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The Le
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Adam Briggs

Requires the use of the

Dungeons and Dragons
Players Handbook, Third Edition,
Published by Wizards of the Coast.
Personal Artifacts
Wr i t t e n b y T h e L e
Cover art by Adam Briggs
Layout, design, and minor editing by Philip Reed
Introduction.............................................................3 Flail of Undead...................................................................................19
Gauntlet of Attacking .........................................................................20
The Artifacts ..........................................................5 Gloves of Charging ............................................................................20
Amulet of Multiclass ............................................................................5 Pouch of Arrowheads .........................................................................21
Amulet of One ......................................................................................7 Reigns of Ghost Wagon......................................................................23
Armor of Absorption ............................................................................8 Ring of Dictotomy..............................................................................23
Baubles of Ancient Power ....................................................................8 Rings of Power ...................................................................................24
Belt of Dwarven-Kind ........................................................................11 Ring of Remembrance........................................................................26
Belt of Elven-Kind .............................................................................12 Ring of Weapon Mastery....................................................................26
Bokken of Cutting ..............................................................................13 Rod of Recharging..............................................................................27
Bow of Elements ................................................................................14 Rod of Many Weapons .......................................................................28
Bow of Splitting .................................................................................14 Slingshot of Forgetfullness.................................................................28
Box of Ethereal Imprisonment ...........................................................15 Sphere of Arrow Deflection ...............................................................28
Braces of Offense ...............................................................................15 Ship in a Bottle...................................................................................29
Candle of Darkness ............................................................................16 Staff of Ultimate Spell Storing...........................................................29
Charm of Life .....................................................................................16 Statue of the Black Cat.......................................................................30
Coin of Enhancement, Gold ...............................................................16 Sword of Bleeding..............................................................................31
Coin of Enhancement, Silver .............................................................17 OGL....................................................................................................32
Flask of Many Potions .......................................................................19

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Personal Artifacts

Welcome to the world of Personal Artifacts. In this PDF are
many artifacts that youll be able to plop down into any campaign
that you may be running.
So what is an artifact, and what is a personal artifact?
Artifacts are usually described as extremely powerful items that,
rather than merely another form of magic equipment, are the sorts
of legendary relics that whole campaigns may be based upon. The
traditional artifact has always had very high power levels and
almost always been for use by high-level characters only.
Thus, there is a (minor) problem. Artifacts are, in my opinion,
one of the most interesting game mechanics in the d20 System.
Everyone loves them, but why do I have to be level 10 before
ever getting one? This is where Personal Artifacts come in.
Personal Artifacts is designed to show you a wide variety of
artifacts of different power levels and for different character lev-
els. There are personal artifacts for the high level character, while
others can be used by a low level character and never become
obsolete, no matter how powerful hebecomes.

How to Use This PDF

Minor Artifacts vs. Major Artifacts
Minor artifacts are not necessarily unique items. Even so,
they are magic items that no longer can be created, at least by
common mortal means.
Major artifacts are unique items only one of each such item
exists. These are the most potent of magic items, capable of alter-
ing the balance of a campaign.

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Personal Artifacts
There are many different campaign worlds and systems avail- Common Name
able, and each on varies greatly. In some worlds, a +7 weapon The common name for the item is an alternate often times
may be very powerful while in others a +2 weapon may be con- more specific name of the Personal Artifact. The common name
sidered very powerful. is often used in conjunction with the history of the item.
As such, the items listed in Personal Artifacts do not specify
whether an item is Minor or Major. That distinction is left for the Description
DM to decide. The description is the meat and potatoes of a personal arti-
fact. This will describe the item, its powers, how it works, and
Caster Level other pertinent information.
There are no Caster Levels defined in Personal Artifacts, for
spells and spell-like effects vary widely. As such, it is up to the Destruction
DM to make this determination. Typically speaking, the Caster Personal artifacts are powerful items that often require a spe-
Level of artifacts should be in the 16-20 ranges. The following cific means to destroy them. This section will describe the method
suggestions are different methods for determining a Caster for destroying the artifact.
Level 20. Artifacts are powerful enough to safely assume
they all have a Caster Level of 20. The history is flavor text, describing the origins of the per-
sonal artifact. It is often used as an aid to the DM for role play-
Character Level. For balancing issues it can be assumed that
ing ideas.
Artifacts have the same Caster Level as the Character Level of the
player using it. Or perhaps even Character Level + 5 (up to a max- Where to Find
imum of 20) would be appropriate. This text lists the probable place where the personal artifact
Random Generation. The following die rolls can be used to can be found. It is often used in conjunction with the History text.
determine the Caster Level:
1d4 + 16 Weight
1d6 + 14 Most items have a fixed weight while others have variable
1d10 + 10 weights.

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Personal Artifacts

THE ARTIFACTS Where To Find: These amulets are spread across the planes,
Amulet of Multiclass sometimes found in the possession of their original owners, while
Common Name: Duality Amulet other times found on the dead bodies of former bodyguards.
Description: There are several Amulets of Multiclass, each Weight: < 1 lb
representing a different class. Each Amulet looks slightly differ-
ent from one another; two are never visually the same. Amulet of Barbarian Multiclass
There are currently 7 known Amulets of Multiclass: the This Amulet grants the user abilities known only to a
Amulet of Barbarian Multiclass, the Amulet of Cleric Multiclass, Barbarian. If the user currently has a Barbarian class, then the
The Amulet of Druid Multiclass, the Amulet of Paladin amulet will have no effect. If the user gains a Barbarian class
Multiclass, the Amulet of Ranger Multiclass, The Amulet of while wearing the Amulet, the Amulet will become permanently
Sorcerer Multiclass, and the Amulet of Thief Multiclass. powerless.
Under the GMs discretion, the Amulet of Multiclass will The Amulet will grant the following abilities:
grant special class-specific abilities of the new class (up to 1d6
levels), even spell casting abilities. The alignment of the user will Barbarian Special XP
not affect the new abilities and for every three levels of the new Level Ability Penalty
class, the wearer will suffer a 10% XP penalty when adventur- 1 Rage 1/day -10%
ing. 2 Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to AC) -10%
Removing the Amulet will cause the user to lose the class 3 Fast movement -10%
abilities, and will cause the user to lose 10% of his/her current XP. 4 Rage 2/day -20%
Destruction: Wearing two of any Amulets of Multiclass will 5 Uncanny dodge (cant be flanked) -20%
cause both Amulets to permanently lose its special properties, and 6 +2 Ranks Wilderness Lore and Handle Animal -20%
cause the wearer to lose half of his/her current XP.
History: The Amulets of Multiclass were designed by a secret Amulet of Cleric Multiclass
society of mages that existed for the purpose of finding last tem-
This Amulet grants the user abilities known only to a Cleric.
ple of Ra. The Amulets were made to empower the mages per-
If the user currently has a Cleric class, then the amulet will have
sonal guards, who were already at the peak of their abilities.
no effect. If the user gains a Cleric class while wearing the
During the great elemental war, many of these mages were Amulet, the Amulet will become permanently powerless.
slain and the secret society was left as a shell of its former self.
The Amulet grants the user the ability to learn Cleric Spells as
Many bodyguards either died defending their charges or wan-
defined in the Players Handbook. In Addition, the Amulet will
dered away after their charges died.
grant the following abilities:

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Personal Artifacts
Cleric Special XP Paladin Special XP
Level Ability Penalty Level Ability Penalty
1 Turn or rebuke undead -10% 1 Detect evil, divine grace -10%
2 Scribe Scroll Feat -10% 2 Lay on hands, divine health -10%
3 No abilities -10% 3 Aura of courage, smite evil -10%
4 Extra Turning Feat -20% 4 Remove disease, turn undead -20%
5 No abilities -20% 5 Special mount -20%
6 No abilities -20% 6 Remove disease 2/week -20%

Amulet of Druid Multiclass Amulet of Ranger Multiclass

This Amulet grants the user abilities known only to a Druid. This Amulet grants the user abilities known only to a Ranger.
If the user currently has a Druid class, then the amulet will have If the user currently has a Ranger class, then the amulet will have
no effect. If the user gains a Druid class while wearing the no effect. If the user gains a Ranger class while wearing the
Amulet, the Amulet will become permanently powerless. Amulet, the Amulet will become permanently powerless.
The Amulet grants the user the ability to learn Druid Spells as The Amulet will not grant the Ranger the ability to cast spells.
defined in the Players Handbook. In Addition, the Amulet will However, the Amulet will grant the following abilities:
grant the following abilities:
Ranger Special XP
Druid Special XP Level Ability Penalty
Level Ability Penalty 1 Track Feat -10%
1 Nature sense, Animal Companion -10% 2 1st favored enemy -10%
2 Woodland stride -10% 3 +2 to Ranged Attacks -10%
3 Trackless step -10% 4 Two-Weapon Fighting Feat -20%
4 Resist natures lure -20% 5 2nd favored enemy -20%
5 Wild shape (1/day) -20% 6 +2 Ranks to Spot, Listen, and Search -20%
6 Wild shape (2/day) -20%
Amulet of Sorcerer Multiclass
Amulet of Paladin Multiclass This Amulet grants the user abilities known only to a
This Amulet grants the user abilities known only to a Paladin. Sorcerer. If the user currently has a Sorcerer class, then the amulet
If the user currently has a Paladin class, then the amulet will have will have no effect. If the user gains a Sorcerer class while wear-
no effect. If the user gains a Paladin class while wearing the ing the Amulet, the Amulet will become permanently powerless.
Amulet, the Amulet will become permanently powerless. The Amulet grants the users the ability to learn Sorcerer
The Amulet will not grant the user to cast spells. However, the Spells as defined in the Players Handbook. In Addition, the
Amulet will grant the following abilities: Amulet will grant the following abilities:

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Personal Artifacts
Sorcerer Special XP Thief Special XP
Level Ability Penalty Level Ability Penalty
1 Summon familiar -10% 1 Sneak attack +1d6 -10%
2 Scribe Scroll Feat -10% 2 Evasion -10%
3 No abilities -10% 3 Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to AC) -10%
4 No abilities - 20% 4 Sneak attack +2d6 -20%
5 No abilities -20% 5 Sneak attack +3d6 -20%
6 No abilities -20% 6 Uncanny dodge (cant be flanked) -20%

Amulet of Thief Multiclass Amulet of One

This Amulet grants the user abilities known only to a thief. If Common Name: Amulet of Peaceful Soul
the user currently has a Thief class, then the amulet will have no Description: This amulet is small and round, with no partic-
effect. If the user gains a Thief class while wearing the Amulet, ularly noticeable markings of any kind. It is gold in color and is a
the Amulet will become permanently powerless. heavy metal. The Amulet of One grants the user an inner peace
The Amulet will grant the following abilities: with her soul, making her more aware of herself in body and
mind. The wearer of this amulet will not incur XP penalties when
a she is multi-classed and has a non-favored class. Due to the
nature of the amulets origin, the wearer of this amulet is
also immune to the frightful presence of all dragons.
Destruction: This Amulet is destroyed sub-
merging it into a bowl of warm dragons blood.
History: The Amulet of One is created by a
race of ancient dragons that would take
human form and live within the normal
populace. Many of these beings used the
Amulet to help maintain their human
forms as they traveled as Multiclass
Where To Find: Many of the
dragons who wandered the land
eons past still wander the lands to
this very day. Many of them still
carry their Amulets.
Weight: < 1 lb.

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Personal Artifacts
Armor of Absorption Baubles of Ancient Power
Common Name: Oras Chainmail Common Name: Stones of Power
Description: The Armor of Absorption is a white colored Description: The Baubles of Ancient Power are a set of small
chainmail that is normally small enough to fit on a human child. gem-like stones that contain embedded powers. The Baubles
When anyone of Huge size or smaller attempts to wear the Armor, themselves come in various colors and are usually the size of a
it will magically resize itself to perfectly fit the wearer. This light marble and do not emanate any power whatsoever. Each Bauble
armor retains the hardness of chainmail, but it is so light that the is inscribed with an ancient word from a long forgotten language.
wearer should treat it as wearing leather armor. There wearer of However, when placed onto an appropriate item, and the ancient
the Armor will immediately receive a +2 DEX bonus, and the command word is spoken, the Bauble will infuse itself perma-
Armor will absorb any blow up to 7 + X physical damage (X is 1 nently with the item, granted new abilities to the item itself.
additional point for every 5th level of the wearer). Although Baubles generally do not have great powers, they are
Additionally the armor has the potential of absorbing massive highly sought after for their ability to enhance existing items.
amounts of non-elemental (fire, cold, electricity) damage. If any Items that are infused with a Bauble become especially bond-
single source of non-elemental damage (spell, physical attack) ed with its creator. When used by anyone else, the powers the
totals more than 30 points, the wearer may make a Reflex check Bauble grants to the item will be unavailable, and the item will act
(DC 22) to have that damage reduced by half. as if the Bauble had never been infused. (Example: Ranger Rick
Destruction: Inside the Armor of Absorption is a magical infuses a Bauble of Carrying Power onto his 70-pound Stone
word, which will only appear in bright blue letters by the wearer Throne. To Rick, the Throne weighs only 1 pound thanks to the
of the armor. If the wearer is every completely submerged in Bauble, but to everyone else it is still 70-pounds.)
snow, he may recite this word, which will cause the Armor melt Infused Items become very tough, often 10 times harder to
into cold water, causing 1d4 cold damage. damage than normal. If the item itself is ever destroyed or signif-
History: The Armor of Absorption was one of nine items cre- icantly broken, the item and Bauble will permanently lose all the
ated by the Elven family KTa. This particular armor was created magical abilities.
for the head of the family, Ora, a great Elven Ranger known for More than one Bauble of Ancient Power can never be infused
his fearlessness. After many years as head of his family, Ora into the same item. Baubles cannot be infused onto artifact items.
retired from his role and passed it to his son, and spent his remain- Destruction: The Baubles can only destroyed by being
ing years with his wife in a small home deep within the Mivari placed deep under seawater of at least 500 feet. There the Bauble
forest. will deteriorate into nothingness. When infused with an item,
Where To Find: The Armor of Absorption was hung on dis- Baubles take on the toughness and physical of the item. An item
play in Oras home deep within the forest, and remained there and Bauble fused together will not be destroyed when placed into
even after his death. His wife has cared for the home and belong- seawater this way.
ings since.
Weight: 40 lbs carried, 10 lbs worn.

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Personal Artifacts
History: The Baubles were created by an ancient group of has caused a painful hit to the target. The Targets to-hit
magical beings that were enslaved within the Inyatee Kingdom. attacks are modified by 5 until a heal spell of any kind is
The slaves created the Baubles for their masters, whom often used used on the target.
them to equip their elite soldiers or simply used them as rewards. 6 Knock-back. The weapon does the maximum damage and
The slaves eventually revolted and used their combined powers to the attack was has caused the enemy to be knocked backed
lay waste the kingdom and eventually go home. Hundreds of a step, leaving it open for one immediate free attack by the
Baubles were lost in the uprising. same player. Being off guard, the enemy loses positive
Where to Find: The Baubles of Ancients are scattered across Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) during this free attack.
the different planes; the majority of the owners are unaware of the 7 Superior Knock-back. The weapon does the maximum dam-
powers they contain. age and the attack was has caused the enemy to be knocked
Weight: < 1 lb. backed a step, leaving it open for an attack of opportunity.
8 Enemy Blinded. Your attack has hit the eyes/antenna/sight
Bauble of Ancient Carrying Power of the enemy and thus everything has full concealment to it.
Common Name: Weight Stone It has a 50% chance to miss in combat, loses positive
Word of Infusing: Relevo Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), and grants a +2 bonus on
Description: This Bauble is infused into any item no greater attack rolls to foes that attack it, just as if all its foes were
than 100 pounds. The item keeps all of its properties, but its invisible. It moves at half speed and suffers a 4 penalty on
weight is reduced to 1 pound. most Strength and Dexterity-based skills. It cannot make
Spot skill checks or perform any other activity (such as read-
Bauble of Ancient Critical Hit Power ing) that requires vision. A healing spell of any kind will
Common Name: Hit Stone restore the vision. The blinded target may make a Fortitude
Word of Infusing: Gravis Save (DC19) each round to see if the blindness passes.
Description: This Bauble is infused into any item weapon, 9 Killing Strike. The strike causes the target to drop dead,
changing its critical hit damage. Rather than causing the Weapon allowing a Fortitude Save (DC 11) for X3 damage.
Default Critical Damage, a critical hit with the infused weapon will 10 Killing Strike, no save.
use the following 1d10 chart to determine the effect:
Bauble of Ancient Critical Wounds Power
Roll Effect Common Name: Critical Stone
1 Weapon Max Damage x 2 Word of Infusing: Pellere
2 Weapon Max Damage x 2 Description: This Bauble may be infused with any weapon,
3 Weapon Max Damage x 3 will grant the weapon a +2 bonus, and allow the weapon to cause
4 AC Reduction. Your weapon does the maximum damage critical hits on any creature, including creatures that are normally
and has hit a critical area of the targets defense, causing a 5 immune to critical hits. In addition to this, the weapons Critical
to its AC for the next 5 rounds. Threat Range is increased by 1.
5 Power Hit. Your weapon does the maximum damage and

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Personal Artifacts
Bauble of Ancient Critical Dampening Power Word of Infusing: Aeger
Common Name: Dampening Stone Description: This Bauble is infused with any item that
Word of Infusing: Fligere weighs less than 100 pounds. When infused, the object seems
Description: This Bauble may be infused with any Armor or unchanged, but will actually become very fragile. If the item
Headgear. The item will grant an additional +4 AC and allows the causes a blow or receives a blow of any kind, it will shatter into
wearer to ignore any damage or effects from an opponents criti- many little pieces, much like breaking a glass urn.
cal hit. Bauble of Ancient Hardening Power
Bauble of Ancient Elemental Power Common Name: Shield Stone
Common Name: Elemental Stone Word of Infusing: Duras
Word of Infusing: Esse Description: This Bauble is infused into any item that nor-
Description: There are three types of Baubles of Ancient mally grants AC. The AC of the item is increased by 50% (round-
Elemental Power: Fire, Cold, and Electric. This Bauble may be ed down) and the items color will turn completely black. The
infused into any weapon or worn item. If it is a worn item nor- item will also absorb 3 points of damage from every physical
mally that grants AC, then it will also grant the wearer resistance attack.
to the specified Element, absorbing the first 5 points of damage Bauble of Ancient Life Leeching Power
from the specified element. If the item is a weapon, it will instead Common Name: Leech Stone
change the weapon damage to that Element type. The Baubles of
Word of Infusing: Aufero
Ancient Elemental Power have the same Word of Infusing and are
Description: This Bauble is infused into any Weapon and
identical in color, but the inscribed word is red, blue, and white,
steals life with every attack. Every time damage is done with the
each representing fire, cold, and electricity respectively. If the
infused weapon, 1 point of that damage heals the user 1 Hit Point.
infused item is a worn item that grants AC and is a weapon, the
This leeching ability is increased by 1 for every 5th level of the
item gains the advantage of absorbing elemental damage and
user. If used on a ranged weapon, the weapons fired ammunition
causing elemental damage.
will generate the same effect.
Bauble of Ancient Fearlessness Power Bauble of Ancient Neutralize Power
Common Name: Courage Stone
Common Name: Curing Stone
Word of Infusing: Timere
Word of Infusing: Veneficus
Description: This Bauble is infused into any headgear. The
Description: This Bauble can be infused with any item that
wearer is granted incredible courage and willpower, making him
can hold at least 10 ounces of liquid, usually a cup. Whenever the
immune to all fear effects. Furthermore, all beings (friend or foe)
cup is filled with any kind of liquid, the liquid turns into a potion
within 10 feet of the wearer receive a +5 check versus fear effects.
of Neutralize Poison. This may be done once a day. The newly
Bauble of Ancient Fragile Power created liquid looks and act as purified water to anyone else. The
Common Name: Glass Stone liquid may be transferred to another container.

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Personal Artifacts
Bauble of Ancient Returning Power Light vision up to 100 feet. The Baubles of Ancient Vision Power
Common Name: Boomerang Stone have the same Word of Infusing and are identical in color, but the
Word of Infusing: Recidivus inscribed word is white or black, representing Darkvision and
Low-Light Vision respectively.
Description: This Bauble can be infused into weapon (or
item to become a weapon), granting it a +1 bonus. Its owner may Bauble of Ancient Will Power
throw the weapon up to 100 feet with a standard attack roll for X3 Common Name: Death Stone
normal damage, and the item will always return to its owner. If Word of Infusing: Recuso
the item is at rest, and the owner is within 500 feet, the owner may
Description: This Bauble may be infused within any non-
summon the item to have it return. All other properties of the
weapon item that grants AC. The user may survive and act nor-
Weapon will remain the same. When catching the returning
mally for up to 9 Hit Points without penalty (normally a charac-
weapon, the owner will never take damage from it.
ter is disabled at 0 Hit Points). At 10 Hit Points the user will still
Bauble of Ancient Shrinking Power die.
Common Name: Shrinking Stone
Word of Infusing: Aliquantulus
Description: This Bauble can be infused with any non-living
Belt of Dwarven-Kind
Common Name: Soklars Dwarf Belt
item no bigger than a small house (GMs discretion). When
Description: This belt is two inches in width long enough to
infused with this Bauble, the item may be shrunk to the size of a
be worn by a huge being. The belt has a leather texture and looks
gold coin at will. The shrunken item will weigh only one pound
very much like a common belt. When worn it will grant the wear-
and will always be indestructible in this state. The user may
er special abilities that are normally innate within Dwarves, and
restore this item to its original size at will. Shrinking and
none of the drawbacks. The wearer may also use items that nor-
Restoring requires 3 rounds.
mally can only be used by Dwarves.
Bauble of Ancient Silent Power The Belt of Dwarven-Kind grants the following abilities to the
Common Name: Cat Stone wearer:
Word of Infusing: Sileo Constitution Bonus. The wearer becomes very hardy, granti-
Description: This Bauble may be infused into any boots or ng a +2 Constitution Bonus.
footwear. The boots will grant the user 10 ranks of Move Silently. Darkvision: The wearer can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal
Bauble of Ancient Vision Power sight, and the wearer can function just fine with no light at all.
Common Name: Sight Stone Stonecunning: Stonecunning grants the wearer a +2 bonus on
Word of Infusing: Prudentia checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding walls,
Description: There are two types of Baubles of Ancient stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the
Vision Power, Darkvision and Lowlight. This Bauble is infused old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, and the like.
into any headgear. The item will grant either Darkvision or Low- Something that isnt stone but that is disguised as stone also

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Personal Artifacts
counts as unusual stonework. The wearer merely needs to come Saving Throw Bonus: +2 bonus on saving throws against poi-
within 10 feet of unusual stonework can make a check as if he son and +2 bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like
were actively searching, and a the wearer can use the Search skill effects.
to find stonework traps as a rogue can. The wearer can also intu- Bonus: +2 bonus on Appraise checks that are related to stone
it depth, sensing his approximate depth underground as naturally or metal items
as a human can sense which way is up. The wearer will have a Bonus: +2 bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or
sixth sense about stonework. metal.
Language: The wearer will gain full knowledge of the
Dwarven language
Destruction: The Belt of Dwarven-Kind is instantly rendered
powerless when worn by any being with Dwarven blood. This is
History: Eons ago an old Dwarven Mage saved the life of a
small human infant. With the childs parents dead, the mage took
it upon him to raise the child as his own and named her Soklar.
Not wanting the child to be inferior to the other Dwarves, the old
mage created the Belt for the child to use.
Where To Find: After many years of watching Soklar bully
the inhabitants of the Dwarven village, the Dwarves developed a
plan to be rid of him forever. Luring the human into the forbidden
forest with the promises of riches, Soklar found herself in an elab-
orate trap, which ended her life abruptly. All of Soklars belong-
ings, including the Belt, are still with the dead remains.
Weight: 3 lbs.

Belt of Elven-Kind
Common Name: Elf Belt
Description: This belt is two inches in width, long enough to
be worn by a Huge being. The belt has a leather texture and looks
like a very common belt. When worn, it will grant the wearer spe-
cial abilities that are normally innate within Elves, and none of
the drawbacks. The wearer may also use items that normally can
only be used by Elves.

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Personal Artifacts
The Belt of Elven-Kind grants the following abilities to the
wearer: Bokken of Cutting
Dexterity Bonus: The wearer becomes very hardy, granting a Common Name: Miyamoto Blade
+2 Dexterity Bonus. Description: This Bokken is wooden Katana built for training
Immunity: Immunity to sleep spells and effects. purposes in the Far East. The Bokken of Cutting has no sharp
Saving Throw Bonus: +2 saving throw bonus against edges and is considered an exotic weapon. It does not give off a
Enchantment spells or effects. magical aura and is often thought of as a toy or novelty by its
Low-light Vision: The wearer can see twice as far as a human
in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor Using the Bokken in battle, however, will yield lethal results.
illumination. The wearer retains the ability to distinguish color The Bokken of Cutting does 1d12 +4 bludgeoning damage, with
and detail under these conditions. a critical range of 18/19/20, variable critical damage. The Bokken
will also do an additional +1 damage for every ninth level of the
Skills Bonus: +2 bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.
user. The critical threat range of this item is always 18/19/20.
The wearer who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or con-
cealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were On a critical hit of 18, the opponent must make a Reflex save
actively looking for the door. (DC 20) or the powerful attack will cause him to drop a wielded
weapon or shield. Regardless of this effect, the critical damage
Language: The wearer will gain knowledge of the Elven lan-
will be 2x.
On critical hit of 19, there is a 10% chance that the opponents
Destruction: The Belt of Elven-Kind is rendered permanent-
weapon, shield, or armor will completely shatter, even if it is
ly powerless if ever worn by anyone with elven blood.
magical. Regardless of this effect, the critical damage will be 3x.
History: In the war between the elven city of Lordsap and the
On a critical hit of 20, there is a chance of causing instant
human city of Freeman, the human alchemist Thorax sought to
death. Humanoid Creatures may make a Fortitude Save (DC 17)
better understand the elven enemy. With permission of the City
and non-humanoid creatures may make a Fortitude Save (DC 13)
Lord, Thorax gathered the alchemists, blacksmiths, and magic
to prevent death. Regardless of this effect, the critical damage will
users, and forged the Belt of Elven-Kind.
be 4x for humanoid creatures and 3x for non-humanoid.
Where To Find: Upon the death of Freemans City Lord, the
These critical abilities do not affect wondrous or artifact
humans offered a peace treaty with the elves, who gladly accept-
shields, weapons, or armor.
ed. Decades of peace ensued and the Belt was given to the elven
city during the 50th anniversary of the peace festival. Currently it Destruction: The Bokken of Cutting cannot be chipped,
is prominently displayed in the Hall of Peace within the Elven burned, or damaged by normal means. If the Bokken is driven
city. into the ground of any Miyamoto grave (see history), and then
blessed, the Bokken will lose all of its abilities and effectively
Weight: 3 lbs.
become a 1d6 wooden club.
History: A wandering warrior named Miyamoto Mitsuoki,
who often dueled his opponents with a large wooden club, which
he would find before each duel, was the first to carry the Bokken

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Personal Artifacts
of Cutting. His unconventional fighting style and choice of when Sutraq was born he was given full powers and knowledge
weapons eventually led him to choose a Bokken as his primary of a god and killed everyone within the temple including the mor-
weapon. Fashioned from an old ancient tree in the forbidden for- tal woman who gave birth to him.
est, the Bokken of Cutting gained fame and fortune for Mitsuoki Where To Find: Upon leaving the temple of his birth, Sutraq
throughout his life. Upon his death, Mitsuoki passed the Bokken created magical constructs to maintain and protect the temple.
of Cutting down to his eldest son, and has been passed down to The sole sentient being he created was given the Bow of
each eldest son after that. The Miyamoto family line abruptly Elements.
ended some 150 years after the death of Mitsuoki himself, and the Weight: 2 lbs.
Bokken of Cutting is thought to be lost.
Where to Find: The Bokken was last known to be in the
ownership of the last surviving heir, Miyamoto Hideki, the great Bow of Splitting
grandson of Mitsuoki. His sudden disappearance has been a mys- Common Name: Multi Bow
tery to scholars for many years. Hideki was known to keep the Description: This Bow is considered a +6 Composite bow,
Bokken on display in his home, but it was the only item missing but with an ability to split an arrow into two after it is released.
when his home was searched. Upon releasing an arrow, the arrow will replicate itself while in
Weight: 2 lbs. mid flight and has a chance to hit the same target. All arrows will
reach the target simultaneously, and therefore the wielder needs
only to roll once to determine if all arrows hit. The bow will cre-
Bow of Elements ate an additional replicate arrow for every 11th level of the wield-
Common Name: Elemental Bow er. Any arrow fired will be replicated, even magical ones.
Description: This +5 longbow is normally brown in color, but Destruction: The Bow of Splitting is destroyed when it shaft
the wielder will notice that is much more than just a standard bow. is wrapped within fresh human hair (not more than 1 day old) and
The wielder may change the bow to red, blue, or white in color. A then thrown into natural flowing lava.
Red color will allow the bow to add an additional +2d6 fire dam- History: The Bow of Splitting was meticulously handcrafted
age to arrows that are fired, a Blue color will add an additional by a secret society of high elves in the Green Lands. It is said that
+2d6 cold damage to arrows fired, and a white color will add an the Bow was created as a gift for the birth of the first-born son of
additional +2d6 electricity damage to arrows fired. It requires 1 the Elroen clan, a highly respected family within the society
round to change the Bows element type. known for their abundance of daughters.
Destruction: Destroying the Bow of Elements requires plac- Where To Find: Legend speaks of a human living in the
ing the bow in 20 gallons of water, then allowing the water to forests of the Green Lands, carrying this bow as his primary
freeze. When the Bow has been completely frozen, having two weapon. He is known as a semi-hero in the Lands, for he steals
Fireballs cast on it simultaneously can destroy the Bow. from the rich but has not yet gotten around to giving to the poor.
History: This Bow was created by Elemental god Sutraq for Weight: 4 lbs.
use as a weapon to guard the Sutraqs birthplace, a forbidden tem-
ple deep the far reaches of the uncharted territories. It is said that

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Personal Artifacts
Where to Find: King Salonmir of the Icuras Kingdom kept
Box of Ethereal Imprisonment the Box as part of his magical treasure trove. After a successful
Common Name: Ghost Box coup by his generals, Salonmir was imprisoned within the box for
Description: This small 10 x 6x 6 box grants the user the all eternity. The Kingdom was later laid to waste by armies of a
ability to touch any object (or creature) and turn it ethereal three neighboring kingdom, and the Box was lost, buried deep within
times per day (Fort Save DC15 check or fail). The object will the ruins of the Kings castle.
remain Ethereal for 1 hour. Once the object has turned ethereal, Weight: 2 lbs.
the user may touch the object with the box upon touch the ethe-
real object will become trapped within box. If the object is a liv-
ing being, it may take a will save (DC20) to prevent capture. Bracers of Offense
Imprisoning the Ethereal object may only be attempted once per Common Name: Attack Bracers
hour additional attempts on the same object will have no effect. Description: These Bracers are made of a strong metal alloy,
The imprisonment will only work on objects that were turned but are black in color. Wearing these Bracers empowers the wearer
ethereal by the Box (not naturally ethereal creatures). to cast Magic Missiles five times a day and double the damage of all
If the box is ever opened, all the ethereal objects and creatures spells cast. Any spells cast by the wearer will have a 5% chance of
within will be released and become non-ethereal, and will likely not emptying the casters spell slot, therefore allowing the spell to
be very angry with the one who is holding the box. be cast again. Such power comes at a price however as the wearer
Furthermore, ethereal objects or creatures within 50 of the will suffer 5 AC and 2 to all attack rolls.
Box can be seen as if See invisibility or true seeing had been cast. Destruction: To destroy The Bracers of Offence, they should be
Destruction: The user may use the Boxs ability to turn the placed in a bag with 2 other sets of magical bracers of any kind and
Box itself ethereal by speaking the command word inscribed on then sealed tightly. A priest must shake the bag vigorously for one
the underside of the box. Once the Box returns back to normal hour a day for seven days. On the seventh day the bag must be sub-
after 1 hour, it will lose all magical properties, all imprisoned merged in holy water. When the bag is opened, all the Bracers in the
items within the box will simply disappear, and the box will bag will have a +3 AC bonus, but no other abilities.
become a normal non-magical container. History: The Bracers of Offence were created in the Greenville
History: The Box of Ethereal Imprisonment created by the School of Magic, a school dedicated to the pursuit of higher magic
gods and given to a society of humans and elves. For centuries the learning. The Bracers were actually created as a group project by the
Box was used as an incarceration device. During a renaissance head wizards while trying to further their knowledge of magic. The
period within the society, many gods that were once worshiped pursuit of magical knowledge would be schools undoing, as the
were suddenly abandoned. Angered at the people they once cared headmasters inadvertently summoned powerful demons that killed
for, the gods opened the box and released all the terrible beings everyone in sight and destroyed the school.
entrapped within. Overrun by tens of thousands of criminals, ani- Where To Find: Many of the treasures within the school were
mals, and other creatures, the society fell into chaos and eventu- lost, still within the ruins, or taken away by the demons. The Bracers
ally faded away. Centuries later the kingdom would be rebuilt and of Offense is currently in the ownership of one such demon.
known as the Icuras Kingdom. Weight: 2 lbs. for the set

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Personal Artifacts
Candle of Darkness Charm of Life
Common Name: Undead Light Common Name: Life Pin
Description: When lit, the flame of the Candle will not emit Description: This small Charm is made of wood and metal
any light, but it will cause all sunlight to be blocked out within a with ancient lettering written on the back and has a pin attached
1-mile radius. After 5 rounds, the candle will emit shadow-like to it made of gold. The ancient lettering is a word of power to acti-
energy that will travel from the candle to any bones or bodies of vate the charm. Once activated, its powers remain active for 1
dead creatures up to a 1-mile radius and turn them into undead year, but will only affect the person who activated it. The Charm
skeletons or zombies that follow the characters spoken com- is flat and small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, and does not
mands, just as an Animate Dead spell would. The Candle will emit any magic. When pinned to a persons clothing, the Charm
remain lit for 1 day and cannot be put out by normal means it of Life grants the characters maximum Hit Die whenever he lev-
will even stay lit under water. When the Candle has burnt itself els up. Furthermore, all spells, potions, or other items that restore
out, all undead creatures created by it will turn to dust and be HP will have maximum effectiveness on the character.
destroyed; the Candle will then reconstitute itself in 30 days, at Destruction: Although the Charm of Life is all but indestruc-
which time it may be lit again. tible by normal means, the Charm will permanently lose its abil-
Destruction: Once lit, the Candle cannot be put out by any ities if it is every turned ethereal or the user that is wearing it is
normal means. To Destroy the Candle, the flame of the Candle turned ethereal.
must be joined with the flame of a candle that has been blessed by History: No one knows for sure where the Charm was creat-
a Cleric. These candles, while sharing a flame, must then have a ed, or even if more than one exists. Some believe that the Charm
potion of Cure Serious Wounds poured over it, causing both can- was a gift from the gods, while others believe it to have been cre-
dles to dissolve and become powerless. ated by the ancient arch-mages of old.
History: Legend speaks of the fifth god of death, Decessus, Where To Find: The Charm is currently in the possession of
who created three powerful candles and lay them across lands of a group of adventurers in the western civilization. Whether they
the material plane. The Candles were a gift to different factions of are aware of its powers is not known.
beings who served under Lawful Evil alignment. It is said that Weight: < 1 lb.
when the flame of all three candles are joined, darkness will per-
manently stretch across the entire world and evil will rule.
Where To Find: Scholars have long since believed that the Coin of Enhancement, Gold
first two Candles of Darkness were destroyed during the Light- Common Name: Luck Coin
Bringer Crusades, while the last Candle is thought to still exist in Description: This coin is gold in color and has a symbol of a
the Northern Dead lands. sun on one side and a symbol of a crescent moon on the other side.
Weight: < 1 lb. Flipping the coin, and allowing it to land on the ground, will per-
manently grant the user a special ability. If the coin lands and the
Sun side is face up, the coin will grant a positive bonus, while a
Moon will grant a negative bonus.

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Personal Artifacts
After the coin is flipped, the user will roll a 1d20 and use the fol- If an effect does not apply to the user, the user may not reroll.
lowing table to determine the result: Destruction: This coin is very powerful and must never touch
metal of any kind if it does, it will destroy itself and cause 1d20
Die damage to any beings within 10 feet, and the last person to flip the
Roll Sun Result Moon Result coin will receive 1 to all attributes.
1 +1 rank to Spot Skill -1 rank to Spot Skill History: The seventh god of Luck, Forgranus, often reward-
2 +1 rank to Listen Skill -1 rank to Listen Skill ed her followers with rewards and gifts. The Coins of
3 +1 rank to Bluff Skill -1 rank Bluff Skill Enchantment were several such gifts.
4 +1 rank to Diplomacy -1 rank Diplomacy Skill Where To Find: This particular coin has been seen several
Skill areas of the known world, and can be found most anywhere, with
5 +1 to your natural -1 to your natural a little luck.
Armor Class Armor Class Weight: < 1 lb.
6 +1 to your Attack Rolls -1 to your Attack Rolls
7 +5 to maximum HPs -5 to maximum HPs
8 +1 Strength -1 Strength
9 +1 Dexterity -1 Dexterity
10 +1 Constitution -1 Constitution
11 +1 Intelligence -1 Intelligence
12 +1 Wisdom -1 Wisdom
13 +1 to Will Save -1 to Will Save
14 +1 to Reflex Save -1 to Reflex Save
15 +1 to Fortitude Save -1 to Fortitude Save
16 +1 to Will, Reflex,
or Fortitude Save
-1 to Will, Reflex,
or Fortitude Save Coin of Enhancement, Silver
17 +1 to any attribute -1 to any attribute Common Name: Luck Coin
18 +1 Free Skill -1 Rank to a known Skill Description: This coin is silver in color and has a symbol of
19 Gain 1 Free Feat Lose 1 Known Feat a sun on one side and a symbol of a crescent moon on the other
20 Gain enough XP to put Lose enough XP to side. It is very similar to the Gold Coin of Enhancement, except
you halfway to your you put you between that effects are temporary.
next level your current level Flipping the coin and allowing it to land on the ground will
and your previous level grant the user a special ability for 1 hour. If the coin lands and the
Sun side is face up, the coin will grant a positive bonus, while a
Flipping the coin requires 1 round, and the coin may only be Moon will grant a negative bonus. The bonus lasts for 1 hour.
flipped once per day (more flips will generate no affect). Each After the coin is flipped, the user will roll a 1d20 and use the
bonus is stacked with one another. following table to determine the result:

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Personal Artifacts
Die Die
Roll Sun Result Moon Result Roll Sun Result Moon Result
1 +3 ranks to Bluff -3 ranks to Bluff & 17 Physical attacks against Physical attacks against
& Diplomacy Skills Diplomacy Skills you do 5 damage you do +5 damage
2 +3 ranks to Listen and -3 ranks to Listen and 18 Your ranged attacks do Your ranged attacks do
Spot skills Spot skills +5 damage 5 damage
3 You are Immune to You take double 19 Magical Attacks against Magical Attacks against
Fire Damage damage from Fire you do 5 damage you do +5 damage
4 You are Immune to You take double damage 20 +2 to all Will, Fortitude, -2 to all Will, Fortitude,
Cold Damage from Cold and Reflex saves and Reflex saves
5 You are Immune to You take double damage
Electrical Damage from Electrical Flipping the coin requires 1 round, and the user may flip the
6 You become Invisible You become Blind coin as many times as desired. Each bonus is stacked with one
7 Regenerate +1 HP You cannot heal by any another, but all effects will end at the same time based on the first
per round means (including spells flip. For example, if the user flips the coin at 12:00, and then flips
or Items) it again at 12:10 and 12:40, all three effects generated from those
8 Your damage spells do Your damage Spells do flips will end at 1:00.
double damage half damage If the user rolls for an effect that is already active, the new
9 +3 to your Attack Rolls -3 to your Attack Rolls affect will stack with previous active one. If an effect does not
10 Critical Threat Ranges When you attack, you apply to the user, the user may not re-roll.
are doubled when you cannot cause Destruction: Although this coin may be flipped an unlimited
attack critical hits number of times, it must never generate the same effect three
11 Your melee attacks Your melee attacks times in any given stack of affects. If that were to happen, the coin
do +5 damage do 5 damage will disintegrate itself and cause the person who flipped the coin
12 You gain an extra attack You have 1 less attack per to permanently lose -1 to all Will, Fortitude, and Reflex saves.
per round round (this cannot cause
History: The seventh god of Luck, Forgranus, often reward-
you to have less than
ed her followers with rewards and gifts. The Coins of
1 attack per round)
Enchantment were several such gifts.
13 +5 to your Natural -5 to your Natural
Armor Class Armor Class Where To Find: This particular coin has been seen several
14 Your Melee attacks do Your Melee attacks do areas of the known world, and can be found most anywhere, with
double damage half damage a little luck.
15 +3 to your initiative rolls -3 to your initiative rolls Weight: < 1 lb.
16 Gain 5 Hit Points Lose 5 Hit Points
to your maximum from your maximum (this
cannot take you below 1)

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Personal Artifacts
Flask of Many Potions Flail of Undead
Common Name: Common Name: Death Flail
Description: This Flask is transparent and seems very much Description: This black Flail is a +4 weapon, normally deal-
like every other flask in the world. Upon holding it up to the sun, ing 1d8 damage with a critical threat range of 20, X3 critical dam-
the Flask shimmers and different colors can be seen within the age, and gaining an additional +3 versus undead. If at anytime the
Flask. Flail delivers a killing blow to a living creature, there is a 50%
When the Flask is filled with water and is kept in the Flask for chance that the creature will resurrect itself 4 rounds later as an
12 hours, the Flask will change colors, as will the contents of the undead skeleton and will follow all commands of its new master.
liquid. This liquid and color is randomly determined by a 1d10. This undead creature will remain animated for 5 days, at which
This liquid cannot be transferred to other containers otherwise it time the creature will die and its bones will turn to dust. Only one
will turn into purified water. If the Flask is ever emptied without such undead skeleton creature may be created this way at a time.
being consumed, it will turn colorless until water is kept in it for The undead creature will lose control and attack any targets near
12 hours again. it if its creator ever loses possession of the Flail. The wielder of
Use the following chart to determine the results of the Flask: the Flail must also make a daily Will Save (DC 15 +1 for every
Die Roll Flask Color Liquid 1 Black Heroism 2 Green Cure day after the first day that the undead creature is alive/animated)
Moderate Wounds 3 White Cure Serious Wounds 4 Orange or the undead creature will lose control and attack any nearby tar-
Haste 5 Brown Invisibility 6 Red Fire Breath 7 Silver Protection get.
from Arrows 8 Blue Fly 9 Purple Speak With Animals 10 Destruction: To destroy the flail, it must be taken to a temple
Yellow Neutralize Poison that worships a lawful good god. The Flail must be blessed daily
Destruction: The Flask of Many Potions will shatter if it is by the clerics of the temple for 21 days. A lawful good paladin
ever filled with a Potion of Cure Light Wounds. must then fling the Flail into a sea; upon impact with the water the
History: A powerful Mage, who lived as a Nomad in the far Flail will shatter into a hundred pieces.
southern lands, created the Flask of Many Potions. It was intend- History: The Necromancer Zacurus Julia had cared for three
ed to be a tool to help the Mage survive the harsh lands and min- sons, two of who chose the same path as their father. The third
imize inventory. It is unknown where the Mage or the Flask is. son, Jeremiah, chose the path of the sword and wanted to become
Where To Find: The Mage who created the Flask was last an adventurer. Although disapproving of Jeremiahs choice,
seen wandering the southern Orc forests. Whether the Mage is Zacurus respected his sons decision, and aided Jeremiah by cre-
still alive is unknown. ating the Flail of Undead for him. Jeremiah would become a great
adventurer and lived to become very powerful. Such power
Weight: < 1 lb.
comes at a price, however, as his intentions become more evil
with every passing year. After many years Jeremiah returned to
his fathers home, and used the Flail to slay his father. He fled with
all his fathers belongings and sold them for whatever he could

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Personal Artifacts
Where To Find: Hezekiah, the first son of Zacurus, heard of led him to create the Gauntlets of Attacking, one of his many cre-
his fathers death and sought out his brother for revenge. He ations. Upon his death by old age, Gilgamar was cremated and
found his brother very quickly near the Slithering River and was mourned by many. As per his request, Gilgamars ashes were placed
shocked to see his undead father under Jeremiahs control. With in an urn and kept in the catacombs beneath the White Pond School
great anger and unrelenting passion Hezekiah destroyed the of Magic.
abomination that was once his father and killed his brother Where To Find: Several of Gilgamars creations were kept with
Jeremiah with extreme prejudice. The remains of his father were his remains in the catacombs, while others were given to family
buried in the temple, while Jeremiahs corpse and belongings, members or friends while he lived. The Gauntlets were one such set
including the flail, were left to rot in the river. of items that were kept in the catacombs and remained there until the
Weight: 3 lbs. fall of the White Pond School. The Gauntlets were lost from the
mass looting that took place in the decades that followed.

Gauntlet of Attacking Weight: 2 lbs. per gauntlet

Common Name: Blade Gauntlet

Description: This Gauntlet is silver in color, weighs less than Gloves of Charging
one ounce, and offers +5 AC of protection. The wearer of this Common Name: Energy Gloves
Gauntlet may extend an indestructible 18-inch blade, which will Description: The Gloves of Charging looks like a normal set
extend from the topside of the Gauntlet. This blade causes 1d8 +3 of leather gloves, providing AC 1 protection. A Detect Magic
damage, has a critical threat range of 19-20, and causes X3 critical spell will not reveal any magical properties of this item.
damage. The Gauntlet grants an additional +1 damage for every 7th However, when both Gloves are worn the user will immedi-
level of the wearer. The Gauntlet also grants the wearer the ability to ately be aware of the powers that the Gloves grant onto the user.
make a Sneak Attack for +5d6 damage as a 9th level rogue would. The Gloves grants the user the ability to charge any item and
If the wearer wears a Gauntlet of Attacking on both hands, and throw it for 2d4 +3 electricity damage. Electricity Damage is
does not carry a shield, he may attack with both blades extended increased by +1d4 for every 10th level the user is. On impact the
with no penalties. charged item will be destroyed and cause a small explosion that
Extending and Retracting the Blade is a free action. will damage anything within 5 feet of impact for 2d4 electrical
Destruction: To destroy the Gauntlets, the ashes of its creator damage. Charging requires 1 round.
must be sprinkled on it, and then the Gauntlets must be used to sac- The wearer is also granted resistance to all lightning and elec-
rifice a human virgin woman to any neutral god. After the sacrifice tricity based attacks (and spells), but the wearer will suffer 1 to
the Gauntlets will lose its blades and all magical abilities. all Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves.
History: The Gauntlets were created by the old tinker Gilgamar, Only inanimate items without magical properties can be
who retired after serving many years as the head Arch-mage at the charged this way, and must be no greater than 5 lbs. Once the
White Pond School of Magic. Gilgamar enjoyed his retirement object is charged the weight of the object changes and can be
years working as a blacksmith and tinker his life long passion. His thrown by the user up to 100 feet (normal attack rolls apply).
work with mechanical devices and his raw power as an Arch-mage

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Personal Artifacts
The user may also charge a bullet item (arrow, stone, bolt) ambushed him on a cold mountainside while he was wearing his
before launching it from a weapon. When launched from a ranged dampening Gloves to keep warm. Upon his death, his powers were
weapon this way, these the charged item will always do 3d4 +7 elec- sealed within the Gloves.
tricity damage to the target only. An item charged this way still Where To Find: The Gloves of Charging can most likely be found
requires 1 round to charge and must be charged before loading it into in the same legendary mountainside where its owner was killed.
the weapon. Weight: < 1 lb.
A charged item cannot be uncharged. A charged item must be
thrown (or launched) or it will self-destruct within 3 rounds and
cause 2d4 +7 damage to anything within 5 feet. Handing a charged Pouch of Arrowheads
item to another being will cause instant self-destruction. Dropping Common Name: Arrow Pouch
or tossing a charged item is considered a throw. Description: The Pouch of Arrowheads is a small brown
Both gloves must be worn for these effects to work. If only one pouch with a string enclosure. The Pouch is large enough to hold
glove is worn for more than 2 rounds, it becomes cursed and causes 1 arrowhead. Whenever a pebble is placed within the Pouch and
1d4 electrical damage to the user every round starting with the third left in the Pouch for 2 days, the pebble will be turned into a mag-
round. Wearing the second glove will remove the curse. ical arrowhead. The magical properties of the arrowhead may be
Destruction: To destroy the Gloves, the user may spend 5 determined by a successful identify spell, but only after it has
rounds to charge the Gloves itself. For each of the five rounds, the been used to create an arrow. When a magic arrow misses its tar-
user must make a difficulty check (DC10) or the Amulet will do 2d4 get, there is a 50% chance it breaks or otherwise is rendered use-
damage to the user and the user will need to start over. Once less. A magic arrow that hits is destroyed.
charged, the Gloves will begin to glow and then become very hot, These special powers of the arrowhead are determined on the
causing 10d4 fire damage to anyone touching it. After ten addition- following 1d6 chart:
al rounds, the Gloves will self-destruct, causing 20d4 damage to
everything within 0-5 feet, 10d4 damage within 6-10 feet, and 5d4 Die Roll Result
damage within 11-20 feet. The user simply needs to be touching the 1 +5 Arrowhead
Gloves when attempting to destroy it (it does need to be worn). 2 Flaming Burst Arrowhead
Upon destruction of the Gloves, there is a 10% chance that Sphere 3 Shocking Burst Arrowhead
of Annihilation will appear in its place. 4 Life Leech Arrowhead
History: Glar was a child conceived from a god and mortal. He 5 Critical Hit Arrowhead
was born with the ability to charge items, causing them to explode 6 Tracking Arrowhead
with great consequences. With such uncontrollable powers, his
father created a pair of gloves, which would dampen and prevent his
powers from working, and gave the gloves to his mother to assist her Flaming Burst Arrowhead
in raising the child. As Glar grew to adulthood and learned to bet- This arrow deals +1d10 points of fire damage on a successful
ter control his powers, he dedicated his life to that of a warrior, wan- hit. The arrow also explodes with flame upon striking a successful
dering the land and seeking fame. Legend says that his enemies critical hit, dealing +1d10 fire damage to all beings within 10 feet.

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Personal Artifacts
Shocking Burst Arrowhead Destruction: The Pouch of Arrowheads, although very pow-
The arrow deals +1d12 points of electrical dam- erful, may easily be destroyed by feeding it to a Bag of
age on a successful it. The Devouring, an extra dimen-
arrow also explodes with sional creature that looks
electricity upon striking a and acts like a Bag of
successful critical hit, deal- Holding. Once devoured,
ing +1d10 electrical damage the Pouch will dissolve
to all beings within 10 feet. into small particles and kill
the Bag of Devouring.
Life Leech Upon searching the life-
Arrowhead less Bag, there is a 20%
On a successful hit with chance of finding 1d6
this arrow, the user firing the magical arrowheads
arrow will heal 1 HP for left by the Pouch before
every 1 point of damage that its destruction.
the arrow caused to the tar- History: The Pouch
get creature. was designed created in the
lost kingdom of Hlavok
Critical Hit and used exclusively by the
Arrowhead Ashmore four elite
Firing this arrow Rangers dedicated as per-
from a bow will triple sonal guards to the king.
the bows critical threat Where To Find: After
range for this arrow. the second Succession War,
which ultimately led the
Tracking kingdom to be under the
Arrowhead control of a non heir for the
On a successful hit with first time, many supporters
this arrow, the bow that was of the old regime fled en
used to fire the arrow will masse. The Ashmore were
gain an uncanny lock on the part of this exodus, and
target. For the next 5 rounds, their current whereabouts
the bow will gain a +5 To Hit are unknown to this day.
against the target. Using addi- Weight: < 1 lb.
tional Tracking Arrows will
not cause the effects to stack.

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Personal Artifacts
Simon attempted to flee the scene in his wagon while shouting
Reigns of Ghost Wagon obscenities at the wizard. Within moments Simon had regretted his
Common Name: insults, for the wizard had turned he and the wagon ethereal and made
Description: The reigns may be used once a day to summon a them slaves, to be summoned at anytime with Reigns.
four-horse drawn wagon with driver, all of which are ethereal. Where To Find: The Reigns of Ghost Wagon last known to be in
Entering the wagon will reveal a much larger space, as the dimen- the possession of a junk dealer who wanders from town to town. The
sions in the inside are larger than that of the outside, and may hold to dealer has never known power of the Reigns nor has he been able to
10 Huge-sized beings. Upon command, the wagon will go anywhere sell it.
desired, and travel will never take more than one hour. The wagon can Weight: 1 lb.
even travel between the planes. Upon reaching the destination, the
wagon will disappear within _ hour, or after all passengers and items
have left the wagon (whichever one is sooner). Any passengers or Ring of Dichotomy
items within the wagon after the _ hour will disappear forever. Common Name: Schizophrenia Ring
The wagon may be told to go to a specific place or a generic Description: The Ring of Dichotomy is a small and dull look-
place. If a generic location is given, then the wagon will go to a ran- ing gold ring. There are no special marks on the ring; it does not
dom location based on that area (i.e., if told to go to another plane, the emit any magical energy.
wagon may take you to the middle of an ocean, and island, or perhaps When the ring is worn the user will immediately gain a sec-
some place worse). ond level-1 character, while putting the original character into an
After summoning, the wagon will wait one hour for an ordered unreachable stasis. Although this second character is new, it
destination. If no destination is given, the wagon will leave and dis- shares the same mind and memory of the first character, but noth-
appear and wait to be summoned again. ing else.
Destruction: The owners of the Reigns have unprecedented The user may spend 2 turns and switch back to the other char-
power over the summoned wagon, and may use power to disable the acter, putting the current character into an unreachable stasis.
power of the Reigns themselves. At anytime, the owner of the reigns Each character will never have any shared items. When one
may tell the wagon to Go Free as a destination. Such a command character goes into stasis, all items on that character goes into sta-
will cause the driver and horses to detach themselves from the wagon sis as well. The only item that is shared is the Ring itself, which
and depart into the afterlife, and the wagon will destroy itself. will always be on the same finger of the active character.
History: Simon Shalow, a businessman who ran a moving busi- The character in stasis will be completely unreachable and
ness, received a contract to move the belongings of Kendal the cannot be affected by any means, essentially in a state of non-
Wizard from his current home to his new home on the other side of existence. Everything that is affecting the character before going
the valley. Upon delivery of the goods, Kendal noticed that some of into stasis will remain active. For example, the character in stasis
his prized possessions were damaged in the transport and demanded may be affected by an invisibility spell for 1 hour. If the user
compensation. Simon, knowing well that he had already been paid, decides to switch back to that character several days later, the
laughed at the wizard and refused what seemed like an unreasonable character will reappear with the invisibility spell still active until
request. Laughter turned into mockery as the argument became bitter. it expires.

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Personal Artifacts
At any time one of the characters dies, the Ring will switch
the character to the character in stasis, and then lose all its pow- Rings of Power
ers. The dead character will vanish permanently with all its There are 6 Rings of Power: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution,
belongings. Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Individually, these rings
When first worn, the Ring will permanently bond with the grant the user bonuses to a specific attribute as well as powerful
wearer and will be powerless to anyone else. If the Ring is abilities. However, when combined together with an additional
removed, the character in stasis will be trapped within the Ring ring, they grant the user even more abilities. Only two of them
and cannot be brought back until the Ring has been rejoined with may every be worn at a time; if more than two are worn, the rings
its master. In this state the Ring is useless to any other owner. If become cursed and grants 1 to all attributes.
the Ring is removed from the wearer for more than 1 year, the Wearing a Ring of Power will cause the ring to become spe-
character in stasis will be lost and the Ring will return to its full cially bonded with the wearer and grant its special abilities only
power waiting to be worn by a new user. to him for a duration of one year. During this time the ring will be
Once a user wears a The Ring of Dichotomy, he may never powerless to anyone other than the character it is bonded with.
wear a second one until the first one is destroyed or has lost its After one year the ring will lose all its abilities until it is removed
powers. If the user tries to wear a second Ring before that, it will from the wearer for one day, at which time it will regain its abili-
cause both Rings to destroy themselves for 2d12 damage within a ties and may be worn (and bonded) with the same wearer or a new
5 foot radius, and anyone wearing either Rings must take a wearer for another year. The death of a wearer will cause the ring
Fortitude save or his hands will be destroyed in the blast; any to lose its power until it is removed from its dead owner for one
character in stasis will also be lost. day, at which time it may be worn (and bonded) with a new wear-
Destruction: The Ring of Dichotomy is turned powerless er.
when placed in a mixture of a see invisibility potion and invis- However, with power comes a price. Each day that a Ring of
ibility potion. Power is worn, there is a 1% chance that the wearer may lose 1
History: Long ago an ancient race of humans was blessed permanent attribute point. If more than one ring is worn at a time,
with the power of morphing by the gods. They roamed the world roll for each ring daily.
causing havoc and mischief wherever they went, able to escape Destruction: Wearing two of the same ring will cause the
by changing shape. They were recognizable only by the golden rings to destroy themselves, each causing 4d20+20 damage to the
ring they wore, a traditional symbol of their culture also given by user and 3d20 damage to all things within 10 feet of the user.
the gods. Over the years their powers of morphing began to wane, History: The Rings of Power were created by the gods of old,
but they found that they were able to preserve their powers with- and were given as gifts to the mortals who worshiped them. As
in their rings. Upon their deaths, the rings evolved one last time the ages past and the old gods faded, so did the memory of the
and their current form became known as The Ring of Dichotomy. Rings of Power.
Where To Find: These rings are found all over the world. Where To Find: The Rings of Power may be found through-
Some are still on their living original masters, while others are out the world many of the owners of these rings are aware of
found on their dead masters. their immediate powers, but do not know the full extent of them.
Weight: 1 lb. Weight: 1 lb.

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Personal Artifacts
Ring of Strength Power cessful Spellcraft check. When activating a scroll, the caster does
Strength Bonus. Grants +2 to strength not need to make a caster spell check even if the caster level is
Maximum Weapon Damage. So great has the wearers lower than the scroll spells caster level. Furthermore, scrolls read
strength become that each melee attack will do the maximum pos- while wearing the Ring of Intelligence Power do not need to be of
sible damage with the wielded weapon (or bare hands). This does the correct type. Arcane spellcasters can cast divine spells from a
not apply to ranged weapons. scroll and divine spellcasters can cast arcane spells from a scroll;
doing so however requires a DC10 check and will cause a scroll
Point Loss. Daily 1% chance to permanently lose one point of
mishap if the check is failed.
Point Loss. Daily 1% chance to permanently lose one point of
Ring of Dexterity Power Intelligence
Dexterity Bonus. Grants +2 to dexterity and the Improved
Initiative Feat
Ring of Wisdom Power
Wisdom Bonus. Grants +2 to Wisdom and the Combat Casting
Avoid Hit. The wearers new agility is so great that the wear-
er has a 20% chance to avoid a melee attack altogether. This 20%
chance is determined after an opponent has made a successful Spell Resistance. The wearer gains Spell Resistance 15, and is
attack roll. This does not apply to spell attacks or ranged attacks. immune to all level 1 spells cast upon him by others.
Point Loss. Daily 1% chance to permanently lose one point of Point Loss. Daily 1% chance to permanently lose one point of
Dexterity Wisdom

Ring of Constitution Power Ring of Charisma Power

Constitution Bonus. Grants +2 to Constitution and the Charisma Bonus. Grants +2 to Charisma
Toughness Feat Charm. The wearer of this ring gains the ability to Charm 3
Poison Immunity. The wearers constitution becomes so great times per day. This can be used against any living creature and
that all poisons have no effect. will last for 12 hours. Upon casting, the target creature may make
a Will check at 5 to negate the spell. The wearer may attempt to
Maximum Hit die. When leveling up, the wearer will gain the
Charm a creature that is already charmed in order to extend the
maximum hit die for his or her class.
life of the spell the charmed creature will not get a Will save and
Point Loss. Daily 1% chance to permanently lose one point of the spell will last 12 hours from the time of casting (it will not
Constitution stack with the previous spell). Furthermore the wearer of the Ring
Ring of Intelligence Power of Charisma Power is completely immune to all Charm spells.
Intelligence Bonus. Grants +2 to Intelligence and the Spell Only one creature may ever be charmed this way at a time. Using
Mastery Feat. this ability to charm another creature will immediately free the
currently charmed creature.
Language Comprehension. Gains the ability to read any writ-
ten language, including items for spell use. Magical writings such Point Loss. Daily 1% chance to permanently lose one point of
as scrolls are instantly deciphered as if the user has made a suc- Charisma

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Personal Artifacts
Ring Combinations: Destruction: The Ring of Remembrance is rendered powerless
Wearing two different Power Rings will grant the users all the when it is bound in the hair from a female human virgin, then boiled
powers of the two rings, plus these additional powers: in oil for three days.
History: In the Promised Lands of Yor, Sol Brightheart was
Any Strength Ring crowned king of all the lands after many years of crushing his ene-
-Critical Threat Range for melee attacks is increased by 1. mies and unifying the lands. In remembrance of this special occa-
sion, the nomad brothers Riklu presented the king with The Ring of
Any Dexterity Ring Remembrance. It is said that the Ring was created from the brain of
-The wearer never needs to make an armor check for Balance, Killek, an Archmage who disappeared long before and had become
Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Pick Pocket, or the stuff of legend.
Tumble checks. Where To Find: The Ring of Remembrance was passed down
Any Constitution Ring to different heirs over the years, and was last given to Hollus, the
-The wearer will always feel nourished and does not need to eat heir who turned his back on his kingdom to become an adventurer.
or drink for sustenance. Weight: < 1 lb.

Any Intelligence Ring

-Duration of all the wearers cast spells is doubled. Ring of Weapon Mastery
Common Name: Weapon Ring
Any Wisdom Ring Description: This silver ring carries the symbol of an eagle on
-The wearer gains 1 extra spell slot in the highest spell level. one side, the symbol of a snake on the other, and has a small red gem
When the wearer is capable of casting a new spell level, the old slot in the center. Wearing the ring will grant the full knowledge and pro-
will disappear and move to the higher level. ficiency in the usage of all weapons, including exotic weapons. So
proficient will the wearer be that he will gain a +1 to all his attacks
Any Charisma Ring while wearing this ring.
-Once per day the wearer may re-roll any Bluff, Gather
Destruction: The Ring of Weapon Mastery is instantly destroyed
Information, Diplomacy, or Intimidate checks, if the original roll
if a bolt of natural lightning ever hits it.
was a natural 1, 2, or 3.
History: Arlea, a goddess of combat and war in the Southern
Peninsula, created The Ring and gave it to her mortal son Xahia,
Ring of Remembrance whose father was also mortal. With the power of the ring and years of
Common Name: Spell Ring training, Xahia became a champion of the Southern Peninsula, fight-
Description: This ring is made of a smooth black metal with a ing evil and protecting the weak.
snakehead on the top. Whenever the wearer of this ring successful- Where To Find: Many in the land mourned the death of Xahia,
ly casts an arcane or divine spell, he may make Will Save (DC as his influence was far reaching. A tomb was erected and his body
19+X, where X is the spell level); a successful save will allow the was placed there with his belongings, including the ring. It is said that
cast spell to stay within the casters memory, therefore allowing him his mother enchanted the tomb with powerful magics and guardians
to cast the spell again. to protect it.
Weight: 1 lb.
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Personal Artifacts
Rod to the item for a successful recharge. The Rod is so powerful
Rod of Recharging that it can even recharge artifact items. There is a limit to the
Common Name: Charging Rod number of times a single item may be re-charged though; every
Description: This Rod is small and golden in color, emanates time an item is charged, that item has a cumulative 5% chance of
a blue glow in darkness, and is always overloading and destroying itself, causing 3d10 damage within a
found within a black bag. Holding 30 feet radius. The Rod is very powerful and must always be kept
the Rod close will allow the user within its enchanted bag when not in use. The Black bag is a
to hear a humming noise from form-fitting bag just large enough to hold the Rod; it has no other
the Rod. The Rod of known special properties.
Recharging is an immensely Destruction: The Rod of Recharging is a powerful item con-
powerful item, with the taining vast amounts of energy and is nigh indestructible. The
ability to recharge any item is so powerful in fact that it must be kept in a special black
item that normally has bag. It must never leave its specially enchanted bag for more than
charges. Simply hold- 1 hour, or its unstable energies will implode, causing 10d10 elec-
ing the Rod to any item trical and fire damage to anything within a 0-20 food radius, and
will recharge the item 5d10 damage to anything within a 21-50 foot radius. At anytime
and restore it with max- the Rod is destroyed, its bag will also destroy itself, disintegrat-
imum charges for ing into nothingness.
whatever spells or History: Legend speaks of an ancient pool of water that can
powers it may hold. rejuvenate any being or item to its full strength. Those who could
It requires 5 find this Water of Life used it to heal a loved one, reverse the
rounds of effects of aging, or even repair old antiques and artifacts. After
holding many centuries the pool began to lose its mystical energies and
t h e started to dry up. Quattha, the sole caretaker of the pool since its
existence, took the last of the Water and condensed it into a con-
tainer, which would become the Rod of Recharging.
Where To Find: Quattha took the Rod and placed it in a
shrine in remembrance of the pool. He used the remaining life
energy of his old body to create golems and living plants to act as
caretakers and guards for the rod. These new caretakers buried his
body at the foot of the shrine.
Weight: 7 lbs.

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Personal Artifacts
get that is hit with this on a critical hit of 19 must make a Will
Rod of Many Weapons Save (DC 17) or it will lose all divine and arcane spells from its
Common Name: Transforming Blade memory; this does not affect spell like abilities. Upon a critical hit
Description: The Rod of Many Weapons looks like a silver of 20, the target must make a Will Save (DC 25) or lose its spells.
metal rod, 1 inch in diameter and 8 inches in length. When wield- Destruction: Burying it at the foot of a spruce tree in the for-
ed however, the user may instantly transform the item into one of est that its wood came from will destroy this powerful item. Upon
many weapons. Each weapon is indestructible, dealing 2d6 +3 burying it, the Slings magical properties will fade and the tree it
damage, with a critical threat range of 20, and an X3 critical dam- is buried under will become sentient. Whether the tree will be
age. The rod may become any weapon the user is skilled in, and good or evil is unknown.
any martial weapon; the user can change the Rods weapon type History: Deep in the Zonia forest the inhabitants of the for-
as a free action. est know of the old fairy tale of the living tree. The tale speaks of
Destruction: The Rod of Many Weapons may only be an old living tree of great power who protected the forest and all
destroyed in the Forge it was created in, deep in the cave of the its inhabitants of the outside evils of the world. As the power of
Sethryn Dwarven Clan. the tree faded over time, the tree gave final instructions to the
History: The Legendary wizard Archimedes called upon an inhabitants on how to create weapons so that they may defend
old favor from the Sethryn Dwarven Clan to help create the Rod themselves. The first of these weapons were created from the liv-
for his son, Bolivar, who became a wandering warrior in the dead ing tree itself as a final sacrifice to those it loved dear. Thus, as
lands. Carrying the Rod on his left forearm, Bolivar used the rod the tale goes, is how mortals first learned to use make and
mostly as a two-handed weapon, able to instantly switch to a weapons.
bludgeoning war hammer when facing his most hated foes, Where To Find: Rumors speak of a wandering nomad who
undead skeletons. carried a weapon that could reduce any mages power to nothing-
Where To Find: Upon Bolivars death, Archimedes buried ness.
his son and belongings deep inside of the Kenai Mountains. Two Weight: < 1 lb.
living gargoyles guard the sacred tomb for all eternity.
Weight: 3 lbs., no matter what its shape
Sphere of Arrow Deflection
Common Name: Deflection Balls
Slingshot of Forgetfulness Description: The Sphere of Arrow Deflection is small metal ball
Common Name: Memory Sling approximately _ inches in diameter and weighs half a pound; it is
Description: This Sling is a +4 weapon that does 1d4 dam- silver in color and is perfectly reflective. The sphere may be magi-
age, has a critical threat range of 19-20, and does X2 critical dam- cally embedded into any hard surface item, which is normally worn
age. The Sling is made of white wood and is Y-shaped with a or wielded (gauntlets, sword hilt, shield, bracers, etc). The user may
brown elastic material between its arms for loading a bullet. embed the sphere by holding it up against the item and speaking the
When pulling back on this elastic, it will glow with a bright yel- Command Words Pila Magus. Once embedded, the Sphere
low light and charge the bullet with its mystical energies. Any tar- becomes permanently attached to the item and the magical property

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Personal Artifacts
of the sphere is activated. If the item is worn or wielded, the sphere become a full size warship. This warship will be manned by a full
will detach itself from the item and deflect any ranged weapon crew of constructs, under the command of the one who threw the
(arrow, spear, etc) that would normally hit the user (once per round), bottle.
as the Deflect Arrows Feat would do. This deflection is always suc- Once the ship has been expanded from its bottle, it may never
cessful and automatic. After deflection the sphere will immediately revert to its original casing.
embed itself back into the item. Destruction: The full size ship itself may be destroyed by nor-
The sphere will deflect and additional 1 ranged weapon for mal means, but the Ship in the Bottle is near indestructible. It is
every 10th level of the user, and will continue to be active for the rumored that the Bottle itself may only be destroyed in the Fire
user as long as the item is worn, even if the user is dead. Mountain furnace, where it was created.
No more than 2 Spheres of Arrow Deflection may be embedded History: A group of Dwarven artisans created many objects of
into the same item, but the user may wear multiple items with up to beauty and power, and used them to please their gods and some-
two Spheres each. times themselves. The Ship in the Bottle was one such item.
The Sphere of Arrow Deflection may be removed from the item Where To Find: There are many Ships in a Bottle scattered
by touching it and reciting the same Command Words; the Sphere throughout the land, most of which are sold in antique shops or are
may then be embedded on to a new item. sitting over a furnace with its powers unknown to its owners.
Destruction: When attempting to embed one Sphere of Arrow Weight: 1 lbs.
Deflection into another Sphere, both Spheres will form to become a
large lead ball with no magical properties.
History: The Spheres were given as a gift from the Tial, a god Staff of Ultimate Spell Storing
of war, during the Blight War in the Northern Kingdoms. It is said Common Name: Staff of the Mage
that Tial gave the spheres to Human kingdom of White Shield to Description: This staff allows a spellcaster to store spells into
protect it against Elven kingdom of Green Tree. With the Spheres the staff by casting a spell into it. The spells stored within the staff
equipped on its most elite warriors, White Shield was able to defeat may be cast by anyone wielding it as a standard action. The user
all their enemies, especially the despised Green Tree Kingdom. may store up to five level-1 spells, four level-2 spells, three level-
Where To Find: The final destruction of the White Shield king- 3 spells, one level-4 spell, and one level-5 spell within the staff.
dom left many warriors and to roam the lands near and far. These A lower level spell may be stored into a higher-level slot, and a
warriors took all their possession with them, including any Spheres combination of divine and arcane spells may be contained within
of Arrow Deflection. the staff.
Weight: < 1 lb. Anyone wielding the staff will immediately be aware of the
power of the staff and the spells stored within it. The user will be
able to cast the spells without penalties.
Ship in a Bottle Destruction: This Staff may never be used as weapon to
This indestructible tiny ship inside of a clear bottle looks like a impale a living creature. If it ever does, it will shatter, causing
toy or a room centerpiece, but when the bottle is thrown into the 5d12 damage to the impaled creature and 2d12 damage to every-
water the ship inside will expand, shatter the glass encasing, and thing else within a ten foot radius.

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Personal Artifacts
History: one hundred years ago in the heart of the in life. Every 1-point of damage that the animated statues claws
Dragonscale school of magic, a student by the name of Jeremiah cause will heal 1 HP to the owner.
was entering his 4th year as a student. During that fateful school It takes 2 rounds for the Statue to become animated or unani-
year forces of great evil were inadvertently opened by a group of mated.
inexperienced students. During the havoc a great number of stu- If the statue is animated and its owner dies, the statue will
dents and faculty were killed and parts of the school were demol- become ownerless and remain animated until the command word
ished. Young Jeremiah, being the son of demon and human, is spoken to revert it to statue form.
instinctively knew how to deal with the threat and destroyed the
invading demons and their portal into this dimension. Such a vic- Animated Cat Statue
tory came at a cost however as Jeremiah suffered serious head Small feline
wounds that forever hindered his abilities as an effective mage. In Hit Dice: 55
the 8th and final year of his schooling, the headmasters of the Initiative: +2
school presented to Jeremiah the Staff of Ultimate Spell Storing Speed: 30 ft.
as a gift for his heroic efforts in fighting the demons from four AC: 21 (+1 size, +9 natural)
years earlier. When asked why it took them four years to present Attacks: 2 claws +6 melee
it, the headmaster responded Because it took that long to make Damage: Claw 1d8 + 2
it. Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.
Where To Find: Upon Jeremiahs death from old age, his Special Attacks: Breath weapon
Staff was sent back to the school, and remains there on display in Special Qualities: Fast healing 2, damage reduction 1,
the Hall of Graduates. Darkvision 100
Weight: 5 lbs. Saves: Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +3
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 10
Skills: Hide +9, Listen +6, Move Silently +9, Spot +6, +8 bonus
Statue of the Black Cat to balance checks, it must use its Dexterity modifier for
Common Name: Feline Stone Climb checks
Description: This 10-pound Statue is of a 1-foot high black Feats: Power Attack
cat in a sitting position that may be placed on any flat surface. The Climate/Terrain: N/A
owner of this Statue may speak the command word gatos, Organization: Single
which will cause the Statue become animated and will be under Challenge Rating: 4
the command of its owner. Anyone may use the same command Treasure: none
word to turn the Statue back into an inanimate object and make it Alignment: neutral
The owner (the one who animates it) has the special ability to Breath Weapon (Su): Line of lightning 5 feet wide, 5 feet
see whatever the animated Statue sees at will. high, and 20 feet long, once every 2 rounds as a standard action;
The owner will also be specially linked to the animated statue damage 3d6, Reflex half DC 19.

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Personal Artifacts
Fast Healing (Ex): Can heal 2 points of damage each round
when animated. Sword of Bleeding
Inanimate Death: Upon reaching 0 HP, the Statue will revert Common Name: Desert Blood Sword
to its inanimate form and will be considered ownerless, and can- Description: This +5 long sword has rune words inscripted
not become animated again for 24 hours. on both sides of the blade. The runes words light up on command
Destruction: The statue may only be destroyed while not ani- able to provide illumination for up to 20 feet. Upon a successful
mated. To do this, the statue must be wrapped in cloth as is being hit with this sword, the target will begin to bleed profusely taking
mummified, and blessed with oils from a priest. The wrapped 1d6 damage at the end of each round. Each hit will cause the
statue must then be buried ten feet under the ground with a hand- wound to enlarge, therefore stacking the bleeding damage. Upon
ful of sand, a quart of blessed water, and a live snake. Once the a critical hit this bleeding damage is increased to 2d6. Only a
grave has been filled and blessed, the statue will destroy itself and healing spell will close the wound and stop the bleeding.
a tree will grow out of its burial site and become fully aged in a Destruction: Taking the blade and stabbing oneself with it
matter of minutes. until the blade is fully covered with blood will turn the blade into
History: The Statue was created for the Pharaoh of the east- a normal Long sword with no special properties. They wielder
ern Dessert kingdom who reigned within his massive pyramids. must stab himself or herself without help from others.
The Pharaoh ruled with an iron fist and often used his Statue to History: Deep in the heart of the Holava Desert, the great
assassinate his political enemies. Like most powerful men, a descendants of the Sun Runners Clan once fought against a dev-
woman eventually brought down the Pharaoh and attempted to astating war against invading Troglavere demons from another
seize power for herself. A slave woman who became the plane. The invaders had the ability to regenerate, and were very
Pharaohs lover eventually found the command word to animate difficult to kill. The defenders turned their smiths and magicians
the Statue, and used it to assassinate the Pharaoh in his sleep. to create powerful swords to combat this threat, and thus the
Where To Find: After the assassination, a power vacuum Swords of Bleeding were born. With new weapons on hand, the
was left in the lands, as the Pharaoh had no heirs. The power Sun Riders turned the tide of the war and drove the demons back
struggles and ensuing wars ripped the kingdom apart and the to their homelands. The war would prove costly however 70%
Statue was lost within the ruins of the pyramid. of the Clan had perished and their lands were all but completely
Weight: 10 lbs. destroyed.
Where To Find: The Sword of Bleeding is often found deep
in the middle of desserts, sometimes inside of ruins, other times
buried deep in the sands.
Weight: 4 lbs.

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Personal Artifacts
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License. System Reference Document Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte
Cook, Skip Williams, based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.
4. Grant and Consideration: In consideration for agreeing to use this License, the Contributors grant You a per-
petual, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license with the exact terms of this License to Use, the Open Personal Artifacts, Copyright 2003 The Le. Published by Ronin Arts,
Game Content.
Character Clip Art & Color Customizing Studio Copyright 2002, Elmore Productions, Inc., Authors Larry
5.Representation of Authority to Contribute: If You are contributing original material as Open Game Content, Elmore and Ken Whitman. Art and illustrations by Larry Elmore.
You represent that Your Contributions are Your original creation and/or You have sufficient rights to grant the
rights conveyed by this License. 'D20 System' and the 'D20 System' logo are Trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast and are used accord-
ing to the terms of the D20 System License version 3.0. A copy of this License can be found at www.wiz-
6.Notice of License Copyright: You must update the COPYRIGHTNOTICE portion of this License to include
the exact text of the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any Open Game Content You are copying, modifying or dis-
tributing, and You must add the title, the copyright date, and the copyright holder's name to the COPYRIGHT Designation of Open Game Content: All six rings of power, including names, and the descriptions, of all
NOTICE of any original Open Game Content you Distribute. items not including "item name," "item history,, and "where to find.

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