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Core Rules Summary

Skill Checks

1) Two Skills form Combo; if no second Skill appropriate, Skill Combos with itself. Gifts, Specialities, Tools/Environments may provide extra dice. Note: No levels in either Skill, roll single Fate Die:

1: Critical Failure 2-9: Failure 10: 2 successes 2) Roll dice equal to Combo:

7-9: 1 success 10: 2 successes No successes with any 1s: Critical Failure (add die to the Karma Pool; may elect to take extra Consequence for every 1 rolled, adding extra die to the Karma Pool for each one). 3) Compare successes to Difficulty:

Easy (0) Simple (1) Moderate (2) Tough (3) Challenging (4) Legendary (5) Gain Boost every 3 extra successes beyond Difficulty. May give up Boost to add die to Karma Pool.

Repetitive Skill Use

Cumulative -1 penalty if same Skill Combo is used more than two consecutive times. Does not apply to Extended Checks.

Opposed Checks

Most successes wins; active roll wins ties. On a Critical Failure foe gains Boost.

Extended Checks

5 or more successes split over series of checks. Stakes (e.g. period of time each check represents) and Difficulty of each check in series may vary.


Each character in pair contributes one Skill to Combo. Both may use dice from Karma Pool for part of check.


Use for appropriate Jutsu, weapon effects, or one of:

Additional Targets: Affects extra targets with slightly lesser effect

Bonus Damage: Adds +1 damage to an attack

Bonus Information: Gains unexpected information that may be useful

Heightened Effect: Do it better than expected

Karma Pool: Adds a die

Streak Bonus: Creates advantage and give bonus or reduce penalty for method

Style: Does it with a notable flourish

Time Crunch: Halves the time needed

Weapon Effect: Creates a new Condition based on the weapon

Critical Failures

Apply Skill Consequences (see pages 83-90). Add a die to Karma Pool

Karma Pool

Start session: dice equal to players, Max: 10 dice Add to it by:

Activating a Trigger

Suffering Critical Failure

Giving up a Boost

Use to:

Add dice to a Skill check

Dramatically rewrite scene (2-4 dice cost)

Skill check  Dramatically rewrite scene (2-4 dice cost) Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 n d edition

Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition cheat sheets by Jargogle Bamboozle. Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition is ©2016 Third Eye Games.

Battle Summary



Determine Initiative


Refresh and roll for extra Dynamic Actions


Use Turn Sequence for all, in Initiative order

Note: Dynamic Actions may be used at various points within a Round regardless of Initiative, depending on how they are being used. Ki may be spent reflexively for extra Dynamic Actions.

Note: Characters take Quick Actions for free, using them just before/after their Standard Action in Turn but incur a -1 penalty on follow-up Standard Action. Quick Actions may also be performed as Standard Actions with no penalty.


Initiative: Intuition + Speed + 3 May be modified by Clan, Jutsu, etc. Characters take Turns in order, highest to lowest. On a tie: Roll a die, highest chooses. May give up placement to act later in the Round.

Turn Sequence


Choose Action: Everyone has one Standard.


Choose Defense Check: Perform free Defense


Checks each round equal to Athletics level. Cumulative -1 penalty to each additional Defense Check beyond that. Choose Skill Combo


Resolve Effects and Damage

Resolve effects and damage

Damage equals number of successes attack beat defense by and reduces Health or Psyche. Weapons add +1 damage (+2 if Brutal). Dynamic Actions and Boosts increase damage by +1. Armor: Reduces damage 1-for-1. Some Jutsu and Dynamic Actions provide armor or reduce damage. Ki may be spent to halve damage or ignore armor. Conditions: May choose to take on a Condition at a level equal to the damage instead.


Grappling: So close, touching and grabbing. Close: Within 5ft. Near: 6ft.-15ft. Reach weapons can do this. Non- ranged weapons can be thrown with -2 penalty. Far: Thrown weapons can’t reach this. Distant: -2 penalty for Ranged weapons






Punch, Kick, Melee Weapon

Inflict Harm

Fighting +


Scathing Remark

Inflict Harm

Intimidation +


Throw Weapon

Inflict Harm

Marksman +


Fire an Arrow

Inflict Harm

Marksman +



Inflict Harm

Fighting +


Smash Through Door

Inflict Harm


Initiate Grab


Fighting + Might

Human Shield


Might + Speed



Might + Fighting

Thousand Stare


Discipline +


Slip Free

Break Grab

Might +


Confuse with Lies


Deception +





Persuade +



Intimidate Foe


Intimidation +




Knock Back

Might + Fighting


Knock Down

Fighting + Speed



Fighting + Speed

Line Up Shot

Plan Attack

Perception +


Avoid Obstacle While Running


Athletics +




Fighting + Speed

Leap Over a Sweep


Fighting +


Dive Under a Jump Attack


Athletics +


Hide Behind a Tree

Find Cover

Speed +


Look Over Here!


Deception +


I’m Your Opponent Now


Fortitude +


Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition cheat sheets by Jargogle Bamboozle. Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition is ©2016 Third Eye Games.

Dynamic Actions

Offensive Uses:

Avoid Backfire (1): Negates Backfire. May be used to negate cumulative failed Jutsu Activation penalties. Counter Attack (1): After successful Defense check, make immediate Standard Action against attacker. Deeper Cuts (1): +1 damage on any successful attack even after roll. Maximum once per attack, per target. Enhanced Attack (1): +2 to attack roll, even after roll. Retreating Attack (1): Instant attack retreating foe. Defensive Uses:

Deflect Attack (2): Use Jutsu to deflect attack. Each success on Jutsu Activation check negates attack success. Enhanced Defense (1): +2 to defense check, after roll. Thicker Skin (1): Negate 1 damage. Multiple Dynamic Actions may be spent. Other Uses:

Dynamic Interactions (1): Interact with environment. Extra Actions (1): Gain extra Standard Action at same Initiative. Multiple Dynamic Actions may be spent. Perform up to Speed actions at no penalty. Beyond that each occurs at -2 Initiative penalty. Cannot go below Initiative 0. Ignore Conditions (1): Ignore all active Conditions for single Action. Initiative Manipulation (1): Must be done before anyone acts. May either gain +2 Initiative per Dynamic Action spent OR lower someone else’s Initiative similarly. Interruptions (2): Immediately interrupt/respond to an occurrence/action with an Action. Only once per round, may be reflexive. Interruption may be interrupted. Zen Mind (1-2): Gain +1 Ki (of either type) per Dynamic Action spent (maximum two) when using Mold Ki.

Defense checks

Block/Parry (Physical/Mental): Stop attack/shrug off comment. -2 penalty to block weapon attack if unarmed. Brace (Physical/Mental): Forgo defense check to use (Fortitude or Discipline/2 for physical/mental) as Armor against attack. Reduce damage to 1 minimum. Catch (Physical/-): Catch someone/thing. If sharp/spiked, -2 penalty. Failure takes damage normally. Dodge/Evasion (Physical/Mental): Evade/deny attack/questioning. Find Cover usually needed against ranged attacks. Find Cover (Physical/Mental): Can move to cover if within Move Quick Action; cover may negate or halve damage. If unable to reach cover, attacker suffers -1 penalty to hit instead. Mental cover involves other character intervening, suffering mental damage instead. Protect (Physical/Mental): Must get in way physically in either case. Protected individual must be within base Movement/2 (full Movement if Dynamic Action used). Takes damage for protected individual.

Standard Actions

Inflict Harm (Physical/Mental): Physical/social attack. Plan Attack (Physical/Mental): Give up action, gain +2 bonus on next attack. If forced to move/defend when planning physical attack, loses bonus. Affect Composure (-/Mental): Changes target’s emotion, inflicts 1 mental damage. Disarm (Physical/Mental): Target loses bonus dice/effects from item/action. Initiate Grab (Physical/Mental): Hold or hold attention of target. -1 penalty to physical actions except Break Grab when held. Those involved in a Grab use Might as Primary Skill to attack each other. Only small items may be wielded. If attention held, target suffers cumulative -1 to Discipline checks for each Round held. Break Grab (Physical/Mental): Make two contested Might (no penalties)/Discipline checks (with penalty) to break the hold. Knock Back (Physical/-): Target knocked back (Attacker’s Strength – Defender’s Strength) x5 ft. +3 bonus to Attacker’s Strength if used Sprint/Rush Action before to attempt knock over. If distance 20ft.+, target also knocked prone and takes 1 physical damage. Prepare Quick Action to stand up. Knock Down (Physical/-): Target knocked prone, takes 1 physical damage. Prepare Quick Action to stand up. Mold Ki (Physical/Mental): Once per round, tap 1 Yin or Yang ki from environment. Retreat (Physical/Mental): Like Move Quick Action or Sprint/Rush Standard Action, but disengages. Opponent may use Dynamic Action to attack. In Mental combat, takes 1 mental damage to disengage. Sprint/Rush (Physical/-): Move at base Movement x10. Next Action limited to Inflict Harm, Knock Back, Knock Down or physical Skill/Jutsu use. Attackers suffer -2 to hit character. Character gets +2 to hit and +1 damage on next attack. Can forgo attack bonuses for +3 Strength bonus to follow-up Knock Back. Use Jutsu (Physical/Mental): Use Action, make Jutsu Activation roll.


Feint/Distract (-/Mental): +2 bonus to next attack on the distracted target. Can aid friend. Move (Physical/-): Move up to base Movement x3. Prepare (Physical/Mental): Draw weapon, stand from prone, pull something from a bag, etc. Touch (Physical/Mental): Touch target, useful for some Jutsu or to benefit some social interactions.



Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition cheat sheets by Jargogle Bamboozle. Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition is ©2016 Third Eye Games.

Damage, Conditions and Healing

Death and dying

0 Health: Unconscious and will die within Fortitude minutes unless given medical attention.

0 Psyche: Mental breakdown, typically unconscious.

After one damage track hits 0, excess damage is taken from the other track.


Maximum: 4 Conditions at any time, 10 levels total. Maximum Individual Condition Level: 5 Characters may choose to endure Conditions in place of damage, taking the Condition at a level equal to the damage that would’ve been inflicted. Excess Conditions past above limits are converted to damage. Some weapons, abilities and Jutsu can produce Conditions. Physical Conditions:

Bleeding: Make a Moderate (2) Fortitude check when doing anything physical or suffer 1 damage. Penalty to check equal to Condition level. Bruised: +1 damage whenever struck. Burned: +1 damage whenever struck and penalty to all physical tasks equal to Condition level. Deprived: No Health recovery until Condition ends. Injured: Pick limb or part of body injured; penalty to all checks using that limb, equal to Condition level. Knocked Out: Unconscious. Make Tough (3) Fortitude check/day; success reduces unconsciousness time by one day. Sensory Loss: Temporarily blinded or deafened. Penalty to related checks equal to Condition level. May use another sense to compensate with -1 penalty. Slowed: Penalty to Initiative equal to Condition level. Mental Conditions:

Afraid: Tough (3) Discipline + Empathy check at start each Round or lose Action. Penalty to check equal to Condition level. Confused: Any 1s rolled during Condition subtract successes. Convinced: Fully convinced by lie/half-truth. Penalty equal to Condition level to detect lies from same source while under Condition. Dazed: May only use highest Skill in a Combo and always suffer at least one Consequence even if successful. Embarrassed: Penalty to social checks with those embarrassed in front of, equal to Condition level. Scarred: Hideous scars. Penalty to social checks (except Intimidation) equal to Condition level.

Crossover Conditions:

Broken: Penalty to specific Skill use equal to Condition level. Dosed: Affected by Alchemy potion. Pain: Penalty to physical or mental checks equal to damage of that type taken. Moderate (2) Discipline + Fortitude check as Quick Action to ignore for Round. Penalty to check equal to Condition level. Poisoned: 1 damage/rd. of Battle which cannot be negated. Outside of Battle, suffer half (round up) Poisoned Condition level as penalty to all checks. Only heal half as quickly while poisoned.

Removing Conditions

Light Conditions (Level 1): Remain for Scene. Lasting Conditions (Level 2-3): Lasts number of days equal to level before reducing its level by one. Heavy Conditions (Levels 4-5): Lowers by one level per session.

Natural Healing

With each major Scene change or full day in game time, can heal up to (Fortitude + Discipline +1)/2 damage from either track. The Elemental Route: If a character spends a Scene pursuing their elemental Temperament to relax, they can heal damage again as above.

Holistics and Damage

Once per Scene, character with Holistics 1+ can make a Tough (3) Holistics + appropriate secondary Skill check to heal another character. There is a penalty to the check equal to the amount of damage taken of the type they are trying to heal, e.g. Health or Psyche. A success heals 1 damage. Any damage left over heals naturally at the end of the Scene or can be converted into a Condition. A character can only be treated once per Scene. Self-treatment has an additional -2 penalty.

Holistics and Conditions

Once per session, character with Holistics 3+ can make a Tough (3) Holistics + appropriate secondary Skill check to heal another character’s Condition. There is a penalty to the check equal to the level of the Condition they are trying to heal + the total number of Conditions the victim has. A successful check reduces the Condition’s level by 1.

Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition cheat sheets by Jargogle Bamboozle. Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition is ©2016 Third Eye Games.

Ki and Jutsu

Molding Ki

Characters can use the Mold Ki Standard Action once per Round, to draw 1 Yin or Yang Ki from their surroundings beyond their natural resting Ki. Molded Ki lasts 30 minutes. Maximum Ki Total: 10 The amount of Ki in a location that can be tapped each Scene is:



# of Taps

At Sea



























Near a Ki line: +2 number of Taps Far from Ki line: -2 number of Taps Personal Element Matches Location: Can draw at least twice/Scene regardless of Taps left.

Spending Ki

A point of Ki can be spent to:

Activate Jutsu automatically (must be appropriate type).

Gain a Dynamic Action once per Round.

Ignore target’s Armor for one attack.

Halve damage from an attack.

A point of Ki may also be given to another character

with a touch.

Activating Jutsu

1) Ensure minimum amount of appropriate Ki:




Min. Ki








Advanced Mold Ki using a Standard Action if more Ki is required. 2) Roll the Jutsu Combo vs. the Difficulty above.

Add +1 bonus if character’s Element matches the Jutsu. Bonuses/penalties also apply based on Jutsu

Destruction Cycle (see below):

No successes: Jutsu fails

Successes less than Difficulty: Jutsu occurs

but Backfires.

Successes at least equal to Difficulty: Jutsu


Note: A Ki point of the appropriate type may be spent

to activate Jutsu automatically.

If Jutsu targets a victim who can resist, successes gained are those above the target’s resistance check, but as long as meets the Jutsu Difficulty overall, no Backfire occurs.

Resisting Jutsu

If target resists, must use do same check as activation but using opposite Ki type. Advanced Jutsu require an extra point of Ki to make the resistance check.

Jutsu Destruction Cycle

Wood Parts Earth Earth Dams Water Water Extinguishes Fire Fire Melts Metal Metal Chops Wood +2 activation bonus when destroying element used to attack/defend vs. its lesser. Effects of defending lesser element are halved.

Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition cheat sheets by Jargogle Bamboozle. Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition is ©2016 Third Eye Games.


Weapon qualities




May cause Pain 1 Condition on Boost


Inflicts +2 damage (instead of +1)


If attack roll ties with Defense check, still does 1 damage


+1 Stealth to conceal this weapon


May cause Bruised 1 Condition on Boost


May disarm opponent on Boost


Does not deal extra +1 damage


+1 to initiate and maintain Grab using it. May still be used attack while Grabbing.


Target suffers -1 penalty to Block/Parry it


Immune to broken, disarmed, affected by rival Jutsu, and +1 all checks using it


+1 Initiative using it


Attack at Far or Distant Range


Attack at Near Range


+1 Block with pair. -2 penalty to all checks using only one


Ignores 1 level of Armor


May cause Poisoned 1 Condition on Boost


May cause Bleeding 1 Condition on Boost


+1 to listed Skill when used


-2 Initiative using it


Target has -1 to Dodge it


-1 to Attack with it


Ararebo (studded mace): Blunt, Crushing

Aribo/Kanamuchi (iron cane/whip): Blunt, Crushing

Bo (staff): Reach, Blunt

Bokken (wooden sword): Blunt, Quick

Chigiriki (cudgel and chain): Blunt, Chain, Concealable, Slow

Fukiya (blowgun): Ranged, Poisonous

Gauntlets: Blunt, Skilled (Fighting)

Hanbo/Jo (half staff): Blunt, Quick

Jitte (iron judicial baton): Blunt, Crushing

Kaginawa (grappling hook and cord): Chain, Reach, Skilled (Climbing), Unwieldy

Kama (twin sickles): Paired, Sharp

Kanzashi (poisoned hairpin): Concealable, Fragile, Poisonous, Quick

Katana (long sword): Sharp, Quick

Kiseru (iron smoking pipe): Blunt, Concealable

Kunai (throwing knife): Ranged, Sharp

Kusari-Fundo (weighted chain): Chain, Concealable

Kusari-Gama (sickle and chain): Sharp, Chain, Skilled (Climbing), Slow

Kyoketsu Shoge (hooked dagger and cord): Chain, Reach, Skilled (Climbing), Slow

Nagamaki (long-handled sword): Brutal, Sharp

Nageyari (javelin): Piercing, Ranged

Naginata (glaive): Reach, Sharp

Nekote (cat-claws): Concealable, Fragile, Poisonous, Quick

Nodachi (big sword): Heavy, Piercing, Sharp, Slow

Nunchaku (two-section flail): Chain, Blunt

Ono (ax): Heavy, Sharp, Brutal, Slow

Otsuchi (war mallet): Brutal, Crushing, Heavy, Slow

Sai (twin parrying forks): Disarm, Paired

Sansetsukon (three-section staff): Chain, Blunt, Reach, Unwieldy

Sasumata/Sodegarami/Tsukobo (mancatchers):

Disarming, Fragile, Grabbing, Reach

Shikomizue (sword cane): Concealable, Fragile, Quick, Sharp

Shuko (paired palm-claws): Concealable, Paired, Skilled (Climbing), Fragile

Shuriken (throwing stars/needles: Ranged, Quick, Concealable, Fragile

Tambo (short baton): Concealable, Quick

Tanegashima (musket): Brutal, Ranged, Unpredictable

Tekko (knuckleduster): Blunt, Concealable, Skilled (Fighting), Fragile

Tekko Kagi (twin hand-claws): Paired, Sharp

Tessen (bladed fan): Sharp, Concealable

Tetsubo (warrior’s club): Heavy, Crushing, Brutal, Unwieldy

Tonfa (twin fighting sticks): Paired, Blunt

Uchine (fletched dart): Piercing, Ranged

Wakizashi (short sword): Quick, Sharp

Whip: Reach, Sharp, Blunt, Unwieldy

Yari (spear): Piercing, Reach

Yumi (bow/arrow): Ranged, Piercing

Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition cheat sheets by Jargogle Bamboozle. Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition is ©2016 Third Eye Games.

Movement, Strength and Journeys

Movement Summaries

Base Movement: Athletics + Speed + 5ft/rd. Maximum: Base Movement x 10

Running/sprinting may require checks, such as:


Each step of a journey is a check. Once a character makes a check for the stage, they must pass to another character to make the next check until all stages are complete. Difficulties vary, and each stage is completed whether the check succeeds or fails. The check simply provides benefits for success or imposes consequences for failure. The stages:

Village: Planning and preparation. Default: Knowledge + Persuade. Success: Reroll for any other single stage. Failure: Increase Difficulty of any other stage by 1. River: Pace and distance. Default: Fortitude + Travel Success: Restore 1 lost Psyche Failure: Suffer Deprived 1 Condition Forge: Enemies and confrontations. Default: Perception + Stealth Success: Avoid or ambush with advantage Failure: Battle Mountain: Obstacles and environment. Default: Survival + Travel Success: Find hidden refuge or item Failure: Injury 1 Condition or loss of important equipment Temple: Arrival and reception. Default: Empathy + Intuition Success: Local as helpful temporary Contact Failure: Enemies alert to arrival and intent

Athletics + Fortitude (running a steep incline)

Athletics + Intuition (avoiding obstacles)

Athletics + Speed (avoid slip/trip)


Base Movement + (Might x2) ft. horizontally, half this vertical

Double horizontal distance with run-up and Moderate (2) Might + Athletics check. Safe landing or catching self if fails may require Athletics + Speed check. Climbing:

Base Movement/2 Make Athletics + Speed check:

Failure: No progress Critical Failure: Fall Swimming:

Movement/2, requires Athletics 1 minimum. No check in calm water. Might + Athletics in rough water:

Failure: Flounder Critical Failure: Start to drown


Strength is Athletics + Might Carry: 50 lb. + (Strength x25 lb.) Deadlift: Carry x2 -1 penalty to all actions beyond Carry limit


Strength Feat



Crush Trinket in hand


Drag someone same size


Break wooden chair


Drag someone twice size


Break down wooden door


Break open metal door


Punch through stone wall


Burst through stone wall


Uproot a tree


Unofficial Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition cheat sheets by Jargogle Bamboozle. Ninja Crusade 2 nd edition is ©2016 Third Eye Games.