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Firefly : Shiny Dice

A Press Your Luck Dice

Game set in the Firefly

Game Components:
1 Rulebook
10 Crew Dice
7 Outlaw Dice (Brown)
3 Passenger Dice (White)
5 Foe Dice (Black) Lyt Pos. 39
Lyt Pos.
Card 39
#Lyt9 Pos.

38 Mission Cards Name We are just too pretty for God to let usForm
Name We are just too pretty for God to let
Form # 9 39
die Form
Pos. 39
1 #9
Card # 9
us/ die 1
We are just too pretty for God to let us die
We We
pretty forfor
to let us die
Name We are just too pretty for GodCity Form 1 pretty to let us die
32 Victory Point Cards
let us / die
Name We areCard
justMaster Mission
too pretty
for God
Card to letCityus /die We are just too pretty for God to let us die
Master sc09Card Card
Mission City /
PAGE Name sc09
Card #:Master
PageName 09
Mission Card

20 100 Point Cards PAGEImage Page2 09sc09

PAGE #:Name
Page 09 sc09
PAGE 2#: 2Mal
WashZoe 0 2ZoeMal2 2

12 500 Point cards Jayne

0 0
Zoe 2
Wash 0
0 0
Jayne 0

30 Supply Cards Supplies

0 0
0 Kaylee
Supplies0 0
Supplies0 0
0 River

Simon0 0

10 Single Supply Cards Inara

Book 0 Inara
0 Book
River 0
0 0
Inara0 0
0 0Book0 0 Mission Complete: Add 2 Victory Points to
10 Double Supply Cards NiskaSaffron0 Mission
your Complete:
Temporary Addand2 Victory
Score Pool Points to
gain 2 Supplies.
Badger 0 Niska
Saffron0 0
0 yourMission Complete:
Temporary Score PoolAddand2gain
Victory Points to
2 Supplies.
Total 4BadgerNiska 0 Mission
your Complete:
Temporary Score PoolAddand
2 Victory Points to
gain 2 Supplies.
Keyword 1 / Side A Escape Total 4 0 your Temporary Score Pool and gain 2 Supplies.
Badger4 0

10 Triple Supply Cards Keyword 1 / Side A Escape Total

Keyword 21 // Side AB EscapeTotal 4 You got a job, we can do it. Dont much care what it is.
Completed Mission Bonus Mission Complete: Add 2 Victory Keyword
Points 2Side
/ Side B You got a job, we can do it. Dont much care what it is.
Keyword 1to/ your
Keyword Side ASide
Escape You got a job, weESCAPE
to your B
2 / can do it. Dont much care what it is.
Completed Mission Bonus Mission Complete:Pool
Temporary Add and2 Victory 2Points weESCAPE
MissionScore gain Supplies.
Keyword 2to/ your
Side B

5 Player Screens
Completed Mission Bonus Complete: Addand
2 Victory You got a 2015
job, UDC. can Dont much care what it is.
2 Points ESCAPE
& 2015

Flavor Text You got a job, Temporary

we can do Score
it. Pool
Dont much gainwhat
care Supplies.
it is.
Completed Mission Bonus Mission Complete: AddPool2and
Victory Points to your ESCAPE
2015 UDC. & 2015 Fox.

Flavor Text You got a job, weTemporary

can do it. Score
Dont much caregainwhat2 Supplies.
it is. 2015 UDC. & 2015 Fox.
Flavor Text You got a job, we can do it.Score
gainwhat 2 Supplies.
it is. 2015 UDC. & 2015 Fox.

Flavor Text You got a job, we can do it. Dont much care what it is.

2 Play Mats
Mission Cards

Game Shield

Game Mat
Lyt Pos. 2
Card # 39
Form 1
Name Lyt Pos. 6
City / Card # 40
Card Master Single Suppy Card Form 1
Image Name Name
PAGE #: Page 39 Card Master Dou City /
ble Suppy Card
Image Name
Zoe PAGE #: Page 40
Jayne Mal
Kaylee Zoe
Supplies Wash
Simon Jayne
River Kaylee
Inara Supplies
Lyt Pos
Simon .
Book Card 10
Saffron River # 41
Inara Form
Niska Card 1
Book Maste N ame
& 2015
Badger r Triple
Suppl City /

on Bonus

Keyword Side B 100

Flavor Te


Im y Card


Keyword 1 / Side A 1 PAGE age Name


1 / Side A


#: Pag

Keyword 2 / Side B 1

e 41



Keyword 1 / Side l
PAGE #: Pa Mal

Completed Mission Bonus

ge 42

Victory Po Name
int Card


City /

Flavor Text

Form 1

UDC.wor d 2015 Zoe

Card # 42

2015 & 2 /Fox.Side B 2

Lyt Pos. 4


Completed Mis Wash

sion Bonus
Flavor Text Kayle
Suppl e
10 0

ies 2015 UDC.

& 2015 Fox.
Card Maste


Supply Cards Book

Keyw r
or Total
Key d 1 / S
Compl word 2 / ide A 3
eted S
Missi ide B 3
on Bon
Flavor us
2015 UDC. & 2015

Flavor Text
Completed Mission Bonus
Keyword 2 / Side B 500
Keyword 1 / Side A 500
PAGE #: Page 43
Image Name
City /
Form 1
Card # 43
Lyt Pos. 7


15 UD

Victory Point Cards


Card Master 500

Object: Play Area:
Use Crew Members aboard While playing, ensure you have
Serenity to complete missions enough space to roll all of the
and defeat evil Foes! Firefly : dice. Once the dice are rolled they
Shiny Dice is played over 3 are then placed in the appropriate
rounds. At the end, the player areas on the Play Mat. If a Play
with the most Victory Points wins Mat is not used, ensure that
and is declared the Best in the players distinguish between dice
Verse! For longer games, you In Play and those Locked or
can add more rounds, however, Knocked Out.
we recommend 3 for an average
game length. Heres how it is Firefly : Shiny
Dice is played over a course of
Set Up: 3 rounds. In each round, each
Ensure each player has their player will take a turn. Depending
own empty space in front of on the outcome of that turn, a
them for their play area. player may take additional turns,
Each player chooses a player in a row, pressing their luck,
screen to place in front of over the course of one round.
them which has game Remember, this is a press your
information on the back and luck dice game, and while at first,
will hide their collected points it may seem easy to defeat your
from their opponents. Foes, over time, your Crew will
Randomly choose a player to tire, and they will need to recoup!
be the first player. Danger lurks around every corner,
Hand all 15 dice to the first player. but with smart teamwork, you can
Place all Victory Point Cards in become the Best in the Verse!
the center within reach
of all players. Dice Icons
Place all Supply Cards in
Mal Supplies Badger
the center within reach
of all players. Zoe Simon Saron
Shuffle all Mission
Cards together to form Wash River Niska
the Mission Deck.
Jayne Inara

Kaylee Book

Gameplay: IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only
Step 1 Get a Crew: make one reroll, choosing some,
This is where you make your all, or none of your dice to reroll all
initial roll to see what Foes are at once, based on the above rules.
attempting to make life miserable
for the Crew of Serenity, and what Phase 3: Check the dice as they
members of the Serenity will help are after rerolls are complete
you you hope! and perform the following steps
in order:
Phase 1: Roll all 15 dice and based 1. If you rolled 4 of a kind of any
on the die faces rolled, perform Foe, all other players must
the following steps in order: discard 100 Victory Points
1. Foe Dice are locked in their to the main supply. If any
respective area(s). player does not have any
2. Supplies are locked in the Victory Points to discard, there
Supplies area. is no additional penalty.
3. Crew Dice are all placed 2. If you rolled 5 of a kind of any
into Serenity. Foe, then in addition to all other
players discarding 100 Victory
Phase 2: Choose which dice, if Points to the main supply, your
any, to reroll: turn is immediately over.
For each Wash die, you may 3. All Crew Dice are placed
re-roll it and one other Crew in Serenity.
Die of your choice that is in 4. Apply the Team Bonus! If
Serenity. you have at least four different
You may reroll just the Wash Outlaws, the team gets to
die and do not have to choose immediately do 1 damage point
an additional die to reroll. to any Foe! (Supply dice rolls
You may not reroll any do not count as Outlaws)
Supply Dice. 5. Proceed to Step 2
Get a Mission!
For each River die, you may
reroll it and any one Foe Die of
your choice.
You may reroll just the River
die and do not have to choose
a Foe Die to reroll.

Note: If you like, you can try Step 2 Get a Mission:
different levels of difficulties Each turn, the active player
for the Get a Crew! step by has the chance to complete an
changing the results based off the optional Mission!
number of Foes rolled: The active player reveals the top
Rookie: If you rolled 5 of a kind card of the Mission Deck and
of any Foe, all other players places it in front of them. For this
must discard 100 Victory Points turn, it is the active Mission and
to the main supply. for only this turn, the active player
Hero: If you rolled 4 of a kind may complete it for additional
of any Foe, all other players bonuses, as described by the
must discard 100 Victory Points Mission Card. If a Mission is not
to the main supply. completed before the end of this
Legendary: If you rolled 3 of a turn, it is discarded.
kind of any Foe, all other players
must discard 100 Victory Points
to the main supply.

Lyt Pos. 39
Card # 9
Form 1
for God to let us die We are just too pretty for God to let us die Card Name
City /
Master Mission Card
Image Name sc09
PAGE #: Page 09
Mal 2
Zoe 2
Wash 0
Jayne 0
Kaylee 0
Supplies 0
Simon 0
River 0 Die Icons required to
Inara 0
Book 0
complete the mission
Saffron 0
Niska 0 Mission Complete: Add 2 Victory Points to
Badger 0 your Temporary Score Pool and gain 2 Supplies. Card Text
Total 4 Flavor Text
d 1 / Side A Escape
Keyword 2 / Side B You got a job, we can do it. Dont much care what it is.
ctory Points to your ESCAPE Mission Keyword
and gain 2 Supplies. 2015 UDC. & 2015 Fox.

much care what it is.

Mission Cards may have one or beginning of Step 3 - Misbehave.
more of the following Keywords This damage is dealt immediately
on them. at the start, before the Foes
Mission Keywords: strike! Additionally, all Shiny
Escape: If the active player Missions offer an added bonus of
completes a Mission with Escape, an additional 1 point of damage
they may choose to end their to any Foe, if you can complete
turn immediately, gain all Victory them!
Points in the temporary score pool
regardless of how many Foes are Step 3 Misbehave!:
left in play and then pass the dice During this step, its your chance
to the next player to begin that to complete the active Mission
players turn. and/or fight the Foe(s)!

Bushwhacked: If a Mission with Phase 1 Shiny Times:

Bushwhacked is not completed If the active Mission is a Shiny
the turn it is revealed then the Mission then the active player may
player must choose to Lay Low choose one Foe to deal 1 point of
in Step 4 - Lay Low or Keep Flyin. damage to them immediately.

Gorram: If a Mission with Gorram Phase 2 - Foes Strike:

is completed this turn the active For all Foes remaining (Black
player must choose to Keep Dice), resolve their Effects in
Flyin in Step 4 - Lay Low or the following order: Niska, then
Keep Flyin. Saffron, then Badger.

Sabotage: If a Mission with If any Niska dice were locked:

Sabotage is revealed, you must KO 1 Crew Die, at the active
immediately reroll all of your players choice!
Crew Dice and keep the results For each Saffron die locked:
rolled. (Foe Dice are not rerolled) Move 1 Crew Die in Serenity to
This can be avoided if you have the Cargo Hold.
the appropriate Crew Dice to For each Badger die locked:
complete the Mission. Move and lock 1 Supply die
next to a Badger die. These
Shiny: Missions with Shiny Supplies are considered to
immediately deal 1 point of have been captured by Badger,
damage to any Foe at the however, they can be scored

the moment you defeat Badger Dice previously moved to the
as well! Cargo Hold will not be
available to be used for Effects,
NOTE ABOUT SUPPLIES: If there nor to be used to complete
are more Supply dice than Badger Missions, as they are no
dice, then place 1 Supply die next longer in Serenity, but may
to each Badger die and leave be brought back to Serenity
the remaining Supply dice in the with Mals Inspiration Power
Supplies area. These additional or Simons Adoration Power,
Supplies can only be scored if ALL both of which are outlined below.
of the Foes are defeated! When a Power is used to deal
damage, each point of damage
Phase 3 Have a plan: removes a single Foe Die.
Using the remaining Crew Dice Foes are considered to have
in Serenity, players use Effects a Health Total equal to the
from each Crew Member Power number of their dice showing.
granted from the dice face For example, if the active
player rolled 3 x Saffron and
showing on each die to defeat
2 x Niska, it will take 3 damage
the Foes and possibly complete
to defeat Saffron and 2
the Mission! damage to defeat Niska.
You may perform die Effects When all of a specific Foes
in any order. When a Crew dice are removed from play,
Dies Power is used it is moved the Foe is considered defeated
to the Knocked Out (KO) area and is no longer in play.
and will not be available if you When you defeat a Foe, place
choose to Keep Flyin in 100 Victory Points in a
Step 5. temporary score pool, forming
Dice used to complete the current at risk score
Missions are NOT moved to pool. This will act as a running
the KO Pile. Completing a total of points the current
Mission using dice requires player is racking up, and could
you to only have rolled the potentially score this round.
required dice face(s), not use Keep the current at risk
the dice as an Effect to score pool separate from any
complete the Mission. players current claimed
Victory Points so as not to mix
them up.

The active player may, at any time during their turn, from this point
on, use the dice face showing in Serenity to complete the active
mission. If they do, the Mission Bonus as described on the card is
applied immediately.

Crew Dice Powers: Below are the Powers and associated Effects for
each dice face that could be rolled for the Crew Dice
Outlaw Dice (Brown)
Name: Power(s): Eect(s):
Charm: Deal 2 damage to Saffron (All damage must be applied to Saffron only)
Mal Inspiration: Choose 1 Outlaw Die or up to 2 Passenger Dice in the Cargo Hold
and reroll them, and place them in Serenity (These dice may be used this turn
to fight any Foe!)

Zoe Cover Fire: Deal 2 Damage, divided as you choose to any Foe(s)

Leaf on the Wind: Re-roll Wash and any one additional Crew Die
Wash (Only during Step 1 - Get a Crew)

Vera: Deal 2 Damage to any one Foe

Jayne Damaged Calm: KO this and 1 additional die in Serenity and
defeat any one Foe regardless of their remaining health.

Thruster Overload: Deal 1 Damage to any Foe and move 1 die

Kaylee from the KO pile to the Cargo Hold

Supplies Locked in the Supply Hold

Passenger Dice (White)

Name: Power(s): Eect(s):

Simon Adoration: Move 1 Kaylee from the KO pile to Serenity

Psychic Link: Re-roll River and any one Foe die (Only during Step
River 1 - Get a Crew)
Unstable Reaction: Deal 1 damage to each Foe
Companionship: Score 100 Victory Points immediately (Note, this
Inara is scored immediately and not placed in the current at risk
score pool!)
Salvation: Discard an amount of Book dice equal to the number of
Book Foes in play (total Foes, not total Foe dice) to capture all Victory Points
in the current at risk score pool and end your turn immediately

Supplies Locked in the Supply Hold

Additionally, any Passenger can be used to deal 1 point of damage to any

Foe (Supplies do not count as Passengers)
Phase 4 Damage report: Step 4 Lay Low or
In this step you will either have Keep Flyin:
been defeated and pass your turn In this step you will reap your rewards
or determine your potential spoils or choose to press your luck!
of victory!
Move all Crew Dice left in
If any Foes are still in Serenity, as well as all Supply
play, undefeated: dice remaining in the Supplies
The current players turn is Area, to the Cargo Hold.
over and they score 0 Victory All dice used for Effects this
Points for this turn, placing any turn remain in the KO area
and all at risk Victory Points (KOd dice are not available
from the current temporary should you choose to
score area back into the Keep Flyin).
main supply. The current player now
Any Supplies claimed this turn chooses to Lay Low or
are placed behind the players Keep Flyin.
player screen. If the player chooses to
They pass all 15 dice to the Lay Low:
next player and that player They take all Victory Points
accumulated in the current
takes the next turn.
at risk score pool as their
Skip Step 4 Lay Low or Keep score for this round, add
Flyin, as the current players them to their total, and they
turn is over. end their turn.
Place all Victory Points, and
If the current player defeated all any Supplies claimed this
of the Foes in play: turn, behind the players
For each Supply remaining in the player screen.
Supplies Area, take 1 Supply from They take all 15 dice and
the center of the table. This give them to the player on
their left and play continues
represents the Supplies you have
with that players turn.
salvaged this turn. While Victory If the player chooses to
Points may be accumulated and Keep Flyin:
lost, Supply Tokens are The player risks all Victory
permanent. If you choose to Points in the current at
Keep Flyin in Step 4, the risk score pool and takes
Supplies youve claimed cannot another turn using all 5
be lost, should you be defeated. Foe Dice and only the
remaining dice in the

Cargo Hold for another turn, Designer notes:
starting at Step 1
I never set out to become a game
Get a Crew. designer, but as a wise man once
If the player fails to defeat said, Life is what happens when
the Foe(s) in their next turn, youre making other plans. In
all Victory Points truth, this game in your hands is
accumulated in the current the culmination of a bit of luck,
at risk score pool are a lot of work, and even more
lost and they will get 0 love. When it started, the game
Victory Points was Orcs vs Goblins and was
Remember that Supplies claimed something I made with my son,
are permanent and are not lost Zach, for us to enjoy together. We
if you Keep Flyin and lose to wanted something different from
press your luck dice games, and
the Foes. we hope you agree thats what
youre holding right now.
End of Game Scoring:
I want to thank my amazing,
talented, creative, and funny kids,
After 3 rounds of play, each player Elyzabeth, Zach and Wyatt. They
reveals their Victory Points and inspire me and motivate me every
Supplies they have gained from day, and thankfully, make me
behind their player screens and laugh and smile all the time! I also
want to thank my wonderful wife,
adds up the total of each they Betsy, who not only supports me
have accumulated. Victory Points in all my crazy habits and ideas,
are worth their face value and but actually encourages me to go
every two Supplies are worth 100 further into the Verse! I love you,
Victory Points. The player with the youre my best friend, and you
always make me feel Shiny!
most total points is the winner!
Finally, Id like to thank Joss
Remember, you can vary the Whedon and the entire cast of
Firefly for providing us some of the
games length by changing the best moments on TV ever. Firefly
number of rounds you play as well means so much to so many of
and change the level of difficulty us and I know I personally have
in the Get a Crew step to add smiled so many times thanks to
variation to your gameplay. them and their creative efforts
and talents!
With that I guess theres really
only one thing left to say
Well... here I am.


Designer: Scott Morris

Co-Designer: Zachary Morris
Brand Management: Jason Brenner
Product Management: Bubby Johanson
Development Team: Jason Brenner, Heather Denaro,
Crystal Goggio, Bubby Johanson, Travis Rhea,
Matt Rogers, Mark Shaunessy
Graphic Design: Krista Timberlake
Project Management: Rachel Valverde
Director of Creative Services: Mike Eggleston
President, Upper Deck Company: Jason Masherah

Special thanks to the following Play Testers for their help, their
time, their feedback, and their (sometimes) brutal, but tremendous
honesty: Benjamin Sperling, Betsy Morris, Chris Fianchi, Daniel
Louzau, Donnie Clark, Jacqueline Sperling, Jasmine Tan, Kendra
Fianchi, William Zobac, Xander Lee, Zachary Lee, Zachary Morris

2015 UDC. 2251 Rutherford Road, Carlsbad, CA 92008. All rights reserved. Printed in Canada.
Firefly & 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.