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[[Air New Zealand]] and its subsidiaries have been involved in several incidents and accidents,
including four hull loss accidents. These include:

* On 4 July 1966, a [[Douglas DC-8|Douglas DC-8-52]] with the registration ZK-NZB crashed on
the runway shortly after taking off on a training flight, killing two of the five crew (no passengers
were on board). The crew had simulated a failure of the No. 4 engine (the outer engine on the
right wing) by bringing the cockpit power control lever to the idle position but inadvertently
selected [[thrust reversal|reverse thrust]], which sent the aircraft out of control.<ref name="DC-
8Digest">{{cite web|url= |
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Aircraft accident description Douglas DC-8-52 ZK-NZB&nbsp; Auckland International Airport
(AKL)|accessdate =18 September 2007|date = 27 February 2005|publisher = Aviation Safety

* On 22 December 1978 a [[light aircraft]] became lost over the Pacific and the crew of a
[[McDonnell Douglas DC-10]] operating as [[Air New Zealand Flight 103]] was asked to search for
it. They successfully found it using a technical navigation method, with the help of an oil rig
under tow. The captain then released a thin stream of fuel out of the DC-10's fuel dump tube
creating a ten-mile-long vapour trail in the direction of Norfolk Island for the light aircraft to

* On 17 February 1979, [[Air New Zealand Flight 4374]], a Fokker Friendship registered ZK-NFC,
crashed into Manukau Harbour while on final approach. One of the crew and one company staff
member were killed.<ref>{{cite web|url=
id=19790217-1&lang=en|title = ASN Aircraft accident Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 ZK-NFC
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* On 28 November 1979, [[Air New Zealand Flight 901]], a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 on a
sightseeing flight over Antarctica, flew into [[Mount Erebus]] on [[Ross Island]], killing all 257
people on board. An unannounced change in flight path coordinates by the airline's navigational
division the morning of the accident, combined with unique Antarctic weather and conditions,
resulted in the aircraft crashing into Mount Erebus when the flight crew thought they were safely
flying down [[McMurdo Sound]]. The crash and subsequent inquiry resulted in major changes in
Air New Zealand's management.
* On 19 May 1987, during the first of Fiji's [[1987 Fijian coups d'tat|coups d'tat that year]],
[[Air New Zealand Flight 24]], flying from Tokyo Narita to Auckland via Nadi, was hijacked at
[[Nadi International Airport]]. An aircraft refueller entered the Boeing 747-200's cockpit and held
the captain, first officer and flight engineer hostage for six hours, before the flight engineer
managed to distract the hijacker and hit him over the head with a bottle of duty-free whisky. All
105 passengers and 24 crew (including the three hostages) on board were uninjured. Air New
Zealand subsequently suspended all of its services to/through Nadi for seven months.<ref
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* On 8 February 2008, a woman attempted to hijack [[Eagle Airways Flight 2279]] from
[[Blenheim, New Zealand|Blenheim]] to [[Christchurch]]. The woman threatened Air New
Zealand staff, stating she had a bomb on board. Both pilots and one passenger suffered stab
injuries. The aircraft landed safely and the woman was arrested. There were no injuries to the
other passengers on board.<ref>{{cite news|
Airport drama 'like a Bruce Willis movie'|publisher=[[The New Zealand Herald]] | first=Jarrod|
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* On 27 November 2008, [[XL Airways Germany Flight 888T]] crashed into the Mediterranean
Sea near [[Canet-en-Roussillon]] on the French coast. The aircraft was an Air New Zealand-
owned [[Airbus A320]] leased to XL Airways Germany registered D-AXLA (formerly ZK-OJL), and
was undertaking a technical flight immediately prior to a scheduled handover back to Air New
Zealand. At the time of the accident the aircraft was painted in Air New Zealand livery. Seven
people&nbsp; two Germans (the pilot and co-pilot from [[XL Airways Germany|XL Airways]])
and five New Zealanders (one pilot, three aircraft engineers and one member of the [[Civil
Aviation Authority of New Zealand]]) were killed.

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