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After Internal Standardization: B

Problem solving techniques as per the task can be- C

Trial and Error
Making tables to identify the patterns Final levels
A combination of these would be possible for higher-level achievements

General Rules and relationships-

Description of the pattern in words
Use the formula made and check if it works with more examples from different cases
Criterion B 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
Apply with Apply Apply- Tables or Select out of the
i. Apply mathematical problem-solving techniques to
teacher support Drawing, trial combination of methods
recognize patterns and error methods
Apply the
Recognize Recognize Suggest relationships Describe
ii. Describe patterns as relationships or general rules
simple patterns patterns or general rules patterns as
relationships or
general rules
State predictions Suggest how the Verify with another Verify for more
iii. Verify whether the pattern works
patterns work example than one
Criterion C 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
Limited use Some Usually appropriate Consistently
i. Use appropriate mathematical language- product,
appropriate use use appropriate use
sum, difference, diagonal, square, diagonal,
other such words to describe the patterns

Limited use Appropriate Usually appropriate Consistently

ii. Use appropriate forms of mathematical
form appropriate
representation- formulae, diagrams, tables,
charts, models to present information Adequate use Correct use Correct use

Difficult to Understood but Usually Coherent Clear and

iii. Communicate coherent mathematical lines of
understand not always coherent
reasoning coherent

- Adequately Usually organized Consistently

iv. Organize information using a logical structure.
organized organized

Criterion D
Identify some Identify relevant Identify relevant Identify relevant
i. Identify relevant elements of authentic real-life
elements elements- elements elements
situations Connections of numbers as days in a
week, numbers adjacent to others differencing by Grid of 7 Differ by 1 Numbers of a
numbers week, differ by 7
1, number above or below differ by 7 etc. As above and below
applicable in a week of a calendar

Apply a strategy Apply a strategy Select and apply a Select and apply
ii. Select appropriate mathematical strategies when
completely strategy to reach a a valid strategy
solving authentic real-life situations solution to reach a valid
iii. Apply the selected mathematical strategies solution

successfully to reach a solution

Student reflection: