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Read the sentences and choose the correct option to complete them.

1. Peter plays the guitar really well and he knows how to Respuesta .His voice
is beautiful.

2. I don't like Rock music because it is too Respuesta . When I listen to it my

ears hurt.
3. Some streets in my city are so dark because they don't have enough Respuesta

4. A Respuesta is a circular intersection for traffic to flow continuously in

one direction.

5. I need to Respuesta this bus if I don't want to be late for work.

6. Your brothers need to wear swimming Respuesta if they want to go in the


7. It is really cold outside. Please, put a Respuesta around your neck.

8. I am so tired! Let's take the Respuesta to the second floor.

9. It's a nice car, Patricia! I think you should buy Respuesta in

case somebody steals it.

10. In the Comic Book Industry, people have to be good at Respuesta .

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Choose the right option to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Mary isn't from Canada. I Respuesta she comes from France.

2. Look! Peter Respuesta into the water.

3. I Respuesta you are crazy!

4. Don't give her any cheese. She Respuesta it!

5. Michael Respuesta at the moment. He can't come to the phone.

6. Once a week, I Respuesta to an art class at the college.

7. I Respuesta lunch at the cafeteria every day.

8. Salman is rich. He Respuesta a Mercedes.

9. You won't find Jerry at home right now. He Respuesta in the library.

10. You can't go out tonight. It Respuesta really hard.

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Choose the correct answer to complete the following text.

People usually Respuesta a lot of things to stay in shape and have a

healthy lifestyle. My family and I aren't the exception, and we Respuesta
different things these days to change our routines. For example, my
parents never Respuesta and they have a sedentary life, but these
days they Respuesta for a walk in the morning and they Respuesta
the stairs instead of the lift. My brother Andy is very lazy and he
usually Respuesta up late. He Respuesta play any sport
and he Respuesta to eat a lot of fast food. However, this week he Respuesta
fruit and vegetables, and he Respuesta to the gym, too. My
sister Lynn is a very busy person because she Respuesta two jobs so she
never Respuesta lunch on time and she usually Respuesta
to bed late. But now she Respuesta to eat lunch at noon,
and she quit one of her jobs so she Respuesta to bed early these days.
Well, I Respuesta some changes, too. I Respuesta at a bank
so I usually Respuesta a lot of time in front of the computer. Right now
I Respuesta a break to stretch my legs and eat a healthy snack. As you
can see, you can Respuesta simple changes to have a healthy lifestyle.

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Read the following article.
Fidget Toys
What do you do if you are in a meeting and you can't pay attention?
Do you fidget? Are your hands always playing with something? If so, you're not alone. Lots
of people fidget. Now it's even a trend!

One of the top-selling items right now is fidget toys. These are small gadgets you can fiddle
with. One is a fidget spinner. It's a flat, round object with three prongs. You hold it between
two fingers and spin it. Another is the Fidget Cube. It's a block with six sides. Each side has
something different to fidget with, like buttons to push or a ball to roll.

Companies that make fidget toys say they can help people concentrate - even people with
ADD and ADHD. But is this true?

Some research shows that fidgeting (though not necessarily fidget toys) can help people
with ADD and ADHD. If an activity they're doing doesn't keep their attention, then doing a
mindless activity at the same time may help them concentrate. John Ratey, a professor at
Harvard Medical School, says that fidgeting can work like ADD and ADHD medications. It
can increase levels of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that helps with focus and

ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Taken and adapted from

Read the following sentences and determine if they are true or false based on the

Many people play with their hands when they can't concentrate. Respuesta

Fidget toys aren't too successful. Respuesta

Fidget toys are the cure to concentration problems. Respuesta

The only way to keep attention is playing with a toy. Respuesta

Dopamine contributes to focus and attention. Respuesta

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Listen and concentrate on the first part of a telephone conversation and complete
the sentences with one (1) word. Pay attention to capitalization when necessary.

1. Hello, Ultimate Computers. Respuesta I help you?

2. Yes, this is Jack Kordell from Hundred's office Respuesta . May I speak to
Elaine Strong, please?

3. I'm sorry but she's not Respuesta right now.

4. Ok. Do you know when she'll be Respuesta ?

5. Er... yes, she should be here Respuesta on this afternoon, maybe about 04:30.
May I take your Respuesta ?

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Listen to the complete conversation and decide if the sentences are true (T) or false

1. Elaine Strong can't answer the phone. Respuesta

2. Miss Strong sent the caller a brochure detailing the oldest line of laptop
computers. Respuesta

3. The caller wants the secretary to send a list of software products. Respuesta

4. The secretary has to send the material at 02:30 p.m. Respuesta

5. The caller's telephone number is 560-1237. Respuesta