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Location Recce

Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Type of room/area: Living


Location Address: Old

Newtown Rd, Newbury

Sat Nav details: RG14 7DE

Nearest Train Station:

Newbury Train Station

Nearest Bus stop: Malvern


Lighting Information: Solutions:

The natural light in the location is not I will use my box lights to add extra illumination
appropriate for filming and the artificial light on the interviewee. The box lights project an
that is already installed in the room is not even light all over the interviewees face to cast
preferred. out any shadows or harsh lines.

Sound Information: Solutions:

The room we will be filming in has good We will be using a shotgun microphone close to
acoustics although we would not be able to the interviewees voice to capture the best
hear the interviewee at their best. quality audio as possible.

Power Information Solutions:

The area we shall be filming in will have If the area does not have enough plug sockets
electricity. The location may not have enough for all of our equipment then we will bring
plug sockets for all our equipment. extension cords with multiple sockets for us to
Hazards Solutions:
We will be using a lot of equipment that will be We can try to bunch the wires together in one
connected to plug sockets which means there corner and make sure all crew members and
will be lots of wires on the floor. interviewees are aware of where the hazard is
so they can avoid it.