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All Voice , Data & Image Products
Cat5E & 6 UTP Lan Cable
RG59 & 6 Coaxial Cable
Server Rack
Fiber Optic
Data Screen Cable
Alarm Cable
Cat3 & Cat5E

RM340.00 (305M) RM290.00 (305M) RM177.00 (305M) RM295.00 (305M)Blue/Grey

Actassi Cat5E UTP Lan cable (CU) Digilink UTP Cat5e (CU) - ADV Cat5e UTP (CCA) ADV Cat5E UTP (CU)
- ACT4P5EUCM3RBGY DCECAUTP4P3X ~0.50mm ~0.50mm.
~Grey ~0.50mm ~Grey (Premium PVC Jacket)
~0.51mm ~Grey Fluke Test Pass Fluke Test Pass
CABLE - CAB5/025500CC (CU) ~0.52mm (1000M)
~GREY RM1500

RM4500.00 (500M)

RM750.00 (500M) RM365.00 (305M) RM140 (CCA)(305M) CALL (305M)

ADV Cat5E Outdoor UTP Cable SP-Communication Cat5E Semi SP-Communication Cat5E UTP AMP Cat5E UTP Lan Cable
(CU) ~Water Proof Solid Lan Cable ~0.50mm
~0.52mm Conducter(CU) ~0.51mm
~Jelly Filled & PVC + PE ~0.51mm


RM405.00 (305M) RM470.00 (305M) RM390.00 (305M) RM490 (305M)

ADV Cat6 UTP Lan Cable (CU) Schneider Electric Actassi F2 Digilink Cat6 UTP Cable (CU) - ACT4P6UCM3RBB
~Blue Cat6 UTP Lan Cable - DCECAUTP4P3B Schneider Electric Cat6 UTP Lan
~PVC Jacket 2D4P6T2PS3RBU ~0.55mm Cable(Blue)
~0.59mm ~0.58mm ~Blue ~0.56mm
ADV Cat6 Outdoor UTP cable SP-Communication Cat6 Semi-
~PE Jacket Water Proof Solid Conducter(CU)
~Jelly Filled ~0.57mm RM480.00
RM945.00 (500M) (305M)
RM1890.00 (1000M)

Clipsal Datacomms Cat6 FTP Lan AMP Cat6 UTP Lan Cable
Cable - 2D4P6IPVFTP3 ~Blue
~CU ~0.56mm
RM800.00 (305M)

RM370.00 (305M) RM172.00 (305M) RM50.00 (100M) RM300.00 (305M)

Belden RG59 Coaxial Cable (CCS) - ADV RG59 3GHZ 21% CCS 0.81, ADV RG59 Coaxial Cable (CCS) ADV RG59+Power Cable (CCS)
80/0.16 AL Braiding 6.0 Jacket, ~0.81mm ~0.81mm/CCS 21% 3.6FPE
~0.81mm 305 Meter Wood Drum Packing ~64/0.14 Braiding ~96/0.12mm Braiding

RM568.00 (500M) RM252.00 (305M) RM 50/Roll

ADV Outdoor RG59 Coaxial Cable ADV RG59 3GHz Coaxial Cable ADV 4 Core Copper Alarm
(CU) (CU) Cable - 100m
~Jelly Filled & PVC + PE Jacket ~0.81mm 7*0.20mm 0.6mm (New PVC
~0.82mm ~80/0.16 Braiding and Oxygen-Free Copper)


RM675.00 (500M) RM215.00 (305M) RM320.00 (305M) RM460.00 (305M)

ADV Outdoor RG6 3GHz Coaxial ADV RG6 3GHz Coaxial Cable ADV RG6 3GHz Coaxial Cable ADV 3C2V Coaxial Cable (CU)
Cable (CU) (CCS) (CU) ~3.1SPE,120/0.14 Braiding
~Jelly Filled & PVC + PE Jacket ~64/0.16 Braiding ~80/.016 Braiding ~PVC Jacket
~1.02mm ~1.02mm ~1.02mm

Schneider electric RG6 Coaxial Belden RG6 Coaxial Cable (CCS) -

Cable (CCS) - CRG6305CMCC 9116S
~64/0.16 Braiding ~64/0.12 Braiding
~1.02mm ~1.01mm
CALL (305M) CALL (305M)

ADV 2464
ADV 8761 Control Cable 2 Pair,
Audio,Control and Instrumental AWG22,17x0.16 Tinned Copper
Cable 22AWG (305meter) Conductor, Grey PVC Jacket
RM375/Roll (305M/Wooden Drum)

ADV single channel RG59 video

ADV 8760 Multi-Conductor
Single Pair Cable 305M/Drum
~improve Signal Gain

RM750.00 RM85.00
Schneider Electric Wallplate & Cat5E,Cat6 Modular Jack
E30 & E2000 Wallplate Keystone Jack 30 Mech Wallplate 30 Mech Jack

RJ88SMA5SH (white,blue,black) 30RJ88SMA5

Cat5E, keystone, shuttered (white,blue,black,yellow)
1gang, shuttered,data outlet WE,1gang,Flush Plate
RM18.00 Cat5E, 30mech,Un-shuttered

2gang, shuttered,data outlet Digilink Cat5E, UTP Keystone WE,2gang,Flush Plate Cat5E, 30mech,shuttered
Modular Jack, White
RM8.00 RM9.50 CALL RM9.00

RJ45,1gang Un-shuttered Digilink Cat6, UTP Keystone, NEO Angle Wallplate 1G Shutter, Cat6, 30mech,Un-shuttered
Modular Jack Wite
RM5.50 RM16.50 RM11 RM17.50
Flexiport wallplate

E2032RJK VDIB17746UWE E3000RJ2A6S 30RJ88SMA6SH

RJ45,2gang Un-shuttered Actassi Cat6+ UTP Shuttered Jack 2gang,Cat5E Flexiport,wallplate (white,blue,black,yellow)
(white/Grey,Silver) Cat6, 30mech,Shuttered
RM60.00 RM17.50
RM7.00 RM23.00

E3031RJK WW E3032RJK WW RJ11VMJLCCV2 ADV Cat3 Keystone Jack

1 Gang Shuttered 2 Gang Shuttered Actassi Cat3 RJ11 Modular Jack RM3.00
RM8.50 RM12.00 RM 8.00
ADV Faceplate & Cat5e,Cat6 Mondular Jack

1 gang Shuttered Angle Faceplate 2 gang Shuttered Angle Faceplate 1 gang Shuttered Faceplate 2 gang Shuttered Faceplate
RM3.50 RM4.30 RM2.70 RM3.30

1gang Shuttered Faceplate Cat5e Un-shuttered Jack c/w circuit Cat5e Un-shuttered Jack Cat6 Un-shuttered Jack
RM2.50 RM4.50 RM4.30 RM8.50
Schneider Electric Cat5E & Cat6 UTP Patch Cord

Cat5E Cat6
ACTPC5EUBCM10GY,UTP PatchCord,1.0m RM13.50 ACTPC6UBCM10BU,UTP Patch Cord,1.0m RM19.00
ACTPC5EUBCM20GY,UTP PatchCord,2.0m RM16.50 ACTPC6UBCM20BU,UTP Patch Cord,2.0m RM23.00
ACTPC5EUBCM30GY,UTP PatchCord,3.0m RM21.00 ACTPC6UBCM30BU,UTP Patch Cord,3.0m RM28.00
ACTPC5EUBCM50GY,UTP PatchCord,5.0m RM46.00 ACTPC6UBCM50BU,UTP Patch Cord,5.0m RM55.00
ACTPC5EUBCM100GY,UTP PatchCord,10m RM59.00 ACTPC6UBCM100BU,UTP Patch Cord,10m RM86.00
Schneider Electric Digilink Cat6 & Cat5e UTP Patch Cord(Blue/Grey)
Digilink Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,1m RM10.50
Digilink Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,2m RM13.50
Digilink Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,3m Digilink RM17.50
Cat6 UTP Patch Cord,1m RM13.00
Digilink Cat6 UTP Patch Cord,2m RM18.00
Digilink Cat6 UTP Patch Cord,3m
Cat5e UTP Patch Cord (Blue)
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,1.5m RM3.00
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,2m RM3.80
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,3m RM4.90
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,5m RM6.00
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,10m RM11.00
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,15m RM16.50
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,20m RM22.00
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,25m RM27.50
ADV Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,30m RM33.00
Cat6 UTP Patch Cord (Blue,Grey,Green,Yellow)
ADV Cat6 UTP Patch Cord,1m RM8.00
ADV Cat6 UTP Patch Cord,2m RM10.00
ADV Cat6 UTP Patch Cord,3m RM11.00
Cat6 UTP Patch Cord (Blue,Grey,Green,Yellow)
ADV Cat6 Patch Cord,5m RM17.50
ADV Cat6 Patch Cord,15m RM37.50
ADV Cat6 Patch Cord,20m RM43.00

Cat5e UTP Patch Cord (Grey,Green,Yellow)

SHIP Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,1m RM2.50
Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,2m RM3.50
Cat5e UTP Patch Cord,3m RM4.50
Cat5e FTP Patch Cord (Blue,Grey,Green,Yellow)
Cat5e FTP Patch Cord,1m RM2.50
Cat5e FTP Patch Cord,2m RM3.50
FLUKE TEST PASS Cat5e FTP Patch Cord,3m RM4.50

ADV Twin Flex Power Cord

~70M (CU)2 core x 23/0.12 (Promotion) RM28.00

~100M (CU)2 core x 23/0.12 RM54.00

Flex RG6 Coaxial Cable (White) UTP Video Balun

RM27.00 (70M)
Schneider Electric

RJ5A1/24PP Clipsal Titanium Cat5E UTP Patch Panel,24 port RM199

ACTPP6U24SHS Actassi Cat6 UTP Patch Panel,24 port RM560

DCEPP24UKY1U Digilink Cat5E,UTP Patch Panel, Loaded,24 port RM308

DC6PP24UKY1U Digilink Cat6,UTP Patch Panel, Loaded,24 port RM385


ADV 24 Port Cat6 unshuttered Patch Panel RM215

ADV 12 Port Cat5e Patch Panel With Cat5e Jack RM70

ADV 24 Port Cat5e unshuttered Patch Panel RM130
Accessories Price

RM30 RM43 RM120 RM98

HT500 RJ45 and RJ11 Crimping HT-L2182R RJ45 Steel With
HT208M RJ45 Crimping Tool Digilink Crinping Tool
Tool Ratchet Crimping Tool

RM390 RM60 RM80 RM20

ADV Cat6 Crimping Tool Universal Wire Stripper
Lodestar BNC Plug Ratchet Type Lodestar L24131J
- RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, 4P4C&4P2C & Cutter
RG59 Crimping Tools Fiber Connecter Crimper

RM25 RM130.00 RM130.00 RM350

HT-322 Coaxial Cable Stripper
KVM Switch 2T01 4 port c/w KVM Switch FJ-4UK USB 4
2-Blades Model SC 8100 Network Cable Tester
KVM Cable Port c/w KVM Cable
-For RG-58(3C2V),(RG-59/62 Cat5e and 6 twisted cord network
~control 4computer from single ~control 4computer from
-No replacement casette in and trouble
PS/2 Console single USB Console

RM45 RM215 RG 59 BNC Connector RG 6 BNC Connector

RG59 BNC Crimp Type
Cable Tester with BNC Connector RM1.70
NF-800 Wire Tracker RG6 Crimp Type RM1.80
& RJ45 BNC Connector RG59 Twist(N)-
2pcs in set one RM2.00

RM120 ADV FTP Plug AMP Plug ADV Plug
ADV Cat5e FTP Plug
ADV Linear Measuring Wheels ADV Cat6 Plug RM130/100pcs
Wheel Diameter: 159mm AMP Cat5e Plug RM1.00/pcs ADV COB Cat5e Plug RM0.30/pcs
Reset: Push Button AMP Cat6 Plug RM4.50/pcs ADV Gold Plated Cat5e Plug
ADV Cat6 FTP Plug
(100pcs/bag) RM215

RM15 RM0.40/Pcs RM64 RM321

Cable Tie With Label Rubber Boots (blue,grey)
ADV Impact Punch Down Tool ADV1565B Visual fault locator
3 x 100mm(100pcs/beg) ~100unit/Pkt
Accessories Price

RM97 RM321 RM1,500 RM3,000

ADV 4 PCS Network Tool Kit ADV Network Tool Kit KL-08C Fiber Tool Kit KL-08A Fiber Tool Kit
( 4pcs item inside ) ( 20pcs item inside ) (18pcs item inside) (22pcs item inside)
1. Cable Tester (not 1. Utility knife 1. Fiber coat stripper 1. Fiber coat stripper
2. Network Crimping Tools 2. 5''LONG NOSE OPLIER 2. Transverse fiber 2. Powerful clamp
3. Punching Tools 3. Wire stripper 3. Assembled 3. Assembled sleeve
4. Jacket Stripper 4. Tweezer 4. Mini screwdriver 4. Tapeline
5. Easy punch down tool 5. Monkey wrench 5. Knife
6. Cable cutting plier 6. Paper knife 6. Piano wire clamp
7. Pocket tape 2M 7. Piano wire clamp 7. Colligating fiber reamer
8. Allroud tester 8. Steel wire clamp 8. Emergency lamp
9. Phillips screwdriver 9. Diagonal cutting
9. Cleaning air ball
(5X100mm) pliers
10. H-Handle 10. Acuate clamp 10. Bundle pipe cleaver
11. Connection 11. Alcohol pump bottle 11. Fiber reamer
12. 6pcs bits 12. Bundle clamp 12. Steel wire clamp
13. 8p crimper plier 13. Head lamp 13. Long flat nose pliers
13. Network & modular 14. Tapeline 14. Inner - six angle wrench
14. Punch down tool 15. Nipper 15. Monkey wrench
15. 2in1 crewdriver 16. Scissors 16. Assembled screwdriver
( 6X38mm slot , Phillips ) 17. Mark pen 17. Pen cleaver
16. Universal coaxial tool 18. Cleaning air ball 18. Nipper
17. 20pc RJ-45 modular 19. Mark Pen
18. 10pc RJ-45 protection 20. Scissors
19. 7pcs reversible star
21. Alcohol pump bottle
driver set
20. Plastic Box 22. Mini-screwdriver