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Name: Story of Life Project

Point Scale Students Scor

Project Requirements
6 5 4 3 2 1 0
No title page
-Title is clear and
- Either title or
Title Page author is
-Author is clear
and obvious
Clearly Both required Neither of the
One point is
communicates One of the points are required points are
present but
Introduction both required required points is unclear/one is present
unclear, the
points (see unclear missing but the
other is missing
directions) other is clear
All 4 required One major/2 One major and 1 None of the
One minor Only 1 minor
points are clearly minor required minor or 3 minor required points are
required point is point is
Brief History communicated points are required points present
missing/unclear present/all points
(see directions) missing/unclear are
(see directions) are unclear
(see directions) missing/unclear
Clearly explains Does not introduce
Darwins Darwins ideas
clearly explains
question and
Introduction to Darwins
how it led to his
Darwins Ideas question and
theory (see
how it led to his
Darwins ideas
in directions
Thoroughly Somewhat Does not explain
explains and thoroughly Mentions Darwins Theory of
Explains parts of
Explanation of Theory defines explains and Darwins Theory Evolution
Darwins Theory
of Evolution Darwins defines Darwins of Evolution, but
of Evolution
Theory of Theory of does not explain.
Evolution Evolution
Explains Natural Thoroughly Thoroughly Explains a 1 pt Explains one 2 Explains one 1 Does not explain
Selection (2 pt), explains and explains and term and a 2 pt pt term and point term and any of the terms
Variation (1 pt), and defines all 3 defines 2 point term and relates relates it to relates it to
Adaptation (2 pt) terms and terms or explains them Darwins theory Darwins theory
relates them to all but does not or explains one 2
Darwins theory
relate them to point term and
Darwins theory does not relate it

Somewhat Does not mention

clearly the goal of living
emphasizes that Mentions that
emphasizes that things
the goal living the goal is to
Goal of Organisms the goal of living
things is to survive or
things is to
survive and reproduce
survive and
2 pieces of 1 piece of Does not give
2 pieces of 1 piece of 1 piece of
evidence evidence clearly 1 piece of evidence
evidence evidence evidence
Evidence clearly explained, 1 evidence clearly
somewhat somewhat mentioned but
explained piece somewhat explained
clearly explained clearly explained not explained
clearly explained
Recaps ideas No clear ending is
Recaps ideas
discussed written
and mentions
including Gods
God, but does Ending fits the
design and
Conclusion not conclude the genre, but ideas
concludes the
story in a way not recapped
story in a way
that fits the
that fits the
Illustration is
Illustrations (8 Illustration Illustration
rushed, careless,
required) shows shows some
messy, etc.
(2 points each 16 substantial effort effort and is
points total) and is colored mostly colored
No More than 12
spelling/gramma 1-3 4-5 6-8 9-11 spelling/grammar
Spelling/Grammar r errors spelling/gramma spelling/gramma spelling/gramma spelling/gramma errors
r erros r errors r errors r errors

Pages are all

No excessive
Some blank Pages are either blank or
blank space and
Use of Page Space space/some mostly either crowded
no crowded
crowded pages blank or crowded
Book is not bound
Book is neatly
Book is bound,
Binding bound from top
but not neatly
to bottom

Information is Information is Information is Information is Information is

organized, mostly somewhat largely mostly
Organization of
writing flows organized, organized, disorganized, disorganized,
from beginning writing mostly writing has some writing is quite writing is mostly
to end flows logical flaws illogical illogical
Incomplete list of No list of sources
Full list of sources (sources
List of Sources sources with full cited as search
websites cited engines instead
of full sites)