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BSF Lesson 3

Adult Questions

Scripture Memory Verse

For since the creation of the world, Gods invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly
seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Romans 1:20
FIRST DAY: Read the notes and the references.
1. What was meaningful to you in the lecture?

2. What help did you receive from the notes?

SECOND DAY: Read Romans 2:1-4.

3. Why are the people in this passage without excuse, and upon what does God base His judgment?
They have no excuse because they know the justice of God. Judging others, you are without an excuse, because in the very
act of judging you have condemned yourself.

4. What does it mean to pass judgment, and how does this differ from knowing and teaching Gods standards? Tell
how you struggle with passing judgment on others.
Pass judgment is condemning people of the same actions or conducts that am guilty of. This differ from God's standards
because God's standards says DO NOT JUDGE.
Sometimes i find it easy to say "I am not like them who sins"

5. How has God showered you with kindness and patience, and how do you demonstrate these godly attributes
toward others?
God has been very very patience with me in my spiritual growth and repentance. He has blessed me even when i don't
expect Him to bless because of my past sins.

THIRD DAY: Read Romans 2:5-16.

6. What do stubborn, unrepentant people store up for themselves, and what are you storing up? (See also Matthew
6:19-20; 12:35.)

7. a. From verses 7-11, list the results when people follow the path of good and when they follow the path of evil.

b. What do your actions reveal about your heart attitude toward God?

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8. What standard will God use to judge peoples obedience?

FOURTH DAY: Read Romans 2:17-24.

9. a. What privileges did God give the Jews, and what was their attitude toward their privileges?

b. What specific privileges has He given you, and how do you sometimes demonstrate the same attitude?

10. Which of the 10 Commandments did Paul accuse the Jews of breaking? List some common ways Christians who
teach others about following Jesus fail to do what He says? (See Exodus 20:1-17; Matthew 7:21-23.)

11. What happens when any religious person violates the standards they proclaim? Is there an area of your life in
which you may be guilty of this?

FIFTH DAY: Read Romans 2:25-29.

12. a. What is circumcision, and why would this sign be a source of pride? (See Genesis 17:1-14.)

b. Name some outward signs people today rely on to be in right relationship with God.

13. According to this passage, what is a true Jew, and what does this mean to you?

SIXTH DAY: Review Romans 2.

14. What have you learned about God in this weeks study? How may your group pray for you as you make this truth
a part of your life?

(No homiletics for group and administrative leaders)

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