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GUNS = Type guns to re-activate the gun menu.

MAX = The max level is %i.
GAVE = ADMIN: gave %i level for %s.
GAVE2 = ADMIN %s: gave %i level for %s.
RECEIVED = You received %i level. (Total: %d)
GAVE3 = ADMIN: gave %i points for %s.
GAVE4 = ADMIN %s: gave %i points for %s.
RECEIVED2 = You received %i points.
RESETED = You will get reseted when you respawn.
RESETED2 = You have reseted your player.
MAXLEVEL = You have the max level of this skill (%i).
ALIVE = You need to be alive to buy skills.
HEALTH = +%d Health
ARMOR = +%d Armor
SPEED = +%d Speed
REGENERATION = +%d Regeneration
GRAVITY = -%d Gravity
NEEDED = You dont have the needed level of this skill to sell it.
ALIVE2 = You need to be alive to sell skills.
SOLD = You sold 1 level of this skill.
GRATZ = Congratulations! You are now level %i and have %i Points.
MENU1 = Weapon Selection Method^n^n1. Last Guns^n2. Last Guns + Save^n3. New Guns
RANDOM = %s^n%d. Random
RANDOM2 = %s^n%d. %s
PRIMARY = \ySelect Primary Weapon:\w^n^n%s^n
NEXT = %s^n9. Next
BACK = %s^n0. Back
SEC = \ySelect Secondary Weapon:\w^n^n%s
MAIN = Main Upgrades Menu^n
BUY = ^n1. Buy Upgrades
SELL = ^n2. Sell Upgrades
HELP = ^n3. Help
CANCEL = ^n0. Cancel
TITLE = XP Mod Help
DESC = Description:^n
HELP1 = You get xp for every kill.^n
HELP2 = Every level you get 2 points.^n
HELP3 = With these points you can buy upgrades.^n
HELP4 = Client Commands:^n
HELP5 = say /mainmenu - Main menu^n
HELP6 = say /shop - Upgrades menu^n
HELP7 = say /help - Displays help^n
HELP8 = say /sell - Displays sell menu^n
HELP9 = say /reset - Resets everything^n
HELP10 = Upgrades:^n
HELP11 = Health - Increase Health; HP per level: %d^n
HELP12 = Armor - Increase Armor; AP per level: %d^n
HELP13 = Speed - Increases Speed; Speed per level: %d^n
HELP14 = Regeneration - Restores your hp; Hp/sec per level: %d^n
HELP15 = Gravity - Decreases your gravity; -Gravity per level %d^n
RESET = Are you sure that you want to reset your player?^n
RESET2 = ^n1. Yes - Everything gets reseted.
RESET3 = ^n0. Cancel
BUY2 = Buy Upgrades^n
BUY3 = ^n1. Health (%d/%d)
BUY4 = ^n2. Armor (%d/%d)
BUY5 = ^n3. Speed (%d/%d)
BUY6 = ^n4. Regeneration (%d/%d)
BUY8 = ^n5. Gravity (%d/%d)
BUY7 = ^n0. Cancel
SELL1 = Upgrades Sell^n
RESPAWN = You will respawn in 3 seconds.
LEVEL1 = [Level: %i] ^n[XP: %i / %i] ^n[Points: %i] ^n[KillStreaks: %i]
LEVEL2 = [Level: Max] ^n[XP: %i] ^n[Points: %i] ^n[KillStreaks: %i]
RANK = Your rank is %i with level %i and xp %i.
RANK2 = Rank:%i Steamid:%s XP:%i
WELCOME = %s (%i) connected to the server.
GRATZ2 = %s is now level %i.