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I learned that we must give importance to the learnings of our students because
if we care we can transmit a lot of knowledge or information to them. We must be
geared the strategies, methods, and approach to make their learning meaningful as
they're studying that particular course or subject. Educational Technology 2 helped me
to open up my mind on how to be a resourceful teacher as I am going to be a teacher
soon. As a future teacher, it helps me how to be an advance teacher or how to cope up
the way of learning of your diverse students. We must get the appropriate assessment
tools in their learning. Educational Technology 2 also helped me on how to be ready,
and how to be a computer/internet savy teacher in my future students. It's because we
all know that we are driven by the technologies because as they say, technologies
makes the lives of the people better because technology helps us how to be innovative
in a way of doing works. There are a lot of concepts which makes me realized that I
really need to study Educational Technology 2, because it is not just about what you
need to do but also it does the training. It trains you how to handles situation in regards
with the technology. However, aside from the usage of the technology in education it
also helps us to be a better user of technology when technology is one of the dominant
things in our generation as of today. As a future teacher, we must train ourselves for our
future students in order for us to be effective we must have the characteristics and
attitudes that will remain in them as they are growing to be a strong and mature one. In
studying Educational Technology 2, there are still factors why we should not trust 100%
the technologies because it has also its limitation in using them. Trust issues in other
words, we must still apply the traditional way in case if there's a problem with our
technology during our class discussion. I know that technology is very common in the
urban areas but in the rural areas it's very difficult to make use of these technologies
because of the electricity and the availability of the tools that is needed to assess the
students. Lastly, I learned that we can expand the learning of our students by using
websites if they need the modules they are lacking they can search the said link you
gave to them. Most of time we uses technology, but we must also teach our students to
limit the usage of technology, we also need one on one interaction between our
students inside the classroom.