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Rocco 1

Arianna Rocco

Miss Akers

Honors English 9

19 October 2017

The Struggles of Eve

Eve is the mother of all living things, the first woman to ever exist, and the beginning of

the human race. She is a character in the Bible from the book of Genesis. The man named his

wife Eve because she was the mother of all living things (19). In Eves story, she disobeys God

when she and her husband, Adam, eat from the forbidden tree of knowledge. As a result of her

disobedience, God puts a curse on Eve that causes her to have painful childbirth. Adam and Eve

are also banished from the garden of Eden and they are now able to recognize all of the evil in

the world. Eves suffering is significant because it caused all suffering for future generations.

Painful childbirth was Gods curse for Eve after she disobeyed him. I shall give you

great labor in childbearing; with labor you will bear children (19). During the birth of her

children Cain, Abel, Seth, Awan, and Azura, this curse causes Eve to experience excruciating

pain. In addition to pain, there are now other potential complications that accompany childbirth,

including severe injury or death of the mother or the child. This is a great burden that mothers

today must carry, and Christians believe that this burden is caused by Eves mistake.

As a result of eating fruit from the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve are banished from the

Garden of Eden and forced to fend for themselves. When he drove him out, God settled him to

the east of the garden of Eden (19). Being outside of the garden forces Adam and Eve to make

the transition from having food and shelter provided for them to having to survive on their own

in the wild. So the Lord God banished them from the Garden of Eden to till the ground from

which they had been taken (19). Lacking a steady source of food leads Adam and Eve to a life

of fear and uncertainty of survival.

The worst punishment that Eve receives is that she and Adam now recognize all of the

evil in their once-perfect world. The man has become like us, knowing good and evil (19).

Adam and Eve also become aware of their bareness and grow ashamed of their bodies. God later

discovers that Adam and Eve realize that they are naked when they use it as an excuse for hiding

from him. Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree which I forbade

you to eat from? (18). Adam and Eve were ripped from their innocence and exposed to every

bad thing at once. Eve only knew her perfect world, so when she witnesses evil for the first time,

one can assume it altered her whole outlook on life.

The garden of Eden was once Adam and Eves happy home that is now only a story in

the Bible. If Eve never disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit, mankind would have

remained in this perfect home but sadly that is not what fate assigned. As a result of Eves

actions, her suffering is distributed to all future generations of her family. Without Eves

mistake, suffering would not exist and life today would be perfect.