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Thursday, October 19, 2017

St. Marys Thursday, October 19, 2017




Oysters Still Struggling

to Make a Comeback
Photo courtesy of Maryland Department of Natural Resources
2 The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017


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Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Local News 3

Task Force Supports Financing Opposition Strong on

for MetCom Connections Fire/Rescue Tax Increase
By Guy Leonard to do nancing and to change their rate By Guy Leonard house would allow them to reduce their
Staff Writer structure. Staff Writer response times.
It sets up the ability to get creative This community doesnt need a Taj
The state law governing the opera- which I think is very important right The membership of the Second District Mahal for a re station, Verbos said. The
tions of the Metropolitan Commission now. Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue only solution to you is a new re station.
(MetCom) should be revised to allow the The task force also recommends de- Squad are asking for a re and rescue All you want is a bright, new, shiny toy.
water and sewer authority to engage in leting language in the law that actively tax increase to offset decits incurred by Mike Bowles, of Valley Lee, questioned
nancing utility connections for homes enforces the connection policy. increasing operations costs and to even- why the tax increase was needed if the de-
already on well and septic systems that Mike Mummaugh, MetCom board tually build a completely new station in partment was able to raise $700,000 in the
are next to public lines, according to a member who also sat on the task force, Valley Lee, but many residents reject their past four months with one of its fundrais-
newly released task force report. said he believed the recommendations proposal. ing drives.
The Chapter 113 Task Force has met would be benecial. The community room at Company 6 Do we really need the increase if we can
periodically over the last several months Im in favor of them, Mummaugh was lled nearly to capacity Monday night raise that kind of money? Bowles asked.
to nd ways to adjust the law to enable said. We dont want to do forced con- for a community forum on the proposed The proposed increase would take the
MetCom to function more efciently nections, we want willing customers. tax increase and only a small handful sup- 4.4 percent re tax rate for the 2nd District
and exibly as it is facing a shortage of MetCom ofcials have said by adding ported it. and raise it to 5.6 percent; the same tax
rate-paying customers. customers, the utility would be better The current building, which is 56 years rate for the 9th District would rise from 3.6
The issue of mandatory connections able to spread out the costs of repairing old, lacks the space for proper training of percent to 5 percent.
to MetCom lines has been a contentious aging lines and connections as well as recruits and volunteers, company ofcials The rescue tax, 0.8 percent for both dis-
one for years as homeowners would be stabilize increasing service charges for said, and whats more the buildings bay tricts, would more than double under the
forced to hookup whether their septic water and sewer. doors are too small to accept any of the new plan by going to 1.7 percent.
systems were failing or not. MetCom serves about 17,000 new, modern apparatus. The re and rescue tax rate there has not
Under the current law, homeowners customers. The cost of a new station, to be built changed since 2000.
would have to pay tens of thousands of Jarboe said Chapter 113 could use behind the old one, comes in at about $8 Firehouse ofcials estimated the annual
dollars to be in compliance, which has deeper revision and clarication but that million and almost all the residents who increase in the tax bill for homeowners
led to complaints about the policy. was a task for another time. spoke chaffed at the tax increases neces- with an average house assessed value of
Commissioner Tom Jarboe, one of The recommendations must be sent to sary to build it. about $300,000, would be a little over $60.
the members of the task force, said the the state legislature for approval through I really dont want another tax, said Its [the old building] inadequate cur-
proposed revision was a major change in the countys delegation. Julie Thomas. Its a burden on the elderly rently and for the next 50 years, said
thinking for the utility. The delegation has let us know that and those on xed incomes. Mike Richards, past president of the com-
The idea is instead of going with the they would be skeptical about taking Thomas openly doubted one of the pany and presenter of the new proposals at
punitive approach were trying to incen- things forward that are too complex, claims of the rehouse membership: that Mondays forum.
tivize people to hook up, Jarboe told Jarboe said. a new building would help attract new Our volunteer membership is wain-
The County Times. The biggest push members. ing, Richards continued.
was to give them [MetCom] the ability If a person really wants to join they Michael Hallett was one of the few who
would have done it already, no matter what supported the tax increase.

Economic Development
the building looks like, Thomas said. I love to pay taxes, Hallett said. I
Ron Verbos said the rehouse member- want to pay my part so my kids and
ship had also not provided evidence to grandkids dont have to pay anymore.

Conference Coming to St. Marys support another key claim: that a new re-

Have you heard Tim Heelys thoughts on the role of

military alliances? What is Leslie Taylors perspective on
doing business with NAWCAD and NAVAIR, the eco-
nomic engine of St. Marys County? Find out this and
much more at the MEDA Fall Conference.
October 23, 2017
8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
The 2017 MEDA Fall Conference is designed to ad-
dress the many ways economic developers can position
the companies in their region to take full advantage of
Marylands 12 military installations as economic drivers
and the variety of network opportunities available to all
businesses throughout the State of Maryland.
The 2017 MEDA Fall Conference will feature three
panel discussions:
Alliances for Cooperation- Panelists will discuss the
connections and collaborations between federal installa-
tions and individuals, businesses and organizations across
the state. This panel will also focus on how to create part-
nerships that boost job creation within communities.
Leveraging Installations as Innovation Drivers- Join us
to learn how economic development can foster connec-
tions and collaborations between research labs and other
technologies that are used for military and non-military
Effective Military Drivers for Economic Development-
Well show you how to connect your communitys busi-
nesses to military bases, even if these bases dont reside
in your region.
From St. Marys County Dept. of Economic Development
4 Local News The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oyster Festival
Expecting Big Crowds

Photo by Frank Marquart

By Guy Leonard We use farm raised oysters and

Staff Writer oysters that have been harvested,
Stone told The County Times. Were
Karen Stone, this years admin- also putting shells back into the wa-
istrator for the U.S. Oyster Festival ter to provide habitat for the oysters.
to be held Oct. 21 and Oct. 22 at the I think its all very positive.
St. Marys County Fairgrounds, says Stone said there would be 34 shuck-
good weather is likely to bring a big ers at the event, 10 of them women.
turnout to celebrate the bounty of the She expects an exciting competition.
oyster harvest. Gates open Saturday at 10a.m and
Though the natural oyster harvest close at 6p.m. and open Sunday at
from public fisheries is expected to 11a.m. and close at 6p.m.
be low this year, oysters grown in Admission is $10 with children un-
aquaculture farms make up a signifi- der 12 admitted free. Food is pay as
Sell it - Buy it cant amount of bivalves available for
feasting this year.
you eat.
atBuy it at
Sell It,
Volunteers Wanted for Boards,
Real Estate Business & Inventory Personal Property/Estates
Farm Equipment & Machinery Livestock Storage Units
Benefits/Fundraisers Certified Personal Property Appraiser Commissions and Committees
EXCITING FUN FASTAuctions & Events
EFFICIENT The Commissioners of St. Marys County are looking for individuals interested in
EXCITING playing a more active role in the community.
Citizens willing to volunteer their time have a choice of various Boards, Commit-
tees and Commissions on which to serve. Available positions, detailed descriptions
of the various boards and membership application are available on the countys web-
site at All applications must include a resume
and be submitted no later than Friday, November 17.
Some of the boards, commissions and committees which have vacancies include:
Adult Public Guardianship Review Board Citizen Member sought
Airport Advisory Committee
Board of Trustees Museum Division, Department of Recreation and Parks
Commission for Women
Commission on Aging
Commission on People with Disabilities
Human Relations Commission
Transportation Advisory Committee
Wicomico Shores Golf Course Advisory Board
The following vacancies have special requirements:
Adult Public Guardianship Review Board Physician
Board of Appeals Knowledge of planning, growth and development
Economic Development Commission Community leader/private individual
A Southern Maryland professional auction company providing services to Family Violence Coordinating Council Family or survivor of violence
individuals, businesses and non
non--profit organizations for a variety of purposes
purposes. Metropolitan Commission Must live in the 4th, 5th, 6th or 8th district
OPTIONS - SOLUTIONS - RESULTS Planning Commission - Knowledge of planning, growth and development
Citizens interested in applying to a board, commission or committee, or wanting more information, can download an application from the county website or call
Diane Gleissner at 301-475-4200, ext. *1700.
Press Release
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Local News 5

Library Under Fire Again for Sexually Explicit Books

Library Director Defends Banned Book Display
By Guy Leonard to read, Gibbons-Walker said. Some of the un- County Library Board, said the intentions of
Staff Writer derlying issue has to do with fear some of that the system in putting on the display were being
fear is the fear of diversity, of the other. misrepresented.
Residents implored the Commissioners of St. Georgia Kijesky, shot back that the book, Cher- We never had any plan to corrupt the youth of
Marys County to take action on sexually explicit ry, about two girls who vow to lose their virginity, our county, Hanley told commissioners. This
books at the Lexington Park Library as part of a was an overt attempt to sexualize children who is not some agenda its offensive to make that
banned or contested books display. read it. declaration.
They aired their grievances at a public fo- This is the sexualization of children in our li- Michael Blackwell, library system director,
rum held by the commissioners Tuesday night in brary, Kijesky said. Our children are not guinea said the book display was a common theme for
Leonardtown. pigs for sexual experimentation. libraries.
The enticement to promiscuity is what the li- Earlier this year the Lexington Park branch was Libraries across the country have this, Black-
brary is doing, said Christina Timmons. The li- to hold a sex education class for teens by sex edu- well said. We do this in order to celebrate the
brary, like the predators, gain the kids trust and cator Bianca Palmisano but the backlash from the freedom to read.
theyve taken that trust and used it for perversion. community was strong given Palmisanos support Blackwell said if libraries removed or restricted
The books are set up on top of the young adult of sexual freedom, the LGBTQ community and re- books based on complaints by those who took of-
section at the Lexington Park branch, covered views of sex toys. fense at them, soon we wouldnt have any books
with a paper bag with a message on them stating: The library cancelled its sponsorship over the at all.
Do Not Read This, Look to see the banned book backlash but a local community group of secular Commissioner Todd Morgan said given the last
you rebel you. humanists invited her to their meeting to teach. furor over the sex education class, he doubted the
While some of the books were of a sexually ex- Jayne Walsh, who spoke in favor of the display, wisdom of the library system in putting sexually
plicit nature, others were books about the perils of said parents needed to take a more active role. explicit material in the banned book display.
teen drug abuse, Go Ask Alice, military science If you object to the content dont check it Youre bating kids to come in, in my mind,
fiction, Enders Game and dystopian survival ep- out, Walsh said. Screen what your children Morgan said. I get all of the First Amendment
ics like Lord of the Flies. read. arguments but we need to exhibit some common
James Gibbons-Walker, of Leonardtown said the Walsh said the opponents of the display were sense in our actions.
First Amendment to the Constitution was the cen- noting only cherry picked books and not the dis- This is just more salt in an open wound.
tral issue. plays content as a whole.
The First Amendment guarantees the freedom Jim Hanley, vice president of the St. Marys

Bowles Farms Acres of Adventure!

Pick Your own pumpkin
Giant Slides

Corn Maze & Pumpkin Farm Childrens Barrel Rides

Jumping Pit
Corn Maze Express
Open Saturday, September 30th BARNYARD ANIMALS
thru Sunday October 29th cupcake shop
Monday thru Friday: Schools, Large Groups
By Appointment Only (9:30 am- 1:30 pm)
Saturday & Sunday
10 am to 6 pm

Food & Refreshments On-Site | Large Covered Picnic Area

Air-Conditioned/ Heated Restrooms | Special Weekend Events
Admission: $10
Group Rates Available
for 15 and More AT THE FARM TRUCK SHOW 10 AM - 4 PM Walk through the rows of tricked out Big Rigs.
Have a Birthday Party With us!
Private Party Barn, No Space Rental OctOBER 22 ** Rain Date Oct. 29th | 301.475.2139 |

bowlesfarms-cornmaze 22880 Budds Creek Road, Clements, MD 20624 (At the intersection of Rt. 234 and Pincushion Rd. in Clements)

6 Local News The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Housing Development Approved

for Higher Density
Appeals Board Overturns Planning Commission
By Dick Myers half of themselves and three other resi-
Editor dents, said the plans change would pour
too much additional traffic onto narrow
The St Marys County Board of Ap- Myrtle Point Road.
peals has once again overturned a plan- But Lenhart argued to the appeals
ning commission decision on a major board that actual traffic would be reduced
project. The appeals board had previously by their plan because most of the condo-
overturned the planners denial of the Hol- minium residents would have the option
lywood Commercial Center. This time the of using the developments main entrance.
appeals board Oct. 12 unanimously ap- Entrances onto Myrtle Point Road would
proved, over a 5-2 planning commission be reduced from 12 to two, he explained.
denial, the expansion for the number of Developers attorney Christopher Long-
units in the final phases of the Woods at more argued that the appeals board had
Myrtle Point development off Route 4. six criteria to consider and his client met
The request of Curtis Development five of the six and the sixth didnt apply
Corporation of Prince Frederick was to because the commissioners had rescinded
add 76 units to previous approvals and to the countys growth policy.
convert 31 single-family homes into 110 During the several days of hearings
luxury condominiums. before the two public bodies, Longmore
During the decision after two hours of noted there were also a significant num-
testimony in the second day of hearings, ber of the developments residents who
appeals board member Peter Egeli said, supported the new proposal. Matt Hudson
I cant think what the planning commis- said traffic from the development wasnt
sion was thinking. Why didnt they use the the problem, it was traffic coming off the
same logic? What they were thinking, bridge from Calvert County If you can
according to planning commission mem- somehow limit Calvert, he suggested to
ber Clarke Guy was I feel there are too laughs from the appeals board members.
many units for that site. The proposed luxury condominiums do
Commission Vice Chair Shelby Guaz- not currently meet the zoning for the area
zo added, its a troublesome decision they are proposed to be located. But they
to make. Seventy-six (units) to me is too do meet the new Lexington Park Develop-
much for the neighborhood. ment District Master Plan and thus would
One of the concerns of the planners and presumably be subject to the zoning to
residents who testified against the propos- permit that plan whenever the commis-
al was the traffic impact of the additional sioners vote on it.
units on the Patuxent Boulevard/Route 4 The appeals board approval was thus
intersection which the state considers to contingent on the proper zoning for the

Lotus Garnet
be a failing, or F intersection. But the property being ultimately approved.
developers traffic consultant Mike Len- With the approval of the additional
hart, a former SHA official, said the new units, the developments total buildout
plan would not change things. He said the will be 443 units. The final sections will
developer had mitigated the situation with also include a community center with a
a traffic light and additional lanes. pool and day-care facility. Under the re-
Residents who spoke against the project vised plan that community center was

disagreed, calling the study flawed. A relocated to a more central location in the
Power Point presentation from residents development.
Julie Delaney and Walter Tyson, on be-

OCTOBER Oyster Shells Recycling Program

at Convenience Centers
19TH, 20TH & 21ST Between June 2014 and December
2016, St. Marys Countys six Conve-
nience Centers have collected 23.91 tons
Sciences Horn Point Laboratory Oyster
Hatchery in Cambridge, Maryland.
Since the Alliances 2010 launch, ORP
(or 683 bushels) of used oyster shells has recycled 133,000 bushels, which
which are used as substrate on which to equates to 4,660 tons of shell kept out of
plant new oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. area landfills and enough substrate to sup-
The effort is part of the Oyster Recovery port the planting of 500 million oysters in
Partnerships (ORPs) Shell Recycling Al- local waters. Over the past two decades,
liance (SRA) program. the Oyster Recovery Partnership has
Natural oyster shell is vital to a healthy planted approximately seven billion oys-
oyster population because it is the pre- ters on 2,400 underwater acres. Oysters
ferred material for oyster larvae to attach play a vital role in improving Chesapeake
and grow. Every half shell can host up to Bay health by filtering excess nutrients | 301-737-4241 10 spat, or baby oysters. Once collected, from the water and their reefs create habi-
the oyster shell is aged outside for a year, tat for a multitude of marine life. .
22595 Three Notch Rd. California, Md. 20619 washed and set with spat by the Universi-
ty of Maryland Center for Environmental From St. Marys County PIO
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Local News 7

The Tastes of Fall



$1600 $2400
2 for
750 ML
2 for $20
750 ML
00 2 for
750 ML


1.75 LTR
1.75 LTR

$21 $2000
2 for
750 ML
2 for $1800
750 ML
750 ML




ESPOLON TEQUILA, $3899 $4499 $4999 E&J BRANDY

$1199 $2199
375 ML 375 ML 375 ML

$23 750 ML
750 ML 1.75 LTR




8 Cops & Courts The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sheriffs Ofce
Crime Report
Joint Warrant Sweep Nets Arrest standing Child Support Warrant. (No
Now is the Time to Have Your Dining Room Furniture Restored for the Holidays! On 10/10/17, members of the St. Photo Available)


Marys County Sheriffs Ofce, Calvert
County Sheriffs Ofce, Maryland State Lexi Alice Waterman, age 20, of Hol-

20% off
Police, and the Charles County Sheriffs lywood, was charged with FTA/Driving
to receive Refinishing Cost of your Dining Table Ofce, participated in a joint warrant While Suspended on a District Court
(Does Not Include Pickup and Delivery) sweep. The warrant sweep took place Warrant. (No Photo Available)
Pickup must be Scheduled no later than November 1st for Delivery before in St. Marys County, with the focus on
Thanksgiving or by December 1st for Delivery before Christmas. locating those with warrants from other Randall William Plummer, age 28, of
jurisdictions who are residing in St. California, was charged with Violation
Marys County. As a result of the com- of Probation on a outstanding warrant.
Repair bined efforts of Southern Maryland Law
Enforcement Agencies, the following
(No Photo Available)

Refinishing/Specialty Finishes sixteen individuals were arrested: Zachary Scott Llewellyn, age 25, of
California, was charged with FTA/Driv-
Antique Restoration ing While Suspended on a District Court
Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers Warrant. (No Photo Available)

Re-upholstery Geoffrey Michael Lawrence, age 35,

of California, was charged with FTA/
Pickup and Delivery Services
800-955-7603 Oliver

Douglas Lee Oliver Jr., age 28, of

LAW OFFICE OF Lexington Park, was charged with FTA/

DANIEL A. M. Theft, and Rouge & Vagabond on a Dis-

trict Court Warrant.

Delonte Davion Strong, age 21, of
California, was charged with FTA/Driv-
ing While Suspended on a District Court
Driving While Suspended on a District
Court Warrant.

Latonya Denise Dickerson, age 33, of

Leonardtown, was served with an out-
standing Child Support Warrant. (No
Photo Available)

Kiersten Faye Nutter, age 26, of Leon-

ardtown, was charged with FTA/Driv-
ing While Suspended on a District Court
Warrant. (No Photo Available)
Nilema Kenise Baldwin, age 30, of
Lexington Park, was charged with FTA/
Joseph Patrick Ellis, age 38, of Calla- Driving While Suspended on a District
way, was charged with Theft on a Dis- Court Warrant. (No Photo Available)
trict Court Warrant.
Maria Eunice Docarmo, age 50, of
Aimee Inez Fletcher, age 42, of Me- Lexington Park, was charged with
chanicsville, was served with an out- FTA/CDS Possession not Marijuana
standing Child Support Warrant. (No on a District Court Warrant. (No Photo
Photo Available) Available)

Derrick Alan Boyd Sr., age 47, with no Amber Renee Stewart, age 30, of Cal-
xed address, was charged with Driving laway, was charged with Violation of
While Suspended, and Theft, on Dis- Probation on an outstanding warrant.
trict Court Warrants, and two outstand- (No Photo Available)
ing Child Support Warrants were also
41650 COURT HOUSE DRIVE, SUITE 301 P.O. BOX 288 served. Heather Nicole Lacey, age 29, of
LEONARDTOWN, MARYLAND 20650 Drayden, was charged with Violation
Travis Benjamin Ridgely, age 30, of of Probation on an outstanding warrant.
PHONE: 301-475-5150 FAX: 301-475-6909 Hollywood, was served with an out- (No Photo Available)
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Cops & Courts 9

MHBR No. 103

10 Education The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

CSM Named Among Top U.S.

State Attorneys General Suing
Community Colleges U.S. Department of Education
Eligible to Compete for $1 Million Prize
Maryland Attorney General Brian E. to the program, and the average earnings
The College Awarded every two years since 2011, Frosh today led a coalition of 18 states in of graduates. Second, the Gainful Em-
of Southern the Aspen Prize recognizes institutions suing the U.S. Department of Education ployment Rule assesses whether schools
Maryland has with outstanding achievements in four and Secretary Betsy DeVos for refusing programs provide education and training
been named areas: learning; certicate and degree to enforce the Gainful Employment Rule, to their students that lead to earnings that
today as one of completion; employment and earnings; a federal regulation designed to protect will allow students to pay back their stu-
150 communi- and high levels of access and success for students from predatory for-prot schools. dent loan debts. If the programs fail the
ty colleges na- minority and low-income students. Todays ling was co-led by Maryland At- objective metrics, federal student loans
tionwide that CSM moves into the next round of torney General Frosh and Pennsylvania and grants would no longer be provided to
are eligible to the competition for the Aspen Prize for Attorney General Josh Shapiro. those programs.
compete for Community College Excellence by sub- The complaint, led in U.S. District On July 5, 2017 and August 18, 2017,
the 2019 Aspen mitting an application to be reviewed Court for the District of Columbia, al- the Department announced its intent to
Prize for Community College Excel- through a rigorous evaluation for a spot leges that the Department of Education delay large portions of the Gainful Em-
lence, the nations signature recognition on the top-10 Aspen Prize nalists list. violated federal law by refusing to enforce ployment Rule without soliciting, receiv-
of high achievement and performance in These nalists will be named next May the Gainful Employment Rule, which ing, or responding to any comment from
Americas community colleges. after which the Aspen Institute conducts implements the requirement in the Higher any stakeholder or member of the public,
CSM was selected from a pool of site visits with each of the nalists and Education Act that all for-prot schools, and without engaging in a public delib-
nearly 1,000 public two-year colleges collects additional quantitative data. all vocational schools, and non-degree erative process. The Department has also
nationwide to compete for the $1-mil- Winners including a grand prize winner programs at all other schools prepare stu- publicly stated that it has no plans to cal-
lion Aspen Prize. as well as nalists with distinction and dents for gainful employment in a recog- culate the necessary metrics to determine
CSMs invitation to apply is a testa- rising stars will be announced in spring nized occupation. whether programs are failing the Gainful
ment to our innovative initiatives across 2019. The Gainful Employment Rule has two Employment Rules minimum require-
the college, said CSM President Mau- For information on the Aspen In- important aspects. First, it empowers ments. State attorneys general argue in
reen Murphy. These are exciting times stitutes College Excellence Program prospective students to make informed their lawsuit that the delays have no legal
for the College of Southern Maryland. visit decisions by requiring schools to provide justication and the Departments actions
We are moving the needle in student aspen-prize/. For information on CSM, information about the programs average are arbitrary and capricious and an abuse
success, and the invitation from the As- visit debt load, the loan repayment rate of all of discretion.
pen Institute recognizes the efforts by students who enroll in the program, the
CSMs many dedicated staff and faculty From CSM percentage of students who graduate from From Christine Tobar,
who are working in concert to see posi- the program, the number of graduates Deputy Director of Communications,
Maryland Ofce of the Attorney General
tive changes occur in student outcomes. who obtain employment in a eld related
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Education 11


23.9-hp (17.8-kW) Tier 4 diesel engine
Quik-Park Loader and AutoConnect
Drive-over Deck compatible
Premium operator station with ergonomic
seat, armrests and fender lights

$400 OFF1
plus $500 implement bonus*

2038R 4066M
36.7-hp (27.4-kW) Tier 4 diesel engine 65.9-hp (48.5-kW) Tier 4 diesel engine
Quik-Park Loader and AutoConnect PowrReverser or eHydro transmission options
Drive-over Deck compatible Standard 4-wheel drive
Standard cruise control, 12-volt outlet Category One, 3-point Hitch compatible
and premium seating with iMatch Quick-Hitch
0% FOR 60 MONTHS* & $1,750 OFF2 0% FOR 60 MONTHS* & $4,750 OFF3


*Offers valid on purchases made between August 1, 2017, and October 27, 2017. Subject to approved installment credit with John Deere Financial. Fixed rate of 0% APR for 60 months. $500 off implement bonus is in addition to low rate financing and requires the
purchase of two or more qualifying John Deere or Frontier implements on all compact tractors. 1$400 off is in addition to low rate financing offer on 1R Compact Tractors. 2$1,750 off is in addition to low rate financing offer on 2032R and 2038R Compact Tractors.
$4,750 off is in addition to low rate financing offer on 4066M Compact Tractors. Some restrictions apply; other special rates and terms may be available, so see your dealer for details and other financing options. Valid only at participating U.S. dealers. **All compact
utility tractors purchased new from an authorized John Deere dealer come standard with a 6-year/2,000-hour (whichever comes first) powertrain warranty. See the LIMITED WARRANTY FOR NEW JOHN DEERE TURF AND UTILITY EQUIPMENT at dealer for details.
12 Education The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Former CSM Student Athlete

MD 5 (Point Lookout Road)
Roadway Improvement project

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT

SHA) invites interested persons to attend an informational meeting about the
roadway widening project along the MD 5 corridor in Scotland, St. Marys County.
Helps Start Nonprofit
The project will extend for approximately two miles along MD 5 from the Point The College of Southern Maryland Rigney graduated from the college in
Lookout Road causeway to south of Camp Brown Road. The newly widened road (CSM) was a pivotal stop in Deb (Wool- 1987 with an associate degree in general
will improve safety and traffic operations along MD 5, which serves as the only
wine) Rigneys life. studies and received a full scholarship to
entrance to Point Lookout State Park for residents, recreational vehicles,
pedestrians, bicyclists, and park users. A bicycle trail from the Point Lookout State Rigney grew up in New Carrolton, at- University of South Florida (USF) in Tam-
Park ranger station to the causeway is also proposed. tending schools in a system where, at that pa. I felt prepared. I was ready, Rigney
time, few of her friends went on to college, said about continuing her education at USF.
WHAT: The informational meeting will familiarize attendees with the road widening she said. She was an all-star volleyball Coming to CSM helped me get in shape
project and provide an opportunity to discuss project details. Maps and displays will
player but was unsure what her next step both physically and mentally.
provide project information, and MDOT SHA representatives will be available to
answer project-related questions. A brief presentation will begin at 7:00 p.m., would be after graduation. It turned out After graduating from USF with a bach-
however; you may arrive at any time during meeting hours and walk through at your that volleyball was key to that next step. elors degree in communication, Rigney
own pace. Rigney was recruited in 1985 to play for married her husband, Scott, and moved to
CSM (then Charles County Community Carmel, Indiana. They adopted two chil-
WHEN: Thursday, November 2, 2017, 6:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. College) by Head Volleyball Coach Nila dren, Cooper, now 14, from Russia and
WHERE: Ridge Fire Department Hall, 13820 Point Lookout Road, Ridge, MD Toribio-Straka. Toribio-Strakas team had Piper, now 9, from China.
20680 participated in the National Junior College Fourteen years ago, the Rigneys began
Athletic Association National Champion- a life-changing journey as they traveled to
CONTACT: Ms. Virginia Collier, Transportation Design Engineer, Office of Highway ships the year before. With an eye for her Russia to pick up their then 9-month-old
Development, Maryland State Highway Administration, 707 N. Calvert St., team to earn a repeat appearance at Nation- son, Cooper, during the adoption process.
Baltimore, MD 21202; 410-545-8468 (toll-free: 1-888-228-5003); For more information on this project, visit als, Toribio-Straka offered Rigney, a 61 The process took more than one trip, and Click on Projects, MDOT SHA Projects Page, Type middle hitter, an athletic scholarship and a it provided sufficient exposure to the plight
MD 5 in the map search box, select MD 5, Point Lookout Road THE CAUSEWAY chance to pursue an associate degree. of that countrys orphans that Deb and her
TO SOUTH OF CAMP BROWN ROAD from the dropdown menu, then click Rigney and Toribio-Straka reminisced husband were moved to action. We just
Additional Project Information on the callout box. about those days during a recent visit to couldnt get the idea that so many children
REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE: The Maryland Relay Service can assist teletype CSMs La Plata Campus. Rigney said that wont have a family. It just put a fire in our
users at 7-1-1. Persons requiring assistance to participate, such as an interpreter for the college was the environment she need- hearts to help some of the children left be-
hearing/speech difficulties or assistance with the English language, should contact ed at that time to turn around her perfor- hind, Deb Rigney said.
Ms. Collier by October 26, 2017. mance as a student. In response to this new sense of mis-
Toribio-Straka created a challenging sion, in 2012 the Rigneys helped form a
October 11, 2017 Gregory I. Slater practice schedule for her young athletes, nonprofit, BarnRaisers of Indiana. The or-
A-0865 State Highway Administrator putting together a notably competitive team ganization is designed to address childrens
that made it to the NJCAA national cham- issues locally and abroad. We primar-
pionships at Miami Dade Community Col- ily focus on raising and distributing funds
lege in Florida four years in a row. In 1985, for sustainable projects that can improve
Rigneys first year, the Hawks made it all the health and quality of orphaned and/or
the way to the finals, finishing as national under-privileged children and youth, Deb
runner-ups. In 1986, Rigney received All- Rigney said.
American status as she was named to the BarnRaisers of Indiana have since raised
NJCAA Volleyball All-American 2nd team. close to half a million dollars through ac-
Toribio-Straka took pride in her players tivities like golf tournaments, raffles, bingo
Wrap up your not only on the court but off the court as events and auctions. With those funds,
Wrap up dcor
holiday your well. My whole goal is to not just train the organization has paid for handicap
holiday dcor
now and save. volleyball players, but its about teaching ramps, projects for schools for the deaf,
now and save. life skills and preparing for life, Toribio-
Straka said.
shelters and more in Indiana. Internation-
ally, the group has assisted with a commu-
With the assistance of an academic ad- nity health center for the BriBri indigenous
viser specifically assigned to the sports tribe in Costa Rica, clean drinking water
teams, Toribio-Straka made sure that the and an orphanage in Haiti, an anti-human
athletes on the team paid attention to their trafficking project in India, an orphanage
academic opportunities as well as their in Nepal, school classrooms in Guatemala,
sports-related ones. Many of her players the Shaddra School for Street Kids in In-
graduated with a 3.0 and higher and re- dia and a chicken project at an orphanage
Pirouette Window Shadings ceived volleyball scholarships at four-year in Kenya.
institutions, she said.
$ 100 From CSM
Pirouette Window Shadings
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23306 Three Notch Rd
D E S I G N G R O U P, I N C. M-F: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Baldwin Design Group
2330610:00 am - Notch
Three 2:00 pm
Sun: Closed
D E S I G N G R O U P, I N C. 301-737-0555
M-F: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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card balance 6 months after card issuance and each month thereafter. Additional limitations may apply. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. 2017
Deb Rigney, center, and her children, Cooper, right, and Piper, front, visit with Rigneys former volleyball coach,
Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas or their respective owners. 17Q4NPPIRC3 Nila Toribio-Straka at Toribio-Strakas home in Cobb Island this year.

*Manufacturers mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 9/16/1712/11/17 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. Rebate will be issued in the form
of a prepaid reward card and mailed within 6 weeks of rebate claim receipt. Funds do not expire. Subject to applicable law, a $2.00 monthly fee will be assessed against
card balance 6 months after card issuance and each month thereafter. Additional limitations may apply. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. 2017
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times In Our Community 13

Its tIme to Plant BulBs

So Pretty in Pink! Daffodils

Packs of 50 bulbs
Arts & Entertainment District. Parran $
22 50 All Colors. Packs of 6 bulbs

Colllerys beautiful tiled piece The

Naturalists Bench may be seen (and
When You Buy 2 or More
Only 6
$ 99

sat on!) right in front of the Town Hall.

Featured for the nale of the outdoor
concert series for 2017 were Hook, Line
& Sinker, performing a wide variety of
rock & roll tunes and more. Galleries,
art studios, shops, and restaurants were
open late for a night of family and pet- Crocus Tulips
Leonardtown was awash in rose col- friendly fun with the evening completed Mixed colors. Packs of 20 bulbs
Packs of 50 bulbs
ored hues last week as Pink Friday
was celebrated on October 6th. Local
by the audience participation Drum Cir- Only 6
$ 99 Only
When You Buy 2 or More
cle from 8-9 PM.
artists created very detailed decorated The Leonardtown Business Associa-
bras for the Uplifting Designs contest/ tion (LBA) would like to thank every-
fundraiser sponsored by the St. Marys
County Arts Council. Generous dona-
one who attended and also gratefully
acknowledges the generous support
Its tIme to Plant Fall Color
tions were made by those who casted of our Platinum Sponsors (Marrick
their votes for their favorites in the Homes, Quality Built Homes, and the
form of donations with all proceeds for- Winegardner Motor Company). Come
warded to the Breast Cancer Outreach join us November 3rd from 5 to 8 PM for
Program at MedStar St. Marys Hospi- A Grateful Harvest/ Share the Bounty
tal. Many of the participating businesses which will include a fundraiser for the Pansies
also dedicated a portion of their sales to
Mums Super 3 1/2 pots
Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen. Make Wentworth Grown!
this important cause. Leonardtown your special place to be
8 Pots reg. $8.99 ea.
Only 1
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Other highlights of the evening in-
cluded the unveiling of the very rst
every First Friday! 4 for $
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Public Art Project in the heart of the From Leonardtown Business Association
Fall Porch

Cabbage & Kale
8 Pots
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Wentworth Nursery
Sales good thru November 7, 2017

Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville

5 minutes North of Hollywood
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomons Island Rd, 41170 Oakville Road
Charlotte Hall 20622 Prince Frederick 20678 Mechanicsville 20659
301-884-5292 410-535-3664
301-373-9245 800-451-1427
800-558-5292 1-866-535-3664
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-7pm, Sat. 8am-6pm, Sun. 9am-6pm Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-3, Closed Sundays
14 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dog Walk Helps

Pet of the Week Fight Cancer
Hello, my name is Maize and I came to the
shelter as a stray. None of my friends here
know why no one came looking for
me. Im SO SWEET, enjoy hang-
ing out with people, and even let
folks dress me up! Im a two
year old spayed female and Im
really hoping to have a HOME
by Halloween! I will be your
BEST Halloween treat ever!!
And remember, if there
is room in the heart, there is
room in the house!
Come adopt today! If you are
looking for a cat to love, October
is the month to adopt. Senior cats
6 years and older will be $10, ages
1-5 will be $25, and kittens younger
than a year old will be $50. Hurry in to
adopt your new best friend! Visit the amazing
gang at Tri-County Animal Shelter (6707 Ani-
mal Shelter Road, Hughesville) or call 301-932-
1713 for more information. To see more wonder-
ful animals available for adoption, like us on
Facebook @ Tri-County Animal Shelter South-
ern MD.

Quality Insurance Coverage

for when it matters most

Cat of the Week

Nebula was born in early 2017. you would like to ll out an applica-
She has an incredibly gorgeous and tion you can go to www.feralcatres-
uniquely colored coat. She is affec- and email to diane@feral-
tionate and will let you pick her up.
She enjoys being petted and will give Nebulas adoption fee is $125. She
you a purr. is spayed, combo tested for aids and
You can meet her at the Petco in feline leukemia, 2 distemper vac-
Dont wait for an emergency to find out if your auto California on most Saturdays and cines, rabies vaccine, dewormed and
Sundays between 10:30 and 3. If microchipped.
insurance has you fully protected. Contact us today!

28290 Three Notch Road | Mechanicsville, MD 20659
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times In Our Community 15

d ors ic atio
Ve n n
6 0 + Coll
i ons Wor n
t rat ksho
ons ps
D e m

Hosted by:
St. Marys County Department of Aging & Human Services
Southern Maryland Higher Education Center
Friday, October 20, 2017
9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Free Community Event
Health Screenings, Demonstrations,
- Hearing - Blood Pressure - Asthma Control
- Vision - Zumba - Nutrition Facts and
- Flu Shots ($20 each) - Tai Chi Fictions
- Depression - 10-Minute Massages - Lyme Disease and
- Oral Health - Reflexology Tick Borne Illnesses
- Leg Vein - Arthritis Exercise - Music and Memory
Sponsors Include

Dispose of your sensitive For more information:

documents safely! Call 301-475-4200, ext. *1073 or
A Shred-It truck will be available
9 a.m.-1 p.m.
4 Box Maximum Keyword: Department of Aging & Human Services

Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Marys County and the

Department of Aging & Human Services
16 Feature The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oyster Population Still At Risk

By Guy Leonard ter production, Zinn said. the year before, Dean said. Were just hoping that they
Staff Writer Zinn said he believed the future of natural oyster pro- grew.
duction and harvesting had little promise. Chris Judy, Shellsh Division Director for the Maryland
Last year during oyster season Tommy Zinn, president One key issue was the states continued refusal to open Department of Natural Resources, said the last strong spat
of the Calvert County Watermens Association, had about up what was once-prime harvesting bottom, known as oys- set for oysters was back in 2012, and that was a problem for
18 boats coming into the dock on Solomons Island to sell ter sanctuaries, to commercial watermen, said Zinn. the oysters long-term health.
him oysters; this year there is just a fraction of that. [Gov. Martin] OMalley closed off 24 percent of the This season is going to be less than last year, Judy said.
He said its shaping up to be a slow year despite last oyster shery but that took away 75 percent of the most That was expected but not welcome.
years much more abundant oyster haul; oystering contin- productive areas as well, Zinn said. For the past 20 years harvests have ranged from just be-
ues to be an uncertain industry in Maryland. Still, Southern Maryland residents are expected to ock low 100,000 bushels to a high of about 400,000, he said,
The native bivalve continues to battle disease, weather to the U.S. Oyster Festival held at the Leonardtown Fair- but those are just a fraction of the 1.5 million to 2.5 million
and water quality, Zinn said, in its bid to survive and thrive. grounds this weekend Oct. 21 and Oct. 22 to celebrate and bushels from before the 1980s.
Watermen had become hopeful in recent years as the take their ll of the delicacy in any number of forms from The twin scourges of MSX and dermo caused the mas-
native oyster available for harvesting had become more raw to its inclusion in all sorts of dishes. sive die-offs in the 1980s that the shery never completely
abundant. Though the oyster may still be struggling, it remains in recovered from, Judy said.
In the last ve to seven years there was a relative come- high demand at such venues and some of the best shuck- Were operating at a new oor, he said.
back with an increase in the harvest and the oysters were a ers will compete in speed competitions to move on to the Sanctuaries, though not popular with watermen, do
little more resistant to the MSX and dermo, Zinn told The world championships in Ireland. increase the brood stock of native oysters, but that brood
County Times. But the dwindling abundance of native oysters means stock has yet to accomplish its main goal.
The two diseases have caused signicant die-offs of oys- that watermen often have to make longer boat trips to get a So far we havent see a bay-wide jump in spat set, Judy
ters over the past several decades. chance for a good harvest. said.
Zinn said there was a strong spat strike when larval I go where the money is, Hiss said. The state is also focusing on bringing back the best habi-
oysters take to oyster shell on the bottom of the watershed Willie Dean, president of the St. Marys County Water- tat for oysters, which is their shells.
and grow about four years ago and watermen had ben- mens Association, agreed. In recent years, with the decline of the shucking house
eted from it for a while. But its not just oysters that are harder to nd, its crabs industry in Maryland, their counterparts in Virginia have
But that now seems to be dwindling, he said. and sh as well. purchased them and are selling empty shells back to
Jason Hiss, a Lusby waterman who dives for oysters, Theyre all moving further north, Dean said. Maryland.
still holds out hope that the native oyster can make a come- The abundance of marine life for harvest in the bay and Shell is essential for spat set, Judy said. Were buying
back but those like him seem to pin their hopes on weather its watershed simply was not what it once was. shells back in as high a quantity as we can.
and water quality being favorable year by year. Not many St. Marys watermen have started oystering, But shells are less available than they used to be.
Theres ups and downs to everything, Hiss said. All it Dean said, because of the sluggish growth in oysters. The objective is to recreate the most favorable environ-
takes is a good year of growth. The oysters didnt grow, thats the problem, said Dean. ment for oysters to grow but its a tedious and difcult
Hiss said last year he could dive and nd 30-bushels It was too hot and dry. process.
worth of oysters to bring to market in just about three-to- Oysters must be at least three inches in length to be le- A series of poor spat sets will produce a decline, Judy
four hours of work; his haul Monday morning was less gally harvested, he said. said. [The historic oyster population] is greatly reduced
than 10 baskets. While oysters can survive in such conditions, they tend were doing all we can to bring it back.
Zinn said getting that one good year of growth for oys- not to increase in size. But progress is slow.
ters is an elusive goal. Many watermen are continuing to crab while they still While the state and watermen are looking for solutions
Water quality is a big factor, Zinn said. And sewerage can in hopes that power dredging, which opens up Nov. 1, to restore the bay and its marine life, Dean said watermen
treatment plants affect that, too. will yield better oyster hauls. have to be more resourceful than ever.
Overows of pollutants affect non-moving aquatic life Its nothing great, but its something to do, Dean said A waterman in this day and age has got to diversify, he
more than moving ones. of the continuing crab season. has to be able to crab, to sh, harvest oysters and clams,
Whats more, while relatively high salinity levels are The St. Marys River has remained a bastion of strong Dean said. You have to do whats best at the time to
good for oyster growth and reproduction, too much sa- oyster production in recent years, he said, and watermen survive.
linity helps breed MSX and dermo that kill the bi-valve, are hoping it will once again yield a good harvest.
Zinn said. There was a beautiful spat strike there last year and
Everything has to be favorable to allow for natural oys-

Gary Coates, of Lottsburg, Va. loads oysters harvested by local waterman Jason Hiss and his crew, onto
Tommy Zinn, center, president of the Calvert County Watermens Association, speaks with U.S. Rep
a conveyor belt into a truck for transport to other buyers at the Watermans Wharf in Solomons.
Steny Hoyer about an oyster seeding project in the Chesapeake Bay. Photos by Guy Leonard.
Jason Dwyer, of Broomes Island, helps load oysters.
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Feature 17

c il s Old Mi 3rd Saturday

C e at Historic Cecils District l l of every month

Saturday, Oct 21 Wine
Apple October 21
& Sunday, Oct 22 Join us this month

12 to 5 pm

Basket LocalFeaturing
Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm
Sun. 11am - 6pm

Cecils Old Mill building

20854 Indian Bridge Road California, MD 2061
301-994-1510 27056 Mt Zion Church Rd. | Mechanicsville, MD 20659 | (301) 884-8118

RENT TO OWN Homemade | Homegrown | Handcrafted | Vintage | Baked Goods


Crafters Wanted

Summerseat Farm
& Artisan Market November 5
9am - 4pm
Free Customer Parking| Rain or Shine

Shop Handmade

Shop Local
All donations are fully tax deductible.
301-932-4164 Mon - Sat: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Vendor Admission Form Available on Website Sun: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Summerseat Farm, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the estates historic splendor & natural resources. Run entirely
1/2 Mile North of Hughesville Bypass | 7700 Leonardtown Road | Hughesville, MD 20637 by volunteers, the farm relies heavily on grants, memberships, donations, & fundraisers to keep the farm running.

From the Woods to Your Yard

Bring a woodland seed character to your yard. Available only at Wild
Birds Unlimited, we offer a variety of seed characters that were inspired
by the Great Outdoors, including owls, a squirrel and a raccoon.

Our seed characters are a fun addition to any bird feeding station. They
can help you attract many of your favorite backyard birds, including

Every Yard Needs a Little Character chickadees, woodpeckers and goldnches.

(301) 863-BIRD(2473)


Were in Lexington Park, in the Plaza with

Dicks Sporting Goods & Kohls
18 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following weeks edition.

addition to his parents and wife, he is also cated years at the Library of Congress as a mos, Marcos Ramos and Matt Zurkowski.
preceded in death by his brothers, William dependable Senior Librarian. She moved Condolences to the family may be made
Lacy Cyrus Sr. and Marvin Cyrus. to St. Marys County in 2001. She enjoyed at
In June 1956, Thomas enlisted in the gardening and was an excellent home Arrangements by the Brinseld Funeral
United States Navy and proudly served cook, preparing many gourmet meals, in- Home, P.A.
his country until his retirement in Octo- cluding her delicious chili, Swedish meat-
ber 1974 as a Chief Aviation Storekeeper. balls, and shrimp scampi. She was very
During his service, he earned the Good crafty and a talented artist. She enjoyed
Conduct Medal (5), the National Defense painting ceramics, ornaments, stools, fur-
Medal (2) (1 star). After retiring, he con- niture and baskets. On March 4, 2016,
Norma Tucker tinued his employment with the federal she married her beloved husband, Randall
government as a supply management Howard Hislop III. Nette enjoyed taking
Norma Tucker, 75 of Mechanicsville, specialist and retired after many years of long weekends to the Outer Banks where
MD, passed away at her residence in Me- dedicated service. she and her husband often traveled dur-
chanicsville, MD on October 14, 2017. During his younger days, he was a long ing the spring and fall. She also enjoyed
Norma was born on January 15, 1942 in time member of a band in which he en- going to Vermont, especially to visit her
Camp Springs, MD to the late Joseph A. joyed playing the electric guitar and sing- friend, and her son while he attended col- Johnson Bartholomew Wood,
Moffett and the late Agnes Louise Thorne. ing. His greatest love was for his family, lege there . Her greatest love was spending
Norma married Thomas Stephen Tucker whom he enjoyed spending all his free time with her family, especially her chil- Jr.
on July 9, 1960 in Oxon Hill, MD. Norma time with especially his granddaughters. dren and grandchildren.
A Graveside Service will be celebrated In addition to her beloved mother and Johnson Bartholomew Wood, Jr.
enjoyed painting pictures, bowling and
later at Arlington National Cemetery. husband, she is also survived by her chil- Snookums, 72 of Mechanicsville,
playing cards. She loved animals. Norma
Memorial Contributions may be made dren, Thomas Christian Youngblood of MD passed away on October 16, 2017 at
was homemaker.
to Alzheimers Association National Capi- West Hartford, CT and Lisa Marie Young- his home. Born on November 10, 1944
In addition to her parents, Norma was
tal Area Chapter. blood of California, MD; her siblings, in Leonardtown, MD he was the son
predeceased by her husband, Thomas Ste-
Condolences to the family may be made Anna Charlotte Schou-Zibell (Jan) of Ma- of the late Catherine Migonette Rus-
phen Tucker, her son William B. Tucker,
at nilla, Philippines and Hans Schou (Kristy) sell Wood and Johnson Bartholomew
her grand-daughter Danielle Grifn, her
Arrangements by the Brinseld Funeral of Mount Pleasant, SC; her grandchildren, Wood, Sr. Snookums was the loving
brother Arthur Moffet (Chubby), and her
Home, P.A. Jalen and Reign Handon of California, husband of Mary Agnes Wood, whom
sister Patricia Barlow (Patsy) . She is sur-
MD; and many extended family and he married on July 8, 1977 in Immacu-
vived by her children Thomas W. Tucker,
friends. She is preceded in death by her late Conception Catholic Church Me-
David A. Dahl; Joanna M. Clark, Judith E.
father. chanicsville, MD.
Grifth; sisters, Alice M. Miller, Joanne
Snookums is survived by his chil-
M. Gates; brother, Richard E. Moffett and
dren; Becky Stallings (Randy) of
three grandchildren Stephen, Alexandria
Mechanicsville, MD, Katie Wood of
and Samantha.
Mechanicsville, MD, and 8 grandchil-
Family will receive friends for Normas
dren. Siblings; Charles Joseph Wood
Life Celebration Visitation on Thursday,
of Abell, MD, Barbara Ann Wathen of
October 19, 2017 from 5pm to 8pm at
Mechanicsville, MD, Richard Edward
Brinseld-Echols Funeral Home, 30195
Wood of Mechanicsville, MD. He was
Three Notch Road, Charlotte Hall, MD
preceded in death by his siblings; Mary
20622. Funeral Services will be Friday,
October 20, 2017 at 11am at Brinseld- Nette Maria Schou Margaret Tarleton, Kitty Clarke, and
Francis Greenwell Wood.
Echols Funeral Home with Pastor Dave
Nette Maria Schou, 55, of Leonardtown, Gisela Mayer He was a lifelong St. Marys County,
Huffman. Interment will be private.
MD died on Monday, October 9, 2017 at MD resident. Snookums was a build-
MedStar St. Marys Hospital, Leonard- Gisela Mayer, 60, of Leonardtown, MD ing service worker for the Maryland
town, MD. died on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at her State Highway Administration for 27
Born on August 1, 1962 in Rosered, home surrounded by her loving family. years, retiring in August, 2007. Snoo-
Sweden, she is the daughter of Lillemor Born May 24, 1957 in Los Angeles, CA, kums enjoyed gardening, hunting,
Skytting Schou of Mount Pleasant, SC she is the daughter of the late Juan Bautista baseball, football, wrestling, cars, and
and the late Thorkil Schou. Mayer and Margarita Ida Siegrist Mayer NASCAR. As well as, spending time
Nette was born and raised in Sweden. Gisela Mayer was a strong, radiant, with family, and serenading his love to
She was athletic and a horse enthusiast beautiful and generous woman who lived sleep.
since age 10. As an animal lover she had her life to serve others and most important- A Mass of Christian Burial will be
many horses, with her latest horse being ly, serve God. There arent words enough celebrated on Thursday, October 19,
Soraya, whom she owned from birth. She to describe the incredible person she was 2017 at 12:30 PM in Immaculate Con-
Thomas Lee Cyrus, Sr. was also the owner of Sorayas mother, An- and will always be. She was adored by all ception Catholic Church, Mechanics-
gelica as well as her horse she rode com- who knew her. ville, MD with Father Michael Tietjen
AKC Thomas Lee Cyrus, Sr., USN petitively, Caprina. She proudly trained Gisela is survived by her children: Mar- ofciating. Interment will follow in
(Ret.) 79, of Mechanicsville, MD passed under three different Olympic Gold Med- garita Ramos, Marcos Ramos, and Alex Charles Memorial Gardens Leonard-
away on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at alists in the US and Sweden. She loved Ramos of Leonardtown, MD; her siblings, town, MD.
Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. her six cats, pot belly pig, mini dachshund, Patricia Mayer of Buenos Aires, Argen- Pallbearers will be; Paul Clements,
He was born in Ray, OH on September Daisy and her horses. She was an avid tina and Alex Mayer of Washington, DC, Bobby Wood, Ricky Wood, and Glenn
12, 1938 to the late Eldon Ulysses and skier and ice skater. She was musically and many extended family and friends. Wood. Honorary Pallbearers will be;
Ethel (Rader) Cyrus. On July 28, 1961, inclined and enjoyed playing the ute and She is preceded in death by her parents. Hunter Darby, Raeney King, Jaedin
Thomas married his beloved wife, Kiyoka the piano. In 1981 she moved from Swe- A Mass of Christian Burial will be cel- King, Ryan Stallings, Jordan Morgan,
Cyrus in Fukuoka, Japan who preceded den to Virginia. In 1986, she graduated ebrated by Reverend Drew Royals at St. John Stallings, Melissa Stallings, and
him in death on March 29, 2002. from George Mason University, earning Josephs Catholic Church, 29119 Point Brandon Stallings. Contributions may
Thomas is survived by his children; Te- of Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Sci- Lookout Road, Morganza, MD 20660. be made to Hospice of St. Marys P.O.
resa L. Emmart (Thomas) of Mechanics- ence. She enjoyed playing soccer through Interment will follow at Charles Memorial Box 625 Leonardtown, MD 20650. Ar-
ville, MD and Thomas L. Cyrus, Jr. of St. her college career. She understood seven Gardens in Leonardtown, MD. rangements provided by Mattingley-
Inigoes, MD; his grandchildren, Natalie languages of which four she was very u- Serving as pallbearers will be Nick Lau- Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A. Leonar-
Paige and Meredith Brooke Emmart. In ent. She was employed for over 30 dedi- rel, David Limjuco, Alex Mayer, Alex Ra- dtown, MD.
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Obituaries 19

l d r i d
Auto & Rental g e



$699* DOWN
*select vehicles only
The Aldridge F
has been Comm mily
to Excellence fo itted
r over
We have rental cars & passenger vans too! 50 years! | 301-866-1679
22025 Three Notch Rd. | Lexington Park, MD 20653
Next to The Tackle Box
**Financed vehicles are down payment plus tax and tags
20 Sports The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

SMAC Scoreboard

Awaits at St. Marys Ryken!
a College Preparatory Catholic High School

Admissions Open House on
Sunday, Oct. 22 at 1 p.m.
Visit to RSVP.

College preparatory, Honors,

Advanced Placement course options

Scholars Program with STEM, Fine Arts, Humanities

and Global & International Studies tracks

25 Advanced Placement and 25 Fine Arts courses

74% of the Class of 2017 awarded scholarships to college

Discover the Difference.

Apply today!
Application deadline: 12/10/17

Visit to learn more.

Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Sports 21

It is 12:46am on Friday, October 13, by game-winning good fortune. What
2017. The last Green Line Metro train the billy goat and Bartman once were,
leaves from the Navy Yard in 14 minutes. The Darkness now is.
It is also just moments after Nationals How did this happen? The first twen-
OF Bryce Harper struck out to end Game ty years of my life were a fans joyride:
5 of the NLDS and to leave D.C. sports three Super Bowl wins by the Skins, an
fans to digest yet another unimaginable, Orioles World Series title in 1983, an al-
if predictable, playoff defeat. ways good if not great Capitals team and
I amdespondent. Jason, make me even a faint memory of the Bullets 1978
your next victim. I wont put up a fight. Championship.
I wont even run through the woods and But since the Skins 1992 cham-
trip in classic corny horror flick style. I pionship, since becoming an adult,
simply cant take this anymore. sports have brought me, in the immor-
As my exhausted mind unwinds and tal words of a growling Clubber Lang,
my broken D.C. sports fans heart starts paaaaaaaaain. Like a spouse in a dys-
to heal, again, I ponder the greater sports functional marriage, I watch knowing
landscape for something to ease the suf- something bad will happen, but I cant
fering. There isnt much; in fact, the two look away out of some unhealthy duty.
NFL Hall of Famers who come to mind I should have been prepared for this;
make me feel worse. the self-loathing is unjustified and a
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, bit pathetic. How many times did my
a man who has employed and defended parents tell me childhood and adoles-
some of the NFLs most dubious char- cence encompass the best years of your
acters, is threatening the employment life? That a rising personal odometer
of any Cowboys players who continues coincides with more aches and pains,
to demonstrate during the national an- responsibility and worryand less re-
them. So thats productive. I hope his silience to deal with it all. That with
bluff is called. each year a layer of your youth-onion
But theres more. is peeled away, leaving you a little less
Rarely outdueled for ultimate villain carefree and little more cynical. That
status, Joness insulated billionaire own- time exposes you to the truth about our
er muscle-flex was one-upped by an- flawed (maybe fatally) species and the
other NFL legend: Mike Ditka. During worlds very serious ills.
a recent radio interview with Jim Gray, In this way, we live in reverse. Life
Ditka, the one-time hard-nosed player starts and, for the fortunate, ends in
and coach turned lovable NFL icon, said diapers, but much of the goodness at
There has been no racial oppression in least the sustained, unbounded joy - is
the last 100 years that I know of. Wait. front-loaded. I knew this already; it
What? was unnecessary for my sports teams to
Ditka quickly apologized for the re- so perfectly embody it. But since Im
mark. Fair enoughI guess. Filed un- self-soothing with sports-life parallels,
der Forgiven, not forgotten. heres another: both offer recurring op-
This was not the tonic I sought in the portunities to renew the pursuit of hap-
aftermath of another D.C. team being piness. In sports, its the rejuvenating
consumed by The Darkness the evil and recurring hope of a new season; in
sports curse enveloping the District. No, life, its the promise accompanying each
that isnt melodramatic. Consider the new day.
resumes of the Skins, Wizards, Capi- I suppose Ill find comfort in that and
tals and Nats since the days of grunge: attempt to overlook the depressing site
no championships since 1992; no playoff thats now on my television screen: the
final four appearances since 1998; and Cubs enjoying a locker room cham-
a combined 4-14 record in the last 18 de- pagne shower at my expense.
ciding playoff games. A toast then, to getting older and to
The Darkness is so powerful that next season. If you cant beat em, join
the Chicago Cubs - the one-time post- em. Cheers.
er franchise for curses and perpetual
heartache felt destined to be touched Send comments to
22 Calendars The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Community Calendar 2022. The annual event attracts more

To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

ries, holiday decorations, toys and games. noon. Proof of prior vaccination is re-
Thursday, October 19 than 1,000 visitors to the Colleges water- Enjoy indoor shopping. All proceeds go quired to receive the three-year vaccine.
Women In Leadership front campus each year. Hawktoberfest to support community outreach minis- Eligible pets include cats, dogs and fer-
Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, 22156 weekend is comprised of a variety of free tries including Loaves and Fishes Soup rets in carriers or on leashes and muz-
Three Notch Road, Lexington Park MD and low-cost events for community mem- Kitchen. zled if necessary. This is an open-air
20653 bers, students and their families. For a full clinic with no special facilities to vac-
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM list of events and to register for any event SMAWL Rescue Fun Run & Trail cinate animals that cannot be restrained
Please join the Chesapeake Bay Chapter for that weekend, visit Walk 2017 (feral animals or stray animals) by their
of Women In Defense (WID) for our events/hawktoberfest. Registration is now St. Marys City Visitor Center18751 owners. Calvert County pet licenses will
Women In Leadership event featuring open through Thursday, Oct. 12. Hogaboom Lane St. Marys City also be available at the rabies clinics. Pet
guest speaker Leslie Taylor, the Executive 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM licenses are $7 for spayed or neutered
Director of NavalAir Warfare Center SMS Rhythm & Riches 2017 5k Fun Run & Trail Walk along the pets (proof required) and $20 for those
Aircraft Division/ Deputy Assistant Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department, beautiful waterfront of Historic St. Marys not spayed or neutered. A Calvert Coun-
Commander for Test and Evaluation, Hollywood, Maryland City. PETS ARE WELCOME. Supports ty pet license must be renewed every
NavalAir Systems Command. She will be 6:00 PM SMAWL (St. Marys Animal Welfare year and is required for all cats and dogs
providing a motivational speech on the A $50 ticket enters you in the raffle for a League). Awards and refreshments will age five months and older. Ferrets are
highlights and challenges of her career chance to win one of 15 cash prizes from follow the run. A SMAWL Dog Reunion not required to have a license. For more
journey. It will also provide a networking $100 to $10,000! A $60 ticket enters you with Group Photo will take place after information, call the Calvert County
opportunity and chance for the public to in the raffle and also allows entry into the the awards! Bring your SMAWL canine Health Department at 410-535-5400 or
meet the new WID Board. concert featuring The Amish Outlaws and alumni! All SMAWL dog alumni will 410-535-3922. Visit online at
Robbie Boothe. Food & Alcohol will be receive a reunion bandana. Reunion
Cunning Folk and Conjurors: Folk available for purchase. www.rhythman- t-shirts will also be available for human
Magic in Colonial America companions. Early Registration (thru 20 Trick-or-Treat on the Square
Historic St. Marys City, Visitor Center October)$25 per individual 12 yrs and Leonardtown Square
Auditorium, 18751 Hogaboom Lane, St. TEXAS HOLDEM TOURNAMENT older, $15 ages 7-12, and free for under 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Marys City, MD 20686 (VFW 2632) 7 yrs. Check out or contact Trick-or-treating, pet costume contest,
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM VFW Post 2632, 23282 Three Notch Rd. crafts and face painting. 301-475-9791
Join Dr. Kelly Arehart, Manager of (Rt 235)
Interpretation and Visitors Services at 7:00 PM Seasonal Farmers Market Purse & BagBingo
George Washingtons Fredericksburg NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLDEM Historic Sotterley, 44300 Sotterley Lane, Mechanicsville Vol. Fire Dept. Social Hall
Foundation, for a presentation of her TOURNAMENT. $50 Buyin ($40 Prize Hollywood, MD 20636 28165 Hills Club Road, Mechanicsville,
work, Cunning Folk and Conjurors: Pool + $10 Charity). Optional $10 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM MD
Folk Magic in Colonial America. This Add-On (Receive an extra $1000 and Check for details. 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
free lecture examines how Europeans 50/50 Entry). Sign In is from 6:20 PM to Doors open at 5:00 pm. Bingo starts at
and Africans brought their tradi- 6:45 PM, Tournament starts at 7PM. Early Keep Your Water Well 6:00 pm. Advanced Sales: $20 book of
tions with them to the New World, Bird Bonus: Register and PAY by 6:45 PM 26737 Radio Station Way, Leonardtown, regular games. Purchase by October 13,
and how Americans understand- and receive an extra $500. Pre-registration MD 20650 2017. At the door: $25 book of regular
ing of magic changed through is encouraged, but not required. For more 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM games.
the 17th and 18th centuries. (240) information or to pre-register contact Have questions about your private well?
895-4990 or info@HSMCdigshistory. Brian: Email:; Cell: Learn how to provide safe drinking water Haunted Ship
org. 240-925-4000 for your family. Join us for a FREE semi- Historic St. Marys City, Maryland Dove
lecture-5/?instance_id=21722 nar! Approximately 1 million residents and State House, 47414 Old State House
Ghosts of Sotterley rely on private drinking water systems Road, St. Marys City, MD 20686
Friday, October 20 Historic Sotterley, 44300 Sotterley Lane, in Maryland. While these homeown- 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Hollywood, MD 20636 ers are responsible for checking their Wear your costume to trick-or-treat
Insurance Consumer Info Opportunity 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM drinking water quality and maintaining at the State House and the Maryland
in St. Marys Co. Beginning at 7:00 p.m. tours leave every their private wells, most homeown- Dove. Donation. (240) 895-4990 or
44219 Airport Road, California, MD 15 minutes. Check for details. ers may not know what they need to be www.
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM doing. On Saturday, October 21, 2017,
The Maryland Insurance Administration,
a state regulatory agency, will offer a vari-
Saturday, October 21 the University of Maryland Extension
will offer St. Marys County residents the Bingo Every Saturday Mother
ety of consumer materials on all types of Hawktoberfest Fall Festival
opportunity to learn about their private Catherine Academy
insurance products from annuities to title St. Marys College of Maryland
wells and how to ensure safe drinking 33883 Chaptico Road Mechanicsville Md
insurance and health, auto and homeown- 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM
water for their families. The clinic will be 20659
ers insurance. Come out and join St. Marys College of
held at the Agricultural Services Building 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Maryland for a full weekend of festive
in Leonardtown from 9:30am to 11:00am. SATURDAY NIGHT BINGO! Doors
Bay Montessori Prospective Parent fall activities during Hawktoberfest, Oct.
The local Department of Health will open at 5 pm
Meeting 2022. The annual event attracts more
provide information about local drinking Early Birds start at 6:30 pm. Regular
20525 Willows Rd. Lexington Park, MD than 1,000 visitors to the Colleges water-
water concerns for well-users. University Games start at 7:00 pm. $10 admission
20653 front campus each year. Hawktoberfest
of Maryland Extension Educators will (includes one regular book).
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM weekend is comprised of a variety of free
explain how private drinking water sys- Progressive Money Ball! Door
Join us for a tour of the campus and the and low-cost events for community mem-
tems work, what steps to take to maintain prizes. Concessions: Weekly spe-
chance to observe in one of our class- bers, students and their families. For a full
the well, and how to ensure that residents cials along with regulars Pizza,
rooms. Bay offers an Infant/Toddler, list of events and to register for any event
have safe drinking water. Participants Cheeseburgers,Hamburgers,Hot dogs and
Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary and for that weekend, visit
will have time to ask questions regarding French Fries. Pull Tabs 1000.00 dollar pay-
Middle School program. We provide indi- events/hawktoberfest. Registration is now
their own drinking water concerns. Only outs with some having multiple winners.
vidualized teaching and a well rounded open through Thursday, Oct. 12.
60 openings are available for this pro- Down lines and 3 Balls! $50 Early Birds.
curriculum including Math, Science, gram, and registration is required. Online Either/Or Blackout 100.00. $100 Regular
Language, History, Art, Music, and STEM. FIRST SAINTS COMMUNITY
Registration: Games. Specials Guaranteed 200.00.
Quickie 100.00. Bonanza 54# OR LESS
Hawktoberfest Fall Festival First Saints Community Church 25550
Rabies Clinic 500.00 Consolation 100.00. Jackpot in 54
St. Marys College of Maryland Point lookout Rd. Leonardtown MD
Huntingtown High School, 4125 Solo- numbers or less $1000 (Progressive$200
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM 7:00 AM - 12 Noon
mons Island Road added each week). Consolation $500.
Come out and join St. Marys College of Come on out to our yearly Nearly
10:00 AM - 12 Noon Winner Take All Special. We are located
Maryland for a full weekend of festive New Sale. Weve got tons of treasures!
Clinics will be held from 10 a.m. to on Route 238 Chaptico Road just one mile
fall activities during Hawktoberfest, Oct. Furniture, yard supplies, decor, accesso-
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Calendars 23

off of Route 5. Call 301-884-3165 for more is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus than 1,000 visitors to the Colleges water- Bay Montessori Open House
information. Visit our website www.moth- of Holy Face Church. For more informa- front campus each year. Hawktoberfest 20525 Willows Rd. Lexington Park, MD for Jackpot and Moneyball tion, e-mail or weekend is comprised of a variety of free 20653
update. call 315-250-5110. Follow us on Facebook and low-cost events for community mem- 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
at bers, students and their families. For a full Bay Montessori will host an Open House
ELKS Texas Holdem list of events and to register for any event on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 from 2:00
St Marys County Elks Lodge Sunday, October 22 for that weekend, visit to 4:00 PM. Bay offers an Infant/Toddler,
7:00 PM events/hawktoberfest. Registration is now Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary and
Knights of Columbus Breakfast
PLAYER APPRECIATION open through Thursday, Oct. 12. Middle School program. We provide indi-
St. Francis Xavier Hall, 21370 Newtowne
TOURNAMENT. No Limit Texas Holdem vidualized teaching and a well rounded
Neck Rd. Leonardtown MD
Poker Tournament. $100 Buy in = 15,000 Sacred Heart Church Annual Fall curriculum including Math, Science,
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
chips. 100% paid out to the players $80 Dinner Language, History, Art, Music, and STEM.
Knights of Columbus Benefit Breakfast for
to the prize pool and $20 Bounty chip. 23080 Maddox Road, Bushwood, MD Join us for a tour of our campus and let
Helpful Hooves Equine Therapy. Regular
Earn a BOUNTY chip worth $20 dollars 20618 our teachers share with you the benefit
and Blueberry Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon,
for every person that you bust out of the 12 Noon - 4:00 PM your children will gain from a Montessori
Sausage, or Biscuit with Sausage Gravy,
tournament. Top Ten percent places will Sacred Heart will be hosting their Annual environment.
Coffee, & Juice. Free Will Donation. The
be paid. (65 or more players will pay the Fall Dinner on October 22nd in their
Helpful Hooves organization improves
final table). Blinds start at 25-50 and will Parish Hall from 12 noon4 p.m. Menu Shady Rill in Concert
the lives of young adults with physical and
increase every 20 minutes. Cash games includes: fried oysters, stuffed ham, turkey Historic St. Marys City, Visitor Center
mental disabilities using horses and horse
will start as soon as there are enough w/dressing & gravy, sweet potatoes, Auditorium, 18751 Hogaboom Lane, St.
related activities.
players that are interested. Holdem : $1- parsley potatoes, green beans, cole slaw, Marys City, MD 20686
$2 no limit. Omaha Hi/Lo : $.50$1 no beets, roll and beverage. Cost is: adults 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
SMCSO MURPH Fitness Challenge
limit (starts at 4pm). Please enter through $26, children 12 and under $6 and drive- Patti Casey and Tom MacKenzie, per-
23145 Leonard Hall Drive, Leonardtown,
the side of the building. Questions: James thru carry-outs $26. We will also have forming together as Shady Rill, return to
MD 20650
Dean 240-577-0828. Email: jdeanjunior@ a Country Store, Bake Table and Raffle. Historic St. Marys City on October 22.
9:00 AM - 12 Noon Please join us! Patti and Toms careers collectively span
On October 22, the St. Marys County
decades. With richly diverse musical influ-
Sheriff s Office Recruitment Committee
Ghosts of Sotterley St. Marys Ryken Open House ences that stretch from the British Isles
will host a Cross Fit style MURPH WOD
Historic Sotterley, 44300 Sotterley Lane, St. Marys Ryken, 22600 Camp Calvert to Qubec to deepest Appalachia, Patti
(workout of the day) at Meidzinski Park
Hollywood, MD 20636 Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650 (Romuald and Tom breathe new depth into and give
in Leonardtown. Everyone 16 years of age
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Hall) a refreshing take on traditional acoustic
or older is welcome to participate. Pre-
Beginning at 7:00 p.m. tours leave every 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM music.The duo will present a program of
register before September 25th for a FREE
15 minutes. Check for details. Your future awaits at St. Marys Ryken! traditional and original harmonies and
T-SHIRT! Register at www.smcsomurph.
Parents and students are invited to join skilled instrumentation. The performance For questions, contact Lt.
Swing and Ballroom Dance us to get to know our school, stu- will begin at 3:00 p.m. in the Visitor
Eva Jones at 301.475.4200 ext. *8069 or by
Little Flower School, Route 5, Great Mills dents and faculty. Meet and Greet with Center Auditorium. Admission is $15 per
email at
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Administrators, Admissions Presentation, person ($12 Friends members) at the door.
Learn some new dance steps this fall! Student-led Campus Tours, SMR Expo (240) 895-4990; info@HSMCdigshistory.
Hawktoberfest Fall Festival
Come for a beginner-level dance les- Learn about Athletics and Extracurricular org;
St. Marys College of Maryland
son from 7-8 p.m., and stay for dancing Activities, Discover the benefits of our shady-rill-concert/?instance_id=22365.
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
to music of all kinds from 8-11 p.m. No College Preparatory, Honors, Advanced For more information on Shady Rill: www.
Come out and join St. Marys College of
experience required! Singles always wel- Placement and Scholars Program curricu-
Maryland for a full weekend of festive
come! Bring a snack to share; water will be lum. For more information go to: smrhs.
fall activities during Hawktoberfest, Oct.
provided. Cost: $10 per person. The dance org/admissions.
2022. The annual event attracts more

Legal Notice Legal Notice
In the Circuit Court for St. Marys County, Maryland
The Commissioners of Leonardtown are seeking proposals from interested compa-
nies to install a dry, automatic fire sprinkler system and a fire alarm system in the Case No.: C-18-FM-17-414
Town Hall located at 22670 Washington Street, Leonardtown. All work should be Notice (Adult) (DOM REL 61)
done in accordance with NFPA-13 and state and local codes. Parties interested in
submitting a proposal should contact the Town Administrator by calling 301-475- The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which
9791 or by email at A site visit is recom- she seeks to change her name from Mandy Kay McTavish to Kay McTavish
mended to obtain an understanding of the project. Proposals will be accepted until Eckert. The petitioner is seeking a name change because:
10:00 a.m., Friday, November 17, 2017. I got married and I wanted to keep my maiden name as my middle name. I would
like to shift my middle name and discard my first name, as I do not wish to have
The Town reserves the right to reject any or all bids, vary the specifications of four names to write when I sign my name. I prefer Kay over Mandy.
those set forth, and impose such additional or further specifications as, in its discre-
tion, it determines to be in the public interest. Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 26th
day of November, 2017. The objection must be supported by an affidavit and
By authority: served upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to
file an objection or affidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by
Laschelle McKay, Town Administrator default or the granting of the relief sought.

Clerk of the Circuit Court for
St. Marys County Maryland

October 13, 2017

24 Calendars The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

St. Marys Department of Aging

Lofer Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 1658
Garvey Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 1050

Programs and Activities

Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 3101
Visit for the most up-to date information
Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Marys County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Tom Jarboe; Todd B. Morgan; John E. OConnor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services

a.m.-1 p.m. for a mystery lunch! The other of Aging & Human Services for the Sec- touching tribute to those who have served
Medstar Medicare Choice night in the library, when many characters ond Annual Veterans Resource Day, to be our country and those who serve today.
Leaving St. Marys County were out of their books enjoying a sojourn held on Wednesday, Nov. 8, from 9 a.m.-2 Veterans - wear your ribbons (and your
In 2015, Medstar Choice, a Medicare in the night air, a crime was committed, p.m. at the Southern Maryland Higher Ed- uniform if you wish). A staff-prepared
Advantage plan began offering coverage grim and grave, right in our own library. ucation Center, located at 44219 Airport breakfast will begin at 9:30 a.m.; opening
to St. Marys County Medicare benecia- As a result his Majesty Henry VIII that Road, in California, MD. We will have a ceremony at 10 a.m. Cost is $4 for civil-
ries as an alternate to receiving benets famous monarch from the English history question and answer session with experts ians, FREE for veterans and active duty
from the traditional Medicare program. books has disappeared. Gathered at the on veterans affairs, including Maryland service members. Call 301-475-4200, ext.
Effective Jan. 1, 2018, these policies will party are the characters that were present Secretary of Veterans Affairs George Ow- *1658 before Nov. 3 to reserve your spot.
no longer be offered in St. Marys and in the library at the time of the nasty deed. ings III, starting at 9:30 a.m., and breakout Indicate if you are a veteran when you sign
those who are currently enrolled will be Fortunately Master Sherlock Holmes will sessions including a drug overdose re- up. Seating is limited.
automatically enrolled back into the tradi- be there to investigate, so the perpetrator sponse/narcan training at 11:30 p.m. More
tional Medicare Part A & B program. At
this time it is not known if another compa-
of this heinous crime will no doubt be re- than 20 organizations will be represented Diabetes Self-Management
vealed as the morning proceeds. You will at Veterans Resource Day, and lunch will Come join us at the Garvey Senior Ac-
ny will offer a Medicare Advantage plan help question the characters and mingle be provided by Mission BBQ. For more tivity Center on Tuesdays from 1:30-4
in our area. This change does not affect with them as you become part of the in- information, Community Programs & p.m., Nov. 14-Dec. 19. Living with diabe-
anyone enrolled in the Medstar Family vestigation! Lunch will be served as part Outreach Manager Sarah Miller at 301- tes is a full time job. The Diabetes Self-
Choice Medicaid program. It is important of this mystery party. Dress up as your fa- 475-4200, ext. *1073, email sarah.miller@ Management workshop gives attendees
that individuals affected by this loss of vorite storybook character and your name, visit www.stmarysmd. tools to take control of their disease. Top-
coverage seek out enrollment into a Medi- will be entered into a drawing for a gift com/aging/veterans.asp, or nd us on ics covered include nutrition, stress man-
care Part D prescription plan and possibly basket!! Lunch for the day will be meat- Facebook, keyword St. Marys County agement, medication management and
a Medicare Medigap policy as well. Any- loaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, seasoned Department of Aging & Human Services. more! Space is limited. Register by calling
one who needs assistance reviewing their greens, dinner roll, peach crisp and pine- 301-475-4200, ext. *1050. There is no fee
options may call the St. Marys County
Department of Aging & Human Services
apple juice. A donation toward the cost Gentle Chair Yoga to attend; however, attendance at all six
of your meal is appreciated if you are 60 This class has just been added to the sessions is highly recommended.
at 301-475-4200, ext. *1050, to schedule years of age or older. For those under 60 tness card! Starting Wednesday, Nov. 1
an appointment. the cost of your meal will be $6.To make
reservations call 301-475-4200, ext. *1050.
Gentle Chair Yoga will be offered at 9:30 Chair & Seated Yoga at
a.m. every Wednesday at the Garvey Se-
Cancer: Thriving & Surviving nior Activity Center. Experience the many Northern
Workshop AARP Smart Driving Course benets of a yoga practice without having The Northern Senior Activity Center
offers chair yoga classes each week. This
A workshop for those who are dealing The Northern Senior Activity Center to get on the oor with Gail Wathen, E
is a great opportunity to try modied yoga
with or who have had cancer will take will host an AARP Smart Driving Course RYT 500. Learn various movements that
if you are interested in yoga but unsure or
place at the Lofer Senior Activity Center on Monday, Oct. 30 at 9 a.m.-2 p.m. This will increase your range of motion, pro-
unable to take a traditional yoga class. The
for six consecutive Thursdays from 1-3:30 course includes proven safety strategies mote exibility, and improve balance
positions used incorporate a chair for ease
p.m. beginning Oct. 26 and continuing that older drivers can use to compensate We will also explore yogic breathing
and stability. Wednesdays class is mostly
through Dec. 7. This Stanford University for changes as they age and allow them to practices and deep relaxation will also be
seated with limited standing positions and
Chronic Disease Self-Management Pro- drive more safely and condently for as explored. These techniques, when done
there is no getting down on the oor. Also
gram is being offered for free; topics in- long as possible. The fee is $15 for AARP regularly can assist body healing at the cel-
included in the format is exercise for brain
clude healthy eating, creating a physical members and $20 for non-members with lular level. Although this practice is good
activity and instructions on facial yoga for
activity program, managing stress, work- cash or check made payable to AARP. for all, it is especially helpful for those
toning and reinvigorating facial muscles.
ing with health care providers, better com- Payment is required to sign up for the who may suffer from chronic conditions
If able to do little more standing, then Fri-
munication with family, friends, cowork- class. Class is 4 hours with a break for such as arthritis. If you are new to the class
days class is a slightly more progressive
ers and providers, managing emotions lunch at 11:30 a.m. Lunch is a donation you can try your rst class for free. Call
option but still less demanding then tra-
and relationships, managing fatigue and from seniors 60 and older; $6 for others 301-475-4200, ext. *1050 to learn more
ditional yoga. Try either class for free. To
effects of treatment. Pre-registration is re- made the day of the class. To sign up and
continue with participation, a tness pass
quired. Sign up by calling 301-475-6019. pay for this class in advance and to sign up Veterans Circle Celebration may be purchased at the front desk for
for lunch, please visit the front desk or call On Thursday, Nov. 9 from 9:30-10:30 $30, good for 10 classes. For more infor-
Mystery in the Library & 301-475-4200, ext. *3101. a.m. the staff at the Lofer Senior Activ- mation about chair yoga at the Northern
Luncheon ity Center will honor all veterans, active Senior Activity Center, call 301-475-4200,
Come join us at The Garvey Senior Veterans Resource Day duty and former service members at our ext. *3101.
Activity Center on Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 10 Join the St. Marys County Department 10th annual Veterans Circle Celebration- a

and the practical uses and versatility of Volunteer hours will be recorded and ap- undertaker, as well as the author of three
Excel. Students will learn time saving proved. Please talk to Ms. Andrea if you other historical novels. Her novels have
features and tips for using Excel effec- are interested. been translated into Turkish, Polish, and
tively. Prerequisite: Basic skills in using Czech. She writes from her two-story
the mouse & keyboard. Adult computer Self-Publishing vs. home library, where she lives with her
classes are limited to ages 16 and up. Reg- Traditional Publishing: wonderful bookshelf-building husband,
istration required on Choose Wisely ve precocious cats, a large doll collec-
Lexington Park Library will hold Self- tion, entirely too many fountain pens,
Halloween Spooktacular Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: and over 4,000 fully catalogued books.
Microsoft Ofce: Lexington Park Library will hold a Choose Wisely as part of the NaNoWri- She and her husband are active travelers
Introduction to Excel Halloween Spooktacular on Thursday, Mo (National Novel Writers Month) Kick and journey regularly to England to con-
Lexington Park Library will hold a Mi- October 26 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Enjoy Off party on Saturday, October 28 from duct book research at historic sites. Learn
crosoft Ofce: Introduction to Excel class not-so-scary stories, awesome activi- 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Christine Trent, a lo- more about Christine at www.Christi-
on Monday, October 23 from 2 p.m. to 4 ties, & more. Trick-or-treat through the cal author, will talk about her publishing or follow her on Facebook
p.m. This class is recommended for indi- library! Kids of all ages are welcome! journey and answer your questions. She at
viduals who are new to Microsoft Excel No registration! The library is in need of is the author of the Lady of Ashes histori- Books. Registration required on www.
or have limited spreadsheet experience. teen volunteers to help run Spooktacular. cal mystery series, about a Victorian-era
Providing an introduction to spreadsheets
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Entertainment 25

American Legion Kicks off

Bluegrass Series
The award winning male vocalist and traditionalist, Ju- Maryland. So when you hear the ringing mandolin, driv-
nior Sisk and Ramblers Choice will kick off the concert ing bass, 5 string banjo, and the flat top bluegrass guitar,
series Sunday November 5, 2017 at the American Legion itll be JUST US!
Post 238 in Hughesville, MD. The show starts at 2:00 Tickets for the Sunday November 5 show as well as all
pm with the Just Us Band. The series is presented by Jay shows in the season will be $20.00 per person. Children
Armsworthy and the Sons of the American Legion. under 12 are admitted free with a paid adult. You can
Since his solo career has taken off, Junior Sisk has re- purchase tickets by mail by sending a check made payable
leased one successful recording after another. The new- to Jay Armsworthy and
est recording, The Mountains Are Calling Me Home, mail to P.O. Box 741, Cali-

Marys Hope
has delivered a textbook example of todays traditional fornia, MD 20619. Tickets
bluegrass. And the multi-award winning group never will be held at the door. The
lets up. This is traditional bluegrass the way it should be American Legion Post 238
played. is located on the corner of
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice is widely recognized MD Rt. 381 & Rt. 231 in
as one of todays premier traditional bluegrass bands. Hughesville, Maryland.
Sisks bluegrass pedigree runs deep - hailing from the
Virginia Blue Ridge; he first made his mark as a song-
The remainder of the se-
ries will feature well known
on Church Cove St. Inigoes
Fall Bridal Show
writer in the early 1990s. Several years later, as a member award winning groups such
of Wyatt Rice & Santa Cruz and then the band, Blueridge, as: Nothin Fancy along
he helped define the sound of driving, modern tradition- with Remington Ryde on
al bluegrass music. Sisk founded his band, Ramblers Sunday January 7, 2018;
Choice in 1998, releasing Sounds of the Mountains on
Rounder Records. After a brief hiatus, he reformed the
Russell Moore & IIIrd
Tyme Out on Sunday Feb- Sunday Oct. 29, 12pm-3pm
group and began a successful career with Rebel Records. ruary 11, 2018; Lou Reid &

Seasons Events
He now records for Mountain Fever Records. Carolina, Sunday March 11,
His 2011 album, Heart of a Song helped bring the 2018; and for the first time
band into the spotlight and reminded bluegrass fans of the in Southern Maryland, Karl & Introducing
power of tradition. The albums single A Far Cry from Shiflett & the Big Country
Lester and Earl became a rallying cry for a resurgence Show from Texas on Sun-
of traditional sounds in bluegrass and received the 2012 day April 29, 2018. Troy
Song of the Year award from the IBMA. The band was Jones will provide sound
further honored when Heart of a Song received IBMA for each show.
Album of the Year. Sisk was honored with the 2013 Male All shows begin at 2:00
Vocalist of the Year award from the IBMA, and the group pm with the doors open-
was named 2014 SPBGMA Bluegrass Band of the Year. ing at Noon. Food will be
Longneck Blues, collaboration with noted singer- available for sale before the
songwriter Ronnie Bowman, was named 2016 Recorded shows. Although not re-
Event of the Year by the IBMA. Sisk received the 2017 quired, it is encouraged to
Male Vocalist of the Year award from SPBGMA. bring non-perishable food
Opening the show will be the Just Us Band from items for the Helping Hands
Ridgely, Maryland. They have been together a little over Food Bank in Southern
2 years. Bill Crater plays mandolin, guitar, and fiddle; Maryland. For more infor-
sings lead and tenor. Bills wife Jean Crater plays bass; mation, tickets, and direc-
sings lead and alto. They live in Seaford, Delaware. Tom tions, go to www.american-
Blades plays guitar; sings lead. Toms wife Janice Blades or call
plays banjo; sings lead, alto, tenor. They live in Ridgely, 301-737-3004.
Maryland. Janices daughter Darlene McKinney plays
guitar; sings lead and alto. She lives in Federalsburg, Press Release

Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice. Photo courtesy of

26 The County Times

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to the Trac


CLUES ACROSS 40. Rip 17. Hit lightly

41. Remove 18. Seemingly bottomless
1. Holds candles 44. Puts together in time chasm
7. In possession of 45. Rotary engines 20. Title of respect
10. Rodents 48. Skeletal structure 23. Warms up
12. Type of cofactor 49. Member of a labor 24. Man and Wight are two
(Brit. sp.) organization 25. Type of scan
13. Hard candy on a stick 50. Japanese classical 26. Atomic mass unit

Kid'S Corner
14. Animal of the weasel theater 29. Article
family 51. Undergarments 30. Incriminate
15. Things that should not 31. Passes by
be overlooked CLUES DOWN 32. Most nerve-inducing
16. Silence author 35. David Alan Grier
17. Dried, split lentils 1. Snake Tales sitcom
18. People native to cartoonist 36. Achieve
Ghana 2. Religious group 38. Freshwater sh ACROSS
19. Barros and Gasteyer 3. Singer Redding 40. Beginner 1. Appreciative
are two 4. __ and tuck 41. Dark brown or black 5. Lazy Person

21. British thermal unit 5. Head honcho 42. A newlywed wears one
6. Second sight 43. DiFranco and 6. Harmful
22. Large oblong hall
27. Ethnic group in Asia 7. Composer Vardanyan are two 7. Small Container
28. Holiday decoration 8. About aviation 44. Diego, Francisco, 8. Give a portion to
33. Milliliter 9. Senior ocer Anselmo others
34. Open 10. Forecasts weather 45. Ancient Egyptian King
36. Health physics 11. Seasoned Hungarian 46. Old name (abbr.) DOWN
concept (abbr.) soup 47. Brazilian city (slang) 1. Thanksgiving foods
37. Tantric meditation 12. Town in Hesse, 2. Eat small bites
38. Where golf games Germany
begin 14. Thought to derive from 3. Well-known
39. Birth swine meteorites 4. Caring
Puzzle Solutions
Last Weeks

Word Scramble: ANIMAL

Down: 1. Turkeys 2. Nibbler 3. Famous 4. Loving

Kids Crossword Answers: Across: 1. Thankful 5. Bum 6. Evil 7. Urn 8.Share
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times Contributing Writers 27

What Happened
By Terri Schlichenmeyer
by Hillary Rodham Clinton

our vote counts. which is more-or-less unimportant except to the people
Thats what you head to the polls hoping: being named.
that your single vote matters out of millions, Conversely, readers hoping for a smidge of lightheart-
and that youll have a hand in history. On edness will nd it here: on her post-election days, Clinton
that note, about last fall, Hillary Rodham Clinton has a says that she practiced yoga and deep breathing but I also
few things to say, and in her new book What Happened, drank my share of chardonnay. We are likewise treat-
youll notice rst that that title is not a question. ed to great behind-the-scenes peeks; for example, Clin-
Youll also notice that Clinton is quick to say in her au- ton practiced for debates in such mocked-up detail that
thors note, that this book is based entirely on her point of Trump hardly said a thing in any of the three debates that
view and her memories. I was hearing for the rst time.
To start, Clinton refuses to point ngers at anyone on Here, theres a constant sense of awe and gratitude at
her staff, and theres no under-the-bus throwing. Later, her role in history, as well as backhanded relief at not win-
she carefully, thoughtfully cites specics on why she ran ning, perceiving it as opportunity to spend time with her
and lost, and she steadfastly claims responsibility for what grandchildren. And yet theres a no-surprise tone of an-
happened and for decisions made - though she does lay ger in this book, and lingering befuddlement over much of
blame on James Comey; the media, for skewing what was 2016s political scene. Clinton says, Im doing okay, but
reported; and, of course, Donald Trump. She is, in fact, eagle-eyed readers may spot passages here that seem to
deeply concerned for the viciousness of this last campaign belie that sentiment. Still, theres plenty of sass left: Clin-
and its use of lies and misquoted half-thoughts, but shes ton persistently pokes sharply at the soft spots of her elec-
sorry-not-sorry for using the word deplorables. She ad- tion opponent in many subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways...
mits regret over now-minor scandals and, as for emails, Toward the end of What Happened, Clinton asks that
Clinton believes that, generations from now, people will we all be kind, but she also offers advice for Demo-
be shocked that they were the Number One subject of crats who want to win in 2018 and 2020. And though this
campaign controversy. doesnt mean Ill ever run for ofce again, it doesnt
There is, in this book, a lot of unnecessary: readers mean the opposite, either.
will nd pages of biography and personal stories that ap- In other words, do read this book and dont count her
peared in past books, either in hers or Bills. There are out yet.
history lessons that really only boost her anecdotes, and
could have been omitted; ditto for some things that seem c.2017, Simon & Schuster
overly-rehashed. Of course, as happens in many mem- $30.00 / $39.99 Canada
495 pages
oirs, names are dropped like moths beneath a bug zapper,


limited time offer: Free Window

Improve your home. Improve your life.

Why in the world would we give you a

free window no strings attached?
Simple. Because we know that we have the most superior window on the
market and were that confident youll be blown away by our quality and
performance youll want to replace all of your windows with Long Windows!

How do I get my free window? Im John DePaola, President of

Were extending this limited time, free window offer to only a few select Long Windows. Weve come
homeowners. To qualify you must: up with a whole new way for
customers to experience the Long
3 be a homeowner 3 have an acceptable credit rating Windows difference risk free!
3 have an interest in replacing 3 have all homeowners present for a You wouldnt buy a car without
the windows in your primary demonstration of our top-of-the-line test-driving it, right? Well, now
residence in the near future Long Window with Heat Mirror you can test-drive our window!

Schedule Your Test Drive Today! 888-881-4340 First time Long Window customers only, living in
MD, DC or Northern VA. Valid initial visit only, for one
double hung window, up to 101 united inches, fully Promo Code: SOUTH installed with white capping. (Average windows are
approx. 93 united inches.) Expires 5/20/16. LFH
reserves the right to suspend promotion at any time.
28 Contributing Writers The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Cafe Comfort Blair and Swann, continued... you come out I will hit youBlair
cocked the pistol and Swann hit him.
Bernard Owens was next sworn
and testified: I dont know anything Justice Morgan said it is a charge
about it. I was standing at the coun- in which I can only hold a prelimi-
ter and when I turned around I saw nary hearing. In such cases my idea
Blair lying down. is that if there be a probable ground
Frank Slye testified: I am a clerk of guilt. When I fixed the bail for
for Mr. Bowling. I saw Mr. Blair Mr. Swanns appearance at this hear-
have hold of the young man . Didnt ing I had not heard the testimony in
see Blair doing anything to himI the case... If I had had final jurisdic-
didnt hear any wordsthe young tion in the case from evidence that I
man jerked away from him. Saw have heard a great about of the guilt
Blair turn around. of the prisoner had been produced,
Dudley Davis was the first witness that I would have acquitted him. As
sworn for the defendant. He said he it is, I will hold him for appearance
was on the porch where Mr. Blair and at March court.
my uncle Lewis Davis were talking. The March 28, 1889 edition of the
My uncle said to him you or some- Beacon reported that William Oscar
body else came near shooting me in Swann had been found not guilty of
Some days it is nice to have a com- ate with my oldest brother, if anything, she my foot. Mr. Blair called him a liar. the charges filed against him.
fort day. For me, when I have a chance, a was rail thin. Davis further testified that Blair James Thomas Blair, son of Jer-
comfort day involves wandering around I believe that what my mother ate dragged Swann over the end of the emiah Blair, 3/10/1848-3/29/1915.
the county (who would have guessed?) must have affected us in lots of ways. It counter and struck at him I tried to He married Agnes E. Pines (of Bal-
and maybe nding somewhere to have a somehow became stored in my genes and part them saying let the boy alone timore), 11/19/1872.
breakfast or a lunch and a cup of hot tea. mind, and therefore is not something I but Blair fired his pistol once right 5/20/1915: James T. Blair died at
Normally, these kind of days are after a can change. This is my theory and I am across my head saying he was going his home in Milestown on Tuesay, age
doctors appointment. On my weekly er- sticking to it, and completely explains to shoot his guts out. He cocked the 66 years. Democrat. Survived by a
rand day, a treat might be a Mocha Latte why I have continued the occasional lunch pistol again and Swann hit him. Ber- widow, Mrs. Agnes Pines Blair and
at a coffee shop, drive through, or Caf treat practice, which leads me to this past nard Owens was right behind Blair. 7 grown children, 6 sons and 1 dau.,
d Wawa. Though of course this all de- Monday after a doctors appointment in McKenna Gray was next called viz., Douglas, Benjamin, George,
pends how much change I can scrounge up Leonardtown. I was very happy after re- and sworn. He testified there was Herbert, Frank, Webster, and Miss
out of my purse or if I have rst thought ceiving a prescription for Premarin which a great row raised in the house Eva Blair. (Death Notices from the
about the amount of calories involved and I hope will cool my fevered body and pos- I dont know who did the firing St. Marys Beacon, 1900-1930 by Re-
decided against said treat. sibly allow me to sleep some. It was time ...while I was on the porch Lewis Da- gina Hammett and David Long).
The doctors appointment treat days to celebrate. Well, there still is Mindy the vis came out and said to me that Blair William Oscar Swann, 1869-1943,
began 34 years ago when I was going to watchful hound dog to contend with, who came near to shooting him. Mr. Blair son of Francis Swann and Ann Dove
Drs. Mulford and Bowes for maternity ap- believes she must go out an reconnoiter called him a liar. ..I saw Swann come Davis. He married Annie Alma Bur-
pointments for my rst son. It was not an the yard every two hours during the night. out with Blair following him with a roughs, 12/23/1896.
easy pregnancy having had both food poi- My celebration mood took me to Ye pistol in his hand. Dudley Davis was
soning and the u, but I did always leave Olde Towne Caf on the square in Leon- between them.. The pistol was fired
encouraged after visits with either of those ardtown. I was in the mood for a cheese once and then Swann said to Blair if
wonderful doctors. I still had worry in the omelet and home fries. I am way past 95
back of my mind and to calm down be- pounds now, so what is one cheese omelet
fore going back to work or home I started now and then, right? I asked the busy pro-
going to either Baileys Restaurant on one prietor, Irene Parrish if I could be seated at
corner or Dukes lunch counter on the oth- the lunch counter, because I love watch- Attention High School and College Students...
er corner of the square in Leonardtown. ing everything being cooked on the grill.
Gosh, I loved those two places. It just makes me happy. I watched the grill Looking for something to do this summer?

It is amazing what a cup of hot tea masters Anthony and Stephen working

County Times
and chocolate cake can do for your psyche. seamlessly around each other to get orders
Of course, I was only 95 pounds then and out fast and hot. My cheese omelet and
only went up to 115 pounds with my rst home fries were perfect, and my friendly
pregnancy. I could have eaten chocolate waitress, Donna, knew when I was ready

cake everyday back then with no weight for something before I did. I was happy,
gain. Maybe I did this because my mother comforted, and have kept the treat tradi-
said that my middle brother and I were re- tion alive. I just wish I didnt have to wait team is looking for
ally only coffee, hot fudge cake, and ciga- three more months for my next doctors

Apply NOW
rettes. She claimed that this was all she ate appointment!
during our pregnancies at a diner near the Send resume to
DC line in Hillcrest Heights/Silver Hill. To each new days adventure, Shelby
Please send your comments or ideas to: and lets discuss the possibilities.
No, it wasnt Junior Hot Shoppes it was
past that on the right nearer to Stricks and for Immediate Consideration 301.247.7611 |
or nd me on facebook:
Suitland Parkway. I have no idea what she Wanderings of an aimless mind
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times 29

St. Cecilia Church
Victory Baptist Church
47950 Mattapany Rd, PO Box 429 29855 Eldorado Farm rd
CharlottE hall, md 20659
St. Marys City, MD 20686 301-862-4600
Vigil Mass: 4:30 pm Saturday 21800 N. Shangri-La Dr. # 8
Sunday: 8:00 am Order Of gOOd news services Lexington Park, MD 20653
Weekday (M-F): 7:30 am sun schOOl, all ages...............10:00 Pastor James L. Bell, Sr.

Confessions: 3-4 pm Saturday sun mOrning wOrship.............11:00 sun evening wOrship.................7:00 Seek Shelter
21800 N. Shangri-La
Church Services

Park, Sunday MD 20653

Dr. # 8

wed evening prayer mtg.........7:00 f
ProClaiming thE ChangElEss
Your Soul
301-866-5772 Morning Prayer 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:00 a.m.

word in a Changing world. Pastor James L. Bell, Sr.

Christ Episcopal Church 21800 N. Shangri-La Dr. # 8
Lexington Park, MD 20653
Evening Prayer 6:30 p.m.

King & Queen Parish founded 1692 Jesus saves 301-866-5772

Pastor James L. Bell, Sr.
Pastoral Teaching 7:00 p.m.

25390 Maddox Road | Chaptico, MD 20621 victOrybaptistchurchmd.Org
301-884-3451 Church Services
Church Services


Morning Prayer 9:30 a.m.
7:45am Holy Eucharist, Rite I Sunday
Morning Worship 10:00 a.m.
11:00am Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Hollywood United Methodist Church
St. Annes Church Morning Prayer 9:30 a.m.
Organ & Choir 24422 Mervell
Evening Prayer Dean Rd Hollywood,
6:30 p.m. MD 20636
All are Welcome Morning 301-373-2500 Worship 10:00 a.m.
Pastoral Teaching 7:00 p.m.
Meeting at Dent Memorial Chapel
Charlotte Hall Road, Charlotte Hall Katie Paul, Pastor
Sundays - 10:00 am - Holy Eucharist Sunday WorshipTuesday
8:30 and 11:00 a.m.
Traditional Anglican Worship Sunday School
Evening Prayer for all ages 6:30
9:45 a.m. p.m.
First Millennium Faith for a All of our services are traditional.
Third Millennium World Pastoral Teaching
Child care is provided. 7:00 p.m.
(301)934-6873 Sunday Evening Youth Group
Christian Preschool and Kindergarten available

Associate Publisher TO PLACE AN AD ON THIS PAGE
Thomas McKay
Eric McKay
The St. Marys County Times is a weekly newspaper providing news and information for
the residents of St. Marys County. The St. Marys County Times will be available on news-


General Manager stands every Thursday. The paper is published by Southern Maryland Publishing Company,
Al Dailey which is responsible for the form, content, and policies of the newspaper. The St. Marys

AT 301-247-7611 OR
County Times does not espouse any political belief or endorse any product or service in its
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Graphic Designer
Sallie Keys To be considered for publication, articles and letters to the editor submitted must include the
writers full name, address and daytime phone number. Submissions must be delivered by
Dick Myers 4 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication to ensure placement for that week.
After that deadline, the St. Marys County Times will make every attempt possible to publish

County Times
Staff Writer St. Marys
late content, but cannot guarantee so. Letters may be condensed/edited for clarity, although
Guy Leonard
care is taken to preserve the core of the writers argument. Copyright in material submitted
Interns to the newspaper and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the St. Marys
Zach Hill
County Times and its licensees may freely reproduce it in print, electronic or other forms. We
are unable to acknowledge receipt of letters. The St. Marys County Times cannot guarantee
P. O. Box 250 Hollywood, MD 20636
Frank Marquart, Mike Batson
that every letter or photo(s) submitted will be published, due to time or space constraints.
Contributing Writers
Laura Joyce, Ron Guy, Linda Reno , Shelbey Opperman, Doug Watson
30 The County Times Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sashvopepin3g0at% -50%

CLASSIFIED Cream ofthe Crop Nursery

by our location


Ads Wholesale to the Public

(position #123404)
50% half-time (20 hrs/wk) faculty position, renewable annually IN University of Maryland Multi Colored Mums $7 3 Gallon Leyland Cypress Ornamental Cabbage & Kale
Extension St. Marys County in Leonardtown office. Coordinator performs a variety of Hanging Basket Mums $7 3 gallon for $10 $2.50
duties to support educational activities related to gardening and horticulture for the St.
Marys Master Gardener Program. Coordinate volunteers, maintain member enrollment Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees & Perennials Available!
files, arrange for training programs, assist MGs in producing newsletters and outreach Red Tips $12 3 gallon Endless Summer Twist n Shout Hydrangeas 7 gallon $20
materials, provide some marketing and public relations support to UME office, present Ornamental Grassed $10 3 gallon Knock Out Roses 2 gallon $12
information in public meetings and keep up with current research and information on Drift Roses $12 2 gallon 7 ft Pink Dogwood 15 gallon $100
Virginia Sweet Spire $17 3 gallon 1 gal Variegated Liriope $5
gardening. Position requires standard office skills computer, Internet, email, etc.
American Beauty Berry $17 3 gallon 2 gal Blueberries $14
Assorted 1 Gallon Perennials Starting at $4 3 gal Fall Blooming Camellias $22
Qualifications: Bachelors Degree, M.S. Degree preferred. Experience working with
volunteers. Must be able to pass a criminal background check. Valid MD drivers license
and personal car for work. Must apply at: Most Plants Grown On-site!
Closing Date: November 3, 2017
Open 7 Days a Week
EOE/AA Mon.-Fri. 8am-6:30pm | Sat. 8am-6pm | Sun. 9am- 4pm
Adjacent to the Charlotte Hall Farmers Market
Contact Jim for more info at 301-542-4430

Attention High School and College Students... TECHNOLOGY PARK

Looking for something to do this summer?

County Times
team is looking for
Apply NOW Send resume to
Do you
and lets discuss the possibilities. need lower
for Immediate Consideration 301.247.7611 | office over-

Flexible lease terms to work with your contract schedule
Full service terms including electric and janitorial expenses
St. Marys County Calvert County Only 3 miles from Gate 2
Only .03 miles from Gate 3
Lovely, quiet campus setting
Would you like to place a
1200 to 6,000 sq ft available
Classied Ad in our paper? including lab/conference space

Barbara Svenson
Email (301) 502 -7876
48015 Pine Hill Run Road,
Lexington Park. MD 20653
Thursday, October 19, 2017 The County Times 31

Serving The Community Since 1994
Group Health Insurance - Individual Market Health Insurance,
Dental - Vision- AFLAC
Life Insurance - Short & Long Term Disability,
Payroll Services

Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr. Katie L. St. Clair 301-884-5904

President Vice President Customer Service Mgr.
301.884.5900 - 301.934.4680 - Fax 301.884.0398- Fax 301-884-2884

Mike Batson Photography DAVES ENGINE SERVICE

Freelance Photographers Where Service Comes First
Stored Sales & Service
Inside Farm Equipment Machine Shop
Weddings Home & Industrial Engines Welding
Family Portraits
Truck Load Sale
301-938-3692 $271.35 Per Ton 40 Pound Bag $6.65 Last Seasons Prices Continue 27898 Point Lookout Road Loveville, Md 20656
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