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Code: R7221904

B.Tech II Year II Semester (R07) Supplementary Examinations May/June 2015
(Electronics and Computer Engineering)

Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80

Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks
1 (a) Obtain the condition under which two signals are said to be orthogonal to each
other. Hence prove that are orthogonal to each other for all integer
values of .
(b) Approximate the following rectangular function by between the intervals such that
mean square error is minimum.

2 (a) Find the trigonometric Fourier series and plot the magnitude and phase spectrum for the
rectangular pulse shown below.

-T0 -T0/2 0 T0/2 T0

(b) List and example the Dirichlet conditions required for Fourier series to be convergent.

3 (a) Determine the inverse Fourier transform of the spectrum shown below.

(b) Find the Fourier transform of unit-step and signum functions and also plot its spectra.

4 (a) What is ideal filter? Find impulse response of a ideal low pass filter.
(b) Let the transfer function of an LTI system be What is the output of the system for an input
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Code: R7221904

5 (a) Briefly explain the reconstruction of signal from its samples.

(b) A signal is sampled at a sampling frequency of 300 Hz. If the
sampled signal is transmitted through an ideal LPF with cut-off frequency of 250 Hz. What
frequency component will present in the output?

6 (a) Find the cross-correlation function of , where:


(b) Find energy density spectrum of a gate function (in terms of auto correction function), whose width
is T, height is A and centered at origin.

7 (a) State and prove convolution and differentiation properties of Laplace transform.
(b) Find the inverse Laplace transform of

8 (a) Prove that the final value of is 1.25 and its initial value is unity.

(b) Find the inverse z-transform of Assuming signal is causal.


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