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Laskar Pelangi: The Audacity of Hope
This is a movie adapted from a best-selling Indonesian novel. It took 40 days of filming on Belitong
Island, Bangka-Belitung province. Involving 12 local actors, it reportedly cost Rp 8 billion. With all the
efforts of transforming Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warrior) into a moving picture, will it satisfy readers
Laskar Pelangi, the novel, was written by Andrea Hirata in 2005, based on his own experiences. It is
about an inspiring teacher and her 10 students in the poverty-stricken Kampung Gantong in Belitong. The
poor condition of their school building does not dampen their high spirits and hopes for a better future.
Two years later, the novel became a phenomenon in Indonesian literature. With its humanistic touch,
Laskar Pelangi has sold more than 500,000 copies and has won the position of Must-Read Novel in every
corner of the nations bookshops and media review pages. It has finally overcome the domination of teen-
lit, chick-lit and even religious novels, the popular theme of today.
Andrea entrusted the filming of the story to the respected figures in the film industry, Mira Lesmana
and Riza, as producer and film director. In July 2007, Mira and Riri started the pre-production, which took
a year to finish. Together with the scriptwriter Salman Aristo, they decided to create a different scenario for
the film.
80. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. Laskar Pelangi is the story of poor people at the Bangka Belitung province.
B. Laskar Pelangi is the story of poor school children of the Belitong Island.
C. Laskar Pelangi is about poverty in Kampung Gantong in Bangka Belitung.
D. Laskar Pelangi is about an inspiring story towards a better life.
E. Laskar Pelangi is about Andrea Hirata.
81. From the text above, we know that ...
A. the movie was played by poor children
B. Andrea Hirata is the producer of Laskar Pelangi
C. the novel of Laskar Pelangi was a phenomenal work of literature.
D. people like the movie better than the novel
E. people like the novel better than the movie
Yet Another Western!
Twenty-four of the thirty - two new films shown in the Colony this year have been western. The film
now showing at the Paramount, Kill for A Dollar, is the twenty-fifth western to show. It is not very much
different, no better and only a little inferior to the other twenty-four.
The story is the usual one. A bad man comes to a small town. He shoots the sheriff and a number of
other innocent people and rides away. At first no one in the town is brave enough to ride after him, but at
last the editor of the local newspaper puts on his gun, borrows a horse and ride after him into the desert.
In the numerous scenes that follow there are a number of gun battles, during which forty-eight men
are shoot, fifteen horses fall down and the main street of the town is burnt to the ground.
The part of the bad man, who wears black clothes is played by Pistol Smith. Mark Limp, as the brave
editor, wears brown clothes and white hat. The clothes act rather better than the people wearing them.
Perhaps one day the local audiences will grow weary if seeing the same film every week. Perhaps
they will refuse to pay money to see badly acted, badly directed, and badly written films of people killing
one another for no good reason. Unfortunately, there is no sign that this time has come. Next week, at the
Odeon, the twenty-sixth western will be shown. It is called A Dollar to Kill.
82. The text tells us that ...
A. Kill for A Dollar is very badly acted film. (Recheck the answer)
B. twenty four films shown in the Colony are Western
C. twenty four films have been shown in the Colony this year
D. Kill for A Dollar is not much better than the other western
E. local audiences grow weary of seeing the same film every week
83. Which of the following scenes is not described in the third paragraph? (Recheck the answer)
A. Shootings.
B. Burning the town.
C. Killing innocent people.
D. Shooting forty eight men.
E. Falling down fifteen horses.
84. Which statement is true according to the text ...
A. The brave editor is dressed in black
B. The brave editor is played by Mark Limp
C. Fifteen horses are killed during the gun battles
D. Kill for A Dollar is being shown at the Paramount
E. A Dollar to Kill is twenty fifth western to be shown in the Colony
85. Perhaps one day local audiences will grow weary of seeing ... (Paragraph 4).
The underlined word means ...
A. fed up
B. attentive
C. occupied
D. enthusiast
E. challenged

2002 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
Frederico and Sam are two lucky men, Frederico survived an earthquake and has the power to
wrench fortune from those around him: he has the gift, Sam is a survivor of the Jewish holocaust and
manages a casino in the middle of a lava desert. One day, Frederico challenges Sam who expels him
from paradise, taking his gift from him.
Years later, Frederico thinks that he has found in Tomas, the only survivor of an air accident, the
instrument of his vengeance. By teaching him to control fortune, he can use him to return to the casino
and challenge the God of fortune. Together they begin a journey of initiation, a succession of ever more
strange and difficult tests in which the highest bet is the luck of others; luck, which in this game is captured
in a simple photograph. Everything goes well until Sara, a policewoman who survives a car accident which
kills her family, becomes obsessed with discovering what is behind these clandestine games in which
death and luck become enmeshed. In which only one ca remain intact. This film is really worth watching.
385. The purpose of the text is ...
A. to describe a film
B. to describe how a film is made
C. to inform readers about a good film
D. to entertain readers by telling a story
E. to review a film for a public audience
386. After reading the review, how would you judge this film?
A. Bad
B. Fair
C. Not bad
D. Mediocre
E. Excellent
387. What does the writer suggest to the audience?
A. The film is forgettable
B. They should watch the film
C. They should neglect the film
D. They should make another film
E. The writer should promote the film
The Last Emperor
Dont go to see Dont go to see The Last Emperor if you are expecting a history lesson. Bertoluccis
epic about the rise and fall of Pu Yi is hard to follow and confusing at times. But he has done a remarkable
job of portraying the Chinese culture, and he has captured China in stunningly beautiful images. There are
some touching scenes, as when the young Pu Yis nurse is taken from him. Unfortunately, the movie is too
long and tends to drag at times.
If you are expecting a history lesson. Bertoluccis epic about the rise and fall of Pu Yi is hard to follow
and confusing at times. But he has done a remarkable job of portraying the Chinese culture, and he has
captured China in stunningly beautiful images. There are some touching scenes, as when the young Pu
Yis nurse is taken from him. Unfortunately, the movie is too long and tends to drag at times.
388. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To present two points of view about an issue
B. To explain the process
C. To analyze and evaluate the creative work
D. To retell past event
E. To report the latest movie
389. What does the writer think about The Last Emperor?
A. Excellent
B. Very good
C. Fair
D. Poor
E. Amazing
Music and Lyrics Movie Review
Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a washed-up 80s pop star whos been reduced to working the
nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a
chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) invites him to write and record a
duet with her, but theres a problemAlex hasnt written a song in years, hes never written lyrics, and he
has to come up with a hit in a matter of days, enter Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), Alexs attractively
quirky lady, whose fl air for words strikes a chord with the struggling songwriter. On the rebound from a
bad relationship, Sophie is reluctant to collaborate with anyone, especially commitment-phobe Alex. As
their chemistry heats up at the piano and under it, Alex and Sophie will have to face their fearsand the
musicif they want to find the love and success they both deserve.
Duration : 96 minutes
Directed by : MARC D. LAWRENCE
Written by : MARC D. LAWRENCE
Production Company : WARNER BROS. PICTURES

390. What is the function of the review above?

A. to amuse the readers
B. to give information to the readers
C. to entertain the readers
D. to persuade the readers
E. to explain the readers
391. What does the review present?
A. the reviewers assessment
B. the reviewers speculation
C. the movies prediction
D. the movies rating
E. the movies synopsis
392. What is the genre of the movie based on the review?
A. Horror
B. Action
C. romantic drama
D. comedy
E. thriller
393. What is the word quirky (line 7) closest in meaning to?
A. Pretty
B. good looking
C. beautiful
D. eye-catching
E. odd
The Story to Kung Fu Panda
The story to Kung Fu Panda is nothing really new, but it is told so well as to actually pack an
emotional punch. And it never comes off as laughable, which in lesser hands could easily have happened.
Speaking of laughs, there are many to be had here as well. Kung Fu Panda works on just about every
level a family movie can. The cast features Jack Black as Po the Panda. The furious five, the most feared
group of warriors in all of China, consists of Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Monkey (Jackie Chan), Mantis (Seth
Roger), Viper (Lucy Liu), and Crane (David Cross). Their master is Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), a fur ball
creature who is a legendary teacher of Kung Fu. Escaped from prison and on hi way to claim the Dragon
Scroll, which will make him the all powerful Dragon Warrior, is the good gone bad Tai Lung (Ian
McShane). But first, hell have to muscle his way around 400 pounds of panda to get to it.
Kung Fu Panda is a damn good time at the movies. This was the movie that Dreamworks Animation so
desperately needed after the disappointing Shrek The Third. With gorgeous animation, spectacular
action, a great cast and dramatic weight of an Akira Kurosawa film, Kung Fu Panda is one of the favourite
movie of the year.
394. Which of the following quality does not describe the movie?
A. Funny
B. Touching
C. Stunning movie picture
D. Excellent actors
E. Unexciting
395. Shrek The Third is ...
A. as desperate as Kung Fu Panda
B. not produced by Dreamworks
C. not a moving picture
D. not a first-rate movie
E. a brilliant movie
396. The antagonist role of the movie is ...
A. Po
B. Tigress
C. Shifu
D. Tai Lung
E. Viper
397. The phrase a full ball creature means ...
A. An animal who likes to play fur ball
B. A ball-size creature which is hairy
C. An animal with black and white skin
D. An animal who is good at Kung Fu
E. A hairy animal
Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo) is a beautiful, smart and confident seventeen year old. Born in a loving
family, surrounded by caring and supporting friends. Cinta seems to have everything in the world. She has
four best friends, Milly (Sissy Pricillia), Karmen (Adinia Wirasti), Alya (Ladya Cheryl), and Maura(Titi
Kamal) who always protect her. Shes also the object of Bornes affection, the most eligible boyfriend at
But things are starting to change when Cinta meets Rangga (Nicholas Saputra), a cool and arrogant
boy whose presence is never taken into account at school. The unpredictable character of Rangga has
disturbed Cinta. It creates a new and unfamiliar sensation which leads Cinta into a new and strange world.
The next thing she knows, she has fallen in love with someone who has a very different character and
comes from a very different world. Bit by bit, Cinta starts to change. She becomes a new person, a

stranger to her friends and even to herself. She doesnt understand what has happened, let alone her
398. The purpose of the text is ...
A. to review the film characters
B. to present two point of view
C. to explain how to do something
D. to retell the past event
E. to inform the true story
399. The whole of the passage is ...
A. Coda
B. Title
C. Evaluation of the work
D. Orientation
E. Issue
400. What kind of family was she born to ?
A. poor family
B. rich family
C. in a loving family
D. in a good family
E. in a bad family
401. Her in ... who always protect her .... Refers to ...
A. Cinta
B. Maura
C. Karmen
D. Milly
E. Alya
402. What is the meaning of eligible?
A. bad qualification
B. comfortable
C. smart and beautiful
D. suitable, having the right qualification
E. good qualification
Meg Cabot
Harper Collins
Young Adult
ISBN: 0380814021
304 pages
As the hilariously funny tale called The Princess Diaries begins, Mia Thermopolis is just a regular
high school freshman at Albert Einstein High School. Well, as regular as you can be when you live in a loft
in downtown New York with your flighty artist Mom. And as regular as you can be when your best friend is
Lilly, a punky and spunky militant who produces her own TV show.
As readers can guess from the title, this book takes the form of a diary, written by Mia. Over the span
of a month, she relates her daily woes and embarrassments in heart breaking detail. As with most
teenaged girls, Mia thinks she is hopeless, looks-wise. Shes tall 59 and klutzy, and not so gifted in
the chest department. Then there is school. One of Mias biggest problems is the fact she is flunking
Algebra and, to make matters worse, her Mom has begun dating her teacher. Gross.
In the boy department, the cutest one in school has the locker next to hers, but doesnt even know
Mia exists, even as his snooty girlfriend Lana, a popular cheerleader, torments her. And to top it off, Mia is
developing some sort of weird crush on Michael, Lillys computer nerd brother.
Then one day, Mia finds out she is a princess. Okay, I know that doesnt sound bad to most girls, but
Mia hates the idea instantly. How does this fairy tale come true? Her father is ruler of the principality of
Genovia and since Mia is his only child, she is next in line to the throne. Her dad sends in the big guns to
convince Mia that being a princess is what she is meant to do: her formidable grandmother comes to New
York to give Mia Princess Lessons. And as the word spreads around Albert Einstein High School that
Mia is royalty, her life just gets more crazy.
The ending of The Princess Diaries is a twisty one and will leave you joining for more stories of Mia
and the rest of her friends.
Reviewed by: Jennifer Abbots.
403. Who wrote The Princess Diaries?
A. Mia Thermapolis
B. Jennifer Abbots
C. Meg Cabot
D. Michael
E. Lilly
404. Who is the main character of the novel?
A. Michael
B. Mia Thermapolis.
C. Jennifer Abbots.
D. Meg Cabot.
E. Albert Einstein.
405. Shes tall59-and klutzy, and not so gifted ... How is a klutzy girl?
A. She is a shy girl.

B. She is a tough girl.

C. She is a brave girl.
D. She is a preety girl.
E. She drops things and falls easily.
406. Mia is developing some sort of weird crush on Michael, Lillys computer nerd brother. A nerd is
A. someone who is extremely interested in computers
B. someone who is fashionable
C. someone who is charming
D. someone who is nervous
E. Someone who is smart
407. Who is the reviewer of the novel?
A. Meg Cabot.
B. Jennifer Abbots.
C. Mia Thermopolis
D. Albert Einstein.
E. Michael
Bisa Saja is choosen as the first single of the album and theme song of BROWNIES, since the lyric
reflects the story in the movie. Budjana of GIGI demonstrates his skills in playing acoustic guitar in Cinta
Terakhir. Three other brand new song Dilema, Jangan Bilang Pacarku and Semua Orang Berhak
Mendapat Rasa Bahagia, gives supporting nuances to the movie flow as GIGI composed them by
imagining how the scenes would like look based on the screenplay.
When Hanung Bramantyo, the director, and Dewa Budjana of GIGI chated, Budjana expressed his
interest in making soundtrack album. Then, he recommended a few of GIGI songs, which the producer
accepted because of the chemistry they created with the movie. Since GIGI can provide a variety of colors
to add all kinds of musical nuances to enrich the movie, the producer deemed it unnecessary to find other
musicians to complete OST of BROWNIES. Armand Maulana (vocalist), I Gede Dewa Budjana (guitarist),
Thomas Ramdhan (Bass player), and Gusti Erhandy (Drum-stand-in player for Budhi haryono) put a lot of
effort to this album. As a result, theyve created perfect blend of movie and songs that makes BROWNIES
Its always fun to have a piece of Brownies in your mouth. But having it in your stereo set is more
entertaining. No movie is perfect without musical score and OST of Brownies proved it excellent.

The passage is mainly about

the description how the album is accomplished through a series of steps
an account of unusual or amusing incident retold by the album
a review an of an original soundtrack of movie
the process in making original soundtrack of movie
an amusing story dealing with experience in different ways

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?

Budjana is the acoustic guitar player of GIGI
Bisa Saja is the theme song of BROWNIES
Hanung Bramantyo is the director of GIGI band
Armand Maulana is the vocalist of GIGI
OST of BROWNIES is excellent
Daughtry is an American Music Award-winning and Grammy nominated rock band from North
Caroline, formed by former American Idol Contestant, Chris Daughtry in 2006. Their debut self-titled
album, Daughtry, was released on November 21, 2006 and reached number one for two non-consecutive
weeks on the Billboard Top 200.
Chris Daughtrys distinctive vocals range from explosive to powerfully restrained. He wrote the lyrics
on all but two of the tracks and is well on his way to becoming a fine songwriter ; however, cliches
occasionaly creep in, as well as odd visuals, like in the mental health rumination Breakdown (Open up the
book you beat me with again / Read it off one sentence at a time). Other than the aforementioned
Breakdown, only All These Lives strays into dark territory with its dwelling on the mind of a murderer (All
these lives that youve been taking/ Deep inside, my heart is breaking / Broken homes from separation /
Dont you know its violation ?). Otherwise, Chris generally plays the victim to loves machinations.
Musically, its staight down the middle of the road in terms of rock, with a few surprises thrown in.
Surely, it is nice to hear a guitar solo every once in a while, too. There and Back Again springs from the
speakers as well with heavy power chords and insistent attitude. When things back down, they are equally
effective. Home is a beautiful power ballad of missed love. The final track, What About Now is a piano-
driven number written by Evanescence ex-patriots Ben Moody and David Hodges, and it wasnt hard to
imagine Amy Lee singing it, though Chris made it his own with male earnestness. I inexplicably dig Feels
Like Tonight though Id be hard-presssed to explain why theres anything particularly distinctive about it.
In the end, thats something that could be said about the entire album. For all the talk of diversity and
musical risk-taking, as Chris inferred leading up to this unveiling, the project as a whole suffers from an
inherent sameness. When its playing in the backgroud, the tracks all run together, and the lyrics just float
above your head and into the ether. Id like to blame it on the fact that Daughtry was recorded with studio
musicians and not the hand-picked band that Chris assembled and takes on the road for performance. Its
good, but its not the good. With Taylor Hicks self-titled debut (and Kathrene McPhees album) coming
down the pike, well soon find out where Daughtry ranks with the expectations for an American idol

The final track, What About Now is a piano-driven number by Evanescence ex-patriots .... (par 3).
Who are meant by the Evanescence ex-patriots ?
Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee
Amy Lee and Katharine McPhee
Ben Moody and David Hodges
Chris Daughtry and Amy Lee
Ben Moody and Amy Lee

The lyric Deep inside, my heart is breaking is in the song of . . . .

All These Lives
Feels Like Tonight
There and Back Again

According to the text, which of the following statement is NOT TRUE ?

Chris Daughtry is on his way to becoming a fine songwriter
Chris Daughtry used to be the vocalist of Evanescence
Daughtry was recorded with studio musicians
Home is a beautiful ballad of missed love
Chris Daughtry has a great voice

What is the reviewers comment on the song Feels Like Tonight ?

Its a powerful song
Its a very special song
Its a well-written song
Theres nothing wrong with the song
Theres nothing particularly distinctive about it

What does the reviewer mean by saying Its good, but its not that good?
The album is as good as any other album
Everybody thinks that the album is good
Nobody doubts the albums quality
The album is good but not special
The album is very good
Breaking and Entering is an unusual film. Will and Sandy are two architects working on a major urban
renewal project in the Kings Cross section in London. The area is unsafe ready for such a project. Willy
and Sandy move their offices into a nearby vacant warehouse.
Will has to deal with constant burglaries at his new office. One night, he saw Miro trying to break into
the building. He chased Miro to his run down apartment block and watched him return home to his mother.
Amira, a Bosnian immigrant who makes living tailoring clothes. Soon, Will meet Amira and they begin
and affair. And Amira learns that Will holds the key of her sons future. How far will this mother go to
protect her son? Breaking and Entering is a very interesting a film, but it is almost entirely character
driven. This is not a bad thing although in the film we are exposed to a story or action driven.
Anthony Minghella, the director, creates some of the most believable, interesting characters makes actors
have ever played. It is almost painful to watch them on their journey. Each of the characters makes
decisions affecting how their lives will play out, or change and these decisions and actions affect the story.
They are changing it.

The text is mainly about .

a review of a new film, Breaking and Entering.
the process in making the new film, Breaking and Entering.
an amusing story dealing with experience in different ways.
an account of an unusual or amusing incident retold by the film.
the description how the film is accomplished through a series of steps.

Willy and Sandy move their offices into a nearby vacant warehouse. (Paragraph 1).
The antonym of the underlined word is .

Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?

Miro is one of the burglaries who tried to break into Williss new office.
Will has to deal with constant burglaries at his new office.
Miro is Amiras son, a Bosnia immigrant who makes a living by tailoring clothes.
The area where the two architects work is unsafe and ready for a renewal project.
Minghella, the critic, crates some of the most interesting characters the actors have ever played.

2002, Carlos Bosch y Josep Maria Domenech
In the summer of 1994 a team of Spanish television reporters shot and interviewed seven Cubans
and their families during the days before their dangerous and adventure of taking to the sea in an attempt
to reach the united State coast, fleeing the economic difficulties that destroy the country. Some time later
they manage to locate those who have been rescued at high sea and who are now in a refugee camp in
the American base at Guantanamo. Their families are still in Cuba and have no news of them. Seven
years have passed and the evolution of the characters, their destinies, their life in the United States and
the lives of those remaining in Cuba are portrayed in detail. The television team have not lost contact with
the seven protagonists; the raftsmen. Some still hold on the emigrants dream, others have fallen into
despair and some have become accustomed to failure, selling drugs becoming their only source of
This film illustrates about Seven Cubans and their families who struggle for their life to have a better
life in the United States. The scenes give us inspiration about courage and bravery which are needed in
life. This film is enjoyable and worth seeing.

1. The purpose of the text is .

a. to describe a film
b. to entertain readers
c. to describe how to make a film
d. to review a film for a public audience
e. to persuade readers to perform a good film

2. After reading the review, how do you judge this film?

a. Excellent
b. Annoying
c. Terrible
d. Fair
e. Bad

What does the writer suggest to the audience? The writer suggests that the audience .
enjoy the film
neglect the film
stop the film circulation
have the seminar about the film
spend their time to promote the film

Harrison Ford puts on the dog. He barks. He snarls. He even yips a couple times. Too bad Han Solo
hasnt learned any new tricks lately.
Whats most telling about Fords bulldog performance as Jack Stanfield, a bank security expert living
in a Modern Architecture dream house near Seattle, is that he spends most of his time looking over his
shoulder. After watching Firewall, you realize hes probably hunting for a new agent.
The film reeks terribly of dj vu. The clankity-clank plot, about a family held prisoners in their home
by some hottie thugs while chief baddie (Paul Bettany of Wimbledon) forces Dad to transfer $100 million
into a Swiss account is about as original as Big Mommas House 2.
Bruce Willis, Met Gibson, and even Ford have taken this angry daddy role for a number of spins,
transforming into blustery papa bears determined to retrieve their kin from the clutches of sleazoids.
Firewall lowers the bar on the action genre to a subterranean level. Thats due to a bone-tired script
by first-timer Joe Forte and lethargic direction by Richard Loncraine (Wimbledon). The biggest travesty
occurs in the traffic wreck of an ending, a horribly patched together affair that makes us wonder where
Fords acting talent fled to. After a string of flops, its his career that seems most in need of rescuing.
Firewall actually does hint as something new, preying on our fear of identity theft.
On the plus side, the family dog is used to great effect, and Bettany does well as a lick villain, even
though the role is ineptly written. Other than that, Firewall seems to take great pride in being bland. Even
sexy Virginia Madsen, as Jacks wife, is repressed in a bleached-out role that requires nothing more of her
than to constantly cling to her two kids in that lovely bed and only occasionally sass back at her boy-band-
looking captors. Gee, wonder if that will come up later? In Firewall, there are simply no surprises, except
just how bad this movie really is.

1. The writers intention on the text is to ..

= critique a movie
+ describe Firewall movie
> inform about Firewall movie
< entertain the reader with the story
- present two points of view about the Firewall

2. The writer evaluate that the Firewall is a . movie.

= great
+ tricky
- surprising
* really bad
> wonderful

The writer suggests the reader .

to buy the movie
to watch the movie
to evaluate the movie
not to watch the movie
to agree with his critique

It was the dawn of science and technology. Anything seemed possible-even the creation of the life
itself. Victor Frankenstein becomes absessed with this idea and works relentlessly to prove his theories;
but the glory he imagined becomes a living nightmare not only for him, but for his friends and family too.
Mary Shelleys gothic horror story-Frankenstein was first published in 1818 and has been the
inspiration behind numerous stage productions and the film many of which strayed a long way away from
her original masterpiece. Classical Comics presenting a full-colour graphic novel remains true to this
classic tale, bringing the original story to life which has never been created before.
This graphic novel is available in two versions: Original Text and Quick Text editions. The Original
Text stays fithful so Shellys original text, while the Quick Text brings the story up to date by presenting the
text into a more simplified style so that the tale is accessible to all readers.
The Quick Text edition will allow you to soak up a general felling for the characters and locations,
while the Original Text version will help you easily slip into the language in which the novel was written.
Even if youre not studying the original, this graphic novel is worth buying. Its a great story, and
should be one that everyone has the chance to read. Now, thanks to this release, even those who dont
particularly like to read too much are given the chance to find this tale and hopefully it may encourage
them to search out the original book too.
As with previous Classical Comics, the presentation is first class. The best grade paper really helps
to set this graphic novel head and shoulders above the usual comic book release on the market. Not only
that, you also get a pretty comprehensive biography of Shekkey; Mary Shelleys Family Tree; a feature
that explains what life was like in the year of the books release; and a brief look on how Frankenstein has
been adapted to many different formats over the years.

1. The text is about ...

a. the quick text and original text of Frankenstein story.
b. the simplified text of the updated honour story.
c. the horror story written by Frankenstein.
d. the original text of the authors novel.
e. the updated of classical horror story.

2. The simple way to understand the story is to read ...

a. the original text.
b. classic comics
c. the quick text
d. the original book
e. the authors biography

The main ideas of the third paragraph is ...

Victor Frankenstein wrote his story with gothic horror style.
there are two versions of the graphic novel to enjoy.
the different versions of Frankenstein story is always an inspiration for drama and film productions.
the simplified novel has two different versions of Frankenstein to understand.
Mary Shelley had two different versions of Frankenstein story adapted for film.

The original text of Frankenstein graphic story makes the readers ...
understand the style of writing in its era.
curious about the historical background of story.
recognize the different life of Frankenstein story,
have the inspiration to put the story to a film and drama products.
remind the life of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein.

...many of which strayed a long way away from .... (Paragraph 2)

The underlined word can be repalced with ...

The title is yummy baby and the Authors nick name Yummy Mummy. It is clear enough to be said that this
blog is composed by a mother to her baby. After reading her post I find that the mother and father got the
second marriage anniversary. Now they have a very chubby baby. I should say congratulations on their
completely fixed nice family.
The blog is written in the third person point of view. The third person is the baby itself. It shows that
the mother has big effort to take care and do everything for her baby. It is a very motherly tasted blog. I
like the way she writes on her blog. She writes about her daily care on her baby. He makes record on her
baby development. All these materials of taking care about her baby are the main resource in writing
contents for her blog. It is a very useful blog especailly for any mother and babysitter. Of course, any
father will get advantage to read this blog.

1. Whom is the blog written for?

a.The writers baby.
b.The writers father.
c.The writers mother
d.The writers parents.
e.The writers babysitter.

2. The text mainly tells us about ...

a. the baby development.
b. mothers activities at home.
c. an attractive motherly blog.
d. daily care of the writers baby.
e. a present of marriage anniversary.

The owner of the blog write the blog by ...

recording the babys development.
using the third person point of view.
taking the picture of the baby.
using the artistic font style.
writing an interesting title.