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The D.C.

Interiors Project,
Combo Edition v2.9.1

have you ever thought about scabbing the DC waste, even though, the super
mutants may horrifically, and violently rip your heart out? Have you said to
yourself D*** the torpedoes I am going Downtown anyway, only to find
once you arrive, 99% of the shops and houses are all boarded up? Have you
ever seen a building on the horizon, thinking to yourself, I'll head there just
to find nothing of interest, nothing worth investigating? If so, this mod is for

Just opened in the beautiful Downtown D.C. Waste, Georgetown District.

A Cuppa Joe,
Floyd's Barbershop,
Robinson's Robots,
Mama Dolice's Outlet Store,
The US Army recruitment Center,
the Nuka Cola Soda Shop,
and two more abandoned townhomes.

Just opened in the beautiful Downtown D.C. Waste, Mason District.

D.C.P.D. 15th Precinct,

Drunkin Donuts
Lincoln Savings,
Majority Whip's Ice Cream,
No Exit,
Tinker's Toys,
Tonto's Indians,
US Post office,

Just opened in the wonderful Downtown D.C. Waste, Seward Sq.

5th St Automat,
4077 Pharmacy,
Alice's Diner,
Capital City Savings and Loan,
Dr. Smith's office,
Fester's Firearms
Family Classics Video,
the Gothem Bus Co,.
Munster's meats,
Nortons Plumbing,
Otis's Fine Liquors,
Penny's Adult Books,
The Radiation King Superstore,
the Red Racer Shop,
Robco Terminal Sales and Service,
Rutter's Newborn Store,
Queen Victoria's Little Secret,
Family Classics Video,

and 21 Townhouse and Apartment Buildings.

Just Opened in the spectacular L'Enfant Plaza.

A Cuppa Joe,
Apocalypse Cow, Brewery and Pub,
Besnik's Barbershop,
Cosmos Comics,
Suds 'Z Bubbles, Laundromat,
Majority Whips,
Mighty Mouse, Exterminators,
Polly's Pure Breads, Bakery,
Underdog's Redhots,
Unstable Toad Genetics,

14 Townhome and, Apt. Buildings.

Just opened in the Glorious Downtown D.C. Waste, Takom Park,

A Cuppa Joe,
Chairman Moa's Chop Suey,
Civil Defense Office,
Cornucopia Fresh Groceries,
Corvega Dealership,
Dine and Dash Restaurant,
The First Edition,
Lady Frumperton's Fashions
the last Gasp Funeral home,
Majority Whip's Ice Cream,
Radiation King Store,
Shelter nightclub,
Sonic Boom Music,
Super Sport Custom Motors,
USO Club
Western Union,
Just opened in the expansive D.C. Wasteland,

Jury Street station,

Two Abandoned Houses,

North West Senica,

A Cuppa Joe,
The Dog House, Hotel,
Liberty Pawn,
The Shepherds Hand, clinic,

Arkansas's, safe-house,

one small ranch home,

Warrington Station,
Classic auto,
Two, Abandoned Houses,

Just opend in the D.C. Wasteland:

11 boxcar interiors to explore or use as a place to rest.

This is the sixth installment in what I hope will be a continuing series of

mod's. It is my first mod and I am learning as I go. My Mission is to open up
as many of the boarded up storefronts and homes as I can, with unique and
diverse interiors. My plan is to start with downtown D.C., and work my way
out from there.

Update v2.9:

Fixes and issue of where some walls were missing is some cells.

Reworks all DCint custom items to use the same forms This will cut down on
clutter in your inventory list. Example is if you pick up a Protectron toy in
Georgetown and, another in Takoma park there will no longer be Multiple
toys listed.

Update v2.8:

Minor Bug Fix,

Add 11 explorabe box cars throughout the DC Wastland,

Removes Loose files and, Packs All DCInt Assets neatly into a BSA,

Merges DCInt Sidequests and, DCInt DLC collectables into one file,

DCinteriors Combo Edition now Requiers All DLC and, the Standalone optional
versions are no longer supported.

"Sorry I have other projects and, can't keep the updates going as I once

Update v2.7:

Minor bug fix, added some new models and removed potentially toxic assets,
received from another modder.

Update: v2.6.2:

Minor bugfix, Corrects Takoma map markers and, adds some missing

Update: v2.6.1:

Minor bugfix,

Update v2.6:

adds 11 interiors throughout the wasteland.

Update v2.5:

Fixes some meshes and Textures. Adds all new scavenge able items to all

Update v2.4:

Minor bug fixes. Corrects an error I caused with the Citadel climate. Fixes
world map markers for L'Enfant Plaza and Takoma, Now they show in the
correct place. Fixes missing textures.
Update v2.3:

Again, fixes even more missing meshes.

Update v2.2:

Fixes even more missing meshes.

Update v2.1:

Fixes Missing meshes and, the incorrect esm flag.

Update v2.0:

Adds New District Takoma Park. Fixed Many small Bug, a minor balance
overhaul of custom containers, Leveled lists, added new Textures from
Takoma Park to all previously released districts.

Update v1.9.1:

Fixes a mistake when trying to reorder the masters. Special thanks to

freddy_farnsworth for helping me fix the problem.

Update v1.9:

This is a major update, fixing many major and, minor issues across all
districts Please look at install info.

Update v1.8:

Adds Window views to


Floyd's Barbershop,
Mama Dolice's Outlet Store,
the Nuka Cola Soda Shop,

Mason District,

Drunkin Donuts,
Tinker's Toys,

Seward Sq.,

Nortons Plumbing,
the Red Racer Shop,
Robco Terminal Sales and Service,

Fixes incorrect textures.

Update v1.7:

Fixes an error with the foggy bottom station exit.

Update v1.6:

Fixes errors that come up when running FO3Edit.

Reworked Textures to have a smaller file size for better prefomince in game.

Updat v1.5:

Adds missing textures for L'Enfant Plaza.

Update v1.4:

Minor Balance overhaul,

Adds all new retextured books to Penny's adult book store,
Added, new food Item "Acuppa Joe House Blend" and, textures for the coffee
cups in the Acuppa joe.
Adds new scavenge-able items, Fan, Globe, Lamp, Microscope, telephone.
Reworked Meshes to give all widows an emittince,

Update v1.3:

Setts the window and light ray emittence to reflect the exterior light

Update v1.2:

Fixes missing meshes.

Update v1.1:

Minor balance changes.

Sets encounters to respawn, Seward Sq. and Mason District. (Georgetown

was already set up for respawn.)

Fixed minor navemesh issues, Seward Sq.

Fixed incorrect water fountain, now the fountain in the post office will have
radiation, Mason District.

Fixed sever scratch built door frames that were flashing due to overlapping
pieces, Mason District.

Corrected the wrong Mesh for the Mr. handy toy.

Added north markers to each cell, Now the compass will show the correct
direction when In a building.


First, make sure you have a save, autosave outside of one of the DCInteriors
cells or, you'll be fast tracked backed to vault 101, this update will also
unfortunately reset all of DCInteriors cells as unexplored.

Delete, any earlier version of DCInteriors.esp. from your data folder, (don't
worry about the DCInteriors texture and mesh folders.) This is an .esm
update. Having the old DCInteriors .esps installed along side this update will
result in crashes and headaches for the user!

Drop the DCInteriors_(what ever District).esm, the mesh, Texture and, the
LODSettings folders into fallout 3 data folder, then activate the new .esm
with FOMM, or through the start menu, and your set. The mesh folder
contains the .nif's you'll need to make the toys and objects work, The texture
folder, contains all of the custom textures I've added, i.e. paintings posters
and whatnot. The load folder has to do with the new worldspaces and, needs
to be in the data folder for them to work properly. Overwrite any conflicting
files because my mods share Meshes and textures. this will insure you always
have the newest files.

For Best Results Toggle the archiveinvalidation with FOMM,

This is a stand alone version and should not be run along side
DCInteriors_GT, DCInteriors_LEnfant, DCInteriors_MD or, DCInteriors_SSq.


Make sure your last save wasn't inside one of my new cells, then turn off
DCInteriors_ComboEdition.esp, then trash. Remove Meshes/DCIntMeshes,
Texture/DCIntTextures Folders and your done,

known Issues:

There are some minor graphics glitches, as I was trying very hard to force
the interior to match the exteriors, I found it was like trying to build a puzzle
with only two thirds of the peaces. You may notice some sealing overlaps, or
ladders in Otis's cellar don't work to get out you have to target the hatch.


Special thanks goes out to:


From the nexus, for allowing me to use all the nif's he created to and more
unique clutter to my mod. (can't find a link to the mod amy more)


Yard Flamingo Resource,


Cheese For Smosh,


Bare Midriff Leather Armor,

and, for reworking all the collisions on my nifs.


New Creatures Resource


Office Desk Fax Modders Resource


Candle Modders Resource By pinioncorp

Can't link because he seems to have the file hidden.

For allowing me to use his meshes and textures as collectables.


Tenpenny Guitar Shop

For allowing me to use his meshes and textures as collectables.


Reallife Resources from the 1950'2

For all of his help and time digging up cool odd thighs for modders to use.


for doing the rutter's and 4077 pharmacy Interiors and, of course also thanks
for all your tech support. help and whatnot.


Kikais Equipment,

For giving free asses to her assets.


For providing me with custom wasteland home texture to freely use.

I did use one other persons Lingerie retextures but, I can't

seem to find a link to there work any more. I don't remember
the author, your read me said it was ok to use as long as credit
was given. I don't want to offend any one If you see your work
please contact me and I will give the credit that is do.

I also want to take the time to give a shout out to everyone

who has supported my mod, given feedback. Especialy the
testers I've asked for help. Belanos, your critical critiques have
ben so helpful, delayer, not only did you step up to beta test,
you've always ben my first response team for any issues. Most
of the time you've beaten me to the punch.

Everyone else, who I have not mentioned, thank you and, my

omission of your name doesn't mean I don't appreciate your