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LEARNING AREA: Mathematics

YEAR LEVEL: 2/3 TIME: 50 mins

LESSON TOPIC: Months and Seasons

AIM: (From ACARA, or Desired Student Outcome from SACSA)

Name and order months and seasons (ACMMG040)

LESSON OUTCOMES: (These should relate to both the topic and to the curriculum link)

Students will be able to name and order the month sand seasons .


Whats in a year? video!/media/1566152/what-s-in-a-year-

Were the students engaged within the lesson?
Did the students participate in the class discussion?
Did students successfully create their seasons and month wheel?

Was the video engaging for students?
How well did the lesson flow?
Were the transitions successful, how could you improve the lesson?
Any issues with behaviour management?


1. INTRODUCTION (whole class)

5 mins Introduce the lesson by asking students questions to engage
them in the lesson:
In what month where you born? What season is that? What
type of weather do you often get in the month of your
What is your favourite season? Why?

2. EXPLICIT TEACHING (whole class)

10mins and/or
GUIDED DISCOVERY (whole class)
Watch video Whats in a year?
Ask / berfore watching the video

Look out for the four seasons. What is the weather usually
like in each season?

What three months make up each season.

After watching video, create a brainstorm of what we learnt
from video on IWB. The months and seasons in a year.

30 mins 3. EXPLORATION/PRACTICE(group/individual)

Creating a season and month wheel on a paper plate. Draw

two lines on the plate to create a cross/into 4 even quarters.
In each quarter write the season starting with summer,
autumn, winter then spring. On the outside write the months
of the year.
Have an example to show the class.

If students finish early, then can complete the worksheet

below which has different questions relating to seasons and
months. They can use the wheel to answer the questions.

4. CONCLUSION (whole class share/reflect)

5 mins
Bring the class back together, to sit on the floor. Ask class
what they learnt in the lesson and if there are any students
that want to show their season wheel. Explain to students if
they have not finished their wheel yet there will be time next
The four seasons in a year are______________________________________________


The month I was born in is _____________________________________and the season


My favourite season is ___________________________ because____________________



In April the season is _______________________________________________________.

The months of summer are___________________________________________________.

The months of autumn are___________________________________________________.

The months of winter are____________________________________________________.

The months of spring are____________________________________________________.