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Fall 2017-2018 - CEIT 411 School Experience Middle East Technical University

Course Syllabus Computer Education & Instructional Technology

CEIT 411- School Experience

Section 1: Wednesday 10.40-11.30 EFC 112
Section 2: Wednesday 09.40-10.30 EFC 109
Section 3: Wednesday 08.40-09.30 EFC 109
Section 4: Tuesday 13.40-14.30 EFC 109
Section 1: Tarkan GRBZ Section 2: Glfidan CAN Section 3: Banu GNDOAN Section 4: Elif ZTRK
E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: E-mail:
Phone: 210 4012 Phone: 210 7521 Phone: 210 3680 Phone: 210 4196
Office: EF-C 118 Office: EF-C 115 Office: EF-C 116 Office: EF-C 107
Office Hour: Mon 09.40-10.40 Office Hour: Wed 10.40-11.30 Office Hour: Mon 13:40-14:40 Office Hour: Thu 10:40-11:30

Filiz EK EF-C 105 210 4183 Activity#1 and Activity#2
Mehmet DNMEZ EF-C 06 210 7525 Activity#3
Tuba ALTAN EF-C 104 210 7524 Activity#4
Nehir YASAN EF-C 106 210 7523 Activity#5
Sezin EFER EF-C 104 210 7519 Activity#6 and Activity #7 and portfolios

Course Description:
School experience is a course based on observations and discussions. The aim of the course is to provide student
teachers with opportunities to observe authentic teaching. During this course, the student teachers are introduced to
different aspects of teaching and the teaching profession. The tasks and activities performed by student teachers
enable them to observe teachers at work and get to know students.

Course Requirements:
1. School Attendance: This course requires 4 hours of observation per week (total of at least 40
hours) in assigned schools.
2. Observation and Reports: This course requires 4 hours of observation per week (total of at least 40 hours) in assigned
schools. School experience phase starts after the first meeting with the schools. Throughout the semester 7 activities will
be assigned to you during the school observation time. At the end of each activity, you are required to write a Reflection
Report. Activity sheet templates will be provided as guidance for each specific activity by the instructor. Reflection
Reports will be graded by using a rubric. Deadlines for the activities and reports are provided below.
3. Presentation about School Experience: To share your experiences with your friends, you will do
about 5-10 minute presentation about your school experience in the class hour.
4. Presentations about the Book: To share your ideas with your friends, you will do about 5-10
minute presentation about the book that you read.
5. Presentations about a Topic: To refresh knowledge about a topic with your friends, you will do
about 5-10 minute presentation about the topic that you have chosen.
6. Teachers Evaluations: Your mentor teachers will fill a questionnaire based on your performance as a student
teacher. The questionnaire will be confidential and will be collected at the end of the semester.
7. In- class Activities: The class will meet every week in order to discuss about the observations and teaching
practices in the schools. Previous weeks reports and findings will be summarized and discussed as well as the
following weeks activity and requirements. Active student participation is essential in all phases of the course.
8. Portfolio: Portfolio requires keeping documents of all your work throughout the semester that includes activity
sheets, reflection reports, and other relevant documents. At the end of the semester, you will give your portfolio to
your instructor. The format and assessment of portfolios are provided below.

Course Regulations:
1. Punctual attendance is appreciated.
2. Only METU-Health Reports are acceptable.
3. Course related materials and announcements will be available at ODTUCLASS.

Fall 2017-2018 -CEIT 411 Syllabus 1

Grading Policy
School Attendance 40 hours Total (Required) (Failure if less than 40 hrs)
In class attendance and active participation 10 %
Presentation about your School Experience 10 %
Presentation about the topic that you have choosen 10 %
Presentation about the book that you have read. 10 %
Teachers Evaluations 10 %
Portfolio Total 50 %
Content of the Reports 40 %
Organization of the Portfolio 10 %
Extra Materials + 5% Bonus
Missed Deadline - 5 % Penalty
Guidelines for School Experience
The steps listed below will help you get the most out of your school experience.
1. Always be respectful to your mentor teachers, other teachers and administrators in the school.
2. Follow school rules.
3. Learn the semester course plan from the class teacher as soon as possible.
4. Dress neatly and act in a professional manner. Try to observe the normal dress code of teachers at the school.
5. Have confidence in yourself.
6. Enter the classroom before the lesson begins, and do not leave the room until the lesson is over.
7. Do not talk or volunteer answers during the lesson unless asked to do so by the teacher.
8. The observation will give you a chance to synthesize the instructional activities in your field, and provide you
with a practical perspective of teaching profession. Keep in mind that several observations of the same teacher
or class will give you a much more accurate perspective than a single session.
9. After the observation phase, complete your report as soon as possible when all details are still fresh in your
10. Please remember to have your class teacher sign your attendance sheet regularly and have it sealed and
signed by the Director of the School before submitting it to your course instructor.
Guidelines for Report Submission
1. Complete the activity sheets and write the reflection reports using the template that will be provided at
ODTUCLASS ( --- Under CEIT 411 All Sections.
2. Name your document as in the following format: ID_activity#.doc. DO NOT USE TURKISH
CHARACTERS while naming your document.
3. The reports should not be less than 300 words and should not exceed 800 words (excluding the materials
you will add at the end of the reflection reports,
4. Submit your report via ODTUCLASS ( - CEIT 411 All Sections --->
5. Each week, one teaching assistant will grade and provide feedback to your assignments. If you wish to
improve your grade for a report, you may revise your report and submit it again within a week after you
get feedback. After the revised feedback submission deadline, you have no chance of resubmission again.
6. Do your observations at least 2-3 weeks before the report due dates so that you can submit your reports
always on time. 10 points out of 100 will be deducted for late submissions. If you complete only the activity
sheets but not the reflection reports, the report will be considered as late submission.
7. Aside from your answers to the questions in the activity sheet, you are expected to write your ideas in a
paragraph or two in the reflection report. Reflective thinking and writing requires you to analyze your
experiences and observations, express your opinions, and develop your own teaching principles.

Through reflection, experiences become more valuable. It is when teachers start to conceptualize and formulate
their own rules and principles that they start to build personal theories to guide their teaching practice and serve
as springboards for new discoveries (Arends, Learning to Teach Manual, p. xiv)

Do not be bounded with the questions or activities in the activity sheets. Write your ideas, opinions, experiences
as much as possible to make the most out of this school experience.

Activity/Report Due Date Grade and (Optional) Grade for

Fall 2017-2018 -CEIT 411 Syllabus 2

Revised Revised
12.00 Midnight Feedback Submission Submission
12.00 Midnight
Activity-Report 1 Oct 27th Nov 3rd Nov 10th Nov 17th
Activity-Report 2 Nov 3rd Nov 10th Nov 17th Nov 24th
Activity-Report 3 Nov 17th Nov 24th Dec 1st Dec 8th
Activity-Report 4 Nov 24th Dec 1st Dec 8th Dec 15th
Activity-Report 5 Dec 1st Dec 8th Dec 15th Dec 22th
Activity-Report 6 Dec 8th Dec 15th Dec 22th Dec 29th
Activity-Report 7 Dec 15th - -
Portfolio Jan 5 th

* Check announcements for possible changes.
Guidelines for Portfolio

Submit your portfolio in a ring binder. Deadline for portfolio submission will be announced after the submissions of
the final report.

The following items should be in the portfolio in this order:

1. Cover Page (should include course name, students name, submission date, observed school, mentor
teachers name, etc. information)
2. Contents Page (List of items in the portfolio)
3. Course Syllabus
4. School attendance sheet (Original with signatures)
5. Reports in the right order
6. Extra Materials (extra to the report requirements), such as:
- Lesson plans that you prepared
- Course materials that you developed, such as quiz, homework, etc.
Be sure that the items are organized and in the right order.
Use consistent Font Types and Sizes throughout the portfolio.

Do not forget to get your portfolio back from your instructor at the end of the semester.
Schools & Locations

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