon thereafter quill and a piece of parchment. The same
and his escort. Neither he nor First Class the rajah uttered a long invocation and battles and cataclysm appeared as in my
Navigator Ashari have returned from their brandished the jewel. Translucent flames previous vision, up to a point when the
fomy into Jahore. I alerted His Highness, began to glow on the prisoner's body. I rajahs apartments also materialized in the
Ashupta Khan, who immediately dis- could see the pain in his eyes, but he vision-with me standing near the cur-
patched his guards to search the city. endured stoically. He remained quiet and tains!
Andrumir 15, Haldemar, from a immobile while the magical flames grew The rajah jumped to his feet and
lawr accounti The sun rose soon after and consumed his flesh. The rajah was cursed. He dispersed the smoke and had
Ashari's return to Jahore. I was able to watching intently, enjoying with a sadis- the guard sound the alarm. If he had a
explore the sinister palace and locate the tic pleasure his victim's pain and agony. I doubt, it was now gone. He knew I was
ruler in his throne room; my spell of realized then that the prisoner was star- in the palace and what I looked like. I
invisibility still protected me. From the ing into my eyes, despite my invisibility. would have to be very careful in the
visitors he met in the morning, I could It felt like he was looking through me. future. The old man had many ways of
deduce that he was no other than the For a brief instant, I saw images of great finding me. It was time to skip out of the
Black Rajah of Jaibul. He was an old battles, flying ships, death and pestilence, chamber. It was late, and I was getting
man, with a skin parched from age and then a great continent sinking into stormy very tired and hungry.
the unforgiving sun of the Great Waste. seas. My senses returned just as the man Andrumir 16, Xerdon: The ship has
Judging from his stance, I could not fail died. grown restless, somewhat skittish like a
to recognize an experienced wizard. I noticed a certain perplexity on the horse. I suspect she senses the disappear-
m e Black Rajah retired shortly after the rajahs face. He squinted for a moment in ance of the Admiral. I attempted to com-
meetings to his personal quarters, at the my general direction. That would not do, municate with the ship's entity but failed
top of a high, narrow tower overlooking so I ducked behind a curtain. The rajah to obtain an answer. So far, the search by
the town. There, he spent hours going quickly spoke another spell and looked the maharajah's men yielded no sign of
through the bureaucratic paperwork that around him, observing the room and lis- the admiral or Ashari. I recovered Chief
plagues so many rulers. While looking tening carefully. I did not think he saw Raman and Mr. Le Nerviens, both of
about, I noticed antique clay tablets bear- me, but he certainly suspected some- whom I found in an unclean condition
ing the royal seal of Sind and held to- thing. He quickly scooped up the bone and resting with the other construction
gether with a golden silk ribbon. While cinders and the few ashes remaining personnel during work hours. This inex-
the Rajah was busy elsewhere, I quietly where the prisoner once stood, poured cusably lax attitude before foreign civil-
took a few pieces of vellum and rubbed them into a golden crucible, and walked ians is not permitted for an officer of Her
them with a bit of charcoal over the out, swiftly shutting the door behind him. Imperial Majesty's Navy and shall be
tablets, obtaining an imprint of the ancient By the time I could safely open the door, stopped at once.
text. With luck, Raman could decipher the rajah had disappeared behind a cor- Andrumir 16, Haldemar, from a
the Sindian scriptures later on. ner or, more probably, through a secret later accounb I spent the night in a lit-
The sound of chains and men-at-arms door. tle stable. At dawn, I took a stroll down
echoed up the hallway. Soldiers were This was very strange. I had no clues the streets. The town of Jaibul was as
pulling a prisonera Pearl Islander per- as to how the prisoner could have seen sinister and oppressive as its palace. The
haps, judging from the dark color of his me or what those visions were. Worse, I town's thugs and cutthroats are rivalec
skin. He was a bit small, though, with knew the rajah would use those a s h e s only by the rajahs guard, a brutal and
slightly narrow-lidded eyes and gracious and I suspected his intentions to be thor- arrogant bunch. The rajahs palace and
facial features. He had a thin, neatly oughly evil. It wasn't until very late that his army's quarters were located inside
an imposing citadel. A port opened The rajah showed up hours past my W e could hear the rajah's hysterical
directly on a small bay. There I noticed awakening. He came with a nasty grin shouts echoing up the hallways.
the rajah's guards were unloading and his topaz. "I didn't think you would It took Ashari some doing to find an
another prisoner; he looked a hit like cooperate, and as a fellow wizard I exit-a filthy sewer grate in a deserted
the one the rajah murdered earlier. He wished to spare you the commoner's street. As we wriggled through, it seemed
displayed the same dignity as the other. fate," said he, pointing at various instru- to me that something was amiss. It was
These people could be powerful seers, ments of torture across the cell. "The Fire high noon and no one was around. As
perhaps. I was getting horribly curious Jewel is far more efficient in revealing we slipped down the street under t h e
about their origins. someone's inner thoughts. And am sure shadows of colonnades, guards suddenly
Aside from the horrible tortures and you will fully savor the refined magicks poured out from every corner. We were
murders that had been probably taking of Jaibul." The rajah's sinister laughter trapped!
place for some time, it was clear the rajah echoed in the dark dungeon. He began The rajah had recovered his senses
was up to something big. I had to return the Fire Jewel's incantation. I cringed. more quickly than I anticipated. Within
and find out, so I cast a new spell and Then a heavy cudgel landed on the moments, there he was, sitting on a flyflY;
flew up to the Rajahs tower. There, from back of the rajahs turban. He collapsed ing carpet and hovering above us. "You
the window I could see the rajah sitting in a soundless heap. Someone stepped will suffer for a thousand days,and thou-
in front of a mirror. Instead of his reflec- out of the dark. It was Ashari! The dear sand nights, each of you!" sa
tion, the mirror revealed a man in black, young woman had followed the rajah's and trembling with anger.
wearing a hood. The rajah picked up his lackey back to Jahore. Seeing that the I grimly turned to my compatriots and,
scroll of notes on the vision and stuck it gate had closed before me, she quickly noticed, oddly enough, a wry smile ap-
through the mirror, causing strange rip- "terminated" the river's poisoner and pearing on the face of the prisoner we
ples through its glassy surface. The man recovered the item he used to open the had rescued. Enraged, the rajah raved on;
in black nodded, then quietly produced a gate. By the time she had discerned its '"You will see your skin slowly ripped
pen and wrote something on the scroll method of operation, I was already else- from your flesh and thrown to the dogs!"
before returning it. The rajah read the where in the rajah's palace. She had been he cried.
response-then said, in proper Alpha- looking for me ever since. Finally, Ashari Now the former prisoner displayed a
tian, "Well, well. Their destruction will be had followed the rajah down here, and, very wide grin that infuriated the rajah
a blessing for us all. How soon,though, as Glantrians would say, "Voila!"A master even more. Perhaps he knew something I
is the question, isn't it, my obtrusive stroke! And she smirked, "I also, um, didn't. "Each of your limbs will be ripped
friend?" The man in black faded away as accidentally dropped the rajah's poison from your body!" spat the rajah. "You--'!
the rajah turned toward me. "You didn't in the citadel's well." How thoughtful of Suddenly the rajah jerked, his eyes grow-
think you could fooI me much longer, her. This yeoman was due for a promo- ing very wide, and stopped in the middle
did you?" tion. of his speech.
Andcnmir 17, Xerdon: The ship has After hooking the rajah to his own " I doubt that very much, your high+
inexplicably broken her lines and set shackles, I was tempted to try the fiery ness!" came a voice behind him in the air:
flight toward the southwest. I suspect topaz on him. After all, he, too, had many Slowly, the Princess Ark became visible
she senses where the Admiral is. For things to tell us about. Alas, a squad of just behind the rajah. And at her prow
lack of results from the maharajah's guard entered the cell unexpectedly. A stood Xerdon, with his sword conspicu-
incompetent search of Jahore, I am prompt remtxe graviy took care of them, ously jabbed into the rajah's back. The
allowing the Princess Ark to take us to except for a runty fellow in the back who rajah's men fled at once in complete
wherever she wishes. I am cloaking the ran for help. We ran for the gate, ducking chaos. What wonderful timing. :
ship to avoid further problems with the from pillar to corner for some time while Andrumit 18, Haldemar: With the
local populace. men-at-arms rushed down the narrow rajah of Jaibul in our hands, I had no
Andrumh 17, Haldemar: I should stairwells looking for us. It was an exhila- difficulty in retrieving my belongings
have been more alert. No recollection of rating race, although I had some trouble from the rajah's dungeon-and the
what happened after my last encounter keeping pace with the nimble Ashari as antique Sindian tablets. According tb
with the rajah came to my mind-that is this delightful game went on. Raman, the clay tablets were an old
to say, nothing else than a searing pain in It was during this "dungeonesque es- treaty between previous rulers of Sind
my head. 1 woke u p in the citadel's capade" that I located the prisoner I had and Jaibul. It attributed the ruler of
dungeon, stripped, gagged, and shackled seen in the port of Jaibul. Ashari defeated Jaibul legal rights to the Province of
to the wall in a very uncomfortable posi- the crude lock that imprisoned him with Putnabad, should the Ashupta family
tion. I could not have done a better job barely two twists of her wrist. Our man become extinct or be stripped of its
of it myself. bowed slightly and swiftly followed us. nobility due to royal discontent. The


rajah of Jaibul had found a way to dis-

credit the Ashuptas by poisoning the
to thin out. Already, positive results can
be seen among the population. The build-
The Serpent Peninsula
people, thus causing their decadence. ing of the palace has resumed, and with Revisited
Jahore definitely looked like a mess. It a little magical help on my part, construc- In which PrinceHaldemar
was time to return to Jahore and finish a tion is literally progressing by the prover- far an Assassin and Svetanga Nyanga
certain construction enterprise-and bial leaps and bounds. The "Raj Mahal" Joins the Crew
quickly so, before the king's visit. might be done well within the royal
As we veered over the port of Jaibul deadline, thus preserving Putnabads self- cyprlmir 12, a000 AX At last, the Raj
toward Jahore, Ramissur came up to me, rule. Mahal's construction in Jahore ap-
holding the rajah by his collar. "Sir,what I spent some time with our guest, proached completion. There was nothing
should I do with him?" Ramissur asked. Yarani. He claimed to be a citizen of the left to do that the gentle people of Putna-
This was an unexpected problem. The Yavdlom Hagiarchy, far beyond Jaibul. had could not do for themselves. Talasar
rajah was too dangerous to keep aboard, This was one place I'd never heard of. had recovered from his wounds and was
and I had a hunch that our new guest, Yarani was a holy man, a noble of sorts. back on duty at my side. Amid fanfare
the ex-prisoner Yarani, could shed more He wouldn't answer my questions and fireworks, we bid the maharajah
light on what had been going on than regarding his uncanny ability to see farewell. At sundown, we set a south-
could the rajah. I told Ramissur to do as invisible things, nor would he comment westerly course heading for the Most
he pleased. on the visions I'd had when I witnessed Serene Divinarchy of Yavdlom. Yarani
Ramissur looked at me for a moment, his compatriot's murder at the hands of has been kind enough to teach some of
looked at the rajah, then shrugged and the rajah. H e seemed very concerned, us the basiy of the Yavdlom language.
unceremoniously tossed his prisoner however, and invited the Princess Ark to Cyptlmir 18: The Coast of Jaibul and
overboard. I suppose that sank our diplo- visit the Great Prophet, sovereign ruler the beaches of the Barren Plain proved
matic ties with Jaibul for many years to of Yavdlom. There, he said, would be so far to be of little interest, being an
come. Such is life. many revelations-some good, some endless succession of parched grasslands
Andrumir 19,Haldemar: Back to bad. and rocky outcroppings crisscrossed by-
Jahore. The poison in the river has started tribal caravans and desert thieves. At
night, small raiding parties of orcs and the murky city waters. Everywhere, "Make way, make way, subjects of lid
goblins were often active, scouting camp- crowds of people ran along pontoons consequence," he trumpeted. Looking
sites of caravans and nomadic Urduk and streets, rushing to d o their daily around him, the fat little man then negli-
herdsmen. No combat took place, how- chores before nightfall. gently waved at me and added, "Yes, yes,
ever. The most fascinating features of Tana- we knew you were coming. You, the one
Surprisingly, we observed numerous kumba were the clusters of huge shells who seems to matter-please come along
merchantmen that bore Minrothad or sitting in the city's many lakes. These swiftly! The Great Prophet is a busy per-
Jaibul colors sailing off the sun-baked graceful edifices rose from no less than son." By that, he apparently meant me. I
coast. Their waterlines ran deep under 30' to 100' high. Yarani, his chest swollen was pleased to learn that I amounted a,
the surface, betraying some heavy cargo, with pride, identified these as the Abodes something!
perhaps from the city-state of Slagovich. of the Seers. Indeed, we could see hun- I quietly followed the prickly squab to
Yarani spoke of his nation. It was a dreds of small windows on each shell, the upper levels of the palace. At last, I
realm governed by prophets and its balconies cascading with colorful tropical met the Great Prophet-Yarani! With a
clergy were soothsayers and seers that he flowers, and elegant bridges that arched kind smile, he waved his disciples out
described as the Great Watchers, Histori- between the giant shells. A ballet of sail- and gestured me to sit on a large pouf.
ans of Humanity. Their power over the boats took place at the water level, ferry- Small cups hul of a black, steaming bev-
people was so great that once their entire ing people and their goods between the erage sat on a golden tray next to some
nation migrated to the Arm of the Immor- isles. ring-shaped pastries. Heavily sweetened,
tals, far to the west, as a tribute to their This is not to say Tanakumba had no the bitter drink became a delectable mat.
Immod patrons. A century later, a new streets, for many paved streets and a few "Of course, you are surprised," said
generation returned and retook their large avenues ran through the small is- Yarani, between two sips. I had not spo-
ancient lands from the jungle and the lands. Palm trees swayed in the evening ken a word. " I did not mean to deceiw
swamp. This was a fascinating place that breezes, alternating with neat rows of you. I simply desired to enjoy a fine joub-
I wouldn't miss for the world! large potted plants along the malls paved ney on a very fine ship without the an-
Cyprimir 24: It has been a few days with colorfully patterned pebble mosaics. noying pomp and etiquette."
now since we flew past the Western The important thoroughfares had mas- I couldn't believe a man of his imp#;
Thanegioth Archipelago. We had reached sive, river-spanning bridges. The roads all tance would waste time in such frivolotg
Thanegia Island, at the southern edge of converged toward the spiritual center of endeavor. But again, he smiled a s , I
the Serpent Peninsula. Despite omni- the Most Serene Divinarchy of Yavdlom: thought those very words and added,
present jungle and swamp on Thanegia, the Great Prophet's palace in the highest "Well, it had always been clear to me that
Yarani revealed villages and small towns city-shell of Tanakumba. Yarani bowed S&Ckumbo, my brother, would fall be'
hiding under a thick tropical haze. They deeply before this national monument. fore the rajah of Jaibul. We both knew
clung precariously to the sides of steep By nightfall, the Prfncess Ark finally this would be the end of his path in th@
hills or were surrounded by small patches anchored at a large terrace of the palace. world. His fate was to warn you of a
of pasture land. These were the first set- Although we noticed crowds of specta- yet to come-a destiny that he has
tlements of the Yavdlom Divinarchy that tors watching from nearby islands, few of filled well. I came to Jaibul as his final
we could see. the palace's residents seem to care about witness."
We reached our final destination just the massive Prlncess Ark. No guards were '"But,Your Grace," I began, "How could
before sunset. There, sprawling before to he seen anywhere. Seeing my surprise, you have not used your prophetic visions
us, lay the Most Limpid City of Thanopo- Yarani explained "They do not fear you. to save your own brother? How coum
lis. Yarani pointed out this w a s a name They know you." He then suggested we you have risked being captured you
Minrothad explorers had given to the stay aboard until invited into the palace, seP
city Native Yavdlom called their capital which would probably happen in the Yarani poured himself a second cup.
Tanakumba. It stood on a few dozen morning. Yarani then left the ship, saying "Fate, you see, is the result of Immort@
small islands among a very complicated he had to meet relatives in the palace. will. And who would I be to meddle w
network of rivers, canals, and lakes that The events thatfollow were entered info the wishes of Immortals? I was ind
led to a chaotic delta on the city's south the ship's log after the officers' return to blessed with the power of true sight,
side. Imposing stone buildings domi- theprincess Ark. it is wise not to use it inconsiderately.
nated the center of each island, while cyprlmlr 25, HaIdemar:At dawn and Would p u want to incur the wrath
wooden structures stretched out toward without notice, a herald of short stature Immortals? My own destiny is alrea&q
the river banks. On the banks, a jumble entered the ceremonial deck and el- written in-the Annals of Yav, and so k
sf light dwellings on bamboo stilts, tiny bowed.his way up to me past the bolt- yours, admiral. Our fate was to meet%
ouseboats, and floating shacks invaded men and crew. here or in Jaibul, what difference dor


this make? You came, and you safely quarters. Thanegia's weather was far too So much for the "friendly elven pres-
returned me here, didn't you? humid for me, as the wounds I received ence." I chose to ignore the insult and
Although I admired the Great Prophet's on Hakh reminded me. I needed to med- was turning away when he slowly pulled
style, I could share neither his incredible itate on all that had happened these past out a knife. "How much for ye pointy
fatalism nor his blind respect for the weeks. Wounds taken on outer Planes ears, mohn? he asked.
Immortals. I am a gambler. If I can't win, are always difficult to heal. Everyone was watching. He made a
I try to make it so that I can't lose, either. CyprImir 25, Xerdon: The streets of move toward me, and I jumped to my
I make my own destiny-and to heck Tanakumba were amazingly busy. After feet. My sword swiftly came out of its
with what Immortals think! With a power fending off tenacious peddlers and sheath-and, just as quickly, knives and
like Yarani's, I could do amazing things. hordes of children, some of us managed staves suddenly bristled in the cmwd.
The prophet chuckled softly, "Tsk, tsk. to get past the populous mercantile street. The sound of shattering glass broke the
Such amusing thoughts! You'll learn how- Others of the crew remained there, spend- silence. I saw Ramissur near the counter,
ever, at your own time and place. But, ing fistfuls of Alphatian gold crowns to a broken bottle in one hand and a wand
until then, please listen to my advice and the joy of the native merchants. Sou- unsheathed in the other, and Leo, ner-
heed Sksekumbo's vision. Great powers venirs, trinkets, and other shiny hric-a- vously fidgeting with a bizarre contrap-
are growing in the dark, and you, my brac changed hands by the bagful, with- tion. Luckily, they'd chosen the same tav-
friend, have a place in their future. As out even a whisper of haggling. Already ern as I. It was not yet an even match,
you so succinctly put it, you will indeed some of my boltmen, wearing ridiculous hut better now.
weave your own destiny. But you've yet feather headdresses-no doubt pur- The man before me smiled. "Just ye
to discover it." chased at exorbitant priceerode through and me, tJun!" A bastard sword was
Yarani would not elaborate on the suh- the cheering crowd on bamboo palan- tossed to him from the crowd, but I could
ject of Ses6kumho's vision. Judging from quins. Fools. deal with that. The onlookers formed a
what I saw of the vision in Jaibul, there Soon, I found myself walking down a circle, and the duel began.
was nothing charming about the future. I narrow street between a row of large Despite his large size, he was quick
gazed at length into the prophet's eyes, stone buildings. People there didn't seem and accurate. His crushing strength and
but all I felt was the burden of a mysteri- to mind the presence of a foreigner. I humming blade spelled death at every
ous and terrible fate now on my shoul- could not avoid noticing their strange blow. It took all of my skill to fend him
ders. Nations and perhaps whole empires similarity to elvenkind. These ebony- off. On the bright side, the man had an
were at stake. This much I could sense. skinned people, although tall even by equally hard time trying to keep me from
His Grace Yarani bade me farewell, and I human standards, displayed graceful reaching him.
was taken to a guest room in the palace. facial features-and, most notably, Our fight went on. Tables, pots, win-
Cyprimlr 25, Talasar: Soon after the slightly pointy ears. Among the decora- dows, and most everything on the shelves
admiral disembarked, I ordered part of tive patterns and colorful paintings adorn- paid the price of our duel. In a single
the crew off the ship on a 12-hour leave. ing their clothes and houses, I discerned strike, the man smashed a support for a
Unexpectedly, this created quite a clamor a few stylized elven pattern. Even their wooden stairway, which then collapsed
among the native boatmen, who furi- writing, although clearly unique to the under the weight of the spectators on it.
ously competed for their share of the Yavdlom culture, showed traces of elven This caused my opponent to laugh with a
business, all to the amusement of the calligraphy. There must have been a roar. He was clearly enjoying himself.
remaining crew aboard the Princess. friendly elven presence among the Yavd- The fight seemed to go for hours.
Small barges flocked beneath the sky- lom many generations ago. Then, without warning, he stuck his
ship, peddling fresh fruit, shells, flowers, The hot noon sun hung high in the sword into the floor and wiped his hands.
ivory--even including the singular ser- sky. I stopped at a tavern. Everyone "Is cool, mohn! I be done if ye, too."
vices of ephehes and maidens. Many became suddenly silent as I stepped in, Something in his manner said he was sin-
hopeful faces among the crew turned staring at me through clouds of pipe cere, so I carefully let down my guard.
sober at the sight of Lady Ahovombe, smoke. Slowly, they turned back to their There was no point in further battle. 'I%
hands on her hips, frowning severely, own business as I ordered. man was my equal in combat. He then
and saying, "Not on this ship you won't, I had merely sipped from a buffalo produced two huge tobacco rolls. "Have
thank you!" horn of ale when a towering man walked a smoke, friend! De name be Swetanga
I allowed Xerdon to leave with the up to me. The white mohawk on his Nyanga."
crew, to keep an eye on them as well as head made him look even taller. "Eh, Nyanga lit the rolls in a candle flame as
to see and enjoy this wondrous city. I left mohn," he said with easy menace. "Isno the satisfied crowd settled down again,
Raman in charge of administering com- markie place for strangers. We make de and he handed one to me. I took one
mon duties aboard while I retired to my tasw stew of elves hee'." puff of the thing and knew I was in tmu-

ble. How anyone could smoke this was into a secret passage. Yarani lay next to the traitor, then nodded. I was ready for
beyond my understanding. The smell his bed, a wire still locked around his the dark figure to attempt something,
was frightening, and the aftertaste was neck. I relieved him of the deadly device. when, suddenly, a dozen men burst into
evkn worse. And soon it was making me Perhaps Talasar would he able to gain the room and hurled darts at the traitor
siak. Razud's goodwill and restore Yarani to and his accomplices. I found myself acci-
Reedless, Nyanga roared with laughter life. dentally caught in the volley and felt a
agbin. "If all ye boys be half as good, ye Suddenly, a woman entered the room burning sting spread through my back.
gats me blade, mohn. Be hackin' desert and screamed. She was one of Yarani's They were using darts with poison, the
raiders on de northern borders ain' no aides. Before I could do anything, she sort that paralyzes.
fun life. So k Tanakumba's, too.' ran away, screaming "Murder! Assassins!" Helpless, I could only watch what h a p
Nyanga had potential. We could use a I had more pressing things to do than pened next. While paralyzed, the traitor
wirrior such as he-and we could trade to clear myself of the accusations that and his accomplices were coldly exe-
fi$hting skills, too. We discussed the pay would inevitably follow. I entered the cuted. The aggressors' leader exchanged
as!Igrew even sicker over the nauseating secret passage and pulled the door shut. I messages with the dark figure in the
saoke. The last I remembered that day had to fmd out who was behind the slay- tor, bowed, and walked away. Tnis w
wPs Ramissur and Leo gravely watching ing, A narrow flight of stairs spiraled have been all-but, by some rotten luck!
over me, and Nyanga laughing thunder- down as far as I could see. one of the men stumbled over my invisi:
oqsly. I hate smoke. Much later, I reached an abandoned ble body. These people knew their busi-
Cyprimir 26, Haldemar: It wasn't network of catacombs. Judging from the ness, and they promptly tied me to o
loog after I had left His Grace Ymni and positions of the mildew-covered bones of the pillars. I spent the night the
settled down for the evening that I had a and motifs in the stonework, this was an unable to sleep or move.
drpam. I saw an ugly red mark circling elven sanctuary. There was no time to Cypnlmlr 26,Talasar: Common duties
th@prophet's h a t . He pointed at some- ponder that piece of information. The aboard were carried out as usual until
thing behind me, and I woke up abruptly, gallery was partially filled with water, dawn,. when I observed a wave of boats
just in time to catch some movement in probably from the swamp or the city's approaching the ship. The boats were
the room. Someone was in the dark with rivers. I could hear someone moving crowded with furious citizens toting
me, holding a wire. I could barely see ahead, splashing through the water. pitchforks, sticks, and torches. The fin-'.
him in the moonlight filtering through the There was no point in soiling my boots. cess herself grew nervous at the many
cumins. His intentions were plain. With- Flying invisible would be a suitable way sources of flame, and she began to pull
out delay, I gave him a taste-a rather to quietly catch up with the fugitiv-r, on her lines. Something terrible must
ulipleasant o n w f my closest wand. He as I discovered, fugitives. have happened during the night.
raised his hands to protect his face at the Shortly, I caught u p with several There was no sign of the admiral, Xer-
la$t second. Alas, there was little to be masked men. They reached an exit and don, or the crew on leave. I suspected
learned from the thug's sizzling remains. stepped into a canoe, pulling their masks treachery. I could not allow the mob to
The dream bothered me. I feared for off. I was surprised to see one of them seize the ship; they might burn her to
Yarani. I left quietly, suspecting the pres- was a native Yavdlom-a traitor, obvi- ashes. I ordered the Princess to take a
erice of other killers, and I was correct. I ously someone who knew his way in position above a patch of low clouds
saiw many dead people-all strangled- the palace. The traitor snickered. "You while I went below and sought an audi:
on my way to the prophet's quarters. should have seen it. The man didn't ence with the prophet.
There were no guards in the palace; even fight. I pulled the wire and he died As I entered the palace, I met a group
eMeryone here relied on the prescience of without a prophetic word. Peh, what a of armed soldiers. The palace had not
thtir seers. They should have known wimp!" been guarded earlier, and I remember
atiead of time of any wrongdoing, yet no I was tempted to fry this happy bunch, thinking that these must have been called
alarm had k e n sounded. but I needed to know more. They pad- in for a crisis. I was apprehended at once
My dagger throbbed as I entered dled down the river to one of the city and was taken to the herald who came
Yarani's antechamber, which confirmed islands, then got off at a pier rhat led to aboard the day before. He was shaking
my worst fears. Two masked men rushed an elegant mansion. Soon, the thugs met with anger as he sputtered that several
atlme horn behind a large porcelain vase, in a room before a large mirror, just like High Seers and the Great Prophet had
brandishing daggers. Forthwith, more siz- the one I saw in Jaibul. I landed silently been assassinated during the night. Worst
zling flesh befouled the palace's marble and hid near them. . of all, he said that the admiral had been
floor, and I pressed onward. Danger was close; my dagger throbbed seen strangling the prophet! Haldemar
But I had been too slow. I noticed a again. A familiar dark figure appeared in was said to have fled T could believe
adow slipping out of Yarani's room, the minor. He exchanged messages with none of this.


I was denied an audience with the ject, which was just as well as a vocifer- trunks supporting this part of the city.
Regent Seer, since all surviving High ous mob came down the street at us at There, our group discovered the city's
Seers were conferring-in a sealed morn that moment, screaming insults and rais- poor, pariahs, and criminals living on
-until such time they could decide who ing their fists.All four of us ended up in a urban trash and unhealthy fish. They fled
the next Great Prophet would be, This prison cell, along with the remainder of as we seized some of their canoes.
could take days. I was detained and kept the crew on leave. Soldiers came several We had hoped to reach the Pri
under heavy guard. I decided to wait. hours later and took Nyanga away. He but as we entered the open lak
Razud would guide my path. was subsequently returned (rather, was observed with horror the ship taking off
crpnlmir 26, Xerdon: Coming out of thrown into the cell), having obviously without us! On our right, a flotilla of angry
my temporary weakness during the night, been beaten up. He said he had been natives paddling toward the princess now
I felt myself roughly carried by two rather accused of treachery and duplicity with spotted our canoes. We turned around
loud drunkards. I was hanging between strangers who had killed the Great and headed back for the slovenly under-
Ramissur and Nyanga, with Leo carrying Prophet. This seemed like a frame-up. city. We lost our pursuers, but we ran
my gear. Obviously, the two brutes got We had no idea what was happening. aswdy as well. We ended up in a maze of
along well, with kegs of ale helping. I Soon, the soldiers came back and at- tunnels the water had dug into the rock
prepared to castigate Ramissur for so tempted to drag me out. I supposed it We soon discarded the canoes and contin-
contemptuously ignoring Imperial Navy was my turn to be questioned. I feigned ued on foot. Mud and slime was every-
Regulations that specifically prohibited sickness-an easy thing, considering my where. Perhaps we would find a way out
crew members from fraternizing with the condition-and the crew did the rest. of this stench by nightfall and leave the
natives. Unfortunately, rather than words The soldiers were swiftly neutralized, and city. We could then signal the
a shameful gurgle came out, followed by the other guards surrendered quickly. from some vantage point in the j
some quantity of undigested substance. After recovering our impounded equip- Cyprimir 27, Haldemar: "We've got
"Eh,mohn," shouted Nyanga happily, ment, Nyanga led us out. We escaped the man, sir! We tied him to the pillar
"I be thinkin' ye chief woke up!" through a metal grate opening over the after he killed Swetanga Jio." Soldiers
I had no wish to expand on the suh- river, entering a forest of petrified tree spilled into the room. I was rudely lifted

frob the pillar to which I had been tied Our little troop sneaked past several always relish the idea of relinquishing
since the previous day. Every bone in my guards, ducking from room to room, their titles and possessions in the name
body ached. The effects of the poison seeking a way out. This proved a difficult of destiny. Jio may have betrayed the
were wearing off, but I could only move task. Soon, the sun came out-and all Yavdlom in response to his recent demo-
the tips of my fmgers. Spells were out of became worse. An old servant saw us tion to swetanga status. Jio indeed had
the question. and sounded an alarm. "The assassins! power in the north, said Nyanga, where
I was taken to the palace. The Great The assassins are back!" he commanded a fleet in charge of hunt-
Prophet had been propped up on a dais, Assassins? There was no time for ques- ing Jaibul's slavers. Somehow, he fell into
in a meditating position. Makeup covered tions. We ran down a hallway as soldiers the clutches of the man in black. Perhaps
the wounds on his neck. Members of his poured out behind us. We rushed into a he was promised power elsewhere but
family and people close to him were qui- room-and stumbled into a large group was ultimately paid back in kind for his
etly mourning his death. One of them of mourners kneeling before the Great evil deed. What more wicked justice?
was Yarani's aide, the woman who saw Prophet himsell! Worse yet, a soldier was But Tanakumba was behind us. My
me in Yarani's bedchamber. "Is he the about to behead our admiral, who was crystal ball would not yield secrets about
one you saw, Yaounda?" asked a soldier. prostrated at the soldier's feet. I quickly the man in black; magic protected him
She nodded. The man turned back and disarmed the man as guards stormed into well from prying eyes. We would have to
hit me in the temple with the hilt of his the room. The fight was a brutal one. settle for his ruffians,and all indications
scimitar. I lost consciousness. Native soldiers kept pouring in. pointed to Slagovich, a town to the north-
cpprimtr 27,Talasar: At long last, an Then, suddenly, the soldiers pulled west. So be it.
elderly seer came in. She ordered the back, and the battle stopped. I ordered
guard out and sat next to me. "Greetings. likewise. At the door stood Talasar and a The Siagovich Affdr
It Seem an explanation is overdue! Please lady seer, the soldiers kneeling before
accept my apology and that of my peers. her. She somberly gauged the damage In Wbich Prince Hakienuar and X e r d m
We should have anticipated your mishap. and bloodshed in the room, then sighed Save the Hierarch of Slagovicb fnnn a
None of this is your fault. You see, my deeply. After much explanation, the Hulean Plot to Annex the CitySrate and
predecessor knew of his imminent death. guards picked up their wounded and left. the Princess Ark Acquires New Wings
There is no bad feeling among the Seers "Good," said the lady seer. "I see Swe-
about his depamue. Unfortunately, it will tanga Nyanga has decided to join you. Hastmir 1,2000 AY: I had a visit from
take our common people some time to Your path will be fdled with excitement. Leo this morning. He wanted to show me
get over the error of their ways and their This fine warrior is also known as the some plans he was working on-an elab-
pain. My predecessor was much loved by Bane of Jaibul." Nyanga saluted her orate series of masts, sails, and rigging
his people." praise. "You must leave now," she fin- tbat, according to him, would enable the
The woman, it developed, was the ished, and waved us away. Princess Ark to sail more swiftly when the
Great Prophet's successor. The decision Talasar got the admiral to his feet, and wind was strong. It was an unconven-
for his replacement had been made soon the Princess Ark returned from her tional setup, however. He envisioned
swiftly, by Yavdom standards. "It seem position above the clouds three pairs of masts in a V-shaped config-
an old foe of ours has found a way to Cyprlmir 28, Haldemar: Just before uration, The masts would jut out at a 45'
harm our order." she said. "We are dan- leaving Tanakumba, I paid a last visit to upward angle on both sides of the hull,
gerous to him, for we know of his future. the ruffians who had executed Swetanga each beating three sails with complicated
Because of this, he desires our end. He Jio-Jio the traitor, that is. But they had rigging to operate them. The concept,
knows of you also and will seek your already vacated the house, There was no although unorthodox, was fascinating.
demise. Beware of a man in black." trace of the mirror nor of the thugs' bod- And any speed gain always remained
She covered her mouth and said, "Oh, ies. It was imperative that we find out attractive prospect. Velocity was ,defi-
but I forget-we must go now. Please who the man in black was. Fortunately, I nitely what I needed now.
come quickly? had a good look at the aggressors, espe- I had been observing the swetanga's
Cyprimir 27, Xerdon: "At last! The cially their leader. My crystal ball would killers through my crystal ball. Once,
end of the tunnel!" Thanks to Leo, we be helpful in this quest. their leader opened a scroll, the one
had found a slope upward to freedom Our new recruit, Nyanga, the Bane of given to him by the hooded figure in the
through the back side of a sliding panel, Jaibul, is a swetanga, formerly a noble mirror, It read, "Go to Slagovich i-edi.
perhaps a secret door. I peeked, but no with power who now remains as a knight ately and meet Zgozod at the Black Samo-
one was around. It seemed like a rich errant of sorts Nyanga explained that this var for your reward." That confirmed my
abode, perhaps a mansion. The sun had situation was unique to the Yavdlom cul-
not risen, so we risked a quick sortie. ture and politics. Some nobles did not informative


i i 3ped to intercept .... --illers -. - . Hundreds of giant red dragon-

sea, but they had a two-day head start on scroll of spells. It held a series of enchant- flies assaulted the princess Ark. The fight
us, and a large water elemental propelled ments that enabled recipients to speak, became even fiercer as the ship's heavy
theii boat very quickly toward the n o d - read, and understand foreign tongues, weaponry finally opened fire. The light
wes+probably compliments of our dark This wonderful discovery was obviously ballistas turned dozens of the giant in-
friecid in the mirror. It would take them a must for those in our position. I ordered sects into instant chaff, while magically
at least two weeks to reach Slagovich, Raman to prepare more of these scrolls in webbed creatures fell helplessly into the
but we should be able to intercept them the future. These would be standard dark blue sea below.
wim four days. equipment for all landing parties. Many dragonflies got through the ship's
There was no time for Leo's plan. The Hastmir 4: I was unfortunate enough defenses, however. I caught a glimpse of
construction would have taken days. And to run into Leo on my way to the com- crew members bravely jumping off upper
there was no telling what Beryliths reac- mander's deck. In an attempt to explain decks to take a swing at low-flying drag-
tion would be. I first had to unveil the to me all the refinements he brought to onflies. Even the halfling cook and his
mystery of the man in black. his blueprints, the gnome had planted a stewards were out, chasing the giant
H;lstmir 3 I had a strange dream last small mast on the side of the ceremonial insects with frying pans or butcher
night. I saw the Imperial Palace in Sun&- deck. He was perched dangerously at the knives. Despite the slaughter, the insects
Val1 sinking into raging seas. I could not other end, holding the loose edge of a came back for more, delivering their fiery
think of anything capable of causing this mockup sail. Unexpectedly, a sentinel breath whenever they could. Soon, crew,
in Alphatia. Then the palace seemed to sounded the alarm in the middle of Leo's boltmen, and officers were all struggling
fly in a red sky, and my sister did not rec- precarious lecture. to put out the many small fres on board.
ogniee me. J would have normally dis- Swarms of large insects were headed The Princess suddenly began a vertigi-
missed this nonsense, but I am afraid to toward us. The power of the boltmen nous dive, leveling out just in time to
admit that my visit to Tanakumba last came into action almost immediately; avoid hitting the surface of the sea. There,
monb put some doubt in my mind about lighrning bolts crackled and sizzled Berylith used her last breath to cause a
the nature of dreams. Perhaps Talasar through the blue sky, while Berylith's huge wall of water spray ahead of us,
could help. frightening breath charred a huge gap in through which she flew. That put out
most of the fues. By then, all the dragon- Slagovich was a large town built on a Hastmir 16: Day after day, Xerdon
flies were dead, littering the decks. It was plateau, next to a cliff overlooking the and I spied on the central water lock,
dear these Creatures had been summoned opalescent Gulf of Hule. At the bottom hoping to see our fugitives' boat. Today,
to slow us down. We were np against a of the cliff opened a large cavern mouth it arrived. The men went straight to the
very powerful person who knew how into which ships could sail. At the center Black Samovar. Standard procedure was
close to the killers we were. It was time of the town was a huge natural shaft followed: Xerdon and I turned invisible,
to double the guard and halt the Princes. connecting with the cavern underneath. then went to observe the party
There was damage to repair in many For a very high fee, the shaft could be All twelve entered and sat in the tav-
places, and crew to heal. sealed and filled with water to bring ern. A man in dull red armor entered
"Hum. Um, sir?" Leo was still hanging ships up to the level of the city. A water sometime before sundown; as if on sig-
from his makeshift mast. "While repairs lock then allowed the ship to enter an nal, the tavern's pauom quietly stood up
go on, could we take the opportunity to artificial harbor around which the town and left. The innkeeper and his wench
install the new mass? It can be done." was built. There was no apparent mech- scuttled to the kitchen. The red-armored
"No. Don't you dare." anism for pumping the water into the man coldly gazed at the twelve men and
"Please? It won't take more than a shaft and keeping it in the artificial port, tossed a pouch on their table. "Leech
week, sir." which led me to believe the people of away, maggots!" he said with a sneer.
'"OP Slagovich controlled a gate to the Plane Four lunged to grab the pouch, push-
Hastmir 5 After conferring with the of Water. ing and shoving until their leader
other officers, it was agreed we could Indeed, hydraulic mechanisms were slammed the tabletop with the flat of his
not afford to lose track of our fugitives. everywhere in Slagovich. Sleds pulled by sword. "Sit back, you filth!" He poured
Xerdon and I would go ahead, while a network of cables carted scores of peo- the reward on the table, revealing a pile
Talasar remained behind on the Princess ple up and down the town's steeper hills. of bright pink coins. With a small cloth,
Ark to oversee repairs. Talasar was then Drawbridges, water locks, and port- he picked up and gave a single coin to
to set sail to Slagovich and wait for us to cullises allowed ships to reach deep into each of his retainers. Some received the
make contact. Meanwhile, Xerdon and I the town to unload their goods. At least coins with their own cloths and stored
would attempt to learn who was behind Slagovich had wonderful engineers. them in pouches. The others quickly
the slayings in Tanakumba. Raman dug Despite a bustling merchant business placed their coins inside arm bracelets or
up a number of references on Slagovich and some rich nobility, it seemed the the recess of medallions. All this trouble
that helped me visualize the town common population was rather poor. for a single coin each. Odd.
through my crystal ball. As a guide for Many of the houses, especially those far- The leader then returned the remaining
teleportation, it was a bit vague, so I thest from the port, were badly main- eight coins to the pouch, which h e
chose a spot above the city. We would tained. High, well-defended walls pro- dropped into his shirt. The men and their
have to fly down upon our arrival. tected Slagovich, though not the slums Ieader exchanged ominous glances. One
We were gone before the end of the outside the town. Town dwellings even- by one, hands on hilts, the men left the
day. The arrival over Slagovich was a tually gave way to farms and hilly tavern, never turning their backs until
decent one, though Xerdon almost acreage beyond. On a darker note, they were out. Only their leader and the
caused a pelican to die of fright. It would armed troops constantly patrolled the man in the red armor remained.
be days before our fugitives would show streets, and there was a harshly enforced "Was that you, Master Zgozod, bringing
up. We would have to come up with a curfew after sunset. the red swarm the other day?" asked the
plan to intercept them upon their arrival Much of the mortar and stonework thugs' leader. Without warning, the man
and quietly follow them. there had a common reddish-brown in the red armor-Zgozod, I assumed-
Thefollowing events were entered into color, much like the people. We could stepped forward and brutally slapped the
the logbook in chronological order after certainly not pretend to be natives, our leader across the face. The leader pulled
the the ofier's rerum to the Princess Ark. skins being much too pale for this: Judg- out a dagger-but not quickly enough.
Hastmh 10: Xerdon and I posed as ing from the language and the customs of Zgozod already he1d.a sword at his throat.
fortune-seeking adventurers. These the people, it seemed this area was pop- "Never speak my name, ever,'' Zgozod
seemed a common sight in Slagovich. ulated by emigrants from the ancient said. He reached into the leader's shirt
We took a room at the Black Samovar Traladara era, back in the years of Halav, and pulled out the scroll I had seen in
hut noticed nothing uncommon there, perhaps. The culture, of course, evolved the c?ystal ball, then held the scrollLover
other than truly dreadful cuisine. With a separately. Much of the region remained the flame of a candle, never taking his
few days of waiting ahead of us, we unclaimed, except for a few city-states, eyes from the leader. "Perhaps this will
went for a reconnaissance tour of Slago- like Slagovich, controlling territory in help you get wiser," he added when the
vich and its vicinity. their immediate vicinities. scroll was unly ashes, and he touched the


leader with his sword. The leader fell to ig DO;, ..lmore

the floor,screaming. His hair turned than fourteen. He was watching the fight
white and wrinkles appeared on his face. from a barred window. '"How long will
Zgozod walked out. this go on?"he sighed. "Why can't they
I looked out the window just in time to stay away?"
see Zgozod silently touch his forehead. Zgozod rudely broke into the chamber,
He turned into a reddish gaseousform fuming. '"Ilost three knights in that battle.
and disappeared into the dark. This was e was definitely something Every day you refuse to sign the charter,
no clerical magic, and the man wore at pink metal. I ignored the more of your people's blood soils the
armor no wizard would bear. I had no walls of Slagovich. This is hopeless
clue as to what kind of sorcery this was. must sign now!"
Hastmir 17: Nothing else happened The palace was near: a large, "But I don't trust him," said the young
during that night. We recovered Zgozod's mess with metal barbs, stone hierarch. "That priest scares me?'
retainer and brought him back to our Zgozod slammed the table with his fist.
room. He had lost consciousness after "You will sign, or there will be no one
being touched by the sword and woke fall before moving in. left to sign for!"
only the next morning, solidly tied up. Hal- Last night was The argument went on a little longer,
Xerdon remained invisible while I ques- with Zgozod getting increasingly angry
tioned him. and arrogant. Trembling, the young hier-
Other than his name, Pustek, he re- arch huddle9 in a comer of his room and
vea,led nothing of interest at first. He became totally mute. Zgozod grabbed
obviously lied and made up answers dur- him by the shirt and yanked him to the
ing our conversation, but he turned very window. '"Look! They suffer because of
pale when I mentioned Zgozods name. your foolishness!" he roared. The hier-
He came close to revealing more, but e streefs'in panic. arch squirmed and dropped to the floor.
suddenly became quiet. Finally, I took now came back into the pic- Zgozod then threw him a scroll and a
his pouch of bright pink coins and threat- quill. "Sign or be damned!"
ened to keep them-and that finished With tears in his eyes, the young
him off. Whatever these coins were, they ds. The city's defenses arch scribbled his name on the scroll and
seemed quite valuable to him. o to collapse under their fell to the floor. "At last?' barked Zgozcd,
Pustek admitted his tie with Zgomd. and he left the room. I whispered for
Apparently, the latter was the comman- Xerdon to remain with the hierarch while
der of the Slagovich army, a ruthless and I followed the sinister red knight.
dangerous personality, second only to Xerdoi~The child-ruler wept until late
the prime hierarch of Slagovich. Zgozod that night. I noticed the door was locked,
used this thug leader's services occasion- probably to keep the hierarch prisoner in
ally, particularly in "spying" missions in his own quarters. Much later, 1 heard
the neighboring city states of Hojah and voices behind the door. The two guards
Zvornik. hrstek was otherwise mere M- and one of the red knights burst in,
raff from the streets of Slagovich, not swords unsheathed, I caught the gleam
reaUy worthy of my time. t from the city walls. By the of murder in their eyes.
I muld not yet let him go, however. 1 I decided to intervene. The two guards
kept one of his coins and gagged him. died before they realized what happened.
Both Xerdon and I left for the hierarchs ar the people cheering on The knight was another affair. His eyes
palace. Heavily armed troops still pa- turned totally red, as if flames consumed
trolled the streets and the walls around him inside. Each time I struck a blow, it
the city. It seemed like a city at war, or ntly a common occurrence seemed the knight blurred and a red
soon to he. We witnessed a number of h for the friendly neighbor- haze flared up around him. Only once
troops rounding up younger civilians and did I manage to corner him and get a
forcing them into the city's army. Their solid hit. This would have split wide
methods were rather brutal. open any other armor. But this red metal
An old beggar approached me at one t the ruler of Slagovich. We proved more resilient than I thought. My
point and discreetly opened his jacket, ore long. The hierarch was blade found his flesh and consumed with

delectation the knight's vital energy. Both A knight approached, dragging an keeper must have seen me and alerted
horribly surprised and in pain, the knight older warrior behind his desuier. He then the city watch.
finally retreated and called for the guard. tossed the man at Zgozods feet. With a We lost our pursuers after a long chase
The hierarch had awakened and had wicked smile, Zgozod said, "Good. The across the rooftops of Slagovich. Miosz
seen me fight the knight. He was petri- pleasure of beheading you, Stavro, will then said he knew someone who would
fied by fear. I had to act fast, since I he all mine! Calling upon Zvomik to save help. It was the old general of the axmy,
could already hear guards rushing up the your royal nephew was a pathetic move, whom Zgozod replaced a few years ago,
stairs. I knocked the child-ruler out and old fool. And now you die." He had been accused of treachery and
discharged my wand oflightning bolts Then I grew angry at this knight's arro- made to work in the mines.
into the MIIOW hallway. While the bolt gance. He reminded me too much of the There was no apparent way to enter
caused horrible damage to the crowd of Heldannic Herr Rolf. Still invisible, I the heavily guarded mine. Miosz then
men-at-arms, I retreated through another approached and cast a dimension doorat thought of setting fire to the smelting
stairway with the child-der on my shoul- the old warrior. He reappeared in the works to create a diversion. I am afraid I
der. With luck and the help of darkness, I safety of thick brush, little over 300 feet left a trail of dead guards behind us,
reached the palace walls. I was forced to away. Despite his astonishment, the old despite the diversion, but finally we
dispatch another guard at a postern be- warrior kept quiet and went his way, made it into the mine's gloomy galleries.
fore l could exit into the city. The trip probably thanking the Immortals for their An eerie red glow illuminated the gal-
back to the Black Samovar was a treach- merciful intervention. Zgozod was not leries. I had thought these were gold
erous one. It seemed the entire city garri- pleased. He cursed and ordered the area mines, but Miosz said they produced
son was on the march. But I fooled them searched, then rode back to Slagovich. I, cinnab?yl, a metal more precious than
easily in the dark and safely reached the tm, began to search for Stavro. gold. He said it was the source of Slago-
Black Samovar. No one saw me. X d m With difficulty, I reassured the vich's wealth. He did not reveal more
There, I found Pustek dead. His skin child-ruler and explained who I was and however. I quietly pocketed a small
was the color of chalk, and his face dis- what had happened. The child-ruler chunk of the ore for later study. It looked
played utter horror. Nothing was missing. called himself Miosz Il of Slagovich. Zgo- a hit like Pustek's bright pink coins.
He bore no wound, and I had no clue as zod was his "servitor," said he. He had Hours later, we located a man by the
to his death. I decided to dispose of the Miosz confined to his quarters for his name of Enver, the one whom Miosz
cadaver and await the admiral's return. own security ever since his uncle disap- sought. Once out of his cell, Enver
Hal- Just past midnight, Zgozod peared, fearing someone would make an promptly freed &other 12 men and wo-
reached his knights. He said to one that attempt on his life, too. Miosz said the men from their chains. They called them-
the hierarch had signed. The henchman charter provided the Hagiarchy of Hule selves the Knights of Halav-a hrother-
picked up his sword and walked out. with some political power over Slagovich hood persecuted by Zgozod. Their order
"Are they still at Grabana? Zgozod asked in exchange for protection. Soon after was almost extinct in Slagovich. Our
another, who responded with a nod. Miosz's uncle disappeared, the rival city arrival offered them a chance to regain
Zgozcd cried, "Fine. Let us march! I want states of Zvornik and Hojah allied and their honor. Enver directed us to a pas-
his uncle's head in a bag of salt." marched against Slagovich. Zgozod ac- sage that ultimately led to the palace. His
And, indeed, they marched. In the mid- cused them of killing the uncle, and plan was to return Miosz to his throne
dle of the lught, Zgozod and his knights strongly suggested that Miosz sign the and accuse Zgozod of treachery. By law,
mustered the city's troops and moved charter to defeat them. Miosz felt uneasy he could still challenge the red U g h t to
toward the north. Just before sunrise, signing any such document without his a duel.
they reached a ridge overlooking the uncle's advice. But Zgozod had appar- Guards poured in the instant , w e
camp of the Zvornik forces. The brutal ently found a way to influence Miosz at entered the throne room. A number of
onslaught that followed was worthy of last. It took some time to convince Miosz petty nobles with rather perplexed and
the most bloodthirsty barbarians. The that he was being manipulated and that annoyed expressions followed. The. unar-
massive Zvornik infantry was caught his life still was in great danger. mored Knights of Halav bravely formed a
unprepared and was inexorably, system- The noise of heavy hoots and clinking wall before their child-ruler, while Miosz
atically butchered. Without m q , fleeing metal interrupted our conversation. Slago- ordered the troops out.
troops and yielding knights alike were vich men-at-arms were after us. As we Zgozod stepped forward, followed by a
slaughtered. Only tattered and burning left through the window, I saw the inn- man in a long white robe-perhaps a
remains of their banners stood in the keeper down in the street, pulling Pus- priest. The latter said, with a smile, '"I
morning breeze. Clearly, Zgozod had tek's body 0" of the barrel where I had dare say, young man, you seem to be
many more troops than he had led the concealed him. A sergeant-at-arms was mistaken. You are in no position to,give
hierarch to believe. watching, hands on his hips. The inn- orders, for this land is now part of the


Great Hule. You should know. You did It led to a small balcony in the throne
sign the Charter of Protection." room. jt seemed we stepped right into Hulel
"It was signed under duress," Miosz anotheri hot situation. Xerdon was stand- In which Prince Haldwnar and Talasar
countered, "and for this, I repudiate the ing ne ' t to the young hierarch, along Impersonate Heldannic Officersa
agreement!" with a lozen half-naked and hirsute peo- Meet rbe Master
'"Now, now. Surely you don't think ple. Th+y were surrounded by Slagovich
anyone would believe this, young man?" men-at-brms under Zgozods command, Hastmlr 25,2000 AY: This evening, I
said the priest. "No one among Slago- A man in white robes accompanied him. could hear the hull and the new masts
vich's rightful nobility would attest to After hqariug what the white-robed man creak faintly with the ship's slow pitch.
this! And as you can see, they are all here The wide sails occasionally fluttered in
to witnesses that justice and order be the wind, the sound sharing the darkness
upheld. Now, please, step down. And with only the night bell. The crew was
Lord Zgozod, would you kindly remove
these ridiculous wretches from my pres- P
knowle ge of Zgozod's attempt to kill
me and his false accusations against Lord
still learning to work the rigging, but
Berylith nevertheless showed satisfaction
Haldemar: I caught up with Stavro
eventually and introduced myself. As it
Enver! , Count of Bistr, Hetman of the
Knights of Halav, speak against Zgozod's
t r e a c h e ~For several long seconds, his
with her new sails, like a bird with new
wings. She enjoyed the sweet feeling of
wind filling her sails, and she had main-
turned out, Stavro was the young hier-
arch's uncle. Zgozod had managed to
words ung in the air. We waited for
their resplt.
tained a good pace since our departure
from Slagovich.
separate him from his nephew in a con- "Kill ml" roared Zgozod. The troops But I couhd not sleep. The picture of
spiracy that could ultimately force Slago- hesitat$. The nobles pulled out their the man in black behind the mirror
vich to become a protectorate of the swords1 but they looked away from haunted me. I got up, dressed, and went
Hagiarchy of Hule. Stavro opposed Zgo- Stavro abd instead eyed Zgozodalbeit down to the laboratory, where I exam-
zods growing influence at the court and ined the strange mirror I had taken from
was nearly killed by Zgozods men. He the Rajah of Jaibul. I could push small
was forced to flee. Since then, he had objects through its glassy surface to the
attempted to retake Slagovich with the other side-wherever that was. I could
help of the city states of Hojah and Zvor- not see what lay beyond. Only parch-
nik, w h o detested any Hulean hege- ment or papyrus could pass, but I was
mony in the region even more than they careful not to let any paper fall com-
hated Slagovich's odious mercantile pletely through. Wooden, metallic, and
wealth. mineral objects, as well as living flesh,
From what I knew of Zgozod, I strongly would not go through, for the mirror felt
suspected him to have shady ties with cold and solid to my hand. Neither could
Hule-so it was very likely that Hule air, water, or a candle flame get through.
stood behind the murders in Jaibul and ished. 1 Magic did get through, but not all
Tanakumba. And now it was happening "You won yet!" snarled Zgo- magic. Some spells related to vision or
here. I knew I was getting dose to some- detection could sometimes get through
thing very big. The only thing left to do the mirror. By chance, a w i z a r d eye
was to find Xerdon and the hierarch. paired with a spell of inpadon made it
Avoiding the many Slagovich search par- through. It revealed an unlit crypt, a
ties that were after Stavro proved a dan- scriptorium with many books, scrolls,
gerous exercise. AU the mils were heav- and maps. One map displayed the famil-
ily pauoued. iar contours of the Great Waste desert.
As we approached the city later that On it, little flags were pinned west of
night, we saw an entire city quarter in Sind, others very dose to Slagovich. Their
flames. Stavro said it was the mines' symbols looked orcish or goblinoid in
smelting works, but the fire had spread. style. These could have been Hulean-
This offered us a perfect opportunity to controlled forces.
enterthe city, as the ni@u watch was too Then I saw a dark veil on the scripto-
busy containing the blaze. Soon we crept rium's floor next tathe black sorcerer's
into the palace through a secret passage mirror. I realized in a moment that it was
Stavm k ne
w abut. a covering for the mirror. Perhaps irhad
slipped off when one of the pieces of I had general quarters sounded imme- Infamy! Shame! Even against Heldan-
paper I had poked through had disturbed diately. We were at her stem, hiding in ners, there were rules of engagement by
it. 1 was lucky, for otherwise the luizard the rising sun; her watch was either which all commanders abided. Berylith
eye would not have functioned at all. I sleeping or blinded. We got close enough felt my anger and ceased further attacks.
could not explore further since the s c r i p for a warning shot. The light ballistae at We came as close as we could and res-
torium's door was closed, but at least I the bow quickly shredded the Heldan- cued what little was left of the Prowler's
could now spy on that room. If another ners' main sail. Despite the surprise, her crew. The captain had drowned, along
w i t a d &e could not succeed, my crystal crew reacted swiftly and competently, with many of his officers. The few I could
bull would. At last, I had found a weak- returning a volley of arrows in little time. question knew only of their next stop, a
ness in the dark figure's defenses and A blinding cay followed, punching a hole port called Boyszka in southern Hule.
had even learned one useful thing: Keep into the side of the Princess Ark. The lkey could not unveil the reason of their
my mirror cowred. As the sun began to wood crumpled and withered away journey this far away from home. Rats.
filter through the curtains, I dropped a where the my had hit, and Berylith roared Hastmir 27: Boyazka was in sight
black velvet cloth of my own over my in pain. Berylith responded with a devas- early in the morning. Talasar activated
mirror (fixing it carefully in place) and tating bolt of her own that blew off a the ship's invisibility while I convinced
left. large part of the Prowler's hull. The Berylith to fade. For once, she did not
Hastmir 26: At sunrise, we had an Prowler careened violently, causing her argue. Talasar and I landed, while the
unexpected encounter. Just past the city topside crew to fall off screaming into Princess took position above the town.
of Raska, a small man-of-war descended space. Oil spilled over the deck and Xerdon remained on board. He looked
from the clouds and veered toward the caught fire, spreading chaos aboard. pale, and Talasar ordered him to stay.
northwest. A flying warship was reason Almost instantly, the Prowler struck her Boyizka was a mean-looking little
enough to pay attention, but her banner colors as she began to list severely and town. Decrepit and fdthy, it harbored no
was even more disturbing: a black lion lose altitude. Alas, I failed to calm Bery- more than two dozen ships. A handful of
over a white field. She was a Heldannic lith, and she roared again. With horror, I merchantmen flew Zvomikian or Hojahite
Prowler. And I wanted to know why she saw the surrendering vessel break up and banners. Many others displayed unknown
was here. crash into the sea. flags that Nyanga said belonged to a


series of shady coastal realms southwest cooler weather. Outside the windows "Yes, yes, of course, general." Ismet
of Hule. Among them were a number of spread a dark forest everywhere we was clearly embarrassed at Talasar's
heavily armed warships. Perhaps half of looked. The temple itself looked more rebuke. " I shall obtain new funds to
the ships mooring at the docks were like a fortified city, with large avenues, begin improvements right away. Our
Hulean, but these were old, rotting mer- smaller temples, huge statues, schools, forces are standing by in the desert east
chant or fishing vessels, barely fit for nav- and sprawling monastic quarters. of Slagovich. If need be, we could
igation. Hule could hardly qualify as a A man waked in with a broad smile on run their puny army."
naval power in these waters; any of the his face. "Welcome to Hule! I wished to I intervened. "Well, there will be no
regional city-states fared better in that see my Brotha Knighu; before your meet- need for this. I am sure that you have the
respect. ing with.. ." He froze in the middle of his situation well in hand. Now, if we could
The people bore the same reddish skin sentence, and we stared at him in shock discuss what we came for. It is a long
as those in Slagovich, and they seemed as well. It was Zgozod, the "charming" way back to Freiburg."
just as poor. We learned that this territory warrior from Slagovich. Reassured, Ismet agreed. He led us to a
was part of the Dervishy of Uziimir. The "You!" he cried. "What the-" Talasar's large map on the wall. With a wink, he
High Dervish of Uziimir himself some- hammer landed on his head before he said, "We bought this wonderful trail
times resided at a small temple in d o m - uttered another word. We promptly tied map from the library of Rufus Omnibus
town BoySzka, a meridional retreat of him, gagged him, and hooked him up to in Thyatis. Amazing what these Thyatians
sorts. Talasar and I found the temple and the highest point of the chamber's ceil- can do with a piece of parchment, isn't
posed as Heldannic officers who had sur- ing-and, for good measure, cast an it?" With a wide gesture across the east-
vived an unfortunate shipwreck. invisibility spell on the scoundrel. We em portion of the map, he added, '"Soon,
Soon enough, a cloistress came trotting could use him some other time, perhaps. we shall share all of this! As agreed, ,all
to us. "For Hosadu's sake, be quiet! No A eunuch finally came in and led us to coastal areas on the Western Sea of Dawn
one is to know of your arrival. Follow the cluttered officeof the High Dervish of will belong to the HeldaMic Order, and
me." The elderly lady brought us to our Uziimir. Another reunion-he was the we shall keep the coastal kingdoms from
quarters and explained that her superior, man in white robes who had appeared at Sind to the Five Shires! Togethe
the High Dervish, had not yet returned. the court of Slagovich with Zgozod. My shall smash the Thyatian Empire!"
He was up north,meeting with the Most heart froze in my chest when I recog- I nearly choked on that one. "Have you
Holy One. nized him unlike Zgozod, he could cast made plans against a possible Alphatian
Both of us scouted the temple during spells. lsrnet did not seem to react, how- intervention? For this to succeed, we will
the night. We found the dervish's per- ever. Perhaps I had stood in the dark need major support against their power-
sonal quarters and browsed about, look- behind S t a m when I first saw Ismet, so ful magic."
ing for clues on the Heldannic presence. he could not recognize me. The thought "Fear nothing. The Glantrian Council is
Among his papers was a message from of facing him was stiu unnerving. unwittingly working for us. It is in their
the "Master," addressed to the High Addressing Talasar with a smile, Ismet power to foment major unrest in metro-
Dervish of Uziimir. It ordered him to said, "Please enter. General Strohm, I politan Alphatia, possibly destroying their
escort the Heldannic envoys to Dark- presume?" Talasar clicked his heels in a main skyfleet and perhaps even assassi-
wood; their ship was to remain in perfect imitation of the Heldannic salute. nating Eriadna the Wise, the hag herself.
BoyXzka until their return. Obviously, the With a slight bow of the head to me, This should delay the Alphatians long
Heldannic Order was conspiring with Ismet added, "Your Grace Urqvart, my enough for us to reach our goal
that '"Master." By the same token, this respects. We are so sorry for the delay on Knights will have to do the rest."
made the "Master" the M the Slagovich affair. We assux you that it, "Naturally." Our recently de
Ruler of Hule. is only a temporary setback, and soon friend Yarani did not jest when
Hastmit 28: The GI? the fortress shall be yours. Meanwhile, talked about dark plans. And I was sight
in the morning. She sa you are more than welcome to use our in the middle of them. I just hoped our
Eminence Ismet Atadervis, the High ports of Boy&ka and Yenigaz." masquerade would last long enough for
Dervish, could see us. She brought us to Talasar cleared his throat. "Ach ja. But us to ruin these plans.
a mirror in an alcove of the temple's your ports need major work, Your Emi- I thought for a moment. "But we will
crypt. It was nearly identical to the mirror nenz! Silt threatens to block the main need Slagovich now."
1. took from the Rajah of Jaibul, but per- stream, and the state of repair of the "We have already stockpiled enough
hapsJarger. This one, however, allowed docks is a disgrace. And we expected to depleted red steel to outfit several of
passage. It was a magical gufe that led to control Slagovich by now!" I thought for ,.We could ship these right
a chamber in a much larger tetnple- a moment he was overdoing it, hut i now,at,our own cost, provided ... that
somewhere north, judging from the understood what he was trying to do. you'relinquish your claim on Slagovich's



poh and its mines." Hurriedly, he added, Temple of Razud. As for myself, I tele- previous drink that required the presence
"T$s would save time in both our plans." ported a message to the Maharajah of of a pineapple slice, nor tiny Ochalean
1 seized the opportunity at once. I had Putnabad, warning him of a possible umbrellas stuck into cherries. Talasar
nd doubt we could sink whatever Hule invasion from the Great Waste. spent his time demonstrating roast pig
pdt to sea, thereby denying the Heldan- Once done with this, I returned to my recipes from his homeland for the crew. I
nib Order access to the red steel (some quarters and observed the crypt through couldn't see Haldemar anywhere, how-
suberior alloy, probably). At least, it my crystal ball. By chance, I saw the man ever. l had thought he was swimming,
cobld ruin their plans for some time. "Of in black, the Master, angrily pulling flags but it must have been someone else. I did
cobrse. I came to negotiate this alterna- off his maps. I guessed that he would spy a boltman courageously standing on
tiqe. We want the metal now. Do you pull back his forces for some time, thus a flat piece of wood, riding on top of a
hake a sample here?" removing any proof of the conspiracy. I large wave. Or was that indeed the admi-
the dervish sighed in relief and gave hoped,Her Imperial Majesty would soon ral? My eyesight is not what it once was.
m$ a red, glistening short sword from a unveil what Glantrian treachery menaced I sighed and returned to my duties.:]
shklf. "Very well, then," he said. "Let's our bdoved Alphatia. The stakes were had been asked to gather information on
si& the treaty now." After scribbling sev- dreadfully high. Hule and prepare a report before the
erbl more lines on a stack of scrolls, Then there was the red steel, which I Admiral's return from R&R. I suppose
Isbet rang a small gong. The eunuch examibed. It had to have come from the everyone is entitled to a vacation once in
cape back. Ismet murmured a few words mines in Slagovich. It was a mighty metal, a while. Such children, though.. .
tolthe man, and the eunuch left with the hard like true steel yet light like wood. I
sciolls. Our host offered us baklava and had a hunch the nations to the southwest The Savage Baronies
some of that black beverage I had with held more clues to that fancy metal.
Ydrani. This was much worse though, Talasar soon came hack with news of In Which Raman Continues His Studkz
abost syrupy, with black mud at the bot- Ismet.' He was found dead in the brig, and Falls Prey to a Ghost's Char
to@ of the cup. The eunuch returned and appardntly from the same causes that did and X d o n is Nearly Slain
whispered in Ismet's ear. "The Master in the ruffian Pustek at the Black Samo-
waits," our host declared, rising. var. Talasar tried reaching the man's soul, Eimir 7, AY 2000, Raman, from a
We left the room and entered another but failed. Either something held on to it later account:After many hours of study
cHamber. There sat-the man in black very tightly, or it was no longer in exis- I came to the end of a large, b
frdm the mirror! Drat! tence.'Both of these alternatives sent.a leather-bound tome on the origi
"Impossstorsss!" he bissed-and disap- chill through my spine. A nasty business Hule. it had unveiled many ties betweer
pcjared before our eyes. If Ismet did not this Master was in.. . the incredible age of the Hulean hero~ol
rekognize me, the Master made no such legend, Hosadus, and the disc,
cinnahar.'Perhaps his inhuman
mistake. The eunuch shrieked and fled. A Pieasant Interlude no holy gift, but rather the'res
Ismet followed, but I intercepted him
with a web. Talasar knocked him out In Which the C m Enjoys Some Rest and nabar usage. The so-called Immortal':
pipmptly and recovered his scrolls. Relaxation, While Raman Begins a favor could have been a lie as well. BLI
b e had to leave at once. Already we Study of Hnle there was still no clue to Hosadus' fate
&Id hear ominous gongs echoing in the nor any apparent link with today's Maste:
chernous hallways. I had barely enough Ei@ir 5, AY 2000, Raman: Shortly of Hule. It could he, too, that Hosadu:
time to cast a trauel spell before hordes ater @he admiral's visit to Hule, it was had become undead.
decidkd to halt our voyage for-a few A loud, cavernous snore pulled mt
oh fierce janissaries poured into the cham-
ber. I took both Talasar and the uncon- days.'Xerdon has been feeling weak from my thoughts. It was Nyanga. HI
sc/iousdervish with me as I returned to recently. Haldemar and Talasar took him had escorted me to this library in a tom
down #toa small deserted island for some called Polto Prem, a nest of seagoing riff
the Princess A*.
rest and recreation. raff.His Highness the admiral had judge(
bimir 1: I ordered a course to the
From my vantage point far above them, the place somewhat risque for the like:
squthwest after dropping the Heldanners
odf in the wilderness. Hule was a wee bit I could see the officers and several bolt- of me, and he had ordered me to rub re(
risky for us now. Talasar used his magical men enjoying their time in an idyllic makeup over my face and hands befort
cove. Xerdon was resting under a silk landing. The admiral also gave me sev
sdroll to send a long message to his tem-
pfe in Starpoint. He requested the mes- tent, sipping through a straw one of Tala- era1 coins of the shiny pink metal fron
sar's secret concoctions that he had car- Siagovich, just in case. Fortunately, th<
q g e be delivered at once to Her Imperial
Iv@jesty. Starpoint acknowledged a few ried with him from the ship, It must have majority of the population was of distan
hburs later and said we could trust the been inew formula, for I don't recall any Yavdlom descent-not that they were a


well educated and well behaved as their of moldy scrolls and carelessly crushing that she was referring to the pink coins
mighty southern cousins, mind you. Any- tables, shelves, and other furniture. Soon, with which the admiral had entrusted me
how, Nyanga fit in very well. Nyanga ran down the stairs, cursing and That seemed like very little wealth tc
Port0 Preto's library qualified more as a roaring at his tiny tormentors. offer in exchange for such a deed as free
grossly mismanaged bric-a-brac of litera- Damp, stuffy, and dark, this remote ing her, hut she was adamant. "I am fad.
ture, probably booty plundered from crypt of the library was no reassuring ing away into limbo," she whispered a
hapless merchantmen. Indeed, there place. A chill ran down my spine at the last, "hut only you can save me. Come tc
were volumes of material foreign to this thought of staying here alone. I lit another the Tower of Mercy and seek my grave a
rugged barony. Of course, this was cbvi- three candles to chase away any suspi- the chapel. Please come. On my knees,
ously of no interest to Nyanga. cious shadows and evil spirits. That's implore you." She vanished into the dark.
I was turning hack to my studies when when I saw her: a frail maiden with a My heart was pounding in my chest.
I noticed a small, slimy, and nasty look- pale white face, long black hair, and a Her words echoed endlessly in my mind
ing creature crawling up Nyanga's leg. It sad look in her eyes. Her beauty almost I had to free my own self from an over
looked like a tiny red man, gnarled and made me forget she was not of this world, bearing sense of grief and guilt. I had no
warty, perhaps some evil mandragora. for I could still see rows of bwks through choice but leave at once on a quest to
Then I noticed another one on Nyanga's her translucent body. I dropped my can- save the maiden in distress. How quaint.
shoulder, sucking at his jugular vein, and delabrum in surprise, but she raised her Eimir 8, Haldemar: Nyanga and
yet another two examining the contents hands in a gesture of friendship. Raman had been missing most of the
his pouch. I could not help gasping at '"Fear not, noble sage. I wish you no night until the warrior appeared, alone,
the sight. harm. Please listen to .my plight, for I just before sunrise. His report to me: "De
Nyanga woke up. The man-thingstrot- have sought eternal rest so long." sage be readin' all day when de little
ted away with his pouch, chittering and I could not take my eyes off the ghostly mohn steal me pouch. Eh mohn, I say,
giggling. The tall black man jumped to maiden. I was too shocked to answer. give back me pouch. He run away! I be
his feet and ran after them. With horror, I '"Youbear the key to my freedom. I beg catchin' de little mohn, and then-mf-
saw him swing his sword at the little you to help me end my torment." he go away! Tis' evil magic, mohn. Some-
creatures, wildly slashing though stacks After further conversation, I learned one play de trick illusion to keep me

away. When I he back, ye sage be gone. T amazing how fast she spoke-an(
I be searchin' de aypt, I he searchin'de until later in the evening. I caught Ramis- for free, too. It seemed our lad Ramar
street. He be nowhere, mohn." sur preparing to leave on one of the had been seen with miners heading norti
It could be that Raman had been kid- lifeboats without permission. He was toward the desert. Why? She couldn't tell
napped. But why? Perhaps giving him the drunk. He seemed somewhat embar- But perhaps we could catch up. We soor
coins hadn't been a good idea. I was rassed and admitted he had decided to bought two fast steeds and galloped ug
tempted to use the crystal bail, hut Raman seek out the chief's assailants and settle the miners' trail.
was wearing common garb, not his uni- accounts with them. Although I would Eimir 10,Ramissur, from a late]
form robes. I could not recall any familiar not condone his inebriated state or his account:Upon my arrival in Porto Preto
ohjea that the c y s t d bullcould focus on. intended use of violence as a way of I went to one of the shadier taverns ir
In addition to this, Xerdon showed no gaining retribution, I authorized him to the older part of the town. After some
sign of improvement from his strange ill- go on. I needed to find out why thieves preparation, I found the identity of i
ness. I left Talasar in charge of the Prin- wanted that piece of ore and how they notorious band of thieves in the towr
cess Ark and left with Nyanga to investi- managed to learn about its existence and and their habitual hangout. There, feign
gabe Raman's disappearance. the location of the Princess Ark. As ing to be drunk, I spread noises abou
Eimir 8, Raman, from a later ac- tempted as I was to join him, I was the some shiny metal 1 planned on stealing
coimk It took most of this day to locate last able officeron board and thus had to It wasn't long before someone whisperec
the Tower of Mercy. I learned from three remain. One condition for Ramissur's fo me to come into the hack street.
drunken miners at a tavern that it stood nocturnal escapade was that he was en- Five hooded people were waiting there
on the northern border, on the trail north tirely on his own, and that he had to I posed as a deserter seeking revenge an(
of Porto Preto. It was a fortified guard return before the end of the next day. wealth. I told them I had heen in chargc
post, the last civilized spot befowthe Otherwise, I would be obligated to con- of security in a ship that had just beer
Red Lands. Beyond it lay a desert filled demn him for his lack of discipline. raided. For my failure to prevent an offi
with monsters, but also a haven for mim Eimir 9, Haldemat: In the evening, cer from being severely wounded, thc
ers. In the evening, the three drunkards after a day of scouring the city without ship's commander stripped me of m]
were to leave for their promised land. success, we returned to the library At the rank. I said I knew how to get past the
Posing as a poet in search of inspiration, sight of Nyanga, the old shrew who kept ship's magical wards and how to read
I decided to ride with them up to the the library went into a frenzy. A crowd of the chest holding the precious metal. Bu
toper on one of their shabby mules. shady-looking fellows came out to ob- I needed help in exchange for a fair s h a ~
eimir 9, Talasar, from a later ac- serve the scene. The screeching librarian of the booty. Of course, for my own life':
cmnt: A band of thieves triggered the demanded payment for the damage sake I wouldn't reveal anything more.
ship's magical wards last night, several Nyanga had inflicted. There was no point Wey said they would consider the ide:
hours after the admiral's deparmre. They in further discussion, as we had other and contact me later. I stayed at a taven
lePt promptly as the crew investigated, business to attend. I stared at Nyanga. called 0 Vaibacoito ("The dutthioat")
hut not before causing great harm to Xer- Reluctantly, he pulled out his pouch One of the men came hack later and saic
don. Somehow, they managed to enter and tossed a coin at the hag. She stopped. his leader was interested. I was led to :
si& hay and stab Xerdon several times in She pondered. And shook her head. crypt inside an abandoned family tomt
his sleep, nearly killing him. By chance, There went another coin. Nope. in the cemetery, where six people wert
they did not slit his throat altogether. There went more, followed soon by waiting. In colorful language, the leade.
With Razud's will, I healed him. the whole pouch. To no avail. asked, "Eh, meu born ("my good man")
Although still weak from his unknown This should have covered whatever what tells me this is not a trap?" As I con
illness, Xerdon mentioned a pendant he damage had been done to the shabby sidered clobbering the happy bund
had that the thieves ripped away. It did establishment. The crowd grew a bit rest- myself, soldiers burst in, to my astonish
e t seem to have much value at all, less. So there went my pouch too. But ment-and to everyone else's, as well. 11
h. It was a small net in which he the truculent termagant then pointed at the brief melee that followed, the soldier:
to keep small objects. It held a my cloak and my hoots. Now that was slaughtered everyone in the gang, excep
p e c e of red metal ore he found in the enough! I nodded at an already fuming one-a stoolie. The troops held me a
e under Slagovich. I examined his Nyanga, who dove head first into the sword point.
t, and I noticed a small red patch vociferous crowd. The cantankerous With an excited grin, the stoolie pointec
is skin where the rock had rubbed. crone jumped savag& on his back while to me and said, "He's the one, Senho
thieves took nothing else, except a I shot a few warning lightning bolts. The Capitch.He said they still have the ore 01
w items of little value and some petty mob vanished, leaving the annoying nag board." The captain nodded and turnec
,ea6h. before Nyanga's humming blade. to his men: pointing at the stoolie. "Ge


him, too," he said. The soldiers brutally Pn.nce+ ArLwithout the stolen ore, but grave open. "Tis an evil spirit, mohn," he
knocked out the screaming stoolie. We with viql information. said curtly. "Only de powers of darkness
were both put in chains and promptly 10, Haldemar: A thunderstorm know why it be wantin' ye soul. Open
taken to the baron's keep by wagon. An fne be de way of killin' de evil spirit!" He
hour later, my fiendish companion woke tossed a flask of oil into the foul sepul-
up beside me in the baron's dungeon. cher and set it ablaze.
The place was poorly maintained, and I I then cast a rravel spell t
discovered that the momr was crumbling ship. We arrived hours after Ramissur's
where our chains were secured to the our tas$ of following it rather perilous. return and found the crew at their battle
walls. We made a deal: If I could break stations. Talasar warned us of a potential
the shackles, he would pick the locks to attack from the Vilaverdan army. Indeed,
the dungeon doors. Although I could not a small flying skiff approached, its lantern
trust him, there was little else to do. flickering in the sky. It made directly for
After considerable exenion on my part, the Princes Ark, despite the fact that she
the shackles gave and soon I pulled the was invisible.
stoolie free. It was only after a generous The baron's captain of the guard soon
thrashing from me that he recovered his urn. He1 was startled and ashamed when stood at the prow and hailed us. "Senhor
nerve and endeavored to defeat the he saw bs, but perhaps relieved as well. Capita0 da Princesa!This is an official
heavy grate's lock. After sneaking about visitation! You are transporting illegal
the dungeon, we came to an exit. Two metals. Wejequest you turn your ship
people stood on the stairs there, unaware visible and allow immediate permission
we had escaped. The baron was there, once after an encounter with a ghost in to come aboard!" He could obviously see
speaking with a man with a slight Hulean that libr/q in Porto Preto. So eager was I us. I restored visibility to the ship's hull
accent. There I learned that an old ac- to go % I omitted to leave proper no- and acceded to the captain's demand.
quaintance was still interested in our ship tice. But perhaps the ghost was just part He carried a small animal with him,
and crew. The man said the Master de- like a fat ferret. He.dropped it on the
sired that I be put to the sword, and the deck and it scurried away, sniffing and
Princess Ark captured at once. The snorting, while he asked probing ques-
Master's spies had failed to seize any cin- tions about our mission and itinerary.
nabryl during the raid they had con- The creature came hack later, whining
ducted on the ship. The Master wanted and hissing. It had found nothing. The
only the crew, especially the officers, and baron must have been after the pink
would pay a generous ransom for them. metal from Slagovich. There was none
The ship could remain in Porto Preto. left now. Perhaps that ghost had been of
The man added he could help the baron's some use after all!
soldiers reach the ship. "It seems everything is in order. My
That's when the stoolie started acting apologies; Senhor Cap3t6o. But you are
up again. He leaped forward and requested to keep you ship visible at all
dropped to his knees. I' Vossa Alteza times when visiting Vilaverde. Muifo
("Your Highness"), I beg your mercy! The Ohrigado, Senhor ("Much obliged, sir")."
foreigner forced me to come with him. The captain of the guard picked up his
Let me serve you better, SenhorBarao little beast and left. Whatever were the
("Sir Baron")." Fearing attack, the two plans the baron of Vilaverde had con-
men ran away, calling for the guard. I cocted, they had just failed. He had pmh-
took great pleasure at the sound of the ably hoped to delay our departure.
stoolie's bones cracking when I got hold Worse, perhaps he had expected to de-
of his neck. I ran down a hallway and charge4 forward and, with a mighty mand the ship be impounded and
jumped through a stained glass window, swing +f his deadly magical blade, moored a t a common dock. At least I
the only exit. I landed in the keep's fnmt apparition into presumed so, since I could not see any
court under a pouring rain. I knocked a threatening force nearby. But there was
guard down and stole his horse, just &ma! felt weak and the pink metal in no point in remaining in such a danger-
barely making it past the portcullis. I his pouch was gone. "Why, why?" he ous place any longer. The baron must
retrieved the lifeboat and returned to the in
babbled tears. Nyanga pried the stone have had a secret up his sleeve.
I ordered an immediate departure, full our little performance in Vilaverde. We before and behind our carriag
speed ahead. Already the morning wind had no immediate objective and a reached the manor by sundown, wheri
filled the sails, and the Princess Ark friendly stop would do the crew good. all three of us were provided with ad-ha
veered on a southwesterly course, In the But first I had to verify Don Balthazar's quarters for our stay.
rising sun, I looked down and saw that intentions. Soon afterward, the majordomo an
dozens of powerful ballistae dotted the Eimlr 13: A quick invisible visit to the nounced our arrival in the main hall. I
farmland below. They had been rigged Baron's mansion revealed that it was a sumptuous crowd of petty nobles ani
with ropes and large grappling hooks, heavily fortified abode. The place was ladies-in-waiting bowed respectfull:
@me still aimed at the Pdncess's previ- one that only an experienced wizard before us. I was an Alphatian prince
ous position. They must have been pulled could build, judging from its many magi- after all. We looked just right. Lady Ab0
ipto position during the stormy night. cal wards and arcane sentries. The ara- vombe was resplendent in a white rob#
Fortunately, the mud bad delayed them besques on the walls, the fine colon- covered with pearls. Myojo had simpl:
long enough to allow for our departure. I nades, and the elegant tile works in the outdone himself with a gleaming ceremo
could see crowds of soldiers and their atrium reminded me of the style and nial armor that made the Torrehn guard
baggage train slowly heading back to- color used by the Alasyian people. Curi- pale with envy. So far, so good.
ward Porto Preto. Indeed, we had just ously, classical paintings, furniture, and "Welcome to Saraghn, Prince o
caped another treachery. wrought irons on the windows demon- Haaken!" cried Baron Balthazar as ht
strated a strong Guardian0 influence. walked up to us. "Your visit honors ou
Spies in the Night The servants were feverishly preparing
a great banquet. The broad fire in the
modest barony. I hope your tour of thi
city was to your liking?" We weri
In Wbicb Prince Haldemar and kitchen roared under roasting piglets. promptly and formally introduced, ani
Lady Abommbe Anend a Ball and Pheasants, stuffed boars, racks of lamb, the baron added, "Tales of your famou,
Survive a Plague of Spi, and other delicacies littered the vast exploits have preceded you, Sefior!"
tables. In the main hall the chamberlain AImost immediately, the minstrels be
Elmlr 12,AY 2000: We had just flown debated with the lady of the manor about gan to play a fme minuet. Before I couk
1st the coast of Narvaez when a s a g e where to seat the guests at the baron's react, a diligent and hopeful troop o
incident occurred. A small whirlwind table. 1 saw my name and Lady Abo- hidalgos besieged Lady Abovombe for i
materialized in the atrium where Lady vombe's among the chamberlain's small dance. The baron won the first. For m:
Abovombe and I were taking our morn- plaques. It was moved many times before part, I enjoyed a few steps with Do&
ing stroll. Seconds later, a handful of the lady of the manor, Dofia Teresa de Teresa. The dances went on between th<
boltmen arrived, having seen the whirl- Montejo y Sotto, the baron's wife, made usual court conversations and gossip
wind from their posts nearby, and they her decision. So far, all seemed normal, Many partners later, 1 finally gave UI
made ready to open fue. so I returned to the ship. keeping track of who was whom.
The whirlwind came to a halt, reveal- E- 14: The Princess Ark made her I grew tired of the reception and s(
ing a halfling in a buffoon's garb. Lifting formal appearance above Ciudad Mat- retired to my quarters with Myojo. Lad:
his hat, he cried, "Holal Buenos dias, ach's Plaza Grande. The crowd was Abovombe remained, enjoying her timi
Sefiores!" Bowing deeply before Lady impressive. Although astounded hy our tremendously. It is true that balls are no
Abovombe, he added, " Y SeEora." He arrival, they showed no signs of fear. all that common on the ship. We'll haw
pulled a sealed scroll from his jacket. "I Soon enough, a column of guards to work on this.
bear a cordial invitation from His Excel- plowed through the spectators. An officer Eimic 14, Abovombe, from a late]
lence el Baron de Saraghn to the annual stood among them, signaling to the Prin- account: The emotion and passion in th<
banquet. His Excellence Don Balthazar cess. A fast lifeboat promptly fetched him. people I met and danced with surprisei
will be honored by your visit." Kissing He introduced himself as our escort to me. I had grown accustomed to the poliu
Lady Abovombe's hand, he murmured, the baronial manor house. As a dignitary and restrained ways aboard the plinces
'"AylQueguapal" ("What a babe!") of Imperial Alphatia with a beautiful lady Ark and at my father's court. It was onl!
The buffoon disappeared in a puff of on an official reception, we took along a because of Doha Socorro's help, tht
smoke as fast as he'd come, making the proper escort in the person of Myojo dueria ("elderly female chaperon") of th<
boltmen all the more twitchy. Several Katamura. baron's daughter that I safely returned t(
looked anxiously above, behind, and to Courteous and thoughtful, our guide my quarters. It nevertheless remained i
their sides. Hands still on their wands, took us on a tour of the town with a delightful night.
they left only after my dismissal. short stop at the flower market. The trip No sooner had I snuffed out my candle
The scroll was indeed an invitation. It proved enjoyable, despite an all-too-evi- than rose a sweet melody from the gar
seemed someone bad taken notice of dent escort of Torrehn lancers riding den. A young hidalgo stood beneath m!


balcony, singing a love song under the "Caramba!" he whisperedand fell to the
full moon. Although old-fashioned, it was e, amigo." I was about to floor. A small dan was stuck in his neck.
very charming. Thinking himself in luck, this rather insolent char- Alas, too late I noticed a shape jump off
he quickly climbed the vines to my room. dentity and the objectof the balcony and run away into the gar-
Indeed, he was of the romantic, enter- den. Double drat! Myojo dutifully picked
prising, passionate, and ultimately tena- up the new victim and propped him up
cious kind-in short, totally lovely. Also behind the ~ ~ t a i n s .
very, very difficult to get rid of. One more visitor knocked at my door.
E M 14,Haldemar, later that nighk It was an elderly lady this time. "Young
Foolish was I to believe the evening was man," she said, "you should know that
over so quickly. I barely had time to pour great deeds make great men. For what
myself a glass of that sweet Gargotian you are to do tonight, you shall be re-
sherry when a soft knock came at the warded in honor and status."
door. "Milady," I ventured, "might Iinquire
A colossal man with handlebar mus- as to whom you might be?" . . . , -
taches immediately pushed his way into it seemed. Drat! Finally, "Oh, puh-lease!" she said with indigna-
the room. "Have a cigar, amigo! Sherry is the big man's wound and tion. She then motioned to Myojo, as if
best enjoyed this way." He opened a box he should do something. He brought her
full of odorous tobacco rolls and added: a glass of sherry, then she continued.
"I will meet any offer they made, plus a "Listen carefully, for it must not be bro-
full cargo load. Well, amigo; have you ken. Twist the skull to the-urk!" She
decided?" choked on her beverage, then went into
At a loss, I frowned and said, "I'm convulsions as her mouth began to foam.
afraid you are mistaken, sir. Business was "QueBarbaridad? she spat, then fell to
not the motive of my visit here." the floor.Another one!


Myojo sighed and shrugged, then At last, someone who didn't drop &ad He stood up and pulled out a smoking
picked her up and pushed her under the on us! After unceremoniously stuffing pipe. "Ah, Sefior! You surprise me! On
bed.I tossed the deadly beverage and my Lady Plbovomhe's two into a large chest, the contrary, a great adventurer such as
gl$ss out the window lest someone else we left the room for fear of inheriting yourself should appreciate an evening
be harmed. I heard a scream from below another macabre gift It was time to pay a such as this! Come now, my friend: Your
and saw a dark shape run back into the visit to our baronial host. time wasn't lost. I am prepared to make
garden, holding his (or her) head. Eimir 15, IWdemar, early mornlog: amends-and offer Your Majesty's skyships
Despite their sudden deaths, these I did not'have much idea about where to unlimited access to my Plaza Grande-
strange people singularly amazed me. My go in this vast manor. I decided to follow and for you, the usual commercial,fee
cukiosity was now greatly aroused. Would the late Torre6n officer's clue. Indeed, a from all merchant deals. The wizards'
I have more visitors this evening?I won- secret passage existed in the cellar, and it empire is most welcome in Sarag6d"
dered. And, m e enough, another visitor led to p wizards workroom. Indeed, this was one very well-in-
Mocked at the door just then. Alchemical implements stood on a large formed wizard. I pulled out my'own
A Torre6n officer fell forward into the bench, bubbling, puffing, and whistling, pipe. "With one condition, then! I dare
room, a dagger stuck in his back. He as glowing, multicolored liquids dribbled say that I would love to sample this fra-
whispered: "I am dying, Sefior. Listen, for through the glassware and the crystal grant tobacco of yours."
many other people have died this night, I tubes. On a desk sat a crystal skull with Don Balthazar agreed with a broad
can smell it." some other bric-a-brac that reminded me smile, "...and a glass of sherry. The good
Myojo sniffed around him and looked of my own office. Rays of faint blue light sherry, of course!"
puzzled. from the skull's empty eye sockets illumi- After a long and mutually beneficial
'"You are the victim of an odious plot," nated a clock in the corner which just conversation, we finally took a stroll in
continued the officer. '"You must leave at then struck three. I tried to reach the the garden. The sun was rising. As we
once. A secret passage exists behind the skull, but an,invisihle force kept me at stood before the manor, Don Balthazar
third barrel in the cellar..." He nearly bay. By the second stroke, I dispelled the wondered about the identities of those
passed out. "Adibs, Sefior. My time has force,, hoping my magic to .be strong who had showed up in my room. He was
come." Now beyond our help, he slipped the third stroke, I concerned about an assassin who had
to the floor. ull to the right and stalked him in the darkand was probably
I rendered "number four" invisible and hoped for the best. still at large.
sat him at my chair when the door sud- And the best happened. The two beams Just then, a scream came from my
denly opened. A servant came in. That hit a golden Oltec sun sculpted on the apartment. Lady Ahovomhe's black-eyed
was enough! Myojo grabbed the steward wall. It shifted, revealing a new chamber. lover appeared at the balcony, rather
and prepared to cut his throat. "Have There; sitting in an impressive library, frightened. He probably had just awak-
mercy, Sefior!" the man cried, frightened was Don Balthazar, quietly ohserving us. ened in the chest with a dead man in his
out of his wits. " I am only a poor pe6n With a smile, he began "Buenos dim, arms. As he stood on the balcony crying
working for the baron. I came to prepare Seiior! I am glad to see that you prevailed murder, another body slipped from be-
your bed. Please spare my life. I will not over my guests. I do apologize for the hind the curtains and bumped against the
dirmrb again, I swear!" He seemed rather inconvenience, but a number of spies young hidalgo's back.He screamed again
honest. After some fruitless questioning and traitors had penetrated my court, and and jumped off the balcony, landing on a
and many repetitions from him of I needed a powerful outsider to help me thick bush. Almost immediately he,stood
"Muchasgraciasl" I let him g o o d y to uncover them. I quietly spread the rumor up and screamed once more. A tall crea-
hear a scream of agony an instant later in of your arrival among my court. I made ture in black was hiding there-a gnoll
the hallway. 1 refused to go look. them believe you planned on stealing a dressed in the garb of assassins. It, too,
Minutes later, yet one more visitor came great artifact from me and would sell it to screamed, and they both ran in opposite
up. "Are you all right?" It was Lady Aho- the hehest bidder. Many rulers in the directions. Without a moment of hesita-
vombe. She carried a black-eyed hidalgo region would give their right arm to ac- tion, both Don Balthazar and I pulled out
on her back, dragging our servant behind quire such power. It was the only way I our wands and in a single motion fried
her. "This one got a bit too daring," she could seek them out, and for this I am in the ugly beast.
said. " I knocked him out when I heard your debt, Sefior." "Mu?bien,Senor! Excellent shooting!"
the scream in the garden. I couldn't pssi- I wasn't amused. "Dear Baron, there "Not bad yourself, dear Baron!"
hly leave him behind! As for the servant, I are better ways of dealing with a prince I guess that took care of the wizards
don't know what happened to him. I of the Alphatian Empire. I have other night stalker.
found him lying in the hallway as I came business to which I must attend, and am Eimir 22: We enjoyed a few more
to check the noise. He's dead." not interested in your petty dealings." days at the manor, while the crew was


granted a much-appreciated furlough. 1 I quietly went down for a visit to Smoke- nothing was amiss. The barman d,
introduced Talasar and Xerdon to the stone City. behind the counter as a bottle crashed
Baron, who was then given a tour of the We found the place Raman had de- into a large mirror behind him. Things
Princess. He later revealed that he had scribed, the Red Steel Saloon. However, were bad until a new man entered.
traveled once to the Court of Eriadna the this place was totally unlike anything I Cool and quiet, with eyes of steel.
Wise and learned much about Alphatian had seen before. A dozen tables occu- stared down one of the rowdier fellows.
ways. He had heard secondhand about pied the main hall opposite a long bar, The leader of the cattle drovers walked
my financial arrangement with Her hosting people playing cards, drinking, up and stood arrogantly before him. He
Imperial Majesty, and when news of my and smoking. A charming lady was stand- pulled back the side of his jacket to re-
visit to Vilaverde had reached him, he ing in a comer before a curious spinning veal a tiny crossbow. "Well, what have
naturally thought of inviting me to Ciu- wheel, enjoining people to try their luck we here? Another yellow-bellied law-
dad MatacPn. The rest then fell into and bet their money on a random num- man." Silence overtook the place as
place. her. Judging from the vast possibilities everyone hastily retreated. The steely-
We finally left the Barony of Sara&. offered, this seemed like a losing propo- eyed man calmly answered, "You have
With auspicious winds, the Princess Ark sition. Nonetheless, half a dozen men ten minutes to get out of Smokestone
took a southwestern heading, toward where tossing small ivory chips on the City, Bmboo Jack."
more discoveries and adventures in the numbered carpet, wishing for instant Suddenly the ruffian pulled out his
Savage Coast. wealth. Some things never change. crossbow. But seemingly quicker than his
I faced an utterly shocking vision as I own shadow, the steely-eyed man had
Shootout at South Gulch turned away from the glitzy, spinning drawn his weapon and shot the ruffian
wheel. Five ladies were dancing and dead, hitting him between the eyes. Sev-
In which Prince Haldemar and His singing in a scandalous manner before eral troublemakers drew their crossbows
Companions Rescue a Tortk Villagefnnn dozens of hooting ruffians. To the rhythm and started shooting. Amazingly, the law-
Exploitiue Miners;Talmar Steals a of a tortured harpsichord, the wenches man rolled behind a large potted plant
Heldannic Warbirds Secret: and suddenly lifted their dresses to reveal while shooting another five times with
Raman Takes Command their legs, petticoats, and other fmu-frou. incredible accuracy! By the time he stood
lady Abovombe fumed; "I'd better have a up again, five more men were on the
Eimir 24, AY 2000: Two days after talk with Raman!" she muttered. Utterly floor,wounded or dead. This was no
leaving Ciudad MatacPn, I changed head- embarrassed, our group quickly retreated ordinary fellow. That was no ordin---
ing and veered toward a curious place to the front desk. weapon. This was no ordinary place.
called Smokestone City. According to Our party was divided into four rooms: Eimir 24, Talasar, from a later --
gazemers I had gotten in Saragh, Smoke- Ramissur and Leo,Xerdon and Nyanga, count: The watch spotted large black
stone City was the capital of a country- Myojo and I, and lady Abovombe. As we clouds rising at the horizon a few hours
or "duchy," as the locals called it-that prepared to climb the stairs to OUI moms, after the admiral left with the landing
seemed very different from the baronies a thunderstorm rocked the night. Talasar party. I ordered a routine maneuver to
we had recently visited. One of the would have to leave the area and head climb above the storm. Unfortunately, we
gazetteers alluded to a source of cinna- for calmer skies. I had total confidence in would have to remain out of touch with
bryl somewhere south of the capital. I the man and knew I need not worry fur- the admiral for some time, but the I
was hoping to acquire a small quantity ther for the Princess's safety. was too great to remain.
for study and magical experiments. Escaping from the heavy rain, a dozen Eimir 25, Haldemar: After some in-
Raman returned from a quick inspec- cattle drovers stepped into the main hall. vestigating at the LB Trading Co., I man-
tion. He described the capital as some- They looked like trouble. By the time we aged to deduce the whereabouts of Cim-
what more rugged than the Guardian0 had made it to the mezzanine overlook- arron County's cinnabryl. It was a place
baronies, but otherwise industrious and ing the main hall, a brawl had started. called South Gulch. I got only blank
peaceful to foreigners. So confident was One of the visitors had impulsively bet stares from the LB Trading Co.'s clerks
he that he even made reservations for and lost his cattle drover's salary at the when I asked about acquiring some of
four rooms at a hostel on the main street. spinning wheel, which quickly ended up that red metal. Someone must have called
The price seemed right and it included a around the saloon owner's head. We their lawman-Sheriff "Wild Tex"
hot bath for each room. Why not? paused, taken in by the spectacle and Mokum, the Duke of their so-called
Raman received my relieved thanks thinking ourselves safe above the fight. duchy, I gathered. "Pardner," said h e
and authorization to return to his books. While the brawl raged, the wenches with a slow drawl, "some questions are
Meanwhile, I left Talasar in command of and their insane harpsichord minstrel best not asked. The next coach out of
the Princess Adz as the landing party and continued their outrageous show as if town leaves at high noon." I didn't want


to malte trouble, so I agreed to leave. Elmr 28, Haldemap: We had been much ettect, I would say. Occasionally:
"Much obliged, pardner," he responded. riding in the wilderness since yesterday when a couple of badlanders got toc
Unfortunately, there was no coach when the coach turned off Bugle Trail. close to the coach, I would let go with a
departing for South Gulch. The heavy We were following a bumpy path south fireball,prompting a round of "Ooh!" and
rain had turned the Wrangler's Trail in when I beard the driver exhorting his "Aah!" from Lady Abovombe and Leo.
the south into a muddy mire. The coach horses frantically, whipping and cursing. There were far too many of these gob-
official from Zachariah & Peabody Co. "Them desperados are a-ridin' for us lins to handle. Nyanga soon climbed OUI
pointed out that the rainy season just agin!" he shouted. "Better get yore shoot- and sat next to the driver, who had been
had started in that region. Judging from ers out quick an' start a-firin'!'' Brigands wounded. Ramissur got on the top of the
the rumblings in the sky, more rain was were riding down the hills, trying to get coach, fuing his new dart-shooter.
obviously on the way. The coach would ahead of us. Judging from their relative Another wave of badlanders appeared
have to take the longer route off the sizes, our attackers were goblins on ahead, blocking the way. We thought OUI
mils, west of Cougar's Bluff, through Lit- ponies. last battle had come, but the sound of a
tle Big Rock, Bushwhack Prairie, Buffalo Nyanga winked at me and said, "Yo, bugle tore through the clamor of the
Run, and then to South Gulch: a four- or goblins!" Ramissur responded with a sin- chase. It was the cavalry! A column of
five-day ride. Unexcited at this prospect, ister grin, whispering, '"No sweat." In a regular horsemen appeared behind the
the seven of us climbed into the coach, single move, all seven of us pulled out goblins and bravely charged ahead,
a d off we went on a long,uncornfort- blades, wands, and other implements of lances and sabres forward. Soon the bad.
able ride. Rain began to fall again even war, ready to jump out of the coach. landers rode back into the hills.
as the driver whipped the six-horse One,goblin jumped on the lead horse "Well done, captain!" said Lady Abo.
team. and the coach skidded to a halt in a vombe. The handsome officer in charge
Eimir 25, Talasar, from a later cloud of dust. The rest of the badlanders saluted briefly and responded, "Seventh
aaom An alarm sounded in the mom- formed two groups, one on each side of Cavalry at your service, ma'am!"
ing. Five skyships had been spotted in a the coach. One pointed a large aossbow Burymir 1, Talasar, from a later
break in the seemingly endless clouds at the driver, the weapon so large that account: The thick clouds made it impos-
beneath the Princess. Judging from the the goblin could barely handle it. "Put sible to chart our position. For ahhat I
reports, these ships were not of Alphatian 'em up, pilgrim. Hey, you in there! Yall knew, we were hundreds of miles away
designs, but were more likely fast Hel- get out with yer hands up? from the admiral. I dared not climb above
dannic Warbirds. It would seem the Armed to the teeth, our party leaped the clouds to sight on the stars, for thi:
Hulean Master and his lackeys had not out of the coach on both sides, howling would expose the Princess to our pur.
given up on us yet-and they knew how in our savage attack. I must say, it did suers.
to defeat the Princesis inv&ibiiity surprise the badlanders. Half of their We now had been playing hide and
I needed to learn more about their ponies either fell to lightning bolts or gal- seek with the five Heldannic Warbird:
forces before engaging them. Razud loped away, dumping their riders in the over four days and nights. These ship:
curse this weather! The admiral and Xer- process. Those goblins who fought us seemed to have guessed my moves, a1
don were sorely needed. Routine maneu- died. The rest were rounded up with least quickly enough to catch up with the
vering of the Princess was one thing, but their hands up high above their heads Princes before she could effectively break
engaging in combat was another. I had and rather contrite and fearful expres- away. I suspected they were using som
no way of knowing how the ship would siom on their faces. magical device. Our encounters had beer
respond to my orders in Haldemar's "We better get a-goin' now!" said the at closer ranges each time: I could sensc
absence. Perhaps this ordeal was put on driver. "Them badlanders normally ride their grip getting tighter every day.
my path by Razud to test my faith. So be by the hundreds." We could already hear I decided to somehow get aboa
it. I had the skyship dive into the cover of the distant rumbling of hooves on the of the Warbirds. Perhaps I could discova
the thick, billowing clouds. Navigator prairie, so we grabbed our prisoners' what their secret was and destroy it. 1
Ashari would be at her post as usual, lis- weapons and climbed back into the knew I might not survive the attempt, but
tening for approaching vessels. This dan- coach. As the driver whipped the horses, if I succeeded, the Princess would stand
gerous game of hide and seek could over 80 badlanders came charging around a better chance to break loose. I would
prove deadly for all with a mid-air colli- a hill. A wild chase began, the coach then have to put Chief Engineer Raman
sion; lightning and fire were yet another skidding and bouncing down the dirt in command, however. The man had
concern. I could sense the Princess's path. Xerdon and Myojo hung out on the never bad the charge of a ship, and cer
reluctance to enter the storm clouds. All coach's footboards, having a grand time tainly not in an uneven combat situation.
went quiet aboard as the bunt began in shooting the tiny crossbows we had I had to meditate. Perhaps Razud would
the eerie twilight of the clnnrlc brighten my path throueh this darkness.
Bu+ymlr 5, nameman At last, South Ashari heard a ship approaching astern of me. Suddenly, we were weightless; the
Gulch. This mean little village had all the the Princess, she courageously volun- Warbird rolled on its side and began a
callousness of those greedy places built teered to come with me. I would indeed frightening dive. The knight and I tum-
during a gold rush, except no gold was need her help to maneuver in the dark bled across the room, each screaming in
to he found here-just the deadly red around our pursuer and board it, our fear. In seconds, the vessel began to
ore, cinnahryl. Indeed, the massive hull of a Warbird break apart. The room burst, and I began
From what I could gather, South Gulch passed just above our lifeboat. As Ashari to fall into the black, endless sky.
was a native tortle village overrun hy red- silently fastened our skiff to the ship's ~urymir 4, mdemar: Iiwasn't long
ore miners a decade earlier. Tortles are claws, I climbed aboard in search of a before a new mob of miners came down
strange turtle-like people, rather Guar- clue. The deck was busy. The knights the hills. There were 50 of them, scream-
diano in style as an ethnic group. Peace- had removed their clunky annor and put ing and galloping through the village on
ful and quiet, the tortles offered little out all lanterns to avoid attracting the horseback. One of them managed to
resistance to the rowdy miners. Fortu- Princess's attention. This darkness would catch a slow-moving rode with his lasse,
nately, most of the miners moved years he their undoing, though, for it allowed dragging the poor thing behind his h h
ago to the mine itself, eight miles n o d - me to get helowdeck without being seen. That was enough!
west. Food shortages were a constant All hands were on the main deck for One by one, the miners fell prey to
problem here, as bands of miners regu- what seemed an imminent assault. There Xerdon's wellchoreographed defense, in
larly came down from the hills and take was no time to waste. I reached the stem which we all had parrs. Nyanga skillfully
whatever supplies might be in the village. of the ship unhindered, where I found a dismounted a number of miners, casually
When the word got around we weren't small chapel with an altar. From the striking them aside with the flat of his
miners, an old tortle came up to seek our icons, I could tell the chapel was devoted giant sword. Meanwhile, several young
help against the miners. He must have to Vanya, a warlike being. tortles knmked Nyanga's victims out and
been a sage or a shaman, for he knew Fastened to the deck was a large cen- tied them up into neat piles. Leo had
that the red ore had brought us here. (Of ser. Among the silver wisps of smoke 1 devised several traps to immobilize the
course, perhaps only those seeking the could see five golden sparks surrounding miners. His best consisted of a series of
red ore would euer come here.) He said a red flicker. Each spark seemed linked four spears mounted on a ballista; when
we would never get what we sought, as to the other with a thin golden thread of shot, the spears would spread apart,
the mine was too well defended. The light. It must have been their scrying deploying a large net. Lady Abovombe's
miners were notorious for not trading device. Perhaps if I broke the link the bolas worked beautifully against the
their ore to anyone else but an IB Trad- enemy ships would lose their guidance. miner's horses, too.
ing Co. representative. That was the law The contents of my flask on the burning Myojo then led a fine charge against a
in this county. Red ore trade was very incense seemed to do quite well in that massive group of minen; behind him ran
heavily regulated, and the marshals were respect. a mob of tortles armed with pots, pans,
prompt to send out bounty hunters after I would have left then had it not been pitchforks,and other things. As for Ramis-
those who acquired red ore illegally. for a slight glow under the drapes cover- sur, he became an ace at shooting the
The old tortle candidly offered us his ing the altar. There, I discovered a crystal tiny crossbows. I thought he overdid it
blessing, his house, and his food if we urn; inside it was a hovering gem that when he walked across the main street
decided to help him. How could I refuse? pulsated and hummed as if a power radi- spinning the crossbows around on his
I sensed there was more to this old che- ated from it. I could feel my skin crawl trigger fingers each time he hit a target.
lonian than his knobby shell, though I and a slight tingle run through my scalp, How he leamed to do thatand why-is
had never dealt with his kind before. I an ominous sensation that great magic beyond me.
could always find red ore some other was at hand, a great magic that only high Eventually, the whole fight came down
time. I accepted his kind offer, which clerics understood, and that tapped di- to the miners' leader and me. "Come out
provoked a raised eyebrow from Xerdon. rectly into the Immortals' power. With a of yer rat hole and face me if yer a real
Burymir 3, Talasar, from a later quick prayer to Razud, I slipped a glove man, wizard!" he roared. He stood in the
account: The dampness of the heavy on and moved toward the gem. middle of the street, waiting for me. I
darkness chilled me to my hones. Ashari "Stop, y o u fool!" The warning was couldn't disappoint him. He had his dart-
quietly stood at the prow ofthe lifeboat shouted from another door; a knight had shooter, and I had my wand of lightning
while the Princess disappeared into the walked in, sword unsheathed. '"You will bo[rs. Fair enough.
night behind us. destroy us all, and you with it!" It was high noon. I could barely see his
When I decided to put my plan i n t m There was only one way to ensure this eyes under the brim of his hat. No one
action, the small skiff was painted blac ship would not repair its saying device. I moved. A tumbleweed blew across the
and covered with a black canvas. Whe.. grabbed the stone as the k&t lunged at

His mouth twitched. Suddenly, the man the Warbirds remains vanished into the At this point, either Commander Tala.
reached for his weapon. cloudy depths below. Under my weight, sar had succeeded in his mission or he
I was faster. the gem slowly dug into my leather glove. was dead. Judging from Ashari's absence.
His charred remains were buried on In agony, I called for Ashari. At last she I believed the latter to be true. If the.War-
Boot Hill by sundown. The tortles paid showed up, amazed at seeing me hang- birds could still find us here-and they
their respects to his grave, then quietly ing in the sunlit morning clouds. Ex- would, swner or later-we would prob-
returned to their chores. The surviving hausted from the pain in my hand and ably be better off fighting in the open:
miners left. They knew the tortles would arm, I finally let go and fell into the life- where the boltmen could see their tar-
fight them from then on, and they had no boat. Freed, the gem shot up into the sky gets. I managed to get the Princess tc
stomach for the battle. like a rising star. There was no telling dimb above the clouds. According to the
Burymir 4,Talasar, from a later where it went. Perhaps it returned to the manual, I would at least have the advan-
accoune I fell through the blasting wind celestial vault, to twinkle forever among tage of altitude.
and thought that Razud had finally sev- the stars and the Immortals. There were no Warbirds there. Sud-
ered the thread of my life. But such was Burymir 5, Raman, from a later denly, the spirit of Berylith spotted some-
not my fate. accounk I was afraid to think the worst. thing. Her spectral head turned down to
The gem I had captured from the Hel- Commander Talasar had not returned starboard, allowing me to see what she
dannic Warbird had kept it flying. The from his mission against the Heldannic was looking at. Far below, barely visible
crystal urn enabled the gem's power to Knights. I was the last officer left on in the swirling clouds, was the tip of a
shoot forth in all directions. I had sur- board. I could maneuver the Princess mast emerging ever so slightly from the
mised that a number of receptacles to Ark, but my attempts at communicating clouds. That could only be one of them.
receive this magic had been spread out in with her spirit yielded only sluggish I must have thought very "loudly" then,
the ship, solidly anchored in its hull. responses. Nonetheless, I was fortunate for Berylith reacted swiftly. She roared a1
Once removed from the urn, the gem enough to have pulled a few useful tomes the target, causing a hail or blue bolts
kept its magic to itselfand the ship fell. from my library. I located a few pages of and fiery death to pour over the War-
Of course, the gem did keep me hang- tactical hints in the Imperial Airman's birds deck. We could hear the horrifiec
ing in the air; I desperately clung to it as Manuabthese came in handy later on. screams of her crew. The ship quickly

performed an evasive maneuver and

ducked deeper into the clouds. We had
The Lords o f the Forest hands toward the sky, the knight chanted
a vigorous psalm. Lightning suddenly
become the hunters, and they the hunted. In which Prince Haldemar Meets the flashed and struck the swords pommel,
Long live the Empire! ValiantKing of Robrenn who Scorn His driving the searing electricity straight into
Soon aher our attack came another sur- He@;a Great Red Dragon Meets Her the wyrm's heart. The dragon coiled and
prise. Somehow, the Warbirds did not Dmm;and Talararand Nyanga Join uncoiled in agony. Finally, roaring its
seem as coordinated as they had previ- Druids Against an Orcisb Horde pain, the beast fell heavily to the ground.
ously. Had Talasar indeed succeeded? This knight was not an elf, nor had he
Had the Warbirds been deprived of their Burymir 14,AY 2000: We had been uttered a paladin's spell. What magic was
cunning? The answer to this came in the flying over a previously unknown king- this that allowed a knight to strike this
thick clouds, as the diving Warbird col- dom west of a small Vilaverdan colony dragon so deadly a blow from the skies?
lided with another vessel with an explo- the day before. In the evening, we ob- At the moment, a curious character
sive bang. Both went down in flames. served a lar& city near a forest, probably walked up to the knight. Bare-chested,
The Princess followed their flight down the capital of this region. Great beauty wearing only striped breeches and a red

I and emerged beneath the clouds, into a

pouring rain. There, we watched the two
Warbirds tumble down and crash into the
graced this city's all-wooden architecture,
so I decided to have a closer look. Tala-
sar, Myojo, Nyanga, and I landed just
cloak, the newcomer threw a golden
braid back over his shoulder and began
to play a lyre while reciting a poem, an
dark, stormy sea below. In the distance, before dawn this morning, a few miles ode of a sort
two other Warbirds dove out of the north in the forest. The rumblings of a Ktng Edwix had but one drei
clouds and retreated at full speed. I knew storm echoed in the dark. The Princess Thatfell thy s t q on his head.
we had won. would remain up in the sky. watching for But fall i d n o t by 'morrow,
Hours later we recovered Commander Heldannic Warbirds among the clouds; So fear naught, 0 Night Han
Talasar and First Class Navigator Ashari, since Raman's battle last week, there had Rain suddenly began to fall.
drifting in the wind and frantically scoop- been no further sign of them. I put Xer- '"Willyou shut up, you blas
ing water out of their lifehat. At long last don in charge, with Raman at his side for roared the wounded knight, whom we
it was time to retrieve the admiral. in-depth combat training. took to he the king. "By Cernuinn, what
Buryrnlr 8, Haldemar: It would have No sooner had we had set foot in this is with you? Have you signed a pact with
been another week before the coach misty forest than there arose the sound of Taranos to drown us all in his rain?" The
*odd return to South Gulch. Tne tortles a battle. The clang of metal and the bard tossed his head and walked away.
kindly led us back to Smokestone City mighty roar of a monster echoed through Clearing his throat, the knight before
through a forest shortcut. Before we the woods. We hurried to investigate. In me put his sword away and added, "King
finally parted, the old chelonian came to a small clearing stood a red dragon, Edwix does get rather cranky in the
me again. He thanked me for our h e l p poised to release its fiery breath at a gal- morning!" Indeed.
and our martial training to his people- lant knight clothed in green. The raging The king finally stood up and returned,
and handed me a small gift, a token of storm of fire fell upon the man as he wounded and burned, to his knights U p
his friendship. plunged his blade into the beast's crim- was either a powerful man or very h
Later that day, Talasar greeted us hack son-scaled hide. The knight fell to his '"Whoare you, strangers? he asked.
on the Princess. Raman was standing by knees-alive, but just barely. Horrified by "Prince Haldemar of Alphati
wit? a braatl smile on his face and a &e spectack, we,reached for ourpieap- escort: !,replied. .I.

shill ribhori on hES chesi; a r Ons, hopihi to &the knight. Suddenly, I "Eh? Never heard of it,': ghmbled the
witti a' &Me3 bblt, the ribson femf the cold e&e of a blade under my Li. "I am tired. F ~ I I V W
awarded, after a commandidg of&er's throat. "Move ndt; strangers," spoke a I could not help admiring the work-
first combat nfissiorr. RamaiL? C o A a n d - cool voice, "fo; this is not your battle." I manship of the king's armor. Tiny leaves
ing officer? Combat? I then noticed a glanced over and saw the warning came and branches were delicately carved into
small bandage around Talasar's right from another knight. the plates. Then I realized this was no
hand. I would have to ask him about Six other knights appeared around us. metal armor; it looked more like wood,
that, hut fmt I wanted to check that gift. They all wore the same green garb and perhaps petrified or somehow turned
It was a skillfully painted tortle egg. armor as the noble warrior in the clear- into metal. In fact, all these knights wore
Judging from the weight, it felt almost ing. We were evidently not to be killed, the same style of armor, and their weap-
empty. The bottom easily came off, with so we turned our attention back to the ons, too, were made of that odd iron.
a simple twist of the hand. Inside, fight, The dragon pawed at the sword Dark green cloaks concealed the men
wrapped in velvet, was a small rock. A stuck in its chest, trying to rip it out. It well, except for the cloaks' delicate
small red rock. Cinnabryl. prepared to breathe again. Raising both golden trim or the occasional glint of
armor. Their helms all bore large deer Great Druidess questioned Voxpopulix. ready, knee to the ground and arrow
antlers, and in the eerie morning mist the Our situation greatly improved when cocked. Voxpopulix was nowhere to he
knights looked like surreal creatures of they learned that the king had invited us seen. Naturally, my wand found its way
the forest. Without waiting, they and their to his camp after defeating Greudnax's into my hand.
king all rode away. daughter. Since we had a legitimate rea- The fog dissipated somewhat, revealing
The hard alone remained. "They always son for being in the forest, they chose to about 30 orcs and a chieftain crouching
do that," he said, "but don't let that intim- set us free-up to a point, that is. behind hushes in a narrow gully, watch-
idate you, my lord. They enjoy playing Talasar and Nyanga-why did it have ing the tracks they had left earlier. Their
hard to catch. Comes with the antlers. I to he them?-were kept as hostages. scouts had probably spotted us earlier,
guess we'll have to walk, then." He Myojo, Voxpopulix, and I were free to and their chieftain had set up an amhush.
added, "Might I compose a sonnet for leave. We had until the next moon to The mysterious path, however, had lead
our journey hack to the royal camp? accomplish our business; only then us to the orcs' left flank, at one end of
"Er, thank you, hut no. We've already would the hostages he released. I had no the gully. We were perfectly set to attack.
had our morning ballad, truly." quarrel with the Great Druidess, nor did I Pandemonium and panic ensued as my
"Oh," he sniffed, disappointed. desire one. Since druids show only lim- lightning bolt struck their packed ranks.
On our way to the camp, our new ited respect for foreign nobility, negotia- Many of the o r a died instantly. The sur-
friend and guide, the hard Voxpopulix, tion was of little help, and violence was vivors quickly scattered, running for
told us more about our bizarre encounter. out of the question. At Voxpopulix's cover. A deadly game of hide-and-seek
The king was on a quest. Druidic tradi- insistence, we left without further argu- followed, with enraged ora sporadically
tion demanded that he return to the hal- ment. He feared for our safety, for the charging out from hidden spots. They
lowed forest to meet his end should he druids could be cruel when offended. quickly fell to Myojo's arrows or to his
fail his duty. He had until next summer's Clearly our mere presence was offensive. swirling silver blade.
druids' gathering to complete his quest. Burymir 15: At last we made it to the I smelled the foul breath of an orc
He had to do so alone, without help from campbut it was empty Someone had behind me, but it fell dead into my a m
anyone, to prove his valor. Tnis was very ransacked it. Voxpopulix pulled a black when I turned around. With a wink, Vox-
serious business with the druids. In this arrow from one of the tents. "Cassivello- populix wiped his elegant ivory blade on
case, he was to slay a mother dragon, nis---anorthern orc aihe," he said. "What the orc's garb. He had been hiding be-
Greudnax. The one he had destroyed this are they doing here?" It was hard to tell hind me in the shade of the undergrowth.
morning was her daughter. The king was whether the king had been caught. A curious character, indeed!
still seeking Greudnax's secret lair. Their tracks in the wet soil were easy Soon enough, the few remaining orcs
It soon became clear we were well to follow. We had been trailing the orcs retreated and vanished into the forest.
inside the druids' hallowed forest. This for hours when, inexplicably, the tracks They left a prisoner behind them--one of
caused great discomfort to both Talasar ended. There, a small path seemed to the king's knights. His companions had
and Nyanga. My first officer detested wind through the thicket. I suspected an died while delaying the orcs, he said. The
treading uninvited upon others' sacred amhush when I heard leaves rustle. I orcs had learned of the king's quest and
grounds; Nyanga had a great respect for could have sworn someone whispered had come to capture him. The king had
things of nature,especially forest spirits. my name, but it could not have been one barely enough time to escape and con-
A hillowing fog suddenly rose from the of my companions. Myojo readied his tinue his quest-truly alone this time.
ground. It was so thick it could only he great bow, expecting the worst, when a There was no time to waste. I had to
someone's uncanny magic. Suddenly, a majestic stag stepped out of the hushes. find the king. Surely there were more
net fell from above. We were captured It calmly gazed at us, then sprang back orcs around. It would do no good if the
with ease; within minutes, we and our into the brush. king died now. Voxpopulix and the
hard friend stood before the druids. This couldn't be the orcs' doing. We knight argued against intervening: Al-
Angered, the druids were. Bound and followed. The stag appeared a few more mighty Breig would watch over him. In a
gagged, we were brought to the sanctum times, always at a fair distance ahead. pig's eye! No Immortal is worth three feel
sanctorum, the heart of the Great Druid- Oddly, every time I glanced back, I could of cold steel and good magic to boo!
ess' hallowed grove. As we quickly no longer see the path we had followed. when it comes to orcs. This was war!
learned, no one hut a druid was allowed We were being led. Fog rose again, muf- Burymir 15, Talasar, from a later
to enter the sacred woods. Until late that fling sounds and masking our sight. account: '"And what sort of a cleric are
day, a crowd of druids debated on Suddenly, in a swirl of the mist, a shape you, stranger?" the young druid asked.
whether to sacrifice us to the Immortal walked by, ignoring us completely. Gro- The apprentice had been observing me
Breig or the Immortal Cernuin-by the tesque and hunched, the figure snorted for some time, clearly impressed W"h -*
sickle or by the cauldron. At last.fhe and cursed in a guttural voice. Myojo was hammer. '"Do you honor Tuatis?


his impressed the




throat. Deep in shock, Greudnax had to eagles, stags, boars, wild cats, black lives shall die, and all that
release the fiery storm inside her chest. wolves, and even clouds of buzzing reborn. Indeed, it was Breig
She turned and breathed heavily at the insects charged the orcs. Leading them your hand-but She desir
king, but no blaze shot forth. Instead, a was a ghostly knight with antlers. embodies Her land to stand
few flames hissed and sizzled through Buckling before the wild charge, 'the ~
You shall take the sword, th
her throat wound. Then Greudnax's orcish horde finally escaped down a the story of Edwix to his palace at Eyf
entire chest exploded; flesh, ribs, scales, small trail. I learned later that spirits of and present them to the .son of the Night
and bits of incandescent ichor flew the forest had changed the path and led Harrow, for he Shall be king herafter." :
through the cavern. the orcs to a deadly cliff. In the mist, the Burymir 20: It was with no pleasure
So died the red dragon Greudnax at entire horde met its doom on the ravine's that I greeted the.rising sun r h day. &i-
the bands ofKing Edwix I, the Night H a - jagged rocks. ovix led 116 to the great
row. Bnrymir 18, Haldek: Ariovix and we met the king's son.
Bnrymir 17,Talasar, from a later Voxpopulix somberly. carried their whatto expect when he
afcount: I witnessed a strange activity wounded king. He hadn:t uttered a single sword and'shield. . .
among the druids. Immediately after a word since his battle against Greudnax. My actions caused fhis y o u n g ~ G n ' s
messenger arrived, the druids sacrificed a The other two said little more. By luck, sorrow, and 1 . w powerless
~ to eaSe.hi5
lamb. They spilled its blood into a large we saw no sign of the orcs. We reached pain. He rook the sword and shield and
cauldron, which the Great Druidess then the druids' camp this in@oriousafternoon. placed them-before the throne:He &en
used as a crystal ball. There, in the trou- The Great,Druidess was waiting among gazed into my eyes, looking .for a sign,

of a red dragon. Beside it stood an orc his .feet: "Great Dmide

chief. He dipped his sword into the time ha
Mast's ichor, raised it, and with ugly cries father's , for I have reborn,

d for this, I felt a h

blessed it, and all present partook of the You have done well.
beverage. Nyanga and I were invited to under your rule, an

ahong the defeated. We set out at once. man? All this clerical mumbo-jumbo irr- At

a+d by the death of their living idGI,

S~QW& no fear and displayed great cun-
4 g in their tactics. Despite their knowl-
eQge of the forest and their powers over

hadn't Seen him coming. In Which Prince Ha

fit the height ofthe battle, something see no disgrace'here!" CompanionsAre Caught
Trap andM p j o M&t

I .,
concluded, we reached a fortified city chance to fmd the king and teach him a sonal guard. Several nobles attended the
southwest of Eyf. According to the Sara- lesson. Myojo would remain with me hearing, including a few magistrates and,
g6n Gazetteers, this was the capital of while Talasar and Abovombe were to of course, the Heldannic envoy who vis-
Eusdria, a pious realm of knights and pal- return to the ship, ited us in the dungeon.
adins whose main enemies were the Unfortunately, the plan was only half Your Majesty," I began, "how is it that
humanoid tribes of Yazak. I sent Raman successful. Shortly after Talasar and A b a visiting prince from the Empire of
as an envoy to announce my visit, and he vombe escaped through a balcony of the Alphatia is treated in such dishonorable
came back before nightfall with a mes- main hall, a squad of guards surprised fashion? We came in peace and with a
sage of welcome from the king, and captured Myojo and me. These were message of welcome from Your Majesty."
Burpmir 24: I ordered the princes Ark well-trained guards, although different "Silence, Alphatian dog!" the Heldannic
visible and approached the city's palace. from our earlier captors. They wore nor- knight interrupted. "You stand accused of
Lady Abovombe, Talasar, Myojo, and I mal steel armor with blue tabards, and piracy and murder!"
were to meet His Majesty, King Sigis- they knewnothing about us. Immediately The king raised a hand. "Steady, Herr
mund. A solid guard of knights awaited afterward, the knights whom we had first Ulrich. There is the question of the mes-
us, keeping the crowd away from our met came in, and an argument devel- sage given to Prince Haldemar-a mes-
lifeboat. They all wore dull red armor oped; there was clearly tension between sage that was given in our royal name.
with black and gold tabards. The castel- their two leaders. The captain of the We, King of Eusdria, wish this issue to be
Ian greeted us in the main hall, but as we guard arrived and inquired about the clarified fust."
prepared to enter the king's hall, the commotion. Eventually, it was decided The captain of the guard stood up and
knights in red armor turned on us. that we were to be kept under guard of said, "Your Majesty, someone indeed
There was little we could have done; the "blue tabards" until a council could spoke in your name. The royal mayor of
the knights were too many and too close, be held. The "black tabards" seemed the palace received the prince's messen-
and resisting would have certainly cost rather angq at the decision, but bore it. ger and arranged for the Knights of Har-
the lives of my companions. I decided to Burymir 24, Talasar, later that day: stal to capture the prince and his retinue.
go along with things for now. Perhaps The Princess Ark was gone when we The royal bailiff and the lord of the
we would soon discover what treachery escaped from the palace. Three Warbirds squires wiU teste to this."
this was. We were placed in shackles in swooped over, not seeing us, sailing full The king signaled his guards. "Very
the castle's dungeons. speed toward the southwest where we well. Have the royal mayor arrested at
Shortly, our cell was visited by a knight caught a glimpse of the Princess turning once and brought here for questioning.
-a Heldannic knight! I should have invisible on the horizon. She was ready We shan't tolerate undue use of our
known. "It seem that what five Warbirds for battle, but we could not intervene. Royal Seal." Several nobles muttered in
could not accomplish, a provincial ally We turned back to rejoin our compan- anger as the king postponed the hear-
did all on its own," he said to us. "It is ions, but it became evident that the admi- ings. The king's guard escorted us back
only a matter of time now before you will ral and his aide had been captured again. to our quarters in the keep. Our sergeant-
pay for your villainies against the Order." We saw the guards take them upstairs in keeper turned out to be a fme fellow. He
He turned to Talasar and concluded, the keep. Lady Abovombe and I agreed explained that his men were both to p r e
"You, among them, will live the longest. to investigate the situation further and tect the king against foreigners and to
You will wish you had died with that free the admiral from his captors. protect us against any foes. It seemed
Warbird you destroyed. I shall take care Burymir 25,, Haldemm We spent there were long-lasting feuds among
of you personally." He slapped Talasar in the night in rather spartan quarters in the many of the factions in the palace. He
the face and walked away. Myojo hissed castle's keep. It was a far cry from our requested that we swear on our honor to
with rage. earlier dungeon cell, though. At least we remain in our assigned quarters, and this
There was no point in remaining here. had some hope of discovering what was we did.
The knights had failed to remove all my going on. Bury& 25, Talasar, later that day:
belongings; under my cloak, I still had a In the morning, the captain of the guard Lady Abovombe and I had hidden our-
pouch that contained my wand ofdisin- came and led us to the king: a kind and selves on the balcony that led to the Hel-
tegration. Abovombe was kind enough impressive man. I could tell he had elven dannic knight's chamber. In the darkness
to kick off her shoes and reach for the blood in his ancestry. Fortunately, he had when evening came, we began climbing
pouch with her bare feet. Eventually, she heard of our visit in Robrenn. the north side of the keep, hoping to find
managed to get the wand and lift it to my Among the people in the king's hall the admiral and that no harm had befallen
hand. It pays to have dexterous toes! were knights of different orders, includ- him. Soon we heard instead the Heldan-
The rest seemed easy. The knights ing the "blues" and the "blacks." I gath- nic knight ranting in his rooms. We lis-
expected us to be in this cell, so I had a ered that the "blues" were the king's per- tened. ''


"What an outrage!" fumed the knight. treacherously attacked a Heldannic the guards in the hallways, but the place

I "How dare they even speak against the

mayor! I'll have the captain's head for
this." We peeked in and saw the knight
was addressing the men who had cap-
Prowler on a mission of peace over the
coast of Hule. The Heldannic skyship
was mercilessly obliterated after it had
suicken its pennants, and all aboard were
was too well guarded. Both the king and
the admiral seemed out of reach. At last,
we decided to return to the Heldannic
knight's chambers. If all else failed, we
tured us on our fnst day here. "Once this so murdered! How could anyone trust could capture and vade him for the admi-
annoying Alphatian wizard is dis- such a criminal?Your Majesty, I beseech ral. We saw the knight leave the castle in
patched," he continued, "be prepared to you in the name of the Heldannic Order the evening, and we followed him.
act. No matter what happens, keep Mor- to have,thesebrigands executed at once!" He went to a tavern where he spoke to
gund near the throne. The king must be The king's face became grave, "Is it a wench wearing a hood, gave her a vial,
removed from power for your order to m e , Prhce Haldemar, that you are guilty and left We attempted to capture him in
rise. You shall receive more red steel, as of suchan act? a quiet smet, but he was a good warrior;
we agreed." I nodded. "Heldannic vessels had been he resisted my magic and fought well.
This talk of treachery went on for some stalking us for a long time. The Heldan- We wounded but did not capture him.
time. We had to reach the admiral at nic Prowler refused to heave to after our The noise of the fight attracted far too
once. Alphatia had no business in this warning shots, and then used a magical many bystanders, and we had to retreat.
affair, hut anything benefitting the Hel- power that almost destroyed our vessel. I could only think of one more thing
dannic Order could only mean trouble We had no choice but to prevent this we could do. Razud had no following in
for Alphatia. magic from being used again. This was these lands, but there were many temples
Burymir 26, Haldemar The hearing indeed a tragic episode, Your Majesty, in the city. Perhaps there Razud would
started anew this morning. Both the royal but in times of war, incidents such as this show us a path out of trouble
bailiff and the lord of the squires testified one are,boundto happen." Burymir 27, Haldemar:
against the mayor of the palace, who was The king slghed. "We see no evidence were at the site of the duel. Skittish
promptly sentenced to the dungeons. He of treachery so far. However, since you horses with jousting lances and barding
was dragged away in disgrace, claiming cannot prove your absolute innocence, were ready for both parties, but the Hel-
he had been framed by the captain of the you will have to leave this kingdom at dannic knight was nowhere to be seen
guard. once. True justice cannot be rendered when the time came.
The Heldannic Knight then stood and today." He arrived a bit later, with some help
said, '"Your Majesty, these people are The knight stood up and said loudly, from a squire. The man bore a bandage
notorious pirates. Clearly they have come "Ah,but it can, Your Majesty! There is a around his chest and looked pale. "Your
here to seize Your Majesty's treasure. It way! The Eusdrian Code of Chivalry Majesty, I was treacherously attacked last
wouldn't be above this wizards ability to allows trial by combat. The lmmortals night by followers of the pirate. I am
forge your Royal Seal or to have the will see that the culprit is punished. 1 powerless against their poison, and thus
mayor of the palace framed as a way to demand a duel by the sword with this unable to fight this day."
escape. It is a disgrace to see that the pirate!" "You must then choose a knight cham
captain of the guard and his cronies are The captain of the guard raised a hand. pion," announced the king calmly. "The
using this opportunity to damage their "Your Majesty, His Highness, the Prince fight must take place, for today the Im-
rival's long-standing reputation of loyalty of Haaken, cannot possibly defeat a mortals watch!"
to Your Majesty and to the Kingdom of knight hy the sword. There would be no With a grin, the Heldannic knight re-
Eusdria!" honor in this duel!" sponded, "Your Majesty, I see but only
"We are not pirates!" I objected vehe- The king was solemn. "Indeed. Well, one knight here whom I can trust. It is
mently. "We are a legitimate vessel of then, the Code of Chivalry allows one your sword that will bring I
Her Imperial Majesty's fleet. We are here who cannot fight to chose a champion! choose you as my champion!"
only seeking to establish diplomatic rela- What say you, Prince?" There was an uproar. The captain of
tions between Your Royal Majesty and Of course, I immediately chose Myojo. the guard begged the king not to fight, as
the Empire. We are the ones being He would be more than capable in this it would be to the death, but the king
stalked and attacked by the Heldannic situation. The king accepted this and accepted. It was a matter of honor. The
Knights!" postponed the fight until the next dawn. king spent a moment of peace in his tent
Tne knight laughed. "Ha!Listen to this Burymir 26, Talasar, from a later so he could prepare for the bade.
fiend talk! He has become an outcast in accoum It soon became evident that we Indeed, the fight took place. Myojo was
his own nation. He has been rejected by could not enter what we suspected to be tremendously worried and embarrassed.
the very Empress Eriadna herself and for- the admiral's quarters. We spent most of He could not possibly bow out, yet he
ever exiled from his own empire. He the day uying to fmd a way to get around was requested to strike a king. The battle

began. The king soon forced Myojo off beginning of the duel now walked over failed. She was found in her ch
his horse and continued the combat on and stood before the count. He opened last night with a dagger and vial of hla
foot, where both displayed great swords- his helm. He was the king! What magic poison."
manship. This was a very short fight, was this? How could he have died by He then offered Lady Abovo
though. No more than a few strokes into Myojo's sword, then stand here in a suit Talasar quarters in the palace where th
the battle, the king suddenly dropped his of armor? could rest. I was left alone with the kin
guard and Myojo's blade hit him an inch The king tried to calm the confusion. and we relaxed as he explained at length
above the heart. The king fell without a "Indeed I died, count, hut there are many what a predicament he was in. King Sigis-
murmur as the crowd roared. The captain things in my power. You will have to mund was very powerful from his use of
rushed to his help, promptly carrying him wait your turn to rule this land. As far as cinnabryl, whose potencies he detailed
back to his tent. We quickly learned that these 'pirates' are concerned, Herr Ulrich, me. The red metal gave him unusual ab
the king was dying-the second king my death warrants their innocence, since ties, such as the one to create an alchemi-
whose death would he hecause of me. it proved you to be wrong. I order you cal ego that allowed him to dodge death.
The Heldannic knight smiled tightly at out of my kingdom at once." Through the Heldannic knights, the
me. "You seem to have won, wizard. Burymir 28: When at last I was al- king found a steady supply of cinnahryl-
What a shame." lowed to see the king at the palace, I dis- but he also suffered an unfortunate de-
A stuttering noble seized this tragic covered both Talasar and Lady Abo- pendence upon the knights' services.
moment to claim his right to the throne vombe sitting near him. "Prince Halde- Worse, the Heldannic envoys were '
of Eusdria. Behind him stood the Knights mar," he said jovially, "you have two very ing influence among his knights by o
of Harstal, who wore the red armor. "The loyal friends. By chance, it seems, they ing them red steel. If the Empire of Al-
K-k-king is dead! I, C-count of Harstal, reached the Temple of Tiuz and revealed phatia could provide the king with a cure
thereby c-c-claim my right to he the K-k- what they had overheard in Herr Ulrich's for cinnabryl addiction, he would gladly
k- . .. my right to the throne!" chambers. The temple reached me with a outlaw the Heldannic knights within the
"Not so, dear count!" A knight who had message of warning against Morgund, my Kingdom of Eusdria. Othewise, he could
been standing on the sidelines since the servant, who meant to slay me if all else only straggle behind the scenes to

'! I

oppose Heldannic influence. His nobles They were an instant hit, but they left a the palace. He was very excited by our
were growing restless, and he could horrendous mess on the deck. I myself arrival." He looked queasy and added
count on only a dwindling number of concentrated on more upscale pleasures, hurriedly, '"May I return to my quarters
loyal knights for his defense. enjoying some wonderful sparkling hev- now? I feel a bit fatigued." Without wait-
Until such time as I could help him, I erage from Glantri. I discovered that I ing for my answer, he ran toward the
was to leave his lands, forhe could not knew the steps of a square dance I had head, holding his belly.
guarantee our safety within Eusdria. He seen in Cimarron County. Things got a No one volunteered for this diplomatic
was a wise and noble man, this King bit fuzzy after that. It was Myojo who visit, of course, so it had to be Talasar,
Sigismund,for he could see how his own kindly helped me back to my quarters, I Myojo, and me. I heard several sighs of
thirst for power was leading him to his think. relief behind my back as we boarded the
doom and to the ultimate corruption of Nyxmir 1: The sound of gigantic lifeboat.
his gallant kingdom. waves aashing on the deck, as if from a A crowd of Renardois-why is there
storm, woke me up that day. The roar always a crowd?-awaited our arrival.
was unbearable. At the thought of water
A Glass of Wine and the on the decks of the Princess Ark, I
They cheered. They applauded. W e
cringed. Some of the Renardois even
Honor ofa King jumped up, bumping my head on a joist. howled, as hound-men apparently made
In Which Prince Haldemar Sees Much It felt llke Talasar's mighty hammer falling up the majority of this crowd. I feared for
More Wine Than He Likes upon an eggshell. a moment we had run into a werewolf
Forever cursed be thee, Immortal pa- lair, but these dog-people looked
Buryrnir 28, AY 2000: After our mis- tron of hangovers! I should have never friendly. Ah,yes, lupins they were. Good
adventure in Eusdria, I almost forgot looked at anything Glantrian. That was fellows, if okly they could !
about the arrival of my birthday this year. no storm outside-only the ship's boy quietly.
I would have preferred to celebrate it sweeping confetti off the deck, as I dis- Myojo hissed when he saw and smelled
quietly, but Talasar approached me this covered with a few shouts from my room. the lupins. "Shut up, you!" muttered Tala-
afternoon. He was concerned that the A thunderous knock at the door then sar under his breath.
crew was a bit gloomy, being so far from rippled through the cabin, shaking the At last we arrived at the palace. Great
home for so long. He suggested that he windows and echoing forever in my brass horns announced our arrival, the
and Lady Ahovombe organize a night of head. I staggered over to see who dared horrendous sound echoing interminably
revelry in my honor. Everyone then got disturb my agony. "Haaken-san, the city through the courtyard and the hallways.
very busy, hanging garlands and paper of Louvines is in sight," Myojo said We reached the throne room and the
lanterns and setting up tables. A mar- briskly, neatly attired and brushed. After king, feeling barely alive.
velous smell soon wafted up from the a moment, he added, "You look pale, "Ah, cher Prince!" cried the monarch,
galleys, and smiles began to show on Haaken-san. Glantrian sparkling wine is a m wide and a broad smile on his lupin
some somber faces. By evening, a e w no good? Please try ancient Myoshiman muzzle. '"Bimuenue("Welcome") to Lou-
members were bantering with one hangover medicine." My good friend left, vines! Sacrebleu, you look so tired! Ah,
another about my age: was I fifty-five then returned to hand me a tiny glass of but of course, eet must he zee navy food.
today or eighty-nine? Time warps can he his native medicine: sake. Soon nausea Please honor my table. Our chef, he has
very confusing. was added to my throbbing headache. prepared zee best banquet foi
The celebration was indeed memo- Slightly green-faced, I went topside to magnifiquer' ("It's wonderful!'
rable. The ship's band played marve- observe the city Myojo had named. Per- There was food. There was wine. Then
lously well, adding a touch of magic to haps fresh air would do me good. I saw there was more food and more wine. A
their own talent. Lady Ahovombe and I two crewmen still snoring their ethyl- bottle of Glantrian sparkling stuff came
opened the ball, quickly followed by offi- induced dreams away, one perched on a around again. Much to my surprise, even
cers and their partners and finally by the mast and the other's lower half hanging the king sounded Glantrian-how could
crew. By midnight, several barrels of out of an empty barrel. I also found Tala- that be? The pi&e-de-risistance finally
punch accomplished what several days sar, who looked rather shabby as he showed up: a glazed boar with an apple
of furlough couldn't. The polite festivities rubbed the back of his neck. I couldn't in its mouth, stuffed with marinated
of the evening turned info a cheerful car- tell anything about Xerdon's condition, as pheasant du chefand potato-souffle d la
nival, especially after Leo unveiled a he was bending too far over the railing. Barbassone. We ate as best we could.
chest full of confetti hags, rolls of stream- Raman returned from a quick visit to The king then stood and proudly an-
ers, toy flutes, and ridiculous gnomish the capital of royal Renardy. "Your High- nounced this year's Boisjolis-Nouveau
hats with feathers, porn poms, and other ness," he said, sweating heavily, "King vintage would he offered to all, an amaz-
garish things. Louis IV is expecting you to visit today at ing first that overjoyed everyone hut
Talasar and me. Queen Fifrelyne whis- wine without compromising my hus- in the shadier circles of Louvines. Form
pered to me this great vintage was nor- band's honor. Please, I implore you, find own safety, I brought Myojo as well
mally served only after the Brotherhood what happened to this wine and who Myojo hissed upon meeting Mordicu
of Vintages had determined which wine was behind this treachery. I fear this and Croche-Patte, and Croche-Patt,
was the best of Renardy. This Boisjolis- might Ikad to a dark conspiracy." growled, but politely so, and he apola
Nouveau was the king's family pride, his How could I refuse? This lupin lady #zed immediately after Mordicus j a b k
m e joie de wiwre (and, no doubt, soon to had a way of batting her eyes that went his nephew in the ribs. Myojo the]
be my coup de grace). The king was straight to my heart. I agreed to look into sniffed, and Croche-Pane snorted. As faL
breaking tradition to honor our visit. I the theft, and she left quickly, not wish- Talasar, he bad gone off with a group of
knew I should be grateful, hut.. . ing to be seen alone with me. nobles for a visit to the Great Wall of
The king clapped his hands and called Later that morning, I took a stroll by Louvines. I envied him for a moment. Hq
out, "Bring le Boisjolis-Nouveau at once!" the king's cellar. There, Mordicus, the was getting off easy this time.
There w a s a crashing silence. royal steward, explained that he had left Nyxmir 3: We quietly went rhrough SI
The king's steward bent down and the cellar locked. The lock had been Vtzy and found the path to Chgteai
muttered at the king's ear, too loudly to forced open during the banquet and the Mtdor. The lord of the mansion, Man
keep his secret a secret. " Votre Majest6 barrels stolen.Someone had them loaded sieur Ducmc, received us. He explainec
("Your Majesty"), le Boisjolis-Nouveau- on a wagon under cover of darkness, his two retainers came back from thei
eer is goner" after a load of 13 barrels of Cbiteau trip to Louvines, having been beaten u]
Flabbergasted, the king replied, "Com- Medor had just been delivered next door. by dwarves a few miles before the bridg,
ment? Plus de Boisjolis-Nouueaul Vite, Mordicus knocked at a large barrel that there. The dwarves then stole thei
wite! Retoumez a Claimultr" ("What? No sounded hollow. '"Parbleu! ("Sacrebleu!") wagon, horse, and wine barrels. Mon
more Boisjolis-Nouveau?Quick, quick, There eet is! They took all twelve barrels sieur Ducroc was very surprised when hc
return to Clairvault!") of the king's precious wine instead of zee received payment from the royal reevl
With astonishment, the other nobles empty barrels. Eet's terrible! In a few for receiving the wine shipment.
added, yMorbIeu! Que/& born?? Trahi- days, the Brotherhood of the Vintages, We questioned the two fellows abou
son! A m mmes! A la gui1iotine.p ("Sacre- they will meet again and the king, he will the dwarves who attacked them. "Well
bleulShocking! To arms! To the guillo- not have his wine. The king, he made a M'sieur le Prince, " said the first, "thi
tine!") The royal lupin guards trotted off bet with Monsieur le Duc dysembragne dwarves, they were ragged, a hit skinn.
in all directions. Gongs rang. Horns bel- that his Boisjolis-Nouveau was better with a sickly green skin." The seconi
lowed. In dismay, the chef threw his cap than Monsieur le Duc's Chgteau LaFifi- added, "Oui, oui, Msieur le Prince, thei
on the floor. The king walked away, furi- Trotteschild! If he loses the wager, oh la beards, too, they looked full of moths!"
ous, loudly voicing an endless stream of la ... Madame Fifrelyne, she will be very, We saw none of the king's barrels ii
colorful deprecations. Thus ended the very angry with him." the cellar. Without any other evidence
banquet in total chaos. We promptly Looking around a bit more, I found we had to follow the goblin lead. Ws
retired to our chambers so that Talasar footprints in the cellar's soft ground. reached the site o f the fight befon
and I could hide our tortured heads They looked like goblin-style hobnailed evening, near the bridge of Lauvina.
under the pillows. boots. In shock, Mordicus gasped, "Muis There, Croche-Patte recognized th,
Nyxmir 2: A soft knock at the door Monsieur, comment... Des gobelins, ici? odor of the two beaten retainers fror
woke me, early in the morning while it Saperlippetter" ("But sir, how ... Goblins, Chateau Mkdor. He also identified th,
was still dark out. Queen Fifrelyne en- here? Sacrebleu!") odor of goblins-not dwarves. The gob
tered quietly. "Please forgive this intn- Indeed, this was very fishy business. So lins had obviously been wearing shabb
sion, monsieur," she said. "I had to speak far, I had three suspects: the Duke of disguises. But there was not one set o
to you about what happened yesterday. Ysembragne, who had something to gain wagon tracks-there were two, bot1
You see, this wine is much more than it from all this; goblins; and the owner of coming from the general direction of SI
may seem. It is a symbol of prestige and the Chiteau Medor vineyard, who deliv- Vezy. The first set went no further tha
power in Renardy. My husband is too ered the wine and stole the barrels. Mor- the bridge and then doubled back,.whil'
proud to see you again after yesterday's dicus ,saidthis wine came from a vine- the other went on,presumably to Lou
humiliation. Worse yet, be fears that he'd yard in Ysembragne, past the village of vines and back, then headed north. Ther
become the kingdom's laughing stock if St. V&y. We had at least one link! was no way to tell if the tracks had beel
he sent his knights to seek the wine. I I needed Mordicus' help as a guide to made at the same time. On the othe
can hear the words of the town criers reach St. Vezy. Mordicus suggested that hand, the tracks were the same depth
n o w 'Royal knights on a quest for the his younger nephew, Croche-Pane, come which led me to believe both wagon
holy vintage!' Only you could find.tbe with us, as the latter knew many people had been loaded at all times. Also ver


annoying was the stench of wine spilled large sack of Renardois silver coins. The Radical problems demanded radical
on the river bank, near the spot where king's wine was untouched. solutions. We tied the barrels together
the second set of tracks doubled back. Perhaps the thineenth barrel's contents and threw them into the river. The bar-
What had happened? The extra set of had hidden the goblin's silver. I had no rels had the buoyancy of rocks, though
wagon tracks was very suspicious. Pre- recollection of any silver having been perhaps slightly better. We whipped the
sumably, the tracks that went to Louvines stolen from the palace. So whose silver ox and horses away, hoping to mislead
would have been the goblins'. But whose was that? Someone must have paid the the goblins, and grabbed the barrels.
was the second set, and why did it come goblins; was it to steal the king's wine Slowly, we floated downstream. At least
as far as the bridge and then double and let them keep it? the goblins would have a tougher time
back? It had to be our two fellows from "Scmngneugneu!"said Croche-Patte, getting to us.
Chateau M6dor. So they lied, since they lost in his thoughts. "Cornme c'est bi- The plan worked for a few hours. Alas,
obviously returned with their horse and a zarre." CSacrebieu! How bizarre!") We the masks were truly failing us. Myojo
loaded wagon to St. Wzy. I was begin- had to leave at once. We hastily loaded was already deep asleep; Croche-Patte
nina to think the goblins and the two fel- the 12 barrels on a nearby wagon pulled and I were having a tough time keeping
lows had been in cahoots from the be- by an ox, and off we went. awake and holding on to him. Then we
ginning. But what did goblins have to do Nyxmir 6, Talasar, from a later saw a large raft downstream. Unfortu-
with this?And we still had to recover the accounk The admiral had been gone for nately, it looked like a goblin-fortified
wine, which I assumed was in the gob- three days, and we had no news from river barge. We tried to maneuver around
lins' hands. And I had a hunch it was not him. Later this day, I met the duke of it, but I'm afraid I fell asleep just as our
the Boisjolis-Nouveau that had been Ysembragne, who was visiting the king. barrels bumpe mto it I felt dog tired.
spilled on the river bank.
Nyxmli 6: Mordicus returned to the
He inquired about the admiral and was
surprised at my lack of information, He
Nyxmir sp' Haldemar:
'. No goblins
here! I woke this morning among a group
palace to help prepare the gathering of said his troops had reported seeing the of large tortles. One of them bowed
the Brotherhood of Vintages. Croche- admiral CTOSS the border into goblin land. slightly, holding his hands in the fashion
Patte, Myojo, and I went on. Croche-Patte The duke thought the admiral had gone of mystics. These were missionaries sent
had no difficulty dogging those tracks, on a private goblin hunt, which was not by the grand abbot of Dunwick on a
which were as clear as if the goblins did an uncommon thing among nobility. See- quest to convert the impious goblins.
not care if they were followed. The ing this was not the case, he said he They belonged to a lawful order of tonle
wagon tracks crowd the army trail north would arrange for reliable warriors to mystics. The raft was theirs. By chance,
of ChBteau-Roan and went east to the help me determine the admiral's where- they had recovered us and the precious
River of Dreams. Fortunately Croche- abouts. barrels. They expected a goblin attack,
Patte had brought a set of herbal masks Indeed, by evening, a group of the however, as goblin scouts had seen them
to protect us from the effects of the Plain duke's knights offered me a horse. We retrieve us from the water.
of Dreams' amber lotuses. We reached a rode north toward the spot the admiral The raft was an interesting device.
s d camp of goblins just as evening fell. was last seen.The knights seemed confi- Within the fortified part of the raft were
The few goblins there hadn't a dog's dent that the admiral and his companions four oxen. Two were harnessed to a hor-
chance of defeating us. They gave only a would be found. izontal wheel that drove a paddle-wheel
token resistance and surrendered rather Nyxmir 7, Haldemar: What I had through a series of pinions and shafts,
qWickly, except a couple who managed feared the most was beginning to hap- while the two other oxen rested and fed.
to escape on their dire wolves. We had to pen Croche-Patte's herbal masks were Ihe bunker protected the oxen from pro-
move on, fast, for these two would be drying up. The substance in the herbs jectiles and the cursed river's plants.
back with reinforcements. Those goblins protected us less and less from the sleep Clever, as long as the paddle-wheel
we interrogated knew nothing. ing effects of the amber lotuses, and worked. , .
We discovered 13 barrels nearby. Chateau-Roan was still some distance That point made, a burning'projectile
Twelve bore the mark of the King's Bois- away. The heavy wagon was slowing us suddenly hit the back of the'raft,setting
jolis-Nouveau, which brought a sigh of down. Without warning, my horse the svaw on fire. Two tortles ran out of
relief from Croche-Pane, and one had the lapsed, as its mask no longer protected it. the raft's wooden bunker to put out the
mhrk of Chateau Medor. The latter was Our plan was going to .the dogs. fire, and several more arrows came down.
empty, however. It had contained wine As we debated on what to do next, a Amazingly, one tortle demonstrated an
several days ago, since the barrel wood howl rose in the distance. The goblins incredibIe ability to deflect mows with a
was still wet with the beverage. Instead, were following the wagon's tracks. It stick. The rest bounced off the other tor-
this barrel now held four shabby dwar- wouldn't be long before they wou1.d tle's ,&ell. As if the goblins were angered
ven disguises, goblins' weapons, and a catch up with us, awake or asleep. with the tortles' performance, a furious
shower of flaming mows followed. Both The paddle-wheel and steering devices fooled. Why, this morning, we stopped at
tortles then retreated into their shells, and were hastily fixed, and off we went, a tavern in Louvines and sampled its
the arrows bounced off them harmlessly. slowly sailing down the River of Dreams, wine before returning to Dunwick. Lo
The fire was getting worse, though. alongside "les chevaliers du duc" ("the and behold, its wine was no better than
Soon we lost our steering and ran duke's knights") and my loyal friend, the Boisjolis-Nouveau we had yesterday.
aground. A pack of goblins mounted on Talasar. We reached the walls of Lou- Come to think of it, it tasted
dire wolves quickly charged onto the vines in the night. Mordicus greeted us at like it, With all due respect to
boat. The tortles fought like none I'd the dock, overjoyed by the recovery of this Boisjolis-Nouveau you g
seen before. They didn't run very fast, the royal vintage. '"C'estformidable, not what it used to be. And how
but they didn't need to: Anything within non?" ("Isn't it wonderful?") he cheered, tavern already have some a
reach of their legs, arms, or sticks was "We'll make a wine-stomper of you yet! Mordicus and I rushed
destined to be bashed, chopped, or One of the tortle mystics asked if we very tavern, where we di
thrown into the air. One of the tortles hid would make a donation to the order, owners were selling ChSte
within its shell, and each time a goblin or obviously eyeballing one of the barrels. that they had legally acquired "weeks
a wolf peered at an opening, a deadly Mordicus sighed, " O betpuis zut! ("Oh, ago." That'! It was the missing clue.1
blow would shoot out, followed with a blast it?) Just don't tell anyone." Thus we This Chateau Mtdor was the same wi
heart-felt sueam of "Hay-yah!" "Copycat? parted with our tortle saviors. that now filled the king's barrels.
murmured Myojo when he saw this. Nyxmir 9: The precious barrels had course, the two '"roughed-up" retainers
A heated battle was on. More goblins been returned to the king's cellar just in were in cahoots with the goblins, .to
rode onto our stranded raft. Suddenly, time, for the Brotherhood of the Vintages whom they must have paid that silve
cheers rose from behind the goblins. was meeting this morning. I, however, Both parties came together, each with
There, Talasar and a company of heavily still hadn't gotten a clue as to what load of rhirteen barrels of Chateau Mdo
armored lupin knights charged into the exactly had happened. The goblins indeed stole the 12 barrels o
goblins' rear, brandishing the banner of Someone knocked at my door. It was the king's vintage, then switched,banrJs
Ysembragne high above their crested one of the tortle mystics. "Your High- They poured the king's vintage int
helms. Losing heart, the goblins retreated. ness," he said, "I believe you have been Chateau M a o r barrels, and vice versa.

For this they needed an empty barrel- by the Brotherhood. We had to get th? q u o i o f amber loms.ahd eGer-s&slisht
thus some wine poured into the river. wines switched back to their rightful bar: aftertaste of St. V&y vine stock was abso-
The goblins then went north with their rels-a tough task, since no one but the lutely, hmmm, d6ltciewclThis unique and
payment and their phony barrels of Bois- Brotherhood could now enter the cellar. original blend might win you another
jolis-Nouveau, while our two fine fellows Invisibility helped us both. Once inside golden leaf, VoheMajestW
returned home with the king's wine, the dimly lit cellar, we rolled two of the So ended this day in Louvines. King
marked as ChSteau Mkdor. mislabeled barrels around, playing hide Louis was satisfied that no bet was lost
Why? Mordicus knew. Monsieur le Duc and seek with the members of the Broth- and that his vintage had come so close to
dYsembragne had probably engineered erhood working there. One confused winning. The bet with Monsieur le Duc
all of this to win his bet. The trail to the brother saw my barrel at several different had not been revealed, and no harm had
goblins was after all not all that difficult spots in the cellar. He looked at that bar- 'come from it. Queen Fifrelyne was greatly
w follow-a bit risky, yes, but nm impos- rel every now and then, walking away .relieved that the honor of her royal hus-
sible, as we had demonstrated. Monsieur muttering and scratching his head. Even- band was safe, and she quietly rewarded
le Duc ruanted us to find the phony wine tually, we found a quiet spot with an my help by permitting unlimited furlough
and bring it back to Louvines. Chateau extra empty barrel where we could switch for the crew and a free load of that excel-
Medor had never won an award from the wines. For the moment, one barrel of -lent vintage, Le Boisjolis-Nouveau. At
Brotherhood of Vintages, and it seemed each vintage would do. Soon after we last, all was quiet in the Kingdom of
clear it wasn't going to win one anytime returned the barrels to their proper spots Renardyat least until next year.
soon, as it was rather average. If the jury in the cellar, word came that all the sam-
of the Brotherhood sampled that wine
instead of the true Boisjolis-Nouveau,
ples had to be redone and renumbered, To Death and Back
as some fool upstairs had utterly ruined t i

they would surely not give it any award, the current session. Grumbling and In Whrch Raman G%esbut Return
so Monsieur le Duc would win his bet growlirig, the members of the Brother- Limbo AfterMany Tnals
with his comparatively excellent Chateau hood went back to work.
LaFifi-Trotteschild. In addition, the sam- Nyxmli 10: And zee winner is ... an Nyannlr 18, AY 2000: Soon after load-
ple marked as ChSteau Mkdor, which exquisite although discreet, delicate yet ing several barrels of genuine Boisjolis
belonged to the Duke of Ysembragne, rustic, flowery if mellow, fruity albeit dry, Nouveau from Renardy into the Princess
might even win the award this year, light but not too much'so, historical vin- Ark, our mighty ship steered to the south-
adding insult to injury. Voiki! tage that we unanimously enjoyed and west. Several days passed as we contin-
Of course, it would be best not to in- which therefore earned OUT unequivocal ued our exploration of the Savage Coast,
volve Monsieur le Duc, since noth preference without zee shadow of a The term "savage" has little bearing on
muld be proven. We had to rush ha& to doubt. And so,eet is our honor, and dog- o dwell on these shores,
the palace. The Brotherhood of Vintages gedly so, to award in zis Year of AC 1001, ties have remained very
was in the process of sampling all those by zee grace of St. Miltin and Malinois, zee fragile, nevertheless. Massive Bule looms
wines-including the ones with the Golden Leaf Award to.., Madame la Com- the northeast. Far to the nor& reign the
wrong labels! We had to act at once! tesse de Marmandie's excellent Cbtes du barbarian hordes. Great tribes of human-
With horror, I discovered how the com- Grognes! Other nominees for the Golden oids hold the Yazak Steppes. There is
petition was set up. Hundreds of anony- cinnabar, too, the vile substance that
ly numbered samples sat on a huge gives power butcorrupts its user
in the thrclne room. There was no could sweep the coast, brutdy r
way to tell which sample was whose. these budding kingdoms to law essness
The King's servants constantly carried to the list. Both the.Boisjotis-Nouveau and the darkest barbarism.
m e samples in on trays. i had an idea. and the Chateau LaFifi-Trotteschild were As I reflected on these possibilities,
I had Croche-Patte don servant's garb listed among the other nominees. The Myojo told me that we had reached the
and carry a tray to the table. There, he king called the archbishop of the Broth- southern cape of a kingdoin called Bel-
would sneeze violently, at which point erhood of Vintages-and demanded to layne. He was excited, for he had heard
he would Nck a comer of the table cloth know which of the two wines was best. this was a nation of rakastas.' Surely their
into his belt and walk away. Those sam- '"VotreMaje&, eet is not customary to queen would have heard of our perfor-
ples would be ruined, and the competi- rank nominees, as eet is honor enough mance in Louvines. This presented a
tion would have to start over. for-a vintage to be listed. In our eyes, we problem, since the Renarctois and the
While Croche-Patte went to do his feel all nominees to be of equal quality Bellaynish were bitter erivals.
' % ! might be
worst, Mordicus and I went to the cellar perceived in Bellayne as Iu& sympathiz-
where samples were secretly n therefore suspiciouS.visimrs.
I .~ ~
. .. ,..' ~ . . . ( L " .
So be it, The Princess was made invisi- which the ghost I met at the Tower of intervened the innkeeper. '"Let them rest,
ble and I decided to disembark with Mercy in Vilaverde had found me. She and stoke the fire, please."
Myojo and Raman, going incognito as attacked me again and again, moaning The folks of Bellayne seemed a friendly
travelers from Dunwick. We would visit "Revenge ... revenge ...I' I woke up just people. The day went on in this way as
the countryside and observe the people as she struck the final blow, and a chill we visited the city and learned about its
of Bellayne, which would be helpful later ran down my hack. people. But nothing could m l y ease our
should 1 decide to meet their queen. It The sun hadn't come up yet. Good, I hearts after the death of Raman. I could
wouldn't do to commit an unfortunate thought, I had not been asleep too long.I still not understand it. It was so sudden
faux pas on our fust visit there. must have somehow wandered away and meaningless. I wished 1 could still
I chose an old ruined castle as our from the ruins. I started to return and see his face and hear his voice.
landing point. The gloomy fortress stood check the safety of my two companions, T h e unlmown,Raman, from a later
over a cliff, overlooking the Western Sea but it was dark and I had difficulties fmd- account:Something was terribly wrong.
in the sunset. The Saragbn Gazetteer ing my way hack. The sun had not risen for what seemed
indicated this to be Castle Malburn. It .
Nyaanlt 20, Haldemar Theeds-upon- an eternity. There was no castle to be
would be an easy spot for Talasar to find. Blythe was a city like many others we found. The cliff was gone, and so was
As we left the ship, I ordered Talasar to had seen on our journey. The majority of the sea. Could have I wandered so far to
keep exploring the coast-and especially its people were indeed rakastas. Humans be this lost? I kept running into criss-
to keep moving. There could still he Hel- were not uncommon, including polite crossing dirt paths and bare rocks. The
dannic prowlers in the sky, looking for locals, quiet merchants from Dunwick, trees here had nothing in common with
an opportunity to lash out at the Princess. brash hankers from Smokestone City, and what I had seen before. This was too
Talasar was to return in two days. We refined exporters from Boa Mansbo. confusing.
would spend the night there and begin There were even a few elves and "A penny for your thoughts, Raman,"
our visit in the morning. dwarves, probably Eusdrim, and a hand- said a voice behind me. I tumed and saw
Nyxmir 1 9 Something terrible hap- ful of native halflings. The latter seemed her, the ghost I had met at the library in
pened during the night. We awoke to perfectly suited to Bellayne's orderly Porto Preto. She now wore the leather
fmd our old friend Raman dead, with nei- ways. cuirass of an adventurer and held a ser-
ther any sign of a fight nor any wound We entered a small tavern called Ye rated sword. Her skin bore the red mark
on his body. Had he been killed during Olde Shoppe to rest from our journey of cinnabryl. '"Welcome to my world, old
his watch? Who could have done this, from Castle Malburn. "'Tis not opened sage," she said with a wicked smile.
and why? He had an expression of horror yet, miiords!" said the rakasta innkeeper. "Your world? What world?" I asked.
on his face, his eyes wide with fear. He "The meat pies aren't ready." '"Have you not found out yet7 You dis-
reminded me of the man we found dead "I beg your pardon," I responded, "hut appoint me. Come now, old sage. This is
in Slagovich-the one called Pustek, if I we are tired from our journey. We hoped your last discovery. This is Limbo, my
remember it. We never knew what had to find rest and refreshment here." dear, and you are the merest reflection of
happened to him. Was his fate linked to "I'll say!" intervened the serving wench. what you once were. You are mine now."
that of our Raman? The Master might "You can't possibly send our guests out "You lie, fiend! This is all trickery!" I
have been behind this, but why Raman this way! 'Tis almost tea time, my dear!" cried, feeling a terrible sense of coldness
and not me? "Great Cats, you're right! Steam the ket- in my spine.
There was little we could have done tle, love. I'l fetch the crumpets at once!" '"Spare me. You failed me once and
for our friend. With pain in our hearts, said the innkeeper. now I've come to make you my sewant-
we wrapped Raman's body and his be- "A cloud of milk, milord?" asked the and serve you will, old sage, for I need
loved hooks in his blanket, then placed wench of Myojo. "And where might you your soul to guard my grave." She bran-
them inside a large barrel. Once the bar- be from?I don't know your accent. Dear dished her sword. Its blade glinted evilly
rel was covered with stones, we somberly me, of course, you must be from the For- as she turned into a vile crimson spectre.
left. We would recover the body when est Marches, true? I screamed in horror and ran. The
Talasar returned. A few hours after our Wide eyed with confusion, Myojo mut- nightmare would not end. Many times
deparmre, a farmer on his way to Theeds tered, "Yes ,.. yes ... Forest Marches." she found me cowering behind a rock or
picked us up on his cart. '"Truly amazing," she went on. "One trembling in the shadow of an ethereal
Time&m,Raman,frornalater lump or two?I never met the forest folks. tree, hut I was lucky and escaped her for
account: "Hey, what happened? Where I always pictured them with green over- some time. So it was true-1 was dead,
am I?" My words echoed in the dark. I alls and feathered hats, you know. Any dead and lost in Limbo.
thought I must have fallen asleep during kippers? Or a slice of pudding, perhaps?" Nyxmir 21, Haldemm Despite our
my watch. I'd had a horrible nightmare in "You are annoying our guests, love," depressibn, Myojo and I saw that Bel-

layne was a very likable place, except for '"A mere shred of your life, stranger," whispered, "In the City of the Dead, no
the food. It seemed no real enmity existed he said, pointing to a vial. "Touch here." one can cheat on a pact. The law of the
between the Renardois and their feline I did, and a cold sensation crept up my Immortals binds me to my word."
neighbors, other than a natural dislike of arm. I felt a bit more tired. So this is what "So be it. Tell me your secret, and I will
each other. A question of taste, I guess. a "shred" was! In this world, only one's pay you."
At least they had common foes in the lifeforce had any value. I'd better learn "Seek the rock on which an obelisk
north,and that alone kept them from the quickly how to use it. I went to my quar- stands. Beyond, at the bottom of the
worst. Their queen, Her Gracious Majesty ters. fallen bridge, lies a gate. It leads back to
Catherine "The Lioness," is both honored I was happy to discover I still had my your world. Go quickly, for your time
and beloved of her people. She was seen trusted library scroll, and it worked. Per- now NIIS faster."
as a strong and wise ruler, which was haps this was a mere reflection of my The gaunt creature grasped my wrist
what I wanted to hear. This place seemed true books,but I could still browse. How with a skeletal hand. I could see spectral
pleasant enough, but it was time to return long would it last?I had no way to tell. flesh materializing slowly on its bones as
to the Princess Ark, give Raman a decent I spent a very long time there, alone it drained my Ilfeforce. Then it left, qui-
burial, and then to moum our loss. and quiet, studying what little informa- etly and mysteriously. I felt very weak,
In Limbo, Raman, from a later tion I could dig up on Limbo and its and 1 could see in a mirror I had faded a
account: In my flight from the red spec- laws. The city was a safe haven, but also bit. ??lis was troublesome. I had to move
tre, I discovered a strange place that a backwater, for it led nowhere. Many on. It seemed to me I had been here for
looked like a city. All was dark and souls ended up there, afraid of Limbo's over 10 days already.
crooked, as if the very forces of Chaos wilderness. Those who were strong of Nyxmir 22, Haldemar: At last we
had built its streets and houses. There heart and faithful to their Immortals could

recovered Raman's body and returned to
were people there, many people, the find a way to eternal rest, somewhere the ship. Consternation overtook the
souls of lost creatures like me, all seem- beyond this Limbo. Others cowered in crew at the sad news. Talasar began to
ingly stranded. Since I dead anyway, the City of the Dead, safe perhaps but prepare the mourning ceremony and the
there wasn't much I could lose, so I en- stranded until they decided to meet their last prayers for Raman.
tered and explored this bizarre place. fates. His remains were brought to the
Nobody seemed to mind me. Shops Someone knocked at my door. A tall chapel, and incense was lit around them.
sold various baubles, tools, and weap- figure stood there, wrapped in a long A few candles were all that brought light
ons-but no food. Indeed, I felt no black robe with a hood. It whispered, to the chapel. The crew entered one by
hunger. Like any other city, it came with "You seek escape, human. I can sense it." one to pay their last respects to Raman.
obnoxious folks, pick-pockets, haughty "What do you wanP I inquired. Later that night, the officers, Lady Abo-
lords, and beggars who looked shriv- " I know what you seek, and I know vombe, Myojo, Nyanga, Leo, and I re-
elled, as if the ltgllt in their souls was fad- where it lies," it hissed. mained for an eve of mourning. Talasar
ing. One faintly begged me, "Have pity, "What do you know of what I want? then began the prayer for the dead.
master. Have pity for one who withers. And what does it matter to you? Begone!" In Limbo, Raman, from a later
Please, bestow on me the gift of life, and This character was vuly disturbing. account: At last, here it was-I had
I'll serve you, my master. A mere shred of "Your companions are grieving," it found the obelisk! Fror ..A-*- a*--A

your life..." 1 kept moving. whispered again. "They await your return
1 found what looked like a twisted from beyond."
hostelry, and I rented a room where I "No one can leave here. What hap-
could be quiet. The keeper, probably pened has happened. Now go away."
another lost soul like me or perhaps a It slowly shook its head. "Not so,
deceased innkeeper himself, asked for human. There is a way. You can return to
his dues. I dropped a few coins on the your friends, and I know how."
desk; I seemed to have all my old cloth- It dawned on me that perhaps this
ing and items, even in death. The inn- could lead somewhere. "And you'll reveal
keeper looked up, surprised. '"A new- to me your dark secret if I pay you-
comer, eh?" He blew on the coins and don't tell m e a shred of my life!"
they dissipated into thin air. "Your wealth "Five, human. Five shreds of your life,
is no more in the world beyond. I request or darkness forever," it whispered.
your true wealth." '"Prove to me first that you don't lie! I
"And what might this be? I asked ner- will not let gc of my life so easily!"
vously. The gaunt soul breathed deeply, then

could see a fallen bridge below. I started avoiding another death-by drowning her retinue had arrived the day before.
scrambling toward it when I heard a this time. Pale, exhausted, and visibly Rakasta ladies played with wool halls on
familiar voice. shaken, he was brought back ro his quar- the front yard, and noblecars rook lazy
"And where d o you think you are ters a mere shadow of himself. After a strolls in the palace's many gardens,
going, old sage?" The red ghost was long rest, perhaps he could tell us what- watching the birds in the trees. Others
there, standing in front of me. "It took ever it was that happened to him. Until quietly catnapped near the fountains,
you some time to get here. I thought you then, Talasar would remain with him at purring in the warn sun or casually play-
would never leave that city. Your five all times. There was no telling what might ing with the fishes. An occasional guard
shreds of life felt so sweet, old sage! How come from beyond to reclaim his soul. patrolled the area. The atmosphere was
kind of you to bestow me with some- very relaxed.
thing so dear." In the Eyes of the Cat I brought Myojo in hopes that his pres
This evil soul had lured me out of the ence would ease the suspicions I ex-
city's protection. I had no hope of defeat- In WbicbPrince Haldemar and Myojo pected from the queen. Soon after o w
ing her now; I was too weak. I knew the Enter a Cbariot Race, and M p j o Earns arrival, we were shown to our quarters.
pact was still good, but I would have ro tbe Respecr of a Myosbiman Lord Hunting horns echoed through the hall-
reach the gate fmt. ways early in the afternoon, and every-
Again she turned into her dreadful Nyxmlr 24, AY 2000: After Raman's one gathered in front of the palace. Ser-
spectral incarnation and approached. reNm from beyond, I decided to quietly vants held the mounts while noblecats
Other voices then rose in the distance, drop Xerdon at the gates of Leominsrer mounted. At last the queen appeared
Faint at first, they grew in strength. I during the night. I then ordered the Pn'n- with her guards. Hunters brought the
could have sworn I recognized Talasar's cess Ark back to Malhurn Castle, where dogs, then played a hunting song on
voice among them. It was compelling me she was made visible again, 300' above a great brass horns. Everyone was ready.
to move toward the bridge. lighthouse. Xerdon would announce my The queen rode u p to me. "We are
The crimson spectre screeched and visit at the palace. I hoped that every- pleased to see you among us, Prince;"
charged, her sword raised to strike me. thing would work out well. she said, then glanced at Myojo for a
Suddenly she stopped, dropped the Nyxmir 25: A Vilaverdan warship moment and frowned. She then looked
sword, and fell to her knees, screaming sailed by and attempted to attack our back at me and added with a smile, "We
in pain. She had hit a magical harrier vessel. Its ballistae could not reach us, hope you will enjoy the hunt. The fox
around me, like some sort of pmtection and soon our foe made for the open sea. has been found.'! . .
from euilspell. This short episode surprised me. Here She then rodeJtoward the orher gohle-
"Cursed be thee, cleric of Razud! Cursed was a foreign warship openly hostile to a cats, and everyone lined u p with her.
he all your crew!" croaked the crimson visiting ship from a neutral power within That's when I heard a low hiss nearby.
spectre. I had no wish to hear more. I ran waters under Bellayne's control. Even so, Myojo and I Nrned around and faced an
to the gate and all became black again. the vessel came and went with total im- unexpected problem. There, riding a
Nyxmir 23, Haldemar: The night of punity, like a privateer. large sabre-tooth tiger, was a visibly
mouming was over. It was time to return Nyxmlr 26: Xerdon returned from angry rakasta dressed in every way like
Raman's mortal remainsto the care of the Leominster alone, riding a curious crea- Myojo. This was no Bellaynish noblecat.
sea by the light of dawn, as demanded ture that was part horse and part cat. He It seemed we had just encountered an
by naval tradition. The crew stood at bore news from the queen. He had not envoy, perhaps an ambassador from
attention as Raman's shrouded body was met her, but her advisor had told him I Myojo's homeland, the moon Myoshbna.
placed on the plank. Talasar uttered his was cordially invited to a hunting party And he obviously recognized Myojo,
last prayer and farewell when Ramissur tomorrow, at the palace of Uxington. who was now regarded as a traitor by his
blew his whistle to signal Raman's final Xerdon felt a certain suspicion of us on people.
departure, with two long, sad notes. the part of the rakasta establishment, hut The hunting horns bellowed again, and
Suddenly, Raman's body lurched, the hunting party seemed legitimate, the dogs were released. Everyone rushed
moaned, and sat up on the plank. Fright- since many at the court were chatting after the pack. An old rakasta noblecat,
ened our of their wits, the sailors holding about it when he arrived. It was an event, whom I was later told was Duke Purceval
the plank screamed and accidentally planned weeks ago, that no self-respect- of Pawcester, rode at my side for some
dropped the plank overboard-along ing nohlecat at the court would miss. I time. "Her Majesty is in a joyful mood
with Raman's body! accepted the invitation and steered north- again!" he said, laughing. "Today she
Ramissur immediately dove overboard west,,inland, toward the royal palace. decided to hunt the fox. This is meant as
to recover our friend. By some miracle, Nyxmir 27: We arrived late in the a joking insult to the King of Renardy."
Raman had come back to life, barely morning. Many noblecats, the queen, and "How h? I asked.


"King Louis's symbol is the fox!" he 288 Tanerham lay just a stone
pnswered. "This is a bit unexpected, freshly painted with the Haaken colors
though. Her Majesty usually does this to which Puttsworth had added those 01
when a Renardois ambassador visits, but his guild. I wasn't enthused about the
I don't see any lupin among us? clashing and somewhat disrespectful
~ Avoiding this latest topic, I asked, result, but it was a bit late to do anything
"What do you normally hunt?" about it. All participants gathered at the
The duke turned and gave me a blank starung line, early in the afternoon.
Stare. "Well, what else? The giant rat! We saw Kitahdra, his Mymliiman
b e y infest Uxington Woods. That's why guard, and another rakasta whom Putts-
fie palace was built here." worth described as a lowlife working for
', Of course. Why did I even bother to the Oldsbury Sun, a rival guild. The
Ask? The hunt went on until 1 discovered bodyguard was arguing vehemently with

k yojo no longer rode behind me. The

yoshiman envoy was also missing. After
gding around the woods with the duke, I
the "lowlife" about the sun symbol
painted over Kitahara's clan colors on
their chariot. The envoy was not an-=-A
finally found them, facing each other IxrnoutI and a red and gold chariot. and I sympathized with him.
v t h swords poised for a duel. Neither of Horns echoed in the streets; thc _-__
them paid any heed to my words. The was about to begin. The crowd massed
lQstthing I wanted was to lose Myojo or along the route, forming dangerously
dreate a diplomatic incident at the narrow passages for the chariots. At last,
queen's palace. As I considered what the Tymes official waved the starting flag.
F g i c would stop them both, the queen The crowd cheered. With wild cries, the
@de up to the scene. chariots lurched forward and raced e n
"It seem we arrived just in time. Now, masse down Tatterham's main avenue
dow, gentlecats. We do not wish to see before separating into smaller groups tc
Jiolence on such a nice day. And we do take the side streets. Fortunately,
dot permit duels in Bellayne," said she. worth proved an excellent guide.
', "Your Majesty," answered the Myoshi- Soon we reached the fields outside the
r#an envoy, "This wretched individual is trel walked up to us and pro- town. Puttsworth opted for a northern
;i traitor in Myoshima. This is a question route through Uxington Woods. It was a
of family honor. Allowing him to g o dangerous passage because of the @nt
freely in your kingdom would be an rats, but it was otherwise shorter than the
+ult to our emperor." trip through Wallingford and Theeds. 1
~ The queen looked at me with inquisitive noticed Kitahara's chariot several hun-
&e%I intervened, =My guard Myojo has dred yards ahead of us. He, too, had cho-
+ted wisely and bravely in a diffiicuk situ- sen the forest route. This would be a
+ion. He has remained an obedient and tight race..
f+ithfulxrvant of Imperial Alphatia. I. see Before long, we heard shouts ahead.
need for retribution, Your Majesty.'' The Myoshimdn team had run into a

all The queen was clearly embarrassed

d couldn't make a decision either way.
"bell, then," she declared, "You must
large pack of giaru rats. All three q k a s m
were tearing through the rodents with
their swords, but the rats would soon get
rksolve your quarrel in a civilized man- the upper hand if we did not intervene.
der. It is our wish that you compete in Both Puttsworth and Myojo were. SUI-
the upcoming Tatterham-Glenswych prised when I decided to heLp our rivals
derby. He who arrives before the other out. But they followed my lead and drew
will decide who must leave." their weapons, and soon the squeaking,
the brass horns sounded in the dis- crawling mass was reduced fo cat food.
t;jnce. "Your Majesty," said the old duke, With the battle done, Kitahara grunted
*Ve musm't miss the quarry." and bowed briefly. With a ha,mg-hty
"Very well, very yell. Carry on, expression on his face, he motioned us
dilords!" I to pull ahead, his way of,beingthankful.
;\s we dmve away, Puttsworth murmured Soaked1 and exhausted, we stopped at an near the fireplace. Myojo looked away~
(practicing for later recital, I thought), old tanern just past Bromstow. Several innocently licking at his paw. The othe
:And so, in the name of fair play, the chariofs were stopped at the front, left rakastas looked as if nothing at all hac
noble prince of Alphatia came to the help there by other competitors who had happened.
of his rival, perhaps at the cost of his decided to rest, too. Cats. I sh nown
hwn victory. In response to this gesture, The Id tavern was a large, abandoned Amphimir 4: Thanks to Puttsworth!
b r d Kitahara stepped aside to show his
structure at the edge of a dark wood. It guidance, we avoided Norchester alto
w t u d e . The race went on." had a pozen rooms on the upper floor gether and cut overland toward the Fel
! Rather than doing all that in the name and a Tingle large room on the ground folk trail. This allowed us to catch u[
of fair play, I was hoping to gain an edge floor. pvater leaked through the rotten with the derby's leaders. We reached Fel.
bn Kitahara. He owed us one now. Per- thatch; Between cobwebs, dust, and folk just after nightfall; this was a smal
haps this could help defuse our dispute. I darkndss, the place bore a truly sinister village, with a few hundred people a
had no quarrel with Myoshima, and nei- look. humors had warned of the exis- most. All of us ended up at Felfolks sok
ther did Myojo. He had not meant to tence df many haunted mansions in Bel- tavern. No leaky roofs this time, and a
betray his masters by becoming my body- layne, ;which indicated something odd least we would have some decent, warn
b a r d and friend. about his kingdom. food. The innkeeper served beer, cider
We reached the village of Rockburn
An Plvarican bard roasted a hunk of port, and tea, with milk for the youngei
later that night, where we rested for the wild bbar in the fireplace while a Gar- rakastas. We enjoyed a far more relaxec
+evening. goiian bhariot driver played his lute. Sev- atmosphere for dinner than we had at thc
AmpMmit 2: We left Rockburn early. eral p+ople went upstairs while their "haunted cottage.


te in the day, we finally reached Olds- tes remained in the main room. The Earl of Penwick had thoughtfullj
ury. All would have been fine except all group quietly kept a close sent men-at-arms from Norchester tc
for a band of ruffians that grabbed our watch /XI each other as the fire dimmed ensure the safety of the derby partici.
pounts and attempted to push us off the to craFkling embers. Lightning soon pants and their mounts. This relieved u!
khariot. flashed outside, and the wind howled as of the need to watch the chariot anc
As we fought, Punswotrh shouted these
~ a thunfemtorm rocked the night. A win- allowed us a good night's rest. The fina
kere supporters of the Oldsbury Sun dow shutter rattled. The wooden ceiling stretch of the race would take place thc
kho were going a bit too far to ensure creakw. I had difficulty falling asleep, next day, so we would have to get u i
their team's victory. Kitahara arrived my gaie wandering the room. early. Everyone eventually wanderec
$bout then and brought his chariot to a Thed I noticed Myojo's sudden atten- back to their rooms or to a spot near thc
halt. The 1owlife.riding with him vehe- tiveneis. He opened his eyes wide, his fue in the main r o a n
b&tly exhorted the Myoshiman envoy to ears p+inted up. Other rakastas copied Half-asleep in the middle of the night,
' y g v e along, but he just stood there, him, sdaring at something in the air near blinked and saw My010 sit up and watch
;coldly looking at the supporters. They the chhndelier. The Avarican, the Gar- something intently. "Leave that fly alone,
'quickly got the message and slunk away. gofianf and I looked at each other. Our Myojo," I muttered.
~ I guess Kitahara was simply returning daggep slowly came out. He slowly unsheathed his sword, whid
,ourprwious day's favor, a debt of honor. KitaQara's lowlife then leaped onto the lay by his bedside. "No, Haaken-San. Nc
Well, then, I could only show the same table, ;evidently trying to catch some fly. Someone creeping in hallway," hc
e and motioned him to g o on invisible creature. Whatever if was came breathed. We both got up at.once..
of us. He lifted an eyebrow, near Qyojo, who tried to paw it. Kita- He tiptoed to the door, wittt me closc
,@unted haughtily, and rode away with ham's bodyguard then sprinted across the behind, and slowly opened it a crack
'his team without a word or a smile. Nev- room, ialmost running into the front door Right across the hallway, three rakastai
;ertheless,I began to understand how to when he slipped on the wet tiles. Putts- wearing dark outfits atrd red steel clawi
'deal with this Myoshiman. He was all
worth,^ poised to leap with an expression were furtively entering Kitahara's room.
honor. of utter excitement on his feline face, Myojo glanced a t me, and I motioned
! "1 say! I can't believe this! How could suddehly napped something on the floor him to go in. He quickly nodded anc
:you?"argued Punsworth with hjs paws. went after the nocturnal visitors-whc
~ =My dear sir, courtesy goes both ways. I t q w aside my blanket and moved in turned and saw him, their blades dram.
,Bellayneis, after all, the land of sports- dose tp see ... a fly. A fly? Almost instantly, the sound of the figh
imamhipisn't it?" I said. Putdsworth then noticed all three awoke the inn's patrons. It was brutall)
'~ "Oh ,, . well, never mind," he answered. huma4s watching him. "Oh. Sorry,'' he fast, with the three intruders against tht
- 3: We. were still driving
- said:&e released the fly, which pitifully two Myoshimans and Myojo. Kitahara':
after nightfall when ram began to pour crawled away, and returned to his spot bodyguard was badly wounded, bu

Myojo's intervention undoubtedly pre- It was a wild dash to get the lead. Chick- the fragile cages. In the wake of the hor-
vented Kitahara's death. Before I could ens, geese, and other small and unwary rendous pandemonium, Puttsworth
get off a spell, the three intruders were farm animals were mercilessly trampled grabbed a terrified mouse that clutched
dead, and Myojo and Kitahara were tend- on the road. The wild chariot horde raced his sleeve. "I say-a Glenswych mouse.
ing to the bodyguard. down @e road, a hay wagon ran off the What a treat! I'll save it for later." ne
The constabulary amved almost imme- road into a muddy pond-turning the stuffed the hapless rodent into his pouch.
diately afterward. The sergeant examined peaceful peasants around it into a furious The good news was that we did indeed
the aggressors and declared these were mob. Whips cracked with growing rage open a shoR cut to Glenswych. The bad
outcast rakastas, probably spies, from as the town drew nearer. news was that Kitahara's chariot took the
LeQoga,a Vilaverdan colony to the south. On the last mile, the tortle team cut lead. A few hundred yards away was the
These three were wanted in Bellayne for ahead of my chariot, sending it off on a finish line. Puttsworth, in sudden fury,
a previous assassination. Why had they side path. Before we could get back on whipped his mounts in hopes of catching
attempted to eliminate Kitahara? I sus- the track, our mounts bolted toward a up with Kitaham. I could hear Kitahara's
pected Vilaverde's ties to the Heldannic small farm. Thinking we had found a lowlife exhorting. his mounts just as
Knights had something to do with this. short cut toward Glenswych, Kitahara rudely. The rest of the pack appeared
After all, Heldann and Myoshima were steered ,after us. around a comer just behind us, skidding
not exactly friends. Our chariot flew over a bump in the on the street's cobblestones and madly
Myojo had earned some respect from path, knocking us all offbalance. Out of jockeying for third place.
the envoy. Kitahara would not show it- our control, our mounts headed into a Suddenly, a bump on the street crushed
he couldn't-but I knew Myojo had series of large coops, flinging into the air a wheel on Kitahara's chariot. It skidded
scored points. The envoy bowed slightly thousands of-mice! We were crashing wildly, sending the lowlife hurling into
and returned to his quarters. No other through a large mouse farm, ruining the packed crowd. Kitahara hung on des-
event interrupted the night. months worth of the breeding and rear- perately to his uncontrolled chariot. As
Amp- 5: By sunrise, our chariots ing of fat market mice.A few yards away, we rushed past, Mpjo grabbed the envoy
had begun the last part of the race, thun- Kitahara's chariot created its own wave of and pulled him free just before his char-
dering down the trail toward Glenswych. destruction, ruining hundreds more of iot slammed sideways into a building and


smashed into kindling. The crowd went both remain at peace in our kingdom.
ild as we flew past the finish line. We shall not tolerate any foreign quarrel worth fellow would have a few interest
The queen's trumpet sounded the end within our land. You both have proven ing stories to tell his compatriots after ou
of the race. Supporters of both the Theeds your courage and your honor in this departure. Perhaps I should have aske(
Heralds and the Oldshury Sun carried all memorable race. In our eyes, you are for a fee.
four of us on their shoulders. It seemed both worthy of our royal respect and
both our teams had won! Kitahara briefly
gazed at me, rather embarrassed. The
welcome." Web of the Wizard-King
Rakasta noblecats sitting at the table
crowd transported us all the way to the muttered for a moment, nodding their In Which Prince H a l d a a r Is Determine,
queen's stand, in front of the Abbey of approval of the queen's approach. It was
I' IEittings.
"Well, then," she declared solemnly,
the only possible decision. Lord Kitahara
then stood up and curtly announced,
to Meet the Wizard-King of Herath, and
a n Arachnid Spy Boards the
Princess Ark
"we do hereby pronounce both the hon- "The presence in Bellayne of the Lord of
orable teams of Alphatia and Myoshima Haaken is acceptahIe to US.' He bowed Amphlmir 11, AY 2000: Our Sang61
,the winners of the derby! Both p d e s are ever so slightly in my directionand in Gazetteer mentioned something about i
therefore summoned to the royal banquet Myojo's, which was most amazing. This wizard's nation, the Kingdom of Herath
'this night." meant personal respect from a lord to- southwest of Bellayne. Unfortunately, n(
Nice-hut this did not resolve our ward a member of lower social standing, capital was shown. I decided to stop a
problem. None of us had lost, and so no By Myoshiman standards, this was almost the largest city and send Ashari ahead a:
one could expel the other from Bellayne. unheard of. my envoy.
I wondered how the queen would solve It was my turn to repay the courtesy. She returned a few days later wit1
mr IittJe dilemma. "It was an honor and a pleasure to race good news. Although she couldn't reacl
The kominster Tymes provided Kita- by the side of Lord Kitahara's courageous officials of the royal court, she had met :
'hara and me with 250 pounds of gold team, and we, the representatives of Her noble related to the wizard-king, Dukq
each. We donated our prizes to the mouse Imperial Majesty of Alphatia, hope that Yaluughu of Ensheya. Ashari had a h
farmer on Kittings Road whose livelihood our journey remains a sign of friendly managed to arrange an audience with th<
had been ruined by our crazed passage. sportsmanship for all. We are satisfied duke at his palace in Sorodh
The crowd applauded, and we were car- with Lord Kitahara's decision and wish Indeed, I did meet the d
aied to the lord bishop's residence. austere and somewhat sinister characte
The banquet was served later.
tle for the boiled slice OF stuffe
t stomach P la Uxington e of Her Imperial Majesty o
ellayne. The typical Soc
could be expected at a royal banquet
med to go on forever. I caught Puns- seemed to embarrass.him. He evenmall!
:%orth casually toying with his farm revealed that the wizard-king sho

approving lcuk. "Oh

quarrel." The banquet's hurly-busy died

It out in the background, everyone now

starink at both Kirahara and me. "Fate has
decided to make both of you the,winners
Our mission was soon over. We had
discovered first-hand the beauty and
got a confirmation of this. from Ashari
She had found that the woods in ques
of this race. Gentleman and?gentlecat, the character of Bellayne. A message was tion, the Forest of the Magus, were indeei
choice is now yours. You ma+ both kave sent to the Princes Ark, summoning her strictly prohibited by law to the commol
at once apd never return to Bellayne, ot tmXiftings. We were on our way a few population. It was a place only n

was permitted to enter, and only with a that 1 was comfortably installed until such
royal invitation at that. time I could meet the wizard-king. I saw
~ I found all this rather rude. I was not very few people in @e palace other than
the representative of some third rate, We rea#ed the outsiders' flying ship just the h d e d guards. A magically animated
petty kingdom-like Herath! I was upset before ightfall when I began exploring table knocked at my door, bringing a cup
and insulted. Well, then, if I could not the larg , vessel13, I&
Amf At
-: last, we of steaming tea and a few pastries. The
enter the forest, f i n e 1 would fly over it! viscountess returned later with an invira-
I ordered a northerly route at once. I found t e citadel. I didn't want to antago- tion to the wizard-king's dlnne
rhay not be granted any favors as a result nize the wizard-king further and decided evening.
d all this, but, by the Eye of the Newt, I for the oment it would be best to keep The evening came soon enough,
would not be ignored! guards escorted me to the banquet hall.
;4mphimir11,Baalboth,fromalater There, three dozen.nob1es and their
account: His Lordship, Duke Yaluughu, spouses sat at a large table, along with
summoned me this evening. I was to the viscountess. They were rn-ostly
board the outsiders' flying ship and find pets angounced my arrival. The guards humans, with a few lupins and rakastas.
o h who they were, unveil their inten- all wore'high, pointed hoods and sinister Strangely, none of the latter seemed the
tions, and retrieve any magical secrets. black robes that covered their entire bod- least annoyed by each other's presence at
ies. Of ' 1 visitors, of course, I would be

His Lordship provided me with a magical the same table. In fact, a deadly~silence
brooch of mying in which I could store the least prone to be impressed by such a filled the room.
aW that I saw and heard. 1 was to report display. went .on by them. The wizard-king arrived shonly there-
back to The Watcher with the brooch I met he Viscountess of Berevrom, a after, and everyone rose. He quietly
a@er my mission. lady of reat beauty and mind. She was motioned everyone to sit down. Still, no
'I began my duty after a quick prayer at word had k en uttered in the entire hall.
t4e Temple of Enebaan. I cast a spell of The queen clapped her hands twice, and
inoisibilifyand approached the outsiders' a wooden statue came alive, playing a
fl+ing skiff. The sailors noticed nothing. lute. A group of magical, trotting tables




entered with food and beverages. The Some of my ichor stained the floor, and asked to leave. The wizard-king needn
high point of the dinner involved the the female sounded the alarm. I had to to work on a complicated problem o
serving of large, plump houseflies, the flee, triggering almost every magical astrology, and he required absolute si
size of fat chickens. Everyone picked up ward in my way. I then ran into a row of lence and tranquility. The viscountess
sharp silver tubes, inserted them into the heavily armed outsiders standing on the escorted me back to the tower on which
flies, and, with great delight, began nois- deck. Next to them was a tall, hairless I had originally aliited, and she bid m
ily slurping out the juices. Courtesy de- outsider with a big hammer. I hate big farewell as I dimbed aboard the life boai
manded that I go along with the other hammers Seeing my ichor spilling on the The leaving seemed too easy. There wa
guests. Could it be worse than stuffed deck, the bald outsider cast a spell that something very odd about the wizard
mice la Uxington?(It was.) negated my tnvisib&y. Almost instantly, king's jest. This monarch seemed decid
Still, after no word had ever been spo- the other outsiders started firing lightning edly too suspicious to me, and I wantei
ken, the wizard-king and queen left and bolts at me. to know more. As the skiff flew hac1
everyone returned to their quarters. The Fools! Their aim could not match my toward the hincess Ark, I instructed th
magical, trotting tables began cleaning superior agility. I leaped out of harm's sailor to keep going and to ask Cornman
the remains of the feast, occasionally way add clung to the underside of the der Talasar to feign a deparmre and tun
grunting and fighting for leftovers. ship. I immediately secreted a long strand the ship invisible. I cast a spell of invisi
Amphimlt 13,Baalboth,fromalater of silk and began descending toward the bility of my own, and flew back to h tm
account: This ship is truly wondrous, forest. I had to warn The Watcher that I wizard-king's keep. I was intent on figui
although it presents a difficult endeavor had been seen. ing this wizard out once and for all.
for spies. I soon learned to stay away Amphhk 13,Xerdon, from a later Amp- 14, Baalboth, from a late
from the floors, since they create glowing account: A monstrous creature was account: By Yehm, what arrogance! Ths
marks around footsteps. Fortunately, the aboard the Princess Ark late this night. outsiders have followed me down inti
wooden bulkheads were no match for Lady Abovombe reported she had heard the Forbidden Forest. Blasted be thi
my eight claws, and I could easily cling some noise in the admiral's quarters and wound that slows me. This will be th,
to them and to the ceilings and move went to investigate. There she saw an outsiders' undoing. I know cousins of th
unhindered. The stairways, also magi- object fall to the floor for no apparent Astafirs have a village nearby. They'l
cally protected, forced me to waste pre- reason! which it seems had been held by help, I'm sure of it.
cious d q l magic spells to get through.I an invisible creature. Lady Abovombe Amphlmir 14,Xerdon, from a fate
heard the outsiders' officers utter magical
words before entering certain areas, and I
f '
woun ed it while it was caugh
doorway. The alarm was sounded, but
account: The creature left footprints i
the forest's soft soil. A light spell pro
concluded some doors were also en- the Cr+Nre escaped. It appears the crea- longed our search into the night-hour:
chanted. I quickly followed them into ture stele a precious object from the cap- We were getting closer to our fugitiv,
those rmms I wanted to visit. tain's buarters. Nyanga and I are going when we ran into trouble. A magical il2u
After long hours of poring over an down into the forest to pursue it. sion concealed the terrain before us
immensely revealing log book in the Am+himir 14,Haldemar: At last I which caused both of us to fall into
quarters of the outsiders' commander, I met the wizard-king. He pointed out that ravine--dr, rather, into a very large spi
examined a big gem, a fiery topaz of he wds a busy man, but he would do der web in the ravine. Our legs werl
great value. Surely, it must be the magical what $e could to accommodate me. We caught. Three huge spiders approached
stone mentioned in the entry dated discussed that which wizards often enjoy while a fourth, wounded, remained alool
Andrumir 15 in Jaibul. The Watcher will chatti.hg about. He said he was an One of them hissed and clicked, "NOT
be pleased with it. asvolqger by profession and could see 41 you die, outsiders!"
An outsider female then unexpectedly the stars some of the great wenw of this Nyanga glanced at me and asked wid
entered the room. Surprised, I dropped world.,He gazed at me for an instant and a grin, "You be ready, mohn?" His giar
the precious stone. The female did not added!he had seen in the stars the end of hiade hummed,as he tore a wide gal
see me but noticed the gem fall to the a great empress.,Treachery from an through the web. We fell heavily into th'
floor. She looked perplexed, thenbegan ancient mountain wizard threatened her bushes underneath, as the three spider
moving back toward the door. I picked rule. $e said perhaps I should return to reached the gap..Just then I cast a wall i
Up the gem as she turned back and tried Alpha& to seek out the danger. Then he fire around the spiders, setting the entir
slipping past her, but shecaught one of burst into diabolical laughter. Surely this web ablaze. The spiders-had no choic'
iny legs in the door. I screamed. was a joke. There were no mountain wiz- but to jump off as well. The rest wa
The female immediately started slash- ards threatening Her Imperial Majesty. standard procedure; the three giant aracl-
ing wildly with a short sword she had There couldn't be. nids were soon chopped
quickly drawn, wounding me badly. The meeting came to an end, and I was wounded one fled.


moth of us had seen creatures such as sleeve caught some of the web anc webbing from the highest towers of the
these, in the rain forest of Yavdlom and caused vibrations to ripple all the w a &adel, probably in an attempt to pull the
the dark woods of Shye Law and Black- out. The spider reappeared at the door- Princess down. Failing this, giant spiders
heart. Araneas: vile intelligent spiders, and then fled! ittempted to climb aboard, running up
deadly creatures. What they wanted with Drat! It will alert the guards! I shove< .he silk strands, but we successfully re-
us, I had no idea. But we had to capture the notes into my shirt and ran after it, A pelled their assault. Unfortunately, the
the fugitive: alive, door slammed and locked as I crawled citadel used a magical shield that ab-
AmphhIr 14,Haldemar, later that back into the other room. The spider was sorbed the Princesss breath weapon. It
night: I finally managed to get past the gone, but the wizard-king stood there, proved only marginally effective against
hooded guards and the magical wards holding a key. He cast a spell that ended the assaulting spiders. The boltmen now
that defended the wizard-king. Carefully, my invisibility. Beside him, 30 guards show signs of fatigue after this long night
I snuck into his quarters. There, I discov- aimed cocked crossbows at me. of fighting. The sight of so many giant
ered a semicircular door about 3 high. It I seriously advise you not to make a spiders severely tested their nerves.
was a secret door that someone had con- move nor to utter a word, admiral. These The aft sight spotted packs of spiders
siderately left open. guards are very twitchy. You have come gathering in the citadel. They seemed to
It led to a spiral staircase to the top of here without an invitation and disturbed be coming from the forest in mass. They
the keep. There, hidden under a one-way my research. I have received and enter- must be preparing for a massive assault.
mirror dome, was a huge spider web. At tained you at my coucf, and you have the Vats of boiling slime from which the
its center stcod a giant spider, gazing at gall to return here, like a thief, to spy on webbing shots came have been replen-
the stars through a looking glass, or my research and annoy my familiar. ished. With the sun rising above the for-
longview.I cast a ruizanieye and sent it Worse yet, your men have entered the est, the crew finally managed to cut off
closer to the spider, which watched forbidden forest and harmed my pets. the majority of the web strands that held
through its longview and made notes This angers me greatly. I have no con- us fast despite volleys of arrows. We lost
with little insealike fingers. cern for what nation you belong to, nor several sailors overboard due to the
The creature wrote in a language I do I care about who you might think you arrows and stray web strands; those who
couldnt read, but I did recognize an old are, admiral. Since you are w interested survived their fall were mercilessly
rune. It came from an alphabet once in Herath, I invite you to extend your slaughtered by the giant spiders. This is
taught to young Alpbatian students of stay among us for some time-a very perhaps our last chance to leave, for
wizardry. lhe wne alluded to Followers long stay, admiral. Guards, throw this another assault would certainly crush our
of the Fire, ancient foes from Alphatian fiend to the dungeons! I was trapped defenses.
mythology. More followed, among which and defenseless. The wizard-king cast a Alas, Ive yet received no message from
I recognized the symbol of Alphatia, the web spell at me, and the guards carried either the admiral or our bunting team. In
Immortal. I had to unveil this mystery at me to the dungeons. the face of the grave danger threatening
any cost. Amp- 15, Baahth, from a later the Princess Ark, I am obliged to order
Suddenly the web vibrated like the account: Enebaan the Wise has aban- her withdrawal to a safer altitude. I pray
strings on a lute, but much deeper. The doned me. Ive had no rest since my to Razud that our companions are safe. I
spider hissed and clicked as it put away flight from the outsiders ship. My pur- will devise a new course of action as
its longview. Images appeared in the suers havent halted their hunt, and they won as the Princess Ark is out of danger.
web, near the center. It was Xerdon and are hut a few instants behind me. I am Amphimlr 15, Xerdon, fm?m a later
Nyanga. What were they doing in the for- exhausted. The death of the Astafir account: It was fortunate that the sky
est? I saw them fall into a giant web, cousins causes me great sadness. They had remained heavily overcast this night,
escape, and defeat three large spiders. must be avenged. There is still hope for for we would have otherwise lost vack of
The ~reatureI was watching dissipated this. I must reach the citadel. I must keep the fugitive. When my magical light had
the image and moved to the edge of the going. The tunnel is close. run out, infravision revealed faint spots of
web where I was. I hid in a comer, hop- AmpMmir 15, Talasar, from a later warmth on the leaves and on the soil, no
ing it wouldnt see me. Indeed, it went account:Late last night the wizard-kings doubt ichor from the monsters injury. My
out through the open secret door. This guards treacherously attacked the ship experience in tracking the woods of
was the chance 1 was hoping for. I despite our invisibility. The wizards must Blackheart had again paid off. By sunrise,
crossed the large chamber and reached have discovered our presence and di- the spots of ichor and the footprints had
spiraling sfairs at the center, which led up rected their troops fire. I fear the admiral led us to a small cottage. We knew the
to the webs nexus. There, I stretched up was either discovered or captured. fugitive hid there.
to reach the notes, carefully avoiding the The attack began just past midnight Nyanga kicked the door open and a
mess of sticky strands. Unfortunately, my when the guards began firing globs of woman screamed. There stood a wench


whom I took to be the wife of a forester. the intruder-the creature called Baal- Several very large mounds of drie
She had almost convinced us she had both-fhe stolenJaibuli topaz and a mag- mud had been erected in a small clearin
seen no monster, but said she had heard ical black brooch. The latter turned out to in the woods. At first we thought the
some noise in the rafters. As I considered contain Baalboths comments, magically were giant termite colonies, but the pain
her words, Nyanga noticed blood d r i p etched inside-comments that I have ing on the mounds and the size of th
ping from her hand. Before I could inter- entered into my log book at the appro- entrances and windows hinted at humar
vene, his blade swung wide, beheading priate spots. I can only hope it really was oid origins. This seemed a large tow1
the wench. Baalboth that Nyanga eliminated. It knew considering the number of mounds.
"Eh mohn," he said to my horrified far too much about the Princess Ark for Moving the invisible Princess A t
protests, "I be sure de monster spirit be my own comfort. closer, we observed a great activity c
inside her. I be taking no chances with From this and what I had seen in the lizard men in the woods. Several lizar
de magical spiders." He had a point. The citadel, I must conclude the witard-king men carried the body of a dead warrk
wench's wounds did look like several has allied himself with a tribe of araneas, on a small bier. From our vantage poi1
deep sword slashes, yet there really was either by common accord or by coercion. we clearly saw the eyes were missin
no way to tell. She looked very human to Was the Great Magus an aranea himself' I from the dead warrior's head. Perhas
me, even in death. This could mean trou- strongly suspect it but don't have proof. this was some ghastly lizard-man custon
ble later. Wizards do have svange ways at times. Some lizard men blew auroch horr
A search revealed a black brooch, a More interesting were the notes taken and others beat drums, while the bulk (
fiery topaz, thieves' tools packed in a from the spider in the wizard-king's keep. the crowd followed, weeping or lookin
weblike net, the remains of a pickled The dungeon's muddy sludge had ruined somberly at the ground as they marche
house fly the size of a chicken, and a part of the parchment, but Raman still toward the burial grounds we'd earlier
secret passage leading down to a tunnel. helped me decipher the runes that sur- spotted from our vantage point. There,
It ran for hours. We finally reached the vived. There were hints to waves of mag- they dropped the body into an funerat
bottom of a dungeon well, just above the ical power being sucked into Glantri, a urn made of terra corn. They then adde
surface of muddy, fetid water. Unidentifi- nation northwest of Thyatis. The wizard- weapons, colorful feathers, ornament;
able, putrid flesh bobbed at the surface as king of Herath had scribbled some con- trinkets, and other personal effects. Th
we forced the tunnel's rusty grate open. I cerned comment that perhaps this had to urn was then sealed and was lowere
cast a dimm'on door to reach the top of do with the overall impoverishment of with ropes into a hole in the groum
the well and tossed a rope to Nyanga. Just mortal magic on Mystara, our "Known over which a large flat stqne was,lai
then, we heard shoutlng and the sound of World." I had no idea what he was allud- down. Finally, a shaman-an old hag (
people running toward us. Perhaps we ing to, but the thought was nevertheless a lizard woman-+ainted a regular pa
had triggered some unseen alarm. worrisome. The wizard-king of Herath tern of symhols on the stone while mal
Madly racing down the hallway came seemed neither a prankster nor an incom- ing bizarre incantations with her rasp
the admiral, shouting "Jump back, you petent fool. I would have to investigate voice. From this we gathered these Iim
fools!Jump!" A few paces behind him fol- this myself soon. Perhaps his warning men had some sort of written language-
lowed a crawling mass of huge, repulsive should be brought back to Her Imperial quite unusual for lizardkin.
spiders, hissing and clicking furiously. AU Majesty after all. Raman was excited about observin
three of us reached the bottom of the such a ceremony. The behavior of a prin
foul pit in no time. Nyanga slammed the itive race of nonhumans was of gre;
tunnel's metal grate behind w. In Pursuit ofn.Fiend interest to our sage, and he wished t
Choking and gapgin& the admiral sput- In. which Prince Haldemar and His obtltin one or two of the urn for sm+.
tered out a spell-I thought for a moment CompanionsJoin a Lizard TA?oio?nula found that rather ghoulish,but I. coul
that it must fail. But jwst as the spiders Shaman in Her Quest to Destmy a see the use ofany possible fmdings.
ripped the grate right off its hinges, the Bruin-Eating Fiend later that night, I sent Raman and se.
travel spell took effect. At last, we were era1 of the crew down into the graveyan
back on our way to the princess Ark. Amp- 23, AY 2000: There was-a We could observe them from aboard tl
Amphimlt 15, m, @OgUe I reference in the Sarag6n Gazetteer about Ark and warn them if anyone ai
congratulated Talasar and Xerdon for a some savage kingdoms hidden in the proached. Fortunately, the lizard me
job well done, as well as Lady Abo- dark forests of the Shady River. We had were diurnal-most slept except for se,
vombe, without whose alertness many been meandering above those thick era1 warriors walking the streets aroun
questions would have remained unan- woods for a week and had almost given the mounds.
up hope of finding anything when we As Raman was loading a second UI
discovered some structures below. onto the lifeboat, a horrible shriek echoe
from the Lizard-man town. Raman and his days. There was nothing of great value to her lay a giant bat with a broken wing.
crew quickly repositioned the tomb- inside the u r n . Medicinal herbs had pre- It was an old thing, with holes and rips in
stones onto their graves and hurried back served the bodies somewhat. Both bore its leather wings. Totally exhausted and
to the ship. the same facial wounds as the guard. suffering from its shattered limb, the poor
Soon we saw that one of the warriors Their brains were also .gone, as if they' creature passed away.
guarding the streets had been killed. A had been sucked out. What manner of A ring of befuddled boltmen encircled
number of warriors formed a protective monster could have done this? the shaman, wondering whether to roast
circle around his body. They looked terri- We returned the two urns to their her with their wands or toss her over-
fied. The shaman, kneeling next to the graves. After Raman had completed all of board. She began talking in a succession
corpse, lowered her torch to reveal a hor- his observations, it seemed no one had of quick rattles, clicks, snaps, and raspy
rible wound on the warrior's face. His noticed our visit. I then ordered a course lizard words. After I performed some
eye sockets were two gaping holes. Per- to the northwest, toward a large bay spell-casting, I could understand what
haps some wild beast preyed on the marked on our Gazetteer. I had no wish she said. Then, pointing a gnarled finger
lizard men. I have never seen such a to fmd out what kind of monstrosity lay at me, she added "You, I know you. I
wound before. behind the gruesome lizard-men deaths. saw you in my dreams. Ka'ar sent you to
Amp- 24: I ordered the skyship Amp- 25: The sound of flapping help us?
to a higher altitude while Raman began wings drew my attention. Just after night- These lizards were truly strange. She
his study of the two urns. His library fall, something came straight at us. I went on, "I am Haz'ar, the wise woman
came in handy in the deciphering of the ordered an evasive maneuver, but it of.Ah'roog. W a r has spoken to me in my
symbols. The u r n had prayers written on screeched and kept, turning back in our dreams. He told me of you and your
them, and such words as "Be you blessed, direction. It was clearly chasing us. wondrous ship. He spoke of the great
0 Warrior Ss'akh, for your defense of our We heard a thud. Something had hit beasts you once defeated, 0 Great Hero
ancient city Ah'roog. May the Mighty one of our masts apd had fallen to the of the humans."
War keep you safe forever." deck. There, rubbing its head, sat a lizard Immortals speaking of me? To lizard
Both corpses found in the urns were man-actually a lizard woman. It was the men? Hmm, this did not seem right at all.
rather recent-no more than three or four old hag, the shaman from Ah'roog. Next I invited the wretched creature below


and further questioned her. She told me into the dark forest. At best we saw a important, judging from the jewelry an<
some monstrous fiend had begun stalk- vague shape vanish in the shadows. feathers. His eyes were missing.
ing the city of Ah'roog about a week ago. Soon we reached the border of the "So," she squealed, "You have come tc
The lizard men could not catch it. They Kingdom of Cay. Haz'ar described it as a slay the fiend. You are late. He who lie:
lost warriors during the nights to the nation of cay-men-small, pretentious at my feet is my younger brother. He to(
fiend, sometimes one, other times five or people, half-human, half-caiman, and has fallen before the fiend. He tried tc
six All bore the same horrible wounds. about half as tall as lizard men. Haz'ar's battle the beast and lost. It seems thai
Days ago Haz'ar began having her nation, the Kingdom of Shazak, was both Shazak and Cay are suffering fron
dreams. She believed they came from her presently at peace with Cay. Perhaps the the same plague."
Immortal patron, Ka'ar, and in this she fiend thought of entering the other nation "Your cayful Majesty," 1 dared, "it i:
seemed truthful. Her dreams showed the to throw offhis pursuers. Haz'ar however indeed our quest to slay the beast. Witt
four eyes of the monster stalking her insisted she wanted to continue the hunt, your permission, we must be allowed to
warriors, and from them came visions of for the fiend might return. It had to be continue. Many more lives are at stake."
war. These visions, however, she didn't destroyed. So we marched. Unbeknownst The queen, observing me with suspi.
understand. They showed humans fight- to Haz'ar, the Arkflew just above, obselv- cion, said, "Why do you wish to help
ing humans, the symbol of an eagle in ing. I found this very reassuing. human?"
the sunset, and that of a winged bull Alphamlr 8: Our trail lead us to Tu'eth, '"Itoo seek revenge, your Majesty. The
against a sunrise. Then followed the the capital of the cay-men. It seemed that fiend had tasted blood before he harmec
image of an hourglass tumbling in the slayings of cay-men hunters had pre- your noble subjects. Please, your Majesty
night, and always the gaze of the fiend ceded us by a day or so, and they were No one is safe. Where was your brothel
would appear at the end of her visions, happening twice as often now. Already, found?"
as if they had been sent by him. word had come of more hideous murders The cay-men whispered and whistlec
I was utterly astonished! A chill ran within the city of Tu'eth. At least we among each other, glancing often in mJ
down my back as I realized the eagle and hadn't lost track of the fiend. direction with distrusting looks. Thc
the winged bull could be the symbols of A band of armored warriors riding char- queen then shook her rattle-scepter anc
Thyatis and Alphatia! A war? Again? No, iots met us at the entrance of Tu'eth. The said, " H e was found in the Mines 01
this couldn't be. But what was this hour- diminutive warriors stood arrogantly Hwezzah. Go there, human, and take
glass?A symbol of time to come perhaps. behind their lizard striders, proudly wear- your lizard shaman with you. If you sla)
Somehow, this fiend was at the center of ing peacock feathers on top of their scaly the monster, you shall go free. If not, 1
the puzzle. Surely, it must have been heads. One of them, waving his puny lit- shall condemn you to work for the restol
playing tricks on the mind of this old tle javelins a t us, said with a strange your lives in the mines. Leave now."
hag. This fiend knew enough about Thy- squealing and wheezing voice, "Strangers, Alp- 9 Not until the evening did
atis, Alphatia, and me to fabricate fan- state your business or succumb to the we reach the mines, a terrible place witi-
tasies and get an obscure lizard shaman wrath of CayV a single MIIOW shaft going straight down
to find me. Why? What did it want with Seeing my hand slip to my wand, We descended and entered a network 01
me? It was too strange. I had to find out Haz'ar put her hand on my arm and tunnels with little cubbyholes dug intc
who or what was behind all this. answered "We come in peace, 0 Noble the walls that were the resting places 01
I agreed to help Haz'ar find the fiend. cay-lords! We seek to slay the fiend that the slaves working there. Most had gone
With a wide smile revealing the rotten killed the mighty hunters of Cay!" She nearly blind from the darkness anc
and broken teeth on her reptilian face, bowed deeply. screamed in pain at the light of OUI
Haz'ar fell to her scaly knees. '"Praise The leader of the cay-men rode up to torches.
War! Ka'ar preserve us all!" me, and, with his fsts on his hips, stared A cay-man guard cracked his whip to
Alphamit 4 , AY 2001: In the days up at me inquisitively. "1 don't trust them. send the slaves back to work, but most
after Haz'ar's visit to the Ark, we disem- Let's take them to the Queen! March were too terrified to leave their holes
barked and went to Ahroog. We heard ahead, strangers!" We complied. The fiend had indeed been here, judgins
of more slayings occurring near a village Cay-man guards on the palisade sur- from the number of slaves' bodies. All
called T'lak, and we journeyed north rounding the Queen's compound work at the mine had come to a halt.
after the fiend. The pattern then contin- sounded their trumpets when we arrived. The guards weren't much better. They
ued in the direction of Ryt'takk. The We were loaded into a large net and walked in groups, cautiously lookins
fiend was on the move. Perhaps it sensed hoisted to the other side by a uane. The around. Beyond one point they woulc
we were tracking it. We did several times Royal Guards of Cay escorted us to the not advance further. One of them pointec
come close to encountering it, but it Queen's throne, where she brooded. forward, "He was found there." m e r
always seemed to outguess us and escape Before her lay the body of someone they retreated in good order.
Haz'ar and I walked down a tunnel, and paddled frantically after the fiend. the canoe, drag me aboard, and then col-
bent low to avoid hitting the ceilings with Much later, when the river had gained lapse inside, totally exhausted. We drifted
our heads. I heard a clicking sound. dangerously in speed, we could no downstream most of the night, without
"What's that? I asked. longer see anywhere to put ashore. Cen- strength or paddles.
"My old knees." answered Haz'ar. It turies of roaring waters had smoothed The sun rose above the fog. The river
was obvious she was almost petrified out the sides of the tunnel. The water had entered a swampy region. It was
with fear, yet she continued. rushed down the passage at a frightening hard to tell where we were. The canoe
"This is silly. There is no need for us to speed, and the canoe shook so much I hit something and stopped.
do this alone," I said. I cast a rruvelspell could not cast a spell to save my life. We "Eh, mohn. There be a tree trunk in the
and returned us both to the princess Ark. both clung to the canoe's sides. Before way," said Nyanga. Suddenly, he pulled
Talasar was relieved to see us both safely we realized what was happening, the out his giant sword. "That be no tree
back aboard. I had to rest and meditate canoe was sucked into a vicious whirl- trunk, mohn. It moved."
for more appropriate spells. Our next day pool. Everything went dark as my head "Yo, who you callin' a tree trunk,
would be a difficult one. hit a rock. punk?" A seven-foot-tall creature stood
Alphamir 10: I returned to the tunnel Alphamir 10, Talasar:It was a trap. right behind the canoe. It looked like a
the next day with Xerdon, Nyanga, The fiend must have known that the pil- giant cay-man, but with huge jaws and
Haz'ar, and Talasar. Nyanga stood in the lar supported the chamber's vaulted ceil- jagged teeth. Nyanga took a swing at it,
front, his huge sword strapped to his ing and deliberately caused the cave-in. It or he tried. Another swamp creature rose
back-nly a small blade would fit in must have guessed that we were too behind him and grabbed hold of his
these tight q m n . much for it to fight as a group. We had to wrist. Two others rose out of the muck
The tunnel led to a larger chamber. fmd the Admiral at once. and caught me before I could cast a spell.
The light of our torches glinted off the We went down another tunnel trying to "Hey, dey're no lizers'. Whaddya rhink,
red ore. The cay-men had found a small find a way around the rubble. At first, all Gnarff?"said one.
vein of cinnabryl. Perhaps this is what we found was small groups of cay-men "Yeh, dat's weird. Dey ain't got no
attracted the creature in this mine. guards. They ran from us, but we heard scales. Let's eat 'em!=said Grid.
Suddenly, a large blob of hideous their leaders trying to rally the troops. "Nyeh, I dunno. Let's take 'em to
orange flesh appeared from the shadows. They were organizing a man-hunt. Gurr'ash. Maybe the chiePll rewar' US,*
It moved fast, as much on its on six crab It became clear we could not fight their intervened a third with an eye patch.
legs as on its dozens of tentacles. With- well-organized search parties. Mobs of They tied us, sank the canoe, and swam
out a moment of hesitation, Talasar, Xer- cay-men guards ran down the tunnels away canying us on their scaly hacks.
don, and I let our spells fly at once. Al- with javelins and nets, hoping to find us. Alphamir 11, Talasm This was in-
most instantly, the creature grabbed hold We played hide-and-seek for hours he- deed a rough ride. The current that
of a pillar and caused the chamber to fore Xerdon spotted the Admiral's foot- spewed us out of the bowels of the cay-
cave in. prints. At least he and Nyanga were still men tunnels split our canoe down the
Everyone ducked and scrambled. Tala- alive. They had gone after the fiend. middle. We ended up swimming back to
sar, Xerdon, and Haz'ar dove to one side, Soon afterward, we reached a series of the river bank. Beyond lay a realm of
Nyanga and I to the other. The torches dugout canoes. We could hear cay-men swamps. Wild-eyed, Haz'ar said, "We
died as billowing clouds of dust ffied the chiefs shouting orders and the sound of can't go any further.. This is the Bayou,
chamber. Soon, I discovered tom of ~ b - war trumpets echoing in the tunnel. We the land of the gator men. They're big,
ble separated us from our companions. fled in one of the canoes after setting fire they're fierce, and they're always hungry.
We were trapped in darkness. to the others. And they hate lizardkin."
The sound of something fleeing echoed Paddling downstream, we could see Well, we couldn't abandon the Admi-
ahead. I cast a spell of light, just to see the cay-men guards jumping u p and ral. Our best chance was to get back to
the shadow of the fiend writhing away down, and waving heir short a r m at us. the Princess Ark. Of course, she was
down.a tunnel. Haz'ar smiled smugly, and as the water invisible. But perhaps we could attract
"Come," I said to Nyanga, "We must gained speed, she said "They want her attention. Xerdon cast a wail of&m If
chase it, the others will follow if they come back! Su-ure ... well, that's one the fire didn't catch, at least the smoke
can." We ran down the tunnel which man-hunt going down the drain!" would he visible from miles away.
grew narrower with an underground Alpham& 11, Haldemac Lucky that Alphamir 1, Haldemar: I landed
river running down the middle. We could Nyanga was there, else I would have heavily in a mud puddle when my reptil-
see the creature ahead, swimming away. drowned. We had been caught in a cur- ian captor shook me offhis back.
Several cay-man dugo t canoes lay by rent bubbling up into an aboveground We had been swimming down the
the side of the river. Wd jumped into one river. Nyanga managed to swim back to Swamplight River, according to Gnarff.


We reached a spot in a huge lagoon Well, it seemed a gator hunt was due.
where these giant alligator men crowded ordered the crew to d m p lines with hool
the water. Without warning, Gnarfdove and bait. Perhaps we could force a few
underwater and swam down to some gator men to speak.
cave. Beyond lay a vast complex partially Indeed, a gator man swam by and
filled with water. Of the three mces en- stopped near one of the pieces of bait.
countered in this region,this one was the After observing the bait, he grabbed the
most primitive. N o paintings, ScU~pNres, line out of the water and saw the hook.
or feathers here. Just filthy, smelly muck. He then gazed at the line, following it up
And lots of tall gator men. "You wait to the point where it became invisible.
'ere," said Gnarff. "Hey, how dat g e t up dere?" he mum-
Hours later, an even bigger and bled while tugging on the line. He started
meaner-looking gator man approached. to climb the line. Ramisstir was at the
He wore a strange armor made of lizard other end with a big mallet. That gator
skin and bones, and on his head was a man never knew what hit him. When he
spiked helmet made ofUUCOdile skin. He wakes up, he'll have a long talk with us.
yanked both Nyanga and me off our feet, Alphamir 14, Haldemar: The time
and carried us down to a large chamber. had come. Neither Nyanga nor I had
From the looks of it, it had to be some managed to loosen the bamboo strips
temple. There were pits of bubbling that held us on the altar. The gator men
mud, cracks in the ground from which now filled the chamber, chanting crude
rose blue flames, and an 18'-tall statue of incantations. The queen of the gator men
a reptilian humanoid with two apelike appeared and took her place on a throne
heads, tentacles instead of arms, and a to one side. Then two gator men cranked
forked tail. That couldn't he good. up a large bamboo gate, revealing the
Nyanga and I were tied with bamboo entrance to a dark cavern.
strips to a large altar. That wasn't good From behind the gate came'gurgling,
either. 'I%e big gator man then said, "To- hissing, and growling sounds. Soon a
morrow you will be sacrificed to the horrible creature crawled out. The gator
Avatar of a m . " Tnat was bad. men cheered. Suddenly, I recognized the
ALpJmmir 13, Taliwar: Blasted be the monster-it was the fiend that we had
swamp fog! We were lucky enough to pursued down into the mines of the cay-
get the Princess Ark's attention, but we men. It stopped its bizarre noises, and
haven't been able to find the Admiral so smirked "Oh, so sorry. I didn't know it
far. I fear the worst. was you! You didn't believe 1 was going
We've reached an island at the center to eat you, now did you? All I really want
of a large lagoon. Haz'ar says it is the is your brain.. . Hold on a minute."
heart of the Kingdom of Ator, a huge It turned toward the gator men, roared,
swamp ruled by brutish, cruel gator and writhed its tentacles menacingly at
men. We circled the island several times, them. The gator men bowed deeply and
but could not see any towns, mounds, quickly left the chamber.
or burrows of any kind, Haz'ar suspects "Now, that's better. The fools believe I
the gator men live under the water in am the Avatar of Gorn, the Immortal
subterranean dwellings. Had the Admi- patron of the gator men. What a crock!"
ral been a lizardkin, they would have the fiend added.
killed him instantly. But h u m a n e t h e y I couldn't believe my ears. Perhaps the
wouldn't know what to make of them, evil creature was just toying with me
according to Haz'ar. Thus, there still is a before killing me. There was nothing I
small chance that he and Nyanga are could do, so I decided to find out what
inside the gator-men's lair, somewhere he was up to. "Now, what is a fiend like
beneath us, under miles of swamps you doing in a swamp like this?"
stretching below the Princess Ark. But He looked truly surprised. "A fiend!


"He must have done all this to set you Dragonmaster of the 2nd circle! And front of Beryliths mouth. We then asked
up to find me, so I could acquire your what's with you, Alphatian? her to become visible. That did it. The
brain. That lizard shaman of yours be- I risked a last question. "I seek an hour- gator man sang like a scaly bird.
came a convenient tool to get you to glass tumbling in the night." The problem was that the gator-man's
hunt me. I do know for a fact the Wizard "An hourglass? The one I honor is the "capital" was nowhere to be seen. The
King had some knowledge of how to symbol of the dAmbrevilles! And why whole thing lay below ground, under
send dreams. He tested that on me sev- would you care... why would I care?Just tons of the lagoon's muck. We consid-
eral times. The Wizard King also knew who am I? The befuddled Neh-Thalggu ered using some wafer breathing potions,
the kin of Shazak fairly well, since his drooled even more. Then suddenly, it but we would still have to contend
people trade with them o n a regular began chanting what seemed delirious hundreds of rather large gator men.
basis. That lizard shaman must have been Thothian incantations, and added '"It's This is when a low rumbling came
someone he knew to he resourceful breached! It's breached! The Old One from the water. At first, there were just a
enough to get in your way-so he must comes!" Finally, The Neh-Thalggu few large bubbles, hut then the entire
have been the one sending those dream. screeched horribly, and ran away sneam- surface of the water seem to turn into a
What can I say, the man is brilliant! Of ing into the dark. volcano, with rocks, flames, and bits of
course, I don't mind this arrangement at Good, he forgot his scalpel! Nyanga gator men flying in all directions, just
all. Now about that brain ..." managed to grab it and free us in no barely missing the PrincemArk. The bru-
I had to think fast. "Hold o n for a time. We had to get out of there quickly; tal eruption ended as quickly as it began,
minute, young man. You said you col- there was no telling how long the Neh- with tons of greenish water rushing back
lected a Herathian brain. Now, wasn't Thalggu's insanity would last. I didn't to fill some underground vacuum. Surely,
there something odd about that Herath- know what went wrong with that Herath: .if the Admiral had been down there, he
ian? I truly must know." ian brain, but it certainly confused the would be dead by now.
"Like what? he asked, crossing his crab Neh-'hlggu's wits: But wait! A sphere covered-with d u d
legs. We could not escape with a travelspell came bobbing up at the surface of the
"I'm not sure." I ventured. "Something -1 had already used it to enter the cay- water. The sludge dripped off, revealing
about spiders. Big, ugly, hairy spiders." men mine, days ago, and 1 hadn't medi- the Admiral and Nyanga, sitting inside a
The bloated hump that I presumed tated for new spells since. But Nyanga translucent sphere, laughing hysterically.
cmtained the Herathian brain pulsed and had a brilliant idea. It w
jiggled for a minute. The Neh-Thalggu but it just might do the tri
then said, "Hmm, Wait ... Hard to tell a light spell, h e threw
with those aliens. Oh yes, that's really
odd, never noticed that. What the... Uh,
ahh..." %e Neh-Thalggu opened wide its ered it with a thick layer of wet ing my visit at h'
eyes as drool dripped from his tossed it on one of the two fiam' 'fantasy. Perhaps
mouth. Suddenly, he straightened up,
haughtily looking down at me with his
four yellow eyes. With a n imperious extinguished. He repeated eration sent to H
voice he then inquired '"What are you on the other crack. Flammable gases Was that
doing in my presence, human? I am Lord rapidly began Fillin
Achym of Ensheya, spider-lord of Sha- had to act fast.
hav!" Then, confused, the Neh-Thalggu
hesita& "No, wait." entrance and its echoes drifted down Wizard King. How could
I could have sworn this was someone many galleries winding away from us. I coincidence? And then, I c
else speaking. Judging from his looks,
this Neh-Thalggu was going insane. It
looked like he was suffering from an Alphamlc 14, Talasm. The gator mhn presu
acute split-personality syndrome. What would not speak. Even Haz'ar's tickling Glant
could have caused this? Perhaps all those
alien brains-must be unhealthy after a
The Neh-lhalggu drooled more. "Aha!
I know now. I am Lady Aliana Nyraviel
of Glantri, Countess of Soth-Kabree, gator man to a rope and dangled him in lies in the dark, be it trut

three silvery creatures swooped by. I Another vanished instantly as it ran afoul
Lords of Shade and Hue thought at first these were dragons, but of the catapultsdevastating magic. Bery-
which Prince HaldemurBecomes the unusual silver color made this im- lith defeated several others, but the
h i k d in a Quam1 Befrueen the probable. They looked more like wy- attacks continued, unrelenting.
p i e Soirit and the Soirit Mother and verns. One of them suddenly released a It became clear that the attacks were
Cursed to Live as a Liza lightning bolt at us. No, they werent not meant to destroy the Princess Ark.
wyverns either. The creatures directed their assaults at
Alphamir 17,AY 2001: Three days Another flew past us and spat a second masts, sails, and other unoccupied areas.
have past since we left the gator-mens bolt just before disappearing into the Despite damage and utter chaos on deck,
bayou. All that talk of Alphatia and Thy- storm clouds. Its bolt shattered a mast no one aboard had been hurt thus far.
atis was a troubling matter. I found the and scorched much of the rigging. Luck- I took a gamble and ordered a cease
Wizard King of Heraths ability to send ily, no one was hurt. The boltmen re- fire. The creatures swooped a few more
dreams to people extremely disquieting, leased their anger and their wands at the times, observing, and then disappeared
and I asked my old friend Talasar for a creatures, but their bolts did not seem to into the dark clouds. I still had no clue as
special prayer that would protect us. I hurt the creatures much. Perhaps they to why the attack took place, other than
could not mn the risk of having any of bad some immunity to lightning-it something or someone wanting to dis-
my officers minds affected in such a would make sense. able the ship. The Princess showed dam-
treacherous fashion. I was deep in my More of the creatures attacked. The age serious enough that repair was re-
thoughts when the snap of thunder shook crew was better prepared now and met quired at once. When the storm ended,
the assault with determination. The magi- we would descend to the land below and
the Princess Ark. What now?I heard Tala-
sar sounding the alarm on the upper cal fire of the light ballistae mced grace- mend the masts and rigging.
ful arches through the dark, forcing the Alp- 18, Haldemar from a later
deck, and squads of boltmen running up
to their battle stations. This was no ordi- creatures to jink and roll before diving on account: We found a secluded cleaiing
nary storm. I rushed topside. the Princess. One got its wing caught in a in the forest. The Princess slowly de-
The Princess was climbing to get above heavy ballista s magical web, screeched, scended to the tree tops, and the crew
and tumbled down into the clouds. fastened lines to hold her steady. The
some big thunderheads when suddenly


plan was to acquire several good quality whereabouts. So far, I've discounted the Alphamir 18, Xerdon: We followed
logs for the masts, hut this would expose possibility of wild animals or monsters. the small native hunting party They had
the crew as they would no longer benefit No traces of combat were found, nor any no prisoners, nor any way in which to
from the Princess's invisibility. Xerdon remains. I suspect he was abducted. conceal them. We were about to give up
and Nyanga returned after a few hours Why, I do not yet know. the observation when all twelve tribes-
from their scouting mission. They had Native tribesmen have been sighted men suddenly vanished from
seen no one in the woods. All seemed leaving the forest, south of our position. They were nowhere to be seer
peaceful. Work began immediately. They could have had something to do Later in the night, the tribesmen re-
When I was convinced all safety mea- with the Admiral. I sent Xerdon and turned. They quietly entered our camp-
sures had been taken, I left the ship to Nyanga to observe them. Lady Abovombe site, without any warning. Nyanga, who
oversee repairs. I was best qualified to decided to join their party. 1 will remain was on watch at the time, saw no telling
pick the trees for the masts because I to oversee repairs. I've doubled boltmen sign of their arrival-they just appeared
would have to enchantment them later. patrols in the vicinity. No one is to be next to us.
The raucous laughter of a bird echoed alone at any time until this mystery is Fortunately, these tribesmen were
strangely somewhere in the forest. MO- unveiled. peaceful and simply curious about who
mens later, the crew began cutting down A l p h a 18, Haldemar from a later we were. They tossed a stmnge creature's
a majestic tree. I sat on a mossy rock next account: Alas, I had to leave the forest carcass, which they called a roo, on to
to a pond, as the tree trunk creaked and after running into several unsavory crit- the campfire and roasted it. One of the
groaned in its fall. ters with cravings for lizard flesh. I dis- so-far silent tribesmen spoke after the roo
Some time went by as Raman and the covered I could frighten smaller animals feast.
crew examined the log for any splinters by stretching out my frill and standing up They knew nothing of the Admiral's
or irregularities. Satisfied, he turned menacingly. This was useful since I fate. We were the fust people of our kind
toward me and began, "This one's per- couldn't cast any magic in my current that they had met. The leader of the
fect, Your High ... Admiral?" He turned shape. I also discovered I could run quite tribesmen said he knew some magical
around several times, apparently not see- fast as well. I've done a lot of that lately. place farther south where we could find
ing me. Hands on his hips, he added I was north of the forest, in open grass- out about many things. Perhaps the med-
"Well, by Yiggureth, where is he now?" land. I must admit I'd lost my way in the icine men there would help us. We
How could he not see me? I just sat tall grass, with no possibility of reaching agreed, and decided to leave the next
there, amazed. Then I walked up to him. the ship. This could be trouble. day at dawn.
Strange-he seemed twice as tall as he A sudden noise in the grass got my Alphamir 19,Haldemarfrom a later
used to be. Indeed, I could barely reach attention. A tribesman squatted nearby, account: I woke up with a throbbing
his belt. Perhaps this place was magic. I watching me. He must have had some headache. I thought it all had been a had
tugged on his belt. lizardkin blood, judging from the very dream, but I had no such luck. I hung
"Eh, what's this? Shoo! Out of my way, fine scales covering his skin. He other- from a branch, with my tail tied to a
you, I'm busy." said Raman. He shoved wise seemed almost human. I looked him string-how discouraging.
me off to the side, into a bush. "Bolt- in the eyes, hoping to communicate. 'Ilie tribesman sat nearby, fming embers
men," ordered &ma% "sound the alarm, "Friend., . Help..." I tried to think very in his campfire, probably to roast me.
the Admiral is missing." loudly. Lizard or not, it was time to act. I swung
I tried to call, but only a faint squeak He began aiming his spear at me. Well, a few times at the end of my tail, leapa,
came out. A squeak7 I realized with hor- that didn't work. Time to run! and ended up perched on the branch.
ror that I had somehow transformed into I ran and ran until I ended up in a dead That caught the tribesman's attention.
some lizard with a big, scaly frill around end at the base of a large rocky monolith. I stood up, pointed a lit& reptitian fin-
my neck. A lizard' Me!? Who could have Drat! I tried to use the frill thing to intimi- ger at my captor, and then down at *e
dared such insolent uickery! date my pursuer. The tribesman raised an offending string still at my tail. The tribes-
The crew stepped aboard the lifeboat. I eyebrow, pulled a curved piece of wood man took a few steps back in amaze-
rushed to get on board, hut a boltman and hurled it at me. It spun in the air and ment. He scratched his head, and'then
grabbed me by the tail and tossed me off flew right past my head. "Ha!" I thought regained his composure. He approached
the lifeboat. "Hey! Get off, you. Go away, "...missed me." That's when the wooden and removed the string, watching me
shoo!" missile suddenly came back and hit me carefully.
Now what do I do? in the hack of the head. That was it, I He considered me for an instant, and
Alphamir 18, Talasar: I fear the worst thought; I was to end up as some tribes- then stirred up his campfire again.
may have happened to the Admiral. None man's dinner after all. What a pity. All Embers crackled and sparks rose above
of our search parties have revealed his went dark. hid as he began chanting. This was some

shaman perhaps, but be knew magic to brought an ointment of soothing L.La.

talk to lizards. He said he was Gagidju, a put to good use. A medicine man called I had ample opportunity to observe this
walkabout medicine man. Kapurugi was watching and appreciated medicine man during our journey. The
"Ooh," he said. "You are gondaman. the act. He later agreed to help to us. very fine reptilian scales covering his
Barramundje cursed you." Lady Abovombe explained, "We are body had a tendency to change colors
"Who's that, and why was I cursed?" I strangers in this land, Kapurugi. We slightly, depending on the surrounding or
asked. never meant harm to anyone here. We the light, very much like a chameleon.
''She Spirit Mother of WaUara. She pro- are seeking a lost friend. Those who had The skin had this shimmering quality that
tects land, water in the billabongs, and led us here thought that the mystery of UMeNed me Several times.
trees in the outback. Should listen to our friend's disappearance could be He lit a small fire, and again enlivened
kookaburra's call when you hear it. You solved here in Risilvar." the embers. This time he pulled out s h l l
angered Barramundje. Unwise .._"said "Many secrets can be unveiled in the chips of opal and played dith thkm for
Gagidju. "Now, you gondaman." lost city," said the medicine man. But frst some time. He then tdssed hand-sized
"Well, can you break the curse?" I we need a corroboree." pieces of painted-bapk into the fire and
asked. He called a,few of his friends and they began chanting. The ceremony lasted
"Ooh no. Very unwise. Only great spirit built a fire in one of the alleyways. They hours, until well after sunset. The flames
breaks Barramundje's curse We can go began,dancing and chanting around it. were casting odd moving shadows
to dreamstone. There, the Eagle Spirit Strange colors appeared on their skins, against the cavern's vault. At timtes I
will help," answered Gagidju. He then and kept changing as'the corroboree could see the shadows of birdvamong
added, "Maybe." went on. Sparks and smoke rose from the the rocks. Mesmerized,,I began seeing
A&hunk 20, Xerdom We reached a fire. In the flames there appeared a fish, images in the shadows, as if I were
small town in the rocky hills. It looked and then a strange lizard with a frill. dreaming. Soonmy mind *aslost in the
like an ancient archeological site. Judging Pinally a great eagle appeared and took pattern of mving dark shapes.
from their architecture, the buildings the lizard m a y into a mountain. Alp- 21, T h d r Xerdon fmally
must have been erected centuries ago by "Your friend is alive. But he's a go& returned from h i s ~ t h s i d
At +e,idea of
some advanced civilization. They had man, a cursed one. H e roams the out- the Admiral beiw turned into a lizard, 'I
fallen into ruins at some point, and the hack now," said Kapumgi. prayed all nigh for all m a d r s of remov-
tribesmen had taken over the site. They "What d o you mean, he's cursed? ing curses. A iohg d%ylay ahead 6
tried to rebuild some of the structures, asked Lady Abovombe. The task OF hunting down every frilled
using mud and straw, but it was clear "He is a lizard. You muss leave him lizard in +e region was both ludicrous
none of the original work was theirs. alone.' He caused a' quarrel between elve and daunting, but nevertheless seemed
They religiously cleaned up the older Spirit Mother and the ragle Splrit. 732s is clucid. Where could the' Admiral be?
structures and revealed long forgotten bad. You must leave the lost city now." I sent out the crew in small hunting
runes that their medicine men studied at This wasn't much help at all. There parties with nets and bags, and the hunt
length. must have been some mountain some- began. Xerdon, Abovombe, ,and Nyanga
They called the place Risilvar, the lost where in the grasslands north from here would ride their enius, scouting the grass-
city. Our arrival caused some agitation. Perhaps we would find the Admiral-x a lands for signs of the Admiral. Mean-
Medicine men looked at us and said, lizarddere. This was rathff bizdne. We while, I woufd esmitie each and every
"Balandas-evil spirits." And from then had to return to the Prtncess Ark and me of those hi%&. Perhaps I cmid dis-
on, no one would speak to us.Even the reporr all this to TaIasar. Kappunrgi met us cern elhi& was h e &.
tribesmen who had led us here shunned at the gate of Risilvar. H e held three very Hoors latar, mme.t?f %he
us. We were free to. @J about Risflvar as large,'flightless birds. He harrded u5 their roturnlng mh ba&'f(rlt 8 f
we pleased, but everyone kept their dis- reins and then mimicked the position of the de& waa crswd& with runaway
tance. a horseman. "Take emus. Yon will need frilled lizards as well as goannas and
Lady Abovombe had seen thk kind of them to travet the outback. Good,luck." ofher unrelated animals. LateP in' the
behavior among the tribes in her nation. AIphamir 20, Hddemar from a later night, natives began following the crew
She bel~evedwe had stepped right into account: After a day's march across the to the princess gleefully selling any-
these medicinemem's beliefs. llley asso- outback, Gagidju and I arrived at the thing they could lay their hands on,
ciated us wi& scune ancesval emmy in Wallabong dreamstone. The great stone including amazing creatures thac de-
their mythobgy. We'had eo prove our monolith rose straight up from the grass. lighted Raman. The deck became a rac-
peaceful intentiom. O n our way to the top, E notire&several ing track for platypuses, spiny anteaters,
She later found' a armndkd tribesman ancient paintings, and finally &e enmme flying squimels, dm'gow; koala bears,
in one of the ruins. Fortuwtely, she had to. a large cavern with a s d i biUabang. wombais,. acd kangaroos. Tliis happy


crowd was soon returned to the ground

below so I could concentrate on those
The Return Home end of our journey in this strange world.
The creature-I called her a Jlicker-
remaining frilled lizards, at last. In Which prince Haldemar Learn of the stopped among a cluster of floating rocks.
Alphamir 21, Hakiemar from a later Nucleus of the Spheres ,andReturn to Floating above one, it created a gate of
account: Gagidju had gone when I Empress E W n a With News of blue, crackling light.
awoke from the magical dreams. Gagi- Ominous Portents; the Princess Ark I cast a minor spell as payment, then
dju's dreams were truly amazing. I saw is Ordered Home we bid the flicker farewell and entered
the eagle that he had spoken of. the gate. Alas, I soon discovered it led
It had risen from the furtive shadows of Alphamir 25, AY 2001, Haldemar: not to the place we had sought. I had
the cavern and turned into a man with After the strange discoveries of the past expected to see the Hardball arena in
small flames coming out of his eyes. At weeks, I decided to return to Alphatia Sundsvall. Instead, we stood in the Ethe-
his feet sat the silvery "thunderheads," and warn Her Imperial Majesty. I couldn't real Plane, observing through the wisps
the creatures that had attacked the prin- take the time to fly the Princess Ark all of ether a very large and unknown cav-
cess Ark during the storm. They seemed the way back, nor did I want to take the em somewhere on the Prime Plane,
very small next to him. An hourglass risk of breaching the Skyshield for a The gate faded away behind
appeared in his hand, and he hurled it faster journey. The ship still needed Trapped! The flicker had tricked us. DUI
against the ground, shattering it. He repair anyway. So, despite Her Majesty's why? I had no trawlspells left. So, while
finally said, "Beware of the mountain orders to stay away from the empire, I I rested and meditated for new spells,
wizards. They bring the doom of your took along Lady Abovombe and faithful Myojo and Abovomhe would watch for
world." Finally, a fish approached the Myojo when I cast a travel spell. Talasar any activity in the cavern and around us
edge of the cavern's pond. It transformed would take the Princess out of the land in the Ethereal Plane.
into an elven maiden with a gem in her of Wallara and seek another repair site. Alphamir 26, Talasar,from a later
forehead. She waved her hand at me and I had to find a short cut through the account: Not far from the lands of Wal-
I regained my former human shape. Mist outer planes. Soon after leaving the Astral lara, we found a patch of very tall trees
then rose in the cavern and I lost con- Plane we reached the Plane of Draesten, towering over the forest. We could see
sciousness again. a cluster-universe of raw energy in the no activity below, save for some unusu-
Upon my awakening, Lady Abovombe outer planes. There, we appeared to be ally large raccoon-faced monkeys casu-
appeared at the cavern's entrance, riding standing on a high mountain peak. Rain- ally jumping from branch to branch-
a strange bird. I thought for a moment I bows of magical might shlmmered across nothing to worry about. They'll make a
was still dreaming. After my companions' the sky all around us. We flew for some good stew for the crew.
arrival in the cavern had f d l y dispelled time among Draesten's dizzying flashes I had the Princess Ark hover above a
my confusion, we gathered near the and bursts of hue and energy when I clearing, and sent the crew down to pie-
pond and spoke at length about what noticed a flickering silhouette following pare for the ship's landing. Once they
had occurred. I could have talked at us. It was so faint I had missed it earlier, were down, I ordered the ship to become
length about all I had experienced lately, but it was there, and it was alive. The sil- visible to ease repair. Work was proceed-
but it was clear that we had to return to houette, possibly 20' long, seemed to fol- ing at a good pace. Several trees with
Alphatia without delay. low our flight, occasionally coming up to perfectly straight trunks were soon cut
Far too many clues about an ominous our side. down. Raman and Leo were doing won-
future had surfaced. They could not be I spoke to it, but it did not respond. I ders directing operations.
ignored or dismissed as mere coinci- tried sign language, with the same result. Suddenly, a volley of stings, stones,
dences. Nor was there any evidence that At last, I gambled a mad magic. Success! sticks, spears; and arrows came pouring
my dream of the hourglass symbol and The flickering light was sentient and down on the crew. Sentries were the fmt
the new mention of mountain wizards- friendly. She stated she'd be willing to to fall, most of them without a word. I
presumably Glantrians-came from the carry us to the site we sought, in ex- saw Ramissur pull a sting out of his arm,
sinister creatures I had met several days change for a burst of magical energy- take a few steps, and fall flat on his face.
ago, namely the N e h - T h a w or the Wiz- mere food for this creature. I suspected Poison! They were using poison. Our
ard-King of Herath. Perhaps I had indeed curiosity to be her motivation, for this attackers were hiding in the hushes and
met with the Immortals. With a chill I place was filled with all sorts of energy. the trees. 1 could not see them. Feeling a
recalled the vision of S&kkumbo, the As the deal was struck, the three of us burning sensation on the back of my
Prophet of Yav.dom's brother, when he found ourselves within the multicolored neck, I turned around and barely had the
died in Jaibul six months ago. The empire entity and shot across the sky, hurtling time to notice a sfrange, raccoon-faced
was in danger: we hpd to warn Her through Draesten like comets in Mystara's monkey staring back at me from under
Majeq at once. h firmament, It took little time to reach the the shadow of a large fern. It held a long


blowgun. The scene blurred and all went I had to do something about this Glan-
dark. trian scheme, whatever it was. If there loosen some of Raman's ropes and they
Alpbamir 26, Hal- It appeared was something like forbidden magic, this began to give way. The natives began
the cavern was made of black stone fused was it. If I warned Her Majesty, it would playing drums and a distant echo re-
by great heat. Approximately 500' in mean war. The empire would not ignore sponded. Good, that kept their attention
diameter, it had the shape of a sphere this fiendish magical device and would away from us. Raman eventually freed
except for the flattened floor. A duU-gray have to march against Glantri sooner or himself and untied me. Before anything
structure, almost 2M)' long, occupied the later. Thyatis would, of course, inevitably else, I prayed for Razud to bestow upon
center. Nearby stood a large statue with rise against Alphatia. Thyatians would my companion a blessing to neutralize
an inscription at the bottom: 'Alexander never allow an Alphatian presence in poison. He would need it to approach the
Glantri4tiU He Protects." what they've always considered as their natives-soonas my voice attracted the
Glantri? Perhaps we had entered a backyard. natives' attention.
secret crypt somewhere in Glantri. The What was I to do? I had fought before Raman stepped forward. He cleared his
Draesten flicker clearly had something in and knew all too well the savagery and throat, "Uh, gentlemen, would you
mind when it led us here. There must sorrow of war. Many would suffer and please ..." and went on chirping at the
have been someone else behind its die. Should men die for magic to exist? natives in their strange idiom and making
actionssomeone powerful. Who? How right was rhis cause? gestures. After a moment of silence, a
I studied the gray structure and found My dilemma was eating at me. If I did wave of rage overtook the natives. Raman
no way to enter it. The whole object was nothing, magic and all that is wondrous had perhaps insulted one of the leaders.
magical and impervious to my influence, would disappear forever from our world. A cloud of poisoned stings came flying in
even from the Ethereal Plane. I tried to If I exposed the Glantrian scheme, his direction. A moment later, Raman was
dispel its fields of magic and to cast a empires would clash in perhaps the great- still standing there, trying to protect him-
magic door, but these attempts and sev- est of all wars, bringing misery and dark- self while removing the prickly stings.
eral others proved futile. The mysterious ness to many. What if Alphatia lost the The natives became suddenly quiet.
structure either exuded powerful anti- war? In apparent awe, they all dropped to
magic or it was an artifact. Considering No. I wasn't brought here merely to do their knees and bowed before Raman.
the sue of the structure, either possibility nothing. If so, they should have chosen "Oh, by the Brow of Smaarad!" said
seemed mind-boggling. Even Alphatia someone else instead. t just was not that Raman. "They think I'm some sort of for-
could not produce something like this! kind. Perhaps without magic there would est spiriP' His ability to resist their sleep-
To think Glantrians concealed such a be neither man nor world-indeed, it ing poison had truly impressed the
device sent a chill down my spine. was time to leave this forsaken place. I natives. They were ready to obey him, up
I had guessed I'd have to deal with had seen enough. to a point. Raman convinced his follow-
some sort of mystery here and had stud- Alphamir 27,Talasar, from a later ers to untie me, but they refused to free
ied my spell of lore last evening. The acmune I awoke to find myself tied to a anyone else. Soon afterward, the natives
spell revealed the structure was called tree trunk. Next to me was Raman. The carried us toward their village.
the "Nucleus of the Spheres." It also remainder of the crew was slowly waking Alphamir 27, Haldemai: With the
unveiled its function: to enhance one's up as well. The entire crew was similarly help of a travelspell we returned to the
magical prowess while forever draining tied, dangling from branches or tied to location in Draesten where we had last
magic from the world of Mystara. masts on the PrfncessArk. With horror, I seen the flicker. She was gone, and so
I felt a ghastly hand dutch at my heart. realized our assailants had taken over the was the magical gate. As-I suspected, fur.
How could they? The Glantrians were ship. ther attempts to'retutn to the Glantrian
using some son of evil magical device tb They were halfling-sized creatures, device'through the outer planes failed
destroy the most precious element of our more or less like monkeys. They were completely., Without the gate, I was
world. Life without magic? Inconceivable! intelligent. Two of their war-party leaders able to retrace our path to the-cavern
AH I had learned in the past weeks were arguing, perhaps about what to do Our journey led us to the Hardball
now made sense. The.dues about Glantri, next. I asked Raman, "Are you hurt, arena in the Imperial capital. It was a
Alphatia, and magic being drained, were man?" game day. The place was crowded and
pulling together. Somehow, I was Linked "I don't think so. I've been listening to no one noticed our arrival. We entered
to all this. Perhaps my destiny had already them for some time. I can understand the palace grounds thanks to my family
been woven, and it led me to this obscure some of their words. If only I could seal. (Seals are magical items that Alpha-
place. Or else, someone wantedme to move, I might be able to communicate tian nobility often use to enter or exit the
come here, despite my journeys' away with them." Raman tried to twist out ol Imperial palace, It gives the Lord of the
from the Known World. his ropes Guard a convenient way of locking OUI


unwanted families and checking on who hand. It said that Her Majesty wished to haps conspiring to seize the throne. I
visits the palace.) I was relieved to see see us at once. At least she had found out haven't yet identified who is behind the
that the Haaken seal was still acceptable. quickly enough about my return. Unusu- treachery. I am convinced that this fac-
The magical door opened after I removed ally, we met in her quarters in a rather tion would push the council to discredit
my seal from the recess. We entered. informal way. It appeared that she was you and your discoveries in order to get
Palace halberdiers came to attention as more concerned about avoiding public to me.
we walked down the cavernous main attention than displaying any outgoing "Unbeknownst to the council, I have
hallway. Noblemen and palace officials friendliness. Fortunately, Empress Eri- pursued a quest to unveil that hollow
politely nodded as we went by, largely adna did not bring up the topic of my world of yours. I have now received
minding their business. So far, things obligation to stay out of Alphatia. proof of its existence beneath our world,
were going fme, Empress Eriadna nevertheless enjoyed and started establishing a way to reach it
At regular intervals, however, stood the presence of Lady Abovombe and more quickly. Some day, that new world
pedestals with the busts of past rulers even showed some curiosity toward will be Alphatian. Should anything hap-
and legendary state figures. Unfortu- Myojo. She had never seen a rakasta pen to the empire as a result of the Glan-
nately, they were fitted with magic before. Then came the more serious busi- trian scheme, look toward the hollow
moutbs that emphatically announced our ness. I informed her of all that had hap- world. You might very well fmd me there.
arrival, according to the seal I had pre- pened lately, and of the Glantrian device. "You find my words rather gloomy, but
sented at the entrance. Much to our dis- She considered the information at length. I have been suspecting some great evil at
comfort, their calls echoed down the " I d o trust you, Admiral, but I doubt work. I have known for some time now
long hallway. We would've preferred that the Council of Wizards will. You that magic is slowly draining from Mys-
inconspicuousness to pomp and circum- have no tangible proof of these incredi- tara. The temple priests have spoken of
stance just then. After some time, nobles ble things you just told me. It will take friction among the Immortals, and it
began giving us furtive looks, while peo- time before I am in a position to back seems to have something to d o with
ple whispered behind our backs. your discovery. Even then, there is dis- magic. If this is true, Admiral, someone
The Imperial Herald walked up to us sension among the council. A faction far greater than even kings and emperors
and discreetly slipped a note into my secretly works to split the council, per- of Mystara has guided your path ever

since you left the empire. If so, even the from Herath-apparently people they ble with the neighboring Herathians
whole of mighty Alphatia may not make didn't like. He still seemed suspicious. A the years. Not having seen many humans,
a difference in the end. phanaton warrior entered the hut and they thought we too were from Herath.
"I will speak to the Glantrian wizard- motioned us to follow him. The village Had the spiders not attacked Raman,by
princes. I will pray that they listen to the chief wanted to see us. now our heads would be adorning the
voice of reason. Should I fail, a great war He, too, was very suspicious, Then the chiefs hut, soon to be followed by those
will follow. I am not certain we'll win, shaman told Raman to enter a large cage of the entire crew.
but I swear this empire will fight like that sat on one of the tree platforms. It Finally, the Jibaru released us and the
never before. The world will not he the was filled with large spiders. I quickly crew. They brought food (baked spider
same again. bestowed upon him the same magical legs), fruits, nuts, and other forest goods,
"Admiral, it is time for you to return protection against poison, but that did not while the crew worked on the ship. After
home. I want you to stay at your ances- reassure him one bit. He hated spiders. At a night of feasting (everyone with their
wal domain in Floating AI. You will be the sight of what lay in the cage, so did I. respective foods), drum-beating, and
safe there. Be patient. I may need your There was little choice there. Dozens of dancing around a large campfire, we
help and the service of your loyal crew in warriors aimed their bows at Raman and took our leave and returned to the Prin-
the difficult times to come. You have I. The chief then said "You enter cage, or cess Ark. It turned out these phanatons
done well and shall not be forgotten." Iw make trophy of your head." were good fellows after all.
AIphatuir 28, Talasar, from a later Raman entered. The spiders all leaped Sulamir 1, Haldemar: After another
account: Some time before arriving at on top of him. I could barely see his travel spell, we were back aboard the
their village, the war party halted the hands and feet sticking out from under Princess. I was pleased to see repairs
march. Everyone rested from the long, the crawling mass, as he screamed in were on schedule and that everything
difficult journey through the woods and abject terror. The village chief raised his had gone well. At least tbty had an easy
ate. hand and a volley of blowgun stings neu- time!
Sometime after our meal, both Raman tralized the spiders. I announced the news of what had
and I began suffering from severe cramps. Moments later, the phanatons pulled happened to the crew. Everyone was
A shaman had connived to make us drink Raman from under the dozing arachnids. stunned and overjoyed. At last we were
a magical potion of his making. As a It seemed the spiders did not react as going back home, for good. .I couldn't
result, we both shrunk to the natives' expected. The shaman then Said "He not help thinking about what was to come,
size. The shaman watched us and man from Herath; spiders attack him." though. What did the future hold for~the
laughed, "You not spirit! Not spirit!" That The phanatons quickly applied herbal Princess and her loyal crew? It seemed
was bgd luck. concoctions to Raman's wounds. that the adventure was over for now. But
We eventually reached the village: a The rest of the day went more peace- then, does adventure ever realty end on
place named Cafua if Raman got the fully, thank Razud. We d that the Mystara?
name right, The village sat up in the phanatons of Jibaru we
branches ofthe talless trees. Precarious, and, not surprisingly, had gotten in tmu- The Eo
hanging bridges linked a multitude of
platforms on top of which sat the natives'
huts. They had to haul us up with ropes,
a c e we couldn.'t climb the tall trees at
all.-We were allowed some rest in the
shaman's h u t 4 &testable place with all
so& ofdried insects pinned to ihe walls,
all manners of snakes and arachnids
hanging from the roof, and worst of all,
an impressive cdlection of mummified
skulks most of which. looked like
shrunked human heads.
The shaman showed up with a sly gin.
After a rudimentaT'conversation with
Raman, 'we learned &at these were the
The Princess Ark
The Princess Ark:
Design Statistics -
Motive Power: Magic (Primary), Wind
eagles. The main colors of the ship range
from azure to night blue, while the SNIP
tures are brilliantly silvered. The decks
and the inside of the ship retain a more
Ship's Weaponry
The ship is armed with . , ~-.~ "
weapons, collectively referred to as the
(Secondary), Various and Sundry Gnom- natural wood color. "guns." Despite their common names
ish Inventions (Tertiary) Berylith also created a mobile deck, (ballistas and catapult), these are, in fact,
Air Speed: 360' (120'). She can travel levitating above the fore end of the main magical devices. Each gun requires a
u p to 240 miles per day, although her hull. This is the commander's deck, from magical jade and gold key in order to be
normal cruising speed covers only 120 which Haldemar normally controls the fued. Xerdon (the Chief Gunner) and the
miles per day. In favorable winds, her ship's course and speed. A nacreous Gunner's Mate each have two keys which
unconventional sail configuration adds dome covers the commander's deck. Its can be used to activate any of the guns
10% to her air speed. The Princess Ark smooth outer surface acts like a mirror, on board. Gunners man these weapons,
can also travel under wind power alone preventing anyone from looking into the while boltmen assume individual combat
if desired, with a normal air speed of 180' dome. posts on the decks and gangways.
(60'). A magical aura in the shape of Bery- The light hallistas have rotating I
Maneuvering Factor: 1. Primary lith's sky-wyrm body surrounds the ship. mounted rods capable of firing three
Motive Power is supplied by an en- This translucent envelope has the consis- burss of magic missiles per round (each
chanted sky wyrm (an air elemental), tency of pipe smoke, very much like the burst has three missiles, for a total of 9
hence the Princess Ark's Maneuvering puffs of smoke some him from the Shires missiles per round) with a range of 200'.
Factor is one category better than her use to create images in the air when Interspersed with the magic missiles are
size would indicate. Under sail power telling their old tales. The aura matches enough light spells to require anyone
alone, her Maneuvering Factor is 1/2. the maneuvers of the Princess Ark with within the line of fire to save vs. spells or
Leosth:210' appropriate body motions such as flap- be blinded for 6 turns. Firing a light bal-
~eam: ping its huge wings, moving its head, produces spectacular, though h a m -
Depth: 50' (main hull) coiling its serpentine tail, and so on. less, roaring flames at the rods' finng tips,
Tonnage: 1500 tons Berylith may turn this aura invisible on a feature designed simply to scare the
,HullPoinW 500 Haldemar's command. enemy.
ArmmWaSs:6 The commander's deck is located with- Heavy hallistas have larger twin-
Crew: 101 (4 officers, 8 NCOs, 60 bolt- in the head of the sky wyrm's ghostly mounted rods, each capable of casting a
men, 15 airmen, 10 gunners, 4 support aura. It moves with the aura's head, web spell up to 300' every other round.
personnel). Also Id20 mercenaries. pitching to the left or right when Berylith The rods look like two over-sized, hiss-
lift capadty: 2,100 tons looks aside, rolling up when she looks ing black snakes, and recoil after each
Cargo Capacity 16 tons. The cargo up, and so forth. All floors on the mobile shot.
hold (area 802) contains up to eight tons deck are enchanted with their own grav- The catapultlooks like a large, heavily
of provisions (enough for four weeks). ity effect, preventing occupants from los- sculpted wooden tube, similar to a fat
Various stowage areas can hold another ing their footing when the deck moves medieval bombard, with three red muz-
fobr tons, and there's space available for too rapidly. zles resembling dragon heads. It can fire
up to twenty passengers and their gear. Unless otherwise noted, the following a disintegmte spell to 400' once per turn.
The Princess Ark can temporarily trans- is Vue for all of the ship. The lower edge Berylith retained the use of her breath
port up to 50 tons of cargo and/or pas- of each stairs' railing ends with a small weapon, which originates at the mouth
sengers on her upper decks, but Berylith continual light. All windows and port- of her ghostly aura (effects as per the
will vehemently complain the entire trip. holes are covered with a mirrorlike nacre, greater sky wynn's description on p. 94).
so outside observers cannot see in. Port- The breath weapon inflicts 40 points of
General Information holes cannot be opened and are too
small for anyone hallling sue or larger to
damage for every 100 hull points the
Princess Ark has remaining (round
The present-day Princess Ark is very get through. The doors are unlocked. down). Berylith's aura must remain visi-
unlike Haldemar's Family ship. Rather The ship is heated or cooled depending ble around the ship while any of the
than retaining the familiar shiplike hull on the seasons and can maintain breath- magical weapon devices or the breath
and masts, Berylith remodeled the Prin- able atmosphere beyond the Skyshield. weapon are used, and during one full
cess Ark into two parts. During an emergency maneuver, crew turn following their last use. Berylith
The ship's main wooden hull is heady members c nto leather straps
decorated with sculptures representing attached to passageways, and
cloud patterns, wavy snakes, lions, and in personal quarters throughout the ship.
The Princess Ark

Magkal wards Turning the door knobs or rings 011

any of the passageways port and star- and expel an alchemical flame jet, dou-
Magical wards protect the ship from board doors (including the ones leading bling the ships Air Speed for ld4 turns. It
outside intrusions. They include the fol- to the brig) or on any of the hatchways, takes Haldemar two weeks, 2,000 gp in
lowing enchantments: without first uttering the password, materials, and a successful Alchemy skill
All wizard lock spells on doorways causes an electrical shock for 1-8 hp roll to replace the alchemical substance
aboard ship are cast at 32nd level (the and activates all the magic mourbs after each use.
number of Hit Dice that a greater sky described above. Leo also made an unconventional set
wyrm has). Causing damage to the structure of the of sails, masts, and rigging while Haide-
All outside decks and all gangways ship (starting a fire, puncturing the hull, mars back was turned. Three pairs of
directly accessible from the outside pro- etc.) automatically attracts Beryliths masts jut out at a 45 upward angle on
vide the ships fust line of security. Any- attention. This may not he obvious to the both sides of the hull, each bearing
one or anything moving on these surfaces culprit. Berylith will inform Haldemar or three sails with complicated rigging to
and not registered at the yeomans office will take action on her own, such as operate them (see below). In truth, the
on the crews roster will leave brightly attempting to slam a door in the culprits airmen were delighted with this addi-
glowing footprints on these surfaces and face for 1 4 hp damage or attempting to tion; they had little to do except scrub
anywhere else they go on bard until the lock the exits. the decks and polish the Princesss brass
footprints are dispelled, the culprit is fittings when Berylith remodeled the
caught, or one null has passed.
Anyone or anything invisible or using
Leos Improvements ship.
DMs are free to allow Leopold to incor-
magic to conceal its identity or appear- Leopold Le Nerviens loves to make porate any additional widgets, gadgets,
ance may not use any of the stairways or improvements to the Princess Arks and devices which strike their fancy.
the levitation shaft without causing a design. Here are two of them: These might include such things as auto-
magic moutb to appear and scream If the Princess needs a sudden burst of matically-deploying parachutes should
Intruder!continuously for one turn or speed (when attempting to penetrate the the Princess Ark suddenly lose her ability
until the spell is diSpekd. Skyshield, for instance), a pair of tubes to fly.

Princess Ark Deck Plans Commanders'

Deck 1

eck 2

eck 3

Deck 4


4 Secret

T Hatchway Overhead
**-- Overhang
o Wooden &am
-. Raillng

Deck 8
An Fora
Scale: 1 square 10'
(Shaded ueas are open-air decks)

The Princess Ark

Deck Plans Key -

The room shown in the deck plans are
hand on the crystal to convey simple
orders to Berylith. The front railing opens
onto area 201, below.
Deck 4 -
Ceremonial Deck
numbered according to their deck loca- 201. Lower bridge: Two holtmen 401. Upper teleporter: Although at
tion, The first digit corresponds to the often stand guard in this area. The lower the level of deck 4, this room is part of
deck number on which the room is bridge is open to the balcony of the com- the mobile commander's deck. It has
located. mand bridge. The door to area 202 is magical cirde capable of teleporting pel
E. Elevator (levitation shaft): This wizard locked: the door to area 203 is ple to area 402. Teleportation requirt
shaft, enchanted with a levitarion spell, unlocked. Port-side stairs lead up to the the proper password, which is period

'stretches from deck 8 to deck 4. Anyone bridge (area 1011, while the starboard cally changed. All officers (including
btepping in states which deck he wishes stairs lead down to area 301. NCOs) know this password, and pass it
ko reach, and the spell does the rest. 202. Commanders' lounger All com- on to individual crewmen assigned 1
for a deck that does not exist or missioned officers have free access to this duty on the commanders' decks. Hald,
be reached via the shaft automat- room. Xerdon, the Warrant Officer, also mar and Talasar know several other COT
lically attracts Berylith's attention. has access. Six armchairs face a circular, mand words that will lea4 them direct
(Depending on the situation, Berylith glowing metal plate on the floor. The to other areas of the ship.
:mayfreeze 01 cancel the levitation effect, plate shows a magical image of either the 402. Lower teleporten This open-a
lor even jettison the intruder from the lands underneath the Princess Ark or the area contains a magical circle linked wi
lbhaft out through the bottom of the ship constellations above. A small cache under room 401. A sentry keeps watch here.
i or u p through Deck 4 (inflicting 2d8 the stairs on the port side hides the ship's 403. A t r i m This room contains the
] p i n t s of damage to the victim and sus- more valuable treasures (usually gems Myoshiman monolith that allows the
jtaining an equal number of hull points and jewelry). The value varies with the Princess Ark to bend rays of light and
:in damage to herself in the process ship's fortunes but often comes close to become invisible. The bulkheads and
h e s s she first opens the appropriate 5,000 gp. beams here are ornately carved and de.-
itrap door). 203. Commander's ballista deck: orated. Small wooden,busts of previoi
i, G. Guard turret: These small turrets This open-air deck is normally unoccu- Alphatian rulers are located at the co.
lare always occupied by one holtman. pied except for one senmy, usually a for- ners. The top of the monolith sticks out
ch turret has a wide view and a horn ward watch. The door to area 201 is un- through a rectangular skylight overhead.
sound the alarm. Guards are changed locked. The deck has a light ba6lista (see The port and starboard doors lead to the
"Ship's Weaponry," p. 69). guard turns. The forward doors open on

Il ~ 1. Latrine: These rooms contain a

,magical chamber pot that remains always
empty, a magical tub filled with warm
301. Library and Map R o o m
Crowded shelves of musty old hooks and
map cases cover much of the bulkheads
the stairs to deck area 503. The stairs ne
to the monolith lead up to the Prom,
nade Deck (area 302). Other doors le';
~ever-cleaning wafer, a small table, and here. A large varnished table with six to guard NIE~S.
sh cloths. Although insufficient for the leather chairs occupies the center of the 404. Midship ballista: This ope
le crew by modem standards, ship room. The table is often strewn with deck carries two heavy ballisras (sc
get by simply by taking water scrolls, notes, and hooks. Stairs lead up "Ship's Weaponry," p. 69). Each hallipta
d washing up in their quarters. to area 201; a hatchway in the floor leads can fire at any angle from directly aft
to Alphatian Imperial Navy down a ladder to area 401. A secret com- their position to 120' forward. (Any
gulations, each crew member must partment lies under the starboard stair- other angle will take out the observation
bathe at least once a week. case. It contains a rope ladder that can he mast, a guard turret, or part of Deck 3.)
used to exit through the secret door on A sliding hatchway reveals the top end
the opposite side of the mom. The ladder of the levitation shaft (see area E). The
Commander's Decks is long enough to reach area 503. forward stairs lead u p to the gangway
(Decks 1-31 302. Promenade de& T%is rectmgw
101. Command brk&% Two wooden lar gangway is part of the main hull, but deck area 511.
seats with red cushions face toward the is on the same level as Deck 3 of the lev-
,'bridge's front railing. Their wood is
'*carvedwith strange, intertwining veins
itating commander's deck. The gangway
overlooks the atrium. A sky-blue silk tent
Deck 5 -Crew Deck
like those under the skin of a well- covers the gangway and the atrium's sky- 501. Forward ballista deck: This
blooded horse. A stand with a small crys- light. Stairs lead down to the atrium (area open deck holds a light balltsta manned
talline hall sits between the two seats. 403) and to the midship ballista deck only during combat. The doors to art
T:il;isar or another officer simply lays a (area 404). 502 are locked except, during combat.

The Princess Ark

II 502.Armory: This room contains non-

magical combat equipment. All the doors
wooden beams and bulkheads almost
haphazardly in these quarters. Up to 21
the center of the room. China and silver-
ware are located in a chest in the port-
are locked, except during combat. The people can fit in the room (in very side comer.
hatchway leads down a ladder to area cramped conditions). Passengers of low 602. Guest lounge: Dignitaries often
601. It's always locked; only commis- status may share these quarters with the meet in this lounge. A large sofa faces a
sioned officers and Xerdon (the Warrant csew. crystal canopy on the port side bulkhead.
Officer) have keys to the hatch. 509. Crew quarters, women: This Several potted plants and small wooden
503. Briefing deck Officers often room is similar to area 508. sculptures of famous Alphatian seamen
address the crew from this open-air deck. 510. Alleyway: A sentry normally stand on pedestals in the comers of the
Ceremonial duties are performed here, guards this passageway. The door to the lounge. The stairs lead down to area 702
with an honor guard standing on the stairway is m'zard locked. Only officers underneath.
gangway above (area 402) and on the and the galley personnel have free pas- 603-604.Guest rooms: These opu-
stairways to area 403 and the gangway. sage. The stairs lead down to area 613 lently decorated, comfortable quarters are
504. Boltmien's quarters, men: Ship's underneath. reserved for very important passengers.
personnel live in these quarters. Narrow 511. Aft catapult deck: This large 605.Ttophy nwnn: This area displays
bunks are stacked three high, allowing deck is the largest open area on the ship. a variety of strange and valuable items
rest for up to 33 people. Small chests are A magical catapult occupies the center of collected over the Princess Ark3 years of
located under the lower bunk, while the deck (see "Ship's weaponry"). Rig- travel. Some are magical; others are si&
heavy cloth bags hang from the bulk- gings run up to the top of the observa- ply bizarre. Their true uses and actual
heads. These contain the crew's personal tion mast, behind the catapult. A watch properties are not always clear, even to

(I belongings. The forward port door leads

to the men's latrine (used by crew mem-
bers as well as boltmen).
remains on top of the mast, observing the
Princess's aft for incoming vessels. Two
doors lead to the aft guard turrets. Three
the ship's officers. Raman is in charge of
studying these items, researching their
lore, and cataloging them in his library.
505. Boltmen's quarters, women: stem lanterns give off a reddish light dur- n e stairs lead down to area 703 below.
This room is similar to area 504. The- ing the night. 606. Raman's quarters: This room
locked. The deck has a light ballismppor- 512. Upper Gangway @onand star- would be a disgrace to normal navy offi-
tunity employer Fraternization, however, board): These open-air bridges allow the cers. It is filled with chests, wooden
is not tolerated aboard ship. crew to reach their battle stations quickly. boxes, bulky scroll cases, and books
506. Crew's mess room: Off-duty A light ballista (see '"Ship's Weaponry," p. spread about the room in a most disorga-
personnel have their meals or spend their 69) occupies the aft edge of each gang- nized fashion. A few of the items from
free time here. Consumption of alcoholic way. A sky-blue tent covers the narrow the trophy room (area 605) can be found
beverages is generalIy tightly controlled. portion of the gangway; the tent can be on Raman's work table, with piles of
Crew otherwise use their time here to rolled back for combat. Rolls of rope lad- notes and sketches. Occasionally, a small
mend uniforms or equipment, to read, or ders are tied to the inside of the railing, cage with a strange creature inside may
to,playcards,dominos, dice, or darts. allowing quick escape to the life boats hang near the window (see area 703).
507. Chapeh The chapel is nominally below on deck 7. A hatchway near the 607. Xerdon's quarters: Unlike
devoted to the Immortal Razud; however, gangway's midsection leads down to Ranian's quarters (area 6061, this rather
Talasar often conducts more generic ser- gangway 614. spartan room is absolutely spotless. The
vices to accommodate the remainder of only note of uniqueness consists of a col-
the mew. A n unusual enchantment actu-
ally causes the room to be larger inside
Deck 6 -offfcers' Deck lection of weapons and shields adorning
the bulkheads.
than out-its scale doubles for people 601. Wardroom Commissioned offi- 608-611.Petty officers' quarters:
inside the room (40' x 60'). The chapel cers (and occasionally petty officers) dine These narrow quarters are shared by the
contains rows of benches, a small or conduct meetings in this chamber. It is noncommissioned officers. Each room
wooden altar, and small friezes of Razud a well-decorated room, with large win- includes a pair of double wooden bunks,
and his followers carved into the bulk- dow openings on the prow of the Prin- chests or hags for personal goods, small
heads. cess Ark. A wooden ladder in the star- tables, and chairs. Occasionally, middle-
508. Crew quarters, men: This room board corner leads to a hatchway over- class passengers may share these quar-
is similar to area 504, except that some of head, opening into area 502. Another ters. The petty oficers double up (four fo
the space is taken up with barrels and hatchway, hidden under the carpet, leads a room) to vacate one or more of these
common deck equipment. In the tradi- down to area 701. Both hatchways are quarters when necessw.
locked (see area 502). A large wooden
table and a dozen leather chairs occupy

he Princess Ark

612.Cauey: All meals for the crew and ship, where appropriate. However, it Great Temple of Razud in Starpoint. Tal;
officers are prepared in this room. The does not necessarily attract Berylith's sar's bed is concealed behind one of th
cook and his two assistants work, sleep, attention. reflecting panels. The window is covere
and live here, catering to all needs aboard 616.Abovombe's quarters: The bulk- with a thick velvet curtain. Anyone usin
ship. Food is cooked in a magical oven heads in this room a r e intricately bright light in this area must save VI
that requires no flame or combustibles. sculpted, showing episodes of Abo- spells or be blinded for Id6 rounds.
The galley includes a kitchen and a vombe's life from childhood to present. 619. Haldemar's quarters: Berylit
sculleq. The remainder of the room is more hum- took particular care to rearrange Haldc
613. Alleyway The aft stairs lead u p ble, with simple curtains over the win- mar's quarters the way sbe liked then
to alleyway 510. The forward stairs lead dow, a round carpet in the middle of the Most of the dark brown, varnished floc
down to alleyway 706. The cooks two room, and flowers in a vase on the chest is covered with unique carpets mad
assistants use either stairs or the levitation of drawers near the door. A small table from the fluffy, silver hair of sky-wyrr
shaft to bring food from the galley to the and two chairs stand next to the bed, manes. The bulkheads have the consii
mess rooms (areas 506 and 601) or to which is covered with a mosquito net. A tency of soft leather rather than woo'
sick bay (area 705). levitating crystal globe hovers over the and show a variety of blue tints, rangin
614.Lower gangway (port and star- table, providing a soft,opalescent light; it from deep purple dotted with tiny glou
board): These open-air bridges are can be dimmed with a black velvet veil ing stars when Haldemar sleeps, to brigl
reserved for upper-class passengers or that lies on the table. azure with shifting doud patterns, whe
officers. A sentry is usually stationed at 617.Myojo' quarters: These quarters he's fully awake. A translucent globe c
the door on the forward edge of each are furnished very much like a Myoshi- continual light mimics the passage of th
gangway. Any crew or bolunen assigned man room. A tatami (woven mat) covers sun or the moon across the cabin's cei
duty on this deck can be rrlieved only in the floor, while a futon (low mattress) ing,with all appropriate tints for sunrise
the presence of an officer. A light bulliszu lies in the far corner of the rwm. Myojo's and sunsets. Occasionally, a light breez
(see "Ship's Weaponry," p. 69) sits on the swords normally rest on a small wooden may create havoc among Haldemar's di!
aft edge of the gangway. A hatchway stand near the futon. A number of fine organized stacks of scrolls. The choice c
located near each gangway's forward end tapestries cover the bulkheads. Myojo's shades and the strength of the breez
leads down to gangway 709. Next to other personal belongings remain in a depend on Berylith's mood.
each hatchway is a ladder leading up to wooden chest. Berylith also added to the room quite
gangway 512. Myojo's pet donshu sits on a perch by bit of what could be perceived by Haldc
Three magical clothform rafts are folded the door. Myojo talked Raman out of di.- mar as the dreaded feminine touch-
and fastened to the bulkheads by each secting the little creature, and he has kept including exquisite curtains and charmin
gangway; these devices are enchanted it ever since as his mascot and watchful vases of ever-resplendent blooms. Th
with the flout in air spell and magically pet. The donshu has the size and body of centerpiece Berylith's pride lies in Haldc
inflate when unfolded. They're used for a tamarin monkey, with small claws and mar's age-old bunk, which she has merc
emergencies only. Four people can fit on the head of a cat. It has blue-gray hair lessly turned into a pink-shaded levita
each raft. When released over the side of and green eyes having neither pupil nor ing cloud in the middle of the room.
iris. Once per day, it can turn invisible
the ship, the raft sinks to ground (or sea)
level at a rate of 30 yards per turn. A raft
that lands on water will remain afloat for
and cast a telekinesisspell (at the 1st level
of ability). The donshu can pick pockets,
Deck 7 -Utility Deck
3d4 days-although a severe storm will move silently, climb, hide in shadows, 701. Upper cargo deck: Commo
likely sink it. and hear noise as a 10th-level thief. crew equipment and smell items whic
615. Alleyway: Only Myojo, Lady Donshu: AC 6 (Dx 18); HD 1/2; hp 3; can be pulled up through the hatchwa
Abovombe, Talasar, or Haldemar can MI' 90' (30'); #AT 1 bite; Dmg 1 hp; Save are stored in this area. The hatchway i
enter this area without causing a magic F1; ML 7; TI Nil; Int 4; AL N; XF' 20 the floor leads down to area 801.
mouth to sound the alarm. When some- 618. Talasar's quarters: The floor, wooden ladder in the middle of the carg
one is invited to these quarters, he is bulkheads, and ceiling in this room are bay leads to another hatchway overhea
provided with a small magical coin that covered with skillfully polished metal to area 601. Both hatchways are lockec
prevents the alarm from going off. Any- plates. All of them are oriented at slightly only commissioned officers and Xerdor
one entering without the coin is also sur- different angles and act like mirrors. A the Warrant Officer, have the keys.
rounded by a magical aura that betrays large number of perpetual candles (en- 702. Greenhouse: A continual ligl
him if he tries to hide. The aura lasts an chanted with tiny continual lights) glow spell illuminates this large room. A nun
hour or until dispelled. This aura will everywhere in the room. In effect, the her of small and large plants picked u
trigger every other magical ward on the room resembles the meditation hall in the during the voyages of the Prfncess Ai


The Princess Ark

have been placed here. One unappreci- 706.Alleyway: The stairs leading up scroll cases, skulls of various shapes,
ated vegetable is a specimen of Cestian from this area lead to alleyway 613. bizarrely twisted candles, grimoires, and
gobbler (see p. 911, which stopped grow- 707. Brig: Only two cells can he used other arcane objects. Haldemar often
ing and became dormant due to the in this area. Manacles are solidly bolted calls on Leo to help make sophisticated
room's unfavorable conditions. The car- to the wooden bulkhead. One sentry sits contraptions. The door is wizard locked.
nivorous plant wakes only when touched at a small table near the exit whenever A secret door leads to area 711.
or presented with raw meat. The green- the brig is occupied. The door is wizard 711. Workshop: Leo works in this
house's caretaker, Azoth, is a zombie that locked at all times, limiting access to offi- area, using the facilities and its heavy
remains inside a large empty jar when cers only. tools to build his inventions. He is aware
done with its chores. Azoth will attack 708. Leo's quarters: This room is of the secret passage leading to his quar-
anyone harming the plants. A heavy cur- filled with an incredible mess of raw ters in area 708. The room is filled with
tain conceals the stairway on the port- materials, tools, and strange pieces of work benches, rows of tools, and pieces
side bulkhead; the stairs lead up to area machinery (Leo's partially completed of broken equipment belonging to the
702. Another heavy curtain hangs from inventions). There is no telling what ship or the crew.. Chief engineer Raman
the ceiling, and can he drawn across the these devices may do if tampered with. has long given up this area, reluctantly
souxe of the continual light to simulate Leo's bed is a small hammock hanging leaving it to the hyperactive gnome. A
night. from the ceiling. Mugs, bags, and other hatchway in the floor leads to area 802
703. Zoo: A strong, alkaline smell fills items hang nearby; Leo can reach them ..---,---
underneath. A secret dor- T - n i c
this room. Most of the space is occupied with a mechanical a m . of leads to area 710.
by metal cages, some empty and others 709.Evacuation gangway Lifeboats
containing various animals and small
monsters. Some have recently become
hang from the side of the gangway here.
Pulleys and cranks allow the boats to he Deck 8 - -0 Deck
objects of further study, especially by pushed away from the deck or pulled 801.Anchor mom: A few boxes and
Raman (see area 606). A heavy curtain back in ld4+3 rounds. The lifeboats are barrels are stored in this area. In the mid-
conceals the stairway on the starboard enchanted with fry spells (Air Speed 360' dle sits a large winch used to lower a
side; the stairs lead up to area 605. (120'); Maneuvering Factor 1:Length 30'; ground anchor. At least four people are
704.Yeoman's oface: This office con- Beam 10'; Depth 5'; Tonnage 4 tom, Hull needed to crank the anchor back up, a
tains a large desk, wooden chests, and Points 2; Armor Class 4; Lift Capacity 8 process taking ld6+4 rounds. A wooden
shelves covered with a number of ledgers tons; Cargo Capacity 3 tons). Each may ladder leads to a hatchway in the ceiling
and scroll cases. Most of the ship's carry up to 12 people and SUNiVal gear that connects with area 701. The two
accounting takes place in this room. The without ill effect. Up to 18 people could doors are wizard locked.
crew often stops in this office to receive huddle on a lifeboat, hut this would 802.Lower cargo deck: This a
their pay before leaving the ship. It is exceed its Lift Capacity, causing the life- filled with large barrels, crates, chests,
also here that passengers and new crew boat to sink at 30 yards per round. With and other bulky items. This cargo deck
members must register. more than 18 people aboard, a lifeboat contains mostly food supplies for the
705. Sick bay: These quarters are has a 10%per turn of capsizing or begin- crew, with very little in the way of actual
mostly filled with hunks, night stands, ning a free-fall. A i r masks (see the merchandise, as the Princess Ark is not a
chairs, chests, and a small altar conse- Designer's Manual1 may he needed dur- merchantman but an exploration vessel.
crated to Razud; wisps of myrrh incense ing an evacuation, since lifeboats and Two very large double doors open on
slowly rise from small copper censers rafts lack create air enchantments. The the port and starboard sides of the hull.
kept lit on the altar. The beds are cov- lifeboats are covered with tarpaulins. A Two cranes on the outside can he used
ered with fine mosquito nets. The area ladder halfway down this gangway leads to bring cargo up when the ship is air-
opposite the door to alleyway 706 can he up to an overhead hatchway connecting borne. The cmnes are operated from the
curtained off from the rest of the room. with gangway 614. The forward-most inside of the cargo deck with pulleys and
In the center of that area is a flat wooden lifeboats on either side of the ship ferry levers. All doors are normally wizard
table used for surgery, should it ever people on and off the Princes Ark. locked, except for the one leading to the
become necessary, as well as a rack of 710.Laboratory: Haldemar and Tala- levitation shaft. Scullions commonly visit
wicked-looking tools. Talasar more often sar often use these quarters to study this area, selecting goods to he taken to
handles medical problems with clerical magic or alchemy. Shelves cover the the galley in preparation for the next
spells than with surgery. Occasionally, bulkheads, displaying huge numbers of meal. A wooden ladder near the end of
Raman will use the table to dissect some crystal vials, copper urns, glass beakers the room leads up to a hatchway over-
of the creatures from a 605. The room and tubes of various colors, porcelain head, connecting with area 711.
fills rapidly alter a b a x jars, stone crucibles, ivory and wooden

Heroes of the Skies
The Princess Ark is a skyship commis-
sioned in the Alphatian Imperial Navy,
and has a crew primarily composed of
It should be noted, however, that Bery-
lith is no omnipotent genius. Although
she is aware of many things, she has to
Major Characters -
The following characters are the major
Alphatian Naval officers and enlisted per- concentrate to pay attention to any one personalities introduced in the Princess
$onnel. Her normal complement is 101, thing. There is a limited number of things Ark series in DRAGON' Magazine. They
including: 12 officers (commissioned and she can think about or do at any particu- are presented in sufficient detail to b
petty officers); 60 bolhnen (the Marines lar time. And she can see only through used as player characters if the DM aF
pf the Alphatian Navy); 15 airmen (who her aura's eyes. proves (see "Campaigning with the Prin-
do all the work involved in flying the In general, Berylith is busy flying, cessArk,"p.88).
Princess Ark and keeping her ship- watching what happens ahead, or dream-
shape); 10 gunners; and four support
personnel (the halfling cook, his two
ing. If Berylith wants to slam a door or
lock a hatchway by herself, she must suc-
Lady Abovombe
scullions, and the hip's b y ) . ceed at an Intelligence check. Each addi- (Daughter of Mananjary and
Due to the nature of her voyages and tional simultaneous action she attempts Ambassadur~%m~Cestia)
the fact that the Princess Ark was exiled incurs a + 2 penalty to the check. Add D%D" game statistics: 4th-level
From Alphatian skies for a while, some of another +5 penalty if Berylith is busier Fighter; St 14, In 13, Wi 10, Dx 15, Co
. her original personnel have been re- than usual that round (if combat or a dif- 16, Ch 16; AC 8 (with Dexterity bonus);
placed with able-bodied natives from the ficult maneuver is in progress, for exam- hp 28; MV 120' (40'h #AT 1 (short sword
lands she's visited. She also often recruits ple). +1 or bola +2); Dmg by weapon type
mercenaries in times of trouble. Nyanga, She is very sensitive to comments about (ld6+2 or ld3+2/strangle); Save F4; ML
a swetanga (knight) of the Yavdlom Div- herself, her taste in decor, or her actions 11; A L L
inarchy, is a prime example. There is a 90% chance in any situation History: Lady Abovombe is the third
that she will hear any derogatory com- daughter of Mananjaty, the king of Man-
Berylith ments anywhere on the ship and act
upon them in some rash manner.
araka on Cestia. Raised to become a
diplomat, she always preferred the tradi-
When Prince Haldemar refurbished his Berylith communicates telepathically tional life of dragon hunter. She mastered
family's skyship, he used a unique en- with Haldemar, to whom she is attuned. the techniques of hunting night dragons
'chantment developed by a Thothian She may also accept simple commands as a teenager.

:spellcasterto bind the life force of an air from Talasar or other duly appointed off- Lady Abovombe joined the Princess
elemental to the ship's hull (see p. 95). cers on the commander's deck, but her Ark expedition in' i965 AY. Lord Kata-
The spell caught the life force of a sky responses may be sluggish or reluctant. yama of Myoshima abducted her when
wynn named Berylith, thereby imbuing The telepathic link with other officers is she was 27, and she spent 34 years in a
the ship's wooden hull with the ability m never as strong as that with Haldemar. Myoshiman dungeon while the'princess
fly. Unbeknownst to Haldemar, this left The Thothian enchantment bound Ark voyaged into the Hollow World, then
Berylith's psyche lost in the Plane of Berylith to Haldemar, as well as to the was hurled into the future to the year
Nightmares. It wasn't until much later ship. Should Haldemar die, the Princess 2,000 AY. Synn the night dragon then
that he learned what he needed to know Ark will be destroyed and Beryliths soul brought her back to the ship to torment
to complete the Thoihian enchantment, freed. If the Princess Ark is destroyed, Haldemar.
reuniting Beryliths soul with her new Haldemar will die and Berylith's'soul will Pemma4itp Despite the years
b o d y a e Princess Ark. be consumed by the forces of the en-
The ship is a material extension of chantment binding her.
Berylith's immaterial body. She Before being bound to the Princess
untarily move mobile parts of the ship, Ark, BeGlith was a servant of the I h o r -
such as doors, windows, or other items tals in the Draconic Plane. Her master palace as among a party of
that are part of the ship's structure. She permitted her to depart to answer Halde- crude, ruthless wamon. Her passion and
can sense assengers walking about the mar's conjuration. He told Berylith that if hot temper prevent her from succeeding
decks can be sensed, just as someone she could accomplish a certain goal in as a diplomat, and have gotten her into
can notice ants on his skin. Berylith feels service to Prince Haldemar, she would trouble when dealing with adversity,
whatever happens on the ship. If the' ship gain higher status among the Immortals such as when she was imprisoned on
is physically damaged, Betyl upon her return. He did not, however, Myoshima. Her willpower and tenacity
as well. reveal the nature of hkr quest. (This allowed her to endure and survive
unknown goal should be tailored to the despite.her condition. She now d
campaign.) all Myoshimans

Heroes of the Skies

Disposition: Goodwill toward Halde- Languages: Cestian, Night Dragon Quarter, often panhandling in the aero-
mar,Talasar, Xerdon, and Ashari; Neutral (reading only), and Common Alphatian dome. There, she dreamed of flying on
toward Leo,Raman, and Nyanga; Antipa- (an Intelligence Skill) one of those fantastic ships while in real-
thy toward Ramissur and Tarias; Hatred Skills: Detect Deception CWi), Track- ity she lived a meager existence, scaveng-
toward Myojo. Iady Ahovombe is in love ing (Wi), Riding Horses (Dx), Leadership ing and pick-pocketing. She joined the
with Haldemar but doubts his true feel- (Wi) thieves' guild in Sundsvall and developed
ings for her. Weapon Pmficiencies: Basic level in her thieving skills.
Appearance: Now in her early forties dagger, short bow, and short sword; The House ofArogansa hired Ashari's
(thanks to two potiow oflongevity),Lady Skilled level in bola services several times, and Tarias of Arp
Ahovombe is still sensual and elegant gansa noticed her good looks. As a re-
despite three decades of captivity. She
often keeps her jet-black hair tied in a Ash& Suniii ward for her services, she was granted
her wish to enter the Imperial Navy
bun. Her dark skin makes quite a con- (Cbief Petty Oflcer; Navigator C School for basic training. She performed
trast with her steel-gray eyes. Although Yeoman) well and served several months on a
she doesn't look strong, Abovombe's D&D" Game statistics: 3rd-level Thief; small Imperial galley as an air navigator.
strength and endurance surprise many. St 10, In 13, Wi 10, Dx 16, C 12, Ch 17; She was then unexpectedly transferred to
To the crew's delight, she speaks with a AC 6 (earring ofprotection +1 and Dex- the illustrious Princerc Ant.
charming native Cestian accent. terity bonus); hp 10; MV 120' (40'); #AT 1 Wmdtya Ashari is extremely proud
J?.quipmentcarried- Lady Ahovombe weapon (dagger+l); Dmg by weapon of her achievements and is devoted to
does not normally carry any item of type Cld4+1); Save T3; ML 10; AL N her duty. Her training taught her disci-
importance when on the ship. She will Hlstory: Ashari never knew her par- pline and conscientiousness. She is clever
take along the following objects when ents. Her father died before she was and perceptive-except when it comes to
expecting danger: a short sword +I, bolas born, and her mother, a Heldanner slave, Tarias, whom she finds attractive and
+2, bolas of sunlight, ointment of sooth- died while giving birth to Ashari. She entertaining. She has also become Lady
ing, and a ring of sufm (2 charges left). lived the hard existence of an orphan Abovombe's confidante and companion,
and homeless beggar in Sundsvall's Pit and they often gossip about the state of


Heroes of the Skles

Prince Haldemar's attitude toward Lady rapidly learned how to get himself into PersonaJiq? Although good-hearted,
Abovombe. trouble at every occasion. Haldemar betravs the naturallv chaotic

Disposition: Goodwill toward Tarias, As a teenager, Haldemar became the attitude prevalent among many klphatian
EIaldemar, Lady Abvombe, and Talasar; family's accountant. He was brilliant but wizards. Clever and quick thinking, Hal-
Neutral toward Xerdon, Leo, Nyanga, and tremendously bored, and over the years demar is a good judge of character, an
Myojo; Antipathy toward Ramissur and he developed a propensity for invest- effective leader, and a shrewd and tem-
Raman ments of a highly speculative nature to cious negotiator.
Appearance: Ashari just recently spice up his life. One financial venture Cosmopolitan and refmed, Haldemar is
turned 20. She is a captivating blonde brought great anger fmm his elders when also capable of numerous escapades. His
with emerald eyes and pouting red l i p s he nearly squandered his family's entire talents as an actor allow him to sponta-
the dream of any young serviceman. Her fortune on a bad investment. Although neously mingle with common folk with-
uniforms are always impeccable, even in not disinherited, he was promptly cast out betraying his origins, 'md he enjoys
the worst situations-an uncanny talent out of his home. sneaking about as a thief (wearing el&
that befuddles even the most experi- His taste for adventure and gambling boots and casting invisibilityon himsew.
enced officers. brought him aboard a flying casino in Haldemar is an ,imaginativeand unpk-
Equipment carried: Ashari normally 1933 AY, which he managed to acquire dictable aristocrat who likes to do things
carries a (stolen) eam'ng ofpmtection +1 from its previous owner on a successful with style. A learned man and an adven-
in addition to her standard navigational wager. His skill and experience of things
equipment: a few navigation tools and aerial enabled him to embark on a career
manuals that normally remain in her of excellence on his flying casino, where
cabin. If leaving the ship, she takes along he met a number of very influential Lady Abovombe, and X
a dagger +I that Tarias of Arogansa gave nobles. Ne quickly learned to deal with toward Myojo, Nyan
her. She keeps a complete thieves' kit in the Alphatian society's upper crust. Ramissur, and Raman;
her personal effects. He sold the casino when Emperor Tarias. Haldemar loves Lady Abovom-
Languages: Common Alphatian and Tylion N granted him the command of a be-as much as an elder Alphatian wiz-
Thieves' Cant small flying frigate. Haldemar proved to ard and hardened bachelor can.
Skills: Navigation (In), Seamanship be an outstanding commander during the Appearance: Haldemar is a typical
(In), Evade (Dx; a successful skill check 1959 war against Thyatis, and he col- Alphatian; slim, proud, with long black
allows her to slip out of sight long lected an impressive list of treasures. His hair, pale skin, and deep blue eyes. He
enough to evade pursuers through clever long career in the Imperial Navy led him keeps his hair neatly,tikd on the back of
means), Gain Trust W i +l) to the rank of Admiral in 1961 AY. He his neck. A few gray
Weapon PrOAdencies: Basic level in retired shortly afterward to avoid a life at and slight d e s b
dagger and long bow the palace and returned to his family AY 2000, due to a 34-ye
tower with his treasure (and his family's When on duty on the
tlaldemar of tlaaken renewed blessings). often wears knee-hig
After studying a mysterious and ancient pants and cloak, and a white, laced shirt.
A(- CupWn of tbe R'&uess scroll he had acquired during the war, he E@p&ent Carrhh Haldemar's doak
Ark) used a one-of-a-kind enchantment to contains a number of secret pockets in
D&W' Game Stltlsties: 2 l d e v e l Wiz- bind the soul of a sky wyrm to the hull of which h e conc
ard; St 10, In 16, Wi 12, Dx 17, Co 11,Ch the family ship, the aging Princess Ark.
15; AC 4 (with ring ofprotection +3 and (See "Berylith,".above.) In 1964 AY, he
Dexterity bonus); hp 35; MV 120' (40'); presented his new flying enchantment to mar common
#AT 1 (dagger + 2 o r spell); Dmg by Empress Eriadna. She rewarded Halde-
weapon type or spell; Save MU21; MI. 10; mar with a commission in the Imperial
ALC Fleet and bestowed upon him the mis-
History: Haldemar was born in 1911 sion to explore distant new lands for the
AY, of pure Alphatian blood, in the m g - benefit of the empire. Empress Eriadna
dom of AI. He was mised in the tradition with a n official Writ of
of aristocratic spell-casters and spent investing him with full a wand of lightning bolts (8d6 hp dam-
many years of his childhood with his diplomatic powers. age) in his right boot, a potion of healing
uncle, a famous skyship owner in Ar. For Haldemat is telepathically linked with (one dose) at his belt, a ring ofprotection
his tenth birthday, Haldemar received a Berylith, and will die if she's ever +3on his left hand, a scarab ofprotection
small flying sailboat, with which he destroyed. on his cloak, a sealed scrnll of creation in
I r
Heroes of the Skies

I ,.,
the cloak's lining, a talisman of air ele- Level 7-Magic door, reverse gravity,
mental conjuring around his neck (it summon object Leo of Le Nervlens
allows him to summon an air elemental, Level %Fonefield, trauel (CWWun Adoisw)
as per the fifth-level conjure elemental Level 9-Contingency (20%chance) or D%D" Game statistics: 8th-level '@
spell, once each day), a few odd gems, immunity Gnome with Special Abilities I-VI (see
gambling tokens from the Lady Luck Fly- At the DM's option, Haldemar may sub- note below); St 13, In 16, Wi 8, Dx 14, Co
ing Casino (for good luck), and some stitute spells of his own invention-to be 17, Ch 10; AC 8 (with Dx); hp 56; MV 60'
loose change. Other objects may be detailed out by the DM-for any of the (20'); #AT 1-4 (unpredictable widgets;
found in his cabin on the Princess Ark, above. randomly pick one die of damage for
and wen more in his family estate in the Languages: Common Alphatian, each new encounter); Save 08; ML 9; ALL
Kingdom of AI. Ancient Alphatian (for poetiy and arcane Note: Sky gnomes, their experience
SpellsCommodyMenm~ lore), and the Ambur dialect levels, and their abilities are described in
Level 1-Defecf magic, floating disc, Skills: Astronomy (In), Finance and PCZ; Top Ballista. If you don't have that
light ( ~ 2 1sbkld,
, uentriloqnism Accounting (In+l), Alchemy (In), Gam- material, use the D&DmRules Cyclopedia
Level 2-InrAsibility. knock (x2), phan- bling (Wi+2), Acting (Wi), Palace Eti- to run Leo as an NPC gnome
tusmalforce, uwb quette (Wi), Helmsman/Captain (In), History: Leo was born of Le NeNiens
Level +Create air, dispel magic, hate, Prestidigitation (Dx:a successful skill roll kin (a prestigious trading family of the
$y, pmfectionjrom normal missiles allows him to palm a small object, or to floating isle of Oostdok in the Hollow
Level 4-Dimension door Cx2), poly- impress and delight someone by pulling World). He joined the Princes A* expe-
mopb s& m o v e c u m , wizard eye a gold coin or gem out of their ear) dition by accident and felt it was so much
Level %Animate dead, hold monster, Weapon ProAciencies: Basic level in the better; there was much to be discov-
passwall, telekinesis net and whip; Skilled level in staff:. Expert
. ered on the outer world, and the Princess
Level 6--Geas, invisible
jected image, weather contrc
i Heroes of the Skies

rersonamy: Leo is ot me eccentric- cousin) ana ~ i r o'romoKato ( ~ y o j a

iventivedisorderly-nosy alignment. He's brother-in-law) are now dead, killed u mastery in katana (normal sword); d
a hyperactive perfectionist who never fight with Haldemar and his crew. Conse- great bow Oong bow); war claws (see p.
tires and is Ever satisfied with his work. quently, Myojo is an outlaw in the eyes 93); and wakizashi (short sword)
His incredible narvete and constant of the Katamura and Katayama clans.
pranks often test his friends' patience. PaonaUty: Myojo is a naturally brave
Leo is a peaceful character whose biggest and proud wanior. He was loyal to Kata-
Nymga, Bane ofldbul
weaknesses are his love of gems and yama until Haldemar awed him by bend- (swetanga, -VI
beer. He often seeks the most unex- ing a ferocious monster to his will. Myojo
pected solutions to problems. is generally hot tempered, arrogant with
Diapasithtlon: Goodwill toward Ramis- foes or underlings, and haughty with
sur, Nyanga, Haldemar, Talasar, Lady nonrakasta other than Haldemar. He hp 64; MV 120' (40th#AT 1 or two (wi
Abovombe, Ashari, and Raman; Neutral does not trust Xerdon, whom he senses multiple attacks option); D
toward Xerdon; Antipathy toward Tarias could be a rival to Haldemar, and consid- type;Save F12; ML 11; AI N
and Myop ers Leo the gnome an inferior being. History: Nyanga is a s
Appearance: Leo is a middle-aged Disposition: Goodwill toward Halde-
gnome with short blond hair, a large mar; Neutral toward Talasar; Antipathy
handlebar mustache, and a reddish face. toward Ramissur, Raman, Nyanga, Tarias, Born of common parentage
His spectacles sit squarely on his protu- Ashari, lady Abovombe, Xerdon, and Leo the town of Nyoko-Bong
berant nose. (given in order of preference). acclaim as a fighter by sin
Equipment carried: f i e r e is no telling Appearance: Myojo is a mkasta, a cat-
what Leo carries in his pockets: what he headed humanoid (see p. 921, with short he joined the Yavdlom Navy to help
has one day can be lost the next some- gray fur. A rather good looking male by off Jaibul slavers raiding the coas
where on the ship. Leo constantly tinkers rakasta standards, Myojo is slim but well Yavdlom. At the height of his n
and comes up with various trinkets and muscled, with keen yellow eyes and career, he was commander o f a s
gadgets that may or may not function. large pointy ears. Myojo usually wears fleet of 10 ships and 1,000 men. This'
I Laqmges: Oostdokian, MileNan, and mditional Myoshiman armor (AC 4) corn- raised him to yobar sfgnrs <equivalent Ta-
i common Alphatian (an Intelligence Skill) plete with kabuto war helm bearing Hal- a baron). During three years of fight@
Skills: Gemcrafting (In), Shipbuilding demar's family colors (gold crescent over off raids and leading punitive expeditio
(In), Helmsman (In), Memorizing (In), a crimson and sable background). iviyojo against j a h l slavers, he earned the N
Drinking (Co), Singing (Ch) bears multiple scars on his chest, a test- name "Bane of Jaibul." Nyanga volunt
mony of his fight against Synn, the night ily gave up his command-and the titre
dragon. The scars become very painful in of yobar-when the Rajah of Jaibul di-
the presence of wights, wraiths, and clared a 5,000 gp price on his head. Sin
(Aitacbi fo tbe Admiral) other powerful undead. then, Nyanga has enjoyed many adve
a%D"Game S t a t b t k s : Rakasm; St 16, Equipmentcarried:Myojo wears light tures throughout the Sind Desert,
in 13, Wi 11, Dx 17, Co 15, Ch 10 (14 to but effective banded armor+2. His pent Peninsula, and in Yavdlom
rakasta); AC 0 (Myoshiman armor +2, favored weapon, a katana, is a very fine always one (or two) steps ahead o
plus Dexterity bonus); HD 2+1; hp 16; sword cl. He also owns B daikyu great assassins and bounty hunkers. He s
MV 90' (30'); #AT 1or 3 (weapon or daw/ bow (treat as a long bow), war claws mercenary service aboard the PWicss
clawbite); Dmg by weapon or ld2/ld2/ (meta1 extensions to his own daws; dam- Ark it offered t k pmfect oppommity 'to
ld4; Save F2+2; ML 9; AL N age from claw attacks becomes ld41,a continue adventuring W i e getting weS
History: Myojo's family, the Kata- ceremonial wakizashi (short sword), and out ofthe reach of his enemies.
muras, are vassals to the Katayama clan a small gong of dispelling (12 charges, Personality: Nyanga thoroughly
on Myoshima (see p. 931, and Myop was casts dispel magic, 12' radius at level 10). enjoys himself in any fight. He shares his
sent to serve in Lord Katayama's personal Myojo sometimes has his donshu with culture's antipathy toward elves (an elf
guard. While still a teenager, Myojo him (a small p e t e e area 617, p. 74). killed Yav, the founder of the Divinar-
gained great honor when he deflected an Languages: Myoshiman (common and chy), but is quick to set his prejudices
arrow meant for his shogun. Unfortu- poetry) and Alphatian (an Intelligence aside whenever an individual elf wins his
nately, his awe and admiration for a nom skill) admiration. Nyanga laugh thunderously
rakasta (Haldemar) has made him a Skills: Tracking (Wi), Myoshiman Eti- and often.
pariah to his kin. His two former com- quette (In), Blind Shooting (Dx), and Dispositioa Goodwill toward Ramis-
panions, Kenju Fuurifesu (the shogun's Bravery (Wi) sur, Xerdon, Leo, and Lady Abovombe;


Heroes of the Skies

Neutral toward Haldemar, Myojo, Talasar,

Raman, and Ashari; Antipathy toward
thing and everyone. Thanks to his educa-
tion and extensive experience in life, Ramissur Zumrulim
Tarias Raman does reasonably well as a sage. (1st-aass Boltnuur)
Appearance: Nyanga is a towering He is quiet, rational, and despises disor- D%D Game statistics: 2nd-level
man with ebony skin and a startling der and noncmformist thinking (such as Magic-User; St 17, In 13, Wi 8, Dx 12, Co
white mohawk. His graceful facial fea- Leo's). He loves poetry, literature, and 16, Ch 10; AC 8 ; hp 10; MV 120' (40');
tures and slightly pointed ears betray a famous quotations, although (much to his #AT 1 (dagger or wand); Dmg l d 4 or
touch of elven ancestry. He enjoys color- consternation) ,he does very poorly as a 6d6; Save MUZ; MJ. 10; AL C
ful clothes painted with jungle scenes writer himself. He tells endless stories His- Ramissur comes from a family
and decorated with feathers, mother-of- about his tribulations that often put lis- of poor Amburese farmers. Severe
pearl, and similar doodads. For special teners to sleep. drought and disease decimated his family
occasions, he wears a headdress made of Dkposition: Goodwill toward Halde- when he was a boy. He was too young to
brilliant tropical fedthers. mar, Talasar, and Xerdon; Neutral toward work in the fields and had to be fed, so
Equipment Carrid Nyanga wields a Lady Ahovombe, Nyanga, and Myojo, his folk "donated him (for a fee'
basiard sword +2 ofslicing and a homed Antipathy toward Tarias, Ashari, Ramis- local wizard who needed a stable b,
shield, and wears scale mail +2. He car- sur, and Leo Although at first illitente, he got some
ries a pouch containing spare change and Appearance: Like many people of .the education as the wizard befriended him.
a lucky fetish made of feathers and a srrip ethnic Ambur background, Raman has In a few years, Ramissur became his
of jaguar pelt (non-magical), a ring of& copper skin, dark brown eyes, and short apprentice and learned a few magical
protection, and a md of inertia black hair. He is small and a bit over- tricks but showed little magical skill
Languages: Yavdlom, Alphatian (with weight. Raman grows a neatly trimmed beyond that. He was out of place as a
a thick accent treat as Intelligence skill) goatee that h e pulls a t when lost in student; he was meant to be a logger or a
Skills: Endurance (Co); Hunting (In); thought. professional wrestler,
Intimidation (SO; Nature lore (Jungles) Equipment Carried: Wand of ligbi- The wizard died of old age, and Ramis-
(In); Seamanship (Dx);Tracking (In) ning bolts (8d6) and Zigomar's instant sur went to Sundsvall, seeking fame and
Weapon Pcofkhcies: Basic level in library (Raman's pride and joy). This wealth. He fell madly in love and married
spear; Expert level in horned shield; large ivory tube contains a scroll listing a a tavern wench, hut she left him for a
Master level in bastard swords collection of h&. A read magic speil is better, more refined wizard. Hearr-hro-
required to decipher the scroll. Uttering a ken, he join
Raman, Nabonidus title on the scroll makes the correspond- get his pain.
ing book appear next to the tube. '"Keep" Personality: Ramissur is a brave bolt-
(LieutemmC Supp& Offdcaand Cbiaf is the command word that either returns man who cannot deny his origins, which
E*@=w the book or enters a new one into the are rude and crude by wizardly stan-
D&DmGame Statistics: 6th-level scroll's arcane memory. Any summoned dards. Though a tough and impetuous
Magic-User; St 11, In 16, Wi 14, Dx 11, book must remain within 30' of the tube soldier who thinks nothing of taking on
CO 12, Ch 10; AC 9; hp 15; MV 120' (40'); or crumble into dust. The scroll memo- dangerous tasks, he has a pathological
# AT 1 (dagger); Dmg by weapon type; rizes up to 1,000 books. Raman protects fear of darkness since being abandoned
Save MU 6; ML 9; AI. N the tube with a wizard lock. to the Night Dragon. He also hates Hal-
History: Born to a family of horse SpellsMemorized: demar, whom he holds responsible for
traders, Raman became a jack-of-all- Level 1-Read languages, read magic his abandonment. Ramissur has a lot of
trades. He raised horses with his elders Level 2-Knock, wizard kxk respect and loyalty for Xerdon. He fmds
when he was a teenager, but soon grew Level 3-Dipd magic, infravision Leo amusing and feels he should protect
bored and left to learn about the marvets Languages.: Common Alphatian, his little friend. Ramissur's greatest weak-
of the world. He pursued many careers: Thothian, and tbe Ambur dialect ness is that he is a heavy drinker and will
soldiering, spellcasting, acting, shiphuild- Skills: Horse Husbandry (In), Ship- pick drunken fights with anyone. (Thisis
ing, archeology, farming, politics, and building .(In), Literature (In), Archaeology also why he's still a 1st-class boltmdn
paeuy. He even opened his own library, (In), Linguistics (In), Ethnology (In), and after 20 years in the service).
which eventually burned down in a fire. Zoology (In) Dlsposltiom Goodwill toward Xerdon,
Nearly penniless, he joined the Imperial Weapon Pmfkiencies: Basic level in Nyanga, and Leo; Neutral toward Myojo
Navy as a last recourse. staff; Expert level in dagger and Ashari; Antipathy toward Talasar,
Persondityr A snob and a bit pedan- Raman, Lady Abovombe, and Tarias:
tic, Raman is the bla e type He is 50 Hates Hdldemar (secretl
years old and has an tpinion'on every-
Heroes of the Skies

Appearance. Ramissur is a tall,muscu- son. His tact and diplomacy .. . " ... .... .... . . . ..
lar man. The fact that he is now in his him well aboard the Princess. Quiet an, remove curse, striicing (x3)
early forties hasn't affected his strength. keenly observant, Talasar is a great judg Level 4-Create water, dispel magic
He has the tanned skin of those who of character who has proven many time :x2), neutralizepoison
spent many years on the seas and in the to be of invaluable help in Haldemar' Level 5-Commnne, create food, cure
skies. Most of his head is cleanly shaven, endeavors. critical wounds, dispelevil
except for a long black tassel in the back. Disposition: Goodwill toward all Level 6-Animate object, cureall, find
His thick, bushy eyebrows almost cover aboard thepath
his eyes, giving him a somber and gruff Appearance: Although in his mid- Level 7-Shipflgbt (10% chance) or
expression. ffiies, Talasar is a tall, powerful man. He raise dead fully
Equipment carried: Wand of light- keeps his head shaved and hare, accord- Languages: Common Alphatian and
ning bolts (6d6 damage, 20 charges) and ing to the precepts of his order. Talasar Minaean.
standard boltman equipment has a dark complexion, with slightly Skills: Intimidation (St), Swimming
spellsmenI* slanted green eyes. His thin, long mus- (St), Healing (In), Helmsman/Captain
Level 1-Light(x2) tach-himmed in the style of Ochalean (In), Ceremony of Razud (Wi), Guid-
Languages: Common Alphatian and noble-has long since Nmed white. ance/Counseling (Wi), Theology (Wi),
the Ambur dialect Equipment Carried: Potion of black Persuasion mi), Storytelling (Ch)
Sldlls: Brawling (St +l), Drinking (Co dragon control (including lesser night Weapon FTo~encies:Bask level in
+1) and Singing (Co) dragon, two doses left), earring of sea- bola (Lady Abovombe has taught him);
Weapon Pmficiencies: Basic level in manship (the wearer gains the Seaman- Skilled level in sling; Expert level in war
dagger and staff ship skill at a level equal to his Intelli- hammer (good enough to throw one);
gence, and knows everything necessary one weapon proficiency slot unused
to sail a wind-driven ship), balm of ethe-
Tkkisar, Ecbashur reality(as per a potion of etbmality, but
(Lieutenant COntMnder,ExenrMye must be rubbed on entire body and any
TariaS ofArogansa
QmW) equipment the user wishes to carry with (Midsbipmaq OQPcer oftbe Port
D&D* Game Statistics: 17th-level him), scroll of communication (the other Web)
cleric; St 15, In 13, Wi 17, Dx 10, Co 14, half is at the temple of Razud in Star- D&D Game Statistics:
Ch 16, AC 9; hp 49; MV 120' (40');#AT 1 point), ring of holiness, amulet us. crysal Fighter; St 13, In 12, Wi 8, Dx 14, Co 11,
(hammer +3 of extinguishtng or spell); balk and ESP, hammer +3of extinguish- Ch 15; AC 6 (with Dx and magic); hp 20;
Dmg by weapon type or spell; Save C17; ing MV 120' (40');#AT 1 (short sword +2);
ML11,ALL SpeIIscOmmonlpMemo~ Dmg id6+2; Save F4; ML 6; AL C
History: When Talasar was much Level I-Detect evil, light ( ~ 2 1 puriyy
, History: Tarias is the youngesi son of
younger, his name was Yodar Jernog- food C water(x21, motrefear, resist cold the cousin of the Grand Duke of Aro-
he was an infamous Minaean pirate. Tala- Level 2-Bless, .holdperson ( ~ 2 1 know
, gansa. Bored with life at his family man-
sar hides this Fact, For many people would alignment, resist fin, silence 15' ruditls, sion in Shavadze, Tarias has been the
still demand vengeance for the rampages .peak with animals source of many scandals. He once threw
of Yodar's Sea Wolves. a grand party where addictive zzonga
Talasar's life changed when he was fruit was so common that some of his
captured and condemned to slavery. guests tossed handfuls out the windows
After years of terrible hardship, he was to commoners in the street below. Tarias
&Id to the Temple of Razud in starpoint; is an aristocratic brat, a troublemaker,
Ambur. The high priest helped Talasar and a complete embarrassment to his
endure unspeakable rituals to atone for family. His father finally ordered him to
his deeds and embrace the Ways o f join the Imperial Navy
Razud. An honestly reformed man, Tala- The political power of the Arogansa
sar obtained a commission in the Imper- House is such that, sooner or later, Tarias
ial Navy, where his skills and wisdom will become an officer with his own ship
brought him to the eager attention of command. Tarias made sure some good
Admiral Haldemar. company would be available during his
Personality: The Ways of Raz tour of duty; he used family influence to
changed Talasar, making him a charita- quietly effect Ashari's transfer to the Prin-
ble, forgiving, and compassionate per- cess A d .

Heroes of the Skies
PersonaUty:Tarias has the outrageous tection +2 that he extorted.from a magis- ' ElO+Z (due to armband ofprotection
attitude of a young, rich, and pretentious trate in Shavadze, and a scmil ofequip- +a, ML 11, AL N
aristocrat who believes h e may use, ment containing, in addition to three ran- History: Xerdon is an elf from the
abuse, and carelessly discard anything, dom objects, a 1,000-gp gem, and a Kingdom of Shiye Lawr. He is an out-'
He is handsome and dashing but brash phony treasure m a p standing hunter and warrior. His early
and ungrateful to the extreme. Tarias's la n m e % Common Alphatian career earned him the rank of Genera
attraction for Ashari is casual and proba- Skills: Dancing (Dx),Music (Harp- the Guard of the Law and an assignm
bly short-lived. Tarias is a lazy, selfish, sichord, Ch), Hip Conversation (Chcl) on the northern border. After successfull
greedy scoundrel and coward. Weapon Profickncies: Basic level destroying many monsters, he
Disposition:Goodwill toward Xerdon, with crossbow (light), dagger, short series of illegal forays into Bla
Ashari, and Lady Abovombe; Neutral sword, and bola (learned from Lady A b - putting a temporary end to the bloody:
toward Haldemar and Talasar; Antipathy vombe). Tarias is too lazy to fill his re-
toward Myojo, Leo, Nyanga, Raman, and maining weapon proficiency slot.
Appearance: Tarias is a 30-year-old,
pure-blooded Alphatian. His black curly
Xerdon, Naduk-Sim Shiye Lawr publicly "court martiale
hair, light suntan, and dark brown eyes p'awant O w e q Cbief of tbe &urd)
go a long way with young, adventurous D&D" game statistic% 10th-level Elf; heart lobby, then quietly had
ladies. Tarias is a tall, well built, and self- St 16, In 15, Wi 11, Dx 14, Co 13, Ch 12; ferred to the Imperial Navy
assured noble. AC 0 (buckle of armor granting AC 3 ,
Equipment carried: A headband uf amband ofprotection +2, and Dexterity
human contmi that he used on Ashari, a bonus); hp 46; MV 120' (40');#AT 1or 2 ing commander, he shows little forgive
flask of zzonga liquor (three doses, il- (nuord+3, long bow, or wand); AT Rank ness and flexibility to those who fail him.
legal on the Princess Ark), a shori sword D (smash, parry, disarm, multiple Xerdon confronts adversity with grea
+2 of deceiving that he '"borrowed"from attacks), Dmg 2d8+7/drain, ld8+1 plus
his father's seneschal, a medallion ofpm- magical arrow bonuses, or 8d6; Save as

Hemes of the SMes

in Haldemar a possible obstacle to his

career. He disliked Haldemar's decision
to leave Ramissur to the night dragon,
Minor Characters -
The following characters help round
between the commander's bridge and the
lookout on the observation mast, keeping
and feels contempt for Myojb, whom he out the crew of the Princess Ark. They detailed navigational records.
perceives as Haldemar's lackey and a may be fleshed out and used as player
potentially hostile outsider.
D3spo&b1~Goodwill toward Talasar,
characters if desired. Traviata Klemens
Ramissur, and Nyanga; Neutral toward
Lady Abovombe, Ashari, Raman, and
Lysander Bradbum (Cbief Peny 0-e)
D&D Game Statistics: 4th-level Thief;
Haldemar; Antipathy toward Leo, Tarias, (Warrant 0-e) St 14, In 12, Wi 10, Dx 16, Co 14, Ch 11;
and Myojo D%D" Game Statistics: 5th-level AC 7 (with Dexterity bonus); hp 16; MV
Appearance: Xerdon is a rather tall Fighter; St 16,In 10, Wi 10, Dx 11, Co 13, 120' (40'); #AT 1 weapon; Dmg by
and athletic elf, bearing a golden tan Ch 14; AC 9 (he rarely wears armor); hp weapon type; Save as T5;ML 10; AL N
from his many years of active duty in the 25; MV 120' (40'); #AT 1 weapon; Dmg Traviata shares Yeoman duties witt
Imperial Navy. Xerdon has long, silver by weapon type; Save as F5; ML 11; AL N Ashari, helping to maintain the ship's ms
hair held back with a leather headband. Lysander is an Alphatian commoner fer and assisting the Supply Officer witt
A scar runs down his left cheek, testlfylng who decided to make his mark on the administrative tasks and procuring s u p
to his numerous battles with Blackheart world as a member of the Alphatian plies. Like Ashari, h e has learned the
monsters. Imperial Navy. As the Princess Ark's trade of a thief, though he is careful no
Equtpment carried: Armband ofpm- bosun, he is more involved with the day- to break the laws of any port they ma)
tecrion +2,b d k of amor(AC 31, wand to-day sailing of the ship than any other visit unless absolutely necessary. He i!
of ligbtning bolts (8d61, lunar brooch (a officer on board. also the ship's carpenter and a membei
silver brooch shaped like a crescent of the ship's band (playing trumpet).
moon which doubles the area of effect Barret Galloway
of any light or continual light spell cast Radomil Qulnlin
by the wearer and causes all lycan- (SbWS Bsr)
thropes within the lighted area to D&D Game Statistics: Normal Human; (petty ozme
assume animal form), sword +3 of drain- St 11, In 12, Wi 6, Dx 12, Co 9, Ch 9; AC D&D Game Statistics: 4th-level
ing, normal long bow and arrows, six 9; hp 2; MV 120' (40'); #AT 1 weapon; Fighter; S t 14, In 13, Wi 10, Dx 14, Co
a m w s ofpenerration, and one arrow of Dmg by weapon type; Save as Normal 17, Ch 10; AC 8 (with Dexterity bonus);
wounding Man, ML 6; AL L hp 25; MY 120' (40'); #AT 1 weapon;
speILslnemol+?d Barret ("Barry" to everyone on board) Dmg by weapon type; Save as F4; ML
Level 1-Light, magic missile, sleep is the ship's boy-an enthusiastic, easily 10; AL L
Level 2-Detect invisible, knock, levi- awed twelve-year-old who is more than Radomil is the bosun's mate-chief
tate happy to scrub floors, polish brass, run assistant to Lysander. When not busy see-
Level +Haste, holdpemn, protection errands,and fetch anything for anyone in ing to the rigging, the sails, the lifeboats,
fmm eOill0' radius return for the exciting honor of being on or all the myriad of,saf
Level &Confusion, dimension door, board the Winces Adz. escape ropes on board,
wau offire fellow crew members with his know1
Level %-Hold monster, feeblemind
Lmpage% Common Alphatian, Shiye
Nevln Holllster edge of hundreds of different knots.

Lava elven &ect (Cbbf peny

DBD Game Statistics: 5th-level
ry Tactics (In), Milifary
Logistics(In), Tracking (In), Monster Lore User; St 9, In 15, Wi 13; Dx 13, Co 10, Ch (Landsman and Cook)
(In), Leadership (Wi+I), Horsemanship 14; AC 9; hp 14; MV 120' (40'); #AT 1 D&D Game Statistics: 2nd ~~

(Dx), Endurance (Co) weapon or spell; Dmg by weapon or Halflii; St 10, In 16, Wi 9, Dx 13, Co 13,
Weapon s: Skilled level spell.type; Save as MU5; ML 11; AI N Ch 10; AC 8 (Delberity bonus); hp 8; MV
In long bo vel in normal Nevin is an Alphatian magic-user who 120' (40'); #AT 1 weapon; Dmg by
wanfs nothing to do with the "pomp and weapon type; Save as H2; ML 10; AL N

circumstance and all that fiddle-faddle" Rufford is the Princess Ark's cook. Hil
that gees with commissioned officer sta- son and daughter work as his assistants
tus. As the Princess Ark's quartermaster, each is a 1st-level Halfl

.... ~ -...

I 84
Heroes of the Skies

juli selwyn Imperial Navy

men's wands. Chief Boltmen wear ma

ical headgear made of very thin
Pew O @ e l over leather.,This does not provide
D&D' Game Statistics: 3rd-level Chief ical protection, except perhaps from
Fighter; St 15, In 12, Wi 11, Dx 15, Co 13, Boltman Boltman sun, but does provide magical protectiow
Ch 9; AC 8 (with Dexterity bonus); hp 16; Armor class 8 4 granting a +2 saving throw against any
MV 120' (40'); #AT 1 weapon; Dmg by Hit Dice MU1 MU3+ magical attack.
weapon type; Save as F3; ML 12; AL N orE1 orE3+ Each Imperial boltman squad usual1
Juris parents were convinced he would MOVe 120' (40') 120' (403 has its own Chief Boltman. Each boluna
become a fantastically powerful wizard, NO.ofAttacks l w a n d . lwand has a different word to activate his wan
and apprenticed him to six magic-users or spell and has sworn never to reveal this word.
in succession. Alas,not one of them man- -/Attack 6d6 8d6 However, many boltmen who hav
aged to coax an ounce of magical talent or by spell fought together know each other's mag
out of the lad. All Juri ever wanted was to No.Appearlns 1 squad 1 cal words. Chief Boltmen ensnre th
see the world and fight monsters. When (Id6 + 6) these words gn~changed,especially af
he was fifteen, his parents gave up on Save as, MU1 Per class/ a major battle. In addition to the Ordi-
him and allowed him to join the Imperial or E l level nary Boltmen, there are Able-Bodie
Navy. He worked as an ordinary seaman Morale 10 10 Boltmen (MU2 or E2) and Lead Boltrne
for five years before attaining petty offi- Alignment h Y h Y (MU3 or E3, but not yet qualified for:
cer status and earning a transfer to the XPValue 20 150+ NCO status).
airborne corps. In addition to the boltmen, various S ~ R
The Alphatian navy commonly uses cialized troops may be added to the
troops armed with wands of lightning squad. They have the same game statis
Amoria Vertulo bolts. These experienced troops are well tics as those of the standard boltmen bu
CJWY w=?) trained in the arts of aiming and firing use different magical items. Dispel
D&D" Statistics: 5th-level Fighter; St such weapons, and they understand the dens use wands with six charges of
15, In 12, Wi 8, Dx 13, Co 13, Ch 14; AC limitations and risks involved in using magic. Protection wardens use wan
8 (with Dexterity bonus); hp 30; MV 120' such magic. They neither use it inconsid- with six charges of prorectionfmm no
(40'); #AT 1 weapon; Dmg by weapon erately nor without orders. mal missiles. Light marines use
type; Save as F5; ML 11; AL C The wands typically contain six charges with 20 charges of magic missiles (Id
Amoria is a good-looking woman with each and can he recharged, normally hy damage/round). Heavy marines are
blond hair and a beautiful tan. As gun- a navy magist after a battle. If a warship commonly seen: these are IowJevel fi
ner's mate, her duties are to assist Tarias hasn't engaged in battle for several days, ers complete with chain or plate arm0
in all matters concerning the weapons on it is likely that the boltmen's wands are and bastard swords. Heavy marines are
board the Princess Ark. In reality, she fully recharged as per navy regulations. used only during large-scale battles.
does most of the work herself. Amoria is Boltmen are usually 1st-level magic- Although enlisted personnel, boltme
thoroughly disgusted by the fact that users or elves. Each wears knee-high are paid better and have a few more li
she's a better fighter (and a damn sight hoots, white knickerbockers, a laced erties than non-spellcasting crew mem
better sailor) than her commanding offi- shirt, a red padded jacket with epaulets, bers.
cer. Amoria also plies her skills as and a black velvet cloak. A boltman
armorer and musician (the drums). She
blames her lack of progress to Chief Petty
wears leather headgear and carries some
equipment on his belt in a leather case. Imperial Navy
Officer status on her big mouth-she His equipment normally includes one or Crew
tends to tell anyone, including superior two daggers, a score of darts, his wand, Non-spellcasting troops handle more
officers, just what she thinks of them. So food, and other minor field equipment menial tasks, especially in the navy;
far, she's held her tongue in Tarias' pres- (rope, hooks, spade, bandages, water- (sailors, carpenters, KP personnel, etc.1.
ence, hut it's only a matter of time. skin, torches, etc.). Most are Normal Humans, or first- or sec-
Chief Boltmen (Chief Petty Officer ond-level fighters, thieves, oc othe
rank) are higher-level spell-casters who spellcasting character classes. Crew
use wands having more charges and bers who are of 3rd level or higher
causing more damage than normal bolt become non-commissioned officers.
s Ark

inemi on- men, Gunners, and Seamen (Airmen on

skyships). Raw recruits are Apprentice
technically qualified for the position
Gunnery Officer, and isn't at all conscie
The Princess Ark was commissioned in Boltmen (or Apprentice Gunners, etc.), tious in his duties-Xerdon quietly goes
the Alphatian Imperial Navy as an ex- while those with at least a year of experi- about taking care of many of Tarias'
ploratory vessel. Although banished from ence and some measure of competence responsibilities.
Alphatian skies until recently, the Prin- are Able-Bodied Boltmen. Experienced
c e s remained in commission as an Impe-
rial skyship. Prince Haldemar bears an
personnel who have not yet made Petty
Officer are called 1stClass Airmen.
Imperial Writ of Endorsement that desig- Large ships also carry Iandsmen--civil- The real work of the ship gets do
nates him as a diplomatic agent with hull ian specialis-to provide ships' services. the enlisted men, under the superv'
power to enter into agreements between Hired mercenary bands usually have their of the NCOs (non-commissioned
the Empire and the rulers of foreign own leader who answers directly to the cers). Positions held by NCOs inc
nations. The Writ also entitles him to ship's captain. Individual mercenaries Boatswain ("bosun," in charge of th
receive a personal excise of 1% of all report to officers according to the agree- ging, sails, anchors, lifeboats, etc.); Gu
trade which comes about as a result of ment they made upon signing on. ner (in charge of the ballistas, cata
any treaties he enters into--for 10 years and all weapons on board); Yeo
from the date of the treaty.
There is another side to the Empress'
offcers' Posinons (assigned clerical duties); Coxswai
?coxsun," steersman for the ship's
instructions for the Princess Ark. Knowl- On board ship, the commanding officer and various skilled positions such as .C
edge of the Hollow World and of worlds (regardless of rank) is referred to as penter, Barber, Cook (although the c
beyond the Skyshield is deemed too dan- "Captain." The line officer next in rank is aboard the Princess Ark is a landsman),
gerous to fall into the wrong hands- the Executive Officer, who is in charge of Armorer, and so on.
Prince Haldemar and his entire crew are all personnel matters and on hoard rou- Xerdon: Warrant Officer; Chief Gu
sworn to secrecy in these matters. For tines. ner and Chief of the Guards
this, and because numerous enemies still Other positions ffled by commissioned Lysander: Warrant Officer; Boatswain
pursue the Princess Ark, the skyship officers include: Medical Officer, Navigat- Nevln: Chief Petty Officer; Quart
'rarely remains anywhere long. ing Officer, Gunnery Officer, Damage ter (in charge of keeping detailed navig

Regulations -
As a naval vessel, the Princess Ark and
Control Officer, First Lieutenant, Watch
Officer, Supply Officer, and Spiritual Offi-
cer. As the Princess Ark has only four
commissioned officers (including Tarias,
tional records and assigning bridge watc
Traviaa Chief Petty Officer; Yeom
(in charge of clerical duties such as
her crew are suhjea to the rules and reg- the midshipman), each must assume the taining the ship's roster and assisting
ulations of the Alphatian Imperial Navy. duties of multiple positions. Supply Officer with administration), Ca
These include the trappings and tradi- Haldemar: Captain and Navigating penter, and Musician
tions of a complicated military organiza- Officer Asbark Petty Officer; Navigator'
tion-ranks, uniforms, salutes, and cere- Talasai: Executive Officer, Medical and Yeoman
ionies. Officer, Spiritual Officer, and Watch Offi- Radomil: Petty Officer; Bosun's Mate
cer for the Starboard Watch (see p. 87). Amorh Petty Officer; Gunner's Mat
Navy Ranks He also assumes the duties normally del-
egated to the First Lieutenant, ensuring
Armorer, and Musician
Jurl: Petty Officer: Coxswain and Bat-.
Commissioned ranks in the Alphatian impeccable appearance and efficiency of ber
Imperial Navy are: Admiral, Vice Admiral, men and ship.
Ramam Supply Officer and Damage
Rear Admiral, Captain, Lieutenant Com-
mander, Lieutenant, and Midshipman. Control Officer (responsible for keeping
Rules (and Punishments)
Midshipmen are junior officers-in-training track of all accounts, including payroll, There are some basic rules aU memb
and must serve in active duty and pass and all supplies; ensuring the cooks have of the Imperial Navy must follow: a h a
stringent exams before attaining commis- sufficient stocks and the galley and mess obey superior officers, show respect
sions as Lieutenants. halls are kept clean; and for supervising seniors, and he on your best behavior at
Non-commissioned officers d o not maintenance and repair on the Princess all times. Naval vessels must have crews
have authority to give orders. Non-com- Ark) willing and able to live and work close
missioned ranks are: Warrant Officer, Tarias: Gunnery Officer and Watch together without hesitation or slacki
Chief Petty Officer, and Petty Officer. At Officer for the Port Watch. Tarias is not off-especially in combat. This requir
the bottom of the hierarchy are the Bolt- very popular with the men. He's also not discipline, and anything interfering w'

Life Ab& the Princess Ark

at discipline is harshly discouraged. sess the item. Even gifts or borrowed

The captain may assign punishment for clothing can cause trouble. Being caught Daily Schedule
minor offenses-usually in the form of in possession of anything belonging to an The Princess Ark's daily schedule re
demotion, solitaly confinement for up to officer means real trouble--especially if mains essenrially the same in port and in
one week, fines, restriction of liberty, or it's valuable! flight. Crew members rise at the crack of
revocation of privileges. Treason Betrayal of the ship or any dawn, go about the daily business of
If the captain thinks a crew member's naval personnel to an enemy carries the maintaining the ship in perfect working
infraction warrants harsher punishment death penalty.

order, and (if they're lucky) turn in at 9
(flogging, extra duties, loss of pay for up or 10 P.M. for six to eight hours of sleep.
to one month, discharge, etc.) he may
call a deck court composed of all com- Daily Routines Night watches (8 P.M. to Midnight, Mid
night to 4 A.M., and 4 A.M. to 8 A.M.) re
missioned officers aboard. Whether hovering in port or cruising quire minimal crew, as the Princess Ark
Serious offenses (treason, wilful dis- through the air, the Princess Ark3 decks practically flies herself. .Only the officer
obedience resulting in accident or injury, are always bustling with activity. Even of the deck, a lookout on the observation
etc.) usually call for a general court-mar- during the relatively quiet midwatch nust, a boltman in each guard turret, and
tial involving the commander in chief of (from midnight to 4am1, boltmen, airmen, the bosun or his mate (or an experienced
an Alphatian fleet. As Haldemar bears the and an Officer of the Deck are on duty. Airman) are required. Other personnel
rank of Admiral, he is authorized to head The latter-usually one of the Watch are called to duty as needed.
a general court-martial if a superior offi- Officers-is the officer currently in charge There are three meals a day. Officers
cer is not available. Punishments range of all personnel on deck. including warrant and petty officers (con
from dishonorable discharge or loss of trary to normal Imperial naval practice),
pay, through imprisonment at hard labor, eat in the Wardroom (area 601). All other
to death (the latter allowed only in trea- Watches crew eat in shifts in the crews' mess roon
son cases). The non-commissioned personnel (area 506). When in port, crew member
Actual punishments depend on the aboard Imperial naval vessels are divided may be granted shore leave in parties o
guilty party's previous record, the nature into two watches: Port and Starboard. 10 to 20. In flight and under sail, the air
of the offense, and the personalities and They rotate their duties around the clock, men have their hands full trimming sail
moods of the officers presiding at the each watch spending four hours on deck and hauling on lines.
mal. and four hours off. During drills and Normal Schedule (MilitaryTime):
Neglect of Duties: This includes im- maneuvers calling for '"all hands,'' both 0200-Relieve lookouts and guards.
proper or lazy completion of an assigned watches assume their positions on deck. 0400-Ship's cooks called to duty
task as well as more serious mistakes or After any four-hour all hands stint, the Change of the watch; relieve lookout
oversights which result in accidents on Port and Starboard watches rotate their and guards.
board o r - t h e Immortals forbid!--colli- duty schedules. This ensures that neither 0500-Reveille (morning bugle call);
don. watch is always stuck on deck during the call all hands. Hammocks and sleepin]
Wilful Disobedience: Deliberately dawn watch (4 A.M. to 8 A.M.), shivering gear stowed. Crew members wash up
ignoring or violating a regulation or an in the chill air while the rest of the crew scrub clothes on deck and hang them 01
order is a very serious breach of disci- enjoys a hot breakfast below decks. lines (weather permitting), and get read!
pline and usually merits a similarly Duties within a watch rotate as well; for the day's work.
severe punishment. not all crew members of a watch are 0530-Sweepers called to sweep al
Unauthorized Absence fromDuty: needed on deck during normal cruising decks.
Failure to report to work-or stretching flight. All Aimen, Gunners, and Boltmen 0600-Breakfast. Relieve lookouts ani
shore leave a few hours or days past the are kept busy throughout the day, even guards.
allotted time-are frowned upon no mat- when their watch isn't on deck. There are 073&Moming Muster and inspection.
ter what the excuse. Unauthorized sails and rigging to mend, decks and rail- Orders of the Day posted. Sick Call (all ill
absences longer than two days are often ings to scrub, metal fittings to polish, personnel must report to sick bay or thei
punished with flogging. weapons to clean and sharpen, and any commanding officer).
Desertion: Deserters who are caught other tedious task the Watch Officer can 0800-Both watches on deck. Turn ti
are subject to court-martial. possibly think of. ship's work (deck scrubbing, polishing
Theft: Being caught in possession of etc.). Relieve lookouts and guards.
anything belonging to another person 0900--0fficers called to meeting.
puts an enlisted man under suspicion of 0930-Drill of the Day (may be any
theft, regardless of how he came to pos- one or two of the following: gunnery
bife Aboarti the Prlncess Ark
even commissioned officers (assbting o$ '.'-
drill, fire drill, collision drill, abandon to explore and gather information. In
ship drill, man overboard drill, battle some cases, these activities must be car- even replacing the major characters pre-
drill.) ried out in secret40 avoid conklicts with sented in "Heroes of the Skies").
1000-Relieve lookduts and guards. Heldannic forces, for instance. In any You, as DM, should assign PCs' ranks.
1130-Retreat from drill; take down case, stopping at a port ofcall nearly Most commissioned officers are of 8th
scrubbed clothes (if dry); sweep down; always leads to some sort of adventure. level or higher. Petty officers should he at
main meal for oncoming watch; 'cap- If she stays long, the Princess Ark runs least 3rd level. Enlisted men are rarely
tain's mast" (the captain bears any re- the risk of attracting unwanted attention above 3rd level. Mercenaries and guests
quests or reports from anyone desiring from thieves or enemies. may be of any level, but they don't get aq
his attention, but they must he reason- official rank. Only members of the Alpha-
Campaigning with
able and important).
1200-Change of the watch; relieve
lookouts and guards; main meal. Smok-
ing lamp lit (to regulate the use of fire
the Princess Ark -
There are three major roles the princess
tian Imperial Navy have ranks-but Hal-
demar and other officers may enlist
recruits or offer commissions as Midship-
men to particularly worthy charact
and smoking on board, all pipes and Arkmay take in a skyship campaign. The
other smoking implements must be lit ship can be the campaign's focus, with
player characters being crew members or
Potentld Problems
from this lamp). No smoking below
decks. officers aboard her; she can be a friendly (and Their Solutions)
1300-Afternoon Muster. Smoking force that shows up periodically to in- Whether your campaign centers around
lamp out. volve the characters in exciting adven- the pnncess Ark and her voyages or the
133&Aftemoon drill (if ordered). NreS Prince Haldemar needs help with; skyship merely makes a n occasiond.
,14M)--Relieve lookouts and guards. or she can be a dangerous foe. The latter appearance in the course of the playt?
i 143GRetreat from drill. role is most likely if the PCs are allied characters' adventures, here are some
~1540-Take down scrubbed clothes (if with Thyatis or the Heldannic Knights in potential problem you may have to deal
pill up). the war that breaks out in AC 1005. or with.
1600-Change of the watch; relieve have otherwise made themselves ene- character Levek: Obviously, the Priq
b k o u t s and guards. mies of the Alphatian Emp cess Arks crew includes characters of
1630-Sweepers called; knock off experience levels ranging from Normal
bhip's work. Role-playlng the Human to 21s-level-and Dossiblv
higher1 This makes it diFficult t i balance
1 7 3 U l e a r up decks (all gear stowed).
Major Characters

1800-Supper; relieve lookouts and encounters for the disparate character

guards. Smoking lamp lit. The characters presented in "Heroes of leveis. The easiest solution is to make
~ 190kBand concert the Skies" may be used as PCs, provlded sure the player characters are all with&
,' 1930-Evening reports. Hammocks your players don't mind role-playing three experience levels of one anot
Ishaken out. characters with already well-developed (They may all be 1st-level boltmen,
! 2000-Change of the watch; relieve backgrounds and personalities. DMs may level mercenaries, etc.) Xerdon, Nyanga,
(lookoutsand guards; officers' meeting. want to keep Haldemar as a non-player and Leo are good matches as player char-
1'' 2looSmoking lamp out. character m order to retain more control acters, with a couple of petty officers
i 22OLRelieve lookouts and guards. over the campaign's duection thrown in if you have more than th
1. 2 4 U h a n g e the watch. ReIieve look- players. Asbari, Tarias, and Ramis
might likewise make a good team
'outs and guards. Brlnging New Characters If you and your players are t v a k i i it%
Ports of call- Existing player characten may come
possible to have a campaign using hi&&
disparate character levek. Running three
When in pursuit of knowledge and aboard the Princess Ark as mercenaries, sets of characters and alternating amow
trade weahh, Italdemar directs the Prin- guests, or landsmen providing ships' s a - their adventures is one possihiEiry.
cess A r k along whatever course seems vices (armorer, enchanter, carpenter, party may consist of commanding off
most promising, following rumors of etc.). If they're Alphatian citizens, they cers, another have mid-level mercenaries
hitherto unknown (to Akphatia) nations may enlist as crew members. Alterna- and petty officers, and a third have lorn
and other interesting places. tively, players can create characters spe- level bolmen, airmen, and grunts.
Aiong the way, the Princess Ant! must cifically for a Princess Ark campaign. You can try running disparate characte.
eriodically stop to replenish supplies, These may be landsmen, lowIy crew levels in the same party, as well-if yoti
lake repairs, or to send out away teams members, non-commissioned officers, or plan the adventures carefully to ensure

Life Aboard the Princess Ark

no one gets left out of the action .or You can even ."replay" 'ncess Ark tion, especi
placed in an impossible situation. Prince episodes with players who are already ment crea
Haldemar's life has been saved more familiar with the series, provided your Prince Hal
rhan once by low-level characters such as players are,ahle to sepiirate what they by death. Oneexplanation C O , be ~ &at,
Myop and Ashari. But a campaign of this ' h o w from what their characters know. upon Prince Haldemar's death.(whatever
type poses its own problems: powntial You should introduce some .unexpected the cause), Berylith's soul was freed but
firurntion or jealousy among your play- twists i,nto the adventure to catch your chose to remain in the PrincessArk in
crs, low-level characters overwhelmed by players off guard-an NPC who.was orig- order to accwa$ish.the quest laid c
h e odds, or high-level characters bored inaUy villainous may be a friend instead, by her p a w Inunortal (see p. 976).
lby encounters that are too easy. or vice versa; Another explanation would require
i BanL:Another ptentiai source of fric- If you do decide to base an adventure Prince Haldemar to be prisoner.some7
tion hetween. players is the rank system on a F'dncess Ark episode, you may wish where (on another-plane,perhaps),,with
qn board the Princess Ark. Unless the check the issue of DRAGON" Magazine Berylith "unconscious" (+Ihugh the ship
player characters ace aU of the same rank, in which the episode first:appeared. Most like a more conrentional
low-ranking PCs will have,to folbw the of the series' articles,include useful infor- Berylith herself could seek.out
6rders of higher-ranking PCs. Players mation about the epis a new crew to heQ her find andrescue
unused to this style of role-playing may information.which is not hercaptain. , ,.
resent being told what their characters From the End: You,may begin your If the PCs find'the:
yhould do. Unless you're sure this won't Princess Ark campaign fr0.m the point ckcide to claim iter for their own~fiey're
cjause a problem in your group, avoid wheTe the written episodes leave off: likely to inherit-her enemies as well
having player characters of different when Prince Haldemar,announces the
@s, regardless of character levels. 1mperial.ordersto return home. %,is is an Adventures with the
excellent starting point for. a continuing
Princess Ark
Where to Begin campaign.
Prince Haldemar would wish to return Although many can take
One question you need to answer home as speedily as possible, and would place imthe lands the.Princess.A7kvisii,
hefore you start a campaign revolving set a high-altitude course to. fly in as try not to let the skyship. becom
around the Princess Ark i,s: Where to straight a line as possible From the Yalu transport fmm one placejto
begin7 Bay area to Alphatia-er the heart of Involve the ship ,insome
~Fmm Beglnnlng: If your players the continent. Even assuqing full speed Aerial combat between rh
haven't read the Princess A* series,~you ahead., favorable. winds, and no delays, and flyiqg opponent-
can "replay" episodes from the Chroni- the journey would take about forty days. nic warbirds,.herds of,g+
ctes. With a bit of work, you can expand Throw in probkms evadlgg Heldannic on-is always exciting; regardless of the
any episode into a complete adventure prowlers, the need to stop for supplies, level of. PCs.on board. Superiorffiee
assigning statistics to the ma@ NPCs and, Dungeon MasterTMwhim, and the direct the ship's combat manewers an
epcountered, mapping out the general trip is sure. to be eventful:In.fact, devious coordinate attach by ,the gunnecs,and
ateas described in the episode, and tai- IuvIs may never lethe Princess Ark make bohen. R e p e K i barde%keeps every-^
Idring the plot to the specific player char- it back to Floating M
acters in your campaign. From a DifXei%nt.Beginnlng:
the resulting adventure should be a like the idea of catering your campaign
great deal of fun, even if things' don't around the PrincessArk!butdon't want to cess Ark to a grappldenerny~sk
hiappen the way they were originally use the original aew members as charac- challenges first-level boltme
airitten. A word of warning: The PCs are ters, there are a nwnber of ways you can
almost guaranteed to do something unex- begin. Youcansimp$use the.deck plans
~ p xwhichi will take them off the path and ganwstatistics of the primcess A* for
fpllowed in the "official" version of another ship h o s t likely another Alpha-
ebents. That's okay, as long as you're tian ship which was also created with the
prepared to go with the flow. In fact. one Thothian enchantment), give it a different
of the worst things you can do as a DMTM name and crew, and take.$ from there. ble by design. There
iq to try to railroad the player characters .Or you can arrange to have the Prin- solve (who poisone
into a set sequence of events. The Prin- cess Ark herself fall into ,the hands of the tant?); intruders to track down and ferret
cess Ark episodes are best used as inspi- player characters-minus ,her original out; spies, saboteurs, and assass'-- .-
ration and guides, notI as scripts. crew. This requires a bit more explana- defeat. Dopplegangers, anyone?

Life Aboard the Princess Ark

Future History of Possible Adventures Explorers Extra0

looking toward the
the Princess Ark- The following events are suggestions potential conquest (and as a last reson
O n Alphamir 1, 2001 AY-the fmt day for Haldemar's future. You should decide should the worst happen to the Alphatian
of the year as Alphatians keep time- what happens according to how you Empire in the outer world). The Princess
Prince Haldemar orders the Princess Ark want your campaign to go, especially if it Ark may very well receive orders to
on a course for Alphatia. They're half a centers around the Princess Ark. return to the Hollow World to help estab-
world away from his home in Floating Bullding a Fleek Empress Eriadna rec- lish an Alphatian presence there.
Ar, on the northeastern edge of the ognizes that Alphatia will desparately Sky Warriors: Of course, the Princess
Alphatian continent. From the Trident need powerful weapons and experienced Ark will also be called into duty as a
Bay area (the eastern extension of Yalu adventurers to have any hope of winning weapon and military vessel. The war will
Bay), they must cross all of B N n a jour- a war of the scale the portents fortell. provide untold opportunities for battles
ney of seven thousand miles. While Prince Haldemar is in Floating Ar, with other skyships or warriors on flying
Although Prince Haldemar will keep she will ask him to lend his experience mounts. And air support for g
his ship at high altitudes as much as pos- (and that of his crew) to building, en- troops is always welcome.
chanting, and manning a fleet of new
sible (to avoid trouble), the trip will be
dangerous. Heldannic skyships still stalk skyships. Pan of his duties will include staytns official (or Not)
the Princess Ark, and Haldemar has other researching an improved version of the
enemies as well. He will try to keep his Thothian enchantment (see p. 95)-3ne The D&D" game world is a dynamic,
course over areas he and his crew have that's simple to cast and not likely to ever-changing setting, with events set in
already explored along the southern drive the enchanter mad. motion by the Wrath of the Immortals
coast of Brun-but there are some Meanwhile, Talasar and the other expe- product and carried through succeeding
nations he must avoid. Herath, to the rienced members of the Princess Ark's years in the Poor Wizard's Almanac.
south of Trident Bay, is a dangerous area crew will be put to work choosing and This means that Prince Haldemar and the
for the Princess Ark to fly over; as is training candidates for the new fleet. Princess Ark are likely to show up in
Hule, at the southwestern end of the Once the new skyships are built, there other D&D game products.
Black Mountains. will be test flights, simulated combat More than likely, the official (i.e. pub-
Once he passes the Kingdom of Sind, maneuvers, and mock war games to play lished by TSR) version of the Princess
Haldemar must either swing north along out in preparation for the realaction. Ark's future will differ from the events
the Kurish Massif or south over the Sea of The shipyards of Floating Ar are bound you play out in your own campaign. In
Dread to avoid the Thyatian Empire. The to come under attack from spies working some cases, you may be able to inte-
latter course would be best, as it remains for Glantri, the HeldaMic Knights, or the grate the official events into your own
as far from the Heldann Freeholds as Empire of Thyatis-or from other Spell- adventures. In others, your Princess Ark
possible. On the other hand, Haldemar casters, Alphatian and otherwise, who simply won't he in the right place at the
may decide to do a bit of investigating in wish to steal the new enchantment tech- right time (or have the right crew) for
Glantri on his way home. niques for themselves. Eventually, Halde- you to match the skyship's published
In any event, the Princess Ark will mar may decide to move the shipyards to activities.
reach Alphatia by the end of the year a more secret and easily defended area. Don't let this worry you. Any future
2001 AY. The war between Glantri and Swing for the E m p k : Empress Eri- events that may appear in products for
Alphatia is still three years away, but adna may need Haldemar's experience in the D&D game world are only sugges-
forces on both sides are already in gathering information. Some missions tions foryou to use or alter as you see fit.
motion. For a while, the h i n c e s Ark wiU might require the Princess Ark's ability to If you wish a particular official event to
remain fairly idle in Floating Ar (at Halde- fly invisibly into territory otherwise diff- occur in your campaign but can't find a
mar's family estate). But Empress Eriadna cult to reach. Others would involve way to match your own Princess Ark to
is bound to need Prince Haldemar and Prince Haldemar and his companions the event, substitute another Alphatian
his skyship for occasional (and highly apart from their'skyship. All would skyship for the Princes Ark. The purpose
dangerous) missions in the years leading require the utmost in discretion, secrecy, of the Poor Wizard's Almanac and
up to the war. The Princess Ark will not and cunning. Haldemar's talent for diplo- other D&D products is to provide you
remain grounded for long. macy could also prove useful, perhaps with a fun and exciting campaign set-
even gaining new allies in unexpected ting-not to lock you into'cia1
places for Alphatia. series of adventures or events.
, .
Friends and Foes

Aranea w value: 125 (3 tentacles); The Heldannic

225 (4 tentacles);
Armorclass: 7 550 (5 tentacles);
Hit Dice 3" + 1 HD per leg 950 (6 tentacles) Knlght mer
M m 180' (60') The Cestian gobbler is a tropical, gray- Armor Class: 3 2
Web: 120' (40') brown plant with a hollow trunk, 3 to 6 (plate) (field)
AUXk.9: 1 bite tentacles spaced evenly around a sphinc- classaudkeh C2 c5
or weapon or spell ter mouth, and a cluster of small tendrils Move: 90' (30') 90' (30')
Damage: 1-6 + paralysis that can protrude from the mouth. Gob- Mounted: 120' (40') 12W (4W)
or by weapon or spell blers never grow within 60' of each other. No. of Attacks: 1 sword 1 weapon
No. Appearlns 1-3 (1-6) A gobbler atracks with its tentacles, sur- or lance or spell
save As: MU3 prising prey on a roll of 1-2 on Id6. Ten- Dmg/Attadr: By weaponBy weapon
Morale: 7 tacles reach lengths of 12' plus 3' per Hit or spell
Treasure- D Die. The gobbler can attack as many vic- No. Appearlns 1 Banner 1 per
InteUigenw 14 tims as it has tentacles, but the gobbler (2d6 + 6) Banner
Aligna~ene Chaotic or Neutral only senses creatures on the ground Save As: C2 C?
w Val= 65 within 30' of the plant's trunk. Morale: 11 1:
These intelligent giant spiders are as A successful attack entangles the vic- Aiignnlment: Chaotic ChaL..-
large as small ponies and greenish-brown tim, who must save vs. poison or be w value 30 425
in color. An aranea can be distinguished instantly paralyzed. An unparalyzed vic- The Heldannic Order is a grim brother.
from other giant spiders by the massive, tim trying to pull free must pass a Strength hood of fierce, warlike knights. The
odd-shaped lump on its back that houses check with a -1 cumulative penalty for Order's quest and each knight's devotion
its large brain. Aranea are webspinners each Hit Die the gobbler has and -1 for is the unification of the barbarian free-
and their bite is poisonous. each tentacle holding the victim. A roll of holds north of the Kingdom of Vestland
An aranea's front limbs have flexible 1 always succeeds; a roll of 20 always The Heldannic Knights, most of them
digits used to grasp prey and manipulate indicates failure. Paralyzed victims must powerful clerics, are extremely loyal tc
simple tools. In addition, the aranea can be pulled free; the paralysis wears off their order and are the embodiment 01
cast spells as a 3rd level-magic user; they after id6 rounds. the concept "rule by the strong." The)
spend most of their time in magical The gobbler needs a full round to pull have no mercy for the weak. These enig-
research. a victim toward its mouth. There, on a matic knights ally themselves with Glanm
The araneas of the Savage Coast have successful to-hit roll, a cluster of tendrils and Thyatis against Alphatia in AC 1005.
developed int0.a separate breed with a attaches itself to the victim and begins A Heldannic Knight is recognized by
remarkable culture. They secretly rule drawing blood. The tendrils cause 1-12 his dark, dull-gray plate armor: his lone
Herath, disguising themselves with inher- hp damage at the end of each subse- white tabard with its black, upright lion
ent shape-shifting abilities. quent round until the victim dies or is and his full-face great helm topped with

Cestian Gobbler
Armorclass: 6
- rescued, or until the plant is slain. A dead
victim is swallowed whale into the gob-
bler's trunk, where it is eventually
digested. Various treasures belonging to
the ominous upright lion that makes him
appear much taller than h e really is,
These are heavy cavalry knights with
fully barded WdI horses. They normally
Wt Dice: 3-6"' (I) previous victims may he found at the hot- march to battle brandishing dozens 01
(1 HD per tentacle) tom of the hollow, fluid-filled trunk. very large banners, standards, and pen-
Move: N11 Cestian gobblers of 6 HD size have a nants bearing the order's coat of arms.
Attscks: 1 per tentacle + 10%chance of developing an Intelligence When a great cavalry charge is possi.
1 cluster of tendrils score of 2d6 + 1. These creatures may ble, Heldannic Knights are likely to use
Entangle and paralysts, use bait to attract their prey (paralyzed heavy cavalry lances. Otherwise, half use
Damage: Id12 per round animals, treasures, fluttering rags, etc.). A large shields and bastard swords, while
No.Appeanlng N/A gobbler reproduces once a year by shoot- the remainder use two-handed swords,
Save As: F3-d ing 2 4 spores from its mouth. Spores are (As followers of the Immortal Vanya, Hel.
morale Nil hurled 30-300' away. Each spore has a dannic Knights do not have the usual
'EkasureTypF2 v 25% chance of landing in good soil and clerical restrictions in weapon usage. I1
InteUigence 0 or 2d6 + 1 sprouting; it then needs six months to you do not wish sword-wielding cleric:
- e grow into a 3 HD gobbler. in your campaign, half of every force 01
NeYfral Heldannic Knights will be fighters armec

i 93
Friends and Foes

as above; the rest will be clerics wielding her lair. Night dragons look like th-
maces and war hammers.) shadow of a dragon, totally black, except po2ymoylh self: wizard eye, magic j a r ,
A Banner of Heldannic Knights (from 2 for two eyes that glow slightly. Very faint teleport.
to 1 2 men) typically all cast protection dark blue or purple shimmers reveal A lesser dragon inflicts 3d10 h p dam-
f m m evil before combat. Their officer, the some of the dragon's physical features, age with a bite and ld6 + 1 hp damage
Knight Banneret, is likely to also cast a such as scales and muscles. Night drag- with its claws. A greater dragon inflicts
blight spell and remain at the center of ons are solid on the Prime Material Plane. 4d8 + 8 h p damage with its bite and
his troops during the battle. The officer's Night dragons are masters of guile and ld12+2 h p with its claws. A successful
two remaining spells are often cure light treachery. They feed on the sorrow they blow from any night dragon is similar to
murids and holdperson. inflict upon their victim. They torment a the touch of a ghoul (elves ai
Lower-level clerics of the order are stu- foe rather than destroy it. Physical com- requiring a Save vs. Paralysis.
dents who reside at the various strong- bat is not viewed as a means of achieving Both lesser and greater night dragons
holds of the order, or else act as squires their goals; lies are far better. can only be hit with at least +1magical
or men-at-arms during conflkts. The Hel- The breath of a night dragon takes the weapons. Night dragons are particularly
dannic Order as a whole is said to have form of a billowing cloud of absolute vulnerable to light and spells affecting
up to 2,000 knights and officers (Knights darkness. Any living being in the area of undead. A light spell causes ldlO h p
Banneret, Lieutenants, and Captains), and effect must Save vs. Breath Weapon or damage to the monster. A raise de& will
5,000 students. Twelve High Priests (C12) fall unconscious. The darkness dissipates destroy a lesser dragon or idict 3d10 hp
under the authority of the Great Knight in ld6 turns. The breath cannot be used damage on a greater dragon. Direct sun-
of the Order (C25) rule the knighthood in windy areas. light from the Outer World s u r -,:"

II from the Fortress of Freiburg in the Hel-

dann Freeholds.
Countless other troops and units exist
Night dragons can enter the Plane of
Entropy through any area of absolute
darkness. In most cases, the dragon uses
destroy any of these dragons.
A cleric can turn a lesser drago.. ly

vampire, and a greater dragon as a night-

in the Heldann Freeholds. These include its breath to cause darkness, then disap- shade (see the D&D" Rules Cyclo-pedia,
barbarian hordes, town militias, and mer- pears into the other plane. likewise, it p. 15). These dragons cannot be turned
cenaries opposed to the Heldannic Order. may reappear only from a dark spot. within 10 miles of their lairs or on the

Night Dragon
- Greater
A greater dragon can wrap its wings
around an unconscious foe and trap the
victim's life force in the Plane of Entropy.
The dragon then takes over the body,
Plane of Entropy.

Armorclass: 0 -5 which retains its intellect and memories Armor Class: 6 (or hy an
Hit Dice: 9"" (L) 20."** (L) and becomes a fanatic follower of the Hit Dice: 2+1 (MI
Move: 90' (30') 150' (50') dragon. Minor foes often are transformed Move: 93' (30')
Flying: 240' (80') 360' (120') into bats which are used as spies. A tele- Attadrs: 2 claws/l L
Attacks: upto7 upto7 pathic link between a night dragon and Damage: 14/14/14
Damage/Attack: its followers allows it to see and bear No. Appearing 0 (3d10 with ld8 .,
Breath Cloud: 5O1x4Ox30'5O'x50'x3O1 through them (except in the Hollow ;'shred

BreathEffect: Darkness D a h e s s World). save As: F2

No.Appearhg 1-4 (1-4) 10) Greater dragons (like Synn) are granted Morale: 9
saveAs: F9 F36 one wisb per century they spend on the TreasureType: M (special) ''

Morak: 9 11 Prime Material Plane in addition to their Intelligence: 12

TreasureW H Hx2, I spells. (Night dragons use wizard spells.) Alignment: Neutral
-: 12 15 Lesser dragon spells: four 1st level, XP value: 25
Chaotic Chaotic four 2nd level The rakasta are a proud ra
XP valw. 4,400 18,500 Greater dragon spells: five 1st level, gent, cat-like humanoids.
Night Dragons are chaotic dragons that five 2nd level, four 3rd level, three 4th upright hut are covered with soft, tawny
have become the undead servants of level, two 5th level fur and have feline heads.,They are fierce
Immortals in the Sphere of Entropy. They Synn, as an example of this species, fighters who employ special metal "war
are sometimes sent to the Prime Material often has the following spells: charmper- claws" fitted over their natural. ones
Plane on missions for their masters. For son (xZ), read languages, shield, ventrilo- (without these, rakasta inflict only 12'
example, after the desuuction of Ocea- quism, continual darkness, detect in- points of damage with each claw'att8ck).
nia, Synn (a greater dragon) was allowed visible, ESP, invisibiliiy, phantasmal Certain rdkasta ride sabre-tooth tigers.
to remain and guard an ancient secret in force, clairvoyance, dispel magic, haste, Only the bravest and strongest of the

Friends and Foes

rakasta wamors can hold the respect of Invel Damage Defense

the sabre-toothed tigers. The sabre-tooth Bask ld4 - appears to travel around the Myoshiman
tigers are controlled with knee pressure Special Effem No off-hand penalty globe along a great cycle every 336 days.
and heavy riding crops, and are fitted Slrilled ld6 M: -1AC/2 Mystara's year. Mystara's axial tilt pro.
with special saddles that do not hinder Special Effect%No off-hand penalty vides Myoshima's seasons. Nearside usu-
their fighting abilities. These saddles also Double damage' (20) ally receives a small amount of light
allow the rakasta to leap up to 20' from ld8 M: -2AC/3 reflected from Mystara. Myoshimln
their mounts and attack in the same Special Effects: No off-handpenalty inhabitants have no fxed cycle of wake-
round. The "tame" sabre-tooths are nor- Double damage. (19-20) fulness.
mally too ferocious to be ridden by any Master P: ld10+1 M: -3AC/3 Full daylight on Myoshima is not a>
creature other than a rakasra warrior. Specid1Effects: N o off-hdnd penalty bright as on Mystara, being more like twi-
Rakastas have the ability to use their S: ld8+1 light. The sky changes color during a
superior perception sense (a combination Double damage' (18-20) '"day,"ranging from fiery tones at noon tc
of smell, h h g , and insrinct) that allows GrandMaSter P ld12+2 M: 4AC/4 tamer red and purple hues at dusk 01
them to detect invisible within a 10' Special Effects: No off-hand penalty dawn. The dim light is another effect 01
radius. They also have infravision good S: ld10+2 the moon's light-bending core.
to 60',and the ability to hear Oistenhg at Double damage' (17-20) Most of Myoshima is covered by steam-
doors, etc.) as a thief of the same level. ing jungles and earthquake-prone vol-
Rakastas as PCs: Rakastas can be P: Primaly target (P=M: either a monster canic mountains that surround three
played using human character classes, using natural attacks such as claws or an freshwater seas. Rain clouds cover a third
including druids, paladins, and mystics. opponent caught with a missile weapon of Myoshima at all times, and preeipita-
Add +2 to Dexterity when the character is in his hands) tion is abundant. The two polar areas of
created, up to a maximum of 18. Rakastas S: Secondary target (opponents with the moon offer at worst a temperate cli-
start with 2+1 HD at first level, using the hand-held weapons) mate. The vast majority of the sentient
tipe of dice corresponding to the chosen *: Double damage (with unmodified population is made of various breeds of
chyacter class, and a one-time penalty of required hit scores given in parentheses) rakasta,
*,Zoo W that must be overcome before only applies to unarmored opponenii Myoshima is divided into three, abdities can be used. Tne political blocs. The largest an
rs a permanent -3M penalty
(fouilded up to the nearest 100 XP) on all
Myoshima (Patera) most aggressive is the Empire of Myo-
shima itself, a nation of feudal provinces
$aperience points gained thereafter dur- Mystara has a second moon, known to controlled by daimyos, with a single
'hadvenrures. or example, a lst-level its inhabitants as Myoshima and to the emperor who rules them all.
sta (such as Myojo) gains an Immortals as Patera. The moon can't nor- Next is the nation of Rajahstan, made
OD @his initial~2+1HD mally be seen. by anyone outside its up of twelve allied realm. Each realm is
Skyshield, due to its unusual light-bend- a sovereign state ruled by holy gurus
ight rays hitting Myo- (who handle law, education, religion,
ur weapom.pcoficiency e,are deflected back to and internal politics) and maharajahs
2,800 XP (-30% penalty = the surface or off into space. Ultraviolet (who handle the economy, m
for 2nd level. Rakasta PCs and infrared are unaffected by the shield. foreign politics). Together these form the
use of their natural claw/ Myoshima is small, with a circumfer- Spiritual Council which run all Fajahstani
combat (1-2/1-2/ ence roughty equal to 3,000 miles. Its affairs.
1-4) or can use one weapon other than central core is extremely dense and magi- The third bloc consists of many loosely
war claws in a single attack per round. cal, allowing~agravity comparable to that allied petty kingdoms and principalities.
War Claws Weapon Mastery: Rakasta of Mystara. Myoshima'revolves once Among the more prominent territories
waniors use these steel claws to increase around. Mystara every three days and are Kompor-Thap (a valley of a thousand
the damage of natural claws Lo ld4 hp twelve hours (two revolutions per week). hidden temples), Selimpore (a mercantile
q c h ; they cost 12 gp each (120 gp if sil- matriarchy), Makacayog (a nation of head-
vered), with an encumbrance of 20 en hunters), and Surabay
e k h . War claws can neither be used with pirates). These territo
d nor thrown. Weapon mastery
s %e as follows:
appears to wobble back and forth across

Friends and Foes

.he sky wyrm is a very large elemental abilities, as well as the normal spell-cast-
from the Plane of Air. The front half of ing abilities of a 12th-level wizard. They
Iasser Greater the lesser sky wyrm is a wildcat with two can also spit a lightning bolt three times a
Armorclzss: -2 -10 powerful claws. Two large feathery wings day. This bolt is immediately followed by
Hitme 16""0,) 32""' (L) protrude from its back, while the other a thunderous roar that causes all crea-
Move: 60' (20') 60' (20') half of the creature is a long, coiling ser- tures within a 3OO'xlOO' cone to save vs.
Flying 360' (120') 360' (120)' pent's tail. The greater sky wyrm has the paralysis or be stunned for id6 rounds.
Attadrs: 3 3 paws and head of a lion with a thick The damage inflicted by the lightning
or special or special mane, being otherwise like its smaller rel- bolt equals the sky wyrm's current hit
Breath Area nll 30O'xlOW ative. All sky wyrms are made of shim- points. This breath weapon cannot be
Breath Effect nd Stun + mering clouds and living air, pearl-col- used simultaneously with any of the sky
lzgbtnrng bolt ored with light green shadings. wyrm's other atracks
Damage: 14/14/ 2-16/2-16/ Sky wyrms are highly intelligent and Sky wyrms are rare, even in the Plane
1-12 2-24 magical. They can create a whirlwind like of Air. They sometimes serve as mounts
Whirlwind 324 1wo that of a conjured air elemental, but may and companions of greater djinn, but
No.Appearing: 1-4 (1-2) 1-2 (1) instead use the claw/claw/bite combat always of their own free will. Sky wyrms
Save As: F16 F32 routine. Lesser sky wyrms can predict do not get along well with aerial servants
Mode 9 11 weather and summon weather, control and elemental creatures. Lesser sky
Treasure-. Px20, I Rx10O. I, winds, and use weather contro6 at will. wyrms hate spectral hounds and'hell
M,N They can also cast the following spells hounds, and at best dislike all other dog-
Intelligence: 12 15 once per day: cloudkill, dimension door, like creatures. Greater sky wyrms aTe
Ausnmeno Neutral Neutral eqlosive cloud, ice storm, and invisibil- marginally more tolerant of canine-kind.
w value: 8,450 48,000 ity.They are immune to electrical attacks. Sky wyrms are otherwise good-willed
Greater sky wyrms have all of these although neutrallv aliened.

The Thothian Enchantment

The Thothian
Enchantment - failed check wastes half a day of work. The Thothian Enchantm

one point. Three consecutive failures enchanted with it can easily overco
Duratbm Pe mean that the enchantment is spoiled, any foes and has become a campa

the being's magical abilities to the object. Only a wisb or a cureall spell can cure the campaign back under control.
This spell conjures and binds the life the insanity if the caster is retrieved from The Enchantment may convenient1

could be modified to affect other types of check.
creatures or items

ape of the object in DM's discretion.

aster gains the abil-

gate between the Prime Material Plane can physically move any original p
and the Plane of Nightmares. Whiie cast- the object that is mobile (e.&, d
ing the second part of the spell, the levers, windows, traps, and o

enhances his psychic perception. This fro1 its path. Conflicts of personality
improves the caster's understanding of occur between the creature and
the spell's hieroglyphs and aids compre- caster, just as with intelligent weapons
hension of other languages. However, If the object is destroyed, the cast
the caster cannot use any other spells, dies instantly and the creature's soul
magical items, or magical abilities during consumed. If the caster dies, the cre
the time of the enchantment. ture's life force is freed and the obj
1 b y 1'SR,

Champions of Mystaram
Designer's Manual

Credits Table of <

De@ Ann Dupuis Introduction ............................... .......... 2

or&&d Conceptst The skyship construction and aerial com- Designing a Skyship ........
bat rules presented in this Designerk Munuul are based on skyship statistic8.......... ...4
rules appearing in PCZ: Top Edrttu and the Dawn oftbe Before Beginning ............................. ...4
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Skyship Recor r L - - -
. "
Introduction .

The winds of Mystara have played

about the hulls ofmany flying ship; Best
known are the skyships of Alphatla, as
that empire-ruled by wizards well-
versed in the magical -keeps a fleet
Des1 ngand
mhrir ing aSkyship-
Sky\tiip> , A X very complex things.
Every element of a skyship's design
3. The character must prepare for the
skysblp's consvuctlon by hlrlng all the
laborers, specialists, and extra spellcast-
ers necessary for the actual construction
(if the DM likes, the hiring process can
of flying vessels. These Windriders look affects both the building process and the involve quite a bit of role-playid. The
and handle like seagoing windjammers. flnishe4 $ky&p'O.capilbilUks. Fopexam- more people worklng on the pro(ea, the
But Alphatin & not the only nation with ple, a vessel's s&e and shape affect her faster kcan be camplsrsd--pt lenrtchnt's
flying ships. The Heldannic Knights have construction costs and maneuverability, the way it's supposed to worlc!
a fleet of Warblrds, some of which have as does the choice of Motlve Power that 4. The character and any hi& epell-
penetrated Mystara's Skyshield to explore will make her fly. Every declsion made casters now construct and enchant the
the Void of space. And the Master of about what the skyship wlll look like and skyship's frame. Ihe ship's hpm IPU bt
Hule has deployed a number of flying how she will be equtpped affects her: made with the results of form spells
ships as crucial pieces in his plans to
expand Hule's borders. Elves carefully
how much material must go into building <e, srone6nn, hodinm,orsassl-
her, how many crew she needs, how /om>, so only magic-users can cmte a
guard the secrets of their ligbrsblps and much cargo and how many passengers flying vessel's Iiame. Ihe hiredspsdrllsrs
exquisitely graceful swunsblps, while she can any, how swift and maneuver- must llso guide the enchanters' efforw
halflings try to hush up the very exis- able she is, etc. during the construction process-cn-
tence oftheir mwnsb@. Here is an outline of the skyship con- chantemdo not usually have the wqubd
This Deslgnsr's Manual has all the struction process. Engineerlng knowledge. Spelknstem
information you need to introduce flying 1. Beforr a charaaer can begin to build must a h enchant the completed frnme
shiprwkyships-into your D%D* cam- a skyship, the player or DM must design with any spells fhnt arc to apply to the
paign. It lists the ship styles and features the ship in game tmns down to the last entire shlp, such asfFyorjborh~&.
to choose from when designing a sky- detail.This means detennlning and calcu- 5. The hid laborennext eonsrmnthe
ship, offers a step-by-step guide to the latlng the skyship's statistics (equivalent ship's mundane Incabrs &QcLs,&ins,
construction process, and gives detailed to a character's attributes, see p. 4) Within etc.) and any other non-mn@calrmu-
rules for aerial maneuvering and combat. the context of the game, a character must wmmu the designet's plan fpus bar. At
Charts, tables, and record sheets at the also go through a design and prepation this step, the enchanters pho create-
tack of the book make the process easier. stage. This means consulting with and kal or mundane wee-, o 1 t $limi?w
P(0tcr Since a skyship is a huge magical paying salaries to NPC speclalists and contm[ on the finished c a m create
item, the rules for skyship construction engineers, unless the PC has the appro. enchanted mast8 that OM withstnnd the
are based on the rules for creating magi- priate general s k i l l ~ A r c h i t e ~ tEngi-
u~~, messes of flight, and so on.
d items (pp. 250-255 of the D%D* Rules
CW@edfd.Review these NICS before a
PC or NPC enchanter begins work.
If Mystara's skles don't offer enough
challenge, characters can fly through the
Skyshield and into the Void among the
neering, Fantasy Engineering (see p. 1%
Shipbullding, or whatever the DM deems
necessary. The NPC speciallsts help the
character calculate the ship's statistics:
her flightspeed, maneuverability, and so
f0rth-d statistics rhat are vital for char-
RestrtceiOns -
6. Take her for hcr maiden flight1

Skyahips come in many shapes, sizes,

and styles. Some are built and powered
planets. They can visit Myoshima, the acten,players, and DMs to know. (This entirely by magic. Others involve both
invisible moon, or dlscover unknown first chapter contains all the informatian mundane and magical engineering.
worlds-"Worlds Beyond dlscusses needed for the des@ phase.) Except for contraptions such as hot-air
some of the endless poasibillties as well 2. The character, possibly in conjunc- balloons and gnomlshly compllcated
as gravity, the peffls of space, and travel tion with the NPC spcial&ts, detmnines mechanical craft, most skyships need
through the Void. all the rare components and materials mlgic to keep them aloft or to move
The "World Maker's Guide" can help necessary for the enchantments to be cast thtm onamey're in the ab.
the DM create new senings for characters upon the skyship (see page 250 of the For game balance, the rules for con-
to explore. It discusses geology and Rules Cyclopedia). The character must s u u c t l q huge magical item such as sky-
geography; trade; the various instiNtions then collect all the necessary spell com- ships are dmlgned to make the process
of government, law, and commerce;and ponents-this should require a bit of difficult, cosOy, and time consuming.
more-everything a DM needs to con- adventudng. Wise enchanters try to col- Mystara would otherwise be crawling
struct a realistic, workable setting, lect more than they think they'll need. If with huge magical Meks, skyships the
whether a tiny village on Mystara or a they Nn into failures in the enchantment size of smaII moons,and similar exam-
whole new world, plutms, they may run out of mawlals! ples of overkill.

Desi'ng a Skyship

One way the rules IMt cummctlm Is

requiring that all skyshlps be made ofthe
results of fonn spells rather than mun-
dane building materials. As these are
ma(tlc-user spells, the rule requklng the
frame to be made wlth form spells re-
stricts frame construction to magic-
usereclerics need not apply. The rule
also prohiblts spellcasters from slmply
enchanting presxlstlng ships or other
MaglcaI enchantments also require
exotlc spell components that are ady m
dlfflcult w acquire. And If the enchanter
neering, Shipbullding, Architecture, or
any other skill the DM considers neces-
sary-he must hlre spCClall8M w guide
his effom.
Also,only 18th-level and above spell-
m y enchant huge magfed W m .
Demihumans must rely on their clan
rellcs when enchanting a skyship-a
prarac taking ten yearn mnwe. Odyh
magic-rich lands such as Alphatia are

Desi'ing a Skyship

h o u s e , for instance-are slmply not Depth meodures the vesscl'a hull from
strong enough to withstand the stresses her top deck w her barom.
of flight.) Cwgo C a ~ i t y The t amumbnrmce,
likewise, the DM may decide to treat measured in coin weights or tom (one
very small vesselmnything wlth a Llft ton equrls 2 0 , Wcn),of cargoandpss-
cappa+ up to 4 w M - - p s normal magld -18 theshipcancsny bndditbnlo
items, which can be enchanted by 9th- ha crrw pndtheirgepr. CEIfpcsprlty is
. mnkes small flying
level s ~ k a s t e r sThis limited by both the available opace and
craft m6ch more likely to appear in the how much welght the ship's Mlng
campaign, and allows Name-level spell- enchantmenw (see p. 6)QUI llft,
casters who are not yet lath level to Cmri The number of characters or
make emergency repairs to their flying ldUgem ataturea rumnally ~ p u L r dw
vessel's Meboats. o p n t e ~ v Ihblndudesmnar,
c ~
sahrs, marlnee, and suppotl pmomael
such as cooks, doctors, chaplp@, e(c
Ht uP.fltv, The maximum weight
Afinished Slrvship isdescribed in terms the vessel can carry and still fly st tuU
of a number of statistics or measure- specd; determined by the strength urd
ments,just as player characters are. Thee pmoulll of the n@c or
stadsliu, are as fouows: to provlde the &p with wft
LU~IThe means by which the veasel, 1S.mMCkur This is deleriniaad by
with her crew, passenger$, and cargo, Whlchfbnnspdische SMP'S hullirmKle
gets Into the alr-this Is dlfferent than horn (cloth, wood, @ne, hwq or MaD.
Motlve Power, below,which ls what flks much p11 a character's AC is & t e d
the ship through the air once she's aloft. by rhe type of vmor he -.
Llft is almost always magical @ut$nafr, Hull PoIntr8 Like a chatacter'r hlt
leultats, and similar spells). Even ships points, Hull Points (HP) are the amount
that use flying monsters, mechanical ofdamage a ship's hull can s&er before
power, or even wind In their sails to fly being completeiy destroyed.
almost always depend on magical means A& Bpocdr A flying vessel's Air Speed
of providing Lift. is equlvalcnt to a Move score.
Motive Power8 The means by which M 8 n e m d q P.nor: This is the num-
the vessel flies once she's aloft. Like Lift, ber of times each round a vessel can
Motive Power is usually magical f l y change dlrection or altitude. Many large
spells and the like), but is sometimes vessels require more than one round to
mechanical (perhaps steam produced by p e h a maneuver.
a f i elemental pawerine flapping wings) AfWlery .adDcfenrerr These are
or muscle power (20 wood goloms row- simply the shlp's weapons and defensive

ing, for example). Some vessds have capabilities, if she has any.
more than one Motive Power disted as
Primary, Secondary, and TerUary Maolve
Powers). A sccond 01' third Motive Power -re Beglnnhg
can act as emergency backup in caae we Wore beginning to d ew or w build
fails, or can let the v e l ~ v e&l d l y a skyship, the character (end also #be
whenever desired. Some a;(otive pWma player or DMO mwt come up Wth a
provide tlA as well &ench.ntmcntr, for Fletalied, workable design for the ship.
~. 1 The cbancter may work alone if he ha$
Lergth, Ba'un, kid
thrre meawrements (all in
the vessel's size. Length meas
veipel's hull from stem to stem. decide what the ship wlU
the width of rhe v e d % h u l tat her widest . look Hke. W
ill she be shipshape& Will
point-ohen m e a a i d at the top deck. she be modeled after a flying monster?

will she be something unusual,like a fly-
ing h m ?
The designer must also consider what
Size and Shape -
Size and shape are the first things to
consider when designing a skyshlp. Size
The AlphPtlPn WindrMns Table glves
statlsties for the must common Alphpeinn
designa. Thee are average%lndividwl
skyships may be significantly larser or
he wants the vessel to do. Will she be a
luxurious private yacht? A sleek, swift and shape directly affect every w p f t of s d c r , h e r or slower than avarge.
pirate craft?A government's lumbering the construction process and the Whed .%+A one- vearl rigead w&h
military vessel armed to the teeth? A vessel's capabilltks--for example, how up to three fore-and-aft sails and two
whimsical mage's fanciful flying castle? much cargo she can hold-and her square aolls. nyr're populpr with ptnas
will she need to be strong enough to requirements--for example, how many and smugekre. Private yachts M ofan
withstnnd the stre(~xsOE penmating M p crew she nceds. mnde on a sloopdeslgn, with aucomrced
tara's Skyshield to journey through the rigging and sails to cut down on crew
CMinterplanetaryVoid (see p. 302 members needed. kq@: W-60';Bcun:
A skyship is really only a huge en-
&e Length; D e p h ' / a Beam; Sails: 8,100
chanted magical item, so the designer Flying vessels may be nearly any size, square feet.
muat also decide which spells to enchant as measured by Length, Beam, Depth, Scbooner: These two-masted velseis
her with. Wffl she be p o w e d withflyor and Tonnage. Generally, the lntger the have fore-and-aft rigglng and relatldy
trawcOr perhaps a magic item such as ship, the more enchantments shell need small crews. Length: 60'40'; Beam. '1,
a m m o OfflyYlngpWffl she be protected to fly-but the more hull pointa she will Length: Depth: ' / a Beam, Sails: 13,000
with sbield, InvWMlily, or an ann-maglc have. Smaller ships are generally faster s q m feet.
sbell?Will she defend herself with wands and less costly, but also kss durable. Erigantrtte: These large two-masted
of lightning bolts or something even Bnaed on her size and shape, the number vessels are square-rlgged,on their fore-
more exotic? The designer may wish to offomspells required to build a vessel is mast and fore-and-aft rigged on thelr
include amenities, such as a captain's discussed under 'Special Effects," p. 12 mainmast. Length: 75'-100'; BePm:V,
cabin cldmate controlled to 70' or a food and 'Estcmptlng Milteripls, p. 13. Length; Depth: '/a Beam, Saila: 13,500
locker climatecontrolled to 400,or even aquprr feet.
a conttnual ligbt on the bridge. Clipper: These long, lean merchant
For ideas about skyship design-or WlP-JhrPed skVonlpo ships cawy a veritable cloud of spib on
hints for refining a des@-players and After centuries of developing flying thdrthnemertswJwlhnddirionnl~Yid-
DMs allke may wish to take a look at the vessels, the Alphatiaria have pushed sky- Ing abow their bowsprb and a spankcr
skyship c a d included in thls boxed set. ship technology well beyond that dwei- sall bfhghg up the rear. Bnchantmenm
Each card offers ideas about suitable oped by other nations. Other nations and des@& to work the Mk with -1
shapes, capabilities, and spells any individuals often copy Alphatian wind- labor allow very small crews. The flnt
designer might want to use on their own rider designs. AlphatIan skyshlps typically kala ofmosc c l l p p s r s ~ c h a n t o l a ~ ~ I
ship. DMs and players should also read have wooden hulls, float In air, /ut&@, on ground or In water. kq@ 1W-ZW;
this whole c h a p through before Wiz- or fly enchantments, and sails for their Beam '/, Inrgch;Depch: '/a Benrm; Sails:
ing a skyship design, especially slnce primary or secondary Motlve Powers. 31,W s
qm fm.
each decision affectsother decisions and Some carry oars that arc manned In calm Man-of-war: 'Ihese chree-maatedfight-
the skyship's ftnal stattrilics. weather. ing vessels have three or four de&&
numerous armunmo, and a large com-

rial Navy cornmiss ther if the design Is radicaliy
ships. Most Men-of-war ate enchanted for a flw object. .Non
with the Ebleld spell for an AC of 5. The fly faster than 160 yar
Aluphirrlpns M fndof lavishly decmltlng notrecommended
their war vessels wlth gU&d carvings.
Lengthr 1SO'-Z25'; &am: I/, Length;
Depth:% Beam, sails: I8,W quare fw. HUBAIdwlrk
When deadlogonthefrune'ssir*pnd
op#ona/ saf/Rulcs *,the dce@ermuat lbotblnk pbart
the material that wU1 make thq frame.
DMs wishing a high level of detail w y The materials selected affect Tom*
adust a windrider's Maneuvering Pactor (which in turn nffeqtn Wft coppclty 4
and Ah Speed (see p. 11) to reflect she Motive Power), Awor clnss, Hull points
vessel's soils and rigging. If the sails can fwhkh are daermtned by a c u d h a t b
benrrsngod to meet the wind at a vnrioty da lo w and size), and W k t J W or Dat
of angles, the shtp cpn move into the she issusccpclblsto flre or Othelaltarh
wind as well as with &-tacking m rmkc Since skyships must be created w#b
po(pcss aga- a headwind. ma*, chvpnaacen a e stw al
w J - - ~ , s h t p s SIJchvsalleonr doth, wood, sone, Iron. OI pted. ossies-
hang their M u s z m * ~ - em m y rlso COmbkLe moSe mwtdi4s. For
ular to the dirrnion d travel. This gives exampk, wooden-hulled SkvJdPs may
the llormpl AbSped(see th. -Ai&3&ul hwe steefm a m plating the&.skles.
Windriders Table," p. 5) but mIucm the Clotbfimr hulls must be reinfod with
Maneuvering Factor by one categoty. underiyinghframes of tvwrdfonnor slarllor
1 Swps such, qs form spells. For expmple, flying canoe&
t ar snds anhyled andotha very bght anftsometlmss uqie
along t h e w pxls of the ship. Increase the batter Armor Class and high HUM
the Maneuvering Factor by one level; Points of stu& material For ~ I C lrrpt
reduce Mr spad by 'I,, weight of ribbed woodform fr.aaoa
Othcn Ships wtth 2 combhatton of dothsdin C W ~ r o n V u l ~ ~ .
square SPUS and fors-and-aft soils do not VVhLn a hull has more than one typeof
alter Air Speed or MF,L8w mplrislicated material, the Armor Class Is that of tbe
f @ h g (squpre sails f k e d la place, for outumo8t material (!he cloth w, Ac e;
example) restricts travel to the c u m n t or rhc -1 amlor, Ac 2). DpmDgs a U l J
wind dkction. Reduce the Maneuvering the hull points dthe oucemwcIL1ppcd4L
Factor by one level and Ah.Speed by I/,. f l , as well. when the outermoa mater-
ial is destroyed, UM the Armor WISS of
the underlying material. If a vessel's hull
m e r ShyHS is made of a combination of different
ofnxrme, thae me RIpRvorhashapes materials with no mp(erinl be@ ou(w-
for flying vessels besides windjammers. moss, the -l'sAC is chrt dthc moa
Designers may wish to create flyingrafts prevalent m aw .
or dirigibles, flying carpets or flying
brooms. cv even a flyinpcnsrh48 long
as it's Wineered well enough to with-
UH and Motive
stand the arra~soffli&uiHoweversves- Power I

sels chat M n ' t shipshaped M mb@t to Once the dedgxer has d a d onaa(rr
a perfmum w ry.B e h e aveaacl b and shape,It'+ time to think about bDar
entered In play, the DM deddss whether the ship wlll fly. It's not enough jwt M
she is aerodynamic. Vessels that are not select a means of fllght. There are two
c- maneuver less qukkly than dkxinct probkms to bc dved when crc
ating a fl& d p : -her into che air

(lift) and making her fly once she's there ing each section of the vessel's frame least a 5% chance of missin8 the target
(Maim Power). Most akyship designers durhg conshucfion with a mgic spell to destination (see the &D* W C)elcp-
use magic to solve one or the 0the-r provide Llft is very helpful, if not vital. d k ~p.
, 52).
borh--of these pmbicms. Wlthout such enchantments, the ship's Travel: Vesselr enchanted with the
Lift can be conferred by magic own Tonnnge wiU o b mcd the limit of trawl spell can fly, Journeyto other
spells, mechanical power, or muscle the mechanical or mu& Motlve P0;wn"s planes of existence, and even a8sume
power. However. magic almost always capability-in other words, if a ship gaseous form upon canraond. The crew
provides a skyship's Lift. Even with doesn't n b o have magical lifting spells, had better hope the vessel's enchanten
mechanical or muscle power a8 the ves- adding cargo or passengers will lllcely enhanced the natal spell to Nm fhcm to
sells M a h n Power, magical lift b often a prevent her from flying. ~ f o m % a s ~
good idea, since it dramatically reduces M.gl0 SpclLt These enchnnullmcs are Drawbackmr The major drawback of
the work the mechanism or creatures ma%often appued to flying vessels. using maglc as the Motlve Power is the
must do to keep the shlp flying. D l w DOOR A v1 - with d i m - cost to enchant the vessel with move-
?acne slryshlp &s&m call for non-mag- ston door capabllitlcs can inshn-ly ment spells. Even a & s p d l costa 9,000
ical lift, either as a primacy method or a8 lump to another spot 360 yards away. gp psr frame seclion--notinctudhg sny
a backup in case the enchantments fail. The vessel's arw,cargo, and passengers frame sections diecarded due to faikd
~echanicalmeans of getting the skyship axe included in rhis spell &ea. This spell enchantmenfa. High-level spells such as
into the a h r flying crcaNreS to pull h is usually used as a secondary Motive d=P-Ycortly.
u p r dtm ~ less coaly than magical lift Power or a defense e&. This enchant- Another potential drawback Is fraud.
e n c h m t s . For example, the gnopnish ment ckxs not provide Lift. U ~ S ~ P ~ ~do/ahlp
O U SS~C-S o~en-
engineers of Oostdock in the Hollow Ploar in Air: Enchanting a vessel's hull siollplly don't bahcr to ya thc mchsnt-
World have learned the an of filling huge with J7aat in air spells reduces thc Ton- m n t process, but simply castfly and
Wens with ilghtcr-than-air~ p s e sto get nage by 8096. This means that the ves- other movement spells directly on the
Vessel Under COIWNCthl. f h h thhsm

their contraptions aloft. sel's effective Tonnage Is ' A her actual
arodhr mwen Many magical adutiolu Tonnage. (Use this figure only for the with p n w t a m e spelb. Thia sews ltme
to the problem of lift olso solve the prob purposes of calculating lift Capacity for and clmunvcnta the necurrlty for @y
lem of moving the vemel once she's air- vessels with mechanical and muscle- and rare components that proper
borne. Hulls enchanted witb&spdls M powered meam of lift.) Float in air dso enchantment requires. These vcs6els do
a perfect example. Other magical solu- provides Llft Capacity equal to $he ves- fly a s well as tf they'd been properly
tions involve maglcal devices, such as sel's ToMage or 4,oM) CnS, WhkhwU Is enchantcd-dntli the ship egauncem a
dynamac ofmw(see p. 531, that powcr gnara: this b imporavlc for an enchanter &Jmag&sffrm
the vessel. Such maglcai d&cw can pro- creating an item such as a flying cnrpc
vide enormous cosl spvings compared to or flying broom rather than a huge alcy-
enchanting a vessel's frame, but most ship.
require recharging or refueling, making Fly: Vessels enchanted with fly spells Some deslgners avold exorbhnt cou-
them more expensive to maintain in the can move in any direction at any Air atructbn costs by equipphgthdcves&
lcmg run. Speed up to their mpximum-the hdim with devices that convm vafioua forms
man merely has to concentrate on the of mayW Motive Pomr. A d)mamo
desired direction and speed. (See "Air offlying converm spell muey. kn huw
MaJ#calEnchantmenlr Speed," p. 11, for lnfonmtlon on CPLcu- nal conjumtionengine c o ~ u m eperrons
Magical enchanrmentspmvlde the moat lam a veaxl's Ais Speed.) hr with- Offlying~fufuel.'IhesedCVhS~*
reliable sources of lift and Motive Power in air, & provides lift Capacity equal to pro- co#cKcctive ucqxbry lllrakre
a d a b l e to dryshlps. the vessel's Tonnage or 4,000 cna, Powers for emergency maneuvers or to
In the D&D* game world, enchanting whkhcver h greater. back up the PIJmnrY blotive Power (see
the frame with magical Lift Is the most t e v l m Levuauan ndy pwideveni- 'maerpI lema,' p. 53.)
common-and the most efficient-way cai Lih: it does nothing to m e the vek Mednnicnl devieea operated by rnagl-
to get a skyship off the ground. Even sel MCC &s &borne. Ldtatuprovides cal fuel (potions of flying, for inscnnce)
with Pantasy Engineering (see p. la), Lift Capacity equal to the vessel's Ton- should p&de Ais Speeds equivalent to
technoiosy isn't sumciently advanced to nage M 4,000 CM,WhwLCver b @eater. the spell effect--360 ya& (120 yds) for
allow non-magical jet ahcraft M similar Teleporting: Like the spell dimensfon flyapells. If the magical fuel 1s anakhem-
technologicalwonders. door, td6pottnlso plwides the meaM for ical formula, the DM should derennlne
Even if the shlp wU we mdwlcpl or a quick arnpe 01instancam icng-dl& Air speed !aased on the apcMD and dif-
musdcpowa ahlo(hnFkwer, mchnnt- tance travel, though there's always at ficulty lavokred in making the hcl.

nvrngcleatunr pull her. Such a vessel would actually
have two Uk Capacities: that of the lift-
powered by twenty gnomes pedalling
bicycles can make a Mysfaran skyship
Flying creatures in harness--dragons, ing enchantment4 and that of the mon- fly.
grifbs, pegaai, sipnt birdr, and other fly- sters. Mechanical devices operated by musck
@ monstcm-may pull a skyship. While Flying creames are a h much more ef- power provide Air Speeds equlvnient to
these VMKIS arc often faster than wind- fective as Motive Power than as Llft. the opaat@ matures' Move @are:(Use
driven skyships, they may suffer from Cream& CM horizontally move a vessel the slowest Move if mom than one type
monster exhaustion or rebelllon. Well- weighing 10 times their normal Load of creature Is involved.) For example, a
trained monster8 m expensive and dim- scores If they don't also have to pm!& gnome-powmd flyingmtraptton would
cult to obtain. Monsters may also be m. have an MISpeed of only 60' (20'-
injured in battle, crippling the vessel's However, flying monsm pulling ves- normal Move score for gnomes. A sky-
maneuverability. The use of flying mon- sels that /roar In abactuaily do provide &P Powered by 4sol- oprrrtin%
stem is usually best left to people who Lift as well as forward movement. Their bellows will h a w an ,410 Speed of: 120'
want to make a grand impression. A ability to gain altitude is stUl limited by (40').F U n h w m o n , W o o d Mt
dragon-prowed skyship pultcd by live their ndrmal Load scores-their Load subject to fatlguc,as gnomca M.
WM Is, after aU, wty impressive. cappcitks are can@multlplledby 10 when DMs must simply guess what h e Lift
However, skyship often weigh sevml moving horizontally. In general, a team capacity of pedal power, lew-operaced
tons, while the Lwd score of flying m a - of monsters which can fly at full speed flnpp@win@, and 80 on might be. Ewn,
tures are measured in mere cns. You with a vessel enchanted wIth $MI in air with Fantasy Engineering, one human
wwld need a whole flock of flyins mon- can climb or dive at half speed. (See the can provide only 4,000 cn lifLcnough
stem to move even an empty skyship, Dragon Raider akyship cardsheet as an for himself and a bit of baggage. Once
and a second flock to move a skyship's example.) again, enchantmenu arc a good way .lo
crew, cargo, and passengers. That's why Vessels pulled by flying monsters fly at overcome the limitations of muscle
It's so important to use enchantment4 to the monsters' Move scores.IT the vessel's power. Lowering a ship's weight with
keep down the weight of a v e ~ e that l weight, Including passengers and cargo, floru in airor enchanting her machinery
wtll be pulled by flylne monatem
Plying monstem can only lift as much
exceeds the monsters' combined Load
SCOTCS, their speed drops to 'h. Use the
to boost the muscle power gives good ',
rcsult4. ,,I:,
:. I
weight as their Load score (see each Move score for the slowest monster if FIxed Wingmi As with real-world 011-
monger's k r i p t i o n in the Rules mh- more than one rvpe is used. planes, flxed wings provide on@Lift as
ped&. When more than o~ monster is See p. 60 for a chart of ail the varfous the craft's forward motion-at least as
hamwed to the same vehicle, dlvide the flying monsters with their Maneuvering -1 the V C d moveSfiacnoUgh for
vessel's Tonnage (in cns) by the mon- Factors, monthly cost of upkeep, and the alr pressure acting on the wing to
~ter8'full-spad Lood SCOW to derCmlnC aher Momtion. counteract gravity. Fix& wings do noth-
how many creamred are required to pull ing to provkle Motive Power, and a kred-
the vessel. wing vessel must have at least one
For example, a griffon'sfull speed Load M e c h l c d Hl@t and method of Mocive Power.
awre Is 3,500 CM. To lift and move a 5- Muscle Power In general, every square foot of wing
ton ( 1 0 0 , O O O s n ) vessel at full speed, it Fantasy Enghemhg (see p. 18) allows wlll provide half a pound of Lift for every
takes 29 griffons, thus: the creation of mechanical devices that 10 yards of forward,motion per,rouad.
transform muscle power or magical Use the following formula to calmlate
power Into Lift and night. Mechanical fhd-wtng Lift:
devices may include propellors, rotor
blades, flapping wings, oars, even huge
Rounding up, of course, you need 29 bellows that suck air from the vessel's

griffons to move a 54011 vessel at full prow and expel it through her stern. POI example, with M encounter speed
speed.Adding a ton of cargo (or five pas- Musde power may be plovlded by m a - of 160 yards, wings cove^ 250 squue
sengers) means you need to add six more
grlfo~ Io maintain full speed.
But the same 5-ton vessel, her hull
tures or magical constructs. Magical
power could be as unusual as magically
fuelled rotor blades.
feet can lift one ton (250 square fen x
160 yards x 0.05 2,ooO Ibs.). Note that
flxcd-wlng Lik requires a minimum for-
enchanted with flour In air (which Mechanical fltght has one big advan- ward sped to get offthe ground at d:
d u n s a vessel's weight by 80461, would tage: methods whlch do not work in the

- I
welgh only 1 tan ('h as much,of 20,000 real world may be perfectly valid in the
cns); six g ~ i f (If/, ~as~many) could then D&D* game world. Flapping wings

This may require a long runway as the generated steam power gives Air Speeds vereven when the winds are l*oI ill-
vessel gets up to speed. DMs may alter up to 360 yards (120 yds). steam engines favored, they fly alowiy. See " W Mand
lifting capabilities based on wing design, should Mherwise be limited to Air Speeds weather,"p. 26.
modifled by any research into real-world of 120 yards (40 ydd. ~~d*Whppallkyadpsgar-
aerodynamics they care to do. Aucrolvt Skyships that do not rely on d y haveon elkmmtu speed%@eatm
phppbw Winan Flapping wings pro- magical enchantments to conuol altitude than their witer-going countetpans'
vi& both Lift and Motive Power, but tend (frr spells and the like) usually use Move scorim See the Sailing Vessels
to be inefficient. Muscle-powered flap- ailerons. These flaps (or fins, or sails) can Table, page 71 ofthe Rula@&@e&.
ping wings are limited to a Lift Capacity be angled to guide the vessel into a climb . en ustcd are inha per
Note that the &m
of about 4,000 cn (I/% ton) per person or dive. Details are Mr to the DM. round; COnyQt theme to vprds per mud
operating them. Y l u d e Powen Flightless monster- for skyshipa
If a winged skyship is p o w e d magi- golems, zombies, fire elementals, and A wind-driven skyship's daily w v e -
cally (with anlmate obfecr enchantments, the like-can operate a &@'s cranks, ment rate (in milss) b pbo uatplly thm
for instance). every square foot of her oars, steam engines, or othCr devices. times her encounter speed (in yo&).
wing area provides either 20 pounds of While mindless constructs and undead This daily movement rate takes the
Lift or one yard per round of Motive laborers perform the duties asigned by vagnrks O f t h e S 1om)(lt.
~ ~ ~
Power. Remember that skyships must their master without thought of rebellion, seep. 5 f o r a o s . p * A l * ~ w ~ .
both ascend and fly once they're air- bound djinni and efreeti or captive
borne, so the wIngs' square fcotage must humanoids d o not take so kindly to
be split between Lift and Motive Power. enslavement. Skyship designers must
Thus, 250 square feet of flapping anl- take care to ensure that intelligent mon- Hot-air balloons and stmflpr Wships
mated wings can provide one ton of Lift sters are kept happy, or at least kept Benerpllymlufrr=-mCcmmin-
(with 100 square feet of wing area sup- from revolting. em to MI &tlvdy smcru vaeels. Anmv
plying Lift) and an encounter speed of Note that muscle power in mucb more one mbk yard (9 cubic fee0 d kn &or
150 yards per round (with the remaining effective as a Motive Power than as a gns EM Ufc 10 cm ofweight. mi5.tmi
150 square feet of wing area going to meana of Lift. Creatures can m v e hori- vessel would r e q u k a rougbiy 100,OOO
Motive Power). zontally a vessel weighing 10 times their Wbic-f& balloon (110' x 30'X sol), 01
With magical Lift, the entire wing area n d Load scofeslfthc skyship'alift is on hundrrd 101x 10'x 10, auchpmbsA
may provide Motive Power (and hence provided through anorher means (such ?he% am g e n a o w esrimntetiston't
Air Speed). There are llmits to Air Speed, as levitate encbanunenu 01 UgIucr-than- IMep(Ic a & I d s lwne pwnr unless tt'q
regardless of wing size. A well-designed
skyship may use animatedwings for an
air gases). Likewiae, muschc-powered
machinery can move horizontaUy 10
Air speed of 480 yards (160 y d s k q u i v - t h e 8 rhe W@t It C M lift
alent to a roc or pegasus. The antmared
wings of a less well-designed skyship
may achieve Air Speeds of only 240 yards
Wlnd SkyshIp can have multlpk mema of
(SO y d s b t h e same as an average dragon. Wind is the favored Motive Power of Motive Power,taro of which nuy operate
Use your imagination and common sense Alphatian skyship designers, as much for Simulotneously. In gemrsl, add 'h d the
to determine Air Speeds provided by the romance of wind-driven ships as for d m e r Motive Power's Mr Speed to the
unosusl enchantments. practicality. Note that wind a n only pro- primprv W e Powar's Air Speed.
Oars for flying vessels may be vide Motive Power; it cannot Lift a vessel ~ t h a t n y i n s m o w t a n , ~
ordinary wooden oars (possibly with that is not equipped with wings or the fly faster than their Move score unkss
V a yW bhdes). or Pernaps ghnt fnth- like. Enrhmtbg a vessel with float in air they're magleally basfed. At the W s
em, 01 may be enchanted with magic. (aec p S1)pllaVs her tobehue hr the all optkm, a secodaq W e Pomvu m y
Oars used in ctlm weather move a ship just as she would on the sea; all *e
at me-thid her -1 Ah Speed. needs are some saUs and a i l e m to &Je fly at M
I apcad *
allow ovaburdened hrtry, m o ~ t e m
h n hslfspaa

Steam DMs may allpw steam power in the winds.
the campaign, but I t should be noisy,
cumbersome, and dangerour. For exam-
However, relying on wind as a pdrevy
Motlve Power does have some W w -
ple, the DM" may rule that steam for back.. Windriders fly best when the Aot~~tW~hsepb
skyships mua $e created by fire demen- winds are right-almost pWam sod h y t h l n g that is mt an i
n w p ~ u tof
raIs,athPtthebolkrmustbeenchanted blowing towar# the shJp%- the shlp's fmnc is consided an accou-
with f?&U spells. and so on. Magically ~lthoughWndcsipj ~ r.m~ea-
a trement. This includes interior cabins,

p h t houses, weaponry mounted on the pp. 114-115 of the Rules Cyclopedlafor
frame or the decks,and so OD. informah on bormblngattacks.)
Some accoutrements requfe their own Armored hulls increase AC but also
enchantments, and perhaps wen materl- increase Tonnage. Wards, alarms, traps,
als magically created with fonn 8pells. guard patrols, etc.-both mundane and
Masts, salls, harness, ailemns, and other magical4rc very importlnt for proroct-
mechanical means of Motlve Power, Lift, ing a ship when her looks or suspected
or of con troll^ difficult q i p muleu- uugo a m c t spies, sabomua, or pinrw.

vers are good examples of accou1Rments
that should be crafted with fwm spells. spechl Effecb
Amamen& (optlona
Spellcasters do not have to be limited
andlbfenms by the exact deiniptions of woodform
Armaments and ddenses arc impcitant and the other form spells from which
accoutrements for any skyship. Skyship they construct their skyships hull. As
frames may be enchanted with built-in long as the DM approves each innova-
armaments and defenses. Sbleld spell tion, the spellcaster m y swap half of a
enchantments improve Armor CIPBe; mw fonnSpelPS volume for one special &.
frre provides protection from preballs Special effects may be coawtic, such
and other fire attacks. Lkslgners uncon- as making a sronefonn section crysml-
cerned with cost may link tetqmncapl- clear, or creating a naturally growing
bllities to a contingmcyenchanrmm that section of woodform, complete with
automatically blinks the ship out of the leaves. A small saiilng ship created this
way of a devastathg attack. Use imaglna- way a t one day grow up to be a big
tlon in arming and defendw skyships. wlndriderl Color & another special &ea
In addition to defensive capabilities -a steel-framed vessel may be c a m -
enchanted into the vessels frame, a sky- flaged as a wooden-hulled ship, or vice
ship often has weapons for air-to-air V.-
combat (fighting other skyships), for special effectsmay a h alter a sections
melee combat (repell@ boardem), or for weight (Tonnage), Armor Class,or HuU
attacking ground targets. Weapons range Points. Each s p e d effect Is limited to a
from light catapults mounted on the top 2096 dmease in Tonnage, a 20% Increw
deck to heavy-dutyj?rebaU and l@bhing in Hull Polnts (round up), or a -1 to
bolt wands mounted on their hulk Saee Armor Class. No more than flve special
craft have special bays or hatches from can be applied LO any one casting
which things are dropped on targets of a form spell. (See Creating a Frame
below. (See the rules on aerial combat on s e c h , p. 12.)

Filling out the Skyship Record Sheet
Now is the time for the DM or player on p. 13 to determine how many form
designing a D&D*skyship to begin filling spells are required for a ship's frame.)
out a copy of the Skyship Record Sheet Add 20% to the Tonnage of the vessel's
on the last page of this book. frame to account for interior decks, ma-
YOU should be able to flll in her chinery, gear, etc., then add the weight of
Description (sloop, elven ligbtsblp, etc.), the crew and their belongings (one ton
Motive Power(s), Length, Beam, and for every 5 crew). This is the ship's total
Depth. For a ship-shaped vessel, you Tonnage. Thls does not include the cargo
may be able to consult the Alphatian or passenge~s-estimate the maximum
Windriders Table (on p. 5) to fill in the amount the ship will need to carry in
lines for the number of ship's Crew or order to calculate the Lift she needs.

Marines as well as her Tonnage, Cargo masts) to the "Maneuvering Factors"
Capacity, Air Speed, Hull Points, and
Armor Class. You've also likely decided
chart. If the vessel is aerodynamic, use
the middle column; use the right-hand
Armor Class
what her artillery and defenses are. column for non-aerodynamic craft. and Hull Points
You still have some statistics to fffl in, Magid Motlve Pmeri Ships moved A flying craft's Armor Class depends
though-especially if the ship is not ship- by magic are treated as one category bet- primarily on the rype of form spells used
shaped or if she has special features. You ter on the chart. in her frame. Each section of a vessel's
need to fmd the ship's Maneuvering Fac- Ph,rlns Momtemr Vessels using flying Frame has a given number of Hull Points.
tor, Tonnage (which dictates the amount monsters as their Motive Power must take To determine the ship's totnl Hull Points,

of Lift and Motive Power she needs), the monsters' Maneuvering Factor into multiply each form spell's Hull Points by
Armor Class, Hull Points, and Air Speed. account as well as the ship's. the number of frame sections in the shlp.
To find a monster's Maneuvering Pac-
Manewering tor, find its length (or height if it's taller
than long) on the chart. A pegasus, for
Alr Speed
Factor instance, would fill on the "To 10"'line. Air Speed detmnlnes the vessel's max-
Maneuvering Factor measures how Most monsters are aerodynamic. A tmum speed, and dependr on the Motive
maneuverable a skyship or flying crea- monster may belong in the non-aerody- Power used. Vessels with more than one
ture is. It determines the number of tlmes namic column if it floats rather than flies Motive Power use the Air Speed gener-
each round a vessel can perform a or if it has a maximum flying speed of 30 ated by the Motive Power in use. Air
maneuver (a change of up to 60' in hori- or less per round. Monsters related to the Speed is not always at maxlmum; Effec
zontal or vertical direction). Ships need- plane of Alr (djlnni, for example) or that tive Air Speed varies with flying condi-
ing more than one round to perform one are nimble in flight (dragons, etc.) rate tions (see"Riding the Winds," p. 21).
maneuver list the Maneuvering Factor in one category better on the chart. Air speeds of magically powered sky-
fractions: I/+for a vessel that takes three The Maneuvering Factor of a vessel ships are equal to the spell's speed: flu
rounds to perform one maneuver. drawn by flying mM1st+ls is the worst of gives an Air Speed of 360 (120). Air
Two considerations affect a ship's the following: the vessel's normal Maneu- Speeds of skyshlps enchanted with ant-
Maneuvering Factor: whether she is vering Factor (based on size alone), one mate ob/oct vary with the design.
aerodynamic and whether she is moved category lower than the monsters' Maneu- Skyships measure movement in yards
by magic or by flying monsters. (Aero- vering Factor (if the vessel is aerody- and miles. An Air Speed of 360 (120)
dynamics and maneuverability are namic), or two categories lower than the gives a normal daily movement of 360
cumulative: both may apply to a ship.) monsters' Maneuvering Pactor (if the ves- miles and an encounter speed of 120
The DM decides if a vessel is aerody- sel is not aerodynamic), Use the worst yards per round. (This works out to
namic. Aerodynamic shapes (windjam- monster's Maneuvering Factor if more roughly 25 mph and assumes skyship do
mers or lozenge-shaped craft, for than one monster type is involved. nor fly at maximum speed 24 burs each
example) get a maneuvering bonus day; eee "Travel@," p. 21.)
while shapes that are not aerodynamic
(castles, pyramids, icosahedrons, and
Tonnage Met& COnvembMi Metric users can
simply call a yard a meter. Those wishing
the like) get a penalty. A vessel's weight helps to determine more accuracy can call a yard a meter,
To determine the vessel's Maneuvering the amount of magical or other Lift then subtract 10%. Multiply the daily
Factor, compare her Length in feet from required. Tonnage is the result of the movement by 1.6 to convert miles to
bow to stem, or along her longest axis, number ofform spells needed to create a kilometers; a skyship with Air Speed 360
(exclusive of any accoutrements such as ship. (See the "FormSpells Results" table (120)could travel 576 Mlometers a day.
Building a Skyship
Before the construction process can rare component the enchantments for lower the weight of each eecth created
begin, the designer must know the ship's each section will consume repeated faii- by 20%, resulting in a weightless frame.
size, shape, and capabilities. The en- ures may cause unlucky enchanters to However, even a weightless fnme must
clwnter must also have dl the spell can- tun out. be enchanted with enough lift Capacity
ponents necessary for cnating the form Sloppy magic-users willing to cut cor- and Motive Power to move the ship's
spells necessary. And, If the ship is to be ners sometimes use a permanence spell crew, passengers, and cargo. Besides,
built by a player character, the DM" instead of a third form spell. The ship's five special effectsmultiply the time to
must have approved her design. owner will learn the folly of thb, practice enchant and cost in mataial componmts
The enchanter must construct and when a magic-user casts d i g d magfc on by 32-not counting costs for failed
enchant the frame, section by section. A the ship. enchantments!
section is the product of one firm s p d L As each section of a skyship's frame is Whichever special &ect is applied, the
woodform, sfoneform, and so on. Each created, it must also be enchanted with Tonnage and Hull Points of each sectton
section must be enchanted separately each spell effect that will apply to the are halved, although the material's Armor
with any spell effect which will apply to frame 9s a whole. For example, this Class remains the same. Tonnage, Hull
the vessel as a whole, then fitted and includes any enchantments to provide Points, and AC for the vessel as a whole
joined to neighboring sections. See Pan- Lift or Motive Power, such as froar In air remain the same, as building the frame
f a g Engineeringfor non-magical engi- or fly,applications of the shield spell to will require double the number of sec-
neering rules. improve Armor Class, and any special tions per special &ea.
When the ship's frame is built, the spell efFects m e d to affect the vessel Ench special effect applied to the fonn
ship's accoutrements must be added. and Lhox aboard, such as climate. A as- spells cast to C r e a the frDM wffl greatly
These include masts and sails for wind- tion may be enchanted with additional increase the costs and time taken in the
driven vessels; ailerons, wings, and rud- effects applying only to iraelf;a l@hfspell enchantment process. One special effect
ders for lift or maneuvering; magical or for headlights, etc. (See "Enhancing doubles the number of sections that
mundane weapons, and any extra doo- Enchantments," p. 15). make up the frame, and each of those
dads the skyship design calls for ( c m r e sections must be enchanted with any
climam conhulled cabins, for example). spells he designcrwIshca to apply w tlxe
DMs wishing to design a skyship with- Crednga Frame Section ship's frame as a whole-such as fly,
out regard to cast or t h long-aban-
~ Building a skyship's frame requires Jka: In alr, etc. T a w the probabilities
doned skyship for the PCs to stumble magic-users to cast form spells while of enchantment failure into account, the
upon, for instance-may simply ignore engineers or other specialists with the enchantment time and cost of material
this chapter and select whatever feanurs approprlate knowledge of shipbuilding components will more than double with
they want the ship to have from the pre- or a r c h i m r e gulde their &om. each special effect.
vious chapter. A vessel's frame includes any part vital Simplifyias the MUh: You should
The following procedures assume the to her structural integrity: in a ship- apply any increases in Hull Points or
vessel's frame is to be enchanted to pro- sham vessel that includea the hull, keel, decreases in weight to the frame as a
vide lift or Motive Power. This enchant- and top deck. The frame must be strong whole, rather than calculating the
ment must be done at the same time that enough to withstand great stresses, yet changes for each section. Thls will sim-
the ship is consmtctcd. Interior decks can light enough to avoid exceeding the ve5 pw the math a little bit.
be constructed normally, of mundane sel's Llft capclly. For example, two special effects de-
materials, and may be built after the ves- Well-built flying vessel frames must be voted to decreasing wslght will deneese
sel's magical frame is finished. crsfted with at least three tlmes as many the frame's Tonnage by 40% and q u i r r
For strictly mechanical vessels, see form spells as their square footage indi- four times as many sections as n m a i
"FM~~ISY Engineer@," p. 18. cates. lk spellcaster must cast the fonn (halved once for the first 20% decrease

the Frame -
Before the spellcaster begins the
enchantment process in epme8(,the DM
spell once to shape the section, at least
once more to shape it exactly to speclA-
cations and to join it to neighboring sec-
tions. and again to lock ita shape winst
further tampering with the- spells.
and again for the second 20% decrease).
Adding a special effect such as a mirror-
like finish on the frame's outside surfaces
would then increase the number of sec-
tions eightfold.
Some special effects are more cost
should review all the procedures for effective than others. Decreasing the
enchanting magical ttrms on pp. 25Kl55 weight of each form spell actually de-
of the D&D* Rules Cyckybsdla. The DM It is poaptble for a spell- to devote wfc capacity if Lift is provided by
should a h determine how much of each five special effects solely in order to magical enchantments (which provide

lift for the fmme section t2096 regardless as their Beam. The hull can be estimad Here are the formulas for calculating
of the section's weight). Form spell as though the ship were half a cylinder, the surface a m 8 of common shapes. As
weight reduction is usually done on plus the square footage of her top deck: long as all p u r mcasurementa arc in feet,
beast- or mechanically-poweredveasels. the result will be in square feet. Divide
Por Example: Jarita Maruti of Sayr by 1,000 to determine the number of
Ulan builds the frame of a flying barge rwx@tm M stonqjkm spctls needed, or
with woo@onn spells. She applies two by Mo for hqmnand s*eebnnspells.
special effects to each section of hm a Galleons often have Depths greater Clrclei3.14 x e, where r is the
Hull Point increase of 20% and colors than half their Beams. POI them, e s t p e radius.
each section sky blue. This multiplies the the hull area of the bonom of the Snip, Cone 8.14 x Y x I, where I is the
number of sections she must create by up to a height of half the Beam, as though radius ofthe bpse and Ik rhekn&oTs
four (to 48). The frame's Hull Points it were half a cylinder. Then add thR line from t - 4 ~edge of the base to the
"-.""A se by 20% (to 1731, and the wood remaining sides and the top deck. @e apex of the cone.
formula is thm: ocyllnfcn 2 ~ 3 . 1 4r x~! , whercr is
the radius and I is the l q t h M height.
stirrr6lngmMs ; ter of the hex (measured from one face
Each application of afdrm spell crates to the opposite face).
one section of a skyship's frame. Most kctm@m length x Width.
skyship frames require multiple sections. These formulas overestimate the area, * S p h e m 4 ~ 3 . 1 4 x P , w h e r eristhe
While the ship ia be- built, each serrion allowlng for crarsbuuns and other smc- radius.
of the frame must be enchanted with MI necessities. Trlansle: '/.bx b where b is the
every spell that will apply to the entire Odd-Shaped Veireli: The surface length of the base and b is the length of
vessel-especlally the mchantments to areas of most shapes, no matter how the altltude line, drawn perpendicularly
provide Lit? or MMhre P o w e m s well as odd, can usually be approximated by from the base to the opposite vertex.
with any magical offensive or defensive some combination of cylinders, half- Don't get hung up on the exact area of
cnpabllities the frame itself has. cylinders, rectangles, and so forth. For a a flylng vessel's fmme,or on the precise
To estimate the number of form spells Roman chariot, for instance, the floor number ofform spells requiml. Estimate
required, you'll need to apply a little area can be estimated as a rectangle and It as closely as you an-rhen @I. onwich
geometry. Here are some guidelines. ita sides estimated as a half-cyllnder (or a t h e m
Most wooden and stone hulls should full cylinder if it's closed in the back). W u D h n e Prammi If the DM allows
be 1' thick. That allows for 1O , OO square spellcasters t o enchant frames made
feet of hull per section-the cubic vol- wftbout the use of Jbni apk,it's best to
ume of material p d u c e d by a woodfnn estimate how many faom, spslls would
or stoneform spell; it includes all struts, have bem used. Use thb Rgurr to deter-
joists, ribs, and other supporn necesswy mine the cost and time to enchant the
for the ship's Mrucmral integrity. Iron and MI+IIpI frame. The chance of -M for
steel hulls should be 2" thick, allowing each endwtment on a acction of h m m
for HM square feet of hull per sealon. equivalent to the lasults of a fdnn spctl
A reminder about special effecrs: dou- should be penalized by -20%. A failed
bllng the hull's thickness (as with a spe- enchantment doesn't mean that any pan
cial effect), regardless of the hull material, of the frame must be replaced, but thc
doubles the number of sections re- enchanter must spend money and clme to
qulred-and also doubles the vessel's
Hull Points and Tonnage. Halving the
hull's thidmess halves the number of sec-
tions required, and halves Hull Points
and Tonnage. Armor class remains the
same in both c w . (See "Special !Hects," *Multiply the number of frame seg-
try again.

Success RoHs -
Both the enchanters and any other spe-
cialists involved in the construction
pp. 10 and 12.) ments by the number in this column to process must make their success rolls in
ShlpShapcd Vewebr Most windridera decermlne the ships's mal Hull Points. order for the skyship to be built propnly.
are three to five times as long as thelr *.Keep track of sail hit points sepa- Enghem The specialist in charge of
their Beam and are roughly half as deep overseeing the construction must make

hIs Intelligence ability check (or appro- day to construction for every point by increased with the applicaiion of a pw-
priate skill roll) three times each day of which the success roll was missed. Three pare encbanrmenr spell, see p. 52).
construction. Three failures in one day failed success rolls in a row, regardless !btchiq the enchantrent means that the
indicate the supervising specialist has of the time interval, indicates a major section must be replaced, but it doesn't
overlooked an engineering flaw or mis- flaw. Unless other participating engi- affect any other sectlon, It just means
take in construction. Other specialists on neers make their own succesa rolls (to redoing that section, taking more time
the job may catch the mistake if they suc- be checked at the DMs discreiion), the and, of COUISC, more money.
ceed with an Intelligence ability check M flaw will not become apparent unril the Optional: Instead of rolling for each
appropriate skill roll. The DM should skyship is finished and tested in flight. spell effect enchanted onto each frame
make these conswaion success rolls, as The results of the flaw are also up to the sectlon, the DM may allow spellcasters
flaws and problems may not be apparent DM-the flaw could result in a +1 "free" success pfrer the first frame section
undl well in the future. penalty to Armor Class, a reduction of Is successfullyenchanted with all applica-
These success rolls are made In addi- normal Air Speed, or another similar ble spells. This reflects the spellcaster's
tion to the success rolls the spellcasters frustrating but not necesarily lethal learning experience-once he creates
must make to successfully enchant each problem. one section comctly, he hes learned how
section of the ship. Spellcluteni A spellcaster's chance of to create and enchant any number of
Fewer Rob: Optionally, the DM may successfully enchanting a flying vessel is i d m w SedOM.
decrease the enpineer's success rolls to calculated the same way as for my magi- With this optional rule, the spellcaster
one per day. On very long projects, this cal i t a 1 rolls for success for each spell of the first
can be dropped to once per week. How- section only, then rolls once more for the
ever, with fewer success rolls required, rest of the frame. Calculate this overall
any failure indicates some sort of prob- success roll based on the most diffkwlt
lem has cropped up, or a flaw has been The spellcaster must roll a chance for spell level involved, tbw
overlooked. The results are up to the success for each spell on each frame sec-
OM, but a typical problem may add one tion. (The chance of success may be
If the roll Is successful, all other sec- day of work whether the enchantments charges ofthe spell effen. The vcssel as a
tions arc enchanted without any failures. s u d or not! whole then has access to thc number of
If the attempt falls, ld4 x 10 percent of Timn Tlme to enchant each ~ c t l o nis ChDgeS nppliedto on sectbrmor to the
the sectlons must be discarded and re- equal to one week, plus one day per total number of all charges on a11 MC-
placed. Thus, a roll of 3 on ld4 requlres every 1,OOO gp spent. If the enchanter tions.
replcement of 3096 of the frame's sec- fails on any one enchantment, that sec- Thc cost to rechan&can effcd is the
tions. Replacing sections means creating tlon must be discarded and a new one same as the lnltlal enchantment cost,
and enchanting the flrst replacement- created and enchanted to take Its place. multiplied by.thnumber of frame KC-
checking for success with each spell (See the previous page for an optional tiona affeacd Rachpr@ng is done to the
effect-and then checking for success sucfw rule.) vessel as a whole, rather than to each
again for any other replacements. lndivldud Mtion. o f c o r n diuxs,M-
pwindar The enchanter must be of not be ncbged with a mater number
at least 18th level to be able to enchant a
KmpW Costs Down of charges than the oligind enchpncmeM
huge magical item at all. Demlhumans Building a skyshlp is an extremely provlded.
can enchant huge magical Items only prlcey proposition. Many builders try to Llmiting the number of uses of a spell
with the use of their clan relics (see p. cut -by as much as they an.Cutting effect wlthin a given l e d of ilmc plso
146 of the C~bpedial.Elves who have costs doesn't necessarily mean cutting saves expense. Calculate the inlrlal
reached 9th or 10th level may enchant features, though. enchantment cost a6 1,000g p x spelt
small flying ships ( 5 tons or less) if the Im-lsrrl Spells: Skyshlp designers level (rather than 3,000 ep/leveu. Add to
DM allows, see p. 3. concerned wRh cost effcctivenes apply thls 100 gp x spell level for each.use

the lowest-level spells possible to gain allowed per day.
Cost and Time the desired effects. Gearing with flrst-
levelJ7c#Ifl airspsUr(see 'plying Magic:
If the effect Is usable every week,
reduce initial enchantment cost 10 @X&p
to Enchant p. 51) costs half as much 98 uslng sec- x spell level (plus looep x spdl Level for
Cost.: The cost to enchant each sec- ond-level levitate spells. Of course, the each use allowed). Initial enchantment
tion equals the total number of spell lev- l d m t e spell provides vertical maneuver- cost for a time period of one month is
els applied to the section x 3,000 gp. ability while jkwr In air requires ailerons 6OOgp x Speu level; a tlme period of one
Include the initial formspell in thls calcu- or some other means of qontrolling alti- year U level.
latlon to represent the materials needed tude.But the savings In speUcastQ costs Ea vessel's h m must
to prepare the newly formed scctions for often outweighs the increpse in engineer- be mch& wldi .%@e number of
further enchantments. (Subsequent form h g PRd COllSWUdiOYl COS&. .
splls used to shape or lock each section ClmqIa a n d U w r ~ D a y Thenof,
do not add to rhls materipl cost.) mal process UP enchanting sk$$Npi'
In Alphatla, enchantment components results in pemlpncnt e k t s wirYi Hw Ilm-
can be purchased from other magic- ltltions on rhelr use. Enchanm can save and a net number of chnq(sl: .
..:** ,
users. Don't forget m add these costs into time and m o ~ by y llrfliting an encbnt-
the total. The DM may be generous, ment's usefulness, eitha by requlrln$ the
allowing this to be covered by the en- expendlnm of charges or by limlthg the
chantment cosm above, or stingy, requt- number of times each day the effect can
lng up to double the cost to purchase be called upon.
these rqre components. Even if spell Cenain magical eff&rs not needed all
components are purchased, enchanting a thc time may hwe a number of chasges.
flying vessel should require at least one The followln@guidelines draw on the
adventure to acquire a rare component. "Miscellanepm1- Items" e n c w
Don't forget to add the wages of any M t Nhhmn the RUkS cycbpaua.
hired speclalists or workers who help to * Ihe C o s Z t Q ~ o a frpmc e p o n
build the skyship. See p.133 of the D&lY of a flylng vessel with dhe,+sge of a
Rules CyclopdIa for sample specialist spell e f k t is l00gp x spell &el. Each mentofothcrspilsasweU. ' ' ,

salarks. AlphatIan spellclsters are natu- subsequent charge adds 1 - x spell Coo@Each application of e spell en-
rplly more expnsive than the run-of-the- level. Reduce this to S@p x@eU level per hancement costs~,OOOgp x spell level
mill hired mages listed there; they charge if the effect b not re&at&Ae. tlmesche number of seclioas.intheliame.
demand weekly wages of 500 gp per Each section of P vessel's frame must *'y. may adjust this cost u p 4 or
level, Hired workers get pald for every be enchanted with the same number of rcouire a d d l l h s l rare and expensive

Building a m h l p

components. Enhancing an enchantment twice her Tonnage or 24,000 a, which- Start with an average QR of 50%, then
aim rcqulres a success roll. If the speil- ever is greater. Enhanced movement apply all appropriate modifiers below.
caster fails, further enhancements of any enchantments cannot result In an Air Ovexeeeing engineering specidkt has
spell type are impossible. Speed more than twice normal value. an Intelligence (or appropriate skili) of
3ffecti Enhancing Lift enchantments Bonuses to the vessel's chance to hit (If 15-15: +5% each:
such as floar fn atr increases the vessel's ramming or using other built in attack Specialist has an Intelllgence (or
Lfh Capclty by 20% of her TOMage per capabilities) or to her AC should be no appropriate skill) of 16-17: +10% each.'
appiicatlon--or by 4,000 cm, whichever @eater than +/-5. !3Fec1 durations should Specialist has an tntelilgence for
is more. A vssselkflytng encbantments not be extended more than Rve times the appropriate skill) of 18: +15% each.'
must be enbancsd in order for ber to original duration, Spell effects with lim- Overseeing spellcaster Is of level 27
cany cago;-or singk encbant- ited duration- basteeffect which lasts or higher: +20%.
mews of float in air or 0 t h I@ encbanr- only three turns, for lnstansecmpy be Overseeing spellcaster is 36th level:
menrsproofde only enougb Ltft for rbe doubled by one enhancement, trifled by +25%.
varssl bmel+andperbapc tbe c w . two enhancements, and so on. Assistant spellcaster Is level 27 or
The results of enhancing other speil
effects, If allowed, are up to the DM.
Enhancing a vessel's magical Motive
Power may improve Air Speed by 20%
per enhancement, while enhancing a
sbield effect which Improves the vessel's
The Qual@
(Optional) -
At the DM's option, flying vessels may
have a quality ratlng, or QR, reflecting
higher: +10% each.'
Frame was created with a minimum
of threeform spells per section (toensure
proper shaping and locking it in place):
Components for enchanting process
AC by -1 may gain a further -1 bonus for the amount of care and cost of materials are superior to those required: +5% to
each enhancement. which went Into their design and con- +25% (DMschoke, depe@q on M W
W t s i No more than five enhance- struction. Q R is expressed as a per- of components).
ments of any effect are allowed. A ves- centage, and may be used any time a Overseeing specialist failed his Intel-
sel's Lift Capacity cannot be more than ship gets into trouble. ligence ability check (or appropriate skiil

roll) three times in one day: -25% each of her Quality Rating. Other effects
failure (unless discovered and corrected). should be role-played--going out of cun-
specialist failed two Intelligence abil- trol, capizlng, breaking up, sails ripping
ity checks (or appropriate skill roll) In or masts snapping in the wind, etc.
one day: -5% each occurrence (unless
discovered and corrected). Note that it is possible to nave a v Summay
Overseeing spellcaster cheats on greater than 10096.
spellcasting or enchantments: -25% to Using the Quality RutInpr When a Here's a quick recap of the steps of
-75% (DM's choice, depending on nature skyship Is riding out a storm, attempting building a skyship.
of cheating). to squeeze out just a little more Alr Speed 1. Deslgn the skyship, determlning all
Assistant spellcaster cheats: -10% to than she was deslgned to be able to give, necessary spells.
-m. or attempting difficult and hazardous ma- 2. Collect aU spell components required.
Overseeing specialist cheats on neuvers, the DM may roll d% against the 3. H k d labwnspnd mpmsrcqulml
design or construction -25% to -75%. vessel's Quality Rating. Apply any mcdl- 4. Create a section of the ship's fram.
Components for enchanting process fiers appropriate to the situation (-93% in 5. Enchant the section with such spells
are inferior: -5% to -75% (DMa choke, hurricane-force winds, +20% for a suc- asJy,Jwt in air, etc., aa it is created.
depending on nature of components). cessful Piloting skill, etc.). Rolling the 6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the ship's
Ship suffers 10% loss of hull points modified Quality Rating or less on d% frame is bullt. (Each additional frame LL~C-
(through use, combat, or sabotage): -10% indicates the ship survives the attempt. tion is attached to the previous wdon as
for each 10% reduction until repaired. Making the roll by 50% or more indicates It is created.)
Ship suffers failure of an enchanment the ship performed beautlfullyl 7.Add any enhanced enchantments to
(through damage, sabotage, poor spell- The DM decides the results of a failed the completed frame.
casting, or other reason): -5% to -75% QR roll. The ship may suffer the loss of 8. Add any magical and mundane
(DMs choice, depending on nature of hull points, failure of some of her accoutrementsto the skyship.
enchantment). Total loss of all enchant- enchantments, or a p e m n e n t lowering 9. Fly!

cat's paw a light puff of wind wR3wi pbne suing d d Y

Nautical Glossary chnacc bad or heavy weather bcrrd (pronounced loo' ward) away
able a ship that is seaworthy and fast chantey song sung by a boat's crew as from the wind
af&toward the stern of the ship they work h a w
.laaway from the wind (to leeward) che-hmkd sUi c k to the wind oldman the a ptain or skipper
dl huub the whole crew unmc the boat's direction overbad to pafa anorher boat
aloft above the deck, usually in the rig- seep sh to sink somethlng pilot a seaman who guides ships into
ging downwlnd away from the direction and out of pons
ac&bhlp(s) the boat's middle from which the wind is blowing port the left-hand side of a buat
mlphan anchor being hauled up drogue an object dragged astern to slow prow the front of the boat
ballast weight below the waterline, the boat in heavy weather r&Jng lines that control the sails
either internal or externally, to the keel h h e n an increase in the wind speed roll the rockIng of a boat
barg@ getting upwind of another boat M to roll up sails run m MU with the wind aetem
to cut off the other boat's air &a ship's pantry and kitchen #.Loonmain cabin, If ship has no bertha
bath a bed on bard ship; also a moor- p a to tell sea stories d to run before a strong wind; ragged
ing slot at a dock m a y an opening In the gunwhale, or broken clouds
boa a small veasel, or one cawed on a or a mmp from a pier to a h a t W I b m t e a breeze blowing toward
ship, as a lifeboat (all yachts and some grab rrll/wr*p a strap b r hanging mto shore
smaller military vessels are boats) so you don't lose your balance mehau a knowledgeble sailor
bomb a bad storm gunnh.le (pronounced gun' I) a ralling nhlp the largest type of vessel; larger
bow the front of a boat around the deck than a boat
bulkhead a wall that separates cabins heave-toto sal1 slowly enough that the sklpper amateur in charge of a buat
and is usually integral to the huM boat doesn't need to be steered sea spray
captaln an employee in charge of a In Irotw headed directly into the wind; stadmud the right-hand side of a boat
boat; an amateur in charge Is the skipper the boat CaMot get the wind in her sails tack to change direction by turning the
wled away washed overboard jack useful; handy prow of the boat through the wind

fantasy Engineerlng
The concept of fantasy engineering-
the skills required to bulld functional The Tools PIrnnlng the hs&n
machines in the D&De game world-was No serious inventor should be without The first step is to decide exactly what
flrst introduced in Pc2: Top Ballfsra. The the following tools. the machine is supposed to do. A
rules were designed for skygnome char- machine may have more than one func-
acters, but are adapted here for non- tion, but it's best to 6tick to relatively sim-
gnome characters. ple purposes and designs.
These rules may be used to craft This consists of parchment, pen and The player (or DM, if the designer & an
devices from hand-held six-hit repeating ink, charcoal writing sticks, compasses NPC) must come up with the h& prin-
crossbows to wonderfully complex with which to draw circles of any size, ciple to be used in the machine's design.
devices to tell time or irrigate fields.They rulers for measuring and drawing stmight This is the central idea behind the
may be combined with the skyship con- lines, metal templates with hexes and machine. Thls need not be a detailed
struction rules to create vessels combin- angles and squares and triangles cut out nuts and bolts explanation, although
ing fantasy engineering and magic to fly. of them, a notebook in which to keep adding eccentric details is encouraged.
important design notes, and stmllar essen- Keep Fantasy Physics in mlnd The func-
The Skllls tial equipment. A proper drafter's kit
m s about 50 gp and adds a -1 bonus to
tional principle must appear reasonable,
but the details don't matter.
If YOU do not use general skiiis in your any Fantasy Physics skill check. The machine's essential function may
campaign, you may resulct fantasy engi- be carried out by either pure technology,
neering abiilties to non-player character magic, or a mixture of the two.(This
spedalists, or allow AblUty Checks against M e d d f l qBox must be specified in the design stage.)
Intelligence or Wisdom with +4 penalties Meddling boxes are essential; without a Impor(.nt N d a If magic is to be part of
to the dice roils. meddling box the Inventor is at a +2 the design, the inventor must be a spell-
penalty to his Fantasy Engineering skill caster of at least ninth levell Otherwise,
F&ymfcs checks. A meddling box is a small box the machine will not arork.
with various widgets, dwdlies, twiddlers, The machine's power source must also
Whiorn) doodads and thIngummie&e kind of be specified. Herr arc some examples:
This is the ability to design a device to small items that are twiddled bemeen the Golem-Mlucln One or more golems
carry out some relatively complex func- thumbs, chewed at one end, tucked turn cranks to operate this device. Power
tion based on a pseudo-technologicalthe. behind one ear, and used to scratch the h i , but space intensive and best for slow
ory. Fantasy Physics is the principle that if head and generally fidget with. Most action.
something Looks as if it ought to work- meddling boxes have individually cus- Pedal Tranrmlmlonr One or more
even though its workings may not actu- tomized components. The average cost is gnomes (or other creatures) pump the
ally be entirely possible in the real 50 Bp.

pedals to make the device work. Cheap,
world-chances are that it will work.
Non-gnome characters may learn this W -- but even gnomes get tired of pedaling.
with the DMs permission, but wlll have a Bulldlng Ma nes Sprlng-Load: A large metal spring
slowly unwinds, driving the device to
permanent +1 penalty to their skill rob. Gnomes and other equally inventive which it is attached. Once completely
charaners can use Fantasy Physics and unwound, it must be rewound to func-
Fantasy Engineetlng Fantasy Engineering to des@ and build tion again.
all sorts of Imaginative devlces. Real- Steam-Power:This technology con-
(hteiiigence) world designs that failed may be used to sists of heat@ water in an end& area
This is the practical complement to inspire Fantasy-Engineered designs that in order to build up steam pressure,
Pantasy Physics. While that skill covers will work in the D&D' game world. (As which drives machinery a8 it is released.
theory and principles, Fantasy Engineer- examples, take a look at some of Steam machines are heavy, hot, compli-
ing (also known as Machine Building) Leonard0 da Vlnci's sketches of pedal- cated, and usually require a minimum of
covers the practical skills necessary to powered flying machines, or some of the four engineers to operate. Steam boilers
create complex devices. more bizarre attempts in the early days have a tendency to explode.
As with Fantasy Physics, the DM may of airplane design.) Player characters mndcyckr Bags, sails,or vanes catch
allow non-gnome characters to possess (and NPCs hired to build something for the wind, rotate machinery and power
this W, but with a -1 penalty to all skill PC employers) should follow the steps the device. Speed and power of the
roils. below when developing any new device, effects depend upon wind speed.
Entrapped M . g i u l Bneqy: Magical the DM and the player should w b roll a
energy (or an energy creature such as a skill check against the inventhg cham-
Pire elemental) is entrapped in a storage fer's Fantasy Physics SWIl (or against W b
device. Energy release powers the inven- Qm at a +4 penaky if the charam does
tion. However, trapped creatures may not have that skill).
attempt to esolpe. The DMs roll Indkxtes whether or not
the design can be successfully turned
into reality. If the DM's roll fails, any
- f c0w-m
i device built on the design submiaed d i
and me R e q u i d fail. The MNIC of the failure is up to the
Next, the DM needs to figure out how DM, but should reflect how badly the
easy or difficult designing the device d l skill check missed. On a natural roll of
be. The "Design Complexity Table" below 20, for instance, the design won't work at
lists a selection of modifiers that will all. If the sku check WPI) mlsscd by 1, the
affect the character's chance to design an design might still work, but not as em-
invention that may be successfully con- ctmrly or &ectivdy as pianned-a vehi-
structed. Add up all applicable modi- cle might need more fuel or malnaMnce
fiers-these will apply to the character's ~~ ~ ~ ~
than originally plyured, while an Intricate
Fantasy Physics skill check (see 'Will it ing a design the DM l o w and wnts in time-keeplng device might lase a second

Work?" below). the campaign may add a 4 bonus to the every day,and 60 on.
The DM should determine the inven- Fantaey Physics skill check, and so on. The player's roll indicans how accu-
tion's innate complexity. This is as much The '"Time Required" column of the rately the character can assess his own
a measure of the machine's potential Design Complexity Table indicates the design. If the player rolls a successful
impact on the campaign as it is actual minimum number of days the character skill check for the character, the DM
complexity of design. Constructing a must spend working out the design. The should point out pomniai &we fa& e
really useful, sizeable machine should be DM may lengthen this time to take into design, and Puow the player c o O a l t s t
significantly harder than crafting some- account any interruptions or extenuatJng design before consuuction begins.
thing small and fairly conventional. dlcumstances involved.
The DM should also determine which
extenuating circumstances (if any) will W//H Work?
affect the success of the design stage. While a device's designer need ID~ be
These include distraction-yThing that Once the player has worked out the the chief builder, he should be deeply
keeps the character from continuous new device's general design, the DM involved in the device's construction.
work on the design or from sufficient needs to decide whether or not to allow After ail, no one else will be able to
concentration. Adventuring is an example the device to function as designed. This understand his designs a s well a1 the
of a distraction that should carry maxi- is basically a common sense interpreta- inyentor hhMelf can1
mum penalties (a +4to all Fantasy Physics tion of the Fantasy Physia skill. lf, given Befm the character clll begin building
skill checks, see "Will it Work?" below); a healthy dose of imagination, it seems his device, the DM must decide how
developing a design in a rowdy tavern like the device might work, then It will1 many stages construction will involve.
should bear minimal penalties (only +1 to Otherwise, the DM should allow the Thls depends on the scaie and compkx-
Fantasy Engineering skill checks when player to check his character's Fantasy ity of the project. If the propet lnvdvea
attempting to follow the design). Physics skill. On a succesful sku1 check, building a ekeable machine (such as the
Successful skill checks on appropriate the DM should tell the player the design Oostdokian airship detailed on the
general skills (Shipbuilding if designing a won't work, and why it won't work. accompanying card sheet), the DM
ship-shaped device; other Knowledge or Even if the DM determines the design should break construction down into a
Science skills as the DM judges appropri- itself is sound (according to the way series of stages, each of which rcqufm a
ate) add bonuses to the character's Fan- things work in the campaign, that is), It separate successhit Fantasy Englneering
tasy Physics skill checks. The DM may may not be poasibie to build the contrap skill check. Further stages may be
allow extenuating drcumstancs to mod- tion with the materials and skills avail- required for ccmplu devices with inmi-
ify the skill check. For example, having able. A few more Fantasy Physics skill cite movlng parts, many functions, or
seen a similar device may add a -1 bonus checks are in order. other c o m p i i factors.
to the skill check; examining such a When the player first submits the Example: An Oostdokian airship
device closely may add a -3 bonus; hav- device's design to the DM for approval, requires four separate consuucrion stages:

one to build the balloon Itself; one to with the same design. Otherwise, they'll
build the frame of the car suspended mleand need tocome upwith a new design.
undnneath; a third to add the floors and Corubuclllon Costs The DM can take advantage ofany
wplls ofthe car's interior; and a fourth to Each stage of construction rakes fpued sklll checks to add time and money
add the rmglcal stuff (Elemencps, e.). ldZO+lO man days as a base figure. EO that necessary to build the device.
At each stage of the construction (One chnraaer or NPC working for one Failed skill checks are also useful M~ECS
process, the chief builder must make a day is a man day.) The DM can add to to limit a powerful design's translation
Fantasy Engineering skill check (against this base figure if rare components are into a functioning device.The DM should
InteUlgcnce if rhe chvscrer doesn't have needed, the work Is intricate, the project take care not to I* powerful devfrm butlt
t h t skill). Add in all applkabh mcdIficm is particularly large, and so on. A rush with Fantasy Physics and Fantasy B e
fromthe "Fantasy Engineering Mcdtners job can halve this time, but adds a +3 neering skills c m to dominate the cmn-
Tabk," below. penalty to the Fantasy Engineering sklll ppign.
Imprunt Note: If the design uses checks required at each stage of con- Here are some suggestions for non-
magical enchantments, the chief builder smrctlon. fatal problems and ineffkiendes which
must be a spellcaster of ninth level or Each construction stage requires money may be introduced to ,a device with any
higher, and do the enchantment himself. as well. Figure in the wages of any failed skill checks In the design M con-
Alternatively, a spellcaster of the appro- builders hired, the cost of employing a smrction stages.
priate level may be hired. In this case, spellcaster (If needed), the cost of raw some Bolt or magical file1 must be sup
penalize any enchantment success rolls materials (determined by the DM), the plied-the steam, muscle, wind, or
by 10% if the spellcaster lacks either the ccat of any speciallacs called in during tha whatever source of power wsa choeen
Fantasy Physks M the Fantasy Engineer- design or construction process, and lots for the original design doesn't provide
ing skill; penalize enchantment success of little extras which add up. Some 88 much power as was expecud.
rolls by 25% If he lacks bow designs will use much more expensive Operating time is Iimlted (4 hours or
components than others. A steam boller less per day), then the machine over-
heated by a fire elemental might require heats or stam to shake apart or what-
Insulation made from a red dragon's ever.
hide, for instance. In general, the DM 'I?we isa 1% chance per day that some
+4 if the chief builder doesn't have should come up with a construction cost small pan fails offthe machinc, with I
which will hurt the character's resources 5046 chance that this halves opmtion
without bankruptlng him.Bequiring the
character to set out on an adventure to
a c q u k enough m n e y or rare materials
needed Isn't a bad Idea, either.
time and requires maintenance. If the
problem is neglected,the next pan to
fail off dismbles the machine.
Certain condltiona oleat or cdd, humld-
If the device requires any enchant- Ity tea high or too low, certain t w i n
menta, the time to enchant is added to conditions, etc.) render the machine
+z -(or6 w rs not the cmtruction time; cost to enchant is Inoperpbk.
have the Fantasy Englneering skill added to the normal construction costs. The machh operates as plumed, but
(or orher science or cnglnentng skills See p. 15 for enchantment times and at only half strength or half speed-
the DM deem appwriate) costs for huge magical items, 01 p. 252 of halve the Lift Capacity if a flying 4,
the Rules @doped& for other magical halve the Air Speed or Move (In the
lrems' enchantment ffMs and costs. cue of a land or sea vehicle), halve
d mage inflicted IF it's an automatic
What l f l t Doesn't Wad? L device OT other weapon; etc.

If any of the Fantasy Physics or Fantasy

Engineering skill checks fall, the com- Aiiuhlna
plrxity trom the Design Complex- pleted device d l not work as dcaigoed. andthecampllgn
Table (-1 for U ~ S Y .0 tor simnlr The DM may allow the designer and MafNnes and ~onuaptlohscan be great
chief builder additional skill checks fun for players to dream up and cham-
.. z -i
.T. _. against Fantasy Physics or Fantasy Engi- fers to build. They can also become
Fantasy Engineering skill above the neering to realize the problem-@er the adventure hooks, as eager inventors seek
basic (-1 for Fantasy Engineering +1, consmction is completed. On suc&l out rorc mauripls essential for the redza-
3 for Fantasy Engineering +2, etc.) skill checks, the builders can try again tion oftheir dreams and designs.

Ridlng #he Wlnds

Traveling Full Speed Ahead/

Plying vessels base their long-distance It's possible to push a flylng vesscl
movement on the first figure listed for beyond her IIMrml daily movement. 'lllls
their Air Speed. This @ure is an average 1s similar to forcing a march (see the
speed, and assumes the vessel will not D&D* R d B CyCOHh, p. 120, and CPT-
fly at top speed in a straight llne- rles some risks. Each day a captain crks
weather, wind currents, crew fatigue to squeeze more distance out of his ves-
and other factors all delay a vessel's sel than her Air Speed allows, roll Id4
progress. and consult the Forced Flight Table.
In general, a flylng ship can move a
number of mitee per day equal to Y+her

nom1 A& speed. Thus,a vessel with an
Air Speed of 360 (120) can cover 240 vesrel Dkaoll
d e s each day. Halve this figure for any 3 4
vessel that travels only during the day
(or only during the night). Reduce it to
'/a for any vessel that relies on muscle
power-unless there are two shifts of
muscle power available, in which case ~ ~ ~ ~

daily travel is d y halved. Pour shib of P: Forced flight successful: add 50% to
muscle power wlll allow the full dally day's movement.
movement, but the increased Tonnage Mr Ves?el's crew or flying monsters arc
usually offsets any lncrense In speed. mDdentely fat@& (u rpuade-powered)
or V e s s e l is modnntelydnrmged.'
S, Crew is seriously fatigued, or vessel
Takeoffand Landhg is seriously damaged.
It's important to know what a skyshlp's N: No innrase in day's movement, but
landlng capabllties are. Some skyshlps no fatigue or damage.
are deslgned to land in water-espedally *Ifcrew is already moderatdy fatigued,
those modelled after seagoing vessels, this result Increases fatigue to serious;
complete with keel. Others may land on moderate vessel damage becomes seri-
level ground. A few can land on the ous.
ground orin water. Most requlre level
terrain (whether that's firm ground or In the chart, "Vessel Quality" Is deter-
calm seas). Some skyshlps aren't de- mined by the DM, based on his estimate
signed to land at all. Once launched of how well the vessel was ddgned and
from thelr construction cradles, they're c o n s t r u d , and how well-trained and fit
grounded only In emergencies. the crew or flying monster teams are. If
Takeoff and landing is automatically the optional Quality Rating rules are
successful under normal circumstances. used, any vessel with a Q R of 1-50 rates
The DM may requlre a Plloting skill check as "Poor," 51-70 rates as "Average;" 71-90
in situations which make lifting off haz- rates as 'Good," and 91+ is "Excellent."
ardous or difficult-enemy flre, a dam- All results are cumulative; "P&S" indl-
aged vessel, high winds, and so on. Falled cafes that the forced flight is successful,
Plloting skill checks may result In loss of but that the vessel's Motive Power (If
Once a flying vessel is constructed, It's control, crashing, and similar problems. muscle-powered) Is seriously fatigued
time to take her out for a test flight. DMs (See "Loslng and Regaining Control," p. afterward, or that the vessel hw sustained
may wish to familiarize themselves with 24, and "Crashing: p. 25). In a crash, the serious damage horn the strain.
the following sections of the D&D4Rubs vessel may suffer damage. Base the Fatigue results In a loss of musde-pow-
Cyclopsdta: "Water Travel By Shlp," p. amount of damage on the speed of the eredMSpaduntilthefatlgduewlWv-
90; "Evasion at Sea," p. 100; "Aerial Com- vessel and whether it hits the ground or ers. Moderate fatigue reduces Air Speed
bat," p. 114; and "Naval Combat," p. 115. another solid object. by I/$; serious Fatigue reduces it by The


crew remains fatigued for ld4 days. With Vessels may lose Lift Capacity through Always round up when determining
complete rest, seriously fatigued crew spell failure, the death ofone or more of the percentage of a vessel's Lift Capacity
become moderately fatigued in ld4 days, their flying creatures, other damage, or fdled by her current Tonnage.
and th9rccoverM- ahanother lower air pressure at higher altitudes. For
Id4 clap of rea every 10,ooO1in altitude bound down),
Damage may be in the form of lost decrease a vessel's Lift Capacity by 5%.
Long-Dldance Travel
Hull Points or a temporary lowering of This effect ceases in the Void beyond the and Rcst
the vessel's Quality Rating. Serious dam- Skyshield (see "Worlds Beyond," p. 30). Crew and flying monsters must rest one
age may mean lost of Hull Points and a Any change to Lift Capacity may affect full day for every six days they spend
breakdown of the Motive Power (sails a ship's Air Speed and whether she can traveling or suffer penalties (see the
and masts ripped off the deck, temporary stay aloft.At Tonnage double her current D&D4Rules Cyclopedia, p. 89). P a e n -
malfunction of magical engine, etc.). Lift Capacity, a vessel begins a One- gers and crew members who do not sup
Maneuver Dive). At Tonnage triple her ply or add to the vessel's Motive Power

current Lift Capacity, she begins a Two- do not suffer these penalties.
Slower Alr Speeds Maneuver Dive. At Tonnage four times
Skyships with Tonnages (including
cargo and passengers) up to their Lift
her current Lift Capacity, she crdsh dives.
Aerlal Combat
Capacity can move at their maximum Air LlftcsprttY Mdnlmum You need to know both a skyship's
Speed. For each increase in Tonnage Maneuvering Factor and her Air Speed to
equal to 20% of the vessel's Lift Capac- conduct aerial combat. Remember that
ity, decrease her speed by 10%. A vessel outdoor movement is always calculated
carrying twice her normal Lift Capacity in yards (or meters).
travels at half speed. Vessels with Ton- Movement during aerial encounters is
nages greater than twice Lift Capacity kept track of with maneuvers. A maneu-
can't fly. ver Is a change in direction or altitude.

During each round each vesscl must & tinuhg the climb in the next round docs Cllmbi This is a 45'
move forward at least half her Len& not.Leveling off to horizontal flight does climb. It requires (wo maneuvers to oom
round up to the nearest 10 yards. count as a new maneuver. m e w . vessels uMb& to maneuver t w i a
You can keep track of changed direc- The first maneuver performed in any in the same roundmust first begin a Onc
tions during combat with hex paper. round Is 'hre"-if thc pilot Is cohsclous Maneuver Climb then enter a Two-Man-
Draw che combatants' flight paths on the and the vesacl or monster is responsive, euver CUmb dur- the next manewer.)
hex paper, using a scale of one hex to the maneuver automatically succeeds. B m L Air Speed into unit8 of 30'.win,
10 yards. (The hex paper on p. 299 of The following sltuations require a skill any remalnder Is lost unlesa used for a
the Crcropdka is perfect for this.) If you check against Piloring or another skill: later maneuver this round.) Each ung
hive a lot of table space, use 1-inch This is the second or subsequent yields 10 yards of fomd movement and
hexes and miniatures o r cardboard maneuver by that vessel or monster in a 10-yard altitude @I. Defide how amy
cutouts to represent the vessels. In the same round. (Thls only pertains to Air S p e d units wUI be urd in the climb.
25mm scale, each 1-inch hex represent8 monsters or vessels with more than one Three-Mmncuver Climbr Thls is a
2 yards. manuever per round.) very steep, dimcult maneuver. Entering a
The DM (and each player) should also Ihe pilot, who who conppls the ve8- Three-Maneuver Climb takes three
record the combatants' AltiNde. Move- sel's maneuvers, lost one tenth of hin hit maneuvers. B m L Air Speed into units of
ment Spent (per round), and Dlve/Climb point total (OT the vessel lost one tenth of 50'. (Any remainder is lost.) Each unit
Rate (if applicable) during each round. her hull points) in the last round yields 10 yards of forward movmynt and
Thb rccord doesn't need to Include hori- The pilot has taken one half of his 20 yards of altltude. Deckl~how many
zontal maneuvers-the flight paths on mal hit points 01 the vessel has lost one Air Sped unitswill be used In thecllmb.
the hex paper does that. half of her awl hull &nts. Not all vessels can climb this steeply,
Any flyins or flightkar c ~ l u r e pro-
s espsdnlly if they rely on ailerons mther
viding Motive Power have taken half than magic to gain altltude. With the
EfkftveAlrJpeed thelr total hlt points, or half or more of Quallty Rating rules, Three-Maneuver
A vessel's Air Speed is recorded just the c r e a m s were damaged last r o d climbs mqulrr a Quallty Rating check.
like a Move Soorr: 368 (120), for instance. Any cimunsrvlrr the DM would One maneuver is used up wh-r a
The number in parentheses represents make muleuvedq W i c u l t - h e a v nina ship changes fmm one type d climb or
the maximum number of yards per round or winds, poor visibility, etc.-should dive to another. Going from horizontal
the vessel may move when engaged in also require a skill check. With the movement to a one-maneuver cllmb
an encounter. optional Q W R aw d e s (ace p. 161, takes one maneuver; enterlqg a two-
Most vessels can fly slower than their the DM may subscltute a roll against the maneuver climb from a one-maneuver
maximum speed, Other factors may also vessel's QR (If the shlp has been dam- climb c o m one maneuveq dropplng
affect the vessel's Air Speed; wind and aged), or r e q u k a Quality Ratlng check from a three-maneuver climb to a one-
weather conditions (especially for wind- as lvell as ai pilotlng check (if the ship is maneuver climb ( O L a S m o ~
driven ships); the percentage of the ves- likely to be &Illaged by che UXUXUVCf). vertL.l CLtmbr Many sllrpa take four
sel's Lift Capacity in use; the vessel's mancuvcm to go hrm horlzonnol tovetr)-
condition (p. 25); and so on. cal flight. L@hter-than-air craft and vea-
Uhbing sels enchanted arirh W a t e orflyspolls
Vessels controlled by ailerons may can actually fly straight up. They trade
Manewets climb by trading in some of their forward their forward movement bOr.qudalci-
A maneuver is a change in dlnctton by air speed for an increase in altitude. Nde gain. Dependhg on how plunrdais
30 or 60 degrees. On hex paper, 30' There are three climbing maneuvers: the controlled, the DM may dcmhat IC takes
changes a skyship's direction from the One-ManeuverClimb. the Tw~bMancuver one maneuver for such ships to enter a
center of me hex face to an adjacent ver- Climb, and the Three-Maneuver Climb. veNcal d w if they tly to begin to
rex or vice vel8p; 60 changes a skyship's One-Mmcuver Cllmbr Thls is a climb rom a dive (see below). Thin can
direnion from rhe center of one hex face smooth, gradual climb at about a 30' be hard on thecmrnurs on boorrl, requIr-
to the center of an adjacent hex face, or angle. Break the vessel's Air Speed into Ing ConStlNtiOn checks (-2 to all attack
from one vertex to an adjacent vertex. units of 20'.(Any remainder ia lost, unless rolls and aving throws for Id4 turns) or
Changes in altitude, both climblng and uscd for an additional maneuver In the Deuerkycheckstotceepthetrfootine.
diving, arc nlso muleuven, see below. same round.) Each un&yields 10 yards of Ma@c8J Altitude Control: Vessels
Continuing an old maneuver Is no( the forward movement and a fivayard alti- wuh magical altitude control (levirare,
same as stmlng a new maneuver. Bagin- tude gain. Decide how many Air Speed fly, erc.) may have more control over
nhg a dimb counts as a manewer--con- units will be used in thc climb. akiNde and forward movement than ves-

W i n g the Winds

seis controlled by ailerons or other

means. Rather than limiting them to
dive. With each ten yards of forward Lwlngnnd
movement, the vearl also loses 10 yards
one-, two-, or three-maneuver climbs, of altitude. This Dive Rate is equal to the
Regahrrng Conirol
you may simply divide their Air Speed vessel's Air Sped. Pilots may lose control of the& vessels
into untts of 10'. Decide how many units Three-Manmr D l n i In a Three- when they fail a Piloting skill check or
will be used for forward motion and Maneuver Dive, the vessel lases 20 yards when the craft is damaged or mikses a
how many will be used for altitude gain. of altitude for every 10 yards she moves Quality Rating check. The vessel may
The cost in maneuvers depends on how forward. This Dive Rate is equal to twice also go out of control if the flying mon-
the vesael is deaigned to control altitude. the Vearel's Air Sped. sters are spooked, when the ship suffers
As a le of thumb, you may require one W Dive when doing a crash dive, a dkgwl magfc attack, and so on.
maneuver for each 30' or fewer change the vessel plummets at twlce her Air The exaff effects of lost contml depnd
in vertical direction Some vessels may be Speed plus 4ao yards per round (tarrninal on the circumsances and on the -nt
able to change direction instantaneously velodty on Mystan). Forward movement by which the pilot mlssed his sklll check
(using only one maneuver to go from is negligible. If the the vessel's lifting (or the vessel missed her Quality Ratlng
horizontal movement to vertical), but the capabilities have failed or the craft is out check). For example, a pilot with a Pilot-
DM may require Constitution checks to of control, the rate of falling is jus 480 ing skill of 14 who rolls a 19 has mirsed
see if everyone on bovd makes the shik yards per round-do not add the vessel's his skill ckeck by 5. (For a vessel's Qual-
a8 easily!
I@ Altltudtsi Remember that Lift
Air Speed. ityRam roll, find the number of polnts
Magical Pllght: Vessels controlling the vessel missed the check by, and
Capacity decreases by 5% for every full their attitude magically may dive the divide by 5.) Compare the results to the
10,000' of altitude. Also, breathing same way they dhb-uslng one maneu- Loss of Control Table, c ou nma 20 (or a
becomes difficult at 15,ooO' and higher. ver for each 30" (or less) change In veni- QR check of 95 or higher) a8 9+.
Characters are at -2 to hit and damage cal direction and allotting each 10-yard If a pilot loses control, he may regain
rolls and on all saving throws and skill unit of Air Speed to either forward or control with a successful Piloting skill
rolls. Above 20,oOO' altitude, air-breathing downward movement. These vessels check. A pilot can make one check at the
characters and creatures suffocate in ld4 cannot exceed thdr Air Speed in a dive very end of the round in which he lost
turns. A f r mask and other create afr unless they disengage their flying magid control; thereafter, he may make a num-
enchantments negate these effects. Depending on how they control altitude, ber of checks per round equal M the vm-
such ships may require only OM tnaneu- sel's Maneuvering Factor (or once per
-w ver to go into a vertical dive (normally
requiring four maneuvers) from level
round if her MP is 1 or leas). These Hot-
ing checks are at a penalty equal to the
There are four diving maneuvers, each flight. Such quick changes of dtrection number by which the pilot missed the
ofwh&h matches a climbing maneuver. are hard on crew and paarrngersl roll in the first place. In other words, if he
One-I&fmuwuDhw This is a gentle Note that Motive Power controls how had a skill roll of 14 but rolled a 16, he
30" diw. Por each 10 yards she flies for- vessels enchanted with flcd In air spells misred by Z-and he can? regain control
ward, the vespel dives 5 yards downward. climb. These vessels cannot exceed their untllhemakesthatskillcheckby21Ifhe
This dive is &ne at half Air Speed. Air Speed in a dive; the fbat fnafr &ee~
Two-ManeuverDive* This is - cancels gravity's pull.

1 Taken Taken
3yds <1 second ld6
6yds clsewnd 2d6

I '*
doesn't regain control in time, the vessel 20, the vessel loses one Maneuvering of hull points of the previous stage. A
may crash into the ground. Factor (to a minimum of MF '/IO; see vessel that makes a QR check when she
chart, p. 11). LOSJ of 25% of the vessel's first loses 25% of her hull points is not
total hull points requhs an extra Piloting subject to enchantment failure or extra
Crashlng check for any Two- or Three-Maneuver Piloting checks. When she loses 50% of
The 'Falling Damage Chart" lists the Climb in a single round. If the vessel uses her hull pdnts, she must make a Quality
damage a vessel takes from an unchecked magical Lift, any enbancements to the Rating check again. Success indicates
plummet-a Crash Dive-into the vessel's Lift Capacity fall-Lift Capacity is the vessel pcrforms as though she had
ground. One-Maneuver Dives do no dam- reduced to the vessel's Tonnage, with no lost only 25% of her hull points (even if
age; Two-Maneuver Dives do 2d6 dam- exva Llh for cargo. This is likely to redun she missed the previous Quality Rating
age to the vessel or flying monsters and the vessel's Air Speed. check). Failure means the vessel suffers
ld6 damage to every passenger or rider; If the vessel, under the w e e t of crew, the penalties of losing 50% of her hull
?luee-Wlmuver Dives do 9d6 damage to passengers, and cargo, weighs twice her points (bypassing the 25% loss penalties
the vessel or flying monsters and 2d6 current Lift Capacity or more, she begins if the previous Quality Rating check was
damage to every passenger or rider. to fall. Other frame enchantments begin successful). Quality Rating checks do
After six seconds of free fall, falling to operate at half value or unreliably, not negate lost Air Speed due to dam-
characters and vessels reach terminal reducing Air Speed further if Motive age.
wlocity. This is the speed at which air Power is magical.
pressure counteracts gravity: an object When the vessel loses 50% of her
falllng at its terminal velocity can't fall hull points, roll a d2O; if the result is
any faster. So 2W6 is the maximum falling 16-20, the vessel loses one MF (to a min- See the Rules Cyclopedia, p. 115, for
damage regadleas of how high you are. imum of MF '/,OXlosing 50% of the hull rules on naval combat. The Ramming,
For every 1,440' (480 yards) of altitude, points prohibits Three-Maneuver Cllmbs. Grappling and Boarding, and Repairs
it takes a full round of failing to mash. Two-Maneuver cunrbs req& three suc- rules apply well to skyahip. Ships greater
cessful Piloting checks. Magical huil than 100 tons ram as large &alleys.
enchantments that provide Lift f d and
Damage to a Vessel the vessel begins a Crash Dive. (The ves-
Different attacks do differing amounts sel may retain minimal steering.) Other Magkd Attacks
of damage to 2 skyship. Normal missile frame enchantmenta may also fall. Most magical attacks do only 1 point of
and melee weapons cannot damage a h a of 75% of the vessel'shull points hull damage for every 5 points of normal
ship's hull. However, these attach may requires a Piloting check every round, damage. The attack may have other
harm a ship's crew or flying monsters, (assuming it's not already in a Crash effects, however.
and they do 1 point of damage to a ves- Dlve) at a -4 penalty to the pilot's skill. If P#rebaU and Other M & c d F h e
sel's sails or lighter-than-air balloons for successful, the vessel stays on an even Attack#: Wooden- and doh-fnmed ves-
every 5 point6 of damage dealt. keel but cannot climb. If failed, the craft sels are susceptible to fire unless they
Siege weapons (catapults and the like) loses altitude in an unstoppable One- have been protected against it. When a
do normal damage to flying vessels. Most Maneuver Dive. At this point, the ship jreball or simllar magical attack hits, roll
magical attacks-and attacks by man- automatically loses one MF (to a mini- d% and compare the result to the total
sized flying monsters-do only 1 hull mum of MF l/t& number of hit points damage the attack
point of damage for every 5 points of loas d90%of the W s h d points did (before dividing by five). If the d%
damage dealt. Likewise, hrge flying mm- c a w wllot's kft of d e craft to begin at roll i s greater than the number of hit
stem inflrct 1 point of hull damage for least a Two-Maneuver Dive (even with points of damage,the vessel's fame does
every 5 pinta of damage they deal. nonmagical Liftf. The pila must make a not catch flre. If the roll fails, the hull
Damage to a v e d s hull may jeopar- sumssful Piloting skill check to make catches fire, taktng ld4 Hull Pdnts pet
dize her magical enchantments, and dam- any direction changes. The craft's MF round until the fire is put out.
aged vessels are difficult to pilot: drops to 'h. Dispel Mag#C: A displ magic spell
Each loss of 10% of a vessel's total When a ship loses 100% of her hull cannot permanently affect a magical item,
Hull Points reduces her Air Speed by points, she breaks up and her fragments but it can cause a vessel's enchantments
10%. Each 10% loss of a wind-driven ves- fall to the ground to fail temporarily. The spell affects a
sel's sails' hit points also reduces Air Optional Rule: With the optional 20'x201x20'area. Several spellcasters may
Speed by 10%. Quality Rating rules, a successful Q R coordinate their efforts to blanket the
When the vessel first loses 25% of check at each stage lets the vessel per- entire vessel with simultaneous dispel
her hull points, roll 1dZO. If the result is form as though she has lost the number magic spells. If any part of the vessel's

frame remains outside the spell's effect, 9(cp 2 DetumbmW L d Mrraba
the d-I magic doesn't work. Choose a prevailing wind dimtion os mU
If the spell effects encompass the ves- ldl2. The wind is coming frwn the &c-
sel's entire frame, the spell works. The tion listed:
dwce of faflure is nrnmal--5% per level
of dlfference between the spellcasters
and the original encharuer. (Use the low-
1 North
7 south
est level if multiple spellcasters are
involved.) Check the dlspel against each
Werent type of spell the vessel has.
5 -Southeast
10 wea
11 Nwhwest
Pennanent enchantmentsonly go down dark, etc.). DMs m y determine modifiers 6-snnhbySE 12-NonhbyNW
for ldlO rounds; all other enchantments for other conditions (tnuidbtitty, etc.).
are torrgletely &pelled. If the evasion is suaessful, &re pursuer 4trp.3. Daermhe V d ' r Iladtqg.
If a vessel's Motive Power goes down, loses sight of her prey and cannot find it A vessel's general headlng WIN be one of
she must switch to an unaffected Motive again or attack it that day. the twelve compass directions listed
Power (if one is available) or stop mov- If the evasion is not successful, con- above. Bxcepi during combat situations,
ing. (At DMs option, the ship may coast sMer that the encounter begins with the ignore minor variations in the vessel's
For a while.) If a vessel's magical Lift goes pursuer at a distance of 300 yards on a & d o n oftravel. Simply find the most
down, the vessel begins a Crash Dive and clear day. At the DM's discretion, the pur- direct mfe between the ship's deppmuc
continues to fall at maximum velocity suer may so~td e r if visibility is poor. and destination points, and see whlch
until the magical Lift returns. The ship If the pursuer% speed is up to 30 yards hex face or vertex the ship must pass
may crpsh unkss secondary LIft (such as per round greater rhan the evader's through to head toward her desthticcl.
flyhVr monstus) is available. speed, the pursuer closes In at a rate of
Other M8gic81 Attacks%DMs may 10 yards per round. Superior sailing or
need to use some Imagination (mixed piloting can allow a slower vessel to NNW
with common sense) to determine the close in on a faster one. N
effects of other magical attacka on a fly- If the diffeRnce in Air Speeds is greater
ing vessel. For instance, a clerical 6anW than 30 yards per round, the pursuer
spell cut suddenly in a wooden skyship's doses in at her normal movement rate.

path can be devastating. The spell's 0ptbO.llula If the DM is using the
whirling hammers can desmy the mutts optional general skills rules, the two
of a woorlform spell; a barrierspell will pilots may compete with their Piloting SsW
s' SSE
do 5 hull points of damage for every 5 skills. If the evading ship's pilot rolls his
normal points of damage. Pfloting skill better, he wades pursuit; if
The druidic turn wood spell could the pursuer rolls his skill better, he is able step 4. D&emlhe the w a t k r sidc.
force a wooden-hulled skyship from her to dose at the above rates. The"weatherslde"istheside0ftheship
course, perhaps pushing her into the the wind is striking. This may be the
ground (at 10 yards per round, not
enough to do much damage) and pin- Wind and Weather bow, port (left), starboard (right), or
stern. Determine the weathdr side by
ning her there for a while. (Optional) comparing the current wind direction
DMs may wish to keep track of weather
Weather 81da
Evulon and Rurun effectrdurineavoyage.
step 1. Detamhr w e .Roll 2d6
Plying craft may also evade one when the journey starts; compare to the
another. This is usually done by flying Weather effects Tabk on the next page.
into a cloud, wound some obstruction Vessels with Motive Powers other than
(such as a mountain), or positioning the wind are afkted only on a rdl of 10 or
vessel between the pursuing vessel and mon, in weather milder than High Wlnds
the sun (effectivelybecoming invlsibie). ignore the effects of wind and weather.
To determine a vessel's chance to For any flying vessels using wind as a
evade,consult the Skyship Evasion Table. primerl OI secondary Mative Power, con-
Add 25% m the evader's chance of eva- tinue with the followingsteps.
sion if visibility is poor (fog, clouds, rain,

with the ship's direction of travel. (Doo- Cs;.oSe ta'Wlnd Dtwtiolon, To
& Ion a piece of hex paper may help.) check fora '&an@ in w M d(&Wn. roll
A ship is "running before the wlnd" if the ld8. On a 7.or 8, the wind renralns the
stem is the weather side; "reaching" If the same. On 1 through 6, the wind shihs
wind hlts porc or starboard;and "beating" that many hex faces left or rlght. To
if headlng into the wind (see dingram). detmnlne dirrnbn, roll ld8 again. Even,
The weather side affects a winddrlven the wind &e8 dodcwise;odd,it moves
ship's Air Speed in combat and when cal- counterrloclwlknliBm*ha)~~ds(er-
culating dlstance traveled daily. Adjust a ing NNE with wind from the South is run- &e wind directions at a altitudes
wind-driven ship's Air Speed according ning before the wind, and can travel at as well-roll for each 1,200' (400 yalda)
to the reach and the wind strength (see her normal Air Speed. If she were head- change in altitude.
the Weather Effecb Table). ing NE with the same South wind, she C h a n g e s In W e a t h e r
IhmniqgorBeunllcdUn@Wind- would be broad reaching; Alr Speed
riders fly at their normal Air Speed when would increase by I/$. weather condition, roll 1 6 . A 1 shifts
running before the wind or on a beam current weather nvo notches up the d e
reach (with the wind coming at roughly (see next page). A 2 sI&s It one noah
right angles to the axis of the ship).
Weather Changes up. A 3 or 4 indicates no change; a 5'
9 Broad Reachlnp: Air Speed is Obviously, weather changes now and shifts it down the scale one nocch, and a
increased by one-rhird normal when on a then. After you have determined the cur- 6 shifts it down two.Por example, a roll
broad reach-the action of the wind rent weather conditions and wind direc- of 6 would Nm normal winds into high
actually produces more motive force tion, roll ld8 to find out how soon these winds; B roll of 2 would change an
when coming In off the stern quarter conditions may &an@. extreme light breeze into no wlnd atall.
rather than horn directly behind.
Ckwe llcrhingp Ships sailing on a w C h a f o r ~ i n c
close reach can move only at one-third of 1 4 hours
thdr n d Air Speed. 2 12 hours
intbthe windr Wind-driven 3 1 day
skyships must tach to fly against the 4 2 davs
wind. They do this by sailing as close to 5 3 days
the wind PI) poasible (on a close reach), 6 4 days
alternating the& reaches from starboard 7 5 days
to port. Por example, a windrider head- 8 6 days

movement > n

nd or close reaching.

Rhilng the Wnds

Aerial Encounters -
See pp. 91-92 of the Rules Cyclopedia
with the giants' lair-a castle in the
clouds, on a mountaintop, etc.
Other Plying Verrel: Possibilities
against the vessel's AC. If the attack suc-
ceeds, the whirlwind does ld8 points of
hull damage. Anyone on the outside of
for wilderness (and aerial) encounter Include air pirates, enemy vessels, a fly- the ship must save vs. death ray or be
rules. When an encounter Is indicated, ing merchantman, other adventurers, a swept overboard. Every other creature
mil d% and compare it to thd table. ghost ship, and so a. takes 2d8 points of damage, halved if
Accldent on Boardl Possibilities they are secured to an immobile part of

II m l include a man overboard, an injury due

to a rope or spar tweaking, fire,discover-
the ship: everyone is shaken up a bit1
Tubulu Breach or Vortlgcrn Vor-
01-25 Fly&
I ing the supplies on board have spoiled,
or any other mishap the DM cares to
intlln upon the characters.
tex~A tubular b-ch is a venicll column
ofanti-gravity; a vortex is a whirling fun-
nel ofwinds racing up and out throu&J~ D
Unexpcfted S t o m See the Weather tear in the planet's Skyshield. 'Ihsse phe-
Effects Table on the previous page for nomena may be used to penetrate the
the results of expected storms. Unex- Skyshield. See "Worlds Eeyond," pp. M ,
pected storms rise up suddenly, without for more information.
warning, and are far more dangerous. U n d Bvent~This encounter occurs
This encounter may call for a Quality h t - when someone on board noricts some-
ing check (if those rules are used), or an thing unusual on the ground (or ocean)
attempt to outrun the storm (as per the beneath the vessel. The nature of the
Roll on the appropriate subtable, p. Cyc1lOpedraa,P. 90). Occurrence is up to the DM; the Wilder-
97 in the cyclcpdkl. Torndo 01Whirlwiud~Vessels may ness Encounters Table on p. 95 of the
Gi.ntr The giant(s) encountered may attempt to evade a whirlwind. Each round D&D* Rules Cyclopedia may help. The
be a Cloud Giant (60% chance) or a Storm the vessel is within the whirlwind, rdl for event should be interesting enough for
Giant (40%). This may be an encounter the wind's attack (as a 16 HD monster) the captain to decide to investigate.

Skyship Repnlrs
Damaged skyships may be repaired-
- Modwng SkyshIps
( W O d )
kchint R e m -
Repairing o mach4ne built with the Pan-
given time, a safe benh,and a sufficiently DMs may allow skyship enchanters to tasy Engineering skill (see p. 181 requirra
powerful spellcaster. modify their pride and joy after initial a successful MU on the Fantasy Physics
Emergency RepaIr8i A ship's crew construction is completed. Once he has skill (to understand the machine's work-
may repair up to half the damage the the resources, time, and money for the ings) and a successful roll on the Fantasy
ship has suffered. Five or more crewmen modification, an enchanter may replace Engineering skill (to make the repairs).
must be assigned to repair duty for the old float In alr enchantments on his These rolls are at a +4 penalty if the
repairs to be effective. (DMs may alter private yacht withflyenchantments. repairer is not also the designer 01 origi-
this number accordlng to the vessel's size Be aware that allowing modifications to nal englne+r. The DM nsslghs skill modi-
and the amount of damage sustained.) magical creations after construction may fiers based on the complexity of the
Appropriate raw materials (wood for prove dangerous to your campaign. If a needed repairs (as per the Design Com-
wooden-framed vessels, etc.) must also magic-user can add an enchantment to plexity Table, p. 19). P@re time to n?pair
be available. his skyship, why not to his favorite staff from the same table, using bours rather
A crew can repair one point of hull or of wlzardy, or to a friend's sumrd +3P than days. Cost of repairs and necessary
sail damage per turn of work. These Here are some guidelines for limiting materials are up to the DM.
makeshift repairs temporarily restore lost potential abuses of this ~ p t irule.
~ ~ l
Air Speed, but fail apart in 6d6 days. Cost and TIme to Enchant: Adding ModI@IngMachines
Crew cannot repair any enchantments an enchantment to a completed skyship's
that failed due to hull damage. frame costs twice as nucb in materials ( W O d )
Crews eying to repair a skyship's frame and time as initially enchanting the same Designers of fantasy-engineered ma-
during flight (which Is possible) must effect during construction. The new chines often can't leave well enough
make frequent Dexterity Ability checks to enchantment must be added to each alone. They love to tinker with their
avoid falling off the ship or suffering frame section, with normal chances of designs, adding features here and thyre
accidents. success applying. On any failed enchant- or improving cnpabilitles. For example,
Permanent RepaIra: Permanent ment, the entire section must be repiaced. the designer of a one-man pedai-pow-
repairs to a skyship's frame require a This involves extracting it fmn the frame ered flying machine may tinker with it
safe and stable berth, lots of time, and (grounding the vessel until fixed!) and after every f l i t , gradually inmasing Lin
possibly some rare material components reconstructing the section with all Capacity, Air Speed, of maneuverability.
for redoing failed enchantments. They enchantments. (Had a little trouble making a tight turn
also require a spellcaster able to cast Spellcuter Lmlr The spellcaster uy- last flight out?Add a rudder to the rail0
form spells to repair damage to the ing to modify an.existing magical item As with skyship modlfl*ltlons, thls rule
frame, and an enchanter who can re- (including skyships) must be of a level is optional. There isn't quite so much
apply the frame's enchantments. equal to or greater than the original mom for abuse as there is with allowing
Bcprlrlng Bnchantment.r Enchant- enchanter (compare to the bigbest level if modifications of magid item, but there
ments that failed due to hull damage may multiple enchanters were involved). If may be a bit of record-keeping involved.
be repaired by reapplying the enchant- the spellcaster did not originally enchant Modificatlonsto a machin+ require the
ment effects. This may be done to the the item at its creation, penalize the same Fpntasy Engineering skills and pro-
vessel as a whole-as with enhance- chance of succeas by -%%. cedures as the initial design and con-
ments, p. 15-rather than to individual Enhancement.: Enhancing existing struction did. The DM determines the
sections. If the vessel lost less than 5M enchantments is easier than adding com- modiffsatlon'sDesign Complexlty (see p.
of her hull points, one enhancement of pletely new enchantments. See p. IS for 19). Time and cost to p e r f m the modlA-
each failed spell effect restores that effect enhancement procedures and capabili- cation are doubbd. If the design requires
for the entire vessel. Loss of 50% or more ties. Double cost and time to enhance. magical enchantments, a qualifled spell-
of the vessel's hull points requires two Normal enhancement limits (five per caster must be available. All Fantasy
enhancements of each failed spell effect. spell effect)SUI apply. Physics and Fantasy Engineering skill
Cost and time to perform these repairs DUNGEON U T E R m P r M k g c r DMB rolls are at a +4 penalty if the tinkerer is
are the same as enhancing enchantments may disallow any new enchantments not also the origfnal deslgner or engi-
during the c o m c t i o n process. they feel uncomfortable with, or impose neer. If the modification fails, the DM
Re- Accoutrrmcngl Repairs to limits on the time allowed between con- may rule the machine Is damaged or
masts, decks, etc. are left up to the DM. struction and any modification. impaired in some way1

Worlds Beyond

The Skyshield -
Mystara'sSkyshield is a bubble of trans-
parent energy that holds the planet's
Rips in the Skyshkld are temporary
and not dangerous-excepr to objects
caught In the whirling winds. The
Skyshield repairs itself, "healing" 100
omhcr Routes lnb splrcu-
There is a persistent rumor that very
large flying monsters, such as dragons,
atmosphere in and makes it dlfncult for square feet of tear (a 10'xlO' hole) per a~ capable of reaching space. HooLlng a
to attain outer space. Small objects round. The largest vortex reported was vessel to one or more of these creamres
(with Tonnages up to 1 ton) can pene- the result of a hole 3W' in diameter; It Just might do the trick. Once in space,
trate it with little difficulty. Most flying lasted a littie more than an hour. the creatures are usually freed, and the
ships capable of reaching the Skyshield- ship must maneuver under her own
at an altitude of 80,00O'-are slowly power. Monsters used for Mofive Power
deflected when they get dose. There are Tubub Breaches in space must be protected from the
ways for determined adventurers to pm- A tubular breach is a reversal of gravity h d effects of the environment.
etrate the Skyshield, however (see that c a w biUowing funnels of clouds to Ships may also be enchanted with
below). rise toward the Skyshield. &I anomaly in reverse gradSy to carry them above the
Reentering the atmosphere is much Mystan's gravity field causes these dan- maximum altitude allowed by their Lift
easier than leaving. Ships can break gerous turbulences.) Tubular breaches Capacity.
through the Skyshield with little diffi- are temporary, vary greatly in strength, Would-be space explorers may be
culty. They fall rapidly to an altitude of and occur only at very high altltudes brave enough to use magic to create an
2O,OW', then slow to normal Air Speed. (20,000'a d above). (A tubular breach artficclal hole in the Skyshiel&ausing a
was obsetved once at the peak of a very ripstorm in the process. A dlslntegrate
Vortlgcm's Vortex high mountain in Glanui. Although rela- spell will create a 10x10 tear In the
tively weak, it pkked up m k s and gravel Skphield. Other damaging spells such as
The Skyshield occasionally suffers a that showered a nearby monastery when f7reball or ltgbtntng bok will create a 100
amporaty rip or tear.This m y be caused the breach ended.) square foot hole for every 40 poinu of
by the of obJects(meteorites and A tubular breach can be used as a door damage intlicted in a single turn.
skyships, as examples) or by ~ t u n but l to space. Pirst the adventurns m a find a Other magical means through the
unexplained fluctuations in the Sky- breach, usually by watching the upper Skyshield include traveling ethereally,
shield's strength. Whenever a tear occurs, layers of clouds. Their ship must then tek@witng across the barrier, or wlrbtng

atmosphere escapes into the Void with enter the breach while performing a bar- the ship onto the other side.
tncrrdlble force. The swam of air creates rel roll-a perilous maneuver requiring a
a freak tornado, known as a Vortigern crack pilot. (Thisis a gcad time to call for
Vcitex (named the Alphatian wizard an optional Quallty Rating check as well Space Perlls
who first studied the phenomenon), a one or more Piloting skill checks.) Two prlmary dangers face travelers in
whirlhole, or a ripstorm. If the breach is long enough to pene- the Void-exueme cold and lack of air. A
These vortlces are easy to distinguish trate the Skyshield, the shlp reaches well-designed ship with an alrtlght hull
from real tornadoes. In clear skies, they space safely. If not, the breach flings the helps protect against these dangers.
appear as shimmering, dancing funnels ship out into the upper reaches of the Enchantments that provide resistance to
extending upward as far as the eye can atmosphere, and the ship begins a crash cold and a fresh supply of breathable air
see--all the way to the Skyshleld. They dive. With a successful Piloting skill are essential for any extended uavel in
rapidly suck any clouds directly beneath check (and an optional Quality Rating space. Ships quipped with cmate atmw
the teat into a f d o u s l y whirling spiral. check as well), the pilot can =gain con- pbere and climate enchantments are
If a pilot is cnzy enough to sail rlght trol at 20,000'. Purther Piloting skill especially suited to travel through the air-
into one of these vortices, skilled enough checks may be attempted each round If less Vold between worlds.
to keep his craft pointed in the direction the ship continues in a crash dive. See
of the whirling wind, and has a ship "Riding the Winds," p. 21.
sturdy enough to withstand the winds Of course, a11 sailors and equipment
battering force, he and his ship will be must be properly secured to survive PB& Air-breathlng creatures caught in space
able to penetrate the Skyshleld from sage t h q h a tubular breach. Few heavy without adequate air supplies may suffo-
wlthln the tornado. (Frequent and diffi- warships or cargo vessels can perform a cate. In the absolute airlessness of the
cult Pllothg sku checks and Quality Rat- barrel roll, and no ship with a Quality Void, characters may die much more
ing checks are required.) Rating less than 75% can safely perform quickly than they would in the thh upper
this maneuver into a reverse gravity field. reaches of an atmosphere. A character
can hold his breath for a number of

rounds equal to his Constitution score- must make a Quality Rating check each the ship's center. The gravitational field
half that If exerting himself (see the turn or suffer ld6 hull points of damage. of a spherical planet wlth a radius of
D%D* Ruk C)&pdia, p. 90).M k r that, 3,000 extends $0,000 milss from the
he must make a Constitution check each
round or suffocate. The first check is
against his normal Constitution score;
Gravity works differently in the D&D
planet's enter. The l arv the obfecc,dte
farther he Meld extends. The gravlta-
tional field of Myetara, a hollow world,
each subsequent one Is rolled with a game than It does in our own universe. extends only 6,000 miles, although the
cumulative + I pemlty to the die roll. Although planets, moons, and asteroids planet's diameter Is 6,190 miles.
A character who has suffocated can exert gravity In proportion to their mass, spherical ob@cts(whose gravitational
recover if air and medical attention are objects smaller than 20,000 cn (1 ton) fields are positive all around) attract one
supplied within a number of rounds exert no attraction to other objects. There- another wIth such force thar collision is
equal to I/+his Consflfution wre. fore, smaller objects M always attracted unavoidable once their gravltational
Neutral gravity (a type of cosmic glue- to larger objects. fields meet. Such collisions create a sin-
see next page) and frlction work to coun- In the DLkD game universe, the direc- gle object whh wlldly fluetuathg gravlta-
teract the physical effectsof the lack of tion of gravitational attraction depends tlonal Aelds. once the Nw oblea's shape
air pressure In the Void. There is no dan- on the shape of tiie object. Gravity on a staMizes, its new gravitational field does
ger of explosive decompression In the roughly SpheIlCal body Is directed toward too-In whatever orientation the new
D&D* gam universe. the center ofthe body. If the object is not shapo dernulds.
significantly curved, it has a gravity plane.
Unless they have their own propulsion, Odd Examples of CirWvtLy
F d n g things that fall off a gravitational object
Although the Void be- D&D game continue f a l i b In a straight line through Planets and other celestial bodies mosr
worlds is not at absolute zero,it fscolder space unrll they strike something. commonly appear as spherrs, disks, and
than an arctic glacier in the middle of a G m i t y Planem A gravity plane has cylinders. Built obpm tha6 fakc to space
long winter night. Characters exposed to two sides: a posltlve side that pulls can be any shape. but they must be well
the cold for more than one turn must objects down toward the gravity plane, balanced or their gravity plane may sud-
make a Constitution check each subse- and a negative side which repulses denly shift. The gravity fields of built
quent turn or suffer ld6 points of cold objects away from the gravity plane. objects perform accox@ to their shape.
damage. Heavy winter dothing adds a -1 Thus, everything goes "down"; see the 8hlpm Shlps have gravity planes, not
bonus to the roll. The resist cold spell diagram on the next page. gravity spheres. A space-going skyship
adds a -2 bonus to the roll, and decreases To understand how this works, Imag- has to be balanced, just like a normal
any damage suffered that turn by 1. ine an object floating in a pool of water. seafaring vessel, or It will list so badly
Heaced envlronmentp-aults, ships, etc.- The surface of the water shows the posi- that her hapless crew would have to
can negate these cold effects. tion of the gravity plane in relation to the walk on the bulkheads to remain uptight.
optlo9.r lllkrr DMs may opt to take object. The posltlve gravity field lies Mcan eaally be trapped within a ship's
solar rays into account. In this case, any above the surface of the water; the nega- hull, as long as the hull is atrtight. How-
character remaining in direct sunlight for tive gravity field lies below the water. ever, the air outside the ship slowly flows
more than one turn will bum Instead of Since objects with gravity planes are in downwnrd into space. One good way of
freeze. The required Constitution check space, where there is no "up" or "down," keeping air around the ship-other than
and damage sustained remain the same. the gravity planes of difTerent cbjecta are maklng the shlp look like an ungainly
Heavy winter clothing adds a -1 bonus often oriented in difFerent directions and tub-Is having each crew member on
to the roll (as with freezing), but the may even change as the objects rotate or deck wear air ma&. Or the ship her-
resistfire spell is needed for additional revolve. Gravitational objects coming self could be enchanted to create and
protection. Wlth this optional rule, char- within range of larger ~ v l t a l i o n aobcts
l maintain her own a& supply with the CIB-
acters may avoid damage by moving will reorient their own gravlty planes to ate amrarpkm spell. The additlon of cli-
between sunlit and shady spots each parallel that of the larger object-some- mate enchantments wouldn't be a bad
turn, alternately heating and cooling times violently. Idea, either (see p. 52).
themselves. Grrvlty Spheres: A roughly spherical Any hole In the ship's hull would be a
DMs may opt to have ships affected by object's gravitational field extends in a catastrophe, since the air on the shlp
these extremes of temperature as well. sphere whose radius is roughly lox the would escape Into space. On a poorly
Wooden and metal hulls not protected distance from the object's center to its balanced ship, the gravity plane may sud-
with resist cold and resistfire enchant- surface. Thus, the gravitational field of a denly shift (a failed Quality Rating check
ments (or other means of protection) shlp 200' long would extend 1000' from might indicate this), causing the uew and

ahllosphere to fall off into space (see dla- planetoids are often found among aster- also directed straight down through the
gram D4 below). oid clusters of debris from the origlnal cylinder. Like spheres, cylinder worlds
Dirk-shaped Woridr A diskworld world. The sharp edge of a shard's cone can have their own atmospheres, though
"floats" flat on one slde, with its gravity points downwud,yrd pan of the planet's traveling from the rounded side to a flat
plane right across its thickness. Flat surface remains on top of the shard. The side is very dlsorlenting. Cylinders can
worlds must be slightly concave or have polnt of the cone must be made of a also spin along their long axes, produc-
walls or mountains around their edges in material dense enough to keep the world ing day and night if the cylinder is oti-
order to retain atmospheres. (Skyshields in position. ented properly to ita sun.
help as well.) Air currehts and atmos- The shard's gravity field Is unusual.
p h d c pressure keep the bulk of the air Although it was once part of a spherical
circulating from the edges down toward planet, a shard has a gravity plane. Its
Neutral Gravfty
the center, then Up from the center and rounded top surface supports normal There ts another lmpomnt gravitatronnl
back t o w d the edges (see diagram D2, life-perhaps even the llfe it supported effect called neutral gravlty. This Is a
below). Some disk worlds route as they before the catastrophe-provided some weak gravitational force that any object
revolve around their suns, giving them force prevents the tans of its atmosphere. weighing oyer a,mtom, such m a Luge
day and night cycles, but some face The lower palr of the shard is In the neg- ship or a planet, generates. Neutnil gmv-
always toward or away from their suns. ative gravity field; anything on It will fall ity simply keeps an object from brenking
Some also spin like phonograph recurds, off Into space, and It cannot keep any up and drifring off Into the Void of space.
producing spiral cloud patterns and atmosphere. Friction does the same for smaller objects,
winds of up to hurricane strength. c y l i n a a r These worlds are partially such as ships that are nailed 0: pyroed
Planetoid Shard: A shard (see dia- round, and the long axis of such a cylin- together. Neutral gravity does not affect
gram D3) is a roughly conical secrion that der Is the "center" of is gravity. Gravity anything on an object's surfaces, either
broke away from a spherical planet dur- on the rounded surface of a cylinder outside or Inside (in tunnels, o n the
ing a collision with another world or world is directed down toward the cyh- lower decks of a ship, etc.). Neutral grav-
another planetary disaster. These suange der's axis.Gravify on the two [Lac sides Is Ity has no equivalent in the common

Dl 4 r7 AIU C W T S

mvm PLAXE kd

r +

laws of physics affecting other game 0% to 4996, and with strengths greater Capacities to free them from the gdvita-
worlds. Think of it as "cosmic glue." than 150%. These characters are at a -2 tional fteld of a planet.
p~naltyto dl hit rolls, ability checks, and
Strength- or Dexterity-based skill checks. ReWve&s
Gravltyslnngdhs (Skills based on other a m h t e s arc d-
iW0=4 fected, as are saving thrown and damage SPeeQin spaceasignifianclygtrntsr
DMs may assign different gravitational rolls.) than thasa possible within g r n v b t i o d
strengths to each planetary body. MysOn. In gravitational fields weaker than Mr- fields and amoep- hue to be
is the "norm" to measure by, being at mal, characters will tend to misjudge the to allow Voidships ta cover chr vu( dir-
100%. Myoshima (see p. 35) would be effon needed to do anything physicd- tances between worlds. A Voidshkp's
90%, due to its dense core; Matera, like lifting, jumpin& @tin& etc. A character speed varies with the proximity d kis@
Earth's moon, would be around 17%; a trying to lift a heavy-lwking chest may gravitational bodies. The farther away
giant planet may be at 20096 or greater. tumble over backwards when it weighs such Wies dw faster& gn
The we&& gravitational field any o w much 1ew . than expected. More than one travel. ~ h m IS no actual k i t to a ship's
can have is 10%. Objects welshing less careless spacefarer has fallen over his speed in the VOM.
than 1 ton have no gravitational field. ship's rail thin wly. Traveling from a planet to one of its
A ship's effective Tonnage varies In heavy gravity, the effects are the moons should take about two weeks for
according to the strength of any gravita- opposite. Unwary characters find them- a Voidship powered by a fly spell or
tional field the ship is subjected to. Within selves falling short in any jump, or unable quivdent magic. @umeyklg franM y s
Mystam's gravitational field, dfective ton- to lift something they could normally tam to Myoshima takes quite a bit less
nage Is 100%. Traveling alone through carry easily. time,due to the peculiar proparics ofthe
the Void, the ship's own gravitational chancters spending any I@ of rirne two worlds and thdr u n d clommss.)
field reduces her effective Tonnage to in fields outside their adaptable range Traveling to another plMa within a s o h
about 10% normal-unless the ship is may learn a new generpl SkllliLow Grav- system should take a month or more.
very large. Ships entering the gravita- ity Maneuvering or High Gravity Maneu- Traveling to another adu>syatemmay
tional field of any larger body suddenly vering-which negates the penalties take two 01ttaa months.Ahhoughsolnr
find themselves with Tonnages deter- suffered in gravity outside their adaptable systems are much Furher away fmm one
mined by the larger object's gravitational range. No teacher is necessary to Iearn another than a planeta within a system,
strength. nt=ueweight changes are espe- these skills: experience and an available Voidships can raeh inaedlbk #pedsIn
cialty Important if the ship's new effective skill slot are enough for a character to the gravity-free space between syscerns.

Tonnage is greater than her Lift Capac- adapt to low or high gravities. The actual travel time is up to the DM,
lty-the ship may crash! and should be whatever is necessary (0
The s t m @ of a gravitational field also
affects damage suffered in a fall. In nor-
Travel In the Vold fadlitate the pace and plot of the advw
mal gravity, a character will suffer dam- It is possible to travel from world to 'Impuhe" Speed: Voldships near
age as per the "Palling D a m a chut"
~ on world within the Void-possibly even gravitationnl bodies drop to roughky lox
p. 24. In 10% gravity, a character can fall from star system to star system. Some civ- their Air Speed-call this 'impulse"
10 rimes as far and suffer the same dam- ilizacions do so regulprly. speed. if you Uke. Thls change in speed
age. Likewise,in 2@2%gravity a charmer in automatic, inspnmneou6, aufl unhrcll-
can hll only half as far before the Voldshfps pered by inenin and orher phvsiesl lawn.
same amount of damage. It luows for mcountecll in the Vold. pad
Effect. on Character Abllltles Any skyship that Is equipped to deal avolds the need for mpkatcd romvrlns
(op11061lU1Spacefaring characters must with the perils of space qualifies as a and calculations dealing. with vdociry,
frequently adjust to gravltles different Voidship. A v i d e atmosphere, protec- acceleration,and deaknaioa.
from their home worlds. Characters can t b n from e x m e temperatures, and a Encounter distance-rthe point at
automatidy adjust to gravitatlorul fields means of propulsion are all necessary. which a Voidshlp's movement drops to
at least half as strong as their home Magic usually provides the latter, al- impulse speed-ia 10x the radius d the
world's field, or to fields half again as though some Voidships take advantage ship's own gravitational &hi. A Voldrhtp
strong. Mystaran characters, for example, of the sdar winds (sap. 34). with length 200' (and therefore a p v i t a -
can easlly adapt to gravitational fields Some Voidships are designed and built tionnl !)eld with a radius 1.000') d l slow
ranging from 50%to 150% in strength. speciflcally for space travel. Voidships to impulse speed when coming within
Mystaran characters suffer penalties in built In space may be truly enormous,
gravitational fields with strengths from having no need for incredibly smng Lin

WOrMS Beyond

ally slowrng and reversing their direc-

Nongrdvltationd~objects (less than 1
ton) slow to impulse speed immediately tions untll their fields sepantc. Again, if
Motive Power In the Vokl
upon entering a gravitational field. They the objects are signifkaqtly different in Travel conditions in the Void tend to
may need to execute emergency maneu- size, the smaller objaet slows and encourage use of Motive Powers dlfe-em
vers if they enter the gravitational field at reverses its direction while the larger than those used for atmespheric flight.
an inconvenient angle. When entering a object continues 0 b&m, unPtfefted by Most Voidships use magical moclve paw-
negative gravity field (Le., one pushlng the encounter. ers;fly or novel enc- work quite
away from the directton of travel), a non- If the two objects approach at any well in the Void. Beast-pulled VoMships
gravitational object slows to impulse other angle, the smaller object reorients can equip the& flying mohstettealna with
sped just long emugh to "fall" back out irself until its poritlve an$ negative grav- enchanted &#messeso//lylng and taikr-
of b e field. ity plines are aligned. to:those of the made Mles ofacr&marb$q to let them
larger object. %e a m a h obfect shen tlyand , h t h e In the void.
Maneuvering In Space drifts downward until the WthA axb of Of course, Ranmy F,n&m&g is per-
Its gravity plane aligns with&c of the fect for Voidships. Propulsion devices
Use the same rules for aerial combat in larger gravity field. Of course, if may can work on the principle that every
the Void as in the atmosphere (see "Rid- crash into the larger obpa, or it may drifr action has an equal and opposite reac-
ing the Winds," p. 21). Speeds are faster through the larger pavky fleld and into tion. This allows m w k - or steampew-
("Impulse Speed" La lox Alr Speed), so space again. ered trnvel through the Void, as long a6
movement should be figured in units of An object's reorientation to a larger the designers understand the Pantasy
100 yards instead of 10 yards. Vessels object's gravity field takes one round (10 Physics involved in traveling through ab
must move at least five times the& length seconds) regardlees of the relative angles leas, gravity-free space.
between maneuvers (rather than only of the gravitational fields or sizes of the Conventional winddriven ships simply
half their length, as in armorphere). Ships objects. If the reorientation is a big one, do not work in the Void-there's no air
cannot 'MI" unless they're within the reorienting +ct m y suffer damp to push them. However,there are a few
obleft's gravitatioml field, in whlch case or even break apen entirely4 Voidships destgned sp@fically to ride
they fall in the directton of p v i t y . Note that two spherical obiects (with rhe mlar winds.
Voidshlps appraaching a gravitational positive gravitational fields In ail dlrec- Solar Wadi and Currentst Solar
object may need to maneuver to prevent tions) cannot avoid collision once thelr winds are streams of energy particles
disaster when the ship's own gravita- gravirational fields intersect-unless one radiating from a star. Voidstrlps quipped
tional field meets the object's. The inter- or both of the objects has a means of with solar a p k n O r m 0 u s sail4 made of
actions between two gravitational fields propulsion strong enough to break away cloth-of-gold or enchanted to catch I&ht
depend on the orientations of negative from the other's gravitational field. Like- itself instead of air-can harness the
and positive gravity, and (optionally) on wise, a spherical gmvltational object solac winds an Motive Power. These
the respective gzavity strengths. attracted to a larger object with a gravity lightriders may tack against the winds
When two positive gravitational fields plane would be unable to orient itself to whenever they need to maneuver in
intersect, the objects attiact one another, the larger gravity field. It would simply towards a star. Most have secondnry
posdibly crashing. (If the objects are sig- spin at ever-increasing speeds for as long Motive Powers to allow faster travel
nificantly merent in size, the larger one as it was within the gravity plane unless it toward a solar system's center. Thelr real
pulls the smaller one toward it, and not was stabilized by some other force. For strength lies in outbound travel, when
vice versa; a Voidship cannot puli a this reason, few Voidships are s p W . the solar winds can push them ever
ptanet out of position.) Damage from What all this means is that Voidships faaer through space.
such a collision Is the sum of the normal maneuvering near other gravltational Lightriders can maneuver like atmos-
"falling" damage, taking into account the obtect8 must take care to avoid damage pheric Windriders (see "Wind and
distance between the two objects when when the gravitational fields intersect. Weather," p. 26), though at lox the n a -
they first started falling toward one DMs should use their imaglnations when mal Atr S p a d . Solar wind8 always blow
another. The relative strengths of the dealing with failed Piloting skill rolls or in the same direction-ourward from a
gravitational fields may optionally be other situations resulting in a Voidship's sun or star. Strength may vary just as
added in as well (see p. 33). Simply dou- bad approach to a gravitational field. atmospheric wind strength may.
ble normal falling damage (to 2d6 for Quality Rating checks to avoid dpmase to Space also has currents, eddies, rides,
every 10' fallen) if the gravitational fields the Voidship, additional Piloting skill whirlpools, and flows of magical energy
are of equivalent strengths. checks to regain control, and Dexterity or solar winds which may capture unwary
When two negative fields intersect, the Ability checks to avoid falling over or V o i d s h i p w r help them on their way.
objects gently repel one another, gradu- o v e r b r d arc all appropdate. DMs should use their imaginations!

-- -

Wodds Beyond

Planets, Moons,
and Other Worlds
Space would be a very boring cam-
paign setting If t h m weren't orher worlds
This moon, well known to anyone ilv-
ing on the outer wrhce of Mystam, is a
silvery, lifeless, crater-marked satellite.
P&ra (Myos
Mystam has a s u s d moon,ualaoua
to all btlt its inhabitant8 and a
a h e r m o r c p I ~ . T h e ~
and other civilizarim for the player char- Like the moon ofour Ennh, it waxes and this moon Patera; bta inhabIa5m cpUi
lcters to visit and explore. DMs may wish wanes in a predictable pattern, control-
to use the "Odd Examples of Gravity' (p. ling the tides and lycanthropy, but it isn't
31) when creating their own wculds. The very interesting to Mystaran adventur-
guidelines for deslgning campaign set- ers-unless, of course, they know of the
tings provided in the World Maker's gateway to the I m m o d City of Pandius
Guide apply well to any world floating in located in one of Matera's large craters.
the Void. As of AY ZOOO, the m m n has remained
Mystan, the site of the Known World rulexploml.
and the Hollow World, is only one plnnt DMs wishing to liven Maten up a bit provlde an excellent way statim fer
in an entire solar system. There M other may place unknown, secretive, and very advcntwrs just venturing w t lnto the
planets in the system, and m n c mlght k recluslve underground creatures on this VOrd from Mymrn's atmosphere. There{
inhabited. There are asteroid fields, rogue moon. Or explorers iooklng past the am p h f y o f ~ t l e s f o r n d w n t u r e ~
comets, and similar wonders to expiore- unlhspirins exterior of rhls "Ufeiess chunk in the rakastan cities or in Myoshima's
or to avoid! And rlght next to Mystara of mk"mlght flnd evidence of long-lost wilderness. If the PCs get bored with
herself are two perfectly good moo118 for dvUization.8 here. How about the m k - MyoAimd.9 surface. uley
Vold travelers to visit. age of VoMahips that undutoolt the per- in skirmishes between
ilous voyage from distant worlds only to shlps and Heidannic
crash on an inhospitable moon wlthin negotiate trade agreements betwee
sight of a magnfflcent world?

Wodd Maker's Guide

ere in any circiinist

emonial gathrrin~s.

ment, her earth-bwwn e

h curiosity and assrssme
11," she said at last. "1 h
rk I've intended to do ff
ilc now. You may witch."
Shc gcstured with o n o hand. the Known World into the Sind Desert lands once at war, or are they now?),
c y no longer stixxl in thr 1'13zii and the Serpent Penlnsula. and so on. How
t y o f t t i r Immorrala. Inste:id, But that still leaves 75% of the surface
$red wrighilcsdy in a great Ii of Mystara for you to d e v e l o p t o say
id relievcd only by disrarrl pinp nothlng of the Holtow World wlth Its vice veraa?
light. Hr;indan tiirnrd a s T floating cwnthents, or Myoshimp, Matera. AI somepoanr, TSRisilkclymrrtenur
intcd o i i t a distant sun, haccly I and any other world yuu wish to place in product h a t covers an sea ymu've spent
an a largc dot i n spiirc. In :a nioi the Void surrounding Mystar&. endless e&rw develop@ fdr ynu onn
rrali;.cd they were on thc very campaign. If player charazters have
irrs of tlrr Mystxan system already adventured in that setting, you
Trrra smilcd. "Huilding ii worl
Ruaarch and lnsplmiion ahould PlOapMy keep m your own VOIL
Truth is often stranger thnn fktkm, 80

provided you IIWV ihc pow sion d Mysta~,You cnnirprae &e prB
r n d . Of C O I I ~ S C , y o u niiist h a you may wish to start with a bit ofhluor- ltshed product enclrcky or usa it as-sk.
nrml ide:i of whiit you win1 t o t? lcal research. Choose a period and cul- basis for expansion Into another srea of
d whnt. you want t u put it. I've ture slmilar to the one you wish m place Mystara. You can move the settlns of
this spc,t for a littlc exIxriirient In your campa4gn, and do a bit of red- published adventures Into mother p
e n o u g h aw;iy f r o m Mystar, ins. of Mystara, o r adapt them for play in
uce the risks of other Iniino You can draw huphtlon fromnovels, you-sattne.
<Idlingwith it. yrt nciir enougl movies, fairy tales, and adventures and In otherwolds, don't "ary when your
supplements published for other role- cmpignworld dUkrs h t h e 'dRdrt"
pol;ttc my crcation. phyhg games. TSR,Inc. and ocher mn- vaalon. As long as yon and your playen
' l k r r , let rnr sh<>wy n u It'> sin, panies offer many role-playing aids archnvingh,theoMnarcoftheaet-
Ily. Yorr st:ict with a tusi<.(oiic applicpble to any mnpalgrimgardless of fhg doesn't matter.
(1 I.)iiild f r o m there. Of c o u r s the @me syatm used. me AD&D* Bpmc
Ips t o iw,e a bit of coiiiiiion x n s Campaign Soutcebcmk and Caracorn6
Gutde offers guidelines for #ood D W ,

36 i
World Maker3 Guide

What Do You mixture of civilized, borderland, and

wilderness areas.
"For inshnce," Tern continued her
lecture, 'I've decided to experiment
Want? Who or what arc the dominant inhab with the cGation of a tkr world. It will
Before you begin to map your new itants? In heavily h d lands,humans or be small, to conserve my powers, bur
setting, you should decide what you demihumans are most likely the domi- will have an atmosphere and every-
want it to be like. Where is it located on nant life forms. Do you want civilized thing needed to support life. I'll add a
Mystara? What real-world cultures or cus- humanoids or other intelligent races? In skyshieid IO keep the atmosphere in
tom will you model the inhabitants' cus- wilderness, no one life form may domi- and unwanted visitors out.
toms after? ~ t ebut, you should list the most numa- "Now. Brandan. I will make the
You should not create your setting ran- ous br dangerous creatures in the area. world round, like a coin, and spin
domly. The more detailed and realistic How do the dominant inhabitants dowly around its center. A diamner of
your setting, the more dive it will feel to interact with the region's other inhabi- about 500 rmles sounds good.I'll put a
the players role-playing in it. On the tants?If there's more than one culture or mountain range around the rim. Oh,
other hand, don't be overly concerned type of intelligent creature, are they in say, a thousand mountains with an
with detalls: in the D&D' game universe, conflict? If resources are scarce, chances average height of ten thousand feet.
settings don't have to be painstakingly are they will be. Or do they live together They'll help keep the uunosphere in,
realistic, as long as they are logical and peaceably-t kast most of the tlme? too, and ler me fabricate a smaller
consistent within the campaign. Also. what relationships do the lands
inhabitants have with those in neighbor- "Let's see. A large lake at the center
Bebn You Begin ing lands. Pew areas are truly insulated would be g o a l Hmm. Maybe not. The
from all outside lntluences. Even island world's rotation would set up a
Chapter 17 of the D&D Rubs Cyck4w- dwellers have relationships with nearby whirlpool If 1 put a lake there. Oh,
&a, 'Campaigning", is a good place to ocean inhabitants, and often trade wlth why nou? it'll make things interesting.
begin the development of a new setting. peoples in surprisingly distant lands. "Rivers, of course, to drain water
If you're expanding your campaign in the Has the land always been this way? from the mountains to the central lake.
Hollow World or on Mystara's surface, Were there earlier civilizations, mnv l o q They'll irrigate the land and provide
the general terrain is already worked out vanished? Was the desert once lush, or fresh water for the inhabitants.
for you in the maps on pp. 280-283 of the plains the site of an inland sea? 'This far out from the sun, they'll

the Cylopsdft?.These world maps are at Now it's b e to ful in the details. need heat and light. But that's easy-
a large scale and leave ample mom for I'll just aeatc mothcr heavenly body.
refinement: mountain ranges always
include valleys and stream, forests and About M m a Even a small burning orb would do, 86
long as it's close enough to my little
Jungles include clearings, hills, rivers and In the real world, the environment Woridlet. And its action on the ammt
swamps and Ia&es, and so fonh. plays a vital role In shaping societies. phere will, keep the air in continual
Before drawIng a map of your new set- People moving into an area have to adapt motion, drawing warm moist air up
ting, you should consider the following to the environment they findthere. Desert from the center of the lake and push-
questions. Your answers will help shape cultures have vastly different customs, ing it out towards the mountah. It can
your setting, giving It depth and life. beliefs, and architecture than cultures liv- cool there, and drop its moisture as
What's the climate like? This usually ing on a plain or in a temperate forest. As rain. And that should do it!"
depends on the location (latitude) and a designer of D%D*game settings, you By now, Terra seemed to be talking
prevailing weather patterns. But Immoml have a bit more freedom. You can design more to herself than to the young
influences can sect an area greatly; see the setting to match the society you have Immortal eagerly listening ro her. The
"Microclimates" on the next page. in mind. Here arc some thingsyou should Hierarch muttered as she gestured wlth
What are the major terrain features? know about Mystara, ;he D%D game her hands at a point in the VoU, d i n g
Is there a mountain range? How huh are world. upon the powers and magics she
the mountains? How long is the m g e ? Is wielded to create a world in the cold,
the land g e n e d y hilly or flat? Are there empty darkness of space.
stretches of forest, sasslands, desert, or Mjstafa's Geology "That's right, about a hundred mUa
swamp? Does the setting include an Like m08t worlds, Myorara has an exte- thick. A de'me. magical underlayer to
ocean coastline? Major lakes or inland rim surface which faces the sun and the
seas? What about rivers? stars. But instead of being solid, the
Is the land civilized, borderland, or planet is hollow inside. That interior is a
wilderness? Large regions often have a world of its own, lit by a magical sun.

Wodd.Maker's Guide

Two polar openings allow access from ahate o t h e r c o l # 8 ~ l L u g e ~ s

Myaam's surface into the Hollow World. ofwater, such as oceans or even hr$e
Perpetual storms (caused by the cdllsion Climate is, roughly, an area's wcather lakes) absorb heat readily m d lose it
of weather patterns from the planet's patterns over time, Its seasonal, pre- slowly. In winter, copstal areas are often
exterior and interior), deadly cold, and dlctable patterns of dry and wet, hdt and warmer than inland areas, as the water
an anti-ma& &ea prevent most travel- cold. There are three broad types of cll- gives oft the heat it absabed dl summer.
em fromCrOsJine thruugh these gates. matic regions, polar, equatorial, and Likewise, In summer coastal areas are
Illuswcmentm Myaara's diameter is middle regions, although, each location often cooler than inland areas, as the
6,190 miles. Its circumference at the will have its own particular weather pat- water is absorbihg from the air the heat it
equator is just over 19,400 d e s , and Its terns. lost dulin&?W n .
crust is about 1,200 miles thick. The p o h The sun never rlses far above It's also genernlty cooler in the mom
planet's total surface arelt, minus the the horlzon In polar regions, and these tains than in valleys, ab air cools as it
polar openings, is just Over 105 million area$ experience six monrha of "day" and rlses. And cltiea ~IC generally h o w than
square miles. Water covers 60% of the six months of "night."During a day of the the s m u n d h g counayslde, as the bull&
planet%surface six-month polar day, the sun appears to ings reflect the sun's llght and heat.
The two polor openings measure 1,Mo travel in a circle just above the horizon,
miles In diameter at Mystam's outer aut- never dipping below the horizon to bring
face, but they are only 1,OOO mlles In night. During a day OF the six-month
diameter where they open into the Hol- polar night, the sun stays continuously If you examine the Known World
low World.. Their w t u r e in townd the below the horizon, never rlsing. Cold air descrlbed In the Qciojwdia+ you may
Hollow World is 50 gradual as to be un- does not absorb moisNre well, so most notlce some unrealistic physical features.
noticeable except from high in the air. polar regions are dry,near deserts. The hot desert of Ylaruam, forexnmple,
The interlor dhmefer Is 3,790d e s , and Annual polar temperature ranges from is separated from the Norway-me No&-
the interior eirtumfemce is 11,900 miles. just below freezing in sumwr to -1Wor em Reaches by link more than a hun-
lower in winter. Bllnding blizzards can dred milea of hills and mountains.
strike polar arean at any tlme, and d t - Ylaruam is an example of a mlm&-
The HoUow Wodd hg whiteouts, can drop vlsibUity zero In mate-an area whose climate is not
The Immortals created the Hollow the whirllng snow. Polar areas support a r k & by w m n d i n g weather pnems
World as a museum or preserve for anl- no vegetation, though tundra bonkrhg it or terrain.h a m ' s hot, dry desert is the
mals and cultures nearing utinction on supporta scrub. With llttle vegetation,anl- result of unllsllpUy smng idluenw from
the outer world of MysIpra. They cast a 4 s are scarce, and are often camlvo- thePlanedFk.Snnem?aucUmtesare
powerful enchantment called the spell of mu9 or magical. the result of powerful mortal magic. And
I'Wmwkm Over the interior wnld: lhts Bq11atMi.t In an equatorlat. region, when Immonrls M e to get involved,
spell discourages changes in lan#Uage, every day of the year, the sun shines anything can happen-lacluding rivers
technology, and culture. It also Influ- almost directly overhead at noon, pro- that flowuphill, or In two dhacionsl
ences the way magic works In the Hol- ducing high mperrture~.Moat quator- This means you aren't bound by mun-
low World. Many types of spells simply lal regions obviously have hot climates; &ne d t y when picking your setting's
don't work h e r e - d i h t i o n and commu- since warm air absorbs moisture well, cllmate and terrain.You can deckle that
nication spells such as b o w allgnmmr, equatorial regions are often wet and ancient curses,Immortal interferem,or
summoning spells, and spells of inauna- ralny. Also, wlnds at the equatorial belt the infhence of OttKr planes rntlsc it to
news transponatlon, inchuting Mtpon. tend to blow h m east to west. snow ln'the tropics or have created a
'Ihe Hollow World Is lit by a sun float- Equatorial areas are virtually season- ploucred, lush valley in the ucllc.

ing at the world's center. There Is no leas. The temperanwe avmgrs W annu-
night-only an eternal, reddish noon.
Elopting continents orbit this sun, casting
ally and thunderstorms bring, rain
throughout the year. Dangerous hurrl- m m s 1

shadows on the H d o w