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Welcome to Windows ART Edition 2011 mates.

This time I decided to make a really good mod OS. And I named it Window ART Edition
- 2011.

This Windows ART Edition 2011 houses all the arts around the web. And many catchy
themes etc.
None of the components been removed. Windows easy transfer and windows set up at
first start works
really great.

Author : Prince NRVL

Architecture : 32 bit or x86
Platform : Windows
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate [ 7600 RTM ]

Drviers : Hi - definition drivers included

Applications : 30 New Appz included
Tested : Tested on iNtel i7, i5, C2Q

Whats' New??

- New Eye catching themes

- New icon sets
- New Sound schemes
- New Registry settings
- Best in - class appearence mod
- Hang time ratio improved
- Added best shortcut styles
- Best in - class performance
- Sample Music
- Improved application interface

Components [ removed ]

- None

Divers [ Added ]

- nVidia HD
- iNtel HD
- and many more..

Desktop Tweaks

- Show Hidden Wallpapers and Themes

- Application TimeOut - 1000
- Show Windows Live
- Font Smoothing
- Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut - 2000
- Welcome Center
- Menu Show Delay - 8
- Wait to Kill Application TimeOut - 2000

Task bar

- Shows run on task bar

- Start menu power button to shutdown
- Display recently opened items in the start menu and taskbar is disabled
- Start menu search enabled

Context menu

Desktop context

- Add Device Manager

- Add Group Policy
- Add MS-Config
- Add Services
- God Mode
- Registry Editor
- Administrative Tools
- Apperance
- Change Theme
- Desktop Icon Settings
- NetWork Connections
- Program and Features
- Task Manager

Xplorer Context

- Copy To
- Move To
- Grant Admin Permission
- Open With Notepad
- Disk Clean up
- Defragment
- Register and Unregister dll

Disabled features [ Remember its only disabled not removed!! u can enable it
manually!! ]

- Anti spyware
- Windows Firewall

System Files

- Theme patched
- IE has been tweaked for faster browsing and also for better reliability
- IE search box been enabled
- IE Welcome page is been disabled [ no hassles from now ]
- Clear type font enabled
- Search bar set to google not bing!
- Redirect at first phase to my site
- Full information will be shown at end and start up of system
- Lowdisk space warning is been disabled
Visual settings

- Thick window frame

- Drag for full window
- Transparent Glass
- Avalon effects
- Drag to maximise

Registry Tweaks

- Full optimized and best registry files added

Themes [ thanks to Mr.Grim And other at Virtual Customs ]

- Total of 19 eye catchy themes added

- 84 new and abstract wallpapers been added.


- New glassy gadgets are added

Sound Scheme

- New tinker sound added

- New Glassy sound added

Sample music [ Prince NRVL Rip ]

- Sexy chick - Akon

- Kings and queens - 30 Seconds to mars
- All the things she said - TaTu
- Chica bomb - Dan Balan
- Live your life - TI and Rihana
- Would you like to get my money - 50 cent

Special Words

- Windows easy transfer and set up works

- WPI install works but I recommend to isntall from boot dvd feature!!
- None of the components been removed so all applications can be installed
- Good reliability due to tweaks
- Hassle free internet browsing with internet explorer
- Yahoo messenger 11 beta has been added to see the windows features.


- 7 PDF Split and Merge

- 7 Zip
- Adobe reader
- Aero CMD
- Audio Shell
- Visual C++ updates!!
- CCleaner
- Firefox
- Flash player plugin
- Flash player activeX
- ImgBurn
- KLite Codec Pack
- M$ essentials
- Nero 9.4.12
- Note pad++
- Object dock
- opera
- Rainmeter
- RT Reg Tweaker
- Shock wave Full
- Shock wave lite
- Silverlight
- Winamp
- Winrar
- yahoo messenger 11

Hope this edition gives its best shot against all my preceding OSs. Since many
members asked me not to
remove many components I left it as it is untouched.
New start up orb, themes, wallpapers, tweaks and many more features ahead the
normal OS.

Tested on my i7, i5, core 2 quad.. Installed really great without any problem..
Services have never been touched and it works really great..

If you find any bugs or issues do let me know that at my site.

Register there and open a thread and I ll let you knw the solution.

The OS is tightly packed by means of custom optimization of WIMs included. Do not

try to tamper the OS.
Tamper the OS may lead to uninvited windows problems and troubleshooting from my
side is strictly NO!!
Do not tamper if you need any resources open a thread and I ll let you knw the

The themes and icons are from Virtual customs by Mr.Grim ..

The OS installs in 15 - 20 mins at normal rate. And also donot try to press escape
or enter when the system
is at its install end. This may tamper the WPI scheme and might result in improper
application installation.

The OS is unattended. That means no information has to be fed unless it is asked!!

As Always,

Sheer Quality, No Compromise


Prince NRVL