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make a startup.

make a
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Benjamin Rohé Berlin

Born 1981 Stockholm
13 yrs work experience soon married
fingers crossed :)

make a
The way to today...

make a
why am I here today?
associate professor at #ZeppelinUniversity
4 months ago from Berlin/ Friedrichshafen in the age of 28

advising #DeutscheTelekomAG and investing in #startups

13 months ago from Berlin in the age of 27

founded a small startup #incubator

3 years ago from Berlin in the age of 25

lead 30 people team in 3 locations as director #operations

5 years ago from Berlin in the age of 24

#headhunted by media group

8 years ago from Berlin/Frankfurt in the age of 22

joined a #mobile startup

8 years and 6 months ago from Mainz in the age of 21

prepared an #IPO
9 years and 6 months ago from Ludwigsburg in the age of 20

co-founded on-web #AG and dropped out of school

10 years and 2 months ago from Ludwigsburg in the age of 19

founded my first #company

12 years ago from Kaiserslautern in the age of 17

slipped into digital #media

13 years ago from Kaiserslautern in the age of 15
make a
and today I’m here!

make a
rewind to

make a
slipping into digital media

web & screen-design

make a
finding what you are strong in...

make a
... and create something unique

make a
driven by passion

building germanys first

free email AND free sms portal in 1997

make a
driven by passion ist der beste

kostenlose POP3 - Account den
ich kenne. Ich nutzte den
Account von Surfway seit fast 3 Um mal eine Alternative unter den
Jahren und ich bin damit sehr vollwertigen POP3-Anbietern zu nenne,
zufrieden. (User Feedback from empfehle ich Surfway (
2000) Dieser Anbieter ist nicht nur kostenlos, er
bietet noch einen hervorragenden Service
mit weiteren Leistungen, wie Free SMS,
Mail2Fax und anderen sehr nützlichen Sachen
(User Feedback from 1999)

Ich benutzte fast 1Jahr lang schon den Pop3-Account

von Surfway und kann ihn nur loben, bei ungewähr Ein weiterer Vorteil war der gute Ruf von Surfway.
600Mails im Monat ist er wirklich eine Hilfe und Hatten verschiedene kostenlose Dienste 'Free-Email
läst mich auch nicht im Stich bei 60Mails auf Adressen' wie Hotmail oder GMX von ihren
einmal. Da kann sogar manchmal mein Provider Diensten ausgeschlossen, so war Surfway von
nicht mit halten mit seinen Pop3-Account oder der solchen Beschränkungen nicht betroffen.
von dem Grossen Deutschen Anbieter. (User (Review 2001)
Feedback from 1998)

make a
not by monetary interests,
driven by passion

make a
but how can we make mon€ y,

make a
optimizing and scaling business

figured out that advertising went well

considered “how to scale”

leveraged already existing IT

acquired passionate people

scaled business
make a
ideal cost & profit chart

IT & Staff Profit

H1 ‘99 H2 ‘99 H1 ‘00 H2 ‘00

make a
identifying your strength,
leverage on them

make a
the never loved “profit” chart

IT & Staff Profit

H1 ‘99 H2 ‘99 H1 ‘00 H2 ‘00 H1 ‘01

make a
money is not an unlimited

make a
take chances

jumping into a bad payed startup with

no guarantees vs. taking a good payed
corporate job

make a
be willing to risk & commit
> there is no perfect plan!

make a
conquer new or niche markets

focus on customer acquisition

try to deliver 80% with 20% efforts

build your product with customer feedback

make a
in less than 12 months
more than 150 clients
(TV Stations, Radio Stations,
medium- and large websites)

make a
Try to become an expert...

make a
entrepreneurial thinking

building a team
on low budget to operate services
which are already sold,
and not existent,
based on new technologies,
with no experience,
and high customer expectation
make a
Hire smart: people whom you can
trust and who are good enough to
manage themselves.

be sure of their enthusiasm and

ability to learn and execute

make a
new challenges ahead...

make a
investing time and money

decided to dedicate
time and money into startup

motivated 6 Friends, Co-Workers and

Investors to support

make a
try to achieve support by
mentors with
complementary skills...

make a
... suddenly, you become an
expert yourself

make a
corporate entrepreneurship

“When you go through a major disruptive

project, you have to go outside of normal
business processes.”
- Pete Distler, Sprint Nextel

make a
make a
make a
Thank you!

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t y
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ni k s
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make a
contact information

Benjamin Rohé
e: me@make a
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m: +49 173 975 10 21
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