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Internship Report on

Managing Digital Marketing Communications:

A Case Study on Asiatic JWT and Its Selected Clients

Submitted To:
Md Rakibul Hassan
Course Instructor

Submitted By:
Exam ID: 110149

Reg No. 31963

Department of Marketing
3rd Batch

Date of Submission: 30th June, 2016

Department of Marketing
Faculty of Business Studies
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka.
Managing Digital Marketing Communications:
A Case Study on Asiatic JWT and Its Selected Clients
Letter of Transmittal
30th June, 2016
Md. Rakibul Hassan


Department of Marketing

Jahangirnagar University

Subject: Submission of the Internship Report on Managing Digital Marketing Communications: A

Case Study on Asiatic JWT and Its Selected Clients

Dear Sir,
I would like to submit my report titled Managing Digital Marketing Communications: A Case
Study on Asiatic JWT and Its Selected Clients prepared as a part of the requirement for BBA
program of Department of marketing, Jahangirnagar University.

I have successfully completed my internship program in Asiatic Digital and I worked there as an
intern for twelve weeks. Working on this report was a great learning experience for me as I got to
learn the differences between practical and theoretical work. I hope you will find the report to be
objective, systematic, and reliable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the supports and guidelines that you have
provided, which I hope to continue getting in the future. Meanwhile, I will be available if you have
any query.

Sincerely yours,

Exam ID: 110149

Reg No. 31963
Department of Marketing
Jahangirnagar University

At the beginning of preparing this report, I would like to convey gratitude to the Almighty for his
blessing in completing this report. This internship report is an accrual of many peoples efforts. For
this, I am obliged to a number of people who helped me to organize this report. I appreciate their
kind opinions, suggestions, instructions and supports. I have received endless supports and guidance
in preparation of this report from numerous sources. I would like to take this opportunity to thank
them all.

First of all, I would like to thank my Internship Supervisor Md Rakibul Hassan, Lecturer,
Jahangirnagar University for his continuous guidance and assistance in preparation of this report. His
invaluable advice has helped me a lot in writing this report. I am immensely thankful to him for the
supports he has provided during my Internship period.

Next, I would also like to express heartfelt gratitude to my organizational supervisor at AMCL,
Didarul Alam Khan, Executive of Community Engagement, and Asiatic Digital. He directed me
towards the right information and regularly reviewed my progress in preparation of this report. I
would also express heartfelt gratitude Abdun Nafee (Associate Director, Asiatic Digital) & Didarul
Alam (Community Engagement Executive, Asiatic Digital) who always supported me in all ups and
downs throughout the internship period.

Their valuable contributions have facilitated the successful completion of this report to a great
Executive summary

For an agency, the service quality is very important to satisfy its clients and delivering the service
in the shortage possible time is another challenge.

Complication becomes so acute when an agency needs to deal with both of the client group one is
Social Client and Another one Corporate Client. Each of the groups has a distinguished set of
complications in order to provide the service. But AMCL has managed over the years the finest
possible ways to serve its clients and that is why Asiatic is the Industry leader.

AMCL not only deals with the client, it also has some ventures that it needs to regulate. Asiatic
Digital is one of the big Sub Unit under AMCL and making business plans for making it more
successful. The idea of Asiatic Digital is to place the product in the digital media since digital is the

Apart from those digital issues, AMCL is working on many big digital campaigns of their corporate
clients. Clients such as Radio Shadhin (Rise Up for women), Airtel, Nescafe (Shadhinota Tumi) etc.
are main stakeholders of Asiatic Digital. Shahdhinota Tumi and Rise Up for women is one of the
biggest digital campaigns they have done so far.

Asiatic started its journey in 15th March 1966 as East Asiatic. It stated servicing the generic business
in the absence of brands (for instance-jute mills; they worked on a campaign to communicate the
important role of jute mills in peoples live). After that they became Asiatic.

3sixty, in the later years of its operation, became one of the largest total marketing communication
group in Bangladesh and since operation in 1967, Asiatic 3sixty (then East Asiatic) offered 360
degree marketing solution to its multinational and local clients.


Chapter One


1.1 Introduction..9
1.2 Background of the Study.9
1.3 Objective of the Study..10
1.3.1 Broad Objective.. 10
1.3.2 Specific Objective10
1.4 Limitation of the Study.10
1.5 internship period Activities..11
Airtel Buzz..10
Pages maintained by Asiatic Digital.....12

Chapter Two

2.0 Methodology..19
Primary Data..19
Secondary Data19
Data Source.19

Chapter Three
3.0 LiteratureReview20
3.1 Literature Review21

Chapter Four
4.0 Company Overview.24
4.1 Background of the organization.....25
4.2 The Vision Statement...25
4.3 The mission Statement.26
4.4 Asiatic 360.....26
4.5 Asiatic Digital...28

Chapter Five
5.0 Analysis & Findings of the study31
5.1 Multi-Dimensional task Accomplishment.32
5.2 Adjustment with the work place & Socialization.32
5.3 Enhancement of Communication Skill 32
5.4 Familiarization with Corporate Culture.. 32
5.5 Digital Marketing; Various Aspects...33

5.6 Five Essential Aspects of Digital Marketing.38

Chapter Six
Recommendation & Conclusion.43
6.0 Recommendation44
6.1 Conclusion......45



The digital communication need had only arisen. That is one of the reasons about the ignorance
about Digital marketing. In many cases firms have to teach the clients and make them understand
about the social media movement. Some clients realized the new social media skill and called for the
digital communications for their brands. After the primary pitch to the client, depending on the
thoughts and cost a contract take place between the two firms. Digital firms need to understand each
brand they work for and the target they are trying to achieve, they have to maintain different
strategies. The contract time varies time to time and once proved; the firms starts getting long time
agreements. The digital firms need to offer the clients applications. Some companies have their own
Application and some outsources these applications. Facebook video also has a demand in the
market and low budget video contents are reaching to people more day by day.

1.2 Background of the study:

Managing Digital Marketing Communication is the process of gaining website traffic or attention
through social media sites. Digital marketing itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide
radically different social actions. For instance, Twitter is a social sited signed to let people share
short messages or updates with others. Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking
site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities.

As a student of BBA, doing major in Marketing, I got the opportunity to do internship in Asiatic
Digital, Asiatic JWT. Thus I chose Digital marketing as my internship topic and I hope that this
internship experience will point out how the corporate world really works and will help me to apply
theoretical knowledge in the practical life. After the end of my internship program, I hope I will be
able to know how the famous brands activate marketing campaigns on social network sites and
what their strategies are.

1.3 Objectives of the Study:

1.3.1 Broad Objective:

The objective will be to identify some accurate points of brand attendance through digital
media marketing and brand communication of global and local firms in Bangladesh.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives:

The main point of the study is going to cover are:

To study digital media in Bangladesh and its impact on marketing and brand
Importance of digital marketing compared to other medium of brand communication
and its benefits.
To know about how digital firms in Bangladesh are operating and dealing with
To know about how digital communication firms are recruiting employee

2.1 Limitation of the Study:

To build up this study several limitations has been discovered. Those limitations are:

To collect primary data it is hard to get the correct information from people because they might
not feel comfortable or provide their false feeling because they want to remain surveyors feelings to
be intact.
This is a long term research where more information could be included. Due to the lack of time I
was unable to compile all the information through.
The precise analysis requires good amount of financial support, because of that monetary
limitation it is impossible use the full potentiality of this research.
To observe the whole corporation activities and come up with a fruitful result requires huge
amount of time, so time limit is another crucial limitation of this study.
The internship proposal is conducted based on several secondary data which were rather
inefficient or unreliable.

10 | P a g e
2.2 Internship Period Activities:

As an intern, first I worked under community engagement. Being on community engagement

department, my duties were to communication with the fans of different pages through Aegis Lisa
software and Facebook page manager. Simultaneously, I was also assigned to work with servicing
team of Airtel as per my performance. After one and a half month, I was shifted to planning
department officially.

Specific responsibilities of the jobs

Normally Asiatic Digital at first get case brief from its clients majority of times in oral form then
in written documents. Corporate Clients case brief is more presentation oriented and developed
with its own communication and marketing team. The job responsibility covers

Getting brief from clients

Make a checklist for job to do
Make a proposal
Pitch the proposal to the clients
Collect feedback and make negotiation
Transfer it to the media buying department as per budget clearance
Follow up the activity
I got the chance to have three months long internship at Asiatic Digital, AMCL. I did so many
different duties and responsibilities that are conducted by the Digital Client Service Department and
Community Engagement Department for Facebook brand pages.

Collecting online pictures for Facebook posts

Writing copy for Facebook posts
Delivering Facebook post creative to our creative department
Checking brand insights
Giving reply to customers comment on Facebook post
Planning different ideas for different contest in Facebook brand pages

11 | P a g e

Airtel buzz is the authorized brand page of Airtel Bangladesh and is one of the top
telecommunication firms of Bangladesh. It has a very muscular presence on Facebook and YouTube,
two of the most well-liked social media websites in Bangladesh. According to
which is a Czech-based company that provides social media network statistics and analysis from
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, Airtel buzz is the top Facebook brand page in
Bangladesh with over 3,124,745 fans liking its page and getting posts and status of its product and
services on their home feeds. Furthermore, it has one of the highest numbers of people talking about
this which is on average about 80,000 people at a specified time in its page which show that the fans
of this page are highly active and the page is engaging. In their Facebook brand page insights we can
see that most of their posts have an unpaid reach of 60,000 which is one of the maximum reach for a
Bangladeshi page on Facebook. Not only that, Airtels brand videos also one of the most viewed
brand videos in YouTube with over 1,00,000 views. Other observation shows that they keep
attention of their consumers with attention of their consumers with an average of 4 post a day with 2
lifestyles and fun related service and 2 product posts. Airtel buzz main target is to increase page likes
and post likes on its page to increase engagement with customers for which they do both paid and
non-paid post page promotion through Facebook boost option.

12 | P a g e is the authorized Facebook brand page of buying and selling website Ekhanei. One of
their major objectives is presence on social media websites such as Facebook is to attract traffic to
their main webpage Their plan is dissimilar from other pages because of other brand
pages their main purpose is to be in touch with their brand message and generate engagement among
online consumers on Facebook page. Ekhanei redirect the consumers to their own webpage and
increase sales.

Its digital marketing is also wider than Airtel buzz and Microsoft. Airtel buzz use both the pages
enlarge and post likes through page advertising and post promotion but for it is also
Google ad word advertisement, search engine optimization and search engine marketing which
other Brand pages don't mentioned above. Currently has around 2,622,004 fans on its
page with a people talking about it of 60,000 which show that people are sound engaged with this
page through likes, comments and shares of its posts. The other inspection is that they frequently
posts post product related posts with relatives to their website more willingly than lifestyle post
which Airtel buzz. also uses comic and entertaining video on their Facebook pages
which are product related to gain notice and engagement of customers to switch them to their main
web page to make more buying and selling throughout their website

13 | P a g e

14 | P a g e
Worked as an Admin in the Facebook page for the following Brands

15 | P a g e
16 | P a g e
17 | P a g e


18 | P a g e
2.0 Methodology:

The type of this study will be quantitative along with the good mixture of qualitative part. The report
will be based on both Primary and Secondary data.

Primary Data:

This report is mainly based on the primary data, which has been collected from a survey. Population
of the study will be the different social media users along with the generic people. The survey has
been done on 20 people consist of different social media users and online users. Data that has been
collected from the survey analyzed based on the factor analysis method. Information also collected
from workplace colleagues and people who directly involved with Asiatic Digital.

Variables for research:

Dependent: social and online media users Perception

Independent: Different social media and tools - Facebook. Twitter, contest, brand page etc.

Secondary Data:

The secondary data sources are:

Asiatic Digital annual report

Asiatic Digitals internal documents and publications

Newspaper, articles, journals and websites.

Data Source:

Primary Source: Primary data on social media is collected from surveying of target group and
personal observation.

Secondary Source: Like primary source, secondary source is also major stream of information for
the report. List secondary source is

1. Internet

2. Social Network Sites

3. Text books

4. Several other reports

5. And other sources

19 | P a g e


20 | P a g e
3.1 Literature Review:
Social Media marketing worldwide and its Impact on society:

Social media marketing normally generated contents that attract public and encourage readers to
share it with their social networks. A business message spreads from user to user with the help of
social media. Furthermore, this type of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in
earned medium rather than paid medium. Social media is a stage that is simply available to anyone
with internet entrance and social media serves as a comparatively low-cost platform for

In 2010, Most of the big brands around the world had figured out that they needed to get on
Facebook and begin engaging with their consumers where they were more likely to be viewed as a
friend.-International Business Times. They also made them present on Twitter, Instagram and
Vine recently. Now a days with the help of social media brands market their goods as they can
communicate with their consumers more like a trusted friend than companies or brands. Brand
attendance on social media may not straight increase sales but engaging with customers via social
platforms is strong reason for organic search results in Google for the brand. Out of ten, seven are
social media dependent for Google organic search, according to just-released lessons by think tank
L2. This means that, if brands arent active on social media, they tend to show up less on Google
searches. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the most popular platforms for top brand. Pinterest is
more popular than Instagram. Vine, though still a very fresh platform has also seen a lot of takers.
Finally, we can say Facebook is now the most popular social network in many countries.

Social media plays an important role in how customers discover, search, and distribute information
about brands and products. Sixty percent of customers researching goods through various online
sources learned about a particular brand. Active social media users are more liable to read product
reviews online. The study also shows that social media is increasingly a stage customers use to
express their loyalty to their desired brands and products, and many search for reap benefits from
brands for serving promote their products. Furthermore, Social Media also plays a key role in
defending brands. 58 percent of social media users say they write product reviews to look after
others from bad experiences, and almost 1 in 4 say they distribute their negative experiences to
punish companies.

21 | P a g e
Essentials of Social Media Compared to Other Medium and its Benefit:

The main benefit of social media is that you can communicate with the people very easily. Its
simple to locate out the interest areas of people on Facebook and a marketer just need to find out
the attention areas his target group acquires and target them for a communication. Finding people
who like tea, late night refreshments and more importantly who are students would be a good way
to find efficient audience for behavioral targeting. In social media there are thousands of ways to
target the specific peoples. Social media is an effective source to do extra with a smaller amount.
There are more than 20 TV channels in our country. The cost of air commercial is too high. Social
media is a new way to deliver news or to know updates about brands with low budgets for
companies. Other media such as press and TV you dont have to spend a large amount, no need for
any compromise as well. When it comes to social media marketing, the company enjoys a lot more
liberty compared to other mediums. A polite amount on advertisement buying on Google ads along
with an active Facebook page with like campaigns and post promotion can a go long way to the

One of the best aspects of social media marketing is that you can get more correct reports and keep
track of the performance of the brands. You can create 5 ads for a particular communication and
check out which one is running better and promote it more. On Facebook when one fan shares or
likes a message, it will produce more impressions on Facebook which will generate more fans.
Social media gives those companies the chance to connect with their target groups, get instant
feedback, help realize the mindset and know the demands straight.

22 | P a g e
Process of How Digital Marketing Firms are Running and Dealing with Clients:

The digital communication need had only arisen. That is one of the reasons about the ignorance
about Digital marketing. In many cases firms have to teach the clients and make them understand
about the social media movement. Some clients realized the new social media skill and called for
the digital communications for their brands. After the primary pitch to the client, depending on the
thoughts and cost a contract take place between the two firms. Digital firms need to understand each
brand they work for and the target they are trying to achieve, they have to maintain different
strategies. The contract time varies time to time and once proved; the firms starts getting long time
agreements. The digital firms need to offer the clients applications. Some companies have their own
Application and some outsources these applications. Facebook video also has a demand in the
market and low budget video contents are reaching to people more day by day.

The media budget is set by the two parties. One of the major jobs of the digital firm is to use
resources in the best possible way. It depends on how much explore, analysis and proactive the firm
acts. To be success a firms have to follow different strategies and method for different particular
brands. A Client always receives weekly or monthly reports from the digital firm to keep updated of
the progress and check the achievements. With time the social media is becoming more and more
important to the companies, the digital firms are receiving more work and opportunities. Its only an
issue of time that social media will become a major part of marketing.

Existence of Brands in Social Media of Bangladesh:

Now a days international and national brands started its social media marketing with full of
dedication in social media sites. Bangladesh has a good number of social media users. Recent
statistics shows that 41. 63% internet users of Bangladesh are Facebook users. So Facebook is
a strong platform to brands, where they have to perform better on the way to convince

23 | P a g e

24 | P a g e


25 | P a g e
4.1 Background of the Organization:

Asiatic started its journey in 15th March 1966 as East Asiatic. It stated servicing the generic business
in the absence of brands (for instance-jute mills; they worked on a campaign to communicate the
important role of jute mills in peoples live). After that they became Asiatic.

3sixty, in the later years of its operation, became one of the largest total marketing communication
group in Bangladesh and since operation in 1967, Asiatic 3sixty (then East Asiatic) offered 360
degree marketing solution to its multinational and local clients.

In 1996, Asiatic built international partnership with J. Walter Thompson. Later in 2005, the agency
was re-lunched by dropping the J. Walter Thompson in exchange for JWT. As being a part of the
JWT family, oldest advertising agency in the world, it has pioneered many of the advertising
innovation in Bangladesh. JWT the fourth largest marketing communication agency in the world has
nearly 10000 employees in more than 200 offices in over 90 countries, serving over 1200 clients.
Basically this attachment transformed the marketing communication wing of Asiatic 3sixty and
renamed it to Asiatic JWT.

The range of Asiatic service transcends the frontiers of advertising to cover Social Communication,
Events, Public Relations, Corporate Relations, Direct Marketing, Formative Research, Media
Planning and Management, Marketing and Product Planning & Digital Marketing. Asiatic JWTs
role is to ensure that more people spend more time with its clients brands and purpose is to create
ideas that people want to spend some more time with.
They believe that, the better the idea, the more time people will spend with it.

4.2 The Vision Statement

Become the Most Preferred below the Line Marketing solution offer.

26 | P a g e
4.3 The Mission Statement
Generate year on year sustainable growth whilst consistent customer satisfactions.

The journey started during the time of Mini Cricket World Cup 1998 and since the journey is not
smooth initially. There were major setbacks and AEML was become a loss making company during
the year of 2002 to 2006 period. But everything turned around during the 2007 as there were changes
in management and better people were hired by the company to propel it to the top
and sconce then, in its 16th years of operation, AEML now stands tall as the best in the business,
unrivalled, unparalleled and indomitable. It has proven its worth to the client base and the goodwill
is so solid that the client does not hesitate to pay premium for their services. AEML had proven track
record in planning, designing and implementing wide range of activations and events on behalf of
various consumers brands of different multinational and local companies. And they have been
extremely successful at it both its scale and quality for which the premium goodwill of the company
which is providing the best has been strengthened further.

4.4 Asiatic 360:

The various concern of Asiatic 3sixty is:

Asiatic JWT This is the associate wing of the JWT worldwide in Bangladesh and shares creative
support and other marketing communication related support from JWT worldwide since the
multinational corporate clients base requires such associations with worldwide marketing agency.
Under Asiatic JWT there are two main sub-functions.

Asiatic Marketing Communication Ltd. (AMCL) - This is the wing that creates all
the marketing communication material for the clients; the materials can be anything ranging to a
banner print creative to a complete ATL advertisement. This wing mainly works with the ATL
communication of the clients and provides all the creative support to all the other wings the
coordination of which provides the client a 360-degree marketing solution. One of the major support
requirements came from ASIATIC DIGITAL itself as it needed all the creative materials of the
clients for the DIGITAL communication and Activation programs that it launched.

27 | P a g e
Asiatic Social Limited - Social Marketing Communication wing of the Asiatic JWT that basically
addresses social marketing and social issues and mainly works with various NGOs (Non-
Governmental organization), the government, and other social marketing companies to provide
marketing solutions for social issues.

Group M - This sub-function consists of three different departments namely:Asiatic

Mindshare, Maxus and Media edge, all of which has only one basic function which extremely
diversified itself in nature and is very challenge: Media Buying. Media buying is the procurement of
the best possible placement and price of a piece of media real estate within any given media. The
main task of media buying lies within the negotiations of price and placement to ensure the best
possible value can be secured.

AMCL - This is the Below the Line Marketing solutions wing of Asiatic 3sixty and
provides the best activation and DIGITAL marketing solutions to its clients. I have completed my
internship with this department, therefore, further description is providing in the report.

MRC-Mode - This is the market research wing of Asiatic 3sixty and it designs
research formats ad research methods to provide the client with all the important, relevant and
desired information accurately and in a user friendly fashion which aids the clients decision making
and program launch process.

Forethought PR - This is sub unit that deals with public relation and
media management. This department ensures that the right message is conveyed by the media and
also helps in communications not through the traditional methods but through the publicity and
management. This department keeps liaison with individuals and figureheads who play an important
role in the society, whichever social strata they belong to and ensures that they communicate the
right message through appearances, performances, etc.

28 | P a g e
Nayantara Communication This is audiovisual production unit and facility for the Asiatic 3sixty and
creates all the audiovisual elements that the AMCL or ASIATIC DIGITAL or any other department
requires. They are the individuals who shoot, edit, and create audiovisual presentation, which may
be in the form of a drama, short film, etc. This department is also associated of Sesame Street Inc. in
Bangladesh and communications educational videos and games in Bangladesh.

Along with these departments and sub units, Asiatic 3sixty also has 20 Miles, which is another
audiovisual production house of Asiatic 3sixty and their own in house printer called the Moitree

4.5 Asiatic Digital:

Asiatic Digital is digital marketing servicing provider. It is a part of the Asiatic 3sixty but has its
own individual operation and works independently within the group. Asiatic Digital started its
journey on 2014. This was the era when suddenly there was a need of a Digital marketing, campaign
and communication platform with the experience individuals who can operate into this platform.
Therefore, born out of necessity due to the highly completive business environment scenario, Asiatic
Digital. Being a part of the largest marketing communication group of company, which is the Asiatic
3sixty, it did not take Asiatic Digital very long to establish itself as the best digital agency in

29 | P a g e

ASIATIC DIGITAL is one of the leading DIGITAL agencies in Bangladesh. They provide a 360
degree solution for business as well as support to doing business from root level. The core essence of
marketing actually starts with its root customer base where ASIATIC DIGITAL offers a versatile
solution. They have the strongest B2B base where the leading companies are its s stakeholders. Such
as Nestle, Airtel, Igloo, Finlay, Kurkure, Pran etc.
In term of service, they provide two types of service to their clients. One is Client Service where all
the campaign and business plans are made and according to client demand they provide a solution.
The solution driven activity starts with the planning department and then goes to the client service
department and then goes to the creative department. This solution includes branding plan,
creative, budgets, and time frame to achieve the goal.
Another service they provide is Digital Activation. This term is known as campaign or direct
marketing. Usually activation is useful for the product based marketing. A team of enthusiastic
people are working with this activation activity. They are capable to go anywhere, any time and can
reach the remote customer base.

The Recruitment processes for Quality Digital Account Executive are

as follow:

a) Circulation of opening for digital account executive is circulated among the different departments,
daily newspapers and online job sites.

b) Once the CV is collected, it is screened for the best candidates and they are called for case

c) The case is usually provided with real life project topic, where the candidates are given 3 hours to
prepare the case and present.

d) Once the case is presented the candidates are shortlisted.

e) The shortlisted candidates are called for final interview and the best candidate is chosen among
the many.

30 | P a g e
31 | P a g e


32 | P a g e
5.0 Analysis and Findings of the Study:

5.1 Multi-Dimensional Task Accomplishment:

In my internship period I had to work in Social media marketing department of the organization.
This helped me to understand the actual work place situation. I have learned various practical
works in that period.

5.2 Adjustment with the Work Place and Socialization:

While I was performing my internship program within the office, I was being treated as an
employee like others in the organization. I got sufficient assistance from the working people in
terms of acquiring enough idea about their working strategy. This enhanced my knowledge, skill
and the power of applying of my academic knowledge in a workplace. I believe this is much quite
important and also the whole program made me ready for starting my professional career in the
same environment.

5.3 Enhancement of Communication Skill:

As a fully customer oriented organization, the Asiatic Marketing ltd. Operates great customer
service where the communication skill is one of the fundamental factors. I have achieved
significant amount of knowledge about customer service and I have realized that great
communication skill is the fundamental requirement of serving the customers with great service.

5.4 Familiarization with Corporate Culture:

It is required that a workplace could have people from different cultural background within it. It
was not the exception while I was working in Asiatic marketing ltd. Mixing with the culture of the
organization and coping up with the people from different background really prepared me with
knowledge of workplace diversity.

33 | P a g e
5.5 Digital marketing various aspects

Digital Marketing is one of the most intrinsic concepts around which the contemporary world of
business and commerce revolves. To put it simply, it is the procedure to promote brands or
products using one or the other form of electronic media. It makes use of electronic gadgets like
computers or Smartphone to get engaged with the probable customers. It usually makes use of an
array of latest digital applications, like

Various Social Media platforms and
Mobile apps, etc.

In fact, as far as reality is concerned, lots of business organizations aptly combine both
conventional and digital marketing strategies to promote business.

34 | P a g e
Why Important

There was a time in the long past when there was no instant and authentic feedback on a product or
a service. In fact, the manufacturer or the service provider alone used to send whatever information

that was thought necessary as feedback to the consumer segment. In striking contrast to that today,
the digital media is so vibrant and simultaneously dominant that authentic and verified feedbacks
on any service or product reach out to the global society within minutes of their launching.

In fact, consumers around the world depend more on these feedbacks than anything else, while
assessing any product or service. Customers in general prefer brands that they can trust and that
are renowned. These apart, customers ideally look for offers that are tailor-made to suit their
specific needs.

Considering these latest developments in the society, it is obvious that digital marketing is one of
the most crucial entities, for any corporate organization, to achieve success in the contemporary

Digital Marketers

Professionals who deal with the given aspect are often referred to as digital marketers. These
professionals by virtue of their professional responsibility often have to monitor certain things.
These include elements like, what is being viewed and that for how long and how often, which
content works and which does not, and sales conversations, etc. Some of the common tools that are
used in this aspect include

Electronic billboard
Mobile instant messaging
Wireless text messaging
Mobile apps and

35 | P a g e
Podcasts, etc.

Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

As such, conducting successful digital marketing strategies revolve around three core factors.
These can be summed up as

Managing complex customer relationships across both the conventional and digital
channels of communication
Initiating and/or responding to dynamic interactions with customer base
Extracting values from big data to facilitate the process of taking better decisions faster

Common Trends

Implementing successful strategies in this vocation involves great deal of creativity and innovation.
However, there is one fundamental factor to success that remains constant all through. The main
purpose of digital marketing campaigns is to extend the customer base of a client. All strategies of
digital marketing that are to be implemented should ultimately facilitate this aspect.

Some of the significant components of digital marketing include,

CRO and
ORM, etc.

Pay per Click

Setting up a PPC account on Search Engines is pretty easy these days. However, clients of digital
marketing and the Search Engines have different goals right from the beginning. Search Engines
want clicks on the clients links so that they can generate higher revenue. On the other hand,

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fraternity of clients expects direct business. Any efficient PPC strategy, in the given context,
therefore requires to be drafted with utmost caution.

Social Media Optimization

The Social Media explosion has created the opportunity to promote ones client to a hand-picked
audience. Social Media has developed to an impressive extent. In fact, it can help to promote a
business to a selected group of audience. Actually, there is a subtle equation existing between the
network, its broader audience and the targeted audience.

Understanding this equation is important to get best results from Social Media Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a popular component to implement digital marketing. In fact, it is a strategy to ensure

online traffic to a web portal from organic, natural, editorial and free listings on the Search
Engines. Major Search Engines, including Google and Bing generate SERP pages in response to a
search query.

In this listing, a Search Engine displays those links that it thinks most relevant to the entered search
query. Websites possessing higher ranks are listed on the top. People have this peculiar nature of
clicking on those websites that are ranked higher on a Search Engine Result Page. This mode of
digital marketing is exceptionally prominent in the world these days.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is another intrinsic digital marketing strategy that is popular worldwide. The basic of this
concept is all about converting internet browsers into buyers. In fact, there are various tools that are
available to gauge the deficits of a website. These include

Google analytics this provides authentic information on online traffic, set of keywords
and other numeric and analytical information for a website

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Scroll map and hit map These inform about what the visitors are clicking on and about
how far of a webpage they are actually scrolling.

Online Reputation Management

This once again brings us back to the core of digital marketing concept. As it has been already
mentioned above, for any commercial commodity the aspect of customer feedback is crucial to
generate business. Thus, reputation is a major element, in the contemporary times, to achieve
success. In addition to these, reputation is a perishable entity.

Therefore, the concept of ORM revolves around understanding and influencing reputation of an
individual or that of a brand across the Social Media platforms. In fact, all the major corporate
organizations, as well as commercial brands allocate huge funds for this aspect.

Some of the common strategies that are commonly applied to implement Online Reputation
Management include,

Prompt responding to customer queries

Using online feedbacks to promote a product in the market and
Censoring adverse feedbacks related to a product or service, etc.

As such, there are more components to the aspect of digital marketing. Email marketing is one such
aspect. The basic concept of this approach involves straightaway sending email messages to
potential and existing customers. The emails are sent either to solicit sales, sending advertisements
and/or requesting business. The objective of this approach is to build brand awareness and brand
loyalty. Digital marketing is the obvious choice for any business, big or small, to gain prominence
in the contemporary society.

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5.6 Five Essential Aspects of Digital Marketing
We have come to that part of the year already! The bit where everyone is evaluating what has
happened over the last 11 to 12 months and is making predictions for the coming year. Well we
are; and with that in mind lets look at some of the things that we are going to be looking for in the
coming 12 months.

In the last 12 months; people were generally focused on the following trends:

Emerging Markets
Social media (finally) growing up
Mobile marketing being taken seriously
Email marketing
Reputation management (social media)
Content is king
Bar codes (QR codes)
Interactive TV

To the man in the street, this meant a few great things in terms of his experience with brands.

It meant that consumers were being taken seriously. To some extent, brands realized that their
audience had a voice and they were not afraid to use it. Social media became the voice of the
consumer and companies were forced to listen and react.

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Consumers in general never really understood QR codes. I must admit while I think they are pretty
interesting and fun to play around with; the fact that QR readers are not native to smart phones and
tablets just makes them an absolute pain to use.

1. Get It Done
In my opinion, 2013 is going to be a year where things get done. People are going stop talking
about the benefits of social media and blogging and start actually getting involved. This is arguably
the biggest thing that needs to change. Until now, people have been grappling with the difficulties
of convincing their internal stakeholders that there are benefits to social media. The problem with
this is that it is very difficult to show value in something that you are not involved in.

2. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is going to continue to rise in popularity; especially in small to medium-sized
companies. There are a host of benefits of cloud computing that naturally lend themselves to
SMEs to take advantage of. How does this relate to marketing you say? Well the fact that your

40 | P a g e
business can / does run on the cloud is not necessarily related; but the fact that your clients can
access your systems anywhere and at any time is beneficial.

3. Marketing Effectiveness Being Evaluated

I think we are rapidly moving past the stage where we can continually measure online and offline
effectiveness against each other. I see 2013 being the year where marketing channels are all rated
in terms of how effective they are at creating, sustaining and converting in to sales. In 2013, the
online/offline battle ground will be won on this front.

4. The KPI of ROI

As a spin-off from the previous point; I think that people are going to have to be more concerned
with how effective all their marketing is and that they are going to be aggressively measured on
this. The results and performance metrics are going to prove critical in 2013.

5. Mobile Marketing Takes Off (Again)

Mobile marketing is going to get even more serious in 2013. There has been this misunderstood
void in the last few years that has been mobile marketing but in 2013 everyone is going to be
taking this front very seriously. With more and more smartphones and tablets on the market than
ever before; no one can forget to place emphasis on their mobile strategies. This includes
everything from USSD, SMS, MMS and WAP to mobile internet and applications.

Covering It All
Again consumers can get ready to have their collective socks blown off. In 2013, digital campaigns
are going to be looking at touching you directly (hopefully in a non-creepy way unless you are
into that!). This means that you will have beautifully immersive experiences in a way that speaks to
you, as you;, and not as part of a collective demographic.

Consumers will be touched through locationbased services reaching out to them through their
mobile devices (smart phone or tablet).

41 | P a g e
These are just some of the major things I think will be emphasized in 2017 over and above that,
tailoring your marketing to how, where and when your target audience wants to interact with you is
going to be pivotal. This goes beyond just content marketing and being mobile. This is your
entire marketing message and it needs to speak to individuals and not to demographics anymore!

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6.0 Recommendations:
Social media marketing is a relatively new concept for most companies even a few years back. It
is a growing medium of communication where most of the youths are present and one of the
most interactive mediums of communication. Since social media marketing is innovative and
still there is a lot to study here, I have provided some recommendations that can help brands in
social media as well as digital communication firms to prosper in the future in terms of being
efficient and effective. Suggestions are mentioned below:

Increase Funds on Social Media Marketing:

Now a days people are interacting with Digital marketing. Clients always try to keep the cost
low on social media marketing which is one of the reasons to failure of brands.

Provide Training to the New Intern of the Organization:

Company should continue providing training to the new interns to find out what potential they
have got. It will help the company to choose the right employees.

Increase Efficiency of Brand Pages on Social Media:

Always using product advertisement or same post again and again can make consumers bored.
So a brand page should also post non product related post which helps consumers in different

HR Division Needs Enough Space to Deliver Important Papers:

HR division sometimes fails to deliver necessary document. This can be harmful for a company

44 | P a g e
Increase Competence of Brand Pages on Social Media:
To increase the efficiency of brand pages one requirement to target the communication of brand
pages according to the target group.

More Staffing for Social Media Marketing:

More staffing needed in this specific sector. Without proper knowledgeable employee, a firm
cannot reach the shore.

Brands should promote more on Non-brand Communication via Posts to Attract

Like Airtel buzz and other brand pages should post non brand communication posts every day. If
the posts are interesting obviously the page like, comment or reach will be increase.

45 | P a g e
6.1 Conclusion:

AMCL is the biggest ATL agency which runs under the supervision of Ali Zaker. Its stakeholders
and achievement list mesmerized me. As a part of academic requirement and completion of BBA
program, I have been assigned to complete my internship report under the supervision of Asiatic
Digital and guidance of Didarul Alam Khan . The Experience I gained during my internship period
was very valuable. Working with international brands like Airtel, PepsiCo and Nestle has been a
life changing experience for me. I had to observe competitors digital activities to make this
business model which was a great pleasure for me. All these experience is pleasure to me. I learned
lot about practical ideas and business policies which I can relate to my academic learnings. All
these knowledge that I have gained by working three months, I can surely carry for the rest of my

46 | P a g e

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48 | P a g e

1. Did you use any social media?

o Yes o No

2. Which Social Media do you use the most?

o Facebook o Twitter o Google Plus o LinkedIn o Any Other..............

3. Average monthly income:

o 5,000 or less o 5,001-10,000 o 10,001 -20,000 o 20,001-30,000

o 30,001 or above

4. Could you remember any advertisement on a Social Media? (If Yes please specify) *

a) YES b) NO

Other: ..

5. Did you like to get advertisement on a Social Media? (If Yes please specify) *

a) YES b) NO


6. Social Media Plays an Important role in Digital Marketing

Strongly Disagree _______ _______ ________ _______ _______ Strongly Agree

7. How much time in a day do you spend in social media (i.e. facebook, twitter,

o Less than 30 min o About 30mins o About 1 hour o About 2 hrs

o More than 2 hours

8. How much time do you spend in Facebook within those times?

o Less than 30 min o About 30mins o About 1 hour o About 2 hrs

o More than 2 hours

49 | P a g e
9. How many FB brand pages you have liked?

o None o About 1 o Around 2-4 o Around 5-10 o

More than 10

10. Do you think FB brand pages are more interesting than brand website?

o Yes o No o Don't Know

11. Do you get regular notification from Brand pages?

o Yes o No

12. Have you ever participated in any Facebook Brand page poll?

o Yes o No

13. Did you participate in any brand Facebook page contest?

o Yes o No

14. Do you think you know more about the brands through Facebook than other
communication (TV,
Newspaper, Billboard, and Radio)?

o Yes o No

15. How many AV/TVC/Newspaper ads you have seen of brands those you have liked in

17. What kind of communication on brand page you like most on Facebook?

o Image Post o Status o Poll

18. Did you purchase products advertised on Facebook Brand page?

o Yes o No

19. What kind of post do you like on Facebook Brand page?

o Product post o Non Product post

20. Do you suggest your friend to like your liked brand FB page?

o Yes o No

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51 | P a g e