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Zaiba, Ahmed Naji Al-Basha, Hasestrae 23, 49074 Osnabruck, Germany

Mobile No.: +4915214981767


Kingston University
Penrhyn Rd,
Kingston upon Thames

Application for Master in Industrial Engineering and

Manufacturing Systems.

I would like to apply for the Master Study in Industrial Engineering and
Manufacturing Systems. While I was at high school in Abu Dhabi (UAE) I
discovered my passion for machinery and technology and thus, even at this
stage, decided to study mechanical engineering in Germany.

During my Bachelor program I studied electrical and mechanical drive

technology, mechatronics II, machine dynamics and project management.
Having sufficient imagination and an understanding of complex processes, I
had no problems in being able to absorb the above information. In addition I
am also familiar with the operation of various computer programs, such as
Microsoft office, 3D CAD system and FEM.

I began at this time to write my first Business Plan about the establishment of
a vending machine service in Abu-Dhabi.

After having completed my Bachelor program, I continued researching my

business plan for a tyre recycling plant in the Gulf States: I researched under
the following points:

Industrial trends
Industrial sizes and attractiveness
Optimal profit
Manufacturing and operations plan
Target market
Competitive position

I finished my industrial business plan and then became the official agent for
tyre recycling plants. 80% of all necessary investment costs were also
granted. In due course, my interest in industrial development, plus my
responsibilities as a freelance agent for the tyre recycling industry enabled me
to lead a nonprofit recycling project in developing countries.
My present contract in pre-vocational education as a docent for logistics, MP
and the German language, which is funded by the federal German
employment agency and involves teaching refugees the principles of basic
logistics and project management, has been an excellent preparation for my
study of advanced industrial engineering and manufacturing systems. This
optional program of industrial engineering and manufacturing systems with an
integrated work placement component gives me a further insight into
technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

My motive for wishing to pursue my master studies is the desire to enlarge my

industrial/manufacturing basis by further studies of the processes of
manufacturing activities, such as product design, purchasing, marketing,
machinery and tooling, manufacturing, sales and process planning, in order to
be able to apply this knowledge in practice to the industrial business Ideas
that I already have.

I hope that I have been able to convince you of my excellent capabilities and
my passionate motivation for commencing studying the Master Program in
industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems at Kingston University.

Thank you for your time and consideration and looking forward to hearing
from you in the very near future.

Yours sincerely
(sign the letter here)

Zaiba , Ahmed Naji Al- Basha

23 Hasestrasse
49074 Osnabrueck
Ahmed Naji Al-Basha Zaiba
Address: Hasestrasse 23,

49074 Osnabrueck


15.11.1988: Marib/Yemen
Nationality: German


As a highly-motivated freelance agent for the Tyre Recycling Industry (Gulf states & Egypt)
and Teacher of Logistics, Project Management and German, I started to write my own
industrial business plans during my university studies. After I completed my Bachelor, I
started analyzing my Tyre Recycling business plan. In cooperation with Ecotext I described
the following sections:

Industrial Trends
Industry sizes and attractiveness
Profit potential
Manufacturing and operations plan
Target Market
Competitive Position

Employment History

Self-employed Commercial Agent, Ecotex-Boustedt GmbH Bio-

Technologien und Recycling, Werderstr. 10, D-76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

(Aug 2015 Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:

Power of Attorney for German Recycling Projects for non- European Countries; this is a
System to finance profitable business abroad through a leasing system backed up by a state-
owned insurance company which finances up to 80% of the necessary equipment, including
the shipping and the complete lines of the plant of the German suppliers.

The translation of the complete project documents in order to provide financial Information
and analytical data for a potential Investor in GCC Countries and Egypt, which can be
described under the following sections.

Industrial Trends: which include: cultural trends, economy, climate, legal and
political conditions, environmental trends, and technological changes.
Industry sizes and attractiveness (2 Production lines with three tons of scrap
Profit potential determined by carrying out the five following points: Threat of
substitutes, threat of new entrants, rivalry among existing companies, bargaining
power of supplier and bargaining power of buyer.
Manufacturing and operations plan

Stage of Development Section, such as production workflow, Industry
association membership, supply chain, and quality control
Production Process Section, such as the physical plant, equipment,
assets, materials, production capacity, and production costs.

Target Market

Competitive position analysis: equipment, supplier power, buyer power, and

competitive rivalry.

German Logistics & Project Management Assistant Teacher, Die

deutsche Angestellte-Akademie (DAA), Suedstr 29a, 49080 Osnabruck
(June 2016 June 2017)

Tasks and responsibilities:

German Grammar: A1-B1

Project Management Basic: PM Context, project initiation, scope planning, schedule
planning, resource planning, project risk, project execution, project control and project
Logistics- Basic: Origins and history of Logistics, logistic activities, the Logistic chain,
Logistics and E-Commerce, Location and Layouts, Distribution and Transport,
Warehouse and material movement, and Logistic and Just-in-Time


Mechanical Engineering /Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences.

(September 2010 Aug 2015)

Preparatory Course/ University of Cologne (Guest Student), Cologne,


(September 2008 June 2009)

Courses & Internships

Internship - St FATEK for Trade & Construction, Sanaa,Yemen

(Mai 2005 Sep 2006)

In this Internship I took the following courses::

Craft Techniques for metal and plastic
Treatment with heat and superficial treatment of metal
Machine technology and metal shaping techniques

Training Course, Turing& Milling, Training Institute Lingen Craft e. v

(12.Oct 20011 & 09.Nov 2006)

Project work, Rchling Engineering Plastics KG Haren, Germany

(Oct 2012 Jan 2006)

Industrial Case Study for MES Manufacturing System

Workshop for starting a new company , University of Applied Sciences

Osnabrck. Germany.
(April 2014 Jun 2013)

In this project I wrote a Business plan for establishing a vending machine service
in Abu-Dhabi and Al-Ain.

Co-op program (internship/ Bachelor Thesis, Kessebhmer

Warenprsentation GmbH & Co.KG, Germany
(March 2014 Feb 2015)

Topic: Rationalization of storage and retrieval in warehouse for purchasing parts.

Workshop for the start-up of a new company / University of Applied

Sciences Osnabrueck, Germany.
(March 2014 Jun 2014)

I wrote a Business concept in English and Arabic for establishing a Tyre Recycling Plant in
Abu-Dhabi and Al-Ain. (Business Concept).

Internship, Technical Sales Engineer, COSMOS HEAVY MECHANIERY

EAST Abu-Dhabi, UAE.
(March 2015 Jun 2015)

Worked with Sales Manager for pre-sales technical assistance and product education.
Worked with the team to provide pre-sales and ongoing engineering support in
cooperation and coordination with Sales Manager.
Supported the Sales Manager during the negotiations with German and Austrian
suppliers and participated in discussions with the companys lawyers.
Finance Plan: a complete detailed finance plan for the establishment of a
tyre collection service, Ecotex-Boustedt GmbH Bio-Technologien und
Recycling, Germany

Further skills and qualifications

Language skills:

Arabic: Mother Tongue

German: Proficient
English: fluent

Computer knowledge : excellent skills in MS Office -Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project Solid
works, English & German Version and Basic knowledge in Java, Matlab, ERP System- Infor-

Hobbies & Interests

Football, travelling, reading, particularly newspapers and business literature.