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Name of Lesson: Why is the Sky Blue?

Grade level: 9 Subject: Science Prepared by: Desiree Maldonado, Immanuel Decano, Alex Alcarax, and Lydia Raya

Overview and Purpose: Education Standards Address:

The purpose of this lesson is to teach students the science behind Students will learn to demonstrate and understand concepts
visible light in order to answer the question, Why is the sky which explain the physical characteristics of the visible light
blue? spectrum and how light waves reach earth.

Teacher Guide Student Guide

Objectives Students will understand the visible light Students will learn about the light Materials Needed:
spectrum and how light waves reach spectrum and waves. Pen
Earth. Experiment with CDs and Prisms Paper
Students will understand why light Discuss what they learned with the Triangular
waves are a form of energy. CD and Prism. Prism (for each
Students will know the difference Students can work in groups to group of
between short and long waves. complete worksheets provided to students)
Students will be taught what happens them. CDs
when light waves encounter different Reflection paper on what the students Flashlights
materials. have learned. Students must explain Fill in the blank
Students will be able to explain why the why the sky is blue during the day Worksheets
sky is blue and why are sunsets red. and becomes red during sunset in
Students will be able to identify the relation to the visible light spectrum
characteristic properties of waves:
interference (beats), diffraction,
refraction, Doppler effect, and

Information Vocabulary: electromagnetic wave,

refraction, electromagnetic spectrum, radio
wave, microwave, infrared waves, visible
light waves, ultraviolet waves, x-ray, gamma
rays, reflection, absorption, scattering,
diffraction, transmission, transparent,
translucent, opaque

Verification Worksheets and a reflective essay will be given Worksheets which cover the basics of the
to check the students understanding and visible light spectrum and explain the colors
comprehension of the concepts behind the visible of the sky will be given as group work.
spectrum. Reflective essays will show the teacher the
students comprehension and understanding.

Activity Students will use prisms observe the scattering of Students will observe the refraction caused by
light. a prism when introducing it to sunlight. The
prism will spread the light from the sun into
the different spectrum of light visible to most

Summary Instructors will explain the visible light spectrum

and their relation to earth. Explain light waves,
the difference between short and long waves