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Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

West Coast Production

2018 College Internship Opportunities

Bailey Nurseries, Inc., a diverse wholesale grower specializing in bare root and container grown fruits and
ornamentals, is pleased to announce the continuation of our College Internship Program. This program is
designed to provide professional education and hands on experience to college students for 11 weeks. This is
paid, on the job training that includes exposure to all phases of bare root and container production.

Northwest Oregon is a great place to spend a summer, learning practical applications of classroom education.
Weekends may be used to enjoy the marvelous recreational opportunities of the Great Northwest.

The West Coast Production Operations consist of five bare root production farms of over 3000 acres, over
200 acres of container production and 10 acres of propagation greenhouses. The well-educated and
experienced staff offers each student a variety of opportunities to better focus on future career possibilities.

These internships (now increased to 10 per year) are open to all students in all agriculture related disciplines,
but especially meaningful to all students enrolled in Agricultural Sciences. Preference is given to
upper-class students and students needing an internship for graduation.. Internships available year around.

For more information, contact Alan Wenner at:

Mail: Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
Attn: Alan Wenner
9855 NW Pike Rd.
Yamhill, OR 97148

Phone: 503-662-3244
Fax: 503-662-3778
Home Phone: 503-883-9226

Web Site:

Bailey Nurseries Inc. West Coast Production
2018 Intern Program
Field Trips
October 17, 2017

All of the following is subject to change without notice! This helps explain our field trip program. This
program enhances the entire intern learning procedure and is unmatched by other similar intern programs.

Full time employees are permitted to join the intern group as work schedules permit.

Field Trips:
Field Trips will be scheduled on Thursday when all summer interns are present,
usually June July for 7 weeks. Questions are encouraged. They typically include:
Woodburn Nursery and Azaleas- Woodburn
Carlton Plants- Dayton
KG Farms St. Paul
OSU North Willamette Research and Extension Center Aurora
Monrovia - Dayton
McMinnville Community Garden

Seasonal Field Trips:

Schreiners Iris Nursery May - Brooks
Peoria Gardens Corvallis - August

We typically leave the nursery at 11:00 AM and try to return by 2:30 PM. These trips are voluntary
and there is no overtime pay for them. The intern is paid until 2:30 PM.

Tours for interns doing spring, fall and winter internships will be different, depending upon what is

Trade Show:
The Oregon Association of Nurseries presents this annual trade show from August 24th August 26th
in Portland, Oregon. Bailey Nurseries, Inc. is an exhibitor and we may have an Open House at the nursery at
the same time. Interns may work on either the show or the open house.

Interns are encouraged to attend the show and seminars. The nursery pays for the seminars and admission but
the interns must attend on their own time.

2018 Procedure to Apply for an Internship

The following documentation is required:

Resume - list all school and work history

Letter of application - why do you want an internship and what are your

Names, phone numbers and email addresses of 3 work or school references.

Family members, friends and relatives are of no value as references.
Faculty advisers are most valuable.

All of this may be submitted by email, addressed to:

Or by regular mail to:

Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

% Alan Wenner
9855 NW Pike Rd.
Yamhill, OR 97148
2018 College Intern Program Highlights:

11 Weeks of Nursery Production Management Training

2 Weeks of Bare Root Production

3 Weeks of Propagation Production
4 Weeks of Container Production and Shipping
2 of the Weeks are intern choice

6 Job Shadows Days or Half Days of Internal Sessions

Propagation Production
Bare Root Production
Container Inventory
Bare Root Field Inventory
New Products and Sales and Marketing
Water Issues

8 Industry Tour Half Days

Pay is for a 40 hour work week above Oregon minimum wage

Starting Dates at any time of the year

Interns may work additional weeks if approved by company management

Interns may be requested to do special projects that management needs