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Application to the Swedish Institute Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP) 2015

Please fill in the application form and submit it with your CV in English through the YLVP
application portal; kindly note that we do not accept applications submitted by e-mail. More
information about the application procedure is available at


Benbouza Ayoub


01 412-789 +967 738280532

Please make sure you answer all the questions in the application. All information should be submitted
in English.


1. Short introduction. This is me: [100 words maximum].

Hi! , My name is Ayoub and I'm a student at faculty of dentistry at sana'a University , & an
accountant at Freedom of direct marketing ( FDM ) company , I'm a strong & an independent
indivisual who has a vision in developing the society i'm in , and also look forwards to any given
opportunities that may involve my major or my passions & goals.

2. What are some of the main challenges in your society that are important to you and to your
country today? How can these challenges be addressed? [150 words maximum].
One of the biggest Issues that we face in our society today is the underprivileged women in yemen
& her inabillty to express her rights, Although the yemeni women is present & consistantly
proving herself that she has the same rights as her fellow man.
Also other challenges is the steap rise of poverty along the mass population of people which has
led to decreasing the number of children being populated into schools & the loss of providing any
type of proper education for them.
We as an activist group of people decided to put a stop to that by creating the project ( Mobile
School ) which involves taking poor children out of the streets & educating them twice a Week.

3. Describe how you with your work, promote social change, human rights and democratic
development in your society. Is there any achievement that you are particularly proud of?
[150 words maximum].
I'm truly proud in participating in the ( Mobile School ) project , & It is a contribution done by my
friend that targets the underprivileged & uneducated children & provide them with a better
education that they lack in their personal lives.
I'm proud to be one of the volunteers to this amazing & truly humane contribution.

4. Describe how you in your work collaborate with others and how you build and utilise your
networks. [150 words maximum].
One of my important rules in creating my relationships which I truly believe in that before
beginning to understand others i have to understand myself & to control my emotions & my
thoughts and manage them well then proceed afterwards in gaining other people by being myself
and to deal with them simply and respectivly also one of my principles in dealing with others is to
appreciate them and respect their ideas and point of views In any given situation, although our
views may differ I'm able to deal with any situation rationally and without judgements most
importantly respect the privacy of any of my friends or co-workers.

5. What kind of social media do you use and for what purposes? [150 words maximum].
I use social network sites like ( facebook - twitter ) for many reasons one of them is to develop my
social circle and to meet people with mutual interests and the most important reason is to use these
websites to spread the idea of mobile school and deliver this contribution to a large number of
people who are intrested in volunteer work and to support this social project that takes care of the
underprivileged children in my society.

6. Describe your personal and/or professional goals for the coming three years. [150 words
My plan , goals and my vision for the next years which i am moving towards steadly and
consistantly involves many aspects of my personal life :
1- Graduate from the faculty of dentistry ( Sana'a University ) and gain sufficient knowledge that
helps me in openning my own clinic and develop my work and gain new experiences.
2- Other goals in the next 3-5 years is to travel to a european country such as italy or russia to
explore and find out more about different cultures and gain living experience from a society that
differs from Mine.

3- And my biggest goal is to participate and be involved in developing the project mobile school
that takes care of the Poor children and offer them opportunities.

7. Personal statement: Why do you want to attend the YLVP? How do you think the
programme can benefit you and what can you contribute to the programme? [150 words
I believe that the YLVP program will help me in developing not only myself but the Mobile
school project & The society i belong in ,
Personally it will benefit me in all my aspect of everyday life , in meeting new people with
different backgrounds and cultures , also to gain professional experience in managing my own
projects in the future.

8. Where and how did you get information about the YLVP? [100 words maximum].
I have been introuduced to this program by my frined and the manager of mobile school project
Mr. Nazar alsaqqaf and Ms. Renad Alharazi , and a number of my friends who recommended me
to apply , for the benefits it can offer me to move towards my goals effectively

Reference persons:

Please give the name, e-mail and telephone number of two reference persons who know your
work in the areas of human rights and democratic development. We may contact the reference
persons of the applicants who are selected for an interview. We accept references who speak
English, Arabic and French.
Nazar Alsaqqaf < Email : >
Reham Mustafa < Phone # : 00967 702 283 587 >

Web sources (not compulsory):

If available, please feel free to share a maximum of five web sources (websites, blogs, Twitter
account, etc.) that can give us more information about relevant work that you are involved in.
The web sources can be in any language. Mobile School Official Facbook Page My Facebook Profile Mobile School Youtube
Channel Moblie School Blog & Donation Site