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note pillars length
a, front-side soldering
Marked S4 frosted vertical
stripes side while soldering 470uf capacitance
connect negative (left) short legs soldered
in the shade
LED, has green point side Pin short side insert
soldered in the negative (top) into the circuit board

Element not be explained please reference

Fixing circuit board 5V1 tube blue edge
the diagram and circuit board soldering
on the back of the soldering negative
The following capacitance soldering, white plastic pieces (left) Battery has positive and negative
regardless of the positive and negative points, according to FIG soldering
104P, 10UF, 20P This discharge soldering
560 resistor marked 561
1302 clock chip dots
The following resistance soldering, Infrared receiver tube
align circuit board
regardless of the positive and negative according to FIG soldering
at the recess
10K, marked 103
560, marked 561

b. Backside and Side panel soldering

LED, has green point side soldered
in the negative

Use glue to fixed magnetic Clock crystal, regardless of the 560ohm resistor
core, and then fixed outer core positive and negative. Crystal side marked 561
secondary winding soldering 10K resistor, marked 103
The back of the white securing
member has a bald, cut it first
and then fixed

The two wire, regardless of the positive

and negative soldering, the soldering thread
package must not paint (no red), if there Lock pillars screw
please scrape off it
Infrared receiver
tube, long legs
connect negative
c. Power supply board soldering

50K resistor

4148 using 50K
see photo
resistor short-connected

470uf capacitance
short legs connected
Please ccording to text label
and circuit board solder

Wire from VCC connected

3pcs 470ohm resistor to the power supply last
pin, wire from GND connected
to the power center of Wire from GND connected
the head pin, the power to the motor foot red dot
head side foot empty (Note: motor wiring in
the figure is error)

LED1 connected infrared

B772 emission control, long pin
connected to the line from
222 capacitance 6 wires are soldered
to the circuit board

d. Installation

Fixed the primary coil

with Hot melt adhesive
on acrylic, two thread
can through any hole

The middle hole of

transparent acrylic
for locking motor

The primary coil soldered

in L1, ensure the thread

is soldered with no package

paint (no gold)

Put the acrylic plate

on four pillars

Locked the four pillars

with nut, insert the

infrared emission tube
into the hole

Fixed the other side

with screws