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About the Authors

age of eight when his family built (Popular Woodworking Books),

their first home on their farm outside Chris and a partner established Lost
Hackett, Arkansas, using hand tools Art Press LLC, a business that pub-
because they had no electricity. After lishes books on traditional wood-
studying journalism at Northwest- working techniques, including The
ern University and The Ohio State Anarchists Tool Chest, The Joiner
University, Chris became a newspa- and Cabinet Maker The Essential
per reporter, while studying wood- Woodworker and, most recently,
working at night at the Univeristy To Make as Perfectly as Possible:
of Kentucky. He joined the staff of Roubo on Marquetry.
Popular Woodworking Magazine in Chris remains an avid wood-
1996 as managing editor, worked his worker, building projects for his Lost
way up to editor and helped establish Art Press books, Popular Wood-
Woodworking Magazine in 2004. working, his family and occasionally
Christopher Schwarz is the pub- Hes also hosted numerous for sale. When hes not woodworking Steve Shanesy was one of the found-
lisher at Lost Art Press, the former DVDs on hand tools for both Popu- or teaching others about the craft, ers of Woodworking Magazine and
editor of Popular Woodworking lar Woodworking and Lie-Nielsen hes cooking or editing. part of Popular Woodworkings staff
Magazine and Woodworking Maga- Toolworks. He lives in Fort Mitchell, Ky., for 19 years, serving as editor and
zine, and he teaches hand-tool wood- After writing his first book, with his wife, Lucy, who is also a publisher during that time. Steve is
working at schools around the world. Workbenches: From Design & journalist, and his two children, an avid woodturner and also likes
He began woodworking at the Theory to Construction & Use Maddy and Katy. to make contemporary furniture.
In his retirement, hes spending as
much time as possible in the shop
with his son.

Megan Fitzpatrick is the editor of Robert W. Lang is executive editor Glen Huey has been associated with
Popular Woodworking and was a of Popular Woodworking and was a Popular Woodworking for 13 years
contributor to Woodworking Maga- contributor to Woodworking Maga- and now serves as managing editor.
zine. She has been a mamber of the zine. A lifetime professional wood- In addition to his work as an editor, David Thiel was a senior editor with
Popular Woodworking staff since worker and noted author of books on author, video host and woodworking Popular Woodworking Magazine for
2005, when she joined as manag- Arts & Crafts-style furniture, he also teacher, Glen is a long-time profes- 12 years before moving to our book
ing editor. Already an avid DIY car- is considered a foremost authority sional woodworker, who specializes division. He new serves as editor for
penter, she quickly began learning on Google SketchUp and a power in period reproductions. the woodworking books and is also
everything she could about building user who Google consults regularly. responsible for our woodworking
fine furniture and now gravitates video products..
toward hand tools to build 19th and
early 20th-century pieces. She is fin-
ishing her Ph.D. in English literature
and teaches journalism, composition
and literature part time, in addition
to woodworking.