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Owner: Michael Newlander

Car: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
Location: Chicago, IL
About: My 2009 thunder gray CTS-V was one of the
first of its kind to be delivered. Thunder gray is one
of those colors that look much better in person than in
print. The color defines the lines of the car and really
highlights the front fascia. With all the luxurious ame-
nities the car has to offer, it’s quite easy to forget you
are in one of the world’s fasted sedans. The car is well
balanced and the Magnetic Ride suspension soaks up the
road imperfections without disrupting the passengers. If
you were blindfolded and taken for a ride, you’d be hard
pressed to identify you weren’t in a true sports car.
My only modifications to date are Pirelli winter
tires. I’ve always driven my new cars bone stock for
the first few months to get a solid feel for what I think
needs changing, rather than ripping it apart from day
one. Once the mods begin, I only change one thing at a
time so I can isolate each performance upgrade.

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- AGP S1 wastegate
- AEM Tru-Boost boost controller
- 17 inch Enkei wheels
- 235/45/17 Kumho Ecsta tires
- Hotchkis front and rear sway bars
- Hotchkies front and rear springs
- Vibrant front and rear strut bars
- Maddog STS & CG-Lock

Owner: Peter Fong

Car: 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4
Location: Miami, FL
About: I got this car after I went to Virginia Inter-
national Raceway to participate in the Viper Days Per-
formance Driving School ... in a Honda Accord sedan!
After tracking with Corvettes, Vipers, Mustangs and
SRT-4s, I was hooked on domestics, namely the Dodge.
My mentor, Russ Oasis of the Viper Racing League, told
me about the SRT-4 and where it stood compared to my
then “beloved Honda.” Russ hooked me up with some
people at the Dodge dealership and soon I was saying
goodbye to torque-less motors. The jump from “VTEC”
to American Muscle really got me hooked ... literally.
I took the car out to HMS and did this car hit!
All the talk about, “it’s just a Neon,” and, “At least my
rear windows are power windows,” went out the door. I
knew right then the SRT-4 was nothing but a true-blue
street and racing technology machine. From the brakes
to the torque band to the chassis, the SRT-4 was no joke.

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- SLP Loudmouth Axle-Back Exhaust
- 20” Carroll Shelby CS67’s (Anthracite)
- Yokohama (F:255/35-ZR20 - R:275/35-ZR20)
- Eibach Pro Kit Springs
- CDC Classic Chin Spoiler
- 3DCarbon Headlight Splitters
- 2008 Bullitt Edition Grille
- Xenon Mirror Covers
- 8” Shorty Antenna
- Katzkin “Stang” Emblems
- Shelby GT500 Rear Spoiler
- WebElectric Rear Sequentials
- GTS Rear Blackout Panel
- V-Tech Rear Black Taillight Bezel
- Silvania Silverstar Headlights
- MGW Billet GT Plug
- Billet Round AC Controls
- Silver Lined Trim / Door Panels
Audio, Visual and Security:
- Kenwood Head Unit w/ iPod Controls & Sirius Tuner

Owner: Wade Murray Loudmouth’s produced.

Car: 2006 Ford Mustang GT It is by far one of the best
Location: Odessa, TX purchases I’ve made for
About: I purchased my Mustang in January of the car.
2008 and by the end of February, I had all the I decided on Konig’s
listed mods installed and enjoyed the many com- Hotswaps originally be-
pliments. For the longest time I have drove im- cause I had not seen them
ports and most recently Saturns. I’ve always had ANYWHERE around, but
very little under the hood to be happy about, so I I found myself wanting a
always treied to make my car something to look MUCH better look to the
at. My first test-drive with my 2006 GT resulted car - something that would
in what I believe is a PERMANENT “Kool-Aid give me a staggered look. I
Grin.” Seriously, I drive around with a HUGE decided on Carroll Shelby
smile on my face. CS67’s in an Anthracite fin-
I’m pretty sure my neighbors are not too happy ish. As a result, they are one of the first things people
with the SLP exhaust purchase, but one thing compliment me on. I have to tell you, if a car is capable
is for sure, these are an absolute MUST BUY of raising someone’s self-esteem, this car has done it
for any GT owner. I thought the stock exhaust for me. I’m out of my “grocery-go-getting” SUV and
sounded good, but I wasn’t prepared for what the in something I can truly have a BLAST driving!

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Every Day. Track Day.

The ultimate performance replacement brake rotor. Cast Balanced big brake kits for late model vehicles.
from premium iron, SAE G3000 grade or higher. Power Oversized 13 to 15 inch Aerorotors dissipate more heat
Slot’s radial slot design evacuates heat, gas and dust, to reduce brake fade. 2, 4, and 6-piston aluminum cali-
and improves pad bite. A durable anti-corrosive plating pers designed specifically for your vehicle to provide op-
prevents premature rust damage to the timum performance. Patented removable bridges simplify
rotor’s cooling vanes. Over 1200 brake pad changes while
applications are available for stiffening the caliper.
popular sports and passenger Each Stoptech kit includes
cars, light trucks and SUVs. billet aluminum hats
Also available Cryogenically and brackets, stainless
treated for maximum braided brake lines, and
resistance to warping! high performance pads. DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 7

area in the corners that the round subwoofers don’t to make is on the amount of space the enclosure will
have. In sound terms, take up. Years ago, most subwoofer boxes were
this may make a 10” square subwoofer sound more large, carpeted boxes that took up substantial space
like a 12” square subwoofer in the back of a vehicle. As time went on, more and
or a 12” sound more like a 15”. more consumers wanted to add bass to their car or
When purchasing subwoofers, the amount of truck but didn’t want a big box in their trunk or cargo
bass you want is very important. If you just want to area and didn’t want to lose all the storage space they
add a little bit of bass, a 10” subwoofer or even a pair currently had. To combat this, JL Audio offers a line
of 10” subwoofers with a 300-500 watt amplifier will of subwoofer enclosures called the Stealthbox that
give you good sound. A 12” or even 15” subwoofer will help in conserving cargo space while allowing
will put out a deeper bass which you may like and you to still add subwoofers to your vehicle. MTX
will be louder than most 10” subwoofers if installed also offers a similar line of enclosures called Thun-
correctly. A pair of 12” subwoofers with a 500-700 derforms. These enclosures fit behind side panels,
watt amplifier will offer a lot of bass, probably too inside consoles, in spare tire wells, under seats, on

n our last article we discussed the options avail- much for most, but not all. The type of music you the sides of trunks, etc., with the main feature be-
able in purchasing a new head unit for your ve- listen to as well as the overall sound you are looking ing that they allow you to add one or more subwoof-
hicle. Now that you have upgraded the head unit, for can change your needs. ers to your vehicle but still retain cargo or storage
the most common next step in upgrading the stereo space. JL and MTX offers these enclosures for many
system in your vehicle is to add more bass to the sys- Power Handling late model vehicles with options for different carpet
tem by way of a subwoofer. There are a few things to When shopping for subwoofers, you will see that they colors, and in some vehicles, you can choose differ-
take into account when attempting to add more bass; can handle anywhere from 100 up to 10,000 watts. If ent style boxes. These enclosures however, are not
cost, space restraints, sound desired and installation you want just a little more bass in your car, chances available for all vehicles. In the case one is not avail-
difficulty. The biggest complaint about factory sys- are the Kicker Solo X 18”, which will handle 10,000 able for your vehicle, the best alternative would be to
tems, even the amplified ones, is that they don’t have watts, is going to be a little overkill. Power handling have your local custom car audio shop fabricate an
enough bass. This is not just heard from people who is something to take into consideration when shop- enclosure out of fiberglass to get the same shape and
listen to rap music, but people who listen all genres ping for subwoofers. The most important number stealth appearance.
of music. Bass is a major component in all rock mu- to look for in the power handling of a subwoofer is As far as enclosures go, you have a few op-
sic and if your system is lacking there, it takes away the RMS or continuous power. This is the amount tions other than a hidden enclosure. You can still
from the sound quality you could fully achieve. of power that subwoofer can handle continuously. purchase the carpeted box to hold the subwoofers.
Many consumers make the mistake of looking at the
Size peak power handling. RMS power is what the sub-
Subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes. The most woofer will play at most of the time. Peak is what it
common subwoofer sizes are 8”, 10”, 12” and 15”, will play at for a short period of time during a musi-
although you will occasionally see them as large are cal high of a song. The subwoofer is not designed to
22” or in different sizes such as a 13.5”. Most sub- be able to handle the peak power all the time. That’s
woofers are round, but Kicker does offer the Solo why it is the “peak” of the power it can handle.
Baric series of subwoofers which are all square. The
idea behind the square subwoofer is that you gain Enclosure
cone area or surface When adding subwoofers, one of the major decisions

Submission thanks to Jason Helferich owner of and DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 8
These are still very common and what many will use
in their first foray into car audio. Also, you can have
a custom fiberglass enclosure built by many custom
car audio shops that can be for function or strictly
for style. Many of these enclosures are painted or
wrapped in vinyl and add a custom look to the car. If
you consult with a local custom car audio shop, your
choices on a custom box can be endless. By having a
custom subwoofer enclosure built, you open yourself
to a wide variety of options. Most custom enclosures
are built out of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or
fiberglass. Once the box is built, you have the option
of covering it in carpet, vinyl, carbon fiber or even
painting it. Prices will range for these enclosures
depending on the level of complexity as well as the
materials used and the time needed to complete the
project. Prices can range from as low as $200-300 up
to tens of thousands for custom enclosures.

Voice Coils 2 ohm load on each side. Then you wire these subs glance you might see that the Pyramid subwoofer is
It is a common misconception that there is a benefit together in parallel dropping the input to 1 ohm. In 1000 watts, but that is most likely the peak power
to having two voice coils instead of one. In reality, this configuration you would be utilizing the full 500 - and that sub will barely ever see that amount of
dual voice coil subwoofers allow for more wiring watt output of this amplifier. power. Again, the most important number to look for
configurations which allow you to get optimum pow- The amount of consumers that have mis- on subwoofer and amplifiers is the RMS power, as
er out of your amplifier. So choosing a subwoofer matched subwoofers and amplifiers is incredible. In that is what they will be operating at 90% of the time.
with two voice coils has no benefit unless it allows turn, these people are not able to fully utilize the out- You may be able to get a 1000 watt subwoofer made
you to wire up your amplifier to get the most power put of the amp or subs. If you already have an amp, by Pyramid for $100 or a 150 watt subwoofer made
out of it. Let’s use an example: it is imperative to know the specs of that amp when by Kicker for $100. In most cases I would go with
Say you have a mono block amplifier with a shopping for subwoofers. If you already have sub- the Kicker.
maximum power output of 500 watts at 1 ohms, 250 woofers, it is also imperative to know the specs of Once you have decided on a set of subwoof-
watts at 2 ohms, or 125 watts at 4 ohms. You have de- the subwoofers to allow you to purchase an amplifier ers, an amplifier is your next purchase. Many times
cided to use two 10” subwoofers with this amplifier. that will allow you to get the most out of your subs. these items are purchased together. In our next ar-
If you have two single voice coil subwoof- ticle, we will discuss subwoofer amplifiers and what
ers (4 ohm) you can wire them in parallel creating Brand Names to look for in those.
a 2 ohm load. In this configuration, the subwoof- The best thing to do when purchasing car audio is to A nice car and a killer sound system go hand
ers would be receiving 250 watts, only half the amps purchase name brand products. In most cases, com- in hand. There is nothing better than rocketing down
output. panies like Pyramid, Lanzar, Sony or Power Acoustik a country road with the radio blaring just cruising and
If you have two dual voice coils subwoofers will put the max ratings on their products, whereas enjoying your car and yourself. An upgraded sound
(4 ohm) you can wire each coil in parallel creating a name brand companies like JL Audio, Kicker, JBL, system is something I think everyone should at least
MTX, etc. will put the RMS power on theirs. At first investigate, you will be sure to enjoy it.

Submission thanks to Jason Helferich owner of and DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 9
This car, based on the 2009 Ford Mustang chassis, will be limited to just 51 numbered production vehicles in 2009.
tires, which, combined with the ROUSH Stage 3™
suspension will give a road-hugging ride and nearly
unmatched cornering ability. The Ford factory Vapor
paint code will be accented with Olive Drab green
badging to match the World War II motif, and a rear
decklid black-out panel is included. The P-51B logo
adorns the shifter ball, floor mats and is embroi-
dered into the leather seating. Further matching the
history of the fighter plane, which often saw differ-
ent metal panels used to patch the planes back into
flying and fighting condition, the six-piece ROUSH
aerobody kit will have both Vapor and Silver colors
utilized for a subtle, but highly unique, look on the
The 2009 P-51B continues the yellow and
red checkerboard accents which pay tribute to the
brave pilots of the 357th Fighters Group, Eighth
Air Force ETO (European Theater Operations) who
were unofficially known as “The Yoxford Boys” af-
ter a village near their base. Its victory totals in air-
to-air combat are the most of any P-51 group in the
Eighth Air Force and third among all groups fight-
ing in Europe. The 357th flew 313 combat missions
between February 11, 1944 and April 25, 1945 and

LIVONIA, Mich. (November 11, 2008) - ROUSH® of the internal components with stronger parts in-
Performance continues their homage to the legend- cluding forged aluminum pistons (with an increased
ary World War II fighter plane with the 2009 P- dish to lower the compression ratio from 9.8 to 8.6),
51B™ Mustang, the second aviation-themed pony forged steel H-Beam connecting rods and a forged
car from the Michigan-based manufacturer. This steel crankshaft and there is an upgraded high-ca-
car, based on the 2009 Ford Mustang chassis, will pacity fuel delivery system installed. ROUSH also
be limited to just 51 numbered production vehicles upgrades the clutch and includes a custom-calibra-
in the 2009 model year. tion for the ECM to manage the performance of the
As with the previous 2008 ROUSH P-51A™ next-generation TVS2300 ROUSHcharger®.
Mustang, introduced at the 2007 SEMA Show in Las Among the changes for the 2009 P-51B
Vegas, the 2009 P-51B will also have 510 horse- are a secondary sheave FEAD, the addition of the
power and 510 lb.-ft. of torque matching it as the ROUSH 6-piston brakes which can be seen through
most powerful ROUSH Mustang ever produced. In the new black chrome wheels, and a ROUSH vent
order to get this type of power from the Ford 4.6L, pod gauge with a boost gauge. The car will be fitted
3-valve engine, ROUSH technicians replace many with the new Cooper RS3 ultra-high performance

Submission thanks to DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 10

is officially credited by the US Air Force with hav-
ing destroyed 595.5 German airplanes in the air and
106.5 on the ground.
Jack Roush has played a major role in de-
signing both the 2008 ROUSH P-51A and the new
2009 P-51B Mustang, which ties into his affection
for both the history of the fighter plane as well as his
hobby of restoring and flying them.
“The 2009 ROUSH P-51B is really the clos-
est thing we can do to truly match the performance
and styling of the fighter plane,” said Jack Roush.
“Just like the airplane, the P-51B Mustang has the
power to outrun most anything, can turn like virtu-
ally nothing else, and will make those other ‘pilots’
have second thoughts before engaging in a skir-
The 2009 ROUSH P-51B is now starting to
arrive at ROUSH-authorized Ford dealers and has a
suggested retail pricing starting at $65,800 includ-
ing destination fees and gas guzzler taxes. The few
options available include a ROUSH trunk tool kit,
enhanced ROUSH resonator exhaust and an Escort
Passport 9500ci radar/laser defense system. As with
all ROUSH vehicles, the 2009 P-51B has an indus-
try-leading 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.



he National Corvette Museum will kick off who have given $1,000 and above throughout 2008, raffle drawing. The C5/C6 Bash Banquet on Saturday,
the 2009 event season with one of the most and of the “Duntov Society”, who have shared their April 25 will offer dinner and live music with a
recognized events in the Corvette arena, the plans to include the Museum in their estates, will “Margaritaville” theme to help us celebrate the 12th
C5/C6 Bash, April 23-25, 2009. This year’s event receive a special invitation to attend a memorable Anniversary of the C5/C6 Registry. Also new for 2009
will feature everything the award winning event is event in the Museum’s new Conference Center. is a Digital Scavenger Hunt in the Bowling Green area;
recognized for in addition to newly added activities This year’s Bash participants have a chance to remember to bring your camera! “This year’s bash is
that include exceptional road tour excursions to some experience two completely new road tour excursions the best representation of what a Museum event is all
of Kentucky’s best attractions and dining experiences, including a drive to the heart of bluegrass music in about,” states NCM Events Manager, Roc Linkov.
the 2010 model roll out and special displays, drag Western Kentucky for a tour of the International “It has everything that makes the Bash event unique
racing and more. Bluegrass Museum and lunch at the famous Moonlight to the Museum and is the perfect chance for folks to
Guests attending this year’s Bash will have a BBQ Cafe. Antique aficionados will want to spend get close to the celebrities in the Corvette arena. We
chance to meet and greet the finest in Corvette design some time to explore antiques and discover the area’s invite everyone to join us for a great time.”
and engineering and take part in informative seminars. finest journeys for rare collectibles and historic finds All pre-registered guests will receive a
The Corvette Customer Assistance Center will be and unique local crafts on our Antiques and Crafts commemorative lapel pin and dash plaque in addition
set up to help with factory warranty or customer road tour through the region. For enthusiasts who to a personalized event badge. Register online via our
service concerns and participants can take part in the are history fans, there is a tour to Shaker Village website at:
celebrity choice car show, drag racing, autocross and and Tavern for a learning experience found only in c5_bash/info.shtml or by calling (800) 53-VETTE.
other activities to shine and show their Corvette’s Kentucky. Other event fun will include a Poker Run, The event is co-hosted by the Official C5/C6
personality. Members of the elite “Winners Circle” silent auction, autograph session, and a Corvette Registry.



orsa Performance Exhausts introduces its new 2008 warranty and is compliant with the static sound
Dodge Challenger 6.1L SRT8 exhaust system. level requirements of SAE J1169.
Featuring CORSA’s exclusive Reflective Focusing on the development of propri-
Sound Cancellation(tm) (RSC(tm)) technolo- etary technology, CORSA Per-
gy, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 exhaust formance Exhausts employs
system delivers a robust sound during patented Reflective Sound
acceleration that complements the Cancellation(tm) (RSC) tech-
car’s powerful V8 Hemi, while main- nology in its performance
taining a drone-free interior sound automotive exhaust sys-
while cruising. tems. CORSA’s 100 per-
The full cat-back exhaust cent stainless steel exhausts
system features Corsa’s new rectan- are specifically tuned to each
gular exhaust tips - GTX Style Tips vehicle to eliminate passenger
- in a dual rear exit configuration to cabin resonance and to produce
enhance the Challenger’s nostalgic, just the right sound. CORSA of-
muscle car appearance. All tips are fers performance exhaust systems and
manufactured from high-quality, 304L pol- accessories for cars, trucks and SUVs.
ished stainless steel and laser etched with the
Corsa logo.
“The full-bodied tone our Challenger exhaust
delivers when you put the pedal to the floor is an unmistakable
sound from the muscle car era and will turn heads on every
street corner,” said Jim Browning, Sr., founder and president,
CORSA Performance Exhausts.
Featuring a straight-through, 2.75-inch nonrestrictive
design, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 exhaust system delivers a
14 percent gain in exhaust flow versus stock in CORSA’s flow
bench tests. CORSA’s free-flowing exhaust system allows the
6.1L Hemi to operate more efficiently, and Challenger owners
can expect an increase in power of 9 hp to 11 hp and 6-10 lb.-
ft of torque.
Complete installation hardware and an illustrated in-
stallation guide are also included with the bolt-on exhaust sys-
tem. It can be purchased direct from CORSA Performance,
your local dealer and through select retailers/distributors na-
Crafted in the United States from premium, 304 grade
stainless steel, CORSA’s Dodge Challenger SRT8 exhaust
system is 50-state emissions legal, carries a limited lifetime

For more information visit DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 13

o you remember those Shelby Turbo Daytonas
from the mid to late eighties? Those pretty
little aerodynamic cars passing the V8s? Again,
Chrysler was showing the way with 146-224hp 4-cyl-
inder 2.2L Turbo engines. Z-28s couldn’t keep up to
these little 36mpg hi-tech cars.
During 1988, a magazine commercial aired
showing an Omni GLH passing a ‘65 GT 350 Mustang
in the background. Captioned, “Shelby, the GLHS
surpasses the legend.” Everyone agrees, the Omni is
I made a trip to the local Dodge dealership
to check out the beauties (Shelby Chargers and Turbo
Daytonas). Although those cars were pretty small, the
price tag of $23,000 for a loaded Turbo 5-speed was
too big for me. The $11,000 Laser and non-Turbo cars
would cause me embarrassment if I was caught driving
them. Having two 440 cars in my driveway, driving a
normally aspirated 4-cylinder was completely out of the
Nowadays, those pretty little cars are CHEAP,
and still pretty quick. The Chrysler engineers that Shelby Charger for $600. It had some problems. OK, bumper cover, rear spoilers, side-skirts and front air
worked on those cars and electronics had access to the it had lots of problems, but it drove like a Go-Kart and dam came from other turbo Dodges in an attempt to
Internet. Those geniuses had not given up on those I fixed everything while having a blast with the car. It decrease wind resistance while increasing the high
turbo cars when the public went back to V8’s, Twin went to my son and I found an ’84 Daytona turbo that speed handling. The side-skirts required me to build
Turbo V6 Stealth and the all new Dodge Viper V10. was in good shape and only had a tuning problem. After brackets out of sheet metal and weld them onto the
The engineers posted information on how to “Junkyard changing the engine, trans and electronics it turned out rocker panels of the ‘84. The Shelby Charger air dam
shop” and build 12 second minivans with stock parts to be the throttle position sensor (TPS). I had upgraded required the most work as I had to cut and blend the
and a few “tricks.”, written the Daytona from the earliest to the best driveline and Daytona front bumper cover to the Shelby air dam. I
by Gary Donovan has enough information to build a electronics. Car performance was excellent after- had to move the marker lights and extend the side-
13-second turbo Dodge for little money. Many Chrysler wards. I bought a couple of these cars as an easy way to skirts of the air dam. Both front bumpers had to be
engineers have supplied the public with information introduce myself to forced induction and fuel injection cut and then welded and bolted back together to fit the
on these domestic marvels. There is an Internet forum systems. With so much information available on the new front end cosmetics. The new 1.55” front sway
for turbo Dodges which is helpful when building a TD Internet and various clubs the learning curve was steep, bar, springs and 4-wheels disc brakes came from an
as well. Gus Mahon assembled an excellent webpage but I found that anything over 350hp doesn’t drive very ‘89 Shelby Daytona (one of 269). The “super-tuned”
when he wasn’t running 12s in his ‘stock’ Minivan. The well. A front wheel drive with 400hp is dangerous! T2 turbo engine also came rebuilt out of the same
2.2 engine was such an excellent piece of workman- Although the fresh paint needs polishing for Shelby Daytona. A larger Chrysler New Yorker radia-
ship and design that the engine is still being produced in perfection, the ‘84 Daytona turbo and the add-ons look tor was installed with a larger fan. New Monroe GP
China. great with copper colored Shelby stripes. This car struts and shocks were installed at the same time. I
Forced Induction was a whole new world for has 70,000 original miles on the body. Seats, carpet installed an Autometer super-lite monster tachometer
most of us North Americans back then. I bought a and body are all that’s original on this car. The rear into the stock dash.

Submission thanks to Ted Hlokoff DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 14

Back in 1984, most engineers understood that adjustable boost controller that allows boost to be ad-
there was only a tiny difference between rear drum justed to 13 psi (20hp). The boost controller I built uses
brakes and rear disc brakes. Rear disc brake systems an $8 air pressure check valve. Using the stock fuel
then were equipped with terrible emergency brakes pressure regulator and a wheel bearing cap I built an
systems and were normally only found on race cars. adjustable FPR for $2 so that I could alter the mixture
Around 1987 Chrysler introduced excellent rear disc manually if needed. Throwing the stock airbox away I
brakes by incorporating an emergency drum brake managed to find a foam air filter (5hp). I polished and
(E-brake) inside the rotor. I installed a set of premium de-burred the Throttle Body which I upgraded from a
disc brakes from the Shelby donor car that included 1- 48mm to a 52mm (7hp). I designed and built a wind-
inch larger front disc brakes, completely different style age tray into the oilpan (10hp), filed the block oil pump
master cylinder, proportioning valve, rear discs and the mating hole into a less restrictive slot and opened the
E-brake. I found a tremendous difference in stopping pickup tube’s inlet (10hp). I match-ported the intake
force with the Shelby brakes. and exhaust manifolds (13hp). This car has a factory
The interior of the ‘84 Daytona Turbo was intercooler so it’s good up to about 14psi. . This brings
a work of art and came with factory installed Recaro the hp up to around 250. I drove this car to Kamloops
bucket seats. Seat inserts and door panels used checker- LATE one night going to a Mopar Car Show in Vernon.
board flag patterned velour. I removed the trip comput- Being as I left Nimpo Lake about 12:30am and was
er and made a plate with boost and F/A gauges installed. driving Highway 20, I went pretty quick. About 6 hours
This car came with the 14-function “Voice Alert” option later I got to Kamloops (385mi.) and realized that I still
which was really cool, since I’d never owned a car that had 1/8 of a tank of gas left! The Daytona comes with
talked to me with a woman’s voice. I went to work
and replaced the Infinity stereo system with a JVC and
better speakers. I cut and reshaped the rear 5x7” rear
speaker mounts into sealed 6x9” mountings with Pio-
neer tri-axle speakers. I installed Pioneer front speakers
in the doors and left the front dash speakers stock. I
built a long thin MPD wood sub box and installed two
Kicker subs powered by a Phoenix Gold 180w amp. I
covered the box with black leather and mounted the
amp to the front of the box.
Since the electronics were unreliable back in
1984 I upgraded the LM and ECU to the more reliable
‘89 T2 computer and rewired the car. Since that job
required completely rewiring the front of the car I had
to purchase both ‘84 an ‘89 FWD chassis manuals for
the wiring diagrams. It took 40 hours to change over
the wiring systems. Low/high headlights were replaced
with Hella Quartz upgrades.
I built a 2.5” Mandrel bend exhaust system (13
free horsepower) using a hp Mustang tailpipe, five feet
of straight pipe and a Flowmaster muffler. I added an


about 13 gal tank. I drove near 100mph most of the
way and got amazing (about 34mpg) gas mileage, but
unfortunately no trophy.
The original ‘84 Turbo Daytona 5-speed trans-
mission was quite weak, but the 89 TII 555 transaxle
I installed in the car was built with a hardened alumi-
num case, Getrag gear set and a much stronger dif-
ferential than the 525 trans. The only way to describe
the shifter that came in the ‘84 was “mystery shifter”
because it was impossible to tell which gear you were
in and often missed shifts. That was easily fixed by
replacing the cables, shifter and linkage with the ‘89
Shelby shifter. This shifter incorporates a reverse
lockout as did many of the older hp vehicles. My wife
took the car to work one day and since she was not
familiar with reverse lockout I had a non-enjoyable
conversation explaining why she couldn’t get the car
into reverse.
Bad paint made the show-car paint from ‘03
look like dust was in the surface! Now I’ve sanded it
and re-sprayed it. My supplier tried mixing a black
tint into a clear, but don’t do it because of severe Next project is a 1985 Shelby Charger sitting
orange peel. I used some PPG Sunfire Metallic paint in my driveway on the trailer. I’ve replaced the front
to apply wide Shelby style stripes to the Daytona. The struts, brakes and drilled the rotors. I stiffened some of
idea of the stripes is to enhance the bodylines, hood the motor mounts. I have a Shelby T2 engine sitting in
vent, brake scoops, grille openings and rear spoiler my garage to increase the stock hp from 146 to 175hp,
while commemorating the Carroll Shelby design then a week or so of ‘super-tuning’ and the hp will go
work that went into these amazing cars. I do love over 250hp. I purchased all newer ‘89 Shelby electron-
with my new high volume low pressure spay (HVLP) ics for this car including the Laser distributor. Weigh-
gun though. Its lack of overspray meant that painting ing in at 2,200 pounds, the Shelby Chargers were fierce
caused no bleeding lungs this time! competitors and usually a half-second faster than the
I bought a set of Daytona “Snowflake” mags luxurious Daytona. The GLH or “Goes Like Hell”, as it
from the junkyard and had them polished to stay with was called, took the Pike’s Peak record in the 80’s with
the ‘stock’ look. Now that I’ve repainted the car for Larry Sheppard driving. At last report that record still
Christmas, it’ll be spring before I get to do any tire stood.
smoking burnouts and get some good runs on the car. That’s what some Canadians do during winters
The roads are covered in ice and definitely not safe for when it’s too cold to go snowmobiling in the mountains.
spirited driving. Here in Canada we do our spirited Last winter was Viper time. This winter is turbo Dodge
driving on 9-12 second snowmobiles and build our cars time. Debut for this project was during a snow storm.
for the summer. Although we have our own ice road, no Thankfully, my Daytona is equipped with Euro T/As
one seems to want to do much auto racing on it. which are all season tires!


In the early nineties, the people who
birthed and built the car were veterans of other
Chrysler plants. All of whom were hand selected
on the basis of excellent work records. Some of
these folks are still here. The rest retired from
Conner Avenue, passing on to people like me the
legacy we build everyday. A legacy that keeps
the name Dodge alive in the hearts of the perfor-
mance minded.
I am a member of a family that numbers a
bit over 80 and hand builds America’s finest sport
car and engine from beginning to end; five days
a week, eight cars a day. We are a diverse group.
Ages and backgrounds vary greatly. Yet we all
share a personal love for America’s automobile.
Speed, style, power and history. Everything that
defines this country’s long love affair with cars is
a part of each Viper we build. Each of these cars
are perfect before they leave us and rarely a day

eventeen Years of the Dodge Viper. Until
I put it down in print, it’s a fact that es-
capes me. Anyone reading this publication
knows the place in history this iconic Dodge has
carved out for itself. With a base horsepower of
600 thanks to last year’s newest V-10 variant, this
ain’t your Daddy’s Corvette. All that power, two
seats and a killer road silhouette adds up to a pur-
pose built machine without equal.That is, unless
you’re willing to spend much more and forgoe the
Detroit pedigree exclusive to Viper.
With an image like that, any enthusiast
must be curious as to what and who goes into
each of these beasts. In an age of manufacturing
where team concept is the standard, you come up
a little short calling the people at Conner Avenue
Assembly a team. Family is far closer to the truth.
In this case a family with as rich an automotive
history as one would imagine.

Article thanks to Thomas H. Ballard | Pictures thanks to Joe Christopherson DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 17
passes where I fail to realize how blessed I am to
be a part of something bigger than me. For a car
guy, things don’t get much better.
All of us here feel this way to some de-
gree. Alot of us restore vintage cars. Some of us
are avid drag racers. One of us spent the last few
years on serious budget. Now he is the owner of a
1998 Viper. Yes, we live what we build and now
we also drive what we build. It was a proud sum-
mer this year with a red roadster coming home,
ten years on, to the ones who birthed her.
I must insist this is not shameless promo-
tion for Dodge. Most of my tenure at Chrysler has
been right here. I was a kid with a dream job once.
I am a little older now. But my intense faith and
commitment to America’s only production super
car has diminished not one bit. I know I speak
for all of us, too. Our doors at Conner Avenue
are open to the world. We invite regular tours of
everyone from car clubs to school kids. Give us
a call then come on down to pay a visit. We are
more than happy to have you and I myself would
enjoy the pleasure of meeting each and every one
of you.
So there you have it. An insider’s view of
an American Legend. Viper will be 20 years old
very shortly. May she live a long and celebrat-
ed life. Much longer than even mine. What else
could any proud parent hope for?

Article thanks to Thomas H. Ballard | Pictures thanks to Joe Christopherson DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 18
“We named this project the Big G8 to tie
into the Granatelli Big G product line we offer for
GM vehicles. Granatelli Big G flash tuners and
programmers offer industry leading features, cut-
ting edge technology and dyno proven increases in
performance. The Granatelli Big G flash tuners and
programmers have earned the reputation of “the”
flagship tuners and programmers in the aftermarket
and Big G Twin Turbo kits stand for quality and are
synonymous with the LS engine program. Since the
G8 is the flagship Pontiac vehicle, we feel the Big G8
name is appropriate for this project. We’re the only
G8 at SEMA with full custom suspension with chas-
sis braces & sway bars, fully integrated OEM quality
twin turbo system plus we’ve got the nicest looking
interior by a mile.”
Granatelli plans on producing a limited num-
ber of Big G8s and distributing them through select
Pontiac dealers. “The Big G8 will deliver satisfac-
tion to those demanding world class performance.

ontiac is spending an unprecedented $150 mil- The car will easily outperform a turbocharged or su-
lion in a print campaign to launch the all-new percharged SRT8 Charger or a modified BMW M.
G8 so the brass is taking this car very serious- We’re making the interior much nicer with carbon
ly. According to J.R. Granatelli of Granatelli Motor fiber/suede inserts and accents, suede headliner and
Sports, “they are going after the BMW M and Chrys- state of the art Scosche Realm audio. The end result
ler/Dodge SRT8 market with the G8. Granatelli is is that the Big G8 is the kind of car I would buy so
known for building twin turbo project vehicles that we’re going to make them available in very limited
demonstrate a realistic extension of what is possible quantities,” said Granatelli.
with a particular platform. The turbo system will be
engineered to fit under the stock hood and provide
full integration with the factory electronics. The
chassis, LS-based V-8 engine and transmission are
virtually identical to those that will be used on the
new 2009/2010 Camaro. Building the G8 gives us
the opportunity to take the G8 to the next level while
getting a head start with the Camaro program. Since
we innovated many 4th generation Camaro parts in
1993, look for many new innovative products from
Granatelli on the horizon.”

For more information, please contact Granatelli Motor Sports at 1-805-486-6644 or log on to DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 19
DATE: NOVEMBER 4–7, 2008


2008 SEMA Show Attracts More Qualified Attendees Than Ever

he domestic and global economic crisis “Going into the Show, I figured I’d be
offered 2008 SEMA Show exhibitors and selling parts to the gang in the booth next to us,”
attendees at least one small benefit: it kept says L.J. Lobsinger Jr., national sales manager for
the “tire kickers” at home. Industry slang for those Specialty Auto Parts USA. “We were pleasantly
attendees not interested in buying, tire kickers surprised by the turnout, and it was truly a quality-
decided that their efforts in previous years (including versus-quantity show, as we met with nearly every
elaborate schemes to sneak into the Show) weren’t important buyer on the books.”
worth it this year. The result: a concentration of Lobsinger also noted the general optimism
more qualified and interested buyers. of buyers and attendees, particularly a day after the
SEMA has taken several steps in recent general election and regardless of poor earnings
years to protect the Show’s purpose of connecting reports announced by GM and Ford.
buyers and sellers. These include assigning “alumni “This industry will always show resiliency.
numbers” to qualified attendees, and heightened No matter what GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Tata and
screening of the application process. These and so on build, the aftermarket will create something
other safeguards paid dividends to the Show’s more to make those cars and trucks look better and go
than 1,900 exhibitors. faster.”

Submission thanks to DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 20

The Show also provided exceptional value
to first-time exhibitors, even those off the usual
specialty-equipment path.
“As a small company, this exposure gave us
numerous contacts with industry vendors, current
and future customers, magazine editors and other
equipment and product manufacturing companies
that could help us in our own manufacturing
processes,” says Ethan Olmstead of Greasecar
Vegetable Fuel Systems, a company that produces
conversion kits allowing diesel autos to run on waste
vegetable oil.
“SEMA was not only the best organized and
most well-attended exhibition we have attended,

but also the most positive and promising for the

company as well.”
Despite the bailouts and belt-tightening,
despite the market’s dependence on discretionary
income and despite the dour news of slowing auto
sales, the specialty-equipment industry demonstrated
its confidence and foresight.
“Attracting more than 100,000 attendees
was remarkable under the circumstances of a
difficult year,” said SEMA President and CEO
Chris Kersting. “Each year the Show brings new
challenges and the industry showed that it has the
confidence and desire to overcome a tough stretch
of road. Those who exhibited have positioned their
products well for when the market comes back to
full strength.”



ow that it’s become winter, the supercars are
all hidden away in garages or buried under
blankets of snow. I’ve been remembering the
exceptional car events that I’ve participated in over
the years. Owning a Viper has expanded my horizons
beyond mere speed and acceleration tests to actual
cornering contests with the speed and acceleration
like this Rally last year, my favorite event so far...
Supercharged madness can be defined as
sliding up a skinny two-lane switch-backed mountain
road. Well, it only took thirteen VCA members roughly
fifteen minutes to reach the top at Revelstoke, BC.
I decided it was time to try out my new ‘01
supercharged Viper GTS in competition against
a dozen other Vipers. Not just a superfast streetcar
(10.5@139mph on stock tires), but the Viper also
corners like it’s on rails. A Mountain Rally against good time in the lounge, but it had been a long day of
other Vipers sounded like a “learning experience.” driving so about midnight I asked the waitress for our
Slightly north of Mt. Waddington is a plateau bill. “I’m sorry but it’s already been taken care of,”
surrounded by four mountain ranges known as the she told me. I found Doug French and asked him what
West Chilcotin. I have 800 pristine lakes, the 4th happened to my bill and he said, “Oh I took care of it.”
highest waterfall in the world and the steepest 16- Wow, thanks Doug and Debbie!
miles of highway in North America surrounding my I was the last member to start his Viper at
lakeside log house at Nimpo Lake, BC. Leaving this 7:15 the next morning. I didn’t realize that Viper
area to drive to the scenic Monashee mountains was owners could party all night and be in such great
like going to the neighbors - all of BC is beautiful. I shape so early in the morning -- must be the crisp
loaded Deana’s suitcases into the back of my GTS and mountain air. 7:30am found all the Vipers lined up
headed east along the “Highway of Death” (hwy 20), and leaving the hotel’s parking lot. Fred Kappler’s
the start of our trip across the province. 99 Black GTS, Don’s Sapphire ’01 R/T10 and
Spending the day in the driver’s seat is one of Ron’s Black 99 GTS all were equipped with Paxton
my favorite pastimes and we arrived at the log entryway superchargers and wives. Although sapphire Vipers
of the Hillcrest Hotel Coast Resort by 6:30pm. are quite rare (only 239 were built) there were three
We were welcomed by 18 VCA members sapphire cars in the parking lot, mine included. A
including our hosts, Douglas French and his wife Deb Mercedes SLR55 was also hiding amongst the Viper
from Calgary. Dinner was excellent and we had a lineup.

Submission thanks to Ted Hlokoff DOMES TIC DRIVER ||| 22

When the park ticket booths opened at 7:50 than 6,000 vertical feet. The scenery is awesome about 96mph so he’d already disqualified himself.
all 13 Vipers were lined up, filling both lanes. A as the parkway road travels through two different It was obvious that he was having a blast in his
safety car and the ‘coffee’ SUV headed through the types of forest and various sub-alpine meadows, stock ’06 Copperhead Viper and that’s what Vipers
gate to take their stations along the road and at the full of wildflowers, not that any of our competitors are all about, enjoying life. Later a few members
finish line. Radio contact let the starters know when slowed to look. mentioned that it must be Lee driving as his wife
our safeties were in place. The most aggressive Lined up, I got out of my car and walked was even faster.
drivers lined up at the front to leave first and the closer to the starting line to see others launch I asked Deana is she wanted to get out of
less aggressive drivers left last. This was my first techniques. Although I’d never competed in a rally the car and wait with the starting people. She said
ever Viper competition and first Rally, so I decided before, I’d raced drag strips for decades and always she’d wait and see. It had been almost two months
that my supercharged Viper probably would do had that “bad boy” street driving style. You can since we’d driven our ‘98 Red GTS under a tractor-
best in the middle. Each minute, a Viper left the read that to mean I had collected my share of tickets. trailer during a rain storm (Jul/Aug 07 issue). This
starting line on their way to the top of the 13-mile Watching as Lee Conrad and his wife pulled up to was the first time Deana had gotten into the new
narrow two-lane road. Fourteen of the corners were the starting line I began to see that things were not Viper. She wasn’t exactly comfortable as this Viper
switchbacks and the rally speed was to be 50mph. as serious as I’d thought. Lee scratched 3rd gear had nearly 200 more horsepower than the red one
The elevation change over this course is just less rubber before the first corner. A 3rd gear shift is and was ten times as loud.
It was my turn at the starting line and Deana
was still in the car. She was staring off into the
distance and I wasn’t about to interrupt her trance
- it was our turn! I blasted off in first, smoking
the tires to 50mph, then shifting into second and
merely holding the speed all the way to the first
corner. I downshifted and went into the corner
too fast causing us to go into a high degree four-
wheel drift past the apex. It was a perfect turn for
a drifting competition, but not so great for rallying.
The passenger seat was quiet and that was a great.
Entering the next corner I downshifted into first,
slightly slower entry speed and started to throttle
at the apex causing a complete loss of traction for
the rear tires. We exited the corner sideways, again


not bad for a drift competition. Still no screaming
or other bad sounds from the passenger seat area
so I concentrated on my driving. The next corner
and every corner after was perfection. Second
gear was easiest to enter the corner and control the
throttle coming out of the corners. Flooring it after
the corner exit I would fishtail to 50 mph just for
the pure joy of the screaming tires and the smell of
burning rubber. I’d figured out the speed the Pilot
Sports and Eibach springs liked for the corners and
I was attaining a 5-degree slippage all through the
exits. All too soon I crossed the finish line and it
was over. Deana looked OK and I couldn’t see
any “haunted look” or shaking so I pulled into the
parking lot and asked her how she’d fared.
“I think I wore out the passenger carpet where
the brake pedal is supposed to be,” she said.
We drove the 10 minutes to our lunch
destination west of Revelstoke at Three Valley Gap.
Special parking in the employee lot had been arranged
by Douglas and we all parked behind the restaurant. and I placed 2nd with Louie and Sharon Giestorfer
After an exceptional cheeseburger our group wandered coming in 3rd. A lot of door prizes were handed out
through the gift shop, then we wandered through the and Deana won a pink Dodge girls T-shirt. After dinner
ghost town. It was unique since most of the buildings most of us retired to the lounge to carry on where we’d
(including a 2-story hotel) had been moved to the left off the night before. Another good night and we
site. Each building was similar to a museum with made many new friends.
antiques behind the Plexiglas walls. The saloon and Sunday morning we met for breakfast buffet in
hotel had period-dressed employees and we watched the restaurant. Ten O’clock was checkout time, when
the “Old Cowboy Singer” performing in the saloon most of the Vipers left the parking lot headed South
for awhile. There was an antique car museum and the down Highway 23 to enjoy lunch at Nakusp. We were
largest Canadian railway roundhouse complete with a treated to another scenic drive along the man-made
train museum. The various railcars, cabooses and the Arrow Lakes taking a free ferry from Shelter Bay to
polished steam locomotive were definitely worth the Galena Bay. After lunch many of our friends turned
tour. back north heading to Calgary and Edmonton. Deana
At 7pm more than 30 people filled the hotel’s and I continued south on our way home.
banquet room and we started the evening with a short No tickets, no breakdowns, no accidents
chat from the VCA officers. We were served prime rib with friendly competition, 30 new friends, free food,
and went right into the rally awards. Ernie and Dawn awesome scenery … it can’t get better than that. Of
Sedola earned 1st place with a time of 14:27. Deana course that’s why we have Car Clubs!


ecause it is winter time (and there just aren’t
many events to cover this time of year), we
looked for the best winter photos featuring our
readers’ cars. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoy-
able winter on the roads as we all wait for spring!

Owner: Mr. Y Owner: Kevin “Detroit Irish”

Owner: Dan Thomas

Owner: Gerald Pope Owner: “toasteroven” on SRTForums

Owner: Adam Manganiello

Owner: William Lamdin Owner: Justin Parcher Owner: Chad Christenson


Mustang Ministries
2007 Roush Stage 3 Mustang


he moment that Jamie and Kena Estes
saw the Nicholas Cage movie, Gone
in 60 Seconds, they fell in love with
Eleanor. Even though they dreamed of one day
having an Eleanor they never really thought it
would come true. That is until they saw a 2005
Ford Mustang.
While they were looking for a muscle car
for Jamie they never had considered a Mustang
until they went to dinner at a restaurant where
the local Mustang club was having their monthly
meeting. It was after seeing these cars that they
knew their muscle car would be a member of
the Blue Oval family.
That night after dinner Kena started
researching the various Mustangs that were
available. While they loved the Cervini body
kit, they were drawn to a Roush at a local
dealership. They planned to just buy an entry
level Roush until they drove the super charged
Roush Stage 3. That was the moment that they
knew they had found their car.
Kena surprised Jamie for Christmas by
letting him special order a Stage 3 from Roush.
Their new Roush sported a Stage 3 package


which included a 7 Piece Roush Body Kit, Roush They also ordered the optional trunk the outside, the original hood was removed and
Fender & Decklid Emblems, Stage 3 Sport mounted tool kit, Stage 3 white face gauges, replaced with a Cervini Hood and Shelby hood
Leather Seating, Embroidered Roush Floor Roush door sill plates and locking lug nuts. pins. The front grill was removed and a center
Mats, Roush Stage 3 Serial Badge, Roush Strut Once the car came to town, they began fog light grill that removed the horse emblem
Bar, BFG High Performance Tires, Suspension to modify the car to truly make it their own. On was installed.
System; HD Sway Bars, Struts & Shocks, 1” the inside, Jamie installed oil pressure, boost, This summer the Roush was dyno’ed
Lowering Springs, 14” Front 2-Piece Rotors temp, volt meter and air-fuel gauges along with at 388 hp at the ground. Since then plans have
and 4 Piston Calipers. a cold air intake and a push button start. On been made for a smaller Roush pulley with


- Supercharged 4.6L with 388 RWHP
- 7 Piece roush body kit
- Roush fender
- Decklid emblems
- Stage 3 sport leather seating
- Embroidered roush floor mats
- Roush Stage 3 serial badge
- Trunk mounted tool kit
- Stage 3 white face gauges
- Roush door sill plates, locking lug nuts
- BFG high performance tires
- HD sway bars, struts & shocks
- 1” lowering springs
- 14” front 2-piece rotors and 4 piston calipers


- Oil Pressure / Boost / Temp / Volt Meter / Air-Fuel Gauges
- Roush strut bat
- Cold air intake
- Push button start
- Roush off road exhaust
- Cervini hood
- Cervini side louvers and window louvers
- Shelby hood pins
- Roush polished aluminum lower control arms
- Center fog light grill
- 9” antenna.

upgraded tune and 4.10 gears. Currently Almost overnight

the car is making times of 9.0 at 82 mph in the Roush, ironically named “The Reverend”
the eighth mile and 13.1 at 104 mph in the became the mascot.
quarter mile. With only two years under Now The Reverend can be seen anywhere from
his belt, Jamie is a novice in the Mustang Calhoun, Ga., to Charlotte, N.C., on any given
world, however he is learning quickly weekend representing Mustang Ministries,
by participating and learning from other attending car shows and running down the
drivers at road courses and track time at drag strip. While The Reverend is complete,
Rockingham as well as drag strips across Jamie is always looking for new and interesting
the South. additional modifications. Jamie says, “I’m
Almost a year after the Roush was happy with the Reverend, but I still have a few
bought Jamie, who is an ordained minister, power adding modifications to add this winter.”
his wife Kena, and fellow Mustang With the personalized license plate “Pastor J”
owners; Dave and Paula Lopata, started Jamie hopes to give everyone the opportunity
an online Christian automobile website; to see it while he speeds down the track.



his isn’t what we would normally classify
as “image manipulation,” but this art form
is very impressive. Here is what Paul Hud-
spath says about his creations:
“When I receive a photo from a customer,
I send it to Andy Deane (,
a Canadian artist and good friend who creates a
pattern for me. I cut that pattern with a .029 wide
and .012 thick scroll saw blade for the final shape,
then sand. Each project typically takes 8 to 10
hours to complete, depending on complexity.”
Prices range from $65.00 to $135 plus
shipping, depending on the amount of detail
needed - such as flames or grills.

Email Paul at