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M.SHAMS-UR-REHMAN SIDDIQUI NIC # 42201-3117323-5 Residence of JB-22,
Jamshed Road No.3, Karachi-5, has on his own request and on my agreeing to attend
surety for him, has undertaken to do the job, assigned to him as an employee of M/s.
NPD (Pvt.) Ltd having its office at Plot No.M-1 Co-operative Bank Building Commercial
Area Bahadurabad Karachi.


1. Mr. Mirza Asif S/o. Mirza Mehmood Baig (late) NIC # 42301-1175629-7
Residence of House No. C-43, Mehmoodabad Bus Stop-2, Karachi hereby undertake to
stand surety in sum of Rs.100,000/- (rupees one hundred thousand) and undertake to pay
the same amount Rs.100,000/- (rupees one hundred thousand) to M/s. NPD (Pvt.) Ltd on
demand if Mr.Muhammad Mobeen-Ur-Rehman Siddiqui S/o.M.Shams-Ur-Rehman
Siddiqui fails to fulfill his responsibilities for the services according to disciplinary rules
and regulations, or it terminated from his services by his employer and is found to have
committed or commits any fraud, default, embezzlement misappropriation or any
violation of the employers instructions causing any loss to his employer.

___________________ ____________________
Signature of Guarantor Signature of Witness (1) Signature of Witness (2)
Further undertake and declare and guarantee, that my above said undertaking is
irrevocable and shall remain enforce and legally operative upon the acts, as mentioned
above done or committed by Mr. Muhammad Mobeen-Ur-Rehman Siddiqui S/o.
M.Shams-Ur-Rehman Siddiqui, during his service / employment at M/s. NPD (Pvt.) Ltd.

Name: Mirza Asif
CNIC No.: 42301-1175629-7
Tel (Res): 0313-2950889
Tel. & Add. Of Office/Business:
House No.35/C, Mehmoodabad Bus Stop # 2,
Shop Name: Mehmoodabad Grocery General

Witness-1: Witness-2

Signature: Signature: ________________________

Name: Rameez Ahmed Siddiqui Name: Hammad Ahmed Khan
F Name: Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui F Name: M-Uddin Ahmed Khan
Tel. No.0315-0258730 Tel. No.0315-8827966
Address: House No.760, Surjani Town, Address: House No.F-158, Jamshed Road No.3.
Sector 4-B, Karachi.