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Serving the Soldiers, Civilians and Families of 2nd BCT, 4th Inf. Div.

Issue 22 August 19, 2010

Commander’s Corner national role players provided gunnery, 1st PLT moved to Pinon Canyon to
I want to take realistic scenarios for the conduct the breaching operations in support
a moment to company to react to. The training provided of 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiments,
express my pride stressful situations that our Soldiers would deliberate attack. The rest of Company C
in the Lonestar experience in a FSO fight and prepared them trained on engineer qualification tables at
family as we for future operations. Fort Carson in order to certify the engineers
come to the end Company A “Stalker” provided the intel- to breach obstacles with live explosives. The
of our Phase I ligence feed to the brigade with the Fusion, engineers are emplacing and breaching obsta-
Full Spectrum Signal Intelligence, and Human Intelligence cles, digging fighting positions for troops and
Operations Platoons. HUMINT and SIGINT teams also armor, and emplacing minefields to validate
training. Next, supported company team situational training their mission essential tasks in FOS.
the Battalion exercise lanes, as the maneuver units learned Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
will shift its to incorporate intelligence enablers into their (HHT) “Headhunters” established the brigade
focus to counter Lt. Col. Patrick Stevenson, commander missions. The infantry and armor company tactical operation center to command and
insurgency opera- 2nd Special Troops Battalion teams provided security and safety for HU- control the battalions training at Pinon Can-
tions. Our Pinon Canyon exercise, as part of MINT and SIGINT to conduct the intelli- yon and Fort Carson. They also established an
Warhorse Rampage, was the pinnacle event gence analysis for the unit. These enablers are administrative command and control node in
for the Lonestar Battalion to deploy, validate a critical part of our battalion and they gather the cantonment area to maintain accountabil-
our previous training, and work collectively valuable intelligence for the maneuvering ity of personnel movement, and to coordinate
as a team. units in order to allow them to find, fix and with MEDEVAC, the fire department and
At Pinon Canyon, the battalion brought destroy the enemy. range control. They provided command and
together all of our assets and enablers to work Company B “Bulldogs” provided continu- control for the Observerc ontrollers, opposing
as a team in support of the brigade. For this ous communications across the brigade’s area force and contracted roleplayers supporting
exercise, the battalion deployed indepen- of operations. Two distant RETRANS sites in the brigade exercise.
dently to focus on collective training at Pinon supported the long range FM communica- The training at Pinon Canyon was an
Canyon and conduct operations in a Full tions which enabled command and control of exceptional event that brought our battalion
Spectrum Operations (FSO) fight. the exercise. The Joint Network Node, Line of together and united the Warhorse Brigade
Headquarters and Headquarters Company Sight, and Enterprise Network Management across all elements. Our Soldiers developed
(HHC) “Hellraiser” established a detainee teams provided tactical internet and friendly vital skills that will enable them to execute a
holding area, conducted base defense opera- force tracking (FBCB2) infrastructure to all FSO and these skills and confidence translate
tions, executed Raven flight operations, small elements in the brigade. to COIN phase of training.
arms ranges, MEDEVAC training, weapons Company C “Cobra” executed Bradley Warhorse Rampage was a success and Lon-
intelligence team analysis, and daily convoy gunnery with 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalary estar Soldiers are now postured and prepared
logistics patrols. An opposing force and local Reg., at Fort Carson. Immediately following to move to the next phase of training.

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page 2 Warhorse Pride Issue 22 August 19, 2010

3-16 conducts Mt Massive

recovery operation
Kit Bags Story by 2nd Lt. Ian Faison, photos by 2nd Lt. Erick Balish
3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment
Soldiers from Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd
Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, 10th Special Forces Group and 160th
900 lbs
Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) conducted a parts recovery op-
Fuel Probe Cargo Net
eration for Aircraft 378, July 28-29.
They were recovering a MH60 Special Operations Aircraft that went down over
Mount Massive during a training exercise, just west of Leadville, Colo.
Soldiers flew from Fort Carson to Leadville in a MH-47 Chinook helicopter,
their mission took two days to complete and they cleared approximately 2000
Lowering pounds of debris.
Cargo Net The operation was cleared by Lt. Col. James Yount, chief of operations and plans
on 70 for 4th Inf. Div. and Fort Carson, and a Colorado state park ranger.
degree The debris is being transported to the 10th SFG (A) and from there the 160th
slope SOAR will coordiante ground transportation to Fort Campbell, Ky.
2000 lbs of Public affairs representatives from 4th Inf. Div. and 10th SFG(A) held a press
recovered conference in Leadville to address the community about maintaining the Army’s
a/c parts responsibility to the environment and the citizens of Leadville.

Crazy Troop completes

gunnery qualifications
Story by 1st Lt. William Morgan When the smoke cleared, it was Crazy 56
1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment earning the coveted “Top Gun” award, com-
Troop C “Crazy Troopers” from 1st Squad- manded by 1LT “Hurricane” Michael Hanna
ron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry with Staff Sgt. Ted Moore as his gunner and
Division completed their gunnery qualifica- Pfc. Brian Tweed driving the track. They “dis-
tion course on Aug 1. The course lasted for 12 tinguished” their track by shooting 928/1000
days and they conducted Gunnery Tables 2, 3, on Table 6, outgunning all other tracks.
5, 6, and 12 in order to qualify their Bradley Following Table 6, the Crazy Troopers
Fighting Vehicles and HUMVEES. moved out to occupy Forward Operating Base
Hours of hard work and dedication went Bison and conduct Table 12 to round up the
toward mission accomplishment and Crazy entire field exercise.
Troop emerged from gunnery qualification a Table 12 proved to be one of the most de-
stronger and more effective combat unit. manding tables, not only technically but also
Gunnery began with dry fire rehearsals and physically.
crew drills at Table 2. Table 12 consisted of both day and night
The Bradley crews worked the kinks out operations, deploying a complete and effec-
and familiarized themselves with their vehicle tive cavalry troop combined arms force in
platforms. After two days of dry fire rehearsals their troop’s area of operation, consisting of:
at Table 2, Crazy Troop mounted up and occu- Bradley’s, HUMVEES, indirect fire support ,
pied Table 3 (the first live fire range). supply, maintenance assets, medical support
At Table 3, Crazy Troop used their 25mm and a troop command post.
gun and 7.62mm machine gun to engage Table 12 proved to be a great success,
targets and practice their overall accuracy and along with the entire gunnery qualification.
crew drills. Every single crew developed and refined
Following Table 3, the Crazy Troopers their cavalry skills over the 12 day exer-
mounted up again and moved to Table 5, cise, returning with soaring confidence and
which was a pre-qualification range. strengthened bonds within the troop.
At Table 6, the Crazy Troopers engaged Crazy Troop 1st Sqdn., 10th Cav. Reg., now
pop-up and moving targets from defensive seeks to continue training and move forward
and offensive positions. while mastering their cavalry skills.
page 3 Warhorse Pride Issue 22 August 19, 2010

Engineers breach a minefield

Story and photo by 2nd Lt. Christopher Larson ing a breach of the mined wired obstacle they
2nd Special Troops Battalion emplaced in phase one. The breaching was
Soldiers of the Company C “Cobras,” 2nd done with live demolitions.
Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat The squads were broken down into a demo
Team, 4th Infantry Division, sighted in, em- team, assault and marking force. The demo
placed, and breached a minefield August 10-13 team would emplace and destroy the obstacle
to complete required engineer qualification using demolitions and would then be followed
tables. The Soldiers received valuable training by the assault force.
in high intensity conflict tactics and were able The assault force would run through the
to continually improve their ability to conduct obstacle to establish a secure point on the far
battle drills. side of the obstacle. The marking force would
The first phase of the training involved follow the assault force and mark a left hand
Soldiers emplacing a mined wire obstacle. rail for follow on forces to use as they traveled
The minefield would be sighted in and the through the breach lane.
wire obstacle built. Mine laying teams would The training provided the engineers of 2nd
then lay rows of mines until the minefield was STB with skills for present and future con-
complete. flicts and enhanced the brigade’s war-fighting
When the minefield was complete it was capabilities.
recorded on a hasty protective row minefield Emplacing and breaching a minefield also
Spc. Xavier Perez, 2nd Platoon, Company C, 2nd Special
Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry record form so follow on forces could clear the provided the engineers with extra demolition
Division, places a block of C4 near an improvised train- minefield. and leadership training for our future deploy-
ing mine during breach training at Range 131A. The second phase involved squads perform- ments.

The next time you catch yourself

slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting
something or someone, you know what
to do. Recognize that you may be driving
distracted. Use some common sense and
help keep our roads safer for everyone.

z Tune the radio

z Eat, drink, or smoke z Comb or brush your hair
z Pick something up from z Break up fights between
the floor or between the your kids
z Put on makeup
z Read, write
zPut on contact lenses or
z Reach for the glove use eye drops
z Shave
zTalk on the cell phone
zFile, clip, or polish your
zClean the inside of the nails? Resources:
windshield South Dakota National Safety Council
zArgue with another If you answered yes to AAA Exchange
passenger any of the above, you are
driving while distracted
and are at risk of an

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