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My goals for this Actions to develop Indicators of

aspect: my capability: success:

Module B Building Resilience

Short Term Throughout semester Break down any A development of

2 and the upcoming points of conflict into stronger
practicum I will utilise achievable steps. professional
university support Seek support relationships with
networks, such as my networks of: mentor staff members of
tutors and practicum teacher, supervising my practicum
supervisor, to work teacher, other tutors school and
through periods where and peers. university
Im struggling with Speak to other staff Feedback from
assignments and members throughout mentor teacher
practicums. the practicum about and practicum
the issues they supervisor about
struggled with and my endeavours to
how they persisted develop these
through them relationships
Access information
through the university
library and online on
how graduate
teachers develop
their resilience
Utilise the reflective
practice required in
lesson plans to
concentrate on
resilience throughout
challenging periods in
the classroom
Module R: Relationships
Short Term By the end of the Make an effort to Feedback from my
practicum I wish to learn other staff mentor teacher
develop strong members names and prac
working relationships and their role supervisor about
within the school with within the school my development of
both my mentor Openly reflect relationships
teacher and other staff positively on my across the school
members whereby I experiences within Maintaining
can seek advice, feel the school, contact with my
comfortable asking showing mentor teacher
questions and feel appreciation for beyond the
comfortable in social what it has practicum
situations such as the provided for me
staff room. Maintain an
demeanour and
engage in
outside of simply
school topics
Module I: Wellbeing
Short Term For the duration of the Practicing self care Having a positive
practicum and the rest strategies such as outlook for the
of Semester 2 I aim to taking my dogs for majority of the
not let university or a walk, doing practicum and
teaching work to activities away semester and
detract from from a computer overcoming any
maintaining my screen, periods of
personal, social and mindfulness and negativity that I
physical wellbeing spending time with face
people in my Feeling physically
support networks healthy throughout
Being consistent practicum and
with caring for my semester and
physical health ideally not getting
such as eating ill
balanced meals
rather than
snacking and not
sacrificing sleep
for all the work I
need to do
Long Term In my initial years as a Utilising supportive Being able to deal
graduate teacher, and relationships with challenging
beyond this, using Discussing times without
strategies to not burn work/life balance becoming
out and maintain my and strategies with overwhelmed
mental health. my psychologist Communication
consistently rather with support
than when I am network about my
overwhelmed progress
Finding a
productive but
happy medium for
my work and life
Module T: Taking Initiative
Short Term Participate in as many Engage in year Additions to my
new opportunities and group meetings resource folder of
learning experiences between the two new learning
as possible throughout year 6 teachers materials and skills
the upcoming Participate in any Evidence in my
practicum. opportunities for self reflections of
new learning such progress
as learning the Feedback from
robotics program teacher about
Developing taking initiative
different behaviour
differentiation and
teaching skills